Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Halloween is a fixed day in the calendar.
-What's your costume?
-It's a secret.
-You already know?
Did I tell you?
You don't know yet, do you?
You've given a lot away.
Now I can guess what it is.
I doubt it.
-Is he right?
Before Halloween,
we have to make a little pit stop.
I love cars. I've been fascinated
by them since I was a kid.
Muscle cars with big engines.
It's meditative for me.
I just drive and concentrate on that.
Nothing else goes on in my head.
Tom would have been a good mechanic.
Maybe he should still do that.
That would be cool.
My wife turned 50 this year,
and I had the idea
of getting her a Buick as a gift.
She moved to New York
when she was 18 or 19,
and she had a battered old Buick Electra.
I spent several months looking
and found a Buick in Ohio,
and I gave her the car as a present.
I know that they always put
a lot of thought into what to buy me,
and it was an amazing idea to have
my old car turn back up on our doorstep.
Everything's original.
Nothing's been done to it.
That means a few things
no longer work properly.
There's a shop here in Burbank
that specializes in classics,
so I've left Heidi's car in good hands.
My pit stop looks a bit different
from Tom's, of course.
Although you could use
a bit of my pit stop.
I don't look too closely in the mirror.
I stand relatively far back,
take a quick look, and think, "Fine."
But Bill looks in the mirror and thinks,
"My forehead is too wrinkly," or,
"My face moves too much when I laugh."
-What? Let me have a bite.
-You eat more unhealthily than I do.
-You can't tell by looking at me.
You went to the gym yesterday,
that's not being healthy.
Yesterday I was really healthy.
Yesterday you wanted to change your life.
But you never do.
-I'm doing it until New York.
-Because I want to look great in New York.
-You're crazy.
Just be happy
that I'm making my life a bit healthier.
The most important things
are the butt and the belly.
You already have a belly.
Excuse me?
A fat belly.
Have you lost your mind?
I don't have a problem with my belly.
I don't think it suits you.
-When I saw you on vacation
-I exercise more.
-When I saw
-Those were terrible photos.
When I saw you in the paparazzi photos,
I was like, "Jesus."
-They were manipulated.
-They were not.
No, that's what you look like.
I'm looking at you right now.
Yes, I need to do a bit of exercise
so I still fit into my Halloween costume.
As luck would have it, Tom married a woman
who loves Halloween just as much as we do.
The costumes are not quite as ready
as we'd like when we come into town.
We still need a few fitting sessions.
-When will you see your costume?
-On the day.
-I think so.
-Do you have a sketch or something?
-Is this it?
I've loved dressing up and carnival
since I was in preschool.
And when we came to America,
I realized Halloween
is much bigger here than in Europe.
The first time we came to LA,
we asked Shiro and Shay.
They said, "There's a Halloween party."
"Do we need a costume?" "Nah."
Then we get there,
and we're the only ones with no costumes.
Everyone looked amazing.
That was the day I thought,
-"Never again."
-Never again.
Most importantly, never again
will I let anyone else steal the show.
I'm a unicorn this year.
A sexy unicorn, of course.
-We'll see if it's sexy.
-What are you?
I'm not telling you. Because then
you could guess the matching costume.
That's why it's a secret.
-Your costumes are themed together?
-Will this be my best costume yet?
-I think it looks cool.
Bill's the classic
"I want to be sexy on Halloween" type.
Maybe because I'm still single,
and things can happen on Halloween.
I always have to figure out how to match
with Heidi. She tells me her costume.
And it's a huge secret. Nobody can know.
So, my task every year is,
what can I do that will match hers?
I've seen him with a very short beard
before, but I don't think he likes it.
I can tell you now,
it's not the coolest costume.
Jeremy had a thought,
"Your twin is here. He has the same chin."
"We can do it that way."
Tom can unlock Bill's phone
and vice versa, which is crazy.
Yes, come on. I don't want
to be that guy. I'll lend you my chin.
Other body parts could be more difficult.
Yeah. You're carrying
a few more pounds than I am.
I'll have to see how it turns out
before deciding if I'll go as that.
There's always one other option
that I keep open every year.
To go as the invisible man.
Great costume.
Bill's a huge Sex and the City fan.
He loves New York City.
He thinks he's an independent woman.
That's Bill's idea of himself.
