Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You left me there totally wasted,
all on my own.
I was the only one who told you
there were other cameras there.
That information didn't get through to me.
"Bill, there are cameras here
that aren't ours."
What do I say to that?
You could've said, "I know."
And I'd have said, "Cool."
That's why you have me. If you're
not thinking, your brother is there.
It was totally blown
out of proportion. "Oh my God,
Marc Eggers with a man,
and it's Bill Kaulitz."
"Bill's never been seen
in public with anyone."
I don't think he realized
that we would become such a headline.
It was also a bit of a reality check
for me. I thought, "Oh, crazy. Okay."
It was pretty nasty, for sure.
Good night
-He's getting so much hate, it's so bad.
I don't think he really thought about it.
-No, he didn't.
-He's scared now.
He reposted
horrible comments on Instagram.
-No, really?
-He did?
"Are you really gay?
Man, what happened to you?"
"Dude, disgusting, you ugly sissy."
"Thought Marc was cool,
but he's a sick bastard."
"Dirty homo. Boycotting you now."
"What are you doing with Kaulitz?
That's disgusting."
"You ugly sissy."
Look, here. He just posted it.
It's a lot.
He should turn it around and say,
"I stand by it. What's wrong with you?
Why are you like this?"
Seems like he is.
-That's what he's doing by posting it.
-Yeah. Right.
It's different for you, right?
You're a bit
I have such thick skin. You know?
It doesn't affect me at all.
But for him, it's not so great.
Marc has a very different image.
Marc is a YouTuber
and makes Ballermann party songs.
He's known for being a bit of a womanizer.
His private life is private,
and he keeps it that way.
I think it was really tough for him
to feel what it's like
to suddenly get hate comments
and face real hostility.
-He's not picking up.
-Oh God.
I wrote, "I hope
you don't let it get to you."
It always shocks me,
because I think we've come so far,
and the world is so different.
But that's only in my world.
That's just not reality, is it?
I don't care at all about that stuff,
but, somehow, I still feel
You do care. But you've been
dealing with it for a long time.
Ever since you were little.
You've developed such a thick skin
that it doesn't bother you anymore
when someone makes a dumb comment.
But not everyone
has had to deal with it for so many years.
I had to keep my love and my sexuality
and everything a secret for many years.
We were in the public eye.
We had this career that was targeted
at young teenagers. At girls.
It's the headline of the week.
Bill from Tokio Hotel prefers boys.
I always had this pressure from outside.
"No, the lead singer has to be single."
"He has to be desirable."
The record company, management
Everyone said so.
I carried this baggage for years.
No, I'm not gay.
I saw Bill suffer, when he wasn't
so open yet with the world,
when he kept a lot of things to himself
and only shared with me.
What he went through, how complicated
it was, especially so young
He knew from a very early age.
This fear too. "What will happen if I talk
about it openly? Will this dream be over?"
What he had always wanted,
to get out of the small town,
to play big stages, travel the world
I was hard to categorize.
People were like,
"Is that a boy? Is that a girl?"
"Is he gay? Is he bi? Is he into women?"
It drove them crazy that a hip-hopper
was on stage with an emo rocker,
That the two other guys were
basically normal and cool with it.
I think we really pushed a lot of buttons.
Then love turned into hate,
and they made life so difficult for us.
Naturally, we didn't escape unscathed.
We protected ourselves as best we could,
but we went through the toughest school
in terms of hostility.
My love life obviously ended up
a bit damaged by this.
I've never found anyone strong enough
to live in the public eye with me.
My partners were always afraid
of such publicity.
They were afraid to be the man by my side.
That's why it's never worked.
People really don't have anything
to do, do they?
It's weird to imagine someone sitting down
and writing something like that.
-What a boring life.
-Yes. Boring life.
-You really have to sit down and
And emotions like that too. I think
to myself, "It's not you," you know?
Leave people alone.
When you were teens, I always had to hear
about how my children were different,
how my children were revolutionaries.
"Who raises their children like that?"
I said, "I'm not raising them like that,
they're like that. I let them be."
I think it's best to set an example
by living how you want to live
and not be influenced.
People want you to say something
and feel bad. You can't do that.
You just have to straighten your crown
and get on with it.
Pick yourself up and carry on.
Straighten your crown.
