Kaulitz & Kaulitz (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Eight months of cameras, last clapboard!
This could very well be the end
of your career right here.
Luckily, we've had the cameras with us,
so we can watch it all back.
Thank you!
I think we should do a second season.
Let's just keep on filming.
The last trip to Germany is so jam-packed,
there really isn't any room to breathe.
This is the center of Bill's life.
I'm in my element. I just love what I do.
It really smells like you.
Good. I put a drop of my own sweat
into every bottle.
-Very nice.
It's a wrap.
-We didn't have a single day off.
-I had a low battery.
A very good morning to you, sunshine.
Good morning.
We have another event
in Germany, the 1LIVE Krone.
Award for "Best Entertainment."
It sounds banal, but it's not.
Tom and I were incredibly busy
filming The Voice.
So the only way
to get to Bielefeld was by train.
We have a small problem.
Let's hear it.
You've never traveled by train,
but Deutsche Bahn is known to be
-Trains are always late.
-Worse. The train is canceled.
Are you serious?
We were taking the 9:00 a.m. train,
but it's been canceled.
I think to myself, "Shit. The one day
we want to take the train, it's canceled."
The following one is also canceled,
and probably the one after that.
So we have to figure out what to do.
-This can't be true.
-Please, no.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, that didn't work out.
I wanted to take a train.
I imagined it would be so romantic.
I imagined it would be
like a German Orient Express.
-I can't believe it.
-Great. Let's go back to bed.
-Do we I can't believe this. Shit.
Tom thought it was a sign.
No train, no Bielefeld.
What a fuckup.
My first thought was
that Bill and I send a video message.
-Why don't we drive?
-And spend ten hours in the car?
You wanted to go by car to begin with.
A five-hour drive is not an option.
We'd have five-hour drive back at night.
I suggested we go straight for the car,
but he said, "No way."
I really wanted to go. I was
looking forward to it for several reasons.
Bill had made plans for Marc
to come to the 1LIVE Krone
and then to The Voice in Berlin.
So he was doubly interested in going.
I tried to find a solution.
Tom wasn't as solution-oriented.
Can we fly out there?
To Bielefeld? No.
Do they even have an airport?
-I don't know.
What? Bielefeld must have an airport.
Or the next town? Koblenz?
In theory,
if they got us an airplane, would you fly?
In a small airplane? Yes or no?
You can't fly to Bielefeld.
The only airport
that you could fly to was Paderborn.
I think it's totally crap
to make short business trips by jet.
We were offered several planes,
and we chose the nicest one.
There are some real junkers, aren't there?
The one where Tom would feel safest.
Yes, the jet was pretty okay.
-The captain looks good.
-Almost as nice as going by train.
Bill, we tried.
We tried. Life just doesn't want us
to sit on a train.
Around 30,000, I think
But I didn't foot the bill.
May I offer you a glass of champagne?
Why not?
Yes, go on.
Bill loves it.
When we fly on private jets,
he goes out partying with the pilot
the night before. It's stupid.
To "Best Entertainment" of 2023.
-To Tom.
The last time he did that,
the plane was leaving at 9:00 a.m.
Bill got back at 8:00 a.m. after partying
with the pilot until 5:00 a.m.
Suicidal, honestly.
Then they took off together,
and the pilot let Bill fly.
Bill was like
And I was like, "Absolutely not."
I'm going to feel like a corpse
on The Voice tomorrow.
Have you not had a nap?
For our Christmas song, do you want
Why don't you talk a little louder?
Do you want to sing with the choir?
The "oh" part? No, I don't.
The flight was very short.
We just about finished our champagne,
and we were landing in Bielefeld.
-Thank you.
-We barely have time anyway.
I have to pick an outfit
and start hair and make-up right away.
There really isn't much time left
until the red carpet.
Yeah. Everything is much tighter
than you think.
-I have another question.
Marc Eggers was here earlier.
-Any comment?
-Thank you.
Marc wanted to film a YouTube video
and thought he'd do it at a music event.
