Katla (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Northerly Winds

- Gríma, you and Ása ride back with me.
- Why?
I need to talk to you about what happened.
Kjartan, you and Einar
take her car back to the farm.
Are you all right?
Why did you go
up to the camp last night?
Were you just
digging around for no reason?
I think it's best
if you stay with Dad tonight.
Did I do something?
Everything okay between you two?
They're predicting a strong
north wind so there's an ash storm coming.
I think you should secure the farm
when you're back home.
Ása, you should let your dad know.
Where's Rakel? Where's your mother?
She's showering.
They found a body
at the glacier. By the camp.
I think it's got
something to do with him.
- Mikael?
- Yeah.
But how?
Some boy appears
at the glacier camp in a restricted area,
saying he's our son
who died three years ago.
Then a dead body's
found the exact same place.
- Isn't that a bit strange?
- He's not some strange boy!
He is not Mikael, Rakel.
Mikael would be turning 12 now.
If he were alive.
If that's Mikael out there,
he hasn't aged a day in three years!
He's my son!
- And I'm not going to lose him!
- Rakel!
What do you think is gonna happen here?
You think he's just coming home with us?
Like nothing ever happened?
Thanks for the ride.
Make sure to close all windows
and stuff all cracks.
- Where is Ása?
- At her dad's house.
Everything okay, or…
I don't know.
What were they doing up
on the glacier in the middle of the night,
ripping up the floor
of the generator shed?
- Did you see the body?
- No.
But they took photos
and they'll send them over later.
Who could it be up there?
We'll have to wait and see.
They want me to take
a statement from the sisters.
Vík Police, Gísli.
Yes. Good morning, my name is Darri.
I'm calling from the hotel in Vík.
Yes, hello.
Um, there is a child here at the hotel
that no one seems to recognize.
A little boy.
I think you should come quickly.
You should've told me what was going on.
It wasn't until Gísli picked me up
that I knew you were okay.
What if she's not really
who she says she is?
What are you talking about?
It was all shriveled somehow.
But I swear the body looked just like her.
Just like who?
Like Ása.
Remember shortly after she vanished,
when you thought saw her at the hotel?
And then again in Reykjavík
when you saw the doctor.
But it turned out to be a woman
who just looked like her a bit.
I know it must've been horrible
finding a body.
Aren't you just tired?
In shock maybe?
Have you shut the windows?
Have you taken your medication?
Good morning, how are you?
- Darri. I called you about the boy.
- Yeah.
He's up in the room. Just follow me in.
I'll explain on the way.
Mikael. Come on, hurry.
We have to go, honey.
Come on. Hurry up. Put your sweater on.
- Why?
- Because we have to go. Put your boots on.
- You have no idea who the boy is?
- No.
- So he's not your son?
- What? No, I just told you.
What kind of bullshit is that?
Why didn't you say something…
- Mom, where are we going?
- Shh.
I would have done that,
I just didn't know the correct procedure…
Okay. Follow me down.
We'll have to call Child Services.
Step here.
Come on.
Rakel. Is that your wife?
Yes, but we are divorcing.
So she's taken off with the boy or what?
- What's going on here?
- A typical custody battle.
You want us to report this
with Child Services?
- What? No.
- Well, we'll keep our eyes open.
I'll be at the church if you need me.
Do you have a car I can borrow?
There is an ash storm coming.
I have to be somewhere.
The keys are sitting in the car,
but it's crazy to go out right now.
Where are we going?
Are we going home?
Isn't Dad coming with us?
No, sweetie, he had to stay.
No. No, no, no, no.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where is Vigdís?
- She's around here somewhere.
- I'll take out the trash.
- Yes, good.
Everything okay?
I was…
I was hoping maybe I could
crash here for a few hours.
I could sleep on the sofa.
Have you been drinking?
Do I look like I'm drunk?
No, it's just usually the case.
Ása, I…
You know that what I feel for you is real.
I can't always be your last resort, I…
It takes so much out of me every time.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come here.
Yes. Hello, Gríma.
Pardon me, this is Gísli.
So, listen, the guys down south
want me to take your statement.
Why is that?
Well, it's just procedure.
Just a short account of how
the two of you found the body.
