Katy Keene (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter Two: You Can't Hurry Love

1 New York They say, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere".
The same city that can inspire you one minute, can knock you down and trample over you the next.
Like that time the A train broke down, and I was stuck walking home fifty blocks in heels.
Luckily, that day, my Long Island prince came to my rescue.
Ever since we started dating, KO has always been there for me.
Like when it was the hottest, most humid summer on the record, KO installed an AC window unit in my bedroom.
Or the way he always shows up with food at the perfect time.
When my mom was sick, KO never left my side.
And after she passed away, KO's family became my family.
In a city that's constantly in motion, with life throwing curve balls at every turn, KO had always been my constant.
My rock.
If I couldn't imagine my life without him then why, in that moment, couldn't I just say yes? So, what do you say, Katy? - Hey! Stop that guy! - KO, don't No, I'm not going to let him get away! I'll meet you back at your place.
You, Katy, are the latest victim - of the Alphabet City Bandit.
- What? Do you mind if I write about it in my weekly column? - Actually - You have a column? It's for the Daily Hail Online.
It's called "Pass the Pepper".
Forget about the pepper, girl, I need the tea.
What did you say when KO proposed? The ring was stolen before I got a chance to answer him.
But you were going to say "yes", weren't you? I I don't know.
- Oh - Everything was perfect.
The ring was beautiful.
He was beautiful.
But, I I just couldn't say it.
The word wouldn't come out of my mouth.
But it's KO.
You love him.
Do you love him? We've been with each other ever since high school.
He's the only guy I've ever been with.
Honey, that's not what she asked.
KO Kelly is the last good man left in Manhattan, not to mention hot as hell, girl.
If I was you, I'd lock that down.
Maybe the ring getting stolen was fate.
If he doesn't get it back tonight, or ask you for an answer, it'll buy you some time to do a little soul searching.
See if he's the one.
Josie, you are right.
Yes! Yes, I just I need some time to think.
Go to my quiet place, and listen to my heart.
It's him.
I chased him for twelve blocks, and I lost him in Chinatown.
KO, for all we know, that guy could have had a knife or a gun, you could have seriously been hurt! I'm a bouncer, Katy.
I'm a pro at handling these types of situations.
Except for tonight, apparently.
KO I'm not going to let anyone ruin this for you.
I'm going to get that ring back, and I'm going to make this right.
Look it's been a long one, I'm going to head to my place - give you some space - No.
- to think about stuff.
- No, it's late.
Just stay here.
Spend the night.
Every Sunday, when I was a little girl, my mom used to take me to the Little Red Lighthouse.
She said it was our secret spot.
Now, it's where I come to escape the city and get a little quiet time.
Hi, Mom.
If you can hear me, just give me a sign.
What do I say to KO? No, no, no, I said Louboutin, not Louis Vuitton.
Gloria? Katy, where in Goyard's name are you? You fired me, remember? I don't have time for your bad attitude, Katy I need you here at Lacy's, right away.
And I won't ask twice.
Oh okay.
Oh, Jorge - I have the rent.
- Mm.
Ooh, where's the rest of it? It's supposed to be a thousand.
Right, and divided by three.
No, sis, a thousand's your share.
Which by the way is a steal for this neighborhood.
Okay, well, I have my first shift at Plunkin' Donuts today.
I'll ask for more hours.
It's NYC, babes, You gotta hustle to stay afloat.
Why else do you think I work at the bodega and the bar in between auditions? Hello, Ms.
Good morning.
Good morning, Ms.
Enjoy the rest of your day, and please let me know if you need anything else.
Good morning, Ms.
I love your hair today, Didi.
You better.
I used that twisting gel you gave me.
I've got a car for you out front.
Where to? Café des Créatifs, please.
Big meeting? The biggest, Didi.
Today I get one step closer to my dreams.
- Hi.
Good morning, Mick.
- Hey, hey, Katy - Yeah? - Is this you? What? "Proposal, Interrupted"? Pepper's column.
You're the talk of the town, Katy.
