Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

We fight, and when we fight,
it's really brutal.
We know exactly how to hurt each other.
Then everyone just sits there
and thinks, "Wow."
We used to physically fight.
I remember we used to hit each other
with frying pans at home.
And then half an hour later,
we'd be fine again.
It's not physical anymore,
but Tom is more aggressive verbally.
It's an interesting issue
that I need to get my head around.
That his road is different from mine.
Maybe his includes some bumpy roads.
I may see him in a phase
that I don't like,
but maybe it will make him happy.
Tom and I just keep going,
and then we have a laugh together, and
we know what just happened was terrible.
So it's sometimes easier to just laugh
and record a funny podcast and keep going.
We planned on ten episodes at first.
We didn't have any expectations.
And now we've been on air
every week for over two years.
That's really crazy.
Hey, Mouse.
Good morning!
Don't look. I have a surprise today.
-We have a podcast
-Very successful podcast.
A very successful podcast
that millions listen to every week.
Some say 80 million.
It's not quite 80, but close.
A juicer, yeah?
Always with a cocktail, of course,
to loosen our tongues.
-It doesn't say how much.
-I love it with
Zip it! You're not supposed to see it yet.
Basically, I do everything.
-I need a new pestle, Bill.
-A what?
I need another pestle.
Even there, he doesn't even
plug in his own microphone cable.
I have to wire everything,
I have to do all the setup,
I make the drink
I'll have to renovate the whole house
after you mix one cocktail.
To be honest, Bill, I think I should get
more money for the podcast.
You should hit the gym again too.
-Here, let's see how strong you are.
-Shall I?
You'll be embarrassed if I do it. Give it.
You don't want to, right? Watch.
Honestly, I went to the gym once.
So you don't have to go again
for a few months.
Exactly. I'd better take a gym break,
otherwise it'll be too much.
Mouse, isn't it good that you have me?
-Yeah, not bad at all.
-I always look out for you.
-You haven't made enough again.
-Shut up!
-I'll take the fuller one.
-It's exactly two drinks, Mouse.
-Don't be so greedy.
A little less alcohol would do you good.
-Your T-shirt's soaked. You look
-Anything for a cocktail.
All this for the cocktail.
Have you got all your stuff?
I'm thinking about going for a quick pee.
I need to blow my nose.
-It's going to be
-Wait, I need to blow my nose.
It's going to be a long show.
Well, my astrologer once said to me,
"Besides the music you'll keep on making,
I see an empire. I see an empire."
She was like, "Something about radio.
But it's not radio, it's a podcast."
"But not just a podcast, also television.
You're going to build a whole empire."
"With radio, TV, podcast, and music."
Yes, she was right.
To Team Awesome.
Things are going well, Mouse.
Sorry, it's hitting me hard.
The podcast is just me and Tom,
and we just
turn the microphones on,
and we're ourselves.
Bill and I chat like we used to
when we sat at the breakfast table
before getting on the bus to school.
You're feeling yourself today.
It's a real noticeable fit of arrogance.
And don't you think,
with that arrogant attitude at the start,
do you feel we're back,
and we've been here before,
to being a little too much?
-You, yes.
-Maybe a bit
-You can't turn this on me.
-Well I'm a bit fed up with you too.
We just tell people off the cuff
what's been on our minds or not that week.
We've become very open with the public,
and we play a game
of cat and mouse with the press.
The press knows, "The lie they told
this week will be exposed next week."
"Tom Kaulitz wants to get a dog trainer
because raising his two puppies is hard."
Headline, "Baby fight!
Your Tom isn't mature enough yet."
"He can't even handle being a doggy dad."
-Yeah, that's wild.
I think it shows well how the press works
and how people should interpret
these headlines.
Really, to turn my getting a dog trainer
into, "He's not mature enough,
he's not ready" To make a headline
out of that is hardcore.
