Katy Keene (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

1 My mom was single my whole life, so, every Valentine's Day, I was her date.
We'd make heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting.
It's why I heart hearts And for as long as I've been with KO, we have never spent it apart.
Katy, it's 5:00 AM.
I know.
I'm sorry, KO, but I have to finish this for Ginger's big Valentine's Day show.
I have to go on a run anyway.
I'll be back in a bit.
KO moved in a week after I said no to his proposal, and we're closer than ever literally, we have no space but he's never felt so far away.
Friday is Valentine's Day and I'm determined to make it our best one yet.
Then we'll be just like we used to be perfect.
Good morning, handsome.
Are you aware that you talk to Taylor Swift in your sleep? Oh, she needs my guidance.
How 'bout I make us some breakfast? Jorge, you know what I'm gonna say.
I gotta get home and shower and get to work by eight.
My roommates think you don't exist, you know.
We'll all get breakfast soon.
You, me, the Golden Girls.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Hello? - It's Willcat Builders.
Third floor, come right up.
Pepper Smith.
Your company comes so highly recommended by Zosia Mamet.
What are you looking to do here? Right.
Along this south wall, a stage, but I need it modular so that we can turn it into a runway.
My best friend is a designer.
And the main area will double as a work space and a dance floor.
But first, heat.
Can you install a system as soon as possible? I'm freezing my knickers off.
For twenty grand, we start on Monday.
I'll need cash up front.
That won't be a problem.
KO got to the bathroom before me.
Has anyone seen my Punkin's visor? Umm Oh, here! It's under KO's gym bag.
I am working an evening shift after the record shop.
I'll be home late.
Bye! Bathroom's free.
Promise it was the fastest shower I've ever taken.
And, I love you for it.
So, my fight.
It's hardly the most romantic Valentine's date.
You sure you want to come? KO Kelly, I have never missed one of your matches.
- I am there.
- Good.
'Cause you're my good luck charm.
- Did you get off work? - Not yet, but I promise I will talk to Gloria and Francois today.
I have to open the shop in ten minutes.
And we agreed to meet up this morning to talk business.
I guess we got distracted.
Wanna be a better man When are we gonna record more songs? Play me something new.
I want to hear what New York has inspired in you, then we'll record.
So, Friday, why don't you come over, order pizza no pressure.
But don't be distracting me with these abs.
- You're my sweet inspiration - Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're my As we all know, Friday is Valentine's day.
Outside of Christmas, this is Lacy's most lucrative time of year.
Nobody likes a cheater, but when a man walks in today, sell him gifts for his wife, his mother, his daughter and his mistress.
And don't forget, Lacy's Night of a Hundred Hearts is Friday.
We'll be hosting VIPs for shopping, cocktails and caviar.
Now, go on girls, make me proud.
Um, Gloria? Here we go I was wondering if I could skip the party on Friday night? KO has a big match, and I was hoping that I thought you ended it with the fighting Irish.
Uh, nope.
Still together, just not getting married.
How about I spare you the expense of having to go to the far corners of Queens to watch dumb, stinky brutes pummel each other? You're working the event.
Amanda! I'm off to my breakfast with Fran Lebowitz.
The last time I tried to take the morning off, because I was hungover, she showed up at my apartment on Park Avenue.
If Gloria wants you working, you're working.
Just because she has no one to go home to, it doesn't mean she has to take it out on me.
Katy I'm already home, surrounded by the loves of my life.
Gucci, Chanel, Dior Gloria, I I didn't mean that.
Oh, by all means, if this boxing game is so important, don't bother working the event.
Funny, I would have thought you'd be dying to meet the list of Vanity Flair's designers to watch.
They RSVP'd just this morning.
Now, stop gaping and get to work.
Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses They make every woman feel feminine and sexy.
You are quite the salesgirl.
Almost as good as you are talent manager.
I was just protecting Josie.
I like that.
You were looking out for a friend.
So, what can I help you with, Alexander? I need a gift for someone special.
She works hard, so, something she can relax in.
A robe, maybe.
Yes, we have some beautiful silk robes from Kiki De Montparnasse.
Right this way.
You will never believe who was shopping at Lacy's today.