Everyone wants to know what you're gonna say! Katy! So glad you could join us.
What's she doing here? We have a very special client returning today, Prince Errol Swoon, and I need every one of my girls at the ready.
Even when they're tabloid trash? Gloria, my morning meeting with Francois is about to start.
- He's my boss now.
- Don't be ridiculous, Katy.
You know the Personal Shopping department will always be home for you.
Gloria, if I may, I think we can let Katy go play dress up with the mannequins, while we cater to the A-listers.
Can I go now? No, you cannot.
The prince's team called, and they specifically requested you, Katy.
You made an impression on the prince and we don't want to disappoint him.
Off we go.
So, should I start pulling some clothes? Any specific requests? Not clothes, Katy, engagement rings.
Prince Errol is planning to ask that pauper, Patricia Klein, for her hand in marriage.
This is Lacy's chance to take part in a royal engagement.
Now, let's select the perfect ring and make sure Patricia says yes, shall we? Great, because I am so good at proposals.
I think this one says "royal cover of Vanity Flair".
Francois, I am so sorry! Gloria called me in early Not off to a good start, you missed the morning meeting.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll wash windows, work the night shift, whatever you need.
I need you to pull some options for me.
Dior, de la Renta, Vera, that new Comme Des Filles.
Doesn't have to be white, but think "Happily Ever After".
What you would you wear to your dream wedding.
Wait, what did you say? We're doing a bridal window, Katy.
Yes, of course.
I'll let it slide for today, but, you're going to have to make a choice, Katy Me or Gloria.
Another impossible choice.
How wonderful.
Jorge! Did you see this? An open call for Cats.
I'm actually gonna take a break from Broadway.
Break? What do you mean break? I'm just I'm tired of being told no.
Being told no is the job, hijo.
Do you know how many times I had to audition to be a Rockette before I got the job? And not once did I think of giving up.
- You know what your problem is? - Huh? You spend all that time at that bar when you should be taking classes at the Broadway Dance Center.
- Here we go - Mijo, why do you work there? What is so special about that place? You're right.
You know, I'll do it.
I'm gonna audition.
It's my job.
- That's right it's your job.
- Thanks, Ma.
Close your eyes and imagine this An art gallery.
Black box theater.
Live music venue.
All behind one exclusive door.
I want to open the modern day version of Andy Warhol's Factory The Pepper Plant.
A place where emerging artists can collide and collaborate and party.
- I love a party.
- Mm? In fact, wanna do some coke in the bathroom? What is this, the eighties? I'm offering you a serious opportunity, here.
Your backing could help produce the greatest art of this generation.
- How much are we talking? - Five Eight million dollars.
Location is everything, especially in this city.
Lock that down and we can talk.
As a matter of fact, I already have a place in mind.
Are you still hiring? I saw the sign in the window.
Shoot, kid, I should have taken that sign down months ago.
Are you sure you couldn't use an extra set of hands? I'm a really hard worker.
And I just moved here from Riverdale.
- Rough town.
- Yeah, well No one's gonna shop lift from you while I'm on the job.
That's a fact.
I just I need to be around music.
I guess I could use a little youthful idealism around here.
Really? Thank you, so much, sir! People call me Chubby.
Josie McCoy.
Next up is Jorge Lopez.
Let's start with thirty seconds of movement.
Just give us your best Jellicle cat, and then we'll hear your song.
All right.
That's going to be enough.
You can go.
I'm so sorry, did I do something wrong? Yes, actually, you did.
We heard all about your violent outburst during your Mannequin audition.
You threw shade at a Tony Award-winning-director who also happens to be a close friend of mine.
I don't tolerate disrespect and I don't want you in my show.
I'm blacklisted?! Not exactly.
Blowing off a director has consequences.
- Look, I know I - I can't represent you.
I know I messed up and I I know I haven't booked anything.
I'm owning all of that.
But But I need you to give me another chance.
All right.
They're seeing people for the historical rap musical, Jefferson.
On Broadway? That's huge.
I'll submit you, but none of your antics.
And tone it down.