He's stressed, carrying a coffee,
walking through New York,
and he meets the love of his life.
That's his dream.
My astrologer said
She said, "LA and New York are
the most important cities in your life."
"If you fall in love, it will be there."
So, I decided I need
a little apartment in New York.
Why not treat myself
to a little something?
I like this area.
You can walk the dog across the street.
-Not bad at all.
-As I said, that way is SoHo.
-You'll be just around the corner.
-It's just a bit dark, no?
Yes, because you don't have
I'm not sure what the English word is.
-From above, yeah.
-No skylight.
It's important to me that Tom
is involved in these kinds of decisions.
Especially when it comes to big purchases,
I always want Tom to approve.
I want to know what he thinks.
Yes, it's a real homey home,
which in New York isn't so
I think it's really nice.
It's nice here with the shower.
Do you think we'll always live
close to each other?
Yes, I think so.
That's why you're looking
for an apartment in New York.
-And a house in Italy.
I like it. I also like this brick wall.
I can already picture myself living here.
Yeah, it's not bad.
Seven million for 4,000 is okay, actually.
It's not that crazy here. Because
of the square footage. It's really big.
I think it's almost a bit too big
for me alone, you know?
But I might get married soon.
In theory, this could be a guest room,
like a separate office.
-A nursery
-Or a nursery, yes.
Are you on your own in New York,
or will you have a guest?
He's flying in this evening.
But it's a bit soon
to look at apartments together.
Sadly, he's arriving later,
otherwise I'd have brought him.
I don't like it, do you?
-It's a completely different vibe.
-These are really ugly tiles.
The moment we walked in, Tom and I
wanted to go straight back out again.
You'd have to redo everything.
The windows Very cheap material.
You'd have to invest
another one or two million, right?
-It's not nice either.
The other one was nicer.
Unfortunately, I haven't found
my absolute dream New York apartment yet.
I think I'll just have to keep looking.
New York is always like a huge gathering
of friends from all over the world.
Everyone gets together
for Heidi's Halloween party.
People expect a lot from Heidi's costume,
and, therefore, from mine as well.
-I won't be able to walk quickly.
-I'll push you.
-I'm looking forward to pushing you.
-I'll push you regardless.
-Don't be stupid.
On the red carpet.
I think it's cool
when you do something
that's not ordinary but just plain silly.
Just totally stupid.
Not taking yourself too seriously.
It's great for the club
because I have this safe space around me.
-No one can get too close.
-Yeah. Me too.
-I just don't know how I'm going to pee.
-Just go in it. No one will see.
They will, I'll be wearing white.
It'll be gross.
Drink a lot so your pee isn't so yellow.
Are you excited
about Marc coming to New York?
Marc landed and came straight from
the airport to pick me up at the hotel.
We then went
to a small dinner with friends.
I thought it was romantic that he flew
to New York just for three nights.
-Not me.
-Me neither.
-How are you?
-Great, thanks. And you?
I'm all right.
A bit hungover today. Yesterday I
-Already let loose?
-Well, what does it mean to let loose?
But I was
with Heidi and Tom.
I thought the atmosphere was pretty good,
although I always think
everyone has the brakes on a bit.
Especially the night before Halloween,
everyone's like,
"No, I want to be in top shape tomorrow."
And everyone's always whining.
Pull the stick out of your ass.
Have a shot. Get in the mood.
How long do we need tomorrow?
Will you be ready?
-Don't stress me.
-I'm just asking.
We'll take as long as we take.
-Will you arrive ready to go?
You'll arrive in costume at six?
What are you going as again? Tell me.
-Will it be a surprise tomorrow?
-At least for me.
Because I don't know if my plan will work.
I haven't seen how it'll come together.
I have this cap on with a unicorn horn
and a horse snout here at the front.
I can't drink or do anything with it on.
Oh, that's a shame.
The last unicorn. I've really seen it all.
I'm really scared of these
That was a great last drink.
I don't think there's been
a Halloween costume like this one before.
I was completely shocked.
I thought, "What?!"
It was extremely well done.
-Getting ready is the best part.
-No Martini, no party.
Someone here has a costume
that looks exactly like you.
That's insane. It's not,
"Let's try it," it's
"I'm doing it."
After a drink or two, I won't know
where I'm sleeping tonight.
It still takes two people.