Since we've been so open
and have such a huge platform
to tell our story ourselves every week,
our lives are much more relaxed.
After 18 years in the industry.
I normally never go to Chan
-To Chanel?
-I normally never go to Chanel.
-I'm just not a Chanel mouse.
-Why not? It would suit you.
You like those Chanel outfits, don't you?
-Totally. Yeah.
-Because they're a bit like from Clueless.
They're so proper
and are made of great material.
I gave my wife Last Christmas,
I gave her a Chanel suit.
Hang on a second, I got a text.
Wait a second.
What happened?
His skin or his fur is all crinkly.
He threw up. He fell over.
Look at him.
Oh God, I hope he didn't get bitten
by something outside.
I had no idea what had happened
to our little Jäger,
but his fur was full of little pocks,
and I was really worried.
I thought
either he'd been bitten by a snake
or maybe a bee had somehow
And, yeah, I thought I'd better
give him a quick call.
I mean, it was our baby in distress.
-Hi, babe. Did Trent take him to the vet?
He just took him to the vet, yes.
Oh no. I hope he didn't get bitten
by a snake or something.
That's what I was thinking.
It could be that.
Oh no, shit.
-Oh no.
-But it looks
He has all these weird little pockmarks,
he fell down and didn't want to get up,
doesn't want to eat anything.
Not even treats.
-Sounds like an allergic reaction.
-A reaction to something, yes.
-But to what?
-He's already thrown up everything.
Weird, what's wrong with him? Shit.
I immediately panic about stuff like this,
of course, because my first dog, he
He died alongside Bill's dog. And that's
It was quite dramatic
and a really sad time.
Okay, sweetheart, see you later.
Oh God, show me the video again.
He looks awful.
Thank God our dog trainer was there.
He took him to the vet straight away.
And thank goodness
it was probably just a bee sting.
So he just chased a bee,
and it turns out he's allergic.
But it wasn't too bad.
He's happy again now.
You've been driving in LA
with a German license for over ten years.
-It's illegal.
-I know. It's fraud, right?
It's fraud.
My only car key is missing.
No idea where it is.
Mouse, you have to show me
how everything works here.
What? What do you need to know?
I already passed the theory test.
I was actually more worried about that.
Now it's finally time
for my practical driving test.
-Low beam?
-It's on automatic.
The other is the high beam.
To engage the fixed high beam,
you push up and down.
-Like this. The lever.
In my life, what isn't a walk in the park?
I can do anything.
How does the hood open?
Bottom left.
With a little help.
No, that's the trunk.
Yeah, Bill isn't How should I put it?
He's not the kind of guy
who loves anything with an engine.
I love everything with engines.
Both hands on the wheel. That's important.
-All the time.
-That's hard.
I always drive like this.
Or I have my hand in my hair.
-Don't do that.
-It may come across as confident.
-No, they want both hands
-I can't do it this way anymore.
You need to drive like a beginner.
That's just how it is.
I'm so nervous again.
-But tell him you've been driving a while.
It hasn't been that long. I'm only 22.
Definitely not down here like this,
and definitely not typing on your phone.
I know that's hard for you
as an influencer.
Yeah, 'cause normally I'd say
Yes, exactly. I wouldn't do that.
And if it all goes wrong, I'll say,
"Here, help yourself."
"And keep quiet."
-Wish me luck.
-Good luck.
-I'll call you.
-You can do this.
See you later.
I feel like he'll pass.
With his sweet way,
I think they'll let it slide
if he doesn't look properly.
It's too narrow here!
He'll look into the mirror a lot anyway,
to check his hair.
I hate tests. My hands get clammy
just thinking about it.
I hate it. Exams, being tested
It's horrible.
Okay great, that was wrong.
I think I failed!
-You're good
-In Germany.
I think I'm done
with these kinds of things,
and then, at 34,
you suddenly have to take another test.
It's hard. I didn't want to at all.
I also heard
that I got one of the strictest examiners
working at the DMV. Of course.