This is a family show.
This is a six carat, flawless emerald-cut diamond.
Very Grace Kelly.
Sorry, I just I can't seem to make up my mind.
Take all the time you need.
You are about to pop a life-changing question.
What if she says no? I-I am so sorry.
I don't know why I just asked you that.
It's quite all right.
I'm hoping the perfect ring will seal the deal.
Besides, who would say no to a prince? Will you try this on for me so I can see how it looks? May I? - Uh - Of course she will.
Katy? Sure.
Ancient Egyptians believed circles were a symbol of eternity and were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was believed there was a vein, Vena Amoris, which ran directly to the heart.
So, do you think that Patricia will like this? It's close, but not quite right.
You do custom rings, don't you? Absolutely.
We have the finest in-house jewelers.
Well, I think Katy knows what Patricia likes.
Don't you? Why don't you design something for us? I would love to.
Oh, Gloria.
If that's okay with you? Why not? I'll talk to our goldsmith right away and make arrangements.
Thanks for meeting me on your break.
Ever since that day at the studio, I've been wanting to explain myself.
There isn't currently a record label at Cabot Entertainment, but there used to be one.
My dad said I could reboot it, get back to our roots, if I found the right artist.
Mm, which clearly isn't me, according to your Cruella DeVil sister Forget about Xandra.
I've been listening to the demo we recorded, and I think I know where we went wrong.
Last I checked, you thought it was perfect.
Then your sister critiques it, and now you're saying it's wrong? What about standing by your work and believing in it? We made something good.
I think I can make it even better.
I booked us some studio time.
What do you say? As much as I'd love to play pop star with you, I've got bills to pay.
And my break's almost over.
I'd love to do something that honors my family, but Patricia's, too.
My grandmother had a ruby.
Katy! Sorry.
It's okay, he's with me.
What are you doing here? I came by to see if you wanted to grab a bite on your break.
Why are you wearing that ring? I was just helping Prince Errol, and he wanted to see what it looked like, so I tried it on and, um Oh, now it seems to be stuck.
Hi, there.
So sorry about that.
My guys can get a bit intense.
Prince Errol, this is KO Kelly, my I'm Katy's boyfriend.
Caught between the rock on my finger and a hard place.
You sure you don't need to get your eyes checked? Just in case you were blinded by that giant rock on your finger.
Please, it was garish and obnoxious, and so not me.
I prefer sweet and understated.
What's wrong? Is everything okay? It's my mom.
She wanted to throw us an engagement dinner tonight and she's not taking no for an answer.
Then we'll go.
Katy, I talked to my mom after she read the article in the paper.
She just assumed that you said yes, and I didn't correct her.
She would have freaked out.
I'm sorry.
I know you're taking time to think No, I get it.
And I still want to go to dinner.
I promise that it won't be awkward.
Your family is my family, right? Okay.
Okay, Mr.
Lopez whenever you're ready.
I fly with the stars in the skies I am no longer trying to survive I believe that life is a prize But to live doesn't mean you're alive T In this very moment I'm king In this very moment I slay Goliath with a sling In this very moment I bring Put it on everything that I will retire with the ring And I will retire with the crown, yes No, I'm not lucky I'm blessed, yes Clap for the heavyweight champ, me But I couldn't do it all alone, we That I could have this moment for life How many square feet did you say? Thirty five hundred.
Looks smaller.
Have people been squatting here? Is that blood? I can assure you, no one's living here, or has been stabbed.
We'd have to do more clean up than I thought, hire security, but I'll take it.
- For eighteen thousand.
- Ms.
Smith, it's a firm 25k a month.
I know my clients, they won't budge.
Hmm, I know your clients, too.
I also happen to know that they're going through a gruesome divorce, with infidelities on both sides.
Now, I'm not sure if you're aware, but I write a gossip column for the Daily Hail.