Alexander Cabot.
He was buying a gift for someone special.
- Ooh! - It was a very sexy robe.
- Ow! - No, no.
He can't be buying a gift for me, we're just keeping it casual.
Well, maybe because Friday's Valentine's Day What?! No, it can't be.
I have a work meeting with Alex that night.
Sounds like a date with someone who wants to get serious with you.
Okay, girls, I'm trying to work with this guy.
And honestly, I can barely keep my hands off him, but now you're telling me that he has feelings.
And I cannot be distracted from why I moved here, which is to write the next great American song.
Hmm, and how many great American songs have you written since you've seen Alex's great American - Shh - Some! I wanna play something fresh for Alex on Friday night.
Well, now I'm basically screwed.
Sounds like in a good way, though.
Pep, whatcha doing Friday? Mm-mmm.
Oh, no, no, I don't do romance.
Well, what do you do? I did sex Saturday.
Speaking of sex, was Buzz Brown here last night, again, and we still haven't hung out with him? Oh, my God, your hot lawyer! Wait, you had some guy sneak in here last night? Most nights for the past year.
What started out as a Grindm hookup has turned into an LTR.
A long term relationship that has never left the bedroom.
- We don't know him.
- I'm sorry, he should be showing you off, not hiding you away.
He's got to go.
Or, you can ask your boyfriend to watch you perform at Molly's Crisis.
Ooh! 'Cause you're gonna look so good! Not my boyfriend, yet.
We can't go out in public until he's out at his job.
- Katy.
- Yeah? Is this yours or Jorge's? It's mine.
Here, let me help you with that.
You don't have to hide in here.
I don't want to get in the way.
We want you in the way.
I do, at least.
What is that? The kitchen is full of smoke.
- The oven's on fire! - I was pre-heating the oven, - I made you guys lasagna - What?! My wigs are in there! No-no-no! Jorge! Don't touch Josie, call 911! Do I have to say goodbye to my career as a hand model? No, you'll just have a sexy scar.
Leave the firefighting to the professionals, next time.
- Okay? - Okay.
Ay, Dios mío! Are you okay? Oh, my God, hijo! Your poor hand! No, Mama, it's okay, it's just a superficial burn.
- How did this happen? - Oh, Pops, it wasn't even a big fire.
Katy's boyfriend moved in, he didn't realize we use the oven for storage Moved in?! How many people live here now, Jorge? That blonde, too? Believe me, I would move in if the rent included those firemen every night.
Just me, or did we sense sparks between Jorge and that tall glass of agua fresca? Please, Pep, he was just doing his job.
Although, my near death experience and maybe hot chemistry with a firemen, made me realize, life is short, right? And I like Buzz.
So, I'm gonna ask him out.
- Of the bedroom.
- Good.
Guys? I just saw that.
What's going on? Uh Katy, you know I love KO, but you didn't exactly ask us if he could live here.
And my parents AKA our landlords - are on my back about it.
- Well, it's not permanent.
I will figure it out.
I promise.
What exactly is he doing in there? He feels terrible.
KO? Why don't you just Just leave that for tomorrow and come join us.
White or rosé? Oh, I'm good.
Got a fight coming up.
So, what are you guys talking about? Hot firemen.
You know, one of the guys told me he tells his daughter he loves her every morning just in case he never sees her again.
Buzz kill.
Should we do apéritifs at my place, tomorrow? You know I need at least two French 75's before dealing with the parents.
About that something came up.
What? Oh, no, I cannot get through the annual Cabot family Valentine's Day dinner - without you.
- I'm sorry, Xandra, I've got a meeting with a business associate.
I saw a record here a month ago, but I couldn't spare the twenty bucks Bob Dylan's Freewheelin'? Oh, yes, I moved that to staff favorites.
I'm staff.
Hi, Staff.
I like your taste.
I'm Jimmy Dodger.
Did you know that Dylan suffered from bouts of depression when he wrote? And he was still so brilliant.
I know.
I'm counting on him to make me feel like a complete impostor.
- Are you a song writer? - I'm a guy clutching to the fantasy of living at the Chelsea Hotel.
Oh! Writing a hit song.
