Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

I'm Bill.
I'm Tom. FC Bayern!
We have a band called Tokio Hotel.
And we are the most famous twins
in the world, you think? No.
-Tom's just like me.
-That's right.
But completely different.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Double the trouble, double the fun.
-Rock, paper, scissors.
-Hi, darling.
-Rock, paper, scissors.
And now on Netflix!
We brought cameras along
for one of our craziest years yet.
-I think.
Bill and Tom Kaulitz!
You'll see everything.
-Hi, darling. Look.
-You'll make me hard, man.
Netflix has that on camera now too.
Much less from me, hopefully.
-The show will be emotional.
Look! Our first girlfriend,
who we both went out with.
I had to keep my sexuality
a secret for many years.
I have seen Bill suffer,
and I just want to see him happy.
We've never argued as much as this year.
How can you be so stupid?
Does fresh air help?
-No, right?
What are we doing here?
-It's dangerous.
-It is not.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Kaulitz and Kaulitz.
Five months.
I think we were touring for five months.
You could tell
that Tom had gotten a bit grumpy.
I want to be alone again.
A bit of me time.
We want Tokio Hotel!
I wasn't in a bad mood.
-You weren't?
-On the tour bus?
Why are you breathing so heavily?
Are you nervous?
I'm not No, I'm fine.
You keep doing
No, I'm annoyed.
-Yeah, but what do you want?
-By everything.
I'm just over it. I'm over it.
I love being on tour.
You're sharing every second
of the day with someone.
Eventually, you're completely drained.
Being in a good mood is hard right now.
I know, I feel the same,
but it's a mindset.
You have to force yourself to be happy.
Have you heard of laughter therapy?
If you fell over on stage,
that would make me laugh.
Why are you wishing me ill again?
There's something wrong with you.
I only wish you the best.
Power Ranger powers activate!
The song is banging, my hair is on fleek,
and people are flipping out.
It's just the greatest feeling
you can have.
I get goose bumps on stage.
When we look at each other,
and I know we're having the same thought
Until someone else with long hair
and a beard comes along,
and then you're history.
Mouse, how's life? Great.
-Great. Well rested.
-I could take on the world.
I've already exercised.
-You look really fresh, if you ask me.
-What does that mean? Good morning.
Well, you look a bit A bit worn out.
-You can tell from there?
-Yes, I could tell, darling.
I'm Bill and Tom's mom.
My name is Charlotte and
I'm a very proud mom.
I love it when our mom is on tour with us
or just comes with us to all our events.
Because we can spend time together
instead of always Facetiming or calling.
We can spend some quality time together.
-Have you had breakfast yet? No?
It's especially nice to get answers
to the really important questions.
We feel like we were switched at birth.
I think the probability is very high,
and I think deep down, Mom knows it.
You gave Tom the bands yesterday.
The little wristbands.
-Yes. "Kaulitz 1" and "Kaulitz 2."
-How long did we have these bands on?
-The first 14 days.
-I thought we had "Bill" and "Tom" bands.
You were born first, so you immediately
got "Kaulitz 1" on your wrist.
-But maybe you got confused
-I never got confused.
Like, thinking, "What's his name?"
You said, "Tom." And she was like,
"Wonderful, Kaulitz 1"?
Why is that so
My gut feeling has always been
that I like the name Bill better.
I think maybe I'm Bill.
The fact is,
what really distinguished you at the time
was that you already had
different facial expressions and gestures.
Once, when I was breastfeeding you
Now we're getting closer to the truth.
I gave one of you double and then thought,
"Why is he still so restless?"
You see?
Maybe you're the firstborn, and I
-You know it.
-That could be. I do look younger.
It's just the beard.
And the Botox.
And the brow lift.
And the lip fillers.
Let's put an end to it.
You're just being impossible.
-But let's admit that it could be true.
-No way.
-No! I won't admit that.
-I won't
-There's a possibility.
-The possibility is there.
I'm Tom.
I'm afraid we'll never know.