So, let's try this again, shall we? How's eighteen a month? Okay, um, Aretha Okay, Aretha, Aretha If I were Aretha, pre-Columbia Records, where would I be? I need love, love To ease my mind I need to find, find Someone to call mine But Mama said You can't hurry love No, you just have to wait She said, love don't come easy It's a game of give and take You can't hurry love No, you just have to wait You got to trust, give it time No matter how long it takes But how many heartaches must I stand Until I find a love To let me live again Right now, the only thing That keeps me hanging on When I feel my strength - Yeah, it's almost gone - They're here! I remember Mama said Yay! Whoo! Ah! So, when are we going shopping for wedding dresses? Yeah, soon! Come in! Whoo! Oh, you know, if it were up to me, I would have thrown you two a proper engagement party.
This was exactly how I wanted to celebrate.
Hey, I heard that the Cosgroves, from down the block, are putting their house on the market.
Just something to think about after you're married.
This is an excellent neighborhood to raise kids.
- Katy - Hmm? I've known you a long time, I know when something's wrong.
There's nothing wrong, I'm fine.
I wish your mom was here, too.
She would have loved to see you kids get married.
You know, she thought KO was a prince.
My mom always did have good taste, didn't she? Mm-hmm.
Hey, oh I've got something for you.
Oh! It was my mother's.
I tried offering it to KO, but he wanted to save up, buy his own He's so proud, that kid.
Oh This is stunning! I Oh, Katy, I I know I could never take the place of your mother, but you've always been like a daughter, to me.
I've been hoping that a day would come when I could offer this to you.
June, thank you.
I just I can't accept this.
Well, I'll hold onto it until you're ready.
They say New York is always loud, always bustling, always in motion.
But, once in awhile, the noise tapers off, things slow down a bit, everyone else fades away.
And then, all of a sudden, it's quiet enough to listen to your heart.
That night, waiting for the bus, with KO sleeping next to me, I felt it, the truth of my heart.
I loved this man, but that only made my choice harder.
The three diamond arrangement symbolizes the past, present and future of your partnership.
Now, for the main stone, we have sourced a flawless three carat diamond from Russia, where Patricia's family is from.
And for the two smaller stones, here, I was thinking that we could pull from your family's collection of jewels.
What do you think? I love it.
This is it.
Let's have it made right away.
With this ring, how can she say no? Thank you.
Watching you work with the prince, I must admit you have a way with clients, a certain quality, which can't be taught.
That is why I'd like to welcome you back to my department.
As one of my girls.
Wow, Gloria I'm flattered, but Even though I helped you with Errol, I officially work for Francois now.
I can't leave him high and dry I will have a talk with Francois, myself.
We can work out an arrangement where you can split your time between departments.
That way, you don't have to make a choice.
Not the reaction I was expecting.
Sorry, Gloria, it's not about your offer, it's It's just about KO.
Your hunk from the Hail? What am I doing? You don't want to hear about my problems.
Admittedly, my expertise is fashion, not feelings, but Maybe I can help, Katy.
What's the situation? I I have yet to respond to his proposal.
And, I I've been searching the depths of my soul for my answer and last night I finally found it.
I love KO.
But that makes this so much harder, because I don't want to marry him.
But I also, I don't want to lose him.
Or worst of all, I don't want to hurt him.
So I just, I don't I don't really know what to do.
You have to tell him the truth.
Even if that means losing him.
And hurting him.
Now Clean yourself up before a client sees you.
Hello Hello? Uh, yeah.
This is Jorge.
Mommy! Okay.
I-I-I totally understand.
Thank you, very much, for your call.
Okay, bye.
So I got it.
Yes! Ay, bendito! I knew it! I knew it! Mwah! Yes! Oh, but Mommy, they don't want me for the Broadway show, only for the tour, it's non-equity.
That's okay.
I was on the road with Starlight Express before you were born, for over a year.
It was the best year of my life.
Come on, this is a good thing! It's a good thing! You should be happy! There it is A complete inventory of the store organized by artist and by genre.
Did you know that you have a rare first pressing of Pet Sounds? Great! We'll need it to cover closing costs.
I lost a four year battle with my landlord.
We got two weeks to clear out.
Well, that can't be happening.