It's such a position of power. You know
these people want something from you.
It's all in their hands. And the examiner
gave off a bit of that vibe.
Mouse! Mouse!
I failed.
-You didn't.
-I did. Shit.
I really thought, "Okay,
that's not great for his confidence."
You know why? I was turning right,
and I turned into the outside lane
and not the inside one.
That's next-level.
No, I'm just joking! I passed.
-You didn't embarrass me?
I passed easily. Piece of cake.
-I just wanted to update you. Bye!
-Okay. Yeah, bye.
Got lucky. Yeah.
It went so fast,
it actually scares me to drive in America.
If that's how people get their licenses,
people who haven't had years
of driving experience like me,
it really makes you scared
to be out on the roads.
My friendship with Sara means a lot to me.
She's my best friend.
I think she's also the only one
who understands how I feel
about being permanently single.
So we have a special connection.
-Sara moving away from LA, that's
-It's crazy, yeah.
We thought we'd all meet up
at Sara's apartment one last time
and have a lovely little farewell party.
Bill said, "Come along for real,
since this is the last evening."
'Cause normally I'd have said,
"Yeah, I'll come," and then
I wouldn't have come.
I listened to her the whole time
And behind me
I was busy on the couch.
And Sara didn't notice.
Honestly, what can't I do?
We sat together drumming in the evenings,
and Sara always sang the same song.
I'm happy if Tom comes at all.
At this point, I think,
"Tom will come if he comes."
But it's also annoying.
My friends are like
And I think, "Hey, I always come.
Nobody applauds me."
It makes them appreciate
the time I do spend with them.
Of course, it's like the end
of a chapter in your life.
She was right down the street from me.
We lived five minutes apart,
so we could see
and call each other all the time.
If we had dates in the evening,
we'd meet up for a drink afterwards.
And that's not so easy now.
So this is the start of a new era
where Sara and Bill are further apart.
Which is kind of a shame,
but at the same time, I'm happy for her
that she's moving on with her life.
She just didn't feel at home
in LA anymore.
I've moved a lot in my life,
and it's never been easy.
I always get emotional.
I think it's about packing up your things
and also letting go of a lot.
I think that can be an emotional time.
I think she was feeling a bit torn.
If someone paid me to dress up as a bush
and scare people all day, I'd do it.
Who'd pay you for that?
-Like a store. A comedy store, as an ad.
-A comedy store!
Yeah, or like a party shop
Today's the day. Today,
it's protective suits and work gloves.
-Why do I need those?
-To hold things.
Storage is the order of the day.
The goal is to throw out
as much as possible.
-So we can get a smaller unit.
-I don't wanna carry anything.
-Tom, don't forget that.
-It's your junk too. It is.
No, there's no junk in there from me.
All junk is your stuff.
We'll find some treasures of mine.
I'm scared there'll be animals in there.
You'll have to go in first and go
Scare them off.
I think maybe a small rat,
a few mice may be in there.
Stop! You saw one?
-Lina's here.
Hi! Morning. Morn. Mornin'.
Bill and Tom' s storage unit
needs to be cleaned out.
It's so full that when you open it up,
you get hit by this shower of dirt.
Why is it so dirty in here?
You can't get inside.
So our goal is to sort through it
and see what's actually in there.
Hopefully Tom's box of keepsakes.
He seems to have lost it.
What's our number again?
I think 34? No, 35.
There, where the foil's sticking out.
Oh yeah.
Everyone has a little box where they keep
a few things from their childhood.
But somehow I couldn't find it
the last time I looked.
I really hope I can still find it.
I feel like it's gotten even fuller
since last time.
-How can this be?
-Maybe elves rolled some stuff in.
Was it you who packed it so badly?
If I did, then you were helping.
The main reason to clean out the storage
is that it's crazy expensive.
And so unnecessary.
-And gloves.
I don't want people to get confused
and think I'm going to touch things.