You're basically always working,
always thinking about something.
I notice that especially
when we want to talk.
You often don't even reply.
It depends on the situation, but
-This year was especially bad.
When they're on tour, quite honestly,
I often worry that it's all too much.
Do you think
we spend enough time together as brothers?
We're about to turn 34, and
We're not that young anymore.
We don't have that much time left.
-Time's running out.
-Time's running out.
It really is. No, I don't think so either.
Less work, more brother time, I agree.
It'll be Christmas eventually.
That's what I tell myself all year.
"It'll be Christmas eventually,
and then we'll have a few days off."
We've been on the road
for five months. Time to go home.
I have abandoned my house.
I hope it's still standing.
I think for Tom it was high time.
He wanted to go home.
To L.A.
Sleeping in your own bed, spending time
with your family, having your clothes,
and having everything
back the way you're familiar with.
You haven't been at home
within your own four walls.
In your comfort zone.
It's so nice here, isn't it?
It's the most beautiful city in the world.
Whenever I come back, I think, "Yes."
-I wouldn't live anywhere else.
The privacy L.A. offers
is a big reason I love the city so much.
You can just retreat.
You feel free
because you are just a face in the crowd.
I'm still texting my backpacker,
by the way.
-I feel like we're flirting.
I like to flirt,
but there's nothing serious.
I flirt here and there.
There's a little flirting in Berlin,
but here, not really.
I need to flirt more here.
-He often takes selfies.
A guy who takes a selfie shirtless
and throws in a peace sign? Nope.
-Look, I don't think it's that
-With a duck face too.
What's the date today? The 25th?
And the venue still isn't booked
for our birthday.
-That's your problem.
All our guests are asking
what we're doing,
and we're starting from zero.
Shit, the party is in three days.
We started planning a bit late this year.
-Yes, me.
Hi, once more so I understand.
Why is this other house not an option,
the mirrored one?
Apparently, they couldn't hold it
any longer. That one is 100% out.
I feel sick.
We could have known this a week ago.
Is there any point in contacting them now
Could we pay double
and kick out whoever is in there now?
-I mean, yes But it's mean.
Did you look at the other house I sent?
It's like an exorcist's house.
That could also be fun.
An exorcism? Wow.
-We'll cast the devil out of Bill.
-Okay, but we wanted to see aliens.
I know. You can do both.
Yeah, cast out the devil and see aliens.
An exorcism?
-It's your job. Surprise me.
You can plan the birthday.
I'm already doing everything else.
That's quintessential Kaulitz.
That's where Bill comes in. It's his area.
Quelle surprise.
As if he's ever planned anything.
As far as I'm concerned,
we could just have a barbecue. Oh well.
People sometimes ask,
"What's the nicest thing you've bought?"
I always say, "My house."
It makes me happy every morning,
every night when I go to bed,
every time I come home.
Oh, it's so nice here,
I'd forgotten how lovely it is.
I love coming home.
I like having everything in its place.
Every little thing has its own place
where it lives and stays.
But also, when I haven't been there
in months,
I think it smells different,
it doesn't smell like me at all.
It smells so deserted. And I feel like
animals probably ran all over it.
It's like the house has no soul.
No one's laughed in here for a long time,
and there's no life in it anymore.
You have to breathe
a bit of life back into it.
The hurricane wasn't as bad as they said.
-Well, you can kind of see it.
-Oh, yeah?
The twin palms are standing.
If they'd fallen, it would've been a sign.
I was worried the rain had come in,
but it doesn't look like it.
I thought my roof might fly off.
Why is it so hot?
-Is my air conditioning not working?
-You probably didn't have it on, did you?
I think my maid just left everything.
I'm sure it's all gone bad.
There are even eggs in here. Ew.
-You have eggs in there from April?
-You're joking.
Ew, and some cheese sauce too.
-Maybe she went shopping?
No, she didn't go shopping,
but she did buy fresh flowers.
When I come back to L.A.,
it feels like home at this point.
