Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

-Kaulitz & Kaulitz What, take two?
Kaulitz & Kaulitz, take two.
Well, Bill certainly thinks
he looks much younger.
I am getting younger.
Time runs backwards for me.
People often say my brother
looks ten years older. At least.
You think about the past more,
and I think about the future too much.
-That's true.
-You know?
Let's remember that.
I expect Sara's gift to be something
she's given some thought to.
But then she said it's alive,
it's breathing, she'd brought it with her
I was confused for a moment,
thinking what it could be.
There was this woman with a ball,
and it was like a movie.
Like a little film set.
Bill is more superstitious than me,
as he's a bit more spiritual.
He believes in his own spiritual abilities
and also in supernatural things.
I've always thought
you want what you don't have.
Bill has been a loner for so long.
If I had to imagine a person for Bill now,
I wouldn't know what to picture.
I know I have a problem
with liking asshole guys.
But of course
there's something about asshole guys.
They have a certain pull.
It's a strange quirk.
If you treat Bill badly,
there's a good chance he'll like you.
She was very special.
She just sensed energies, like that.
And then she pulled them towards her.
That's a very different type of guy
than the asshole type I usually go for.
So I thought, okay, wow.
I need to open up a bit more
to other guys, another type of man
who might not even be on my radar yet.
What do we ask that pertains to us both?
Something about the two of us, of course.
We've always done everything together,
right? Professionally
Will that continue?
We've never argued
as much as we have this year.
There have been some really,
let's say, heavy exchanges
where Tom said,
"I don't feel like it anymore."
He's toyed with the idea
of leaving Tokio Hotel
and stopping completely.
He gets overwhelmed.
I think the fortune teller meant you
when she said to deal with the past.
Specifically you.
She saw everything's fine with me.
I think you're right.
I often just feel
so different from everyone else.
I always think
nobody really understands me.
I always felt like I may have fallen
out of a UFO as a baby.
Have you eaten anything today?
Nope. Actually yes, a boiled egg.
-One boiled egg?
-On the go.
-What, like an Easter egg?
Yeah. Well, not when it's turned blue,
but just before.
I was surprised that Tom
had also prepared a present.
Oh, a waffle iron!
-A heart-shaped waffle iron.
I thought the waffle iron
was very thoughtful.
He'd really thought about it.
Look, "waffle recipe"
brings up heart waffles immediately.
Yes, delicious. I have powdered sugar.
-What you don't have is vanilla sugar.
-I have vanilla sugar, I think.
-Really? Vanilla sugar makes it awesome.
-Vanilla sugar! From Germany.
-Super. Perfect.
-It looks pretty old.
-It has some worms.
It's a year out of date.
-Is it all expired?
-It's all expired.
What's that?
I think we have
a bit of childhood trauma there.
We're always afraid
that things have gone off.
-The whipping cream is from '21.
-It's from '21.
Yes, my mom used to scrape the mold
off the toast and say it was okay to eat.
She'll say she never did that.
Sometimes they exaggerate a bit.
Is it good or has that expired too?
Where does it say? How much?
125 grams.
445 grams.
445 grams is all of it.
How much is one stick then?
This is already too much work.
It says right here, 113 grams.
We need 125. So a little more.
I don't have baking powder.
Did we check if I have baking powder?
-Baking powder? Is this?
-Dude, that's flour.
-Are flour and baking powder different?
-Jesus, Tom!
-If I don't have baking powder
-What is it? What's it in English?
I don't know. "Baking powder," of course.
I bet I don't have that.
-I thought I saw it here.
-How can you be so stupid?
I read it all out.
I got it.
Thank God.
Wait, let me check if it's expired.
-March '23?
-January '22.
-Oh, then March.
Better six months out of date. Right.
"Mix the butter
with the sugar and vanilla sugar."
"Gradually stir in the eggs."
-"Flour, baking powder, salt"
-Not so fast.
One at a time.
I'll put this whole piece in first.
Should we chop it smaller?
Yes, it'll be easier
But, Mouse, the batter It's not right.
I think it's the butter.
Is the butter too lumpy? Could be.
It's fine.