And joining the 27 Club.
Ooh, except not that last part.
Um, you know, that song that I was playing it needs help.
Would you wanna work on it together? I mean, since we're neighbors at the Chelsea Hotel, and all How 'bout this? I help you with your song tomorrow and you help me with my Bob Dylan rip-off? I have plans tomorrow.
- Bummer.
- But Actually they just got cancelled.
I will meet you here at closing.
Yeah? Sounds good.
So, you brought me a fancy child's cookie.
I'm sure, for no reason at all.
I have been doing some thinking, and it turns out I can work the event, after all.
But I've already filled your position, Katy.
- Do you want me to beg? - I prefer a good grovel.
Please, I need to be there.
Meeting those designers, means getting one step closer to my dream That's enough.
I'll allow it.
You couldn't just buy him a pair of gym shorts? Nope, I need this gift to be special.
Almost there! Oh, boy.
Hoo! Okay If you were KO, would this gift make up for me, maybe, missing your fight? I thought you were gonna ask for the night off.
Well, I did, but, this amazing opportunity came up at Lacy's.
The designer, Sumi Amado will be at the event and I'm obsessed with her work.
I mean, I have to meet her, right? Yeah, just tell KO.
He'll understand.
Yeah, it's just, he can't win.
First, I say no to getting married, then the fire, and now I'm going to ditch him on Valentine's Day? I just can't disappoint him, again.
So, this isn't just a present, It's a bandaid to a bigger problem.
No! And plus, you can make something beautiful out of enough bandages, just ask Hervé Léger.
It's just all these concessions.
It's like you're working so hard to make him happy, you're denying yourself what you want.
What do you want? Josie, I appreciate your concern, but you don't know our history.
You're right, I don't know your relationship.
But even I can see that you'd rather give him a giant punching bag, than have a simple, honest conversation.
What a lovely surprise! Ooh, Jackman's are back together.
Jackman found out about Mr.
Jackman's lover, then he found out about hers, so they called it even.
Proper cheat truce.
Look, it's noon.
What do you say we grab a couple sandwiches at Art's, my treat.
I have to take a rain-check, I'm afraid, I have a date with Ms.
It's half-past one, by the way.
Oh, Pepper, darling! Oh, ma petite chien, mwah, mwah! Ms.
Freesia, how are you? Oh! The board wants to ban Peterbald cats, which is a blatant shot at me since my Ivan is the only one in the building.
And, the IRS is taking a look at a little house that I flipped in Yonkers, and don't even ask about my thumb, but by my wits, and all.
But the real question is how's the space coming along? I can't bring any artists in until I've had heat installed and, of course, my primary investor decided that this was the month to pull a Leo and disappear to San Tropez.
So, you're strapped for cash.
I thought you might break out your black book.
I assume it's the same rate as before, five hundred a meal, no funny business.
With the holiday, there must be plenty of men feeling lonely like, say, forty of them? Forty men? Forty men, huh! Let's see no, no, no.
Darling, you know you can always come to me.
But I'm a little disappointed that you haven't been able to move beyond these hand to mouth payouts.
I wanted you to be playing with the big boys by now, not escorting them to lunch.
Almost there - Okay.
- Uh-huh.
- Almost there.
- Okay.
- You ready? - Uh-huh.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Okay, look! Oh! What's this? Happy Valentine's Day to my heavyweight heartbreaker.
I love it! And you but giving me my present a day early is cheating.
KO, I have to tell you something.
So, it turns out, that Lacy's event, some really big designers are gonna be there.
Yeah? And it's classic Gloria She changed her mind and won't give me the night off, after all.
No hard feelings, seriously.
Besides, we got plenty more Valentine's together to get it right.
And that's how you start Valentine's Day on the right foot.
Man, I forgot that was today.
Will you be my Valentine, Lopez? Depends Do you have plans tonight, Brown? A million depositions I could come by later on.
Actually, later on, I'm performing.
Yeah, at this bar, Molly's Crisis.
In drag.
Her name is Ginger Lopez.
- That is awesome! - Yeah? - I love Drag Race.
- So, you'll come tonight? You know my job is crazy, I just can't promise.