For me, it's coming home,
spending time with my family,
seeing my wife, seeing the kids,
and hopefully taking
a few days to catch my breath.
If someone had told me,
"In two years' time
you'll be a family man,
grilling every Sunday and occasionally
going to parents' evening at school,"
I probably would have said, "No way."
"Kaulitz & Kaulitz," take one.
Hello, I'm Heidi Kaulitz,
and I'm Tom Kaulitz's wife.
-I might have a barbecue.
-Let me know. When?
-On the weekend.
I'll put it this way, Tom leads a typical
middle-class life, just a bit bigger.
Bill and Heidi are also really close.
It wouldn't work any other way.
Heidi was the first to understand
right from the beginning
what kind of relationship Tom and I have
and that she was marrying a twin.
Okay, I won't stay long.
It was nice.
Bill lives just a stone's throw away.
We're practically on Mulholland.
-We lived together for 27 years.
-Together, yeah.
Even though you're only
about 15 minutes away,
I sometimes miss living with you.
-You do?
I was really surprised
when my husband told me
that he'd never lived alone before.
I think that was a huge change
for both of them.
Everything happened all at once.
What are we going to see
in our reality show?
-Well, I'll throw the door wide open.
-From you, everything.
-From me, everything.
The first question Bill and I had
when we were thinking about it,
"Let's just take cameras with us
and show Kaulitz Hills"
"Really, everywhere?
In the bedroom and everything?"
Bill was like, "Definitely,
I'd like for people to see my house."
I immediately went,
"No, I don't want filming at my house."
Then we sorted it out.
I said, "Okay, we'll film at your house."
Will people see you ugly sleeping?
-I don't ugly sleep.
-You're an ugly sleeper.
-Yes. So am I.
We're identical twins.
You sleep just as ugly.
-Not quite as ugly as you
-I disagree.
I close my mouth. You don't.
-That's That's true.
It's quiet, and there's no one around.
I do enjoy living alone.
Funnily enough,
I was just telling my mom this.
Because she asked me on the phone,
"Have you met anyone?"
I was like, "Nope." She was like, "Aww."
She looked so sad, and I said,
"But, Mom, I like being alone."
It's not like I wake up in the morning
and my goal in life is to find a partner.
I'm on Raya,
but I've never met anyone on it.
I no longer look like that.
But who cares?
That comes up at some point.
There are no more skips.
Don't you ever feel lonely?
Actually, I never really feel lonely, no.
When I do feel lonely,
I immediately take on five more projects.
Or I message my ex.
Instagram is my main flirting platform.
I've met two or three
really sweet guys there.
Like 500 or so an hour, I'd say.
I haven't even looked
at the last 24 hours, so
He always has a lot of personal drama
with some guy he's texting or something.
I think he hides messages in his posts.
He'll take a photo of himself at the gym.
In the morning sometimes
a duck face in bed,
and I think, "Yeah,
you've just woken up like that, sure."
Sometimes people send me
nice photos on Instagram.
I'll reply to that too.
Bill's ideal man is anyone imperfect.
Mean, a bit uncultured, and with a look
that you'd describe as imperfect.
My greatest relationships in life
have always been with heterosexual men,
which is why I'm still single.
I got an early birthday present
from my wife.
Two little German Shorthaired
Pointer puppies came down the stairs.
-It's working really well.
-Really well.
Let me show you how well
he can walk already. Come here, come!
I was like, "Oh, wow."
"What, why? What are they doing here?"
And I'm like
Heidi is like that.
It's so like her to get him two dogs.
I thought I'd surprise
my husband with a dog,
or maybe two, for his birthday.
Because if I asked him,
he'd probably say no. So I won't ask.
Yes, and of course Tom has to do the work.
Jäger is already quite good on the leash.
Come, Jäger, come! Jäger!
-I stepped on shit!
-Ew! Oh no!
-Wait, no, I haven't.
No. But it felt like I did.
Uschi. Jäger. Sit.
Uschi, sit.