He told me beforehand,
to see if we could do both.
We could see each other again,
party a bit,
spend time together,
and he could get some work done.
Thank you.
-Hey, how are you? You good?
-Hi, I'm Carsten.
-I'm Bill.
-Tom, hey.
You have to stand outside. I'm so cold.
Look at me.
-I had to stand outside for two hours.
-It's freezing.
-Why don't we have a beer then?
When does it even start?
-I did the red carpet, but no interviews.
-That's good.
I didn't do any interviews
because you said I wasn't allowed.
I don't think Marc wants any publicity.
He pulled away when the cameras came.
If we had gone together,
he'd have been in all the pictures.
There would be an article later.
This level of publicity
and the tabloid press in particular
are completely new to him.
He doesn't feel comfortable with it.
If he could switch it off and know
that no one would talk or write anything,
he would be able to have fun
and have a drink and be happy for me
for winning an award. He'd prefer that.
Congratulations on the 2023 1LIVE Krone,
Bill and Tom Kaulitz!
-I'm drunk.
-Didn't this used to move?
-Yes, not anymore.
-Not anymore?
Thank you.
Marc drove with me to Berlin
after the 1LIVE Krone.
We thought it would be nice to drive
four to five hours through the night.
I had to go back that night for the final
for The Voice the next morning.
It was a very important day.
Lots of appointments.
Marc said,
"I'll just come along and join you."
I was actually surprised
he said he was coming.
What is the status with Marc now?
If only I knew.
The Voice of Germany
is the last big thing for us this year.
-I love that we always say good morning.
The finale of The Voice of Germany.
We're so excited.
-This is the last big thing.
-And then we can finally switch off.
-Yum, thank you.
Yum, it's
Do you want a sandwich too, Bill?
Bill, do you want a sandwich?
-Bill, do you want a sandwich?
-No, I'm not hungry, thank you.
I was so exhausted that day.
I couldn't even drink champagne,
and that's saying something.
Cigarettes, aspirin, throat spray.
I am a wreck.
-You're a wreck?
-I'm a wreck.
We're very tired, and it takes a while
for the engine to get going.
Once it's running, it's fine.
It will run for a while.
I try my best. People want
to celebrate, our family is there
So I pull myself together.
Should I take an aspirin? Yeah. Right?
Let's go have some fun on the show.
I'm wearing these. I've never worn these
and not hooked up with someone.
Whenever I wear these
These are my lucky shoes.
I always get lucky.
-To a good show. Cheers.
Good luck.
Please walk down there and then just
I know this studio really well
because it's the exact same studio
where I sang "It's Raining Men"
on Star Search as a 13-year-old boy.
Today we're in a double chair
on The Voice.
Back then, we never could have predicted
or even dreamed this.
I have a real soft spot for our talents.
It takes so much courage
to get up there and sing.
I have trouble singing on stage.
I'll scream in the background behind Bill
with my microphone turned down.
The performances they give
are really insane.
She had the best song,
the best performance, the best coaches
-And now
-we'll begin the announcements.
-What a journey.
-I'm so nervous. Are you nervous?
Let's see how the votes are divided.
When you're standing up there,
it's like being 13-year-old Bill again.
I looked at the screen,
and thought I was really nervous.
We have a clear number one here.
It felt like it was about me,
but it's not at all.
It's about them.
Looking at the board, I thought, "God."
"Is it their name?"
You're waiting and shaking.
The Voice of Germany 2023 is
Malou Lovis Kreyelkamp!
Team Bill and Tom!
Those images of me,
you'd think I'd won The Voice of Germany.
-What a breakthrough.
-What wonderful performances.
It was a win for us too, of course.
It was an honor
after a whole year of work.
Career-wise, it was the most
successful year Tom and I have ever had.
Yes, it was all crazy hype
with Tokio Hotel back in the day,
but we've never had so much fun,
and been so honored,
and done as many great projects
as we have this year.
It's also really nice that,
after so many years,
we still get the opportunity
to experience new things.