Look, Buzz I know what it feels like to be hiding something.
You know, my parents don't know about Ginger.
Molly's Crisis is literally the last place in the city you'd ever run into your lawyer buddies.
No one will see you.
Just be there, okay? Okay.
Oh! So, what do you like to do for fun? I can't hear ya, doll.
Speak up.
What do you do for fun? I go horseback ridin'.
What about you? You look like a girl who knows how to ride.
I've never tried it.
Would you like another scotch? Morty? Morty! Are you okay? I am, now that you're here.
Really? 'Cause you look bored.
If I wanted to be barely tolerated, I'd stay home with my wife.
I apologize, it's just been a long day.
I'm not very good at this.
Don't tell me you've never done this before.
Okay, the truth is, I'm a grad student at Columbia, and it's cliché, but, my parents cut me off.
I've got to graduate, otherwise they'll cancel my VISA and I'll be on the first flight back to Heathrow.
- How much do you need? - Twenty grand to cover my last semester.
I'm just supposed to give you twenty thousand dollars? - I don't want a handout.
- Good.
Because I'm gonna want something in return.
- I'm missing a Manolo! - Girl, have you seen - Ah! - Oh, sorry! What happened in here? KO cleaned the apartment before going to his match.
Katy, he's disturbed a fragile ecosystem.
- I said it was temporary.
- How long is temporary, exactly? Just until we figure out what's next for us.
Whatever that is.
But Chica, this apartment is too small for all of us and your relationship problems.
I will make it up to you, I swear.
Starting with this.
Good luck at your show.
I love you! We're good! Hi, Richard, it's me.
I'm game.
But I won't just meet you at a hotel, I'll text you where to go.
- Hi.
- Katy, it's Pep.
Can you get me into that Lacy's' event? I have an investor I need to entertain.
To the city light Follow my lead and we'll be free I know where to go Look at the stars, it won't be long Know that I know where to go Follow my lead and we'll be free - I know where to go - In city light Traveled on many roads on my own just to see ya In the city lights In the city lights And I feel like touchin' water I feel like workin' harder I feel like Ohh I feel like And Hey.
You said you were working, so I wanted to bring you dinner.
But I didn't make enough for three.
How about we pick this up tomorrow.
- Yeah.
That sounds good.
- Yeah? Okay.
Thank you.
Showing up here, unannounced, with food you cooked and being rude to Jimmy, makes you seem like a jealous boyfriend.
We are supposed to be making a record together, but instead, you're buying expensive silk robes from Lacy's? Oh, don't flatter yourself.
The robe was for my sister.
Well, that's weird.
We always buy each other gifts on Valentine's Day.
I want to focus on my music.
On your music? And you think that guy is the answer to all your prayers? That guy is a good song writer.
But, you know what, don't take my word for it.
It's his demo.
Listen to it.
I'd love your professional opinion.
Hi, Sumi? Here.
My name is Katy Keene, and I just wanted to say that I am obsessed with your collection of power suits.
They reference the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking Tuxedo from the 60s, but with a totally fresh, softer spin.
Thanks, Katy.
Are you a designer? I wanna be.
Yeah, I work here, but I am up all night, sewing my own designs.
So, you are a designer.
Start by saying yes when asked that.
This would be stunning on you.
Plaid? Can I pull this off? The way to pull something off is believing you can pull it off, Rich.
Confidence is everything.
Ooh! What about a new timepiece, hmm? years.
I sketch all day.
I dress myself and my friends, but, I just don't know how to take that next big step.
Honestly, my time at Parsons was invaluable.
I have always dreamed of going to Parsons.
I started to apply a long time ago, but I couldn't afford it.
Your face! Are you okay? You should see the other guy.
I won in three rounds! That's great! But, what are you doing here? It didn't feel right spending Valentine's apart, so I thought I'd surprise you here.
Sorry, Sumi, this is my boyfriend, KO.
I think you're bleeding.
Oh, I'm sorry! - Oh, my God! - Oh.
Oh, for the love of St.
Valentino! - Spit! - What? We need the saliva of the person who's blood it is to pull a stain from silk.
There you go.