But it would be one like that, you know?
Anyone who copies you
will have a liver problem. It's true.
-How mean is that?
-How is he gonna survive tonight?
People will come up to him
and think it's you,
and then You're fucked.
But I never drink.
I really only drink to toast.
-No, you have
-What are you laughing at?
In the room, we were so pumped,
and we were in such a party mood.
I've never drunk so much.
-A double for us.
I think they had ordered $5,000 in drinks.
Yes, I only saw that
when I was checking out.
Didn't you wanna get married too?
Didn't we talk about that?
I proposed, and he said no.
He said no?
But he'll have to say yes,
because we want kids soon.
So we have to get married.
Funny. I've not thought
about having children.
-I mean
If I had a happy relationship
or a relationship that worked, maybe,
but I don't believe in making a plan
and then finding a partner.
-You have to find a partner first
-You can manifest, you know?
You can say this is something you want,
and if it happens, that's great.
Funny, someone came running in
when you said that.
-Do you want kids, Marc?
-Of course.
-What do you mean, "Of course"?
-That's my answer. Of course.
You are that sure about it?
Yes. I'd have four.
I love children more than anything.
-Me too.
Good. Very good.
See if you like it,
if you want to change anything.
-The eyes are great.
-You like it?
I'm going to put my costume on now.
Stay calm. Everybody stay calm.
Keep calm, my friend.
They're all so incredibly well styled,
and here I am with my 20-euro costume.
I'm going in the wrong direction here.
-When did you buy the pants?
-Wait. You have to help me.
Please hold this for a second.
When it came to his costume,
he suddenly became very serious.
"Everyone get serious for a moment.
Everyone stop being drunk. Stop."
"We have to deal with his costume."
-This is going so wrong.
-No, it's not going wrong.
Someone said,
"Go to Heidi's party, it won't be so bad."
The job fell mostly on me,
so I felt somewhat responsible.
I didn't want the mood to sour.
We have to take care of his costume
before I finish getting ready.
-Not again.
-I feel like it was just lying on top.
I don't know, Marc. It won't stay.
It felt like it took hours,
but he looked good in it.
What's not right?
-Quiet now.
-Everything's fine.
-Oh my God.
-My ass has burst open again.
See you soon.
The time has finally come.
Halloween has arrived.
The world wants to see
what Heidi Klum will go as this year.
Expectations are always high.
Media interest is always high.
There are lots of people watching.
Everyone who comes to my party
makes a real effort
with their costume. I love it.
I saw Bill briefly before the red carpet
and realized Mouse was already drunk.
I could tell because
he wasn't saying much.
And when he does that, I know, "Uh-oh!"
The red carpet
is actually a good time to be drunk.
If you're moving a bit strangely
in your costume and wobble a bit,
that can be part of the show.
Naturally, Heidi wanted to top the worm.
But you can't because that was
such a funny costume and one-of-a-kind.
You can't do anything funnier
or more disgusting or more unexpected.
You have to do something different.
The idea this time
was something with several people
that only makes sense together.
I don't tell anyone what I'm doing.
For Halloween, it's incredibly important
to me that it's always a surprise.
It's only on the red carpet
that people see what I've come up with.
It's a type of performance art for me,
to surprise people, to inspire others.
I would say
it was literally a feather in her cap.
And you can also look forward
to Tom's costume.
Tom is an egg.
Tom is Heidi's egg.
I thought he was so cute as an egg.
The peacock was naturally
more elaborate and imposing.
And it's funny because many people
didn't think I wanted to be an egg.
Heidi, look this way!
It wasn't easy to be in the egg costume.
I got really stuck at times,
and I didn't know how to move forward.
My legs poked out underneath,
but when you're in there,
you can't get any momentum.
Sometimes I was so stuck
that I had to just wait
because I couldn't move.
I was sweating like a pig.
Everyone who touched me,
even though I was shirtless,
felt my soaking wet back.
Those fur legs were just so hot.
It was like a sauna, and the temperature
kept rising as the night progressed.
I'm telling you, a Halloween costume
is worth some sacrifices.
I finally found a workable position.
I could hold the drink in my hand,
but I had to keep pulling it in,
my head as well, and drink inside the egg.
There were some really good ones,
but I thought my costume
was by far the best.