It's such a privilege.
I think we'll always do it in some form.
We thought we'd visit Gustav
and make a little detour
from Berlin to Magdeburg.
It's been a busy week, huh?
I really can't do anymore.
My batteries are so empty. I feel so
-You look like it.
-Yes? Why? Do I look like shit? Yes?
-You think?
-No, you look okay.
-I'd do a bit less next year.
-Yes, focus on fewer things.
We didn't plan to be so busy this year.
You have to ride the momentum a bit,
don't you?
Right now I just want to go on vacation.
I need to sort that out too.
I haven't booked anything yet.
At the end,
it feels like you are on autopilot.
You're just getting through it.
Somehow, you manage
to get through it okay.
But it's not really fun anymore.
Everyone was working
towards the end of the year.
Shall we stop at the Christmas market
on the way and pick up Schmalzkuchen?
-That'd be cool, right?
-Do we dare get out?
-That's the question.
-We don't have security.
Wow, this place looks
It's already pretty busy here.
Yeah, it looks really crowded.
Had we gone to the stall to get pastries,
it could've gotten out of hand.
So we decided at the last minute
that we'd rather send someone else.
Yay! Yummy!
Oh my God, I haven't had this for so long.
Great. Shall we eat it now
and not take any to Gustav?
Tom and I nibbled up a quarter of it.
Then we shook the bags
so it looked like we hadn't eaten any yet.
-Mouse! Dude!
Hey, do you really have
We brought Schmalzkuchen
from the Christmas market.
-A little appetizer.
-Oh, it smells good in here.
It's a little tradition.
Not a very old one, but we enjoy
meeting up now and then.
Gustav is a good cook,
and I think he enjoys it too.
I have prepared an apple and horseradish
tartare for tonight.
I marinated the salmon
and pickled the cabbage myself.
A nice goose, dumplings,
and alcohol. Very classic.
Wow, you've really decorated
for Christmas! It's really cozy.
Yes, you all said to really go for it.
Really go for it. More is more.
-Nice that the women get nothing.
I think he enjoys it
when we come visit him and do this.
It's exactly his thing.
Taking care of other people.
He likes being a host,
making sure everyone's happy,
that everyone has a nice drink.
-Happy Easter.
-To love.
-Happy New Year.
To love.
It's lovely. We've done it a few times,
and we thought we should keep it going.
What's that saying?
"You can't choose your family?"
Right, you can't choose your family.
This is more than friendship.
I'd say so.
It's a different relationship.
We're really family.
We're so deeply connected
that we're completely unreserved.
We tell each other everything.
Next year, we're cutting back.
At Tom's personal request,
we're not going on tour.
-We have to make ourselves a rarity.
It's not necessarily a bad thing.
There's a saying my wife taught me.
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
And if you come back with a banger,
it makes a really cool statement.
Gustav wanted the same thing.
He's just afraid to say it.
Gustav said, "My wife wanted me
to be at home more."
What? I would never say that! Dream on.
-Nah, it's all right.
-Gustav wants to play 350 shows a year.
Gustav wished
he could be at home with his wife more.
-Oh, yes, right. Sure.
-Yes. That too.
We'll put out a new album.
More music, less touring.
You'll thank me in the end.
-I don't think so.
-Trust me.
People will naturally take your side.
Because fans of the band
won't be on the side of the person
who says, "Let's tour less."
That's obvious.
-I'm okay with having the unpopular view.
-Sure. What nonsense.
That's something we could do
four years from now.
It's crazy how brazen you are.
What? Isn't that what you do at Christmas?
-Eat, lie down.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Sara.
I had no time and often no energy
to maintain my friendships.
I haven't seen Sara for a few months now,
and we have a lot to talk about.
Is there maybe a man?
Marc is a sweet guy and not an asshole.
I just don't want anything
that's happened between us,
or what's happened now,
to be negative for him.
He doesn't deserve that,
he was very brave.
A new award for our collection.
We have our new 1LIVE Krone with us today
which we want to add to the other awards.