Saliva, cold water, hydrogen peroxide talcum powder Now! - Bye.
- Sumi! I'd love to introduce you to a certain high-end client.
Right this way.
I swear, Katy always makes such a scene.
She should have just gone to your fight.
She had to work.
Uhh, no.
Gloria gave her the night off.
I was there.
Ooh, Tatiana, your spring collection gave me chills! Is it salvageable? Mm, jury's still out.
A little steam, a few Hail Mary's, and hopefully it'll be shiny and new again.
What? Stop acting like everything is okay.
Why didn't you tell me you wanted to skip my fight? I didn't want to, I told you, I had to work.
Katy, I don't think you've ever lied to me before.
So, I don't know why you're lying to me now.
Amanda just told me that you got the night off.
Okay, fine.
I wanted to be here.
I wanted to meet those designers.
Why didn't you just say that like you always do.
- I would never force you - I know.
I didn't want to hurt you.
If you didn't want to be with me tonight, you should have just told me.
And if you didn't want to ever marry me, You should have told me.
I didn't realize that moving in with you was just a consolation prize.
It wasn't.
I was trying to make this work.
- I still am.
- It doesn't feel like it.
I gave up moving to Philly for you.
I never asked you to.
No, no, I can't accept these, it wouldn't be right, Richard, they're way too expensive.
You can make it up to me, later.
I booked us the Empire Suite at the Carlyle.
- Oh.
- We can watch the sunrise over Central Park from bed.
What the hell is my wife doing here?! That's Alisha! Wow! She sounded pretty on the phone, but she is downright stunning, Richard! - You called my wife? - At her publishing company.
Yes, so impressive.
We had quite a nice chat.
I told her I was your new second assistant, and that you had epic Valentine's Day plans for her.
- You're out of your mind.
- Just a little bit.
Richard, your wife is fantastic.
She deserves to watch the sunrise over Central Park.
And I deserve to finish my dissertation on seventeenth century Italian decorative arts without selling myself off.
Arrivederci! I never thought that I would find love Okay, tequila shots for the broken hearts club and keep 'em coming, please.
Okay, spill.
What ails you? KO and I got into a huge fight.
He's not answering his phone.
He probably just needs some time to cool off.
At least he showed up for you.
Ooh, ooh, hallelujah It's the real thing Ahh Alex got the robe for Xandra.
- Shut up! - What?! But guys, I I haven't had chemistry with someone like this since Archie Andrews.
And that's saying something.
Well, abs of steel aside, would you rather have a boyfriend or a music career? Because trying to have both with Alex feels messy.
It is messy.
I just have to draw some boundaries.
I'm sure Buzz will be here any minute.
Katy, in my next life, I want your optimism.
That's my cue.
Don't leave me in all this pain Don't leave me out in the rain I'm gonna kill Buzz! - I'll help.
- And I'll bury the body.
In Riverdale.
Where no one will ever find it.
Un-break my heart Say you'll love me again Undo this hurt you caused When you walked out the door And walked out of my life Un-cry these tears I got it! Hey.
I'm sorry I missed the show.
Can I make it up to you? Buzz, we've been doing this for what, a year now? You couldn't even show up to a bar.
- Jorge - No, I I don't know what I imagined was going on between us, but maybe, this ain't it.
Go home, Buzz.
Okay? But I'll take these.
Well, ladies Jorge Lopez is back on the market.
- Oh, darling.
- Oh, Jorge.
Luckily, there are millions of single, "out" gay guys in New York.
Maybe one of them even helped put out a fire in this apartment.
Katy, did you reach KO? No, he's still not picking up.
Tonight's the first time I feel like I might actually lose him.
Well, if you want to keep him, Katy, you gotta do something big.
Make room for each other.
For real.
To quote Juliette Binoche Chocolat.
Oh! Yes.
Thanks for stopping by.
I just want to give you this.
Oh I love it, Alex.
It's just what I need to take the edge off that horrific dinner with the parents.
Are you okay? What, did someone not ask you to be their valentine? Josie met a song writer.
I listened to his stuff, and It's legit good.
Annoyingly good.
And you're jealous? All my life I've been a screw up.
This is my chance to prove myself to Dad with Josie.