I mean This place has so much history! You know what maybe we could get it declared as a city landmark.
Look around, kid.
New York isn't what it used to be.
Every day, another historical landmark disappears.
Kim's Videos, CBGB, The Ziegfeld.
And for what? Another Total Foods? If you have to start looking for another gig I'll understand.
Didi, fantastic news! I just secured the warehouse for The Pepper Plant.
Order us a bottle of champagne up to my room so we can celebrate.
The manager tried to charge the card you have on file, but it was declined again.
I'm cash poor, Di.
I just paid the rent deposit on my space.
Just tell Dmitri I will wire him the money from Hong Kong in a couple days.
He's deactivated your key card.
You're locked out of the room until you pay your bill All sixty thousand dollars of it.
Okay, here's three hundred dollars.
Get my laptop, get my bags.
I will text you an address where to bring them.
And don't worry, Didi, I know it's not your fault.
To Pepper! Champagne! How decadent.
- I really shouldn't have.
- Girl, you deserve it.
You have been on the hunt for a space for over a year.
Well, now can I know what the project is? One day, it will be the spot where artists like you like all of us can come together and make magic.
If I can convince enough stinky rich people to invest.
They will.
I mean, who doesn't want to be a part of what makes New York magic? A lot of people, apparently.
Chubby's Record Shop is closing next week.
That is criminal.
You know what Chubby's Record Shop needs, is someone who can save it.
Like Lin-Manuel saved The Drama Book Shop.
Mm! I do know one rich and famous person.
But that would mean getting entangled with the Cabots.
Ooh, child, entangle me in Alex Cabot any day.
Yeah, well, those siblings are more drama than Cheryl and Jason Blossom, and one of them died.
But Hey, you know, maybe it's worth the risk.
If it all goes to hell, at least I have you guys.
Never leave me.
Ooh, uh, I think that's my cue.
I'm leaving New York.
- What?! - What did I just say? - What? - I booked the role.
Jefferson, the touring company.
And who knows, after a year or two, you know, maybe, if I do a good job, it could lead to a role in the Broadway production.
I can't say no to that.
Right? Even if it means leaving you guys and leaving New York.
I gotta do it.
Jorge I am so happy for you.
But didn't we just talk Katy into staying? I thought New Yorkers never left New York! When When is this happening? Bus leaves tomorrow.
Jorge, as much as I dread seeing you go, may I, please, sublet your room while you're away? I know, I'm sorry A pipe burst in my room at The Palace.
- She's all yours, Loca.
- Thank you! And tonight is Ginger's last performance at Molly's Crisis, if you guys wanna join? - Wouldn't miss it.
- Of course.
Yes, of course.
Yeah? Say it ain't so.
Is this really Ginger's farewell show? Mm-hmm.
I booked a touring gig with Jefferson.
- I leave tomorrow.
- In that case, can I have your Beyoncé "Crazy in Love" wig? Hedda Lettuce, I love you girl, but the wigs are coming with me.
Ginger's gonna be the fiercest tornado the Midwest has ever seen, honey! - Oh, no, she ain't.
- Whatchu mean? This isn't To Wong Foo or Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
Queens like us aren't exactly welcome there.
Well, I hope you've done your spring cleaning, 'cause Ginger's going right back into the closet.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thanks, Alex.
- I'm really glad you came out.
- I'm glad you called.
So, I've been thinking a lot about what you said about your family's roots, and how you love music.
Have you ever been to Chubby's Record Shop in Alphabet City? Well, of course.
It's a classic.
The owner just found out they're tripling his rent, so it's closing.
Another New York original bites the dust.
Unless someone steps in to save it.
Well, let me see what I can do.
All right? You're giving me a million reasons to let you go You're giving me a million reasons to quit the show You're giving me a million reasons Give me a million reasons Giving me a million reasons about a million reasons If I had a highway, I would run for the hills If you could find a dry way, I'd forever be still But you're giving me a million reasons Give me a million reasons Giving me a million reasons about a million reasons I bow down to pray I try to make the worst seem better Lord, show me the way To cut through all this worn out leather I've got a hundred million reasons To walk away But baby, I just need one good one To stay Ginger? What's wrong, what is it? I was doing my thing out there, and I'm looking at you I just came undone.