That's Oops.
You drive like a maniac.
-Would you shut up?
-You're so abrupt.
So are you. What do you think of my look?
Look, I've got my smart glasses on today.
-You used to wear glasses without
-Without lenses. Yeah, that's cool.
We're going to the storage unit
to see how the downsizing has gone.
Lina has everything ready for us.
She moved everything,
and, hopefully, put it all away.
This is cooler.
It looks like a cartel operation.
It looks like
we could be doing illegal things here.
It's a place
where you can grab some clothes
and wear them without worry.
It's smaller here, no?
I didn't say anything to Lina.
Did I misunderstand something?
We wanted it indoors so it was less dusty.
This is outside, just like the last one.
With the same door that lets the dust in.
You could come here late and hide a body.
You could. I left a little space.
You have larger storage.
It's further out.
That's why it's cheaper.
But it's five minutes from the last place.
Bill seemed quite okay with it.
Oddly enough.
That looks so much better.
-Yes, but it looks like less.
Look, I got you a nice shelf
of all the awards.
Excellent. Here comes another.
I find it a bit embarrassing
to have an awards shelf.
I would never display them at home.
But it's kind of nice in storage.
See? We got two last time.
I'm telling you, they cheated us.
No, these are different things.
"Best Newcomer." And this is
"Best Live Act."
It was 2005, 2006,
and this is "Best Entertainment 2023."
It's funny. I'm interested to see
how many more awards I'll win
as an entertainer
and how many as a musician.
They will be for my music.
I'm going to push for that in the future.
Amazing. Do you know how old I was?
It's great, isn't it?
-Well, I mean, great? It looks
-Excuse me, I was seven years old!
It's not like you look at it and think,
"This kid must become a painter."
I would have said to my son,
"You have to go to art school."
I'd have said,
"Why don't you do something with music?"
It's great.
This is actually perfect.
I can get to everything now.
That's kind of
Look, Bill. This would be
a good hobby for you. Rollerblading.
-You could be the guy on the weekend
-Who goes skating.
-A bit of skating.
Bill, go out and show us.
Wanna put them on?
-I think I can do it.
-Show us.
Bill has no hobbies.
I've been telling him,
he needs something for himself.
Something that's only for you.
Where you have no agenda,
no plan, you're not making money
Look, you can even grind on this bar.
I used to be a pro at rollerblading.
Bill used to love riding his Kickboard.
Kickboards are those boards
with a pole in front. Totally uncool.
-Wait, check that there are no animals.
-I just put my hand in.
Did you? Put your hand in this one.
-I'd better sit down.
-With the Gucci pants.
Okay, I need someone to hold
Oh, my God. Okay, you got up pretty well.
-Look here.
-Hey, you can still skate in them.
-Look, I'm skating like a pro.
-Like before.
I felt as if I had never
not been on rollerblades. It was really
I don't think I can stop.
I did a lap of the place.
I might have been a bit wobbly at first,
but then I looked like
I could get back on the half-pipe.
Bring them. They look really cool.
The Tic-Tac-Toe shirt plus the skates.
-It's awesome.
-This is really your thing, Bill.
-I think I'd enjoy it.
He's really having fun.
There's gravel here, it's scary.
It gives you a good ass too.
It will help you
fill in your pants better.
I don't have the hang of turning.
-Cool, we've found you a hobby today.
It's tiring though, guys.
But you pick it right back up.
It's not that crazy.
I know he's making fun of me,
but I think it suits me.
Okay, that's enough workout
for the next few weeks.
Are you taking them home?
He doesn't take it seriously.
I think doing something for himself
will help him connect
with his soul and self.
I keep telling him,
but he's not listening.
He left the rollerblades
where he found them.
I think it looks basically the same.
-But it's 550 euros less.
-We saved money. We don't do that often.
After all the stress, we wanted to see
Shiro and Shay and chill out.
They usually have good advice
or ideas on how we can relax.
I just hope it's not too esoteric.
They can always tell immediately
if we're doing well or not so well.