We left relatively early
because we didn't have many nights
together, and at some point
we wanted to have some time alone.
I'm always a bit worried about Bill
rushing into things too quickly
or being disappointed or something.
I said beforehand, "Hey, it'll be nice
if he visits you in New York."
"It's also a commitment."
Most importantly, I was happy for him
and hoped that he'd have a nice time.
As well as all the partying and working,
we also wanted to do some good.
We thought since we were already
on the East Coast, we'd just stay.
We flew to IFAW.
It's an aid organization for animals
that we've wanted to work with for ages.
They invited us, and we figured
we were already nearby. Let's go visit.
-At their headquarters.
Are you also super tired?
-It's such a rainy, little coastal town.
-But it's kind of pretty. Very green.
We care about everything
to do with animals,
both pets and wild animals,
and everything related to animals.
IFAW does a lot for animals in general,
but especially for dolphins
and whales and marine life.
We hope to see a few,
and, more importantly,
to learn how to save dolphins.
-And whales. He said we'll see whales.
I wouldn't necessarily want
to see whales on a small boat.
-I'd be afraid they'd flip it over.
A whale sank a 52-foot boat last year.
-What? Here?
They know that we're here to help them.
They sense that, I'm sure.
I think so too.
We're here to support
and help them, not harm them.
We ask ourselves all the time what else
we can do. With the reach we have,
with our influence. And Tom and I knew
that we wanted to actually go and see
and understand how it all works.
Hi, guys. We already have our outfits on.
We're here with IFAW in Cape Cod,
and we'll get to work now.
They have a very lifelike,
very realistic dolphin there.
Bill and I thought, "Awesome."
It'll be the same size
Maybe kind of slippery
so you get a true feeling.
Dolphins are slippery.
That's also part of it.
It was so lifelike
that you forgot it wasn't real.
I can't imagine it.
It must be really exciting
when you suddenly have
a real dolphin lying there needing help.
Panic and excitement when it happens.
When it's a real living creature.
This way we could at least begin
to understand how it's done.
Look, they think we have a real dolphin.
It's cool if we can show what they do,
what they're actually achieving.
I think it's cool
that we can explain a little of that.
-I hope the waves stay nice like this.
-I would also like it if you had to puke.
I have moments when it gets really bad,
and if I can't look out ahead
and focus on the horizon,
I'm immediately nauseous.
-As wild as the water is
-Yes, I'll take two and you take none.
-I'm taking one too.
-Hey, you aren't the one
Better safe than sorry.
-But you don't have this problem.
-Yes, but look at the rough seas.
I don't actually get sick.
I'm always the last one on the water
with an espresso martini, going, "Woo!"
The captain and all the crew told us
that the chances of us seeing whales
is not very high.
"Don't be disappointed
if we don't see any whales."
I thought, "I hope it happens."
When the announcement came down,
"Okay, straight ahead," and we all looked
-Wow! Look how big they are.
Wait, I want a video too.
It's hard to describe.
It's a feeling of utter joy.
Swimming around with the little baby.
They're like really beautiful,
elegant aliens.
We should see them in the wild
and not behind some fucking glass pane
in some kind of tank.
They're just there
because they want to be there,
and we get to watch them.
I didn't want it to end.
It's beautiful that there are people
who are working every day
to make up
for all the bad things we do all day.
They take on
a really big job for all of us.
I think that's really remarkable.
We wanted to raise money for IFAW,
so we flew to Germany
for our big "Kaulitz Hills" gala.
Everyone says "event,"
but it was really just a live podcast.
-Oh, now I'm pretty nervous.
-Nervous. Yes, stop it.
Now I'm really nervous.
What are we doing here, Tom?
-What are we doing here?
Why did we agree to this?
-I don't know.
-You wanted
It was a gift to our Tadpoles
for the 100th episode.
You're lucky I'm bringing you.
Many people didn't get a ticket.
It's our 100th episode, and we want
to campaign for animal welfare.
We want to raise a lot of money,
so I thought it should be really fancy.
What a neat building.
At first they said, "No way, it's been
fully booked for years, you can't get in."
But when they heard which podcast,
suddenly a slot became available.
We have the Tube Talks
from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.
-Then we'll do social media formats.
And then the other media. RTL, 15 minutes.
Cosmopolitan, 15 minutes.
