Katla (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Rock

You'll have to wait a little.
There was a crash.
- Who's in the car?
- You need to stay back.
- Was there a young boy here?
- A young boy?
Hang on. Excuse me.
- Mikael!
- Stop!
- Mikael!
- Excuse me. Stop.
Hey. You can't go any further.
- Mikael!
- You can't come over here.
- Hey.
- Stop!
- I think my son was in that car.
- There was no child in the car.
Just these two.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Oh, God.
Won't you come with me?
Let's talk a little.
Who's Mikael?
You called for him.
Is he your son?
And is he missing?
He died three years ago.
But somehow he came back.
Einar, wait, she's obviously
in some kind of shock.
Rakel, what's going on?
I I got a phone call
from Mikael.
And he said that his father
had locked him up in a shed.
He begged me to come here.
- Who's his father?
- Darri Hansson.
He works here, up on the glacier.
Dad, he's the one
we met at the hotel.
But you're saying
he did die three years ago?
I know it sounds ridiculous, but…
But somehow he came back.
Why do you think
he was connected to this crash?
Because I left him by the highway.
And this couple picked him up.
Don't encourage her.
I can't listen to this crap.
We need to know what she has to say.
And what? Search around
for some boy who died three years ago?
Gísli, aren't you joking?
I saw him the other day,
so he's clearly not dead.
Enough of this bullshit!
Everyone, out.
- Go on!
- Dad…
- What
- Out, all of you, out!
What's going on with you?
Are you sure it's the same couple?
I know the car.
The couple were taking Mikael
to the Reykjavík police.
I was driving to get him
when I saw… saw the accident.
Where could Mikael have gone?
I don't know.
Hello, there.
- So, uh, how is she?
- Uh, she just fell asleep.
- How long until she can go home?
- Not long. Hmm.
Her blood pressure is high.
And her pulse is low,
but the baby's heartbeat is strong.
I just want to keep an eye on them.
To be safe.
- Can I be with her alone for a moment?
- Yes, that should be fine.
There was a car crash.
The couple who picked up Mikael are dead.
What about Mikael?
We can't find him.
But I I'm with a woman
that you should meet.
And we are on our way to you now.
Yeah. We are not the only ones
dealing with something strange.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm picking up
the prescription for Magnea.
Yes, please come in.
How are you?
You were talking the other day about how…
How her lungs are failing.
Yes. Well, I think that I shouldn't
have said it exactly like that.
But they are failing, right?
Let's try to stay optimistic, Gísli.
At this stage it can go many ways.
Wh… What does that mean?
Just tell me.
How long does she left?
A month.
Or a year.
- Which is it, month or year?
- It's hard to say.
If the medicine was working
like we'd hoped, she'd be much better.
Let's wait and see
if the next batch makes a difference.
I'm so sorry, Gísli.
What you're doing here
takes so much strength.
I want you to know that.
And your sister reappeared
all of a sudden?
Yeah. She got lost
on the glacier a year ago.
I think she died there.
When she came back
she was a different person.
She knows about Mikael.
I told her everything.
Why is this happening?
Why are they coming back?
How should I know?
Aren't you a scientist?
I'm a geologist.
I think this is connected to Katla.
People around here talk about changelings.
A phenomenon from folklore
which seems to have basis in reality.
People resurrecting.
- Or, I don't know.
- It's not just dead people.
The first one we found here
was a Swede named Gunhild.
And she already exists.
She worked here at the hotel 20 years ago.
Then my sister came back,
your son…
And me…
- You?
- No.
Not me me…
I found another version of me
up at the research camp.
She looks like me,
and she remembers stuff
that happened to me when I was little.
Old memories.
- Just like Mikael.
- And what, you're exactly the same?
Yeah. Mostly. She might be
a little happier with her life.
Other than that, we're the same.
The same, and yet not.
Do you love him?
My father?
I never loved anyone as much as him.
He is a very special man.
And easy to love.
It's funny…
You never think about
your parents that way.
You just kind of take them for granted.
I've never seen him like this before.
Who's there?
What can I do for you?
Sorry to… show up unannounced.
Do you have a moment?
Are you okay?
Yeah. I flew in from
Sweden last night.
My name is Björn.
I think you know my m mother.
I know your mother.
Are Are y… you a mechanic?
Sort of.
Do you get paid to do this or is it
more like a hobby?
Uh, it keeps me busy.
What about you?
What do you do? Do you have a job?
No. My mother doesn't
want me to work.
How did you get a permit?
Yeah. I mean…
You have to have a permit
to cross the river.
Well, there was an accident.
Everyone was focusing on that.
They let me pass and…
told me where to find you.
What are you doing?
Just changing it up.
Who do you think you are?
Does Kjartan know?
You done? Let's ask your dad if he wants
some of this junk before we throw it out.
- It's not junk!
- No, but shouldn't we ask if he wants
The person who has been
emptying the house is not me.
I just got back. And I tried to call you
to explain, but you never answered.
There are duplicates
appearing all over the region.
They are…
I think they're changelings or something.
And I think Ása is one of them.
- And that woman in there too!
- Gríma, stop it!
I knew this was too good to be true.
- What do you mean?
- I can't go through this about Ása again.
- Kjartan, listen to me
- Listen to me.
- Ása is real and she's really home now.
- No
She's alive and back in town
whether you like it or not.
What's going on? Are you
- Are you losing it, or…?
- No.
One minute you want to clear out all
the junk and finally go on with our lives.
Then you start this bullshit about
how your sister is not a real person!
A changeling!
What the hell is that anyway?
You realize how crazy that sounds?