-Too professional.
-At least you won't get dirty.
We look like
we're going to renovate a house.
I think we're currently paying
just under $900 for a small storage unit
because we've had it for over ten years.
They keep raising the price.
They know when you have storage,
you put stuff in there
and never look at it again,
but you also don't want to throw it away.
We didn't feel like holding
onto this load anymore.
Okay, let's begin.
This is the "keep" side.
The breasts are staying.
Oh my God, I love them.
-Look how nice and bouncy they are.
-Aren't they heavy?
Yeah, they are heavy.
Bill said right from the start,
"I'll keep some things, give some away,
throw some out, and donate some."
So it was like,
"Okay, we have to make different piles."
I wish I could've come.
I could've ended up with something cool.
-Swim shorts can go, right?
-Show me.
-The pretty sequins?
-I'll still wear those.
The storage unit should really look
like Carrie Bradshaw's closet.
Everything must be organized.
-The Dior pants?
-Show me.
Yes. Hang on.
Tom, we must do this with care.
That's why I'm here, right?
Here, bags. Louis Vuitton? Trash.
You're out of your mind! It's beautiful.
Oh my God, I still have it!
-Hermès? Trash.
-Whoa, Tom! Careful.
What's that one?
Awesome, an old Eastpak.
They were cool, huh?
I don't like them throwing things away.
That's what cellars are for.
I have a huge cellar.
We could've put it all in there!
-Bill, are you taking these boxes home?
-What? No. Throw them out, Tom.
No, this is from our
From our current sound system.
Tom, no. We're clearing out,
and he's keeping empty boxes!
-If we get rid of it, then
-Why would we do that?
You know me.
In two years, I'll want a new one.
We will never sell it!
Like anyone cares when they're buying.
Like someone would say,
"Do you still have
the original cardboard box?"
"If you don't have the box,
I'm not taking it."
Can this go?
That's a very expensive lamp.
-It's a lamp?
What should we do with it, Tom?
Sell it, right? To an antique shop.
-They're super expensive lamps.
-I know, but
That's so typical.
He wants to keep the packaging
no one will ever need for some speakers.
But I want to keep the lamps,
and he's like, "Why would you want to?"
They're really expensive lamps
in top condition and perfectly fine.
We can sell them, or,
I dunno, give them away.
I say we sell them.
-I think there's a rat over here.
-No, stop.
-Stop it, Tom! Are you crazy?
-You shrieked.
I'll have a heart attack.
I still feel like something
is crawling on me.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Let's keep going.
I hope that we still find my box.
We've still got time.
-I don't think we'll get through it all.
-Don't say that.
I think this was a gift
from Bryan Adams. Yeah.
Look, another personal dedication
of a similar caliber. Kai Pflaume.
"Remember how it started. Berlin, 2003."
He's someone who values style.
And he's found his own at a young age.
I went on stage, and I was still shaking.
But when I started singing,
I thought, "Okay," and I just enjoyed it.
And the whole audience,
how they were all screaming,
that's really cool.
Bill has 17 points. That means Oliver
is through to the quarterfinals!
Bill, you've given us so much
along the way.
I think a lot of people
want to be just like you now.
-And a great send-off from our audience.
-Thank you.
I don't think I've ever been so nervous.
It was crazy.
Who knows
If that hadn't happened like that,
our entire life might have been different.
And today, Tom, we sit in exactly
the same studio making The Voice.
-Did you know? It's the same studio.
-I know, yeah. Good old Adlershof.
Where I was kicked out, ice cold, at 13.
I'd be doing something
completely different today
if you hadn't been that extroverted guy
who applied for Star Search back then.
I've said it before, I'd probably
be a car mechanic or something.
I believe you.
You'd have had fun being a mechanic.
If I'd been a solo artist,
it would've been a lot easier.
I could have kept more money for myself.
But no, I'm doing this with him now.