Harper's Bazaar, 15 minutes.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 15 minutes.
-Then sound check.
-You agreed to all that?
This is a world-famous venue.
It's really well-known
and simply gorgeous.
We thought it would be cheeky
to not play music. We'll just have a chat.
The Elbphilharmonie normally
only hosts classical musicians,
and we showed up with just two microphones
and a live podcast.
Now show us what you can do.
-That's right, um
-That's right, um
How synchronized was that?
Ever since we've had the podcast,
people have naturally started to think
that they know a lot about us,
and they ask a lot of personal questions.
But we know how to get out of it.
How surprised were you
after Oktoberfest and now New York,
with Marc there, to see
what was made of it? And what is it?
I really like the weather in Hamburg.
-The day feels so long already.
I was really nervous, though, because
I didn't know what we were actually doing.
Okay, Bill.
Were you just there?
Tom, stop making me nervous.
Everything's falling off.
-I'll give you your outfit.
-Please be careful.
-I'll lay it over here, okay?
-No, please don't lay it down! Hang it up.
-Dude, this is so fucking big.
Hey. My voice sounds really nice.
I might as well dance and sing a little,
since we're here.
It's the most beautiful venue
I've ever seen.
I was really sweating and thinking,
"You all know
we're just talking here today, right?"
We never thought that the sorts
of conversations Tom and I used to have
in our childhood bunk beds would later
become such a big part of our job.
We could have made
some real good money back then.
-Wow, they're loud. Is that the audience?
-I think I'm going to throw up.
-Throw up?
I love nothing more than that moment
when someone counts you down and goes,
"Three, two, one, go!" Spotlight on,
and the energy just kicks in.
It's such a high.
We go on, and I think to myself
It felt strange that so many people
came to hear us speak live, for sure.
I can't actually talk to you.
I have to pretend you're not here.
But it's hard, because, as you all know,
I'm like a circus pony.
-I always think I need to
-No. We can't talk to them.
We have to talk
to each other. Stay with me.
All our friends were there,
our family was there.
A cheese pizza pretzel roll.
So now, for example, I can tell
you're nervous. You smell nervous.
Who has Diddl Maus handwriting, huh?
Can I show you? Tom writes
like a little girl in the seventh grade.
It's neat as a pin.
You only went
to school until the seventh grade,
so your writing
is still the same as it was then.
I'm so glad
that some nice donations came in.
Hopefully, we'll do something
like this again.
Tom and I will match all your donations.
We'll double them
so we raise a bit more money together.
Thank you!
Thank you!
I love Hamburg because, A,
it has my favorite hotel in Germany,
and, B, we were finally able to visit Mom.
She's moved to Hamburg,
and we arranged a new house for her.
I haven't seen it yet.
Bill has been once or twice,
but I haven't.
Tom is a very busy man,
and his priorities are a little different.
Do we have to bring cake? Did you ask her?
I said we'd bring cake.
But I thought
they might bake us a nice cake.
Bringing our own is safer, right?
-Or we can bake together.
-I'd like a nice plum cake.
My mom lives with her new partner
a bit out of town.
I always want to keep it
a bit incognito for my mom.
She said it was her regular café.
But the good thing is
that nobody knows who my mom is.
We didn't want
to make a big spectacle and say
-Cheese rolls. Yum.
-I'd also like cheese rolls.
A pretzel roll is good too.
First, we have to see what we
We should take these for the hotel.
We have trained ourselves to move
very quickly whenever we're in Germany.
-Let's have a jelly doughnut too.
-And some rolls.
I also want bread rolls.
And two slices of apple cake.
At twice the speed
at which normal people move.
-My mouth's watering.
-Mine too.
-Pretzel cheese roll or regular roll?
It was also the place to be.
People like to go there to meet up,
drink coffee, and chat.
Are you Bill?
-That's him.
-I'm Bill, that's Tom.
-Can I take a photo of us?
-Did it work? Super.
The bakery got pretty full pretty fast.
With people who recognized us.
Super, great.
-All the best to you.
-Thank you.
-Oh God, it's exciting.
Let me join in.
It makes people really happy.
So I always take time for photos.
We also wanted a bit of family time.
Because if we're in Germany, in Hamburg,
then we want to say hello
and just hang out a bit
and bring
a sense of normalcy to everything.
I forgot. How does the door open?