How crazy you sound?
You have to go to Reykjavík
and see a real specialist.
Einar to Gríma.
Gríma, are you there?
Come down to the church.
I'm busy.
This, uh… This can't wait.
It's about the body
we found on the glacier.
Who is it?
Uh, well, the forensic DNA test came back.
The result shows that it's Ása.
Come in.
- Hi. What did you want?
- Hi.
Can you take me to the crevasse
where you took the samples?
Right now?
I need a rock sample
from underneath the glacier.
Eyja and Leifur are gonna
take me down to the crevasse.
Why? What's going on?
I had a talk with the woman
who runs the hotel.
She's from here.
She said these things
have been going on for centuries.
Always after an eruption
under the glacier.
Villagers always assumed
it was the hidden people.
Changelings or…
Or whatever.
The stories became folklore,
so people didn't take them seriously.
But what if there's science
behind the folklore?
There is something
happening under that glacier.
I know this will sound ridiculous, but
I think that if I
can study this area a little bit more…
We'll understand Mikael.
Where he's from,
and what we need to do.
That's it.
We'll get better now. Hmm.
Just you wait.
My love.
You just need to be patient.
She'll be gone soon.
What are you saying?
- Are you getting rid of her?
- No.
- Kill her?
- No!
But I have made sure…
Her life and fate
are in the hands of God.
- How deep is this?
- On average, about 80 meters.
But the eruption is making it
deeper and deeper every day.
Are you okay?
I'm good, I just slipped.
Be careful!
Darri, can you hear me?
I'm at the bottom.
There's a tunnel.
I'm going in.
Be careful. We are close to a conduit.
There may be toxic fumes present.
What's its name?
I don't know.
Not your cat?
He showed up one day.
Gave him scraps.
Hasn't left since.
Mm. You should give him a name.
He doesn't seem to mind.
You kind of take care of things that
no one else bothers to take care of.
Well, I don't know about that.
Well, there was this one cat,
a small one.
I had been feeding him for three weeks.
One night there was a blizzard,
and I thought all my cats…
Had taken cover inside
and I went to sleep.
And the morning after,
I saw a few of them here,
warm and happy.
But when I went outside…
I found the small cat by the door,
frozen to death.
I wasn't there for him.
I wish I had been.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What did you find down there?
It's gotta be
some kind of a mistake.
Maybe she left her own DNA
under the shed when you found the body.
A hair or something.
I have to show this to Kjartan.
What took you so long?
I… needed to think about this.
About what?
Listen, I'm sorry for getting mad earlier.
I wasn't trying to be mean,
but we have to move on with life.
I know it's hard for you.
But it's also hard for me.
I'm trying to figure out
how I can be there for you.
And I want to believe you when
you say that Ása is not a real person,
but I also think you should
see a doctor.
What's going on?
It's a meteorite.
Wouldn't we have known about it?
Not if it impacted hundreds
of thousands of years ago.
This region's been covered
by glacier for maybe two millennia.
Now that the glaciers are melting
the trace has appeared.
The trouble is the sample
doesn't appear to share characteristics
with any known rock formation.
This means it's most likely
from outside our solar system.
And that it most likely entered
the earth's crust, subsequently
creating the conduit,
the volcano we call Katla.
I now believe most
of the meteorite is still down there,
close to the volcanic conduit
so when Katla erupts,
small fragments
are brought to the surface.
These pieces are spit into the air
and fall across the glacier.
If it's a meteor, your object,
from another solar system,
we don't know anything about it.
It could be radioactive.
We could all have been
highly exposed already.
The whole camp's full
of samples from this thing.
I think we should all leave. Right now.
- Darri?
- Huh?
Are you coming?
Uh, yeah.
I appreciate that you called me.
You probably…
…figured out who he is.
Well, you knew
that I was pregnant when I left.
And I assumed that
you didn't want to know anything
since you never contacted me, so…
I also didn't want to
call you or…
I didn't know if you still had a wife and…
I didn't want to… make things worse.
This isn't fair. You said
you were going to have an abortion.
You think life is fair?
I thought that I was
gonna be with you forever.
I was just…
Young and… stupid.
And in love.
And I did have an abortion.
But back in those days
you couldn't have a…
A normal abortion after 12 weeks, so…
So I found some…
Some witch woman,
here in Iceland,
before I went home.
Well, things didn't…
Work out as it was supposed to.
And I got…
Very, very sick.
And that hurt him.
So you think that's why he is like…
The way he is?
That boy has
paid a high price for my mistakes.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you, Gríma.
So, how many rooms?
Two rooms for us.
- Right?
- Yeah, right.
I'm here.
See you in the morning.
I'm disappointed that you did it.
Traveled alone.
It's stupid and dangerous for you.
Are you listening?
Here's your dinner.
I have to tell you something.
We just got the DNA results back
from the body we found.
Okay, who is it?
What is this?
The body's yours.
What do you mean?
I don't know, I just…
I saw the body and some pictures and…
And you thought it was me?
Then what am I?
The geologist I met
calls them changelings.
And there's one of me in my house.
- What?
- She looks just like me.
I found her at the camp yesterday.
She and Kjartan are getting on.
He has no clue.
She's warm and gentle.
- Everything I'm not.
- Gríma.
I've changed.
And not for the better.
So you could ask yourself,
who's the changeling?
So I died after all.
It all adds up somehow.
I don't have a purpose anymore.
Now I understand why.
It's because I don't exist.
Don't try to stop me.
I love you, Gríma.
Gríma, I will always love you.
I love you too.
Gríma, why did you leave?
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