Katla (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


Maybe you should go to a doctor.
I just want to go home.
You do realize that
we look exactly the same?
I think that we're the same person.
- How?
- I don't know.
I think it's the same
with you and my sister.
Was I with her?
I don't know.
I hope that you can help me
understand what's going on.
Hey there, son…
Are you alone out here?
Where's Kjartan?
Getting hay.
Do you remember where you came from?
You must remember something.
I don't know what to tell you.
What's the last thing you recall?
I picked up Ása in Reykjavík
after a bender.
Why are you here?
- I live here.
- No, I mean…
Why do you exist? What is your purpose?
What's your purpose?
- You know how to work it, right?
- Yes, thanks.
His mom doesn't answer.
No, it goes straight to voicemail.
Do you have your father's phone number?
You said your dad's name is Darri?
Are you staying at the hotel?
Call 1818. Ask for the hotel.
There's a phone call for you.
Hello, is this Darri?
Hello. My name is Stefanía Rafnsdóttir.
I have your son here with me, Mikael.
My… My husband and I
are driving to Reykjavík from Vík.
And we found him all alone roaming
in the sands, so we picked him up.
- And his mother wasn't with him?
- No, he was all alone, poor thing.
Where are you now?
We are at the riverbank.
Can you wait there?
Yeah, we can wait.
Hey, your son is in the car with me.
Don't you want to talk to him?
No, no. It's okay.
Thank you.
Yeah. Thanks.
Is he here?
- Why did you run off with him?
- Darri, I just wanted to protect him.
Don't you think
the police would have done that?
I did a terrible thing.
We were caught in the storm and…
And I left him there.
When I went back to get him,
I couldn't find him.
And I don't know where he is.
I lost him.
He's okay.
Some old couple picked him up.
Where are they?
Uh, we can pick him up by the riverbank.
Can I help you with something?
Hi, darling.
Hi. I was trying to reach you.
Was your phone off?
My phone?
I'm making meat soup.
Have you recovered?
Wha What do you mean?
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
I was gonna call Einar.
Invite him for dinner. It's been so long.
That poor woman.
She hasn't said a word since I got home.
Yeah, yeah. Your dad must be coming soon.
I don't want him to get me.
Oh? Why not?
I want my mom.
Yes, I'm afraid
we just couldn't reach her.
Your dad is probably worried sick
about you. I know I would've been
if our son had gone missing at your age.
He doesn't care about me.
He said that I wasn't his son.
- I'm sure he didn't mean that.
- Yes, he did.
He told my mom that I was dead.
And then he hurt me.
He stuck me with a needle,
and locked me inside a shed.
What are you saying?
I almost froze to death.
I shouldn't have run off with him.
I just I couldn't bear losing him again.
I think you're right, though.
He could be dangerous.
You just cut the stem
right here, and then rip, like this.
Oh, my love.
- What's wrong?
- I'm just…
…so happy…
…that you came…
We have to get you a haircut.
How are you?
Are you hungry? I made you some dinner.
Here. It's just a smoothie
with kale and some apples.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Let me clean this up. Oh…
Let me see…
Hi, this is Kjartan.
I can't come to the phone…
Hey, were you trying to call me?
Is everything okay?
Yes, I, um…
I wanted to ask when you'd be back.
Yeah, I'm still back east, I'll be back in
about two or three hours or something.
Okay. I'll see you then.
You sure you're okay?
Yep. Yeah, I'm okay.
I'll see you when you get back.
Okay. See you.
Okay, bye.
Did you stop playing?
Isn't it time to make some changes?
You haven't changed
a thing since Mom died.
Where do you come from?
Who made you?
- I think I was just born.
- No, you weren't born. I was born.
Do you remember?
What's the first thing you remember?
What's the first thing you remember?
When I lost Mom in the store.
One minute she was right there.
And the next she was just gone.
Even though there were people around,
I've never felt so alone.
You don't want to touch the piano.
Is it because you have
no one to play for anymore?
I have no phone reception.
Can I use yours?
Yes, of course.
The bad reception here
is both a blessing
and a curse.
Yeah, sure.
- Hello?
- Hi.
What took you so long?
- I am eating.
- Ah.
Did you find the frozen pizzas?
I just finished the last one.
Remember to turn off the oven
when you're done.
Should I call the neighbors
and ask them to do some shopping for you?
I can do it myself.
Ah. Okay.
I can feel that you
are hiding something.
What's so important there?
Remember the other Gunhild that
I know there's something more.
You wouldn't have
left me alone if it wasn't important.
What's going on there?
It's complicated.
I've been thinking…
You were in Iceland about 20 years ago.
And I am 20 years old…
I have to go now.
I just wanted to call
to hear how you were doing.
I'll be home in a few days.
Please, you're bleeding.
Here, Gunhild.
You're bleeding!
We have to see the doctor.
Dear Lord, thank you
for bringing my wife back to me.
