Katy Keene (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [KATY.]
For a city that never sleeps, New York has a lot of dreamers.
My mom was one of them A woman of secret ambition.
She wanted the clothes she made to be sold in a fancy department store on 5th Avenue.
She used the same sewing machine her mother had.
Now, I use it.
And I've got my own dreams and ambitions.
My mom was Katherine Keene.
I was named after her.
Katy, did you seriously stay up all night again? I promised Ginger I would have it ready for tonight.
And I still want to drop the neckline and add some more jewels, but What do you think? It's gorgeous.
Like you.
Katy, you gotta start charging for these.
I do this 'cause I love it, KO.
Hey, call in sick.
We'll take the F train down to Coney Island, ride the ferris wheel, eat Nathan's hotdogs, get sexy under the boardwalk Mmm [KISSES.]
that is tempting.
As anything that involves getting sexy with you is, but remember, my new roommie gets here today and I really want to talk to Gloria about Speak of the Gucci-wearing devil Impossible, it is too early, even for her.
Hello, Gloria? Of course.
I'm on my way.
- Sorry, KO.
- Let me guess, it's a - fashion emergency.
- Fashion emergency.
I gotta go.
- Hey.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
Walkin' through a crowd the village is a glow Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats Everybody here wanted somethin' more And it said welcome to New York It's been waitin' for you Welcome to New York, welcome to New York Welcome to New York It's been waitin' for you Welcome to New York, welcome to New York Good morning, Miss Katy.
Morning, Katy.
Welcoming, Katy.
Ah, thank you.
Good morning, Miss Keene.
Hi, good morning.
Welcome to New York It's been waitin' for you Welcome to New York [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Has anyone seen Gloria? A VIP client is coming in and she's picking her number two for the day.
Girls Oh! Thank, Dior.
Alexandra Cabot, heiress to the Cabot Entertainment empire is moments from arriving and I'd like one of you to assist me but, where do we start? I'll get the Chanel flap bag, new Zivon chigons, Alia blouses, Celine sunglasses and every Yves piece in the store.
I'll also chill the Dom Perignon and get three Earl Grey macaron plated.
Oh! And shoes, lots of shoes.
Hurry, Katy.
Amanda? Where's my Amanda? I'm here, Gloria.
Can you and the other girls stay out of my and Katy's way, please? I'd so appreciate that.
Good morning, Miss Cabot.
Alexandra! Your mother was just here, last week.
- Mwah.
Everything's ready for you.
Thank you.
By the looks of it, Alexandra's dropped a dress size.
No doubt she's intermittent fasting again.
If she's feeling good, maybe I should also pull bathing suits? She does vacation twice a month.
Gloria, you don't have those palazzo pumps in my size, do you? For you, Xandra, of course.
By the way, how's that adorable, sweet cat of yours doing these days? Sebastian, isn't it? Hey, Francois, did you take those size 7 palazzo pumps for your window? As a matter of fact, I [GASPS.]
I'm sorry, Francois, I have to take these, it's a fashion emergency! I'll make it up to you.
May they make their new owner very, very happy.
This dress was made for you, and I mean that quite literally.
I ran into Stella McCartney at Milan Fashion Week, and she told me, she had your figure in mind when she designed it.
Any luck with the Versace? Perfect fit.
Ohh! [SIGHS.]
That wasn't so difficult.
Not at all.
Total breeze.
Gloria? Yes? I was wondering, if I could talk to you about the new personal shopper position? Not today, Katy, I'm having lunch With Joan Zidian at Lacy's cafe at noon.
I know, I made the reservation.
Five minutes.
I don't want to keep Joan waiting.
Great! Then I will dive right in.
So, I have been assisting you for three years, now, and I really feel like I'm ready to be Lacy's newest personal shopper.
Oh? What makes you feel that? Well, I have the highest sales record of any of the other girls on your team.
I know every single item of clothing in this store inside out, down to the stitch and the lining Some of the girls tell me you want to be a designer.