You were all late.
Bill is so professional, it's phenomenal.
As soon as he's on set somewhere working,
he switches off everything else.
Pull the stick out of your ass. Come on.
He has a fantastic gift,
which he probably learned.
I think all these personal things
still buzz around in the back of his head.
But he's very good at separating
his private life from the job,
and he just delivers.
Did you make this?
Yes, I did this for a birthday.
-It's already clear who's who, right?
-That's Bill? No way!
-Bill in Katharina's swimsuit.
-Can I have a look?
-Yes. Look, here's Bill Eating spaghetti.
-That's Bill too?
-There too, yeah.
-Like a little girl.
-He really looks like a girl.
Cute, right?
That's one of the things
I admire most about Bill.
He was so incredibly self-confident
at that age, he did his own thing.
When he was just a little kid,
one day he said,
"Starting tomorrow,
I'll wear what I want."
"It doesn't matter
whether I'm a boy or a girl."
He was so clear about how he wanted
to look and what he wanted to do,
and he wouldn't be swayed.
Tom went as a cowboy or sheriff, and Billy
wore big hats and went as a diva.
And I thought, "Yep, they're different."
I don't want to be that Bill again.
I left that behind me many years ago.
I think when I wrote my biography,
everyone was able to breathe more freely.
It was a quiet outing,
but it was definitely an outing.
Because, of course, it was the first time
that I let people in on my love life.
The Pride concert was very special for me,
because when the queer community says
I'm an icon, that's just incredible to me.
When people say to me, "Hey, you gave me
the courage, you gave me the confidence,"
that's just the best.
-I wish you all the luck in the world.
-Me too.
The Pride concert was another
big freeing moment before the public.
He was able to present this love
in front of so many people,
this, "Be who you are."
That was really big for him.
An extreme step in the direction of
"I don't have to hide anything."
"I don't have to be afraid anymore.
I can say what I want and be who I am."
That's what the band stands for.
Openness, freedom, equality.
That's why it was so important for Bill
to feel welcomed with open arms.
Do you see a lot of people there?
Power Ranger power activated!
Hey! If you had told
13-year-old Bill back then,
when he was singing "It's Raining Men,"
that one day he'd be standing here
with all of you
Thank you so much for coming!
Love, freedom, everything!
Thank you so much!
I've never done anything
with any kind of image in mind
or with any plan behind it.
I have always just tried to be myself.
We're nominated
for a German Television Award,
which we're super excited about.
We'll show our faces,
say, "Thank you for nominating us,"
put on a nice outfit,
and then we'll be off.
Marc said he wanted us to meet,
but now he's making excuses.
That doesn't mean
he doesn't like you anymore.
But he has his own life. Maybe
he's thinking, "He's going back to L.A."
Or it's too much for him right now
because of what just happened, you know?
Life is really simple.
Either I like someone, or I don't.
I always think,
how can you be such an overthinker?
I'm a simple guy. If I like you,
I want to see you every day.
if I don't like you anymore, I'll leave.
You know what I mean?
-We have to leave in an hour.
-Why are you stressing?
-Don't you want to eat?
-Yes, of course.
Today I need to look like,
"Wow. I banged him. Awesome."
That's the look today.
No. "He could be mine."
-Or, "He was in my bed three days ago."
-"In my bed!"
Wow! That's how I want to look today.
-But that's how you look every day.
-We're laughing about you.
To be honest,
I was blown away that we were nominated.
I thought, "Wow, how cool."
"If it somehow fits
in the schedule, let's go."
Do we have a lint roller?
Yeah, I saw one.
I don't usually need one.
Everyone needs a lint roller.
-I've never used a lint roller before.
-Well, you often look linty.
-You think?
You often look at me
and think I look linty?
When you wear black T-shirts
and black outfits, you're often linty.
Yeah, that shocked Bill a bit.
Tom, can you help me? Sorry. Please.
I can't close these little buttons.
-Which ones?
-I want gold.
So? And?
My pleasure.
Should I write a dirty text now,
or do you think it's still too early?
Read out the text first.
I can't read it out loud.
Show me. Let me read it.
Wait, here.
-I would send it in three steps.
This one first, then this one immediately.
I would send them all in a row
but individually,
so they look spontaneous.
