Keep Breathing (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Hierarchy of Needs

Stay still.
I'm hungry.
Liv. Stay still.
I have to go, Dad.
Good, right?
Now you look just like me.
I won't do that.
I said no.
No. I won't do that.
Then tell me what you would have me do.
I love you.
Be good.
Knock, knock. Hey.
- I brought you something to eat.
- Oh, that's No, that, you don't
Relax, it's just lunch.
And since you don't seem to take it,
I thought I'd bring it to you.
- Danny?
- Don't worry.
I got some for me, too.
Don't overthink it.
We're just two responsible employees
fueling our bodies
so we can be efficient and effective cogs
in this giant corporate machine
that doesn't care if we live or die.
And this isn't about
dispelling any weirdness
after the other night.
Or trying to be friends.
I don't even want to be your friend.
I don't even like you.
We can talk about work the whole time.
Or just
eat in silence, you know.
I love silence.
It's like one of my favorite things.
That's, it's like silence, sleeping in
getting lunch with fellow associates.
- My God.
- Right?
Food. They make all different kinds.
You could do this every day if you wanted.
I eat.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- Ah.
- This is my snack drawer.
That's not food. That's a
that's a cry for help.
Luckily, I'm very helpful.
This is delicious. Thank you.
I've never once seen you
eating one of those snacks.
I do it when no one's looking.
Good to know about the drawer though.
You stay out of it.
You'll want to avoid eating
soft cheese,
fresh juice, raw fish or sushi,
cookie dough, alcohol,
pre-stuffed poultry,
deli meats, unwashed fruits or vegetables,
smoked seafood, shellfish.
And really, you should only be
drinking filtered water from now on.
Liv, are you listening?
I got to boil it.
Honestly, I'm concerned.
She's not engaged.
She's not focusing.
Or if she is,
she's focused on the wrong things.
- Is it affecting her work?
- No, it's not.
She's clearly very bright.
Then what's the problem?
She's withdrawn.
She's not making friends.
And she seems to have zero interest
in doing so.
And she talks to herself.
So? Kids talk to themselves.
You're both dealing with a lot.
Is there family that could stay with you,
help you out for a while?
Her grandparents are gone.
My brothers are in Columbia.
It's just us.
What about her mother's family?
No. We'll be fine.
We can manage on our own.
Fuck, yes! Yes!
Oh! Ow!
Fuck! Ah!
Ah, fuck! Fuck! Fuck, fuck.
That money's not yours.
Or the oxy that came with it.
You don't think the people
that it belongs to, might want it back?
You know, just because our flight
wasn't logged
and you can't find your way out
of a wet paper bag,
doesn't mean they can't find you.
And let's just say that staying lost
might be preferable.
You don't want to listen to me?
Suit yourself.
I want a little sugar in my bowl ♪
I want a little sweetness
Down in my soul ♪
I could stand some loving ♪
Oh, so bad ♪
This cocoa is delicious. Thank you.
Mom used to make it for me.
I want a little steam on my clothes ♪
Maybe I could fix things up
So they'll go ♪
What's the matter, Daddy, come on ♪
- You've been drawing a lot?
- Save my soul ♪
I need some sugar in my bowl I ain't ♪
How come no family ever comes to visit us?
I want some sugar in my bowl ♪
We came here to do things our own way.
We're fine. We don't need anybody else.
But what if you go somewhere?
What if
you die?
You been acting different ♪
I've been told ♪
I'm not going anywhere, Liv.
I'm right here.
You see me?
See how strong I am?
I'm right here, okay?
Maybe I can fix things up
So they'll go ♪
What's the matter, Daddy ♪
Come on save my soul ♪
Do you think she misses us?
I need some sugar in my bowl ♪
- I ain't fooling ♪
- I don't know what she thinks.
I want some sugar in my bowl ♪
Do you think I'm like her?
Why did she leave?
- Was it
- What does it matter, Liv?
No more, okay?
She's gone and we're here.
She left because she left.
She was sick,
it had nothing to do with you, okay?
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Save my soul ♪
I want some sugar in my bowl
I ain't fooling ♪
I want some sugar in ♪
Drink your cocoa. It's getting cold.
Are you hungry?
Come on, fishy.
Come on.
Damn it.
Fuck you, fish.
Fuck you, fish! Fuck you!
Probably not supposed to eat you anyway!
We got to go through every file,
every deposition, every bit of testimony,
and construct a timeline,
see where our stories line up
and where they collide.
- That's gonna take days.
- No, it's not.