I will be forever grateful,
and I'll never forget that
this is the will of God almighty.
Even though I can't see the big picture,
I believe and trust
that you will lead me to victory.
Because it is you, my savior,
who fights for me.
- Gísli!
- Yes.
Someone's calling you.
Yeah, just put it down.
I'll call back later.
What are you doing?
Put that down! What
Are you going through my pockets?
- How's she feeling?
- She's sleeping.
What's wrong with her?
Bleeding's not uncommon during
pregnancy due to increased blood volume.
- Is it dangerous?
- No, no, not necessarily.
But I just want to keep her
here overnight, just to be safe.
Okay. Should I stick around here?
Well, I gave her a sedative
and she won't wake up
until tomorrow morning.
I'll be in touch with you
if anything changes.
Yeah, all right, then.
- Thanks.
- Okay. Yeah.
You gotta be
fucking kidding me. They're gone.
Excuse me. Do you have a phone?
Could I make one phone call?
Yeah, sure.
This is the right thing to do.
- I'm sorry.
- What do you mean?
Considering the abuse
the boy has described to us,
then this is something for
the Child Protection Services to decide.
- Darri, let me talk to her.
- Wait.
If you If you just gave me
a chance to explain this.
No, there's nothing to explain.
From what the boy told us,
I believe what he said.
And we are taking him
to the police in Reykjavík.
Okay, I understand,
but I have to warn you.
He's dangerous.
We suspect he might be dangerous.
What's wrong with you? He's just a child.
I don't want to hear this nonsense.
We are taking him with us.
She hung up on me.
Where are they going? What did they say?
They're taking him
to the police in Reykjavík.
- No.
- Maybe it's for the best.
No, that's not what we had discussed!
We wanted to bring him back!
What do you want me to do?
I'm not the one who abandoned him.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have
locked him in that goddamn shed.
This is not my fault.
We wouldn't be here if you hadn't left him
out in the middle of nowhere by himself.
- I was alone and frightened.
- Yeah, sure.
- You're always alone and frightened.
- Darri, you know, I… No.
When Mikael was born, you decided
to work freakin' more than ever.
Yes, then I was alone and frightened!
And when he started school
and they bullied him,
you just went to Peru for two months
to study some fucking volcano!
The bullying, the fire at the school,
and even at the hospital,
I was alone and frightened.
And when he died, you finally left.
I-I… I didn't mean it like that.
We have never been
on the same team, Darri.
You always use your work as an excuse
for not dealing with me or Mikael.
So maybe it'll be better if you get
the hell back up on that fucking glacier
while I drive by myself
to Reykjavík to sort this out.
Wait, what…
- No, no.
- What are you doing?
- Don't you trust me?
- Why did she call me a devil?
She's just jealous because
she's ill and you're young and healthy.
I know that you're lying to me, Gísli.
What are you doing?
- Just going out for a walk.
- To where?
- To see Einar.
- No, you can't do that.
You can't just go out for a walk.
- It's dangerous out there.
- I'll take the car, then.
I won't be long. I just need
to get outside for some fresh air.
- I just need to get out.
- She is you.
In a few years.
I can't explain it.
I thought I'd lost my mind,
but now I know this is real.
You two are the same person.
This is His work.
Our Lord has sent you to me.
Gísli! Gísli, ah! What are you doing?
Ah! Gísli! Gísli! Ow!
Stop it!
Gísli! Gísli!
Gísli, stop it! Ah!
Open up!
Gísli! Gísli!
Gísli! Open up!
Open this gate right now!
Gísli, open up!
Gísli, open it!
Hello, Björn.
- Hello, Lukas.
- Hi.
Could you watch Lukas for a few days?
Yes, no problem.
You want some music?
I can turn the radio on.
Do you live in Reykjavík, dear?
I guess we live there now too.
In Breiðholt. Have you been there?
I was a teacher in Vík before we moved.
What's your school's name?
Where are you guys taking me?
We're gonna figure out where your mom is.
And then she'll pick you up in Reykjavík.
I know that you're lying to me.
We're telling you the truth.
Let me out!
Are you crazy?
No! Ah!
What are you going to tell Kjartan?
I don't know.
Won't you just tell him the truth?
- It's just not that simple.
- Why not?
He trusts you.
Don't you trust him?
Of course I do.
Then what's the problem?
Have you stopped loving him?
Are you sure?
I don't know.
- Gríma.
- Hello.
Can you hear me? There was
a car accident. You have to come with us.
- Was anyone injured?
- Yes, it was a fatal crash.
At least two are dead.
- Okay.
- I'm on my way to pick up my Dad.
Can you meet at the ferry?
Gríma? Gríma, are you there?
Yes, I'll meet you there.
Okay, be quick.
Hi, this is Kjartan.
I can't come…
Hi, this is Kjartan. I can't come
I have to go.
Gríma is on her way.
Dad. Hurry.
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