Katla (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

This is Not Him

The number
you have dialed is out of coverage
or temporarily switched off.
Darri, I have been trying
to call you all day.
You have to tell me
what the fuck is going on up there.
Anyway, I'm on my way to you.
What is this?
What's going on?
The damn power went off.
What? It's like somebody cut the wires.
Well, this should do it.
There you are.
You okay?
I'm taking Ása up to the glacier later.
There's something bothering me
about the whole thing.
I dreamt that I was
at the glacier camp and…
I thought I saw Ása
trying to open the shed.
And I was inside and…
And I watched her through the window.
It's hard to explain,
but now I feel like we have to go up there
and try to figure things out.
And, of course, that's where I found her.
You think she was abducted there, or…?
Oh, I don't know, Kjartan.
It doesn't really make sense
that she was abducted.
What if she fell into the crevasse or…
Really, Gríma?
You were frustrated before she vanished.
you struggled while she was gone.
- But now she's back and
- And what?
You're still angry.
What is it you really want?
You just don't get it.
Guess not.
I'm off to the shed.
You okay?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hey, I need to cross the river.
Oh, yeah? Do you have a permit?
Uh, no. My name is Rakel.
I'm Darri Hansson's wife.
He's doing research up on the glacier
and I've been trying to call his phone,
but there's no answer.
Oh, that's no surprise.
There's no connection up there.
It's either the landline
or a satellite phone.
You have to get some sleep now.
I'm not tired.
And I don't trust you.
You locked me up in a shed.
And that's not nice.
I'm sorry, but…
Hi. There's a call for you.
Oh, thanks.
He called me.
You know, Darri,
I thought I was going crazy.
What are you talking about?
Who called you?
Some kid called me
and he said he was Mikael.
It sounded just like him.
And he said that
you had locked him inside some shed.
Darri, tell me what's going on.
- Darri, answer me.
- It's not him.
No, of course it's not him!
But he called me "Mommy."
Darri, you have to tell me
what the fuck is going on up there.
The only thing I can tell you
is that it's not him.
Then who is he?
- Darri, just answer me!
- I don't know.
I don't know who he is.
Well, anyway, I'm at the riverbank
just waiting to get across.
Listen, Rakel
Okay, I'll meet you at the Hotel Vík.
Will you bring him?
- Are you heading to the glacier?
- Yeah.
How can I get down to Vík?
- To Vík?
- Yeah. Can someone get me?
Sure. Just call a rescue unit.
Einar can probably pick you up.
Okay. Thanks.
Don't forget to set
the alarm system when you leave.
- Hi.
- Hi.
No, thanks.
What's going on with you and Gríma?
What do you mean?
I don't know. You two just…
Seem so distant.
Unlike before.
You might be right.
And does it have
something to do with me?
Yeah, I think it's safe to say
that it's got something to do with you.
Before you disappeared, when…
When you were staying out all night
and not coming home,
she was worried sick.
I couldn't stand you at that time.
It was like my relationship
with my wife was dependent on you.
If you were okay, we were okay.
But when you weren't, then…
…we were a mess.
So, I guess in that way,
perhaps nothing really changed.
Just continued the whole year.
Kjartan, I need a milk churn.
I'm gonna stop at the hotel on the way.
You can take the one over there.
Aren't you getting ready? We're leaving.
- Gríma.
- Yeah?
Good luck up there.
What's going on?
Have you met this mysterious woman?
Yes, I…
I have.
Who is she?
Uh, I am not sure.
She looks a bit like me
about 20 years ago.
That sounds… strange.
Are we… related to her?
No, no, I don't think so.
I don't know what to believe.
Don't worry, dear.
I'll be home soon.
I just need to
take care of some stuff first.
I'm not…
Worried, Mom.
Take care.
You too.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Bye.
I doubt that the experts in the city
would such good care of you.
You wouldn't get this service there.
Magnea, dear.
What now?
Well, it's not like I'm asking
for any recognition.
God Almighty knows I'm not.
You know, a lot has changed here.
Yeah, I can imagine.
We're just going to check in
on the state of our house.
Fetch a few things.
Had to get a special permit for it.
Our own house.
This will probably
be our last trip over here.
We found a nice apartment in Reykjavík
and most of our grandchildren
live there now.
So I guess this is the end of it.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
What's your name, young man?
- My name is Mikael.
- Mikael.
And how old are you?
I'm eight.
And you came up here for a visit?
- With your dad?
- Yes.
And you just decided
to bring your son up here with you?
What's going on?
Why is there a kid here?
Well, he's the volcanologist
who's working at the glacier.
He asked me to come and pick him up,
and when I arrived,
I saw he had his kid with him.
Okay. Strange.
We haven't seen a child here
since the eruption started in Katla.
- You're the first one.
- I am?
Your wife is upstairs in room eight.
I can't believe it.
It is you.
Mama, I'm so glad to see you.
Mommy has been so sad and frightened.
Mom and Dad thought that
they had lost their little boy.
We just thought
that our little boy was dead.
Well, what do you think
we'll find up there?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
You appeared
after having been missing for a year.
We can't act as if nothing happened, Ása.
We need to get an explanation.
- What needs explaining?
- Ása, you vanished.
How can you remain so calm
while everyone around you is freaking out?
We have to figure out
what happened to you.
Hopefully, we'll find some clues
in that shed where I found you.
You still don't remember anything
about how you got up on the glacier?
Nothing coming back to you?
How about this, uh,
other Gunhild Ahlberg?