Is this about the tour? It's just, ever since I was a little kid, I just wanted to be on Broadway, you know.
And then if I'm going to give everything up you guys, my life in New York, Ginger it's got to be for something that's really worthwhile.
You know? Not some bus and truck tour.
I did think it sounded a tad shoddy.
I just feel like I'd be running away.
You know, like I'm taking the easy way out.
That just ain't me.
And it definitely ain't Ginger.
That bitch has gotten me through thick and thin, and I I just can't give up on her now.
I gotta stay.
Thank God! What am I gonna tell my mom? Oh I promised you my room.
Don't give it a second thought, love.
I'll just check into my usual suite at The Waldorf.
Katy! - What is it? - They caught him.
The Alphabet City Bandit.
I'm gonna go to the station and see if they found your ring on the guy.
You wanna come? I can't.
I promised Francois I'd work the overnight shift and help him finish the window.
No problem.
I'll let you know how it goes.
- Okay.
- Fingers crossed? Yeah, fingers crossed.
What are you going to say to your man if he gets that ring back tonight? Gloria's right.
I have to be honest, I have to tell KO that I don't want to marry him.
You don't think you'll ever want to? Yeah, maybe one day, just not right now.
I say, if you're uncertain about something in life, you have to run towards it, not away.
You know? Yes and no aren't the only answers, Katy.
Isn't there a middle ground to explore? And isn't he worth a little risk? Papi, go get a bag, take some toronjas for your bus ride.
Mama, I'm not going.
- What? - I called the producers and I told them I'm not gonna take the job.
Papi, what's keeping you here? Everything.
It's It's my friends, it's my family.
Everything I want to accomplish is here, in New York.
Mommy, you told me always listen to my heart Verdad, mi corazón and not run away when things get hard, well My heart is telling me I have to stay.
Mommy, you have to trust me.
Of course, I trust you.
Josie, Josie, Josie.
From the second you walked in, I knew you were an angel.
Aw, Chubby, no.
I am not the one who saved the store.
Thanks, Alex.
I mean, you really came through.
Hey, it's a privilege to be part of this.
And I promise you both of you that I'll keep the integrity of this place intact.
I don't want this place to change.
And, maybe on your days off you can get back in the studio.
Ooh! Do a little more recording? Maybe, sure, we'll see.
Xandra, what are you doing here? I'm here to survey our latest acquisition.
Now, normally I wouldn't go in for retail, but I'll admit, it's a good block.
'Course, we'll have to sell something with better margins, Don't you dare mess with this place.
Excuse me, but just who do you think you are? Alexandra Cabot.
And as the Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment, I'm the new owner of this establishment.
Hello, this is Pepper Smith calling for Chad Gekko, again.
It's very important that I speak to him.
Chad was arrested for drug possession.
He no longer works here.
Is there someone else at the bank that I might speak to? He promised me an investment.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Didi, thank you! It's been a day.
Yeah, you're telling me.
I barely got this stuff through the service exit without being seen.
Dmitri called the cops.
He says he's faxing your picture to every hotel in town.
I'll pay the bill, I just need a little time.
- So, this is it? - Mm-hmm.
This is what you sacrificed everything for? You'll see Didi.
In a couple of months, this place will be legendary.
And in the meantime, let's christen the place.
Thanks for meeting me here.
I really appreciate all the time and space you've given me to think.
And here's what I've come up with.
KO, I love you.
But we're too young to get married.
And I also feel like we missed a step in our relationship.
A pretty important step that we should take together before we go all in.
So KO Kelly will you move in with me? - Yes.
- Really? Yeah, of course I'll live with you, Katy.
I can't wait to wake up next to you every morning.
In that moment, kissing KO under the George Washington Bridge, I convinced myself that I had made the right decision and it would lead to our own "Happily Ever After".
Spoiler alert life is never that simple.

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