That you actually make clothes? - No, I - Being a personal shopper at Lacy's isn't some side hustle or stepping stone, it's a career.
I'm not interested in promoting someone who's focus is split.
Back in the day, Lacy's would only employ single girls.
Husbands and children were seen as distractions.
Of course, we can't say that now-a-days, but I do need people like myself.
- Right.
When I die, I want them to scatter my ashes, here, in Lacy's.
Yes, l make clothes, but that is just for me.
You do have the right disposition.
You know the clothes, you understand how they're made, how they fit.
And you're not deathly allergic to hard work.
Does that mean I have the job? It means I'm tasking you with a special assignment.
Prince Errol Swoon is coming to the store tomorrow to shop for the Met Gala.
It's a crucial opportunity for us to make our numbers this year.
Prove that you're the creme de la creme of my girls, and the personal shopper position is yours.
Oh, my God.
Josie? Josie McCoy?! Katy Keene! - Oh! - Oh! I have heard so much about you, I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity.
Well, any friend of Veronica Lodge's is a friend of mine.
I'm so sorry I was late! Let me help you with your bags up our four story walk-up.
This is it! Home, sweet home.
Jorge! Hi.
This is our new roommate, Josie McCoy.
- Josie, this is Jorge Lopez.
- Hi.
Welcome to the center of the universe.
I'd give you the grand tour but I'm working at the bar tonight and I gotta get ready - for an audition.
- Oh, for what? You remember that movie, Mannequin? - Yeah.
- Well, they're turning it into a big Broadway musical.
- Anyway, I'll see you tonight.
- Good luck! Jorge is the best, you're going to be obsessed.
Okay, so I have the bedroom to the right, Jorge has the big bedroom down the hallway because his parents own the building and the bodega.
And this room is Yours, yes.
I will move the sewing machine to my room, and the couch is a pull-out.
Oh, my God, you must be starved! The bodega downstairs has the best sandwiches, and after that, I'm going to take you to my most favorite place in the world.
I want to know everything.
Veronica tells me you're destined to be the next Diana Ross.
Veronica has always been very generous even back in high school.
To be honest, I've been thinking about moving to New York for awhile.
And I finally got the nerve to pack up and just take the risk.
And now I'm here to record an album, get signed by a record label and make all of my crazy wish-upon-a-star, kiss-my-Whitney-poster-goodnight dreams come true.
Whatever it takes.
Anyway, how about you? All those clothes in the apartment, did you I made them on my mom's sewing machine.
So, you're like a legit designer.
Ha, no.
God, no.
That is the pipe dream.
Yeah, I chose a slightly more sensible career path.
I assist Gloria Grandbilt world class personal shopper to the rich, fabulous and entitled.
Meanwhile, I need to start canvassing the town with my resume for any job, stat.
That is an excellent plan for tomorrow.
Tonight, I'm taking you out to meet the gang.
Oh, my God Hey! - Look who it is! - Hi! Pepper, this is Josie.
She just moved here five minutes ago.
Can I just say, I'm obsessed with your bag.
Oh, my God, obvi Katy made it.
Girl, where have you been? Don't even get me started.
I just got back from Art Basel with Childish Gambino, lining up investors for my top secret project.
And don't even ask me what it is, Josie, because can't breathe a word of it until my financing is in place, so Can I at least ask what you do? Well, I just gave a TED talk on the feminist power of Snap Chat.
I wrote this week's Modern Love column in the Times.
Earlier this year I shot an Indie with Lupita Nyong'o and Kristen Stewart.
In other words, Pepper is the most connected person in New York and she will introduce you to everyone that's anyone.
Damn straight.
Okay, you two look va-va-voom! Twirl for me, will ya? - [KISSES.]
Hi! - Hey! Josie, this is my boyfriend, KO Kelly.
He is the bouncer here.
- Hey, it's nice to meet you! - Hey, you, too! Let me know if anyone messes with you.
Hey, so, what happened? Did she give you the job? Not yet.
Gloria is really making me sweat for it but, I'll tell you about it, later.
Whoo! And we are dancing now.