They're still so small,
and you're starting from scratch.
Bowls and treats and leashes.
And then you have to buy it all again
in a few months or even weeks.
They're growing now as we speak.
When you have two little puppies,
they poop all over your house.
You enter the closet and there's another
pile of shit in there. And you're like
I'm Lina,
Bill and Tom's personal assistant.
I'll write to you.
8:15, 9:15, 10:15, 11:15
Being our personal assistant
is a huge challenge.
-Can you manage the InStyle release?
-Does it have to be today?
We have busy schedules,
we always have to check,
when it is time for the band,
when are our personal appointments,
when is Tom on vacation?
I think if there was a definition
or a handbook for the job,
it would be about 20 pages long
because it's a really broad range.
-She sounds nice.
-Yes, I agree.
Hey, you know what I was thinking?
I know a really good-looking bartender.
The birthday party was really,
really last minute.
That was one of the biggest challenges
I had with the boys.
-He hired them.
-He can also hire new people.
Throw the question out like that.
And then we can say
Some people have a huge social life,
enjoy being out with friends, and have
integrated this into their daily life.
That's not really the case for me.
Of course, I have a family life.
Some say, "Tom doesn't make
much time for his friends."
But, proportionally in my life,
I make a lot of time for my friends.
I don't know
how long I've known Devon. Ages.
Devon helped us with everything back then,
when Bill and I had completely turned
our lives upside down
and wanted to reorganize everything.
We basically wanted a fresh start.
Devon was with us every day.
There wasn't really any other friend
who was closer to me than him.
We started doing business together,
making songs, music together,
and just sharing our whole lives.
Over the years in L.A., he just became
an incredibly important friend.
-To Tom.
-To Tom.
To Tom.
Rattlesnake and rabbit sausage. Ugh.
Sara loves intensely.
She laughs intensely.
Sara does everything to the fullest.
I think that's what I love about her.
I'm sure I would have found something,
but there's nothing better
than a new look for a new year of life.
"Okay, but if you love everything,
we'll have to buy the whole store."
I would say I'm not the best
with investments and money.
Once a week, our business manager sends me
a financial overview of everything.
I can see all the credit cards,
all the spending.
Tom looks at it very carefully.
Then he gives me a side-eye and says,
"What were you doing at Saint Laurent?"
When I say, "I just went shopping,"
he says, "Again?"
"Mouse, do we have to spend"
I won't say a number now, "but
so much money on clothes? It's crazy."
Our great-grandfather once told Tom,
"Boy, you keep an eye on the money."
"Bill is like his mother."
"They can't do it. You have to do it.
Keep track of the money."
I found two perfect suits.
One was a silver pantsuit,
which was perfect for my alien party.
It was like it had been made for me.
Then I saw this suit on a mannequin.
When the seller has to take it off
the mannequin, you know it's a one-off.
It's a special piece.
I had to have it.
That's why I have a secret credit card
Tom doesn't know about.
-Bill has a secret credit card?
-I got it recently.
That's interesting. It explains a lot.
He always says, "Tom, my clothes
make us a lot of money too."
"When I wear something cool,
it pays off in our careers."
Partly yes, partly no.
The price?
How many digits is that?
One, two Do you say five-digit?
No, it's a five-digit number.
One, two, three, four, five.
"I'm super romantic, and I'm going to find
the partner of my dreams
and get married early."
It never worked out.
It's as if we've put these thoughts
out into the universe,
and I've somehow visualized
a life for Tom, and he for me.
Now I'm the one who's unattached
and who does what he wants,
and everybody else
is in a happy relationship.
Cheers, love.
Why don't we give each other presents?
It's like moving something
from your left pocket to your right.
We could make something.
-I hated when people said that.
-Me too.
I always thought,
"Come on, forget crafts."
The big day is finally here.
Tom, I'll say it before you.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Mice.
Much joy, good health.
Here's to a good year.
Happy birthday.
Happy dirthbay.
I knew you'd say that.
Happy birthday, darling!