Why don't you ring?
How does it open?
I can't do it with the key.
You can't do it?
-Hi, Mom.
-Hi, darling.
-We have Hi, Werner.
So, visiting your mom for the first time.
-My goodness, say
-The first time.
-With your MDLA pullover.
-As it should be.
-How are you?
I'm good. We're good.
-You're good.
-We're good.
Nice. Hey, Gühni.
Shall I take that?
Andreas is our very best friend
from school.
It was always the three of us
against the world.
With a childhood friend like that,
you realize how much you have changed.
Today we live very different lives.
Tommi, would you like me
to show you around?
Here's the dishwasher. It's tiny,
but as I said, it's great for two people.
-Here's the living room.
Your living room.
-Nice, right?
-Yeah, it's cute.
-Did you paint that?
That's yours too?
I really liked seeing her house.
It was exactly
how I imagined it, really cute.
Mom always makes herself so busy
because she wants
everything all tidy and smart.
It was really sweet.
Hi. Yes.
They're not used to so many people here.
-Have you ever gotten close to them?
It's a cute house. The main thing
is that you feel comfortable.
Yes. We do.
We have so much to do
that sometimes I can't explain to people
that I can't get in touch,
even when I'm in town.
How little I can be part of their lives.
People don't understand that at all.
You have a nice studio up here.
You need to play some music here.
And Yeah.
I have a little sound system.
That one's crap.
We don't even make CDs anymore.
How will you listen to Tokio Hotel?
Yes, that's true.
But look, I've got your CDs.
You need something else
where you can stream. I'll remember that.
Now that Tommi was there too,
I had both their energies in my home.
That's important to me. I need to have
both of their energies in the house.
Oh, I'm so tired, Andreas.
-What did you do last night?
-Worked. I was really sexy yesterday.
-Really hot.
This is in the middle of nowhere.
We drove an hour and a half
from our hotel in Hamburg.
-It's a long way out.
-Here, you mean?
-Yes, I also drove 45 minutes.
-It's far.
A visit to my mom's
is a bit of a flashback.
It's like coming home,
and you suddenly feel like a kid again.
-You drink champagne in the morning?
I took the liberty
of getting a little something.
-Is this porcelain?
-Thanks, Werner.
-Is it porcelain?
-Very nice porcelain.
-Nice porcelain. What is this? Pretty.
-My grandparents' wedding dishes.
-Your grandparents? Grandpa Tic-Tac?
-Grandpa Tic-Tac, yes.
-It's their wedding set.
-Cute, isn't it?
Taking the time to have cake and coffee.
It reminds me of the past,
but in a good way.
Because it's something
that we don't do anymore in our lives.
It's something my mom still does.
It's lovely.
Like returning to another world.
-A toast first.
-First, champagne
Before the Titanic sinks.
Tom, the naughty son, finally visits.
He never comes to visit you.
-The dear favorite son has been before.
-He's been twice.
-To the favorite son.
-To the favorite son.
You only came
because you had that advertising job.
Mom, look.
-To Bayern. "Mia san mia." "Pack mas."
I wanted to send Marc a photo of us.
I'll touch it up first.
-Do you often send him photos?
-Does he send photos?
-Anyone want the last doughnut hole?
-No, eat it. I'm full.
Before After.
-It barely changed.
-More light.
Look, I made mom's nose a little smaller
and her smile Look.
What does that mean?
That I need an operation?
-I made the lips bigger too.
The nerve. Honestly. Listen, bud,
I think my nose is fine the way it is.
-Without surgery.
-Beautiful and natural.
I think the filter was more for him.
For his own self. Not for me.
Everyone, today is a day
of good news. It's so crazy.
-There's only good news all day today.
-Okay, go on.
We've already sold half of our vinyls
in less than 24 hours.
That's four times better
than the Christmas song did last year.
-That's great.
You two are always working,
always thinking.
-This year has been really a lot.
Tom looks green.
I look green?
Yes, a little.
Slaving away.
Mom worries all the time anyway.
Do you think we work too much?
What's the deal with our road trip?
You gave me the gift of quality time
three months ago.
-It's coming.
-It was a gift. It has to happen.
Why did we get such a shitty camper again?
It'll happen, Mouse.
Shit like this will kill you.
-It's life-threatening.
-It is not.
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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