Keep Breathing (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


[traffic noise]
[police sirens blaring]
[Liv humming]
[dogs barking in distance]
[humming continues]
That color looks good on you.
[plane engine whirs]
[alarms blaring intensifies]
[alarms stops]
[somber music]
[zipper rasps]
[uplifting music]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [woman laughs]
[stomach grumbles]
[indistinct chatter]
[Danny] Hi.
Did you need something?
[Liv] I was thinking
maybe we could grab dinner tonight?
There's this place on 9th Avenue.
Never mind. I'll let you get back to work.
Does the lady prefer red or white flowers
for her corsage?
- What?
- For our first date.
This is a date, right?
Don't push it.
I'll text you the address.
[Danny in normal voice]
Wait, so it's red or white?
I think it's red. It's red.
[hopeful music]
That's better.
[grandiose music]
[Sam] Three days, maybe four.
If you don't get lost.
Which you will.
[Liv] Here I come lights.
Whatever you are.
[grandiose music continues]
[music fades]
[humming continues]
[Liv] Holy shit.
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
Straight lines are hard out here.
You know, could be worse.
Yeah, how?
You could be dead.
[pensive music]
- [Lucia hums "Our House"]
- Our house ♪
Is a very, very, very fine house ♪
With two cats in the yard ♪
Life used to be so hard ♪
- Now everything is easy cause of you ♪
- [young Liv] Mom.
- Mom!
- [Lucia] What is it, sunflower?
[in Spanish]
I'm working.
[in English]
Where's Dad? I have Girl Scouts.
In a faculty meeting.
So, now I get to take you.
[in Spanish]
Why did you do that?
[in English]
Houses are prisons.
- [scoffs]
- We have to take two subways.
With two cats in the yard ♪
- Mom.
- [Lucia] We're not taking the subway.
We're taking the car, sí?
[in Spanish]
We have all the time in the world.
[in English]
Does Dad know you're driving?
Your father needs to stop trying
to control everything we do.
Our house ♪
Is a very, very, very fine house ♪
[Liv pants]
[heavy breathing]
[foreboding music]
[Lucia in Spanish]
Open your eyes!
[car horn honks]
Move! Ah!
[in English]
Where's the funeral?
[engine revs]
[tires screeching]
[in Spanish]
What an idiot!
[in English]
You're passing it! Stop!
- [tires screeching]
- [Lucia whoops]
[Lucia chortling]
I should be a stunt driver, right?
[Lucia sighs]
It ends at 4:00.
Don't eat too much,
summer solstice is here.
Your father says I put too much turmeric
in the stew.
I'll buy him the bread
with the seeds he likes, he needs cumin.
Oh, should I make popcorn for the movie?
Too much melted butter
makes the crunch go away.
[car honks in distance]
Are you okay?
Mighty fine.
7:00 or 10:00?
- [woman] Fuck! Go!
- [car honks horn]
She wants to pull out.
7:00 or fucking 10:00, Liv?
[dramatic music]
[in Spanish] You don't want to go
to the movies tonight?
7:00 is good.
[indistinct chatter]
[Lucia chuckles]
[scout leader] It's one thing to travel
in a straight line,
when you have a fixed point
you can keep your eye on.
Today we're gonna learn how to make
a compass.
If you're ever lost,
this is how you find your way home.
Your North.
Okay, put it through the cork
and then we're gonna drop it
into the water.
Who wants to try next?
[tense music]
What's wrong?
You forget your cork collection?
[Liv] Yes.
Today's just not your day.
[tense music]
Okay, first we're gonna magnetize
the needle just like this.
Then we're gonna put it through the cork.
Fucking magnet.
Okay. Okay, there's got to be one. Fu
[tense music]
That should be enough.
Fuck, yeah.
Fuck, yeah.
[mellow music]
[indistinct chatter]
[mellow music continues]
[music fades]
[pensive music]
[thunder rumbles]
Ow! Ah, fuck!
[thunder rumbles]
[light music]
[grunts, panting]
[bartender] The usual, hon?
Uh, not yet,
I'm actually waiting on someone.
Not just you and your laptop tonight?
Who's the lucky fella?
Oh, just some guy from work.
- Hey!
- [banging]
I am going to dance on the bar
the day that thing dies.
You know what?
I will have something.
My usual.
[funky music playing]
What are you going to play?
You came.
Yeah. Um, am I late?
- I thought you said 8:00.
- No, no, no, no. I'm just always early.
Come on. I'm at the bar. Come on.
They serve food in here?
Do peanuts qualify?
They're accompanied
by my favorite bourbon.
- What are we drinking, kids?
- [Liv] Mm, same for me.
- A club soda, thanks.
- [Liv] What? No.
Come on, one drink.
This is my happy place.
This is your happy place?
Mm-hm, it's where I come to forget.
One drink.
When did you when did you
know you wanted to be a lawyer?
Sixth grade.
I conducted an investigation
in my homeroom
because someone stole my pencil case.
Yeah, the trial was held during recess.
Well, I'm still not sure
I do want to be a lawyer.