Wo-oh oh-oh Taki taki Yeah [CROWD.]
Yeah! Whoo! Taki taki, Taki taki - [MUSIC STOPS.]
- [CROWD.]
Time for Ginger! [EXCITED CHATTER.]
Diamonds are forever [MAN IN AUDIENCE.]
I love you! 'Cause we are Living in a material world And I am a material girl You know that we are living in a material world - And I am a material girl - Yo! Katy made that dress! [CROWD CHEERING.]
Who is that? That is our roommate, Jorge, - [GASPS.]
- also known as Ginger Lopez.
Damn! She's beautiful! Living in a material world And I am a material Living in a material world And I am a material girl You know that we are living in a material world And I am a material Is this what it's like every night? Oh, Josie, darling, it's only Tuesday.
Welcome to New York! Girl! - [BANGS.]
Every year, KO and I go to Coney Island to commemorate our first date, when he told me that his life's ambition was to be a boxer and fight at Madison Square Garden.
That day, I fell in love with KO on the Wonder Wheel.
And we've been together ever since.
Oh, crap! I cannot be late.
Jorge, have you seen my diffuser? I put it back in your room.
Have you seen my Aggie puffer? - I can't find it anywhere! - Yep, in the kitchen - by the toaster oven.
- [JORGE.]
Found it! Where the hell are my green shorts? - I need them for my audition.
- [KATY.]
Oh! Josie! Good luck with the job search today! Don't lock the bathroom door, - I need to steam my dress.
- [JORGE.]
Okay! [KATY.]
We know Prince Errol loves Tom Ford, Ferragamo, and Prada.
That's for the Met Gala.
Since we will have him in the store, and we know he's often spotted riding, let's show him our Hèrmes equestrian gear.
Let's also have Brunello Cucinelli's fall collection front and center.
I haven't seen the prince wear Cucinelli yet, but remember Gloria's golden rule Always introduce a customer to something new.
Now, let's make all of Prince Errol's fashion dreams come true.
It should be me helping the prince tonight, not you.
I mean, have you even been to Europe? Amanda, will you just find out if the prince is coming alone, please? Oh, I already did.
The hottie prince will be flying solo.
Then we can focus all our energy on him.
- Thank you, Amanda.
- If you need anything else, I'll be in the beauty department applying diamond serum.
New to the city? [SIGHS.]
Is it that obvious? Only because I was you, once upon a time in New York.
There is a rose In Spanish Harlem [JOSIE HARMONIZING.]
A red rose Up in Spanish Harlem - It is a special one - Ohh - It's never seen the sun - Ohh It only comes out when the moon is on the run And all the stars are gleaming I'm gonna pick that rose And watch her as she grows In my garden [CROWD APPLAUDS.]
I know this is gonna sound like a line, but it's not.
I'm in the music business.
I work for a label and we're looking for new talent.
I'm Alexander Cabot.
Josie McCoy.
Josie McCoy.
Do you know where the Electric Lady recording studio is? You mean, where Prince, Stevie Wonder and David Bowie recorded? - Yeah.
- Can you meet me there tomorrow? And, be ready to sing.
My email address is on the card.
Five, six, seven, eight! ["APACHE" BY THE SUGARHILL GANG PLAYING.]
Ho! Ho! Ho! - [MUSIC STOPS.]
Sheila, Bobby, Paul, red head-band, you can stay.
The rest of you can go, thanks.
Sorry, but didn't I just nail that? You did, but, I need guys who read a little more How do I put this tough.
For Mannequin, the musical.
Would someone please get rid of him? You heard him.
Group three? We don't have all day.
Five, six, seven, eight! Swipe, point, hip, hip, ball-change.
Yes, great to be back.
- Welcome.
- Hi, Claire.
How have you been? Patricia, come on.
Who's she? [ERROL.]
Yes, thank you.
I don't know.
I don't recognize her.
Well, she must be someone, he's a prince.
Gloria, I found her Instagram.
Her name is Patricia Kline.
She's [SCOFFS.]
no one.
She has under a thousand followers.