No, you can't eat it like that.
It's Call Mom for a
Mom can't Can she make waffles?
I don't think she ever made us waffles.
-But she'll pretend she can. Call her.
-Hi, Mommy.
How was your party?
Actually, we were calling
about something else.
Your favorite son is also here.
We just wanted
-We just wanted to call because we
-are trying to make waffles.
We're trying to make waffles.
You never made us waffles, did you?
-No, I didn't.
No, wait, I did. There are those mixes
that are ready-made
Nice ready-made waffles.
There are these bottles
with the ingredients inside.
I don't know where you buy them,
but I remember it all being in the bottle.
You pour it out,
but the bottle is your mixer later.
They were tasty. I remember them.
Another childhood memory.
But not the one I was looking for.
Good. And when can I expect another call?
Today or tomorrow?
We'll send you a photo of the waffles.
Great, I look forward to it.
Yes, Mom wasn't much help
with the waffles.
But that's what I expected.
No, too
-Bill, this doesn't look right.
-It's not enough. Keep pouring.
Yes, even more. Keep going.
I think it should be thicker.
Not enough flour, maybe?
It looks good though.
-You reckon?
-Yeah, it looks great.
It smells really good too.
-It does.
-It smells great.
-You see, I knew it.
-Get some plates.
You have to have faith.
-Nope, that's not good.
-Too much butter. Take it out.
-It's not too much.
Yes, look, it's coated.
It was definitely Tom who ruined it.
He must have read the wrong instructions,
so I put it in wrong.
Bon appétit.
I have a feeling we're going to be sick.
You looked so skeptical!
You're eating your waffle
with so much skepticism.
-It doesn't taste that great, does it?
-Yeah, something tastes weird.
-Something tastes weird.
What could that be?
Something's weird.
Maybe it's the vanilla sugar.
It's our weird childhood coming through.
My childhood ended very early, at 15,
and then all I really did was work.
Tom and I kind of had to be role models.
My childhood was shaped
by running away, and being afraid,
and being different.
We were very young and successful.
Our career was overwhelming.
We were overwhelmed by the public.
I still feel a bit insecure,
because it's such a big award.
When I look at the others,
I think we're just the
the fresh, young guys from Magdeburg.
So, it's kind of It's definitely strange.
Our lives back then were guarded,
withdrawn, consumed by fear
We want Tokio Hotel!
and cut off from the outside world.
I think we realized for the first time
last year, when we produced the album,
what it means and how much
of a normal life we still have.
None at all.
Let me put it this way.
In Germany, for a long time,
Tokio Hotel was simply too polarizing.
No, I'm so nervous.
Shortly before we moved to America,
things were really bad.
Our home was broken into.
We were at the age where we felt
we had to build a life for ourselves.
We were no longer children.
We wanted some kind of private life.
I think L.A.
and the move to America saved us.
Were there things that left scars
and hurt me? Definitely, 100%.
Do you think you still have demons
from the past that you need to deal with?
-That you have to let go?
Oh, I don't know, Tom. No?
Do I keep going straight?
Or where do I go?
Keep on straight ahead.
Step on the gas, you can still make it.
The fortune-teller said
we should deal with our past.
We thought of our storage unit,
so we're going to tidy that up a bit.
Open it. I'm scared.
Why is it so dirty in here?
Why did we bring so much stuff with us?
It would've been better
to have left everything behind.
We should've just gotten on the plane
and said, "Okay, cut. Let's start over."
-These are your bracelets.
-What bracelets?
-And jewelry. Look.
-This is jewelry? Yes.
You see, I still have Wow.
All the old Chrome Hearts.
Remember this one? Where did I wear it?
I'm scared that if I put it on,
it won't come off.
-Remember where I wore this?
-How am I supposed to?
I wore it to the MTV Awards.
Even more jewelry, look.
Okay, we'll have to take our time
looking through this.
What was that?
I think we have mice.
-Stop, Tom. Really? No.
-I think so, yeah.
Stop it. Did you see one? Stop it!
You didn't see a mouse. Really?
-I did. I think they ate their way in.
-I'm done. No way.