Especially Shay.
I can't slide by with, "How are you?"
She's, like
I go on autopilot.
Have lots of experiences, full throttle
Live to the max. And then
I get the feeling things are flying past,
and I'm not even there.
You're not in the moment at all.
We've had this before,
after the first wave of success
in the early years of Tokio Hotel.
The years flew by, and I couldn't enjoy it
because I wasn't really in the moment.
If someone asks, "How are you?
How's your soul?" I don't know.
I'd have to ask my soul first.
We're not really in conversation.
So, Mouse, we've been filming for more
than 70 days. First season is in the can.
Topic, reality show.
You can admit that you agreed.
I don't think I'm edited weirdly
or misrepresented.
How do you think you come across?
Will people find you grumpy?
No, and I still stand behind
everything I said.
I'm a little bit nervous, I have to admit.
But I'm mainly nervous for you, Mouse.
-Because you often behave badly.
And then, in the end, I get the blame.
I'm intrigued. I want to see
who's been out of line.
-Has it lifted the veil?
-Exactly, has it?
-Do you see the real Bill?
Am I ready?
One, two, check, one, two.
Master interview one.
The first season, oh, God.
-I think it's funny already.
-I like it too.
Nobody will believe us.
They'll all think we cast him.
This is crazy,
how long we've known them, right?
Look how aggressively
you start this discussion.
I'm okay if we don't tour for a year.
That's totally fine.
I could get involved again right now.
I've got a thousand things to say.
-Because it's so stupid.
Don't you see that now and think,
"What I'm saying is total garbage"?
No, let the ship go down
and continue to develop as a person.
-You didn't mean it like that.
-Yes, I did.
-For your development.
-Yes, that way would've been nice.
-That's exactly how it was meant.
-That's not what I heard.
-We've brought someone with us.
You're very chic. How are you?
I was told it wasn't a good idea,
but I thought I'd do it anyway.
The look on your face! You're great.
-Yes or yes?
-You're trying to be inconspicuous?
Hello. I'm MC Kaulitz.
I live in Hollywood.
I tan in the sun,
because with me, it's always summer.
Look, I looked extremely good that day.
Maybe it's not the hair,
but the fact I'm in love, you know?
It looks good on me.
Changes my complexion.
The person in the room
who's the least likely
to fall in love with Bill,
that's who he chooses.
That's who he likes.
Why is that unlikely?
Unlikely in the sense that they're taken,
or married, or straight.
That's who excites you.
But the evening wasn't over yet, was it?
I very rarely like anyone.
-That's rubbish.
-No, it's true.
-Okay, but you like me?
Yeah, I really like you.
I had to keep my love and my sexuality
and everything a secret for many years.
I always had this pressure from outside,
"No, the lead singer has to be single."
"He has to be desirable."
The record company, the management
Everyone said so.
I carried this baggage for years.
No, I'm not gay.
I saw Bill suffer, when he wasn't yet
so open with the world,
when he kept a lot of things to himself
and only shared with me.
He was able to present this love
in front of so many people,
this, "Be who you are."
That was really big for him.
I don't want to be that Bill again.
I left that behind me many years ago.
-That was nice.
-Very nice.
-I really liked that.
-Me too.
We talk about that time, right?
But it's still
It was long ago,
it feels like another life.
Sometimes I can't recall how it felt
when I talk about it.
-But seeing it, the feeling comes back.
I feel like I'm watching someone else.
-We've had a lot going on in our lives.
-A lot.
I think we should continue
with a second season.
-Wanna know why?
I wanna know what happens next
with Bill and Marc.
-How grumpy did you think you were?
-Not grumpy.
-The editing wasn't misleading?
I thought it was very entertaining.
Yes, me too.
Me, in particular.
Okay, Mouse.
Well, what now?
Well, have a happy New Year.
Then let's do a season two.
Come on. I'm up for it.
Let's talk tomorrow. Bye, Mouse.
Bye, Mouse.
Subtitle translation by: M. C.
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