I think you would You would've opened
a hair salon or something.
-Nail studio.
-Nail studio, hair salon.
We're keeping this. Keep.
You still have cookbooks here.
Baking with Hemp.
Baking with Hemp.
Maybe this is your memory box,
and you forgot what you put in it.
No, this is not my memory box.
I hope I find it.
Here, Shia LaBeouf.
You used to jerk off to this, right?
Yes, this is my jerk-off source material.
Oh my God, this photo shoot is so hot.
Yes! I found an old magazine
with my absolute dream man, Shia Labeouf.
Look at him. Look. Dream man.
I'd marry him in a heartbeat.
I have to send this to Sara, he's mine
and Sara's absolute dream guy.
And yes, it may have come in handy
the odd night.
And I thought,
maybe I could pass it on to Sara now.
At least the non-sticky pages.
I'm taking this with me in the car.
We said that if we ever had sex together,
it would be with Shia.
He's also the only man
who could tear our friendship apart.
There's still so much here.
These are all my stage costumes.
Don't keep so much shit!
Tom, this is the MTV European Music
Awards 2009. Do you remember?
"World Behind My Wall" live
with a burning piano,
when we set the whole hall on fire?
-Wow, it's all so pretty. Keep.
-Why are you keeping everything?
It's Tokio Hotel history. Are you kidding?
-It will be in a museum one day.
-When I'm gone from this world.
People will walk by in Las Vegas and say,
"Look, German history."
What was I wearing?
-I don't know.
This is my MTV Moonman. VMAs.
We won against Katy Perry,
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.
-I remember Katy Perry.
-Taylor Swift
We've had beef ever since.
It's always amazing to win these awards,
but it's all about the memory.
The memory in the moment.
Now comes the hard part.
I think these are all awards.
Treasure chest.
God, what are all these?
Oh my God, it's the World Music Awards.
We were there with Michael Jackson and
-Michael Jackson and who else?
-In London.
I can tell you about every award.
What I was I wearing,
what conversations we had,
how the after-show party went
I remember everything perfectly.
All these moments and the
unforgettable times you have there.
So awesome!
Hey, this award, you only ever see people
like Madonna holding it, right?
So cool.
Made a bit cheaply, though, isn't it?
I think there's more than 110 awards.
The suitcase here can actually go too.
But it's very heavy.
Also stuffed with random
I think Tom?
I think this is your memory box.
-It's your memory box!
-Those are all my letters, but I don't
Oh yes, that's my photo album.
Your little dog must be
in there somewhere too.
Yes. I hope so.
Look, your little Aerosmith vest.
And your little "Tom" sweatshirt.
-It's all there.
-Oh yeah. Sweet.
-We used to swap them.
-They were for people to tell us apart.
I see. You swapped and then
-Bill wore "Tom."
-We thought it was funny.
-That's the dog I'm looking for.
-That's Tom's stuffed dog. He drew it.
-I'm still looking for it.
-See, Tom's always been an artist.
-Look how well he drew.
-I've always been a guitar player.
Our mom made us each a photo album
that we could keep
for our children or for ourselves.
So we have some real photos
and not just any old picture on an iPhone
but a really nice photo album.
She wrote something about each photo.
-Bill, here.
-Our first girlfriend, who we shared.
-She's cute.
Wiebke, our neighbor.
Our neighbor.
We both had our first kiss with her.
-Yeah, we really liked her.
-She even rode a motorcycle back then.
It's nice to have found that again.
That's nice.
Mama, look what Tom found. His memory box!
Here he is!
-Tom, that's great! You were so sad!
-It was a good drawing, right?
-Oh, he's so sweet.
-You really did draw him well.
I still have mine too.
Look how worn the neck is from cuddling.
-I always carried him by the neck.
-See? I knew it was somewhere here.
I'm so relieved
to have found the memory box.
The only thing
I really care about is my old
My old cuddly toy.
So much trash.