I'm too I get all
Stop it! You saw one?
For me, mice and rats are
I'd rather see a crocodile.
I'd say the first plan is
to get a big dumpster.
Then we make a What's it called?
-A buy-and-sell container.
-A Yes, but
-A buy-and-sell container.
-No, a trash container and
-A buy-and-sell
-What do you call a big car?
-A van.
-A van.
I have a lot at home as well,
but I have to say
that my wife is also a hoarder.
The second garage,
our entire basement, our attic,
they're all full of Heidi's things.
She can't throw anything out.
Yes, it's expensive knick-knacks too.
It's not just random junk.
But I do love a bit of junk.
There's a bit of everything.
I'd have found something to keep.
There's no more space.
I'd rather buy a bigger house
than throw something away, yeah.
Tom and I totally forgot how much shit
we actually had. We thought, "Hey, easy."
"We'll clean it out a little,
collect a few things, tidy it up a bit"
There was so much garbage
that we decided we needed a huge dumpster
and had to clean it out for real.
Filthy in there.
Filthy, but we still have lots
of cool things. More than I expected.
Most of the time we look forward
to our appointments,
but of course
some things are less pleasant.
Today we're seeing the dermatologist.
I hope he doesn't find anything this time.
Every dermatologist who sees us
always says, "Oh God,
you really need regular checkups."
"Your skin is prone to skin cancer."
"You really need to come in
every six months for a checkup."
I always get a bit nervous. I hate this.
I'm always nervous too
and hope that they don't find anything.
If they do find something,
I get a second opinion.
I'm really scared here
because, well, after last time
Last year, I was diagnosed
with a precancerous condition
on my back that was very dangerous
and had to be removed ASAP.
You come in your sweats.
I come as if I'm about to be admitted.
As if they'll say,
"Go to the hospital right now."
It gives me the shivers.
I'm always afraid at the doctor's.
I wonder what they might find.
Hopefully nothing has to be cut out again.
I was really shaken up by it last time.
I was thinking about Bill,
hoping they didn't find anything.
He wouldn't be able to take that again
emotionally after the last time.
When the doctor checked me,
I was just thinking, "Please,
don't let there be anything."
If he looks a bit longer and stops
and, like, hesitates a bit,
it's never a good sign.
I was hoping he'd move on.
I was very happy when he said,
"Okay, it looks great."
Yes, the doctor found a spot on my scalp.
But I had the feeling
that he just wanted to do something.
I don't think he wanted us
to come in and just say,
"Let's have a quick look.
Everything's fine."
He thought very highly
of his practice and himself.
A bit like if Bill and I
had all our awards lined up on the wall.
He's the best doctor for skin
and for scars.
He is an absolutely exceptional doctor,
I would say.
Wow, and I look 25.
If you're gonna deal with the past,
do it properly and then organize your life
and get back on track.
So you need to finally get
your American driver's license.
You've only got a German one.
It's been years.
How long do I have?
I have to download something first.
I feel sick.
It's just like being back in school.
Can you do it online three times in a day?
Well, several times, yes.
I feel like my hand's shaking.
I'm so nervous all of a sudden.
I hate this stuff.
It's crazy that you can do it
online at all. We could totally cheat.
-Exactly, how do they check that?
-Just read the questions aloud.
I'm scared they'll somehow know.
What happens then?
You're not lying.
You can just say you're a bad reader.
Listen, I actually have to read
the questions aloud very slowly anyway.
Otherwise, I don't understand them at all.
My brain is like a sieve.
It's an online test with the camera on.
Of course you can cheat.
Don't look at me 100 times.
I'm not here, man.
I'm going to give it a go.
Understood. Maybe.
Great, I already got one wrong.
Then I got really nervous
because I thought, "Oh God."
I hadn't prepared either
because I hate studying.
It's the worst,
especially if I'm not interested.
I would say.
Ah, shit!
To be fair,
I only told him the day before.
He was a bit pissed off and was like,
"You gave me one day's notice
to sit the test?"
"That's a bit mean."
So I actually take some of the blame
for the fact that he had
very little time to prepare.
I think I failed!
I could've googled the fog question.