Could you come to the church, please?
Yep, great, thanks.
Do you have the car keys?
- You going somewhere?
- I have to give a statement.
Can it wait?
No, obviously not.
So you're not coming with me to get hay?
- Now?
- No, after the storm.
Okay. Then I won't see you till tonight.
Have you sealed the cowshed?
I am doing it.
Remember to lock up.
Yeah, they won't get out.
Why did you
and your sister go to the glacier?
We were trying to figure out
where Ása has been this past year.
And that led you up to the camp?
That's where I found her.
Why were you digging
under the generator shed?
There were cracks in the windowpane and…
And scratch points, like someone
clawed and tried to open it, and…
And I suspected, perhaps,
someone had crawled
under the shed looking for shelter.
I just I just got this feeling.
What feeling did you have?
That we'd find something.
So you knew there was
something under the shed?
No, Gísli.
I just had a feeling.
Did you know this woman?
She looks a lot like Ása.
You're right. She really does.
Do you have any relatives
who have disappeared, or what?
- Isn't that the camp alarm system?
- Yeah, but there's nobody there.
What about Leifur and Eyja?
No. Everyone's evacuated to the hotel now.
And all of the police?
All gone back home to Reykjavík.
So this body looks a lot like Ása?
What about the camp?
Someone might be in danger.
There's no one at the camp.
There are problems
with the alarm when it blows north.
Let's try to stay on topic now.
So you don't think
any of your relatives are missing?
Maybe there's someone who looks like Ása?
Someone from the rescue unit, or…
I have to get going.
- We're not done here.
- I'm going up to the glacier.
- To check if there's anyone at camp.
- Gríma.
No, hey, where are you going?
How much further, Mommy?
About 15 to 20 minutes
till we reach the ferry.
I'm glad that Dad is not with us.
Why is that?
'Cause I hate him.
Mikael, don't say that.
But it's true. I hope that he dies.
I want it to just be us two.
What's happening?
It's just bad weather, baby, I…
I think we'll have to wait here a bit.
Didn't they warn you at the hotel?
- It's dangerous out there.
- Well, no, I I don't…
Think so, I…
I needed to see you.
Why is it so warm in here?
We need to turn the heaters
all the way up.
To prevent the ash from seeping in.
Do you want a T-shirt?
Nej, nej. No, no.
I need to speak to you.
Were you drinking up there?
Why does everyone think I'm drunk?
It turns out
there was no ash under the body.
Which indicates
it had been there before the eruption.
Probably for a year or so.
Well, that's about
the same time you disappeared.
It had a rescue squad uniform on.
The same kind you were wearing that night
when you went up there and vanished.
Recognize this woman?
Nothing comes to mind?
What am I supposed to get
from this picture?
Her face looks all dried up.
Was anyone separated
from the group, apart from you?
Was someone hurt?
They say her left shin bone was broken.
I don't know.
Gríma had some theories.
What do you mean?
Well, we're still waiting
for the DNA-results from Reykjavík, but
Gríma thought the body
looked a lot like you.
I don't see that.
When I spoke to her, I…
I got a funny feeling
she didn't trust you.
Almost like she was afraid of you.
- You'd have to ask Gríma about that.
- How'd you know the body was there?
- We didn't know that.
- Why were you digging under the generator?
I told you it was insane
to go out in this weather.
Yes, this can happen
when it blows from the north.
You should keep yourself
away from that child.
What do you mean?
Grab those buckets for me.
Have you never heard about
the farm maid at Hjörleifshöfði?
- No, I hadn't.
- No.
When Katla erupted in 1625,
23 farms in the area were deserted.
The next winter,
a poor maid at Hjörleifshöfði
gave birth out of wedlock.
She wrapped the child
in her very best clothing,
and left it out on the sand to die.
But the summer after that,
the farm's bounty was great.
Their finances started to improve.
But the farm maid,
she never forgave herself
for what she did.
She became obsessed
with the child she abandoned.
She could not stop
thinking about her child.
Just like your dear wife does now.
But in fall,
when they were rounding the sheep,
they found an infant
in the middle of the highlands,
frozen to death.
And this happened every following year.