Ugh, for the love of Coco, she's a commoner.
Do you want me to run interference with her? Katy, don't you think this is precisely the type of thing you should have known about so that we could have adequately prepared? Gloria, I am so sorry.
I'll fix this.
I won't let you down.
You already have.
In the world of fashion, Gloria Grandbilt is legendary.
An icon and a gatekeeper.
In all her years at Lacy's, no one has ever seen Gloria sweat [GLORIA CLEARS THROAT.]
until right this very moment.
I'm confident she's going to adore this one.
That's what you said about the last seven dresses.
Anything you'd like to try on? Let me show you our Cartier tie clips.
Hi, it's Katy Keene, one of the girls.
Can I come in? Can you untie me out of this dress? Of course.
- There.
Oh, my God, $35,000? This dress costs more than I make in a year.
What am I doing here? Dating a prince? I'm an imposter, I'm trapped in some princess diaries nightmare.
You are not in a nightmare, you are at Lacy's department store with a nice, handsome chap, who just happens to be royalty.
I don't belong here.
If a girl who grew up on the lower east side the way I did, belongs here, So do you.
You grew up on the lower east side? Yes, on Delancey Street.
Shut up I grew up on Delancey! What? No way! Where do you shop? Where can I get this dress, I love it.
This one? Um I made it.
- [GASPS.]
- Would you want to try it on? I can also pull some clothes you might like? Stuff I would choose if, you know, a prince ever took me on a shopping spree.
How'd you two meet, by the way? [ERROL.]
There she is.
You look ravishing! Thanks, Errol! I love everything that I just tried on! We'll take anything she wants.
And for yourself, Your Highness? I'll take the Dior suits and the Tom Ford, the equestrian gear, as well as a few Hèrmes baubles for everyone back home.
We'd also like to browse your jewelry department - before we go.
- I'll take you right away.
If you don't mind, we'd like this young lady to help us.
She knows our taste.
What's your name? Katy.
Katy Keene.
Right this way.
Errol, can you believe that Katy made that dress she's wearing? [WHISPERS.]
She let me try it on! [JORGE POPS BOTTLE.]
So, apparently I'm too gay for Broadway, who knew that was even possible.
So, tonight we're only celebrating Katy's big win at work.
Congratulations, Katy Girl! - You deserve it.
- [JOSIE.]
Yes! Prince Errol Swoon, mmm, I can't believe you got to dress him.
I spent last Easter with him on his yacht in Mykonos Swoon, indeed.
There's no way you don't get that promotion now.
I'm praying to the fashion goddesses, Betsy, Vivienne, and Diane, but I don't want to jinx it so can we talk about something else? Josie, did you get a job today? No.
But, I did meet a guy who works for a record label - Oh - And he wants to meet tomorrow after I send him one of my songs.
His name is Alex Cabot.
- Shut up.
- Alexander Cabot the 3rd? - Are you serious? - Where did you meet him? [LAUGHS.]
Washington Square Park and he heard me singing with a busker.
Okay, hold on.
The Cabots are right up there with the Astors and the Rockefellers, Okay, they own everything.
- Fashion labels.
- Broadway theaters.
His sister, Alexandra, is a client at Lacy's.
She spends $100,000 a month on skincare products, alone.
And you just happened to run into Alexander Cabot in the park? Justin Bieber was discovered busking.
I know, because he would not shut up about it when we went to see Britney in Vegas.
I don't want to be a jaded cynic, but this sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime thriller.
I don't want you going alone.
Oh, no, Katy, I am from Riverdale.
It is the murder capital of the world.
I'll be fine.
Well, tomorrow's my day off, so, I'll just go with you as your manager.
- That's good.
- Well what does one wear to meet a billionaire? Don't you worry about that.
I will make you something fantastic.
You've said goodbye a thousand times You pulled me in with your sorry eyes You tried to dim the life in me - But maybe it was my fault - She's incredible! You say it like you've never heard her sing before.
Uh, yeah, well, with a client like Josie, every time feels like the first.