You could've said.
But you didn't move.
I was waiting for you to signal me.
You read it so quietly
I didn't understand anything.
I got about five questions wrong.
-You can get six wrong.
-Oh God, it was close.
Maybe it's exactly six.
-According to the Internet
-Did I fail?
-How many wrong? Does it say?
So, that's it. Of course he failed.
I failed very marginally
in the first round.
You're allowed to make six mistakes,
and I made seven.
So, it was really Basically, I passed.
I'll do it again now.
The second time, I positioned myself,
we marked it up on the floor,
so I could still stand right in his
peripheral vision without him turning.
-I can stand here.
-I'll put my arm here.
-That's good.
-That would be good, right?
-Then you have more space.
-Even more wiggle room.
Whenever we were in class together,
Bill and I always sat together
and copied from each other.
So, we always had the same mistakes.
-If you don't know, say, "Hmm."
-I do that a lot, "Hmm."
I say "hmm" all the time.
For every question.
Because you're overwhelmed
by every question.
-In life. Generally.
Okay, let's go.
We may have done
a bit of recon here and there. Cheatcon.
Oh, "cheating." What does that even mean?
I think it was simply reassurance,
let's call it that.
We reassured ourselves
that what we'd assumed was correct.
Piece of cake.
You've always found a way
to wriggle through life somehow.
Making a lot out of a little.
Only twice, that was easy.
To be fair, we only googled to be sure
when we would have gotten it anyway.
-Yes, of course.
In America, everything's
a bit different from Europe.
First, you take your theory test.
If you pass it,
you get a temporary driver's license,
which you then use
to book your practical test.
I thought I might show Tom a bit more
of my driving skills on the way there.
-This parking space is so big.
-Why don't you shut up? That's great.
-This is completely wrong.
-Tom. First, I pull up next to this car.
Yes, but you're too far from it.
You don't do it like that.
It's such an unnecessary masculine thing
that he still clings to,
that he always thinks
he has to be the best at driving and cars.
I'm a more feminine guy,
so I must be worse at it. It's ridiculous.
Jet ski, go-kart,
truck, crane, whatever it is.
Anything that moves,
that's powered by an engine
Bill, not so much.
It's massive, Mouse.
You're way too far out. Look at it.
He doesn't like it
when I say he's a bad driver.
He thinks it's a cliché
since everyone would expect him to be.
Those are things
I can really annoy him with.
-It's too close.
-Is this not an absolute dream?
Mouse, there are five meters of space
in the front, five in the back.
-I'm saying the space is huge.
-Tom, don't make excuses.
-No, it's good, it's okay.
-It is! Admit it, give me a grade. A+.
Because you used the entire gap to do it.
That's correct.
Another car wouldn't fit anyway.
I'm saying this to show
you could get into a smaller one.
-You can just admit that I'm an awesome
-You know your
That didn't happen just now.
Someone else did it.
-It wasn't me.
-Who, then?
I don't know. Lots of people drive my car.
Can I tell you something?
I was driving home with Tom one day,
and he swiped the curb so hard
that the tire blew out.
I wish you had seen it.
That sort of thing doesn't happen to me.
Don't turn too early,
or you'll scrape the front rim.
-It was incredible.
-It was okay.
A "B" is also okay.
Stay calm, the cops are behind us.
They are not. Stop it.
Lina says we're meeting someone
named Aaron.
Lina says Aaron will help us.
I have no idea what this involves.
-Will they ask questions?
-Usually, it takes all day.
It's good that Lina got an appointment.
He's the DMV guru.
That's how he was introduced to me.
And he's one
of my very important contacts.
He looked after the boys.
Made sure they didn't have to get in line.
-Don't touch your face afterwards.
I keep seeing people touch their mouths
and then this thing. Like that guy.
-They could use our double kidney
-We have four kidneys.
-Four kidneys. Yeah.
-Eyes. Everything, right?
Someone you love dies, and then
their eyes have to be removed?
I guess you're not alive to see it.
I don't know.
If you were to die now,
I wouldn't want them to take you apart.
-You agreed to that?
-Yeah. Not completely apart.