We don't have days. We have today.
So, that's how long it's going to take.
Look, I know it's going to suck,
but it's the job.
So, let's suck it up and do it right.
Danny, I want you running point
Liv, can I talk to you for a second?
Hey, are you almost done?
We need you in here.
- Sophie took a message for you.
- Then why isn't Sophie giving it to me?
- Can we just talk in the hallway?
- Ruth, I don't have time! What is it?
Your dad had a fall.
The home care nurse
called from the hospital.
She's there with him now.
She says he seems all right,
he's resting and being monitored,
but she wanted you to know.
She says he blacked out.
It's the meds. They make him dizzy.
- Guys, let's give her a second, okay?
- No.
We don't have a second.
She said he's stable?
Yeah, they're keeping him
overnight, but you should probably
Okay, tell Sophie to call her and tell her
that I'll check in in a couple of hours.
- We need to get this done.
- Liv?
Ruth, what am I gonna do? Sit by his bed?
That's what she's doing.
Tell her I'll check in
in a couple of hours
and to text me if anything changes.
Now when you're done out there,
we need you in here with the rest of us.
All right.
Let's start from the beginning.
Where is everyone else?
They're starting to fall apart.
So, I sent them on a break.
How's your dad?
Fine. They've got him on something.
She says he's out like a light.
I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier.
I know that motion needs a ton of work.
I think you, me or Danny should be
writing first drafts from now on.
How's it coming?
It's good.
Is it great? It needs to be great.
It's great, Liv.
I really think
you should take some time off.
Just be with your dad.
There's nothing I can do for him.
Of course, there is.
He's asleep most of the time.
And when he's awake
we don't have much to talk about.
We're just different people.
Always have been.
I know that it's scary.
When my brother got sick
I didn't know how to be around him either.
It was really hard to see him like that.
But I forced myself to do it anyway,
and I am really glad that I did.
I'm around.
I see him every morning and at night.
That's not what I'm talking about.
When David got sick, I took two weeks
Well, I'm not you, Ruth!
Look, I know you just want to help
but I didn't ask for it.
And I don't need it.
I'm fine.
You know, you tell me that a lot.
That you're fine.
Do what you want, Liv.
But if you don't take this time with him
you're going to regret it.
Am I forgetting anything?
What else?
Soft cheese, undercooked meat,
fresh juice, raw fish or sushi.
Oh, you're going to want to avoid
all wild poisonous berries.
What if they are poisonous?
You could die.
Sooner. You could die sooner.
Not real outdoorsy, are you?
Oh, give me a home
Where the buffalo roam ♪
Where the deer and the antelope play ♪
Where seldom is heard ♪
A discouraging word ♪
Sorry about that.
Oh, no. No apology necessary.
I was basically sick
my whole first pregnancy.
So, are you staying here?
Because I thought you were living
Just for a couple of weeks.
My place is
being fumigated.
You know, I still think you could get more
for the place if you did some renos.
I'm not changing it.
In my experience,
buyers don't like being confronted
with the previous owner's history.
That's from Buenos Aires.
My mother is Argentinian.
She bought that
As a joke for my father
on their first date.
But he kept it.
For good luck.
If that piece of history didn't exist
I might not be standing here
to pay you your commission.
At the very least,
you should consider restaging it.
But first,
we got to clear all of this out.
Which is, to get rid of everything.
Home, home on the range ♪
These are the ones you eat.
I'm good.
I think I'm good.
Oh, shit!
Knock, knock.
Lunch delivery.
How's your dad doing?
He's all right.
Good. That's good.
I didn't know if you prefer falafel
or shawarma, so I got us one of each.
Can we not do this today?
Sure. Um
I'll get you tomorrow.
Can we just
not make this a thing?
I just, I I have this, uh, rhythm.
And if you keep interrupting it,
it's not going to be good for me.
I just, I really need to focus right now
and I can't
focus around you.
Liv, what are you doing?
It's getting dark.
Those clouds are still looking pretty low.
Why did you come out here, Liv?
Oh, shit.
Liv, thinking of you in Peru!
Hugs and kisses, Mom.
Liv, thinking of you
Liv, it's like a different world here!
- Hugs and kisses.
- Liv
Inuvik until September.
Hugs and kisses.
"Inuvik until September. Mom."
What are you so scared of?
What if I'm like her?
What if I'm just like her?
I have to see her.
I have to know.
You want to tell me
what it is you think
you're going to see
better out here at night than in the
What the hell is that?
Do you think it's a town?
I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
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