I'm gonna let it show My heart's letting go I'm taking back the light you stole And you're gonna see You're gonna see me Glow, glow Glow, yeah [CLAPS.]
Whoo! So what are your plans for my client? Well, first, I'd like to introduce Josie to the Cabot board and play them this song.
Then, once they approve, I want to sign her to record a full album and launch her career as an international pop star.
How's that sound? Uh, um [CLEARS THROAT.]
Pretty good.
Now, is anyone hungry? Um Josie, I should get back to my other clients.
I have so many of them.
If you're okay, here Totally, I am, I'm good.
I'm fine.
So, you were in a band in high school, - the kitty cats - The Pussy Cats.
Oh, okay.
And we split up.
I sang at my friend's speakeasy for awhile.
I went on tour with my dad, he's a jazz musician.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Since then, I've just been working on finding my sound as a solo artist.
Well, you found it.
Oh, important question The Shirelles or the Ronettes? [LAUGHS.]
The Shirelles, all the way.
Will you still love me Tomorrow [KISSES.]
So how did it go with the prince? Did you charm him? Even better.
I charmed his girlfriend.
Which led to Lacy's single biggest sale of the year.
Katy Keene for the win! Well, we'll see.
Gloria can be What's the word mercurial? [SIGHS.]
Katy I got some news today.
You know how I've always wanted to train at Joe Frazier's gym, right? - In Philadelphia, yeah.
- They called today.
My name was on a wait list.
They're looking to take on some new fighters and they're interested.
KO, that's amazing! I didn't even realize you were on a wait list.
So, what if we move? Get a nice big apartment together, king size bed, you love cheesesteaks Yeah, but my job This is only if you don't get the promotion, but There are department stores in Philly.
There's only one Lacy's.
I know.
I know, and the timing is terrible, but we always talk about how crazy and expensive it is to live here.
Yeah, but it's New York.
We're New Yorkers.
I get the bends when I go to Long Island.
Why don't we just see what Gloria has to say first.
Then, we'll figure things out.
Cool? [KATY.]
Josie McCoy's dream isn't what you might think.
Of course she wants to be a star, but what she really wants is for New York City to say, "Welcome, you belong here.
You can play your music here.
You can have a life here".
It's quite the view.
Thank you, Gloria, for your and your team's exemplary performance hosting our royal guest.
I couldn't be more proud of all of us.
- Thank you, Mrs.
I couldn't have done it without my team, my girls.
As you know, mentoring these young women means the world to me, which is why I'd like to make an announcement.
You so don't deserve this.
The new personal shopper position goes to an exceptional, hard working young woman with a keen fashion sense who's been with me for a few years, now.
Congratulations, Amanda! - [CLAPPING.]
Glow, glow, glow Glow, glow Yeah [MUSIC STOPS.]
I have to be honest, I didn't love it.
Me neither.
Catchy, but a little dull.
Are you kidding me? - Excuse me You don't know what you're talking about Alex, the Cabot board, including myself, have taken valuable time out of our schedules to listen to your song.
Now, it's your turn to listen.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna pass on this one.
- Pass.
- Hard pass.
I'm Alexandra, Alex's sister and the Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment.
You have a nice voice and you seem sweet.
But, if we're going to re-launch the record division, spending millions of dollars by doing so, it has to be on someone who's just undeniable.
Look, I can tell you're upset, but life isn't A Star is Born.
You don't just meet a guy and win multiple Grammys overnight.
Xandra Look, you're wrong.
Josie's a star.
And where'd you find this one, Alexander? Central Park? Bryant? Oh, no, no Washington Square.
Oh, what, did you think you were the first? It was nice to meet you, Josie.
Josie, wait! No, no! What, you just troll parks all day looking for girls to humiliate? No.
Look, it's not like that.
My sister doesn't want me re-launching the record label.
She thinks it's a waste of money, but I'm going to prove her wrong, with you.
You know what, no.
No way.
You can find someone else to drag into your sibling rivalry, Alex.
I'm done.
Gloria? I'm genuinely confused.