It's a pretty big decision.
I think it's a great thing,
but it's not something you can just decide
at a window one afternoon in Santa Monica.
I kind of want to think about it.
Lina, we need to go online.
I don't want to donate all my organs.
We have to choose which organs.
I've been driving super illegally
since my car isn't registered at all.
My insurance card has also expired.
That means if I'd had an accident
with my German license
in my unregistered car
with no insurance
I could have gone to prison even.
I can't actually drive off now.
Am I not insured? Yes, I am.
You're uninsured,
and you can only drive with me.
But I am insured. That can't be right.
I already passed my theory test.
I was actually more worried about that.
It's time for the driving test,
I have to make an appointment.
We're meeting Shiro and Shay for dinner.
We haven't seen them in ages,
and I always enjoy it.
They're like family.
Shiro and Shay
were our very first friends in America.
They took us under their wing
and showed us the city.
They showed us everything here in L.A.
Bill needs a lot of time
in front of the mirror for these evenings.
I thought for a moment
I'd found a new outfit. Fuck.
Okay, maybe
I'm a bit overdressed now, but who cares?
-Yo, I'm on my way. Be there soon.
-I'm ready.
-Okay, see you soon.
-See you.
I'm not vain at all.
I hardly ever look in the mirror.
You can tell.
I'm actually not that vain, I don't think.
Wait, I have to say that
without "actually."
You always say "actually"
when you're lying.
I'm not as vain as people think
to be honest.
I'm always the fastest.
Tom is very vain.
With everything.
He's like, "Is the light here good?"
-And now for the next powder.
"I'll sit here,
so the light hits from the front."
I'd say they're both equally vain.
Tom also spends a lot of time on his hair.
But if you invest a bit more time
in getting ready,
you can sit wherever you want.
-I called half an hour ago.
-Yeah, and I'm ready now.
I can see how ready you are.
Still in the bathroom.
I'm not hungry at all.
Do you think they'll cook? No.
I feel like I haven't seen Shay in months.
You're a bit anti-social, you never come.
-We still have 40 minutes.
-Yes, we can drive slowly.
Tom, really, it's seven minutes from here.
Even if you drive slowly.
-Don't you use your rear camera at all?
But you can see so well with it. Look.
Before we got to Shiro and Shay's,
Bill and I were out together,
and I looked at him and said,
"I feel like you're not present."
"You're off in your head somewhere."
And he was, like, "Yeah, leave me alone."
I was like, "Fine."
-Don't drive too fast.
We can't arrive too early.
I had a bad feeling.
It was a frown, like,
"I'm thinking about something."
I'm glad I put something else on, Mouse.
You look like Raven, the magician.
Are you crazy?
-You look like a wizard.
-You do.
-Now I have a bad feeling.
-You know that blond guy with the ravens?
-Of course. It's horrific.
Maybe they saw us and thought,
"They are cool guys."
"They're nice, if a bit awkward."
But maybe they also felt sorry for us.
Maybe they actually thought, "Oh"
It was grammatically all wrong.
No, there were awful mistakes in there,
but I couldn't tell because I was nervous.
"they need someone here."
"They're a little insecure,
and they need a guiding hand."
I have a family too.
I'm okay if we don't tour for a year.
That's totally fine.
That's something I've always said.
I'm married to my career,
I love our career the most.
Someone must, or it would be offended.
But then my personal happiness
is always wrapped up
in how I'm doing professionally.
I don't think Bill has grown much
in terms of relationships and love life.
It's still often very painful.
It's never a pleasant love.
It's always painful love.
And I wish that would change.
Because we're so close,
and because we're identical twins
and so alike in many ways
and understand each other so well,
he can't understand that,
simply because of my sexuality,
it is more difficult
and different for me than it is for him.
That's why I can be harsh.
I feel like I can only get through to him
by saying these really harsh, mean things
that might hurt him.
Only then do I really have his attention.
I want him to be happy, not distracted
because it's not going well.
I can see what you keep repeating.
Maybe as a twin brother,
I can see it better than you.
That's another one of these things
he wants to put on me,
like, "You're the only reason
we're even doing this."
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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