Okay, wait.
-What do we think?
-I'd cut this bit.
-The last bit.
-But then I know
-He already knows you're waiting.
-You don't need to repeat
-Tom, what do you think?
In three, so three in a row.
As three individual messages.
I think the last part is too much.
Plus, he asked three times yesterday.
-No, I didn't.
-Yes. Have you forgotten?
-No, I would ask. I'd want to know, yeah.
-So you know whether
-Maybe I can learn something from you.
-Is it good? Yes?
-I'd shorten it.
The last sentence.
I'd just say, "See you later?"
-Yes. Like this.
-That's good.
-The "do you know" is too much for me.
-"See you later?"
Tom and I don't do red carpets often.
Now, at these awards, we have
one of the biggest red carpets in Germany.
And of course all the press is here,
and everyone is waiting
for me to give interviews.
It's clear that the interviews
won't be about the TV award
but will be all about
my little Oktoberfest scandal.
That's why I thought
it might be smart to only do photos.
-That's enough, right?
-Thank you.
-Bill! Tom!
We immediately had to face the public,
which is a bit annoying because
you can't focus on yourself at all.
I actually had so many happy
and positive feelings.
It was a shame
I couldn't just carry on like that
but instead had to justify myself
and be confronted with this "scandal."
Hello. Well? Everything okay?
-It's great.
-How was Oktoberfest?
-Something else, huh?
-It was wild.
-Mouse was really wild.
Yes, I saw.
But he's really cool. I know him too.
-He's sweet, yeah.
-He's really sweet. And? What now?
-Well, we'll see.
-He's hot.
He's totally charming.
Yeah, he's very sweet. You know him?
Yes, I've known him for a long time.
He's always nice, he's really fit
Yeah, he's so hot.
and he's got a huge bulge down there
And he's a really cool guy.
Listen, where are we sitting?
Wow, big stage, big TV studio,
and they said,
"Come sit on the nominee couch."
What? There's a nominee couch?
"Oh, God, how awkward,
we all have to sit there together."
category "Best Entertainment Show."
Congratulations! Wer stiehlt mir
die Show? deserves their nomination
just as much as Die Giovanni Zarrella Show
and That's my Jam. Tom and Bill Kaulitz.
I think a lot of people in the room
were thinking at that moment,
"The Kaulitz brothers had their own show?"
"We had no idea. I thought they were
only here for the red carpet."
I don't think they understood
that we were nominated.
The time has come. The award
for "Best Entertainment Show," goes to
That's my Jam.
Yes, it's you.
I think my face just went blank.
-Thank you, this is crazy.
But the best faces
were those of Giovanni and Joko.
They weren't expecting it at all.
And if I may reveal just a little gossip,
Giovanni was very sure he would win.
Giovanni and Joko,
"It's taking part that counts."
Don't let it get to you.
Better luck next time!
We had a similar situation
with the Moonman for "Best Newcomer."
That time it was,
"Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Tokio Hotel"
And everyone went
And then
And everyone was like
That's how it felt in Cologne.
So yeah, another prize
for our green card application.
I think I was on my own
for two whole weeks.
Because our assistant Lina
was on vacation.
Vacation, yes.
Nice for some people.
I had lots of appointments in that time,
and of course
some things fell by the wayside.
And a few things
we had to take care of ourselves.
Okay, so, how do you do this?
Phone number
You got to the back of the line?
-As if you wait in line.
-Of course. Always.
You with your 250 employees.
Tom doesn't even make his own bed,
just so you know. It's like a hotel.
He gets up in the morning,
goes to the bathroom,
goes to breakfast, comes back
Bed made. Towels hung up.
That's a lie. It's not true.
Swear. Swear on your life.
He won't.
I hate lines.
Waiting and standing in line
I'm so impatient.
I think that if you have a job
where you can afford to have support
and things are going so well
that you actually need support
for things to work,
then that's a privilege, definitely.
Sometimes it's just for comfort,
of course.
It's not that we don't also
treat ourselves from time to time.
It's not as if I didn't try.
You were there.
I must have spent 20 minutes on hold.
At some point, enough is enough.
Hi, Lina. I know you're on vacation,
but I can't get through to this doctor.
I've been on hold for ages.
Maybe you could email them,
and I'll just sign a power of attorney
so you can make me an appointment.