It hurts me a little.
Nonsense! I feel good.
Just my music equipment.
I don't care about the rest.
-We could've tossed more of your stuff.
-I feel great.
The container was full by the end.
It was a success.
The storage unit is much emptier.
I think we'll be able to move soon.
Oh, what was that?
I don't believe it!
Then he knocks over the lamp. I thought
I'd lose my mind. Totally fucked.
Oh, come on How stupid can you be?
God, it just fell over.
And then he downplays it.
Instead of going, "Oh no! Shit, sorry!"
He's like, "They weren't so great,
it's not that important."
Seriously? Two things I wanted to keep,
and you knock them over.
We threw all my stuff away too.
How can you be such an idiot?
Look, he's completely broken the lamp.
Such an idiot.
Well, whatever.
I feel really dirty. I would love
to jump into the sea right now.
My best friend invited me
to her birthday party.
Sara is celebrating in Texas, in Austin.
Of course, I still have to find
the perfect present.
I'm worried I won't find anything.
There's hardly any time left.
-Can we gift it together?
-Yeah, sure.
Why did Sara move to Texas?
What made her choose there?
She told me she's done with LA.
And I think she's dated all the guys here.
She hasn't found true love,
so she's looking in Texas.
I think money should come in and go out.
That's the whole fun of earning money.
That looks cool.
-What is it? A skirt, or
-A skirt, yeah.
What are these for?
To hang it on the hanger, Mouse.
This one's cool, isn't it?
-It also looks a bit like Austin.
-Just for the hanger?
-Yeah, it's
-I've always wondered about them.
-Of course. They're in all your pants too.
-These too? These here?
-I thought your arms go through them.
That's why these notches are
The arms? Not the arms.
Here, I thought this is where the arms go.
Whose arms would fit through there?
-This one's great.
-I don't have them.
I'm just worried that it won't fit her.
Would you try it on?
I think you still have that in storage.
Let's get something for Sara
You've been in that corner for an hour.
This is all so cool. Wait.
I get so tired shopping.
Going into a store and saying,
"I want that,"
and not looking at the price,
it's the best feeling in the world.
Hey, Sara plays tennis. Here.
Chanel tennis racket.
It's cute, with the Chanel bag.
You choose. I don't care.
But hurry up, man.
It's great when you can
make something possible for someone,
buy something they'd never have been
able to afford themselves
or just never would've
treated themselves to.
-You could come to Austin with me.
-No, because of the dogs.
They haven't had all their shots,
I don't want to leave them alone yet.
I'm only going to Austin
because my best friend Sara invited me
and said I really should come and visit.
She's been nagging me
for a long time, saying I'd love it.
She also lured me with cowboys.
You really can't stand it in the sun.
It really burns, and it's way too hot.
So I thought, okay, it's a nice idea
to go on the boat and get on the water.
The two girls are friends of Sara.
Really sweet girls who lent us their boat.
They said, "Come on,
we'll show you around."
When I saw how green it was in Austin,
I thought, what, this is Texas?
I imagined it totally differently.
I thought that was
I just thought it was so cool,
sunbathing in the water with a beer
and everyone hanging out together.
It was pretty cool.
I've rarely seen such good-looking men.
I really was Wow.
And even though I miss her
and I think she misses me,
I'm happy she has
this new chapter in her life.
I love walking into rooms where people
don't know me and have no preconceptions.
And I love introducing myself and saying
where I come from and what I do.
I find it so refreshing. It's always
such a fresh start where I think, okay,
"I get to know you, you get to know me,
we've never heard
of each other, let's chat."
The guy in the cowboy hat
who turned up was really cute.
He was really cute.
I didn't know him at all.
I thought for a moment,
"Was it a setup? Did Sara plan it?"
He won me over so fast,
I thought, okay, this was planned.
I like being pursued.
But yes, I'm shier than I'd like to admit.
I think maybe I won't go home alone.
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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