You are sure,
absolutely sure,
that you are not related to her?
Well, I had never seen her before, so…
You look very much like her.
- I do?
- Yes.
You do.
I don't see why we should
keep you here any longer.
You're perfectly healthy.
But, um, do you have any place to go to?
Yeah. Yeah.
The hotel.
Fuck this!
We saw his body.
We saw that he was dead.
- His skull was cracked open.
- Darri, shush, not so loud.
There's no one around.
There is no one here.
His brain was lying on the street.
- Remember?
- Stop it. Stop it.
Stop this!
I feel like I'm…
I'm stuck in a nightmare.
And I cannot…
I cannot wake up.
Maybe this is a dream.
He's the same gentle,
beautiful, and wonderful boy
I've missed so much.
I feel like I've been given
some kind of a gift.
- Rakel.
- No.
You know exactly what I mean.
This hole, this unbearable void
that we've both been trying to fill
ever since it happened.
You feel it too, you've told me yourself.
Darri, admit it.
Stop it.
But you feel it.
- Rakel
- No! No matter what you say,
it can't change the fact
that our son is here with us.
Nothing can change that.
- Rakel
- He's back!
There's no way
that the boy in there is our son.
Who is he, then?
I don't know.
- Hi, Bergrún.
- Yeah, hello.
- So, you think you'll be okay?
- Yes.
- Thank you so much for everything.
- No problem, my dear.
- You take care now.
- I will.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How can I get to Hnjúkar?
I want to visit Thór.
He doesn't live there anymore.
Okay, where does he live?
- Hi.
- Hi.
So this is where you work?
Are you a machine expert?
I wouldn't say that.
Well, I, um…
I need to…
Talk to you about something.
Want some tea?
Yes, thank you.
I've been meaning
to tell you something now for…
…quite some time.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
But the reason I haven't told you earlier
is probably because of…
How it all ended.
You know.
Can I come in?
Ye… Yeah, sure. Come.
- You moved?
- Yeah.
- I did.
- Why?
- It's complicated.
- Well, talk to me.
About what?
Your daughter walking in on us?
I mean, is she mad?
My daughter?
What are you talking about?
I'm… I'm sorry, I didn't know
that you had company.
What are you talking about,
his daughter walking in on you?
What is she talking about, Thór?
I don't know.
Look at me.
- What are you speaking of?
- None of your concern.
Gunhild! Gunhild?
Please, Gunhild, don't leave.
Don't leave like this!
Did you tell her about us?
- No. Never.
- Then what is she talking about?
I honestly don't know
what she's talking about.
Did she really just
describe the night that we had?
Twenty years ago?
- Can't believe you dragged me into this.
- Hey, Gunhild.
- We were both in this!
- But I wasn't the one who was married!
I don't know what's happening.
But when this woman
showed up at the clinic…
I mean, she looked
just like you 20 years ago.
And it stirred up all kinds of emotions.
What was it you were gonna tell me?
What meds are you on?
Depression and anxiety.
Do you feel better now?
Let's give it a while for it to kick in.
Mom took meds like that.
It changed her.
I also think the medicine
affected Mom and Dad's relationship.
They became so…
Distant and cold.
Now it's like the same thing's happening
to you and Kjartan.
- Oh, don't give me that.
- Have you stopped loving him?
No, of course not.
So she was depressed?
Yeah, I guess so.
Because of Dad?
He wasn't exactly helping much.
You've always been a bit mad at him.
Is it because of…
You know, the suicide?
What were you asking about my daughter?
Were you talking about
the night when she caught us?
When Ása was ten?
Twenty years ago?
Twenty years ago?
Yes, this was 20 years ago.
I was 20 years younger.
I was a married man,
and I brought my girlfriend to my home.
This was her.
Gunhild. Who just left.
But that's me.
I'm that woman that you're talking about.
Feel this.
It's ours.
Are you sure you don't remember
how you got here?
- You see this?
- Yes.
It's like someone
tried to break in,
but failed.
It's like something pushed the plank up.
Did you find something?
What's this?
It's like a piece of clothing.
Let's see if we can dig our way under
from the outside.
This boy seems to remember things that…
That only our son would remember.
Like, uh…
When I asked him about the bird.
The one he cut off the wings, remember?
- Yes, Darri, he was just a child.
- Yes.
But that was something
he deeply regretted doing.
But now, he doesn't care.
He doesn't regret a thing. As if…
- As if he doesn't have a conscience.
- What do you mean?
Oh, you know what I mean. The school.
- Well, they never proved it.
- No, of course they never proved it.
He was the only one who could,
and he lied.
- Darri. Darri.
- I always knew he was lying.
How can you say this about your own son?
I can because I know him.
You know,
you always assumed the worst from him.
He set fire to the school.
You lied for him.
I understand why you did it,
but that doesn't change the fact
that the boy set fire to the school.
They never proved it.
You know, I…
Okay, Darri.
Maybe I bent the truth a little, but…
but that was when they had him cornered.
And no, they could never
prove a thing, so…
…so I decided to help him a little.
And the result was that he realized
that he could get away with anything.
Until he died.
This is our son.
This is our boy.
You can see it for yourself.
He's alive, Darri. Look at him!
Darri, lie down.
- What?
- Lie down. Lie down next to our son.
Come on.
Come here.
I really had forgotten how this felt.
Your voice.
Your smell.
It's just the same.
It's like you never left.
I've always been here.
See anything?
It's just gravel and sand.
But there's some space
under the whole shed. Wait.
Point the light over here.
Ása, what happened?
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