Because otherwise I think I'll spend
the whole day on the phone.
I tried.
When I land in LA, the first thing I do
is try to get back into a rhythm.
It's back to family life,
everyday life, getting up early.
The dogs want to go out,
and I just need to catch my breath.
I like to go out for little things myself.
I think Bill always sends Lina.
When I get home, the boys will be like
It was insanely hot. The kind of stuff
that blows everything else away.
How is the situation between you
and Marc now, after Oktoberfest?
Are you texting?
Yes, we're texting.
Hey, you are so crazy.
In the meantime,
Marc's also had a birthday.
I was just out, and the concierge lady
calls me and says,
"Mr. Eggers, are you at home?" I'm like,
"Nope. Not for another hour. Why?"
"Ah, nothing.
I'll just put it by your front door."
I'm like, "Huh, what's that about?"
And now there are like 5,000 balloons,
and I almost couldn't even get them
into my apartment.
Thank you so much. So many hearts!
My whole hallway is full of them.
I've had such a shitty day today,
and this has really cheered me up.
Thank you very much.
I sent heart-shaped balloons.
I thought I'd give him a little treat.
He doesn't like presents. I asked him
a few times what his address was,
but he didn't answer,
probably because he didn't want a present.
So I stalked him
until found it on the internet.
Are you actually coming
to Devon and Alex's meatball night?
When is it?
It appears that Devon and Alex
often get together to roll meatballs.
Sounds a bit suspicious to me.
The thing with Devon and Alex is,
they both think they're really good cooks.
But I have to say they're not.
I would never invite people
to my place and say,
"Hey, we're having
a dinner party tonight,"
and when they arrive,
"Okay, aprons on and get to the stove."
At that moment, I thought,
"This is so typical,
you guys think it's funny
that I can't cook and don't want to cook."
I don't want to make a fuss.
Had they said,
"Bill, we're having a cooking night,"
I would've said from the outset
that I wasn't even coming.
The worst part is they always do
everything with their hands.
And then they say, "Try it," and I think
He runs around, cuddles with his dog,
then rolls another meatball
I don't want to try them from your hand.
Did you even wash them?
I've already lost my appetite.
They were okay.
They didn't taste too bad, but do you
need to make a special night of it?
I missed meatball night.
You've become so boring. Maybe you
could join the living again for once?
I have a family life.
I have to split myself up.
People want me everywhere.
Then you have to accept
you're the less popular friend.
Devon and Alex prefer
to spend time with me.
Ten tomorrow morning.
We're taking the ferry.
-You're going at 10:00 a.m.?
-No, we all are.
-We want to spend the whole day together.
-I don't think I'll make it by 10:00 a.m.
Devon thought, "For my birthday,
what can I do that's easy for the boys
and is something new,
something we haven't done yet?"
And he suggested we go
to the small island of Catalina.
Yeah, Tom always gets special treatment.
Morning events are bad for me.
Especially on the weekend,
because we always try to have
a bit of family time then.
That involves four children, two puppies,
and lots to do in the morning.
It's easy to blame everything on them.
Then there was the fact that
A day in Catalina? I thought
I don't have a family,
of course. No children.
No dogs anymore, unfortunately.
That means, of course,
I have no social support outside of work.
So, my friends are really
my whole life outside of work.
I am, as we all know, a good driver.
But I also like to be driven around.
But I would have preferred
one or two people hadn't driven.
The boys always get excited
with a little toy under their butt.
They always seem
to have something to prove.
Yes, the timing didn't quite work out
for me. Well, that's half true.
If I had really wanted to,
I could've managed it somehow.
But I thought
half a day in Catalina was enough
to still pass as a good friend.
Maybe it's not as much of a thing
in Europe as in America.
I feel like, in America, it really is part
of almost everyone's life plan.
He wanted us to run off in his car
and asked me if I'd pack my passport
so we could elope and get married.
The problem was,
he had already cheated on me.
So, I wasn't really
in the mood to get married.
Maybe I also love the drama a little bit.
The beautiful thing about love
is that you don't know when it will come
or who you'll fall in love with.
It's not something you can choose.
Have I maybe occasionally
looked at wedding outfits? Yes.
If you're coming late, to stay for half
an hour, you might as well not come.