I thought that job was mine.
I understand Prince Errol's girlfriend tried on a dress we don't sell in our store.
One of your designs.
You were there Errol was about to walk out empty handed I had to think outside the box.
You made a choice, Katy.
One that violates store policies as well as one of my golden rules.
You made it about yourself.
You mean, as opposed to about you? Excuse me? I put Lacy's ahead of everything.
And I expect the same of my girls.
That is why, effective immediately, you no longer report to this department.
My department.
Guys, I don't know what to do.
I mean, not only did I not get the promotion, Gloria exiled me to the stockroom.
That skinny bitch.
I think you should quit.
I need a job, Jorge.
Besides, I've wanted to work at Lacy's since I was a little girl.
My mom always dreamt of having her dresses sold there.
No, see, there you go.
Your dream, your real dream, is to have your clothes sold at Lacy's.
At least, I hope that's your dream, because I look around at these clothes that you make, girl, and you are a heartbeat away.
When we first met, that's what you said.
You said you wanted to be a designer.
I hear you, I do, but it's also about KO.
What do you mean? He wants us to move to Philadelphia.
So he can train at this world famous gym.
You're not actually considering it, are you? You would move to Philadelphia in pursuit of KO's dream at the expense of your own? What is that? Post-post-feminism.
Damn, ladies, we are a tragic mess, tonight.
And make room for one more at this pity party because I've decided to give up Broadway.
Wait, what about the second open call for Mannequin? I can't.
I can't do it.
I'm so tired of being rejected over and over and over again.
All because I don't fit into their little box.
They made it abundantly clear, the powers that be don't want someone like me.
And I can't try and act masc, right? And I won't code-switch, not just to get roles I won't.
I can't.
So, maybe Maybe you do the exact opposite, and show them a side of you that they have never seen before.
Katy Keene, are you saying what I think you're saying? Yes.
But you're gonna need a new outfit, first.
My roommate, Jorge, came out to his folks when he was fourteen.
They haven't met Ginger yet, but they do support his life's goal To originate a role in a Broadway musical.
Five, six, seven, eight ["APACHE" BY THE SUGARHILL GANG PLAYING.]
Tonto, jump on it Jump on it, jump on it Girl, you bedazzled the hell out of that leotard.
Kemosabe, jump on it, jump on it [SCOFFS.]
This is the kind of thing I'd miss by moving to Philly.
Number 39, please step forward.
Did you think I wouldn't recognize you? Or that I was gonna see something today that I didn't before? This is Broadway, not some drag contest in the Village.
Nice try, though.
You know what? I've heard it all before.
You know, too soft, too fem, too gay, too skinny Thank you, very much.
But I don't care, 'cause I know I'm good enough.
And, for the record, those queens in the village have more talent in their acrylic pinky nail than most of the people in this theater.
If you all can't see talent when it's right in front of you, then I'm sorry, but you don't deserve to have me in your chorus.
And mark my words one day you will know my name.
Ginger Lopez.
And you're gonna see it in lights! Carnegie Hall, bitches.
Whoo! We love you, Ginger! [KATY, JOSIE.]
Katy, hi.
Gloria needs you to steam and organize these garments alphabetically by designer ASAP.
Really, Amanda? You're gloating?! Isn't it enough that you sabotaged me, and by the way, you're not gonna get away with that.
I deserve this promotion, Katy.
I'm from the upper east side.
Oh, give me a break, Amanda! You are from Westchester.
You are not fooling anyone.
Neither are you.
I mean, you might not look like it, but you're a gutter girl from the lower east side.
And that, Katy, is never gonna change.
All right, it might just be the vodka talking but I had an epiphany today in the stockroom.
You are right, Ginger, screw Lacy's.
I gave that place three years of my life! Can you imagine all the clothes I didn't design while I was busy doing Gloria's bidding? So, tomorrow, I'm quitting.
- Katy! - [CLAPS.]
Girl, do what you gotta do, but you cannot move to Philly.
Josie's right.