Without fail, when they went
in the fall to round up the sheep,
an infant was found
frozen alive up in the highlands.
But the farm maid, well,
she recognized her child at once.
And one autumn,
she decided to get ahead of it
and find her baby.
And she found it.
Alive and well, only days old.
But the village people warned her.
They said it was a changeling,
and that she should have left it.
- A changeling?
- A changeling, yes.
A child of the hidden people
who is placed in the care of humans.
But she wouldn't hear of it,
and when the boy was 13 years old
he killed his mother
while she was sleeping
and vanished.
She lives here now?
She needed a place to stay.
Do you want her to stay here?
You don't even know who she is.
She doesn't even know who she is.
She thinks that she's me.
Do you want a person
like that in your life?
- Sorry?
- Not talking to you.
You talk about me which is worse.
Deal with it.
She already is a part of my life.
You both are.
You two are
the same person. It's obvious.
I can't explain it, but
everything in this universe
repeats itself.
The sun comes up, the sun goes down.
The sun comes up again.
We're young, we're old.
We're born, we die.
Everything goes
round and round, and it's absurd.
You two existing
at the same time, that's absurd.
But who am I
to question the nature of things?
I just have to try to accept them.
Just put them down here.
- Thanks for the help.
- You're welcome.
- So, what?
- What?
You believe them?
The folklores?
Of course they've changed over time.
But they're based on peculiar events.
Not so different
from what's happening today.
Such tales come up
every time Katla erupts,
since Iceland was settled.
I don't know if I believe
in hidden people, but
there is some truth in it.
Their stories are based on something.
That's pretty clear.
Gríma doesn't want me at the farm anymore.
She said some things to your dad about me?
She's been a little on edge
since you disappeared.
Kinda went insane at one point.
Maybe she's just
getting used to you being here.
Have you noticed how much
that Jesus looks like your dad?
I can see it now.
It's actually a little creepy.
But he's no Jesus.
Who painted the altar piece?
Addi Gauti.
What happened to him?
He went to Reykjavík.
He was, um,
one of the first to flee
when the eruption began.
There's not much business for
bootleggers in the midst of an eruption.
Even worse when
you also lose your best client.
Can you drive in this weather?
With a good GPS, you can.
Come on.
Isn't it here somewhere?
Yeah, I think so, just a little further.
- Fuck.
- Be careful.
The liquor is probably gone, huh?
Why so negative?
Find anything?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I've missed you.
Missed being…
I missed being close to you.
Do you think I've changed?
I did, until you said
we should go and get drunk.
- Gríma thinks I've changed.
- Yeah, what does she know?
Yeah, well, everyone thinks I've changed.
I'm so confused,
I don't know how I'm supposed to behave.
Everyone expects me
to make a drunk fool out of myself.
Ása, didn't we come
down here to have a good time?
Yeah. Don't you want to
just have a…
- A drink and
- No, I don't want any more.
- One sip?
- No, I really don't want any.
I'm so sorry I hurt you.
I wasn't trying to.
I don't know who I am or…
Who I'm supposed to be, but
I just need a place I can sleep.
Please help me.
Let's go find you a bed.
It's okay.
God dammit.
I need to pee now.
You can go pee as soon
as the weather gets better.
Why do you think
Daddy locked you inside the shed?
I don't know why.
It was like he was scared of me.
Why would he be scared of you?
Remember when
there was a fire at your school?
That was an accident, right?
I was playing with a lighter.
And accidentally a book caught fire.
I couldn't put it out.
I was scared but
also a little happy.
How so?
I was hoping that the other kids
would burn inside of the school.
- That is not true.
- Yes, it is.
No, it is not, Mikael.
You and Daddy
always say I should tell the truth.
Well, now I am.
The kids at school were always mean to me.
They would lie to me.
They hurt me.
And locked me inside places.
What about the car accident?
It wasn't an accident.
I jumped in front of the car.
I wanted to die.
And you still feel that way?
What way?
Like you want to hurt yourself?
I'm not thinking about it anymore.
If someone locks me up somewhere again,
I will hurt them.
Did you want to hurt Daddy
when he locked you up?
And if he does it again, I'll kill him.
Can I go and pee now?
I need to get home.
My name is Gríma.
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