You know, I studied philosophy in college.
- [both laughing]
- Of course, you did.
- I thought I was gonna teach.
- Oh, yeah? What happened?
Uh my mom died.
- I'm sorry.
- But it's okay, I kind of checked out.
Backpacked through Europe for a while.
And when the money ran out,
I decided to go to law school.
Dance with the devil a few years,
then cash out while I still have a soul.
Go do something meaningful or meaningless.
Buy an RV, see the world.
Plant a garden with flowers, have goats.
You know, like, regular life.
Please tell me you have never been
to Burning Man.
No, but I do consider myself
Burning Man adjacent.
Okay, can I get the check, please?
- I'm very much Burning Man-curious.
- I'm done.
- What, you don't want to go with me?
- No, thank you.
Seems like a great place to forget.
Oh, trust me, I've got that covered.
["Wild Horses" playing]
Thanks for showing me your happy place.
Wild wild horses ♪
We'll ride them some day ♪
["Wild Horses" stops]
[breathing heavily]
Hi, you've reached Liv Rivera.
I can't return your call right now.
My phone is dead
and I'm stranded in the forest.
Please contact Danny Summerfield
and tell him to stay the fuck out
of my snack drawer.
And that I'm sorry.
Thank you.
[Liv] Hi.
It's me, Liv.
Your daughter. Remember?
Where were you?
The adventurer returns
bearing gifts from her travels!
Guess what I found at the store
[in Spanish]
What if something happened to her?
I have a sickness.
I didn't choose to be this way.
[in English]
But I won't make myself disappear.
Look how much I've been painting.
Look at all those people
who came to my show.
Use your head. You're a mother.
[Lucia] That's not all I am.
I am a painter. I am a person!
[Liv] Also, Dad died.
Not sure if you care about that but
Now I'm here
walking in the woods.
I almost died in a plane crash.
[heavy breathing]
What else?
Well, I'm pregnant.
Any motherly advice?
Other than always put yourself first?
And and don't tell me to have fun.
Fuck fun.
[heavy breathing]
I'm where fun goes to die.
That's on you, by the way.
I think I'm lost.
[Liv] Is this how you felt
before you left?
Never mind, it doesn't matter.
[soft thud]
[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, no, no, no
[Sam] Uh-oh!
Looks like your magnet wore off.
You forget something?
[breathing heavily]
- Shouldn't you think this through?
- [Liv] I have.
I'm going back to the lake
to get the watch.
And what makes you think
you can find your way back
better than you can find your way forward?
I can do it better than you.
Oh, yeah? How's that?
For one thing, you're dead.
Yeah, but I'm also you.
I can find my way home.
I've done it before.
- [twigs breaking, rustles]
- [gasping]
[tense music]
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- Shut up.
You should have just let him drag me
into the woods.
He was only trying to survive.
- [leaves rustling]
- And I was already dead.
Did you really think
you were going to find her?
Or is this whole thing
just you throwing another match
into the gas can you call your life?
I am all that you have got.
- You need me.
- For what?
To tell me how everything I'm doing wrong
and how everything's gonna go to shit,
I can do that on my own.
I've been doing in entire my life.
Now get the fuck out of my head.
I am done with you.
[tense music fades]
- [rustling]
- [gasps]
[tense music continues]
- [snaps]
- [gasps]
[pants, heavy breathing]
[blows raspberry]
- [chitters]
- [Liv chuckles]
[sirens blaring]
What song are you humming?
It's a secret.
[both chuckling]
Let's dance.
[romantic music]
Watch this.
[metal clanking, banging]
[both laughing]
[Liv] Whoo!
- What is happening right now?
- [Liv] Try it, it's fun.
Come on, kick a can whenever you can.
[Danny] Ooh!
That's right.
In addition to being a kick-ass lawyer,
I'm also a fucking poet.
Just like my dad.
You know, when my mom was in the hospital,
I wasn't very
You know, what? Why don't you kick
the fucking can already?
Come on, Burning Man.
Kick it.
That's not a kick!
- This is a kick!
- [metal clanking, banging]
- [chortling]
- [Danny laughs]
- Are you okay?
- Mighty fine.
- Our house ♪
- [Lucia chortling]
Is a very, very, very fine house ♪
With two cats in the yard ♪
- [metal clanking]
- Life used to be so hard ♪
What's wrong?
I'm going to take you home, huh?
I'm not going home
until we finish our dance.
- [Danny] Liv.
- [laughing]
There's a word in Hebrew.
It means something like forgiveness.
It comes from the same word as makhol.
Which means dance.
[flies buzzing]
[aircraft engine droning]
[droning intensifies]
[gasping, pants]
Please! Please, I'm here!
I'm right here!
[hopeful music]
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Hey! Hey!
That sounds so pretty.
- Wait!
- [aircraft engine droning]
It means, will you accept
But don't forget.
- It means you dance with your past.
- Danny.
Please, come back!
- [young Liv] Dad, let me in! Let me in!
- [banging on door]
[hopeful music]
- [rumbles]
- [thuds]
[rumbles, thuds]
[closing theme music]
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