Philadelphia isn't exactly a fashion hub, is it? Plus, I just got here.
Yeah, well, I definitely have to figure that out.
But guys, tonight, we throw down at Molly's Crisis.
I've got something else in mind.
- Who is in the mood for a little after hours fun? - Me, me, me, me! - Yes! You know I got the call the great wide open You know I live my life the way that I been scopin' Knuckles on the handle bustin' like a scandal You want it, you got it Do what you do You unbelievable It's undeniable - Yeah - [MUSIC STOPS.]
Crap! Someone's here.
Guys, come on, go, go, go! Katy, is that you? Hi, Francois.
Yeah, I forgot my wallet.
Are you okay? No.
The client, Comme des Filles, threw out my concept for the window.
Now I have until sunrise to figure out a new way to display three evening gowns, or Mrs.
Lacy will put me out to pasture.
Maybe I can help? Okay, as Oprah likes to say and Julie Andrews likes to sing, these are a few of my favorite things.
Hopefully, they'll spark something.
Let's see Ooh! Look at these bejeweled cuffs! I have always been obsessed with cuffs.
Especially the ones that Lagerfeld designed for Chanel in the 80s.
My mom had a pair she wore everywhere.
Is she a fashion girl, like us? She was a seamstress.
She always said, "You don't have to be rich to be stylish".
Every weekend, we would go down to Lacy's and we would stare at your windows for hours.
We couldn't afford anything, of course, but, we would get inspired by our favorite designers.
And then, we would go home and make our own.
Wait [GASPS.]
Francois, I have a crazy idea for your window, but you're gonna have to trust me.
And we're gonna need a sewing machine.
It's tradition, here at Lacy's, that we gather for the unveiling of our new store windows.
I know Francois has been hard at work to showcase the fabulous dresses from our friends at Comme des Filles.
So, without further ado [APPLAUSE.]
I'm speechless.
It was all Katy Keene's idea.
Aren't you one of Gloria's girls? No, ma'am, I work in the stockroom.
But, I'd like to offer her a job in my department.
What? Francois? It's low pay and long hours, but you'll be rewarded for your talent.
not punished by jealous hags.
I don't know what to say! Say yes! On one condition.
I'm not letting you stay here forever.
Six months, tops.
Okay, maybe nine.
But then you're out in the world doing what you're meant to be doing designing.
These were just delivered.
Oh may I assume? [SMALL LAUGH.]
Thank you for your help.
Let me know how I can return the favor Katy.
Signed, Errol Swoon.
New York City, she said she came here to sing.
So, I want you to give a big Molly's Crisis welcome to Miss Josie McCoy.
Go, girl! [JOSIE.]
I have been torn down, I have been lied to, but I am exactly where I want to be.
New York damn City! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
This one's for all of the dreamers out there.
I had a dream or was it real We crossed the line and it was on We crossed the line it was on this time I want some satisfaction take me to the stars Just like ohh Ohh I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling I wanna dance on the roof you and me alone I wanna cut to the feeling oh yeah [KATY.]
Dancing with my friends I was thinking, "You know what would make this night perfect?" And then, there he was.
I'm deciding between the cheese and the pepperoni, or whatever your biggest slice is.
Oh, if you get the fennel sausage, can I have a bite, please? It depends.
Are we moving to Philly? Well I have been thinking about that, and, I've made some decisions.
Even though I didn't get the promotion, I really I want to stay in New York.
Especially since I'm gonna pursue designing as a career again Still working at Lacy's but that is just as a means of opening my own shop, someday.
Is that okay? Yeah, of course.
Why the change of heart? Meeting Josie watching her pursue her dream it reminded me, I should be doing the same thing.
And, so should you, KO.
So, maybe you go to Philly, and we could try the whole long distance thing.
I'm not going anywhere without you, Katy.
You're everything to me.
In fact, I had a feeling things were gonna play out this way, so, if we're gonna stay in NYC, we should make it official.
KO, what the hell are you doing? - Katy Keene, - [GASPS.]
will you marry me? [KATY.]
Obviously, to be continued
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