But, once again, I'm screwing it up.
Well, you are sleeping with the talent.
It's never a good idea.
Happy V-Day, Sis.
Hello, I need to return all of these.
Oh, actually, I'll keep the watch.
And since Lacy's still offers the convenience of cash returns, I'll take your largest bills, please.
Not happy with your purchases? It's funny.
It seems my tastes have been rather ambivalent, of late.
That makes your total refund, twenty thousand, eight hundred and ninety seven dollars.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a gift to drop off.
Call me next time you see her.
What's all this? This is why I asked you here.
I moved to New York to be a real musician.
But, the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to focus, and for you to compartmentalize.
As much as I'll miss it, I know I don't need to sleep with you as much as I need a manager.
You're right.
I admit my feelings for you are growing.
And I don't think I'll ever not want to kiss you, Josie.
But if a manager's what you need right now, then I'll keep it professional.
I listened to Jimmy Dodger's demo, and I kinda liked it.
All right, I loved it.
You guys are gonna write a hit.
So, um May I? Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where did you stay last night? My old place, with Rodge.
I just needed some space.
So, why are we here? Come on, I'll show you.
So, a Lacy's girl is subletting it, and I talked to Jorge and Josie, and I told them that we're moving out.
You love that apartment.
And your roommates, and this is way downtown KO, if we're gonna go the distance, we have to make a big change.
- I know.
- We just need more space.
So you have room for your gear, and I can sew, and then, we can keep following our separate dreams together.
And I know that everything will be fine, I know that.
Come on, Katy.
Do you really want to do this? KO, I am trying to make this work.
I want this to work, more than anything.
I know, but look at us.
What are we doing here? Seriously, Katy, just talk to me.
I thought if I could just keep us the same as we were, that we'd be okay.
But we're not okay.
Not really.
Yeah, the truth is, we're growing apart.
If you felt that way, why couldn't you tell me? Because if I say it, then it's real and I lose you, and I don't want to lose you.
Hey, hey, I'm still here.
See? Should I be? Yes.
I I don't know.
I'll always love you, Katy Keene.
That will never change.
You will always be my first love, KO Kelly.
And there, in front of an apartment on Essex, that we'd never see, KO and I ended our Valentine's with a kiss, for the very last time.
You don't have to break all the hearts, Katy.
We might be able to re-use them next year.
I'm sorry, Francois.
What happened? It's over.
I've seen KO almost every day since I was sixteen.
And other than my friends, he's the only family that I have I'm just not sure if I'm ready for him to just be gone.
I'm proud of you, Katy.
You tried.
And that's the best thing you could've done.
Full disclosure these are "free-day-olds" from my other job, but the jelly keeps surprisingly well.
- Thanks, Josie.
Uh - Yeah.
But, I actually can't stay.
I came to tell you we can't keep writing music together.
What? Why? What happened? Something incredible! I got offered an exclusive contract to compose music for TV and radio.
- Oh! - Yeah! It's with Cabot Entertainment.
So, the money's really good! Really? Who offered you this contract? Was it Alexander, the guy who came here the other night? No, it was his sister, Alexandra.
Do you know her? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I know her.
Well, if you're anything like me, you're short on Valentines.
What am I supposed to do with this? Well, you wear it! You know, check the time, watch stuff.
Which reminds me, I have a date with a fireman.
Engine one hundred and forty one.
All the way up in Washington Heights.
Ring them bells, boys! We got a five-alarm fire, right here! We got ham, we got turkey, and they're all made with love, baby! Ladies.
Italian deli meats, boys! Who wants some? Here you go.
I've got tuna What's all this? I was on my way to work, and I thought I'd show a little appreciation to New York's bravest.
Thanks for saving apartment 4B.
Any time.
How's your burn doing? Actually, I think you should take a second look at it over drinks, maybe? It's a date.
I'm Bernardo.
Oh! Ginger, at the moment.
Nice to meet you, Jorge, Ginger.
I'll call you? Yeah.
The thing about Valentine's Day, about admitting we believe in love it means we also have to believe in its power to break our heart.
I may have been strong enough to let KO go, but without him, what if I fall completely apart?
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