-You're wrong.
I think people appreciate
that I made the effort
and tried to find a balance.
Then at least come properly
and not so half-heartedly.
-I do. Full-heartedly.
-You drag us down.
No. Full-hearted.
It's time for Devon's birthday present.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, Devon, if you like awkward so much,
you're getting an awkward.
Devon is honestly down for anything.
And we know
that he likes to wear costumes.
Devon pretends he doesn't like
to be the center of attention.
But he does love it.
He's that kind of guy.
It's not so easy with a tail like that.
Who knows what Devon wears at home.
On a scale of one to ten,
I thought it was a full ten of crap
for him. And embarrassing.
But I think Devon found it really fun,
and he was only a bit embarrassed
because he really enjoyed it.
I've been to Catalina Island many times.
I'm not sure he sees the difference.
Our time in Capri was really
the best time of our lives.
The whole family was there. We spent
all our time just dancing and laughing
and went to the most beautiful places.
I married Tom and Heidi.
Writing the wedding speech
and officiating the whole ceremony
It was the most beautiful thing,
marrying off my twin brother,
giving him away, and letting him go.
What he did and how he did it
was just perfect.
It was just magical, and it was
a really nice time. So Devon's birthday
does not compare.
I'm afraid that Uschi will embarrass me.
-I have an extra treat bag here.
-Do I need one too?
No, I don't have another one.
-Will he jump right out?
-Yes, wait.
Hold on.
Hi, sweetie. Okay, be nice.
You have to find something for yourself,
and I'm serious,
besides hanging out with friends.
You need something just for you.
I think hanging out
with friends is a hobby.
Hanging out with friends
and drinking is not a hobby.
We don't drink alcohol. We rarely do.
It's all mostly non-alcoholic.
Look, they're really happy.
Okay, but what
I think I need some treats. Give me some.
-In here?
-Yes, here.
Jäger, look, Daddy has something. Jäger.
That looks like the puppy class, right?
I am good at dog training. I have periods
when I'm strict. I have principles.
It's not that the dogs
aren't allowed on the couch,
it's that they're
only allowed there with me.
-I'm Iris, hello.
-I'm Tom. Oh, you speak German!
-I'm from Vienna.
-Perfect, awesome.
-This is Uschi.
-I'm Bill.
-Hi, Bill.
-And that's Jäger.
-Have they been trained already?
Not really.
I thought it might not be a bad idea
to say it was
their first training session.
Uschi. Can you sit?
-They answer to their names.
Because it's much more impressive
than saying we've invested
in a private dog trainer.
I thought it was more impressive.
Jäger, sit.
-Uschi, no. Down.
-Sit. Super.
-Down. Good!
-Good job.
Jäger. Sit. Down. Sit. No, sit.
I'm glad that I have Uschi.
-Jäger's okay.
-He's doing a good job too.
No. I'm doing better than you.
-You can tell they've been trained.
-No one can tell.
I'm acting as if we've never trained her.
Yes, we cheated a little.
I think it was quite good, though.
She was strict.
I don't think she took on just any dog.
You had to apply
to see if you could come to puppy class.
He's biting my hand.
-You need to get better control of him.
-Jäger. Sit!
He is not listening to you at all.
Uschi is better today.
-He's not so easy, is he?
He's going to end up
in the hard-to-teach class.
No, don't jump. No. No, sit.
Jäger? Jäger, sit. No. Sit.
Okay, but not on the couch!
We're not too excited.
Can you watch them for half an hour?
Don't be long, Mouse, okay? Because I
-For accidents.
-That's in case they pee, right?
Jäger pees all the time.
-Has he had a lot to drink today?
Yes, you've had a lot to drink today. Yes.
Go before they see you leave and cry.
Yes, okay. Right, see you soon.
Look, here. And here.
He doesn't take the hobby thing seriously.
I can't convince him.
It's important that he connects
with his soul and himself,
and does something for him.
No! Is she peeing? No, Uschi, no!
Shit. Uschi! No.
Of course she did it on the carpet.
It would have been better
on the hard floor.
There's nothing worse than that pee smell.
Tom pokes a bit of fun,
and now he's planted a new hobby on me.
But my hobby is boys.
This time, I'm not alone.
I have a little plus one.
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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