Hello, Mom. Thank you!
Did you congratulate me first or Tom?
I congratulated you first.
Right, that's correct.
After all,
you're my absolute favorite son.
Favorite son, right.
She'll tell Tom the same thing.
When you're the favorite son,
you just know.
You don't need to hear it. You know.
The firstborn always has a special bond.
-You can't take that away.
I think I'm her favorite son.
We have a closer relationship.
He's just saying that.
I go along with the joke.
I had an idea for their birthday.
I'm giving them both cards
that say, "To my favorite son."
We got it, the Invisible House
in Joshua Tree.
That's where we'll have our party.
It's in the desert.
There's nothing around it.
You can't really see it
because it's completely mirrored.
It looks a bit alien.
It looks like a UFO, actually.
We didn't have to kick anyone out.
The Invisible House
was supposed to be rented out,
but the landlords actually called us back.
To be honest, I think they realized
it was pretty good publicity for them
to have the boys
celebrate their birthday there.
At the beginning I was like,
"Well, I guess we'll manage it somehow."
You go, "Sure!"
And I think to myself, "God help me."
I had a really great party planner
at my side who was very efficient.
I drove with my wife.
I bought her a car for her birthday.
It was an important birthday, her 50th.
I gave her a car,
same as the first car she had
when she came to America.
I don't think Heidi
has ever driven the car, no.
Heidi has
I haven't even driven it at all.
No, I mainly drive the car.
It's nice, I can sit next to him.
Can you see it?
The boys expect
for things to run smoothly.
That they get there,
and everything is organized,
all the guests are there,
everyone is happy,
and above all,
everyone has a drink, and fast.
It doesn't matter if the party is no good,
the location is.
The outfit and the location
account for half. My outfit was fantastic.
-Did you still want espresso martinis?
-Always. Why not?
Birthdays are really important to me.
If you don't celebrate well,
it's a bit of a sign
that things aren't going to be good.
So, you have to get dressed up
and celebrate properly.
That morning
I was asking my wife what to wear.
I borrowed a pair
of silver pants from her.
They were my wife's pants.
It's not quite as important to me
as it is to Bill. He does more prep.
It's like '70s, disco, I'd say.
I think I look a bit more like an alien.
It should look a bit freaky, a bit silly.
I also look freaky.
If you're not a twin,
especially not an identical twin,
then you can't really understand
how connected we are
and how similar we are in many ways.
We are connected on a level
that no friend could replace.
Yeah, they won't go out.
-They won't go out.
-But the 34 is out.
-Did you make a wish?
-Not just for me, of course.
I only wished for others
and diamonds for me.
At 34, you're officially an old bastard.
-Tom, come here!
-We're not at a wedding.
Yes, but you You should also
You should do some cutting too.
You can do it.
-You do it.
-Fair division of labor.
-You're doing it.
-You too. I cut it too big.
No, you do it. Please.
I love getting older.
If someone said,
"Press this button to be 16 again,"
I wouldn't do it under any circumstance.
God, my twenties were bad enough.
I don't need that again.
I know Devon never gives serious gifts.
I knew he wanted to prank me somehow,
that was clear.
I thought
there'd be something alive in there.
It was a robot.
A sex robot.
-A waffle iron! Yum.
-A heart-shaped one.
Oh, I love it.
This year I had a special idea,
and I thought
I'd give Tom a little something.
At 34, I don't have to skydive.
It's just insanely dangerous.
As if you'd do it alone.
You're about to snap it off.
It's getting worse and worse.
-We're nearly out of gas.
-What is that?
Shitty camper van.
Shit, Tom! That wasn't the plan.
Bill and I don't spend as much
quality time together as we used to.
After a year like this, you realize
it becomes more and more valuable,
and there's less and less time.
It was a nice thought.
Sara was selling it so dramatically,
the whole thing.
I'm like, "What sort of gift is this?"
I thought,
"What's going to happen?" No idea.
"Come with me now, I will guide you
through the darkness with this light."
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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