Keeping Faith (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Dirty tricks

I've lost Evan.
Step outside for a minute, Mrs Howells.
My children.
They've taken my children away.
They, they need me.
Mr Baldini.
To what do we owe the pleasure? 3kg of best Colombian.
120,000, bank transfer is fine.
We trusted him.
Evan did the deal between us.
That's Alpay's car.
We've got to go.
No, we can't just leave.
We can't go.
She's dead, she's dead.
We should have done something.
Williams will have called for help, what could we have done? Alpay said she was working for the Glynns, right? Did she mention the money they wanted from Evan? Didn't get a chance.
Some idiot scared her away.
Is that your phone? New phone, is it? Dealing again, are you? Great.
It's just for keeping in touch, that's all.
Just the old crowd from the band.
I'm ecstatic.
Hello? Yeah, you want to fry your brains.
Go somewhere else.
Arthur's out of business.
Piss off! You happy now? Huh? Give me the phone? Give me the fucking phone.
Who's this then? "Are you still with her?" It's not what you think.
"Are you still with her?" Sorry.
You tell me now.
No, you know something.
Tell me now.
That's Alpay's car! We've got to go.
No, we can't just leave.
We can't go.
She's dead.
She's dead.
Yes, who is it? Faith Howells.
I'm closed, Mrs Howells.
I need to speak to your guest.
He's not in.
Mrs Howells, please.
It's late.
Where is he? Well, he isn't back yet.
Arthur? You Little shit, where are you? Where are you, you shit! Right, I'm just going to go through your stuff.
That's it.
What an earth do you think you're doing? Giving you something to gossip about, Eira.
This should keep you going for months.
It's 4am, Mrs Howells.
Must be serious.
I have no money.
Nothing, zero.
Evan and I had a deal.
120,000 bank transfer is fine.
Your problem.
The deal is a deal.
Why do a deal with the man who helped your husband's killer walk free? Evan is an interesting and complicated man.
What? You really didn't get him, did you? Bitch.
Eight and a half dead.
Business is good, is it? Oh, yeah.
Never better.
Same time next week.
I can't stop thinking about the children.
Sleeping in strange beds.
At least we know they're safe.
I've tried to give Faith the benefit of the doubt but .
truth is, we never knew her family, where she came from.
I seem to remember you welcoming her with open arms.
Evan was so infatuated.
I tried to like her.
Maybe that was my mistake.
Price? I've got a RTC, one fatality on Gwern Ganol Road.
I'm under the bridge.
Oh I'll get round there soon as I can.
You're up early.
A house doesn't run itself.
Is that new? What do you care? You can't even boil an egg.
Do you think maybe you should just stay home today? I am up to my eyes, Terry.
You're up at six baking .
taking pills and .
stealing things, which isn't normal, you know? You should arrest me .
Mr Policeman.
Have we got an ID on the deceased yet? Apparently so.
So, what have we got? Um, there are two sets of skid marks.
So, there must have been two vehicles and .
I suppose the other driver must have left the scene.
What's that? An earring? Nice work, Price.
Stick it in a bag.
See to clear up.
Mrs Foster? Yes, it's Faith Howells.
Megan's got a swimming test this afternoon at four o'clock.
Thing is, she needs to wear her verruca sock.
Well, you'll just have to cos it's really important to her.
Please do, thank you very much.
Your friend has left without paying his bill.
No friend of mine.
Well, you can give me his details because I'm informing the police.
Try the local off-licence.
Hello? Hello? Who's this? What was going on between Faith Howells and the dentist, Dr Alpay? She died.
Horribly, last night.
Faith Howells, is she really worth it? If that's how you want it.
Mrs Howells' children have been in foster care for a night now.
No, no, that's great, thank you.
Got us in front of Judge Daniels at four.
Today? Yes.
Are you saying I'll get my kids back today? Yeah.
Listen .
what are our chances? We'll get them back, Faith, but we've got to deal with his Williams crap first.
Here's the footage.
This is dynamite, Faith.
But it cannot come from you.
It places you at the scene of a crime.
OK, not good.
We've got to drop this bomb without collateral damage.
You look great, by the way.
I feel shit.
Was that your first visit to the dentist? Yes.
What did you do, just pick her out of the phone book? Internet.
And, two days later, she's dead.
Nine miles up the road.
It's an odd place to be of an evening.
Halfway up a mountain, all by herself.
I agree.
Where were you yesterday evening, Mrs Howells? Working the office.
Arthur Davies was with me, he helps out sometimes.
He's rather good actually, isn't he? Where is he now? Well, you tell me.
And after you'd finished at the office, did you drive out on the Gwern Ganol Road? Are you asking if I was involved with Dr Alpay's death? I wasn't.
But I would be fascinated to know what you think I might have done.
Tampered with the brakes maybe.
Your friend, Steve Baldini, was in here last night.
He lost his temper.
He's very protective of you.
He's up in court this morning, criminal damage.
He'll do time.
No more weekends with his daughter and I've a feeling there's something he might tell me.
My client has nothing to say about I'm sure it was fun while it lasted.
Is that it? No more.
On the bright side, I hear your kids are settling in.
All right.
Bitch! You're all right.
OK? Right, where you going now? I'm going to help Steve get bail.
The children's hearing is at four.
I know, I'm not going to miss it, am I? I've got to do something, I've got to do something! I'll be fine.
Jesus! Steve Baldini can look after himself! The crown objects to bail, ma'am.
Mr Baldini's extensive record demonstrates a serious risk of re-offending.
He's breached bail conditions many times in the past and there's no reason to believe this occasion would be any different, ma'am.
There are times to give the benefit of the doubt but this isn't one of them.
He is a serious offender who's failed to demonstrate any ability to reform his character.
I represent Mr Baldini.
May we have a moment? Please.
Be quick Mrs Howells.
Thank you.
Alpay's dead.
Arthur's been spying on me.
I think Williams put him up to it.
We really must get on.
Just smile for me.
If it helps, we're minded to remand him in custody before trial.
I think there's been some terrible misunderstanding here, ma'am.
Mr Baldini was doing his best to assist police when this alleged offence occurred.
He's Italian.
You see, he's Italian.
You know what they're like when they're talking with their hands, when they're talking.
It was just an accident, ma'am.
He has a long history of previous offences, Mrs Howells.
Including supplying a Class A substance to minors.
I struggle to see him as a suitable candidate for bail.
Ma'am, I think that I think that I think we all make mistakes.
Some small.
Some big.
And shouldn't we recognise a person's attempts to do good? Shouldn't we? Frankly, I know Mr Baldini personally.
He has done more to help me try to find my missing husband than anyone.
Including the authorities.
He's a good man.
And I thank you for that, Mr Baldini.
Please, ma'am, let him go.
Sorry I'm late.
I've been cancelling meetings.
Don't know where we are at the moment.
Cappuccino? Thank you.
Delyth, I fear the firm will be forced to close.
It's no way to repay you for years of loyalty.
But I'll do what I can.
Evan could still turn up.
You have to have hope, Tom.
I found some papers in his office the other day.
Things that Shameful things.
You don't have to tell me.
Sometimes, you're too honest for your own good.
The world doesn't run on straight lines, Tom.
You don't have to either.
I'm not sure I do.
Don't be afraid.
Stop doing what's expected of you.
Just live your life your way.
Set yourself free.
I've got a theory about Arthur.
Paddy Reardon tried to recruit me once to get some info on the Glynns.
I'll try and contact Gael Reardon.
I've got you into enough trouble, that's for sure.
Faith, the supplying to minors charge .
they were two lads who said they were 19.
I'm ashamed of who I was back then.
I was lost.
That's the past.
You have a daughter who needs you.
And I have children who need me.
And I wish you luck.
I believe in you, Steve.
Faith! Hey, babes! Hey! It's me! Faith, come here! Faith, she asked me to post it for her.
What? Sorry.
She asked me to post it for her, hope you don't mind.
What? Alys's video.
You must have seen it.
You must be the only one in town who hasn't.
Honestly, everyone's watched it.
Hey, hey.
See you later.
Love you.
Bye, love you! Daddy? Just .
I love you and I want you to come back.
I don't care why you left.
It doesn't matter to me.
But I just want you back home safe.
I love you.
We love you.
Mammy loves you.
So, please .
can't you just come back? Please? Yeah? Yep? Tom would like a word with us.
When you're ready.
I'm afraid I took the liberty of searching through Evan's files.
I discovered one .
marked Pederson Plant .
which appeared to contain contracts that he drafted for the sale of .
fictitious lorries, and suchlike.
For the Glynn family.
A money-laundering exercise.
I should have taken it to the police but .
he's my son.
And the absence of a suicide note seems to suggest he'd wanted to spare us the shame that public exposure of his crimes would have brought.
I destroyed them.
No doubt you'll soon be winding up the firm.
At least you'll be able to do that with your reputations intact.
I presume he acted without your knowledge.
- Yes.
- I take full responsibility.
I should have been keeping a closer eye.
I need you to give evidence for Faith this afternoon.
We're trying to get the social services order lifted so the kids can come home.
I'll consider it.
I'll have a word.
All right, you need to round up more witnesses and I need to figure out a way to explain how Evan got mixed up with criminals and ran off with their money.
It's fine.
It's a family court, it's confidential.
It's a straight choice, Faith.
If you want your children back, you have got to dump on Evan.
What is more important? See who you can rustle up.
We have four hours.
Chief Inspector Parry.
Swansea CID.
Constable Price.
Investigating the traffic accident in which Dr Alpay died.
We've had her under surveillance for several weeks.
It's quite the pharmacy she has here.
There was another set of skid marks at the scene.
Whoever was there left pretty quickly.
If you'd be kind enough to .
forward me the details.
The thing is .
the reason I'm here, actually, um .
would you have heard about our missing persons investigation? Evan Howells, yes, of course.
Well, Mrs Howells was here the other day apparently for treatment.
There was a burglary at her home and an attempted break-in at Howells Solicitors.
And Dr Alpay was a witness in a murder trial.
If Alpay was operating a drugs factory, there's got to be a whole supply chain, a network or something.
Maybe Baldini's part of it.
Or maybe Evan Price found an earring.
Jones, show it to Mrs Howells, see if it's hers.
Why would it be hers? Wild guess? Do you mind if I come with you? Hello? Hello, I'm Faith Howells.
I've got a meeting with the head.
Hello, Mrs Howells.
I'm afraid the head has had to cancel this afternoon.
She can't do that, this is critical.
I'm really sorry, Mrs Howells.
I'm really sorry.
Keep your body straight.
Yeah? I've a favour to ask.
There's been a mistake, my children, they've been The thing is, we're going back to court this afternoon to challenge it and I wondered if you might be prepared to OK, I see.
Look, it's nothing personal.
No, I understand, OK.
This is a surprise.
I thought we and the Glynns were sworn enemies.
I don't work for them any more.
But if they knew I was here, I'd be dead.
I want you to leave Faith alone.
Evan left her broke and the business.
Whatever went on between you and Evan is his problem.
You must be very fond of her to take such a risk.
It gives us something in common.
I was very fond of Evan, extremely fond.
He was a good man.
A good man.
And he went.
You know where? You ship my product .
we both make money and you get to be the knight in shining armour.
It's funny how love hits you.
You think you're in control and then someone comes along and turns the world upside down.
What do you say? Uh-huh.
Sorry to disturb you.
Yours, I believe? Maybe.
Did you lose one like this last week? No, I don't think so.
Are you sure, Faith? It's important.
Would I lie to you? It was found at the scene of Dr Alpay's accident.
Were you there, Mrs Howells? Haven't you ever heard of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act? Something called a caution.
So you're not prepared to answer? Are you embarrassed by this, Terry? Maybe you'd like to check your jewellery.
Maybe you'd like to fuck off.
Evan! Fuck off.
Come on! Oh! Evan? Evan, it's me.
Mum? Alice? Mum? Alice? Hello.
How did you do I'm on Katie's phone.
I know Dad's password.
OK, listen, you mustn't let anybody see you, all right? Hiya.
What's happening, Mum? I just want to come home.
Megan was sick all night.
And Rhodri wouldn't stop crying.
All right, listen.
I'm going to go to court this afternoon at four o'clock, and everything is going to be OK.
I promise you, everything is going to be OK.
But what if it's not? Who will we live with? Daddy said if you died it would be Uncle Terry and Auntie Beth.
No, no, that's not going to happen.
Alice? Don't let them see you, sweetheart.
Sweetheart, don't let them see what you're doing, OK? But why can't we go up there? Alice? Come on.
Come on, don't go worrying.
I need you to be Where has Evan put his will, Delyth? Come on, come on, come on.
There must be a copy.
He always deleted after printing.
He kept the wills in hard copy to prevent tampering.
You know, Tom could be wrong - maybe he was deceived into doing what he did.
You know how he always trusted people.
He was using fake ID, Delyth, and going to strip clubs! Right? He was a liar.
Bloody liar! Faith I wish I'd never married him.
That's what I wish.
And you, you, you stop You stop protecting him, Delyth.
Faith? Faith, where are you going? Shit! Not again.
I'm guessing you didn't find it? Evan, there's something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time.
There's no easy way to put this.
A man I once knew died last month.
I think he was probably your father.
His name was Owen Fenton.
You may remember him.
You and his son Alec were friends.
It was before I was married.
Everything was up in the air.
Evan, I kept this to myself out of love for you and Tom.
As far as I'm concerned, biology is irrelevant, it's what we mean to each other that counts.
Evan? Does Dad know? I'll choose the right moment.
And what exactly do you want me to do with this information? You can't stand the fact that we've built contented lives for ourselves.
In a place that you've spent a lifetime resenting! Do you really begrudge our happiness that much? They-they were your dreams.
If you didn't chase them, don't come to me looking for pity.
This is it, Mum.
This This is reality.
This This is all there is.
We try to make a living, we look out for one another .
and we die.
Evan If it's not in the office, it has to be here in the vault.
'Hello, you're through to the answer machine of Tom and Marion Howells.
'Please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
' Tom Tom, I need to see you now.
"Only to be opened in the event of my death.
" Hey, look at this, dated 14th, the day he went.
"Dear Faith, I screwed up.
"I never meant to, everything I did was for all the right reasons, "out of love for you and the kids.
"All I wanted to do was look after you and provide for you all.
"I trusted people in good faith.
"I tried to do everything right, just like you would tell me to, "but they betrayed me.
"It turns out being honest isn't enough.
"You have to be a snake, I'm no good at that.
"At the bottom of this letter are details of a bank account.
"The money in it is the proceeds of crime.
"Take this letter and the file to an outside police force as soon as you can.
"Please forgive me, I love you with all my heart but I have to go now.
" He did love her.
I knew it.
He's too honest for his own good, like his father.
Do you really believe he's dead? He's gone, Faith.
When will you tell the children? Look, I could do it, if you prefer.
It's got to come from me.
Tom, I need you this afternoon.
Uh Alice, Megan, Rhodri, they need you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I didn't keep a closer eye on him.
But trust me when I'm telling you, you trust them.
Should I have been doubting my own husband? Should? Faith .
tell me, honestly .
do you have feelings for this Baldini man? Hello? Oh.
Right, OK.
You got a letter from Evan? With his will.
And you've seen it? No, not yet.
Cerys found it.
Apparently, there's a bank account.
Criminal money, laundered cash.
He's got caught up in something.
And this, this is This is going to sound crazy, but I think that Williams is involved.
Something odd is going on here, Terry.
The burglaries, the threats.
Arthur's been spying on me, and .
and Alpay said she was being leant on by a corrupt detective.
I'm sure I am sure that Williams has got something to do with this.
Why would she use Arthur? Because he's cheap and vulnerable.
She knows that I know.
This is why she's using my children.
She wants to destroy my bloody life.
You were at the crash site, Faith, weren't you? It was your earring, I recognised it.
I arrived after it happened.
The car was in flames, OK? Williams was already there.
And you saw her? Yeah, I saw her, yes.
But I wasn't wearing earrings last night, Terry.
Will you help me? Will you speak for me in court this afternoon, please? Oh.
Faith, I don't know, I Please.
I've got to go.
I've got to go.
Right, it was in the envelope with his will, but I really don't think you should look at it until after Give it here.
You're not going to like it.
"Dear Faith.
I screwed up.
"I never meant to.
"Everything I did was for all the right reasons, "out of love for you and the kids.
"All I wanted to do was to look after you, "provide for you all.
"I trusted people in good faith.
"I tried to do everything right, just like you'd tell me to, "but they betrayed me.
"It turns out being honest isn't enough.
"At the bottom of this letter are details of a bank account.
"the money in it is the proceeds of crime.
"Take this letter and the file to an outside police force as soon as you can.
"Faith, please forgive me.
"I love you.
" He's saying he still loves me - how could he? Yeah, I warned you.
Eh? I warned you not to read it before the hearing.
How could he? Look at this.
Look at this! Look, look.
Let's just focus on the case.
Lying till his last breath, the bastard! Right, Faith, look at me.
I need you to hold it together for me until after this hearing.
Can you do that? Yes, of course.
Come on, we've got this.
Focus on this, that's all.
Ignore her, Faith.
You're innocent.
Are you OK? Mm-hm.
Yeah, she's all right, she's emotional.
Right, don't be long, OK? Yeah, yeah.
And you've got the full list of Baldini's 13 previous convictions? Mm.
Makes interesting reading.
Please, God, if you're there, please bring them back.
Mrs Howells, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Dr Meral Alpay.
Mrs Howells.
Mrs Howells.
Mrs Howells! Mrs Howells! Mrs Howells! You've got five seconds.
Mrs Howells! Get out there now.
Mrs Howells! Come out, Mrs Howells.
Come on.
Mrs Howells.
All right.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Come on.
Hands in front of you.
Hands right in front of you.
Why? Why now? New evidence.
What evidence? Cerys! Cerys! Cerys! Mrs Howells.
Cerys! Mrs Howells! Cerys! She's been arrested for murder.
Murder? Whose murder? Dr Alpay.
They were associates.
You can stop this right now, Inspector.
You were there.
You were there in person when Alpay died.
I've got the evidence right here.
You're on phone.
They'll say anything.
Ma'am, I'm afraid I have to arrest you for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.
Sorry, what are you doing? What are you doing here? You were driving the car Dr Alpay swerved to avoid.
You can't trust him! I've seen the footage.
Get off.
Get off.
This is I'm allowing you your dignity.
This has got to be a joke.
What you got there? What's that? Mrs Howells' phone.
I'm assuming control of this enquiry.
Let Mrs Howells go.
Thank you, thank you.
She's under arrest.
Oh, for God's sake, just do what he says! I'm going to need that phone.
You're not out of the woods yet, Mrs Howells.
Thank you.
Right, come on, Faith, we're late.
My phone.
Forget about your phone.
Why is he taking my phone? Evan's letter's on it.
Where's the original? I had to flush it.
Great, well, it's lucky I made a bloody copy, isn't it? Right, now, listen, Williams is out of the picture now.
We're in the driving seat here.
I'm going to need to phone I'm going to need to phone Lisa.
Give me your phone.
Keep going.
I've got to move that money, quick.
Come on.
Pick up!