Keeping Faith (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Final battle

1 Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! Social services, please.
They came just after we spoke and they had already been to the school to get the girls.
Why can't we come home? Three kilograms of best Colombian.
120,000, bank transfer, it's fine.
Give me the phone! "Are you still with her?" I'm sorry, Faith.
You tell me now.
I'm sorry.
You ship my product.
You get to be the knight in shining armour.
At the bottom of this letter are details of a bank account.
The money in it is the proceeds of crime.
Take this letter to an outside police force as soon as you can.
I'm arresting for murder.
There's been an accident.
They just They shot off the road.
You weren't here.
I'm afraid I have to arrest you for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.
What have I got to do with it? What are you doing here? You were driving the car Dr Alpay swerved to avoid.
You can't trust her.
My phone.
Forget about your phone.
Why's he taken my phone? Evan's letter is on it.
Where's the original? I had to flush it.
Well, it's lucky we made a bloody copy, isn't it? Right, now listen, Williams is out of the picture now, we are in the driving seat here.
I'm going to need phone, erm I'm going to need phone Lisa, give me your phone.
Keep going.
I've got to move that money, quick.
It seems your star witness has just been arrested for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.
Bad luck.
Can we assume you're throwing in the towel? Children's welfare is our only concern.
This is all DI Williams' invention.
Well, we don't agree, Miss Jones.
First derelict building just north out of St Clears in an hour's time.
Cold feet? It's for Faith.
Steve .
I'll be waiting at the caravan.
Yesterday, Your Honour granted an emergency protection order in the belief, encouraged by DI Williams, that Mrs Howells' children were in imminent danger.
Not only is DI Williams now under arrest, for a serious offence, she's produced no evidence whatsoever to substantiate her claims.
The sad fact is that she orchestrated the removal of Mrs Howells' children in pursuit of a personal vendetta.
To have heard Detective Inspector Williams yesterday, she was about to charge Mrs Howells with murder.
This does rather turn things on their head.
I'm sure the irony is lost on no one, Your Honour, least of all my opponent.
We'd just like the children returned home without delay.
Your honour, since DI Williams brought this case to social services' attention, my clients have delved deeper into the family's circumstances and we'd like you to hear from one further witness.
We've received no notice of another witness.
Mrs Howells' mother-in-law - Marion Howells.
The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Mrs Howells has been married to your son Evan for ten years, correct? Ten and a half.
And in your observation has she been a good mother? Yes, on the whole.
And since your son's disappearance? It's the company that she's keeping - inviting criminals into her home.
You mean Mr Baldini? Yes.
What exactly is your concern? His record.
I had no idea.
The children are already upset.
Megan hardly slept at all when she was with us the other night.
How would you explain Mrs Howells' recent association with Mr Baldini? Can't.
And you're concerned that this relationship between them might be connected to your son's disappearance? The police seem to think so.
And you think the children are safer elsewhere, at least for the time being? Well, if the alternative is They have to be safe.
Of course they do.
So you can't put your hand on your heart Mrs Howells and say they should go home? No.
Miss Jones? Do you have any cross-examination? You've got to hit back, Faith.
We're losing here.
Right, executive decision.
Mrs Howells .
why do you think your son disappeared seven days ago? I wish I knew.
You've no idea at all? We've tried not to think the worst.
What is the worst? Murder? Suicide? Excuse me.
Bring him in.
Let's be frank.
Do you honestly believe that my client could have had anything to do with the hypothetical murder of your son? No.
So if it is suicide, which seems like the more likely explanation .
do you hold her responsible? No.
It's far more likely to be connected with you .
isn't it? Something you told him recently Cerys Only made days before Evan vanished, you told him that your husband may not be his father.
Seems he bought a DNA test kit.
You turned your son's world upside down didn't you? Are you giving evidence against my client because you can't bear to take responsibility yourself? You told me this was about the children.
I'm sorry, I had no choice.
His name is Steve.
He's a friend of your mam's.
You've seen him at your house, haven't you? Only through the window.
You must have heard him and your mam talking? Do you remember last Wednesday? The last day your dad was at home? What were he and your mam talking about? Mummy had a headache.
She'd just been to a divorce party.
I saw the video you put up on Facebook, Alys.
It was great, really good.
Has your dad messaged you back? Yes or no? I've got to get ready for my ballet lesson.
What's the code? Tell me the code, Alys .
for your iPad.
You do want to see your mam again, don't you? I have to go now.
Yes, she is.
A remarkable mother.
Utterly devoted.
And since your son's disappearance? She's coped admirably.
My son got himself into trouble, from which he saw no way out .
then he deserted her.
Your Honour, I have no doubt that Faith is entirely blameless in all this and that she is the best possible carer for her children.
Your wife is concerned about her choice of friends.
I've spoken to Mr Baldini and, in my opinion, he's a grateful client who wants to repay the kindness my son showed him.
I love my grandchildren .
and if I didn't trust in Faith's judgement, then .
I wouldn't be here.
Dewi, it's me - Steve.
I'm back in business and I have a job for you in Erin.
I need to get rid of Gael Reardon.
I'll have the money later, usual place, six o'clock.
Your children have been late to school on several occasions.
That's not grounds to rip them from their home.
Megan has been crying in the classroom, unable to concentrate.
Her dad is missing.
Which is why your association with Mr Baldini is so strange.
Your Honour has seen a copy of Mrs Howells' husband's letter.
I had nothing to do with my husband's disappearance.
With respect, Mrs Howells, our concern here is the day-to-day welfare of your children, not the whereabouts of your husband.
The letter proves that Mrs Howells is no threat to the children.
If I may please make my point.
Of course, Miss Hughes.
Thank you.
Mrs Howells, are you in a relationship with Mr Stephen Baldini? Yes.
A professional relationship.
He's a client of my firm.
Whom you choose to entertain in your home only days after your husband has disappeared.
What are you imagining? A negligee, soft music? Is that the case? Really! Mrs Howells.
Really! My husband, the father of my three children, vanished off the face of the Earth and what did the police do? What did my mother-in-law do? Along with every gossip in the town.
They rush to believe that I've .
that I must have killed him .
or had him killed.
Have you any idea how that feels? So, yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah, I absolutely know who my friends are.
Yes, an ex-convict with 13 previous convictions, including selling drugs to minors.
Yes, and he's a very good friend, actually.
And you see no problem in him having contact with your children.
Oh, it's called giving the benefit of the doubt.
You know, these courts used to try it now and then.
Might I suggest that your judgement may have No, you can't! No! .
which only makes matters worse, doesn't it? Do you have children? Do you have children? Do you have children? No, I don't.
No, you don't, so you cannot possibly begin to understand how it feels for a mother to have her children taken away from her.
You cannot understand it, because Megan and Alys and Rhodri, they mean more to me than my entire life.
They mean more to me than everything.
It's a thing called love.
Mrs Howells, thank you.
What? Stand down, please.
I'll retire to consider my decision.
You were driving that squad car, you'd booked it out.
We've got you on tape driving it back.
Unless you can prove where the video came from, who shot it, and that it hasn't been tampered with, it won't get anywhere near a jury.
It was e-mailed anonymously.
We'll get a trace on the sender and we'll get a match on your tyres.
Even without your face on that video, the circumstantial will be overwhelming.
Did you think you'd killed her? Is that why you ran? Pause the tape, please.
Pause it.
Yes, sir.
There was no phone signal.
I tried to help.
I did everything I could.
I made it back to the road.
And your colleague DS Morgan drove up.
She told me to go, forget I was ever there.
Detective Sergeant Morgan was off duty.
It was her, off duty or not.
Are you telling me that you, