Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Maybe I won't go home alone after all.
I think we were still drunk
when we woke up.
That's what I mean!
That's why I like to stay busy.
Because if I'm partying
and get drunk in the evening,
I get a bit melancholy, and then I end up
texting or replying to my ex again.
That maybe didn't need to happen.
It would be great
if we got Bill to remember that.
Because I'm the only one
constantly reminding him,
and he always looks at me like,
"Yeah Whatever."
I feel like I hardly ever get to talk
to Sara about anything other than boys
because there's always some sort of drama.
We may want to talk about other things,
but we always come back to boys.
The studio we built downstairs at Bill's
is mastering quality.
I frequently need to be
by myself in the studio,
often even without Bill,
to create sound environments
so we know where we're going,
what we want for Tokio Hotel.
Yes, you'd like to be just a musician.
Just music and slipping unnoticed
through the world.
-Unnoticed through fairyland?
-That'd be cool. You could never do that.
-No, not me.
Are you doing anything important?
I think Tom and I have become
much more confident as artists.
Before, we were in very strict contracts.
Tom wasn't allowed to sit at the computer.
I couldn't choose my own lyrics.
It was always what others wanted.
That's beautiful. It sounds dreamy.
But it's also better with these keys here.
Outwardly, we were always confident
and did what we wanted
in terms of our public lives.
But in the studio, especially
when it came to our creative work,
we were like circus bears
doing what our trainers said.
I love that.
-I wouldn't do that.
What you just did.
You wouldn't even have noticed.
I like it better the other way.
It sounded good before.
It bothers me if it's just instruments.
You're not doing an instrumental version.
-Of course I am.
Well On the album at least.
You don't even know
if it will be on an album.
Yes, but it's always good to
The main thing is
what sounds best with the vocals.
Please listen for a second.
I have to sing all that again.
-Okay, is my mic already on?
No, turn it on.
At the time when we moved to America,
in those four years,
I spent most of my time in the studio,
and I actually learned
how to play each instrument well enough
to do the whole production.
We told ourselves we never wanted
to be dependent on anyone again.
Why can't I hear you?
There's nothing Bill hates more
than when things don't work.
Check, one, two.
Check, one, two, check.
Why am I getting a weak signal from you?
One, two, three, one, two, one, two.
It's very annoying, isn't it?
Shit. Oh, this can't be
It could be the preamp.
It was on the whole time.
And whose fault would that be?
Mine, or maybe
the vacuum cleaner that hit it.
When something breaks,
I feel a mixture of,
"It sucks that it's broken," but also,
"Great, now I can buy something new."
I have to persuade Bill a bit. Bill spends
way too much money on clothes,
and I spend way too much money
on tech and music.
If I had to describe
what it's like between the two of us,
I'd say I'm more of a doer.
Even you find that funny.
-Well, Mouse, how's it going down there?
-Going well.
-Have you fixed everything?
-I hope so.
I'm a bit of a diva
when it comes to the studio.
I like to go in when everyone is ready,
sing, do my job, and leave.
Now let's hope it all fits.
You know, I've been sitting here
for two minutes already.
-You don't have to do anything, you idiot.
-Yes. But I have to wait.
Tom's like, "Just a sec, I've just gotta"
And then he has to scroll down
and turn a screw and re-check the cable
It inspires me.
I also love reading instruction manuals.
I love reading instruction manuals.
That's so creepy.
Why don't you get rid of this garbage?
It's back to looking
-This has to go.
What broke in our studio?
Do you even know what it is?
A device for A pre-amplifier.
-Ah-ha. Well.
-You see?
-A preamp.
-A preamp.
Yeah, it's good.
There you go.
-Have I fixed it?
-You did a great job, Tom.
He's basically the same
in the studio as he is on stage.
The frontman who just comes in and sings.
That was pretty good.
I'd do it almost more bored.
A little less passion.
-A few simple ones?
-Very simple.
-Without hiccups. Just on "weekend."
Bill likes passion in his songs.
I think it's too much,
so we try to find a balance.
I want to do another perfect one,
the way I imagine it.
If in doubt, I will sometimes
change things back in secret.
Two more without creaking
on "Darling" and "I."
-I like it.
-But it's a bit much, dude.
We flew to Germany
to wrap up a few projects.
We had lots to do,
but we wanted to combine it
with a Bayern match,
and to go to Oktoberfest
for the first time.
-You can do it, no worries.
-Oh, I feel sick already.
I get it, it's a horrible situation.
Let's go over.
He'll look at it, then we can think
about what to do, okay?
-We can go straight there.
-Yeah? Okay, good.
Tom? I need you to hold my hand.
I was getting the suitcase
out of the trunk,
and it slipped out of my hands
and fell with all its weight
and slammed directly against my hand.
All my fake nails
sort of folded in the other direction.
Two of them broke off,
and one just ripped
my entire natural nail out with it.
I screamed. I didn't realize at first.
It was hanging there
by a thread, and I was like
-How long will it take?
-Not long. They'll see us right away.
-You called them already?
-It's a hand surgeon.
A hand surgeon.
You're lucky there's one there.
He does a lot of feet,
but he can also do hands.
You lift a suitcase one time
and immediately rip off a fingernail.
-I was trying to be nice.
-If you're going to help, help me.
Not someone who's paid
to carry the suitcases.
I was trying to be nice.
I thought I'd lend a hand
and be helpful. That's how I am.
-Yes, you were pretending.
-Yes, you can No.
The universe was telling me,
"Stop grabbing things. It's not me."
I'm so squeamish about this stuff!
Fortunately, emergencies like this
are pretty rare.
Then they usually text me immediately,
because most of the time
they're not asking me to hold their hand,
they actually need medical help.
I found a hand surgeon
to look at the nail,
and he was able to squeeze the guys in.
It looks really crazy, right?
-I'm unfuckable now.
How am I supposed to pick someone up
at Oktoberfest?
-Yeah, you can't.
-Without a nail. They'll say it's gross.
I went along so I could handle
all the communication there
so Bill could just lie down,
knowing that he was going to get help.
And I would do everything else,
like fill out patient forms.
I don't even know what
I have no idea what's there.
The nail bed is badly damaged.
Yes, I'll have to have a look at it
and maybe give you an anesthetic.
Oh yes, definitely give me an anesthetic,
I'm really squeamish. I can barely
look at it without fainting, so yes.
-I suggest you lie down.
That would be best. It doesn't look good.
Oh, no!
Is it an injection or what?
-It is.
-When he's in pain, I suffer with him.
-Oh, that hurts.
It's like sharing his body.
I know exactly how it hurts.
-What are you doing now?
-I'm just checking if it's numb.
-Does it still hurt?
-Very slightly.
-I think we can begin now.
-Oh, God!! I can't believe it.
I'll use a sharp curette.
We have to scrape the dirt off.
He had to scrape it clean
with a medical scoop.
It sounded so bad.
I just lay there and thought, "Argh!"
The nail is gone. 80% of it
was ripped out of the nail bed.
The fake nail was still attached
to the natural nail?
-Yes, it was. I have this here
-I don't want to see it.
-You don't?
Why not?
That's it.
I don't know if it will grow back again.
If it's damaged
Don't say that!
-If it doesn't grow back
-We're hopeful.
I have to be open and honest with you.
I can't promise it.
-We can only hope.
It's a bit of schadenfreude
that maybe the nail won't grow back.
Or that he'll end up with a funny nail,
because I know that would annoy him.
I can't believe it.
I thought, "Oh God, I'm gonna be the guy
with the funny fingernail."
If that's the case, I may as well die.
You'll be the weird guy with no nails.
I don't know, I'd find it quite funny
if there was this guy
who was always perfect
but had one funny little finger.
FC Bayern!
And after that?
Star of the south
You will never be defeated
Look, Tom. This will be my look.
I'm going like this.
-What about it?
Oh, I need glasses.
I was excited about my outfit
for the Allianz Arena.
I'd planned it out.
I thought I'd show
the people of Munich what's up.
Mouse, look, this is how I'm going.
-Nice, right?
But With socks?
-What do you mean? This is my new shoe.
-Yes, but there are two shoes.
No, that's one shoe.
Okay, and on the other foot?
-I still need to put on the other shoe.
With Bill, you never know
if the outfit is ready
or if he's trying on
several outfits at once.
Sometimes I ask, sometimes I just say,
"Looks great, Mouse."
When did you get a Bayern shirt?
Tom put it on me.
He's forcing me to wear it.
He wants to wear a provocative outfit
to see if the soccer fans will accept him.
I don't think Tom liked it.
He doesn't want to stand out.
He wants the people of Munich
and the fan clubs
and all the players to love him.
That's why he doesn't want me
to provoke or to be the odd one out.
He didn't like my outfit much,
but I went to the Allianz Arena for him
so he has to deal with my outfit.
-I'll drink from the bottle.
Who's the goalie?
-Sven Ulreich is the goalie for us.
-Oh, I wanted Manuel Neuer.
No, he has calf problems, Mouse.
-He needs physiotherapy.
-I'm not sure he'll even come back.
Do you think we'll still see him?
Yes. He'll be in the stadium.
-He'll probably be there somewhere.
I'll call out, "Manu-Mouse!"
FC Bayern!
-Go Bochum!
-Stop it.
-You can't do that.
Ow! Tom! Don't be an idiot.
You don't do that. Seriously.
Yes. FC Bayern invited us.
I wouldn't dare.
I'm crossing my fingers for Bochum anyway.
I want them to win for once. Why not?
-They will win, but not today.
-I'll root for the underdogs.
Stop it, for real.
Our number 26, Sven!
Bill doesn't like soccer at all.
He has such a contrarian attitude.
I think, why not give it a chance?
In a stadium, there are loads
of people partying, there's alcohol
That's just his scene.
The Bayern fans were all great, of course.
They really made us feel welcome.
They were all really nice.
We had a great time.
And he was happy about that. He said,
"Yes, I like all the Bayern fans."
I should've gone to the toilet. Shit.
It was a boring game, though, right?
-7-0, Mouse.
Yes, but so boring.
Yes, but you always say
it's boring when it's 0-0 or 0-1 or 0-2.
Yes, but 7-0!
7-6 would be exciting, or 7-5.
Even 7-4, but
It's not ice hockey, dude.
I think seven points
should be scored in every game.
Goals, not points.
Seven points. Goals. Whatever.
-It's the same.
-It's not the same.
-So, where are they now in the league?
-Number one.
-Bayern is leading.
Someone else should win now and then.
-Oh, man. That's such typical bullshit
-You know?
-Thank you.
Why? They're the best.
Let them be at the top.
Mom, quickly before Tom says anything.
Was Tom picked up from summer camp
earlier than me?
Did you have to come and pick him up
and I stayed longer?
True or false?
-Told you.
When was this?
Are you calling her a liar now?
When was that? We were in camp
for the same amount of time. No, shut up.
Sometimes I get calls, Facetime.
Very cute. Entirely out of the blue.
They'll be arguing about something.
I wanted to go home,
but you couldn't come twice, so we stayed.
No, she came with short red hair.
Yes, I came early.
-We never separated.
You never separated us at camp.
Honey, yes, you were really sad.
They then say,
just like when they were children,
"Stop talking. Only mom
is allowed to talk. She's impartial."
And I stayed too.
What did I have? Fun with the boys.
-Yes. You had friends there, Bill.
-Mom, look.
-What happened?
I tore out my whole fingernail.
Now I can forget
about getting you a son-in-law.
It's over. I'm unfuckable now.
But you're a nice guy,
that's the important thing, Bill.
-You're a nice guy.
-"He's got no nail, but he's really nice."
-"He's got no nail, but he's really nice."
I'll just take one of Tom's fingernails.
If we cut out Tom's cleanly,
so your nail bed
I'm not donating a nail to you.
It's not vital.
-Half a lung?
-Yeah. That, yes.
-Just for the optics.
-I would do it for Tom.
-You would never do it.
-I doubt it.
No, not a fingernail, but
my foreskin.
Well, it's long enough.
This is where the party's at. Awesome.
Wow, it's so big!
The Hofbräuhaus was amazing.
Everyone was in a good mood.
I just felt like everyone was glad
we were there.
And, of course, endless beer.
-He's turning it the wrong way.
-Oh, Mouse!
Drink, drank, drunk!
The crust is the best part.
It's really good.
I love Bavaria.
I love the food. I love the beer.
I love the partying.
I love the soccer team.
It's totally awesome.
Every time we're in Bavaria,
we have a great time.
Do me a favor, when we go to Oktoberfest,
maybe hold back a bit and trust me,
and just let me do what I want.
Don't be so judgmental from the start,
because I might have invited someone.
You want me to not be so protective.
To hold back.
Just let me be. Be welcoming.
We'll see where it goes.
So, what I always do.
Tom and I love to party,
so people can't understand
how we've never been to Oktoberfest.
We said this year it was time.
We have to finally wear lederhosen.
Hello. Good morning. Hello.
I'm Bill. I can only shake
with this hand. Small injury.
Tom, hello.
-Oh, these are nice.
-These are Tom's size. And these are
-Bill gave you different sizes?
-Well, he lied.
You look the same size.
We are the same size. You have
more of a stomach than me
You can also mix.
I heard you're not supposed to wear pink,
so I wanted pink and had these made.
I've heard that.
I wanted a bit of a Barbie look.
They're really long, aren't they?
In terms of style,
we have different tastes. I'd say mine is
more grown-up.
-You can try on everything.
-Right. Okay, let's see.
Let's just try them.
Yes, Bill is always perfectly dressed.
In his style.
Not in other people's style.
-You won't be able to button this.
-No? I want them tight.
You always give out the wrong sizes. It's
It's one thing with shoes, but with pants
Hang on
These are good. I think these ones
-Perfect fit! Fits like a glove.
You just have to help me
with the button, okay? Come here.
-No, here.
-No, do it.
-It's too tight, Mouse.
-No, it's not! You can do it, please.
Sweet. And? Fuckable or no? Yes.
We've just seen it on camera.
It looks so cool.
-It's very traditional, though.
-But it suits you so well.
Look, you could take these off
and put on a pink vest.
-Oh, yeah, that's nice.
-Super nice.
-Really stylish.
-Yeah, looks incredible.
Sweet. But I'd wear the light ones.
-Light socks?
-Light socks, yeah.
But it's amazing. I like it.
Okay, let me look
in the mirror. Just a sec.
Bill in particular is very polarizing
with his outfits.
So I think we can expect that some members
of the press might make pointed comments.
Or people might say, "What is he wearing?"
But it shows such strength
to be able to not give a fuck
and say, "I, Bill Kaulitz, am going
to Oktoberfest dressed however I want."
-I think it's a very cool twist.
-Looks good, yeah.
I kind of like the idea
of having the same outfit as Tom.
A little twin moment.
But of course, on the other hand,
I also want to stand out.
Custom-made pink lederhosen
are, of course,
a particularly special "fuck you"
to all the traditionalists.
I think we could take a leaf
out of his book. It's very cool to say
A liter of beer, a shot,
a looping rollercoaster,
a liter, a shot,
a looping rollercoaster. All night long.
-Who's coming? I have no idea.
-The same people as yesterday.
And Marc Eggers is coming!
I'm really looking forward to that.
-I don't know Marc at all.
-You'll love him.
I think you'll get along.
I don't know yet if Well, we'll see.
-Isn't he more Ballermann?
-You'll connect over soccer.
-He's Ballermann.
-Does he know the Oktoberfest songs?
I assumed it was all the same.
Ballermann and Oktoberfest.
Marc is a YouTuber
and has quite a different image.
We want parties, palm trees, and brewskis
Yes, I'm always skeptical at first.
I'm always skeptical.
Because I think
It's kind of a big-brother instinct.
I can see it in his eyes clearly.
"Marc's coming today."
"Let's see how you like him.
I'm sure you'll all love him."
That kind of thing.
I know at once. We'll see.
We've been texting for a while,
but it's our second time meeting today.
I'm a shy mouse really. That's the thing.
I have a big mouth.
-All bark and no bite.
-When it counts, you're shy.
You don't say anything,
you just, like, blush.
You go a bit red, you grin,
and you drink non-stop.
-That sounds terrible!
-But it's true.
It's true, I drink too much, and then
-You're totally drunk.
-And then I just laugh.
You just laugh, yeah.
Shall we go over
the security situation again?
Okay, you have a map.
Have you been on site?
-We were there earlier.
-That's the Käfer tent.
Exactly. We get out around here,
then walk down here, where it says P12.
There are so many worst-case scenarios.
Someone could throw
a tankard at the guys' heads.
There could be haters who want something,
but also all the fans
who want to take photos.
That can also be dangerous.
So everyone's a little uneasy.
We walk around here
and go here through the side entrance.
-And into the Käfer tent.
-Great. We can do that.
The fact that the boys are prepared
to show up at the event and say,
"Hey, we're going to walk around
and go on the rides"
That's crazy.
Are we actually insane doing this?
It's so dangerous.
Especially here,
with so many drunk people.
When we walk around the festival,
do you want a third person with you?
Yes, the more, the better, I think.
Shall I get two of them, then?
Okay, then I'll let them know.
Especially now that I'm wearing
my "fuck all y'all" Oktoberfest pants.
When I see or hear about crowds,
I always get clammy hands.
That's just a bit of trauma
from the early years of Tokio Hotel
and from our childhood.
There were panicked situations
that were really dangerous,
where, as children,
we were shit scared. Really frightened.
We'd get threats like, "At the concert,
we're going to throw acid at his face
so he can never smile
so cheekily at the camera again
and who off his pink clothes,"
or whatever.
It's a bit crooked.
I know it provokes some people.
Wearing pink lederhosen
at Oktoberfest is provocative,
but I'm rebellious by nature.
I get so triggered by that stuff.
I can't help it.
So I get sweaty palms, I'm nervous,
I have a sleepless night,
but conforming is out of the question.
It's a bit crooked.
It's not just that the color stands out,
he's also two heads taller than security,
and people can see him coming
from 200 meters away.
The shirt needs to
We've brought someone with us.
Oh, I'm running so late. Marc!
-You're very chic. How are you?
-Hey, you cool guys.
I was told it wasn't a good idea,
but I thought I'd do it anyway.
It's good. I thought
you only had this part in pink.
No, I'm completely pink.
-First time, right?
-You've been before?
-Last year.
-But I'm no expert.
-Only last year? Really?
Oh, good, you're a newbie too.
Yes, but I was out of my mind.
So today is my real initiation.
I'm shyer than I sometimes want to admit.
I get a bit nervous,
especially when I like someone.
When I'm interested, I get nervous.
But I think that's normal.
We met at the release party.
Yes, right. I'm Marc. Pleasure.
-Tom. Nice to meet you too.
-We actually met briefly in Berlin.
I'm always skeptical. The clever ones
will try to get in good with the twin.
It's often a bit of a balancing act.
That means they have to be nice to me,
be honest But not too nice.
-Why haven't you been to Oktoberfest?
-In Magdeburg, it was never a thing.
-We only celebrated Father's Day.
Then we moved away. We were already
We were in America by the time we were 20,
and, somehow, we never did it.
-They're very trendy, right?
-You're asking a man from Hamburg.
-Calf warmers.
-Yes. They warm the calves.
-So your whole leg doesn't get hot?
-No, it's I have no idea.
They warm the calves.
-Yes or yes?
-You're trying to be inconspicuous?
Hello. I'm MC Kaulitz.
I live in Hollywood.
Down-to-earth as always.
Hello, Munich. I don't want to stand out.
Can we talk about the fact
that we're going to a festival?
I think it's great. Should we be scared?
Imagine pre-2007, "Come on, guys,
let's go to Oktoberfest this year."
-Yes, but we have lots of security.
-I think it's wild that you're
I think it's going to be so much fun.
Don't scare me, man.
Crowds and public events like this,
I don't think we've ever done anything
like this together as a band.
If I went back ten years
and suggested to Tom and Bill,
"Hey, let's go to Oktoberfest,"
they'd have said no.
There's no way that would've happened.
They'd never have done it.
Marc's big and strong.
He can look out for us.
I'll stand behind the security guards.
-After you?
-I still have to unbuckle myself.
No, thanks.
I'm so glad we brought
so many security guards with us.
First, we thought, "Six security guards?
Maybe we should keep a lower profile."
"It won't be that bad."
But it was that bad.
Hey, Bill! Hey, Tokio Hotel!
There was a big cluster
of people from the start.
I heard people yelling,
"The Kaulitz brothers! Hey, Bill Kaulitz!"
The shoes!
We were all grateful
to have these strong guys
who were really like some sort of
It was as if we had a protective wall
around us as we went through.
-There's the Käfer.
-Here we go!
-Here we go!
-FC Bayern.
Star of the South
After about ten minutes at Oktoberfest,
it all just quieted down.
Maybe that's too much.
Let's say it was more relaxed.
You could tell it was going well,
people were in a good mood,
and we were able to relax.
-The drop tower looks good.
-I'm not going on my own, guys.
I'm not doing it, no way.
Liter, shot, looping rollercoaster.
All night long.
Okay, friends, now
Do you like this sort of thing?
Welcome aboard. Welcome to the world's
highest transportable gyro drop tower.
Oh my God. Now I'm a bit scared.
Dude, it's so high! Seriously, look.
Hold on tight!
It's all safety checked.
Are we at the top yet?
Oh God, we are. Yes.
We're going to fall.
You have the hangover! Oh-oh!
That tingles all the way down. Dude.
The exit is over there.
You survived. It was an honor.
That was so fun. That was awesome.
You feel it all the way up to your cock.
Come, let's do it.
-How do you go fast? Give us a tip.
-Sit on it and take the side bits.
-Pull them up. And tilt your feet too.
-Tilt your feet. Pull the sides up.
-Tilt and pull up. Exactly.
-Where's Heidi? She's not here?
She's in L.A. She'll come next year.
How fun is Oktoberfest?
Oktoberfest is so fun.
It's exhausting.
Three, two, one!
Yes! FC Bayern!
I came first.
I came first. By a long way.
-Is this where we're having a drink?
-Should I order?
Hey, that's the Devil's Wheel.
It's awesome.
-Let's check it out, it's famous.
-I'm not going.
Feet out. We're doing a special round.
We've got Tom and Bill Kaulitz here.
They can have a go on their own.
I'm so glad my finger saved me.
I can't do anything that spins.
Come on, Tom, let's go.
As always, Tom has no excuse, except
of course his fear of living, as usual.
He just doesn't like new experiences.
Let's go, guys. Come on, take a chance.
Look, we already have one.
Come along for the ride!
When Marc went, I thought
it was really cool he was doing it,
that he was joining in the fun.
Okay, take a seat.
Everyone clap, come on.
Joining him are men in short lederhosen.
Let's ride!
Oh! Horror!
All those who are out of the circle,
move away.
I'm in the middle, and suddenly
That moment looked so scary to me.
I really thought that was it,
the evening was over.
Poor Marc.
I had a good chat with him.
No, I really liked him.
He spoke well. He kept up
with our drinking and partying.
It was great.
Käfer tent.
Lots of paparazzi, lots of press.
I always hope
the camera storms pass quickly.
But Bill quite likes it.
He's always striking different poses.
You're only there for one reason,
to get completely wasted and have fun.
And that's absolutely my scene.
I never thought
that beer could get you so drunk.
That Munich beer hits different.
I'm definitely coming back to Oktoberfest.
It's firmly on my calendar.
What's the deal?
Let's have some real talk.
I very rarely like anyone.
-That's rubbish.
-No, it's true.
-Okay, but you like me.
Yeah, I really like you.
-What? No!
Why? No. It's true.
Where are you sleeping tonight?
I could see Bill, and I was thinking,
"Mouse is completely drunk."
Other people don't notice it,
but I do right away.
I know when he's reached the point
where nothing matters.
I remember thinking,
"I'm not sure if he still
knows what he's doing."
I'm just saying,
it's not just our cameras filming us.
Oh, yeah.
I thought, it doesn't matter to me,
you can make out, kiss whomever,
do whatever you want.
But I don't know if you know,
there are cameras here that aren't ours.
There are also cameras from RTL
and tabloids and so on. Just so you know.
I thought nobody cared anymore.
I thought we were just there having fun.
And the next day, they'd just write,
"Wild Oktoberfest Party." That's all.
It would just be, "The Kaulitz twins
are having fun in lederhosen."
-Back in maybe three minutes.
Ah, not enough.
Not enough.
-Party, palm trees, and brewskis
-Vodka, lemon, and
-And beer!
Your brother went home
without telling anybody.
No way, I don't believe it.
-Did he really go home?
-Mouse, a Bild headline.
-Oh, God!
Marc is there too.
God, what a terrible photo.
Look here.
A ruined reputation is utter liberation.
-Yeah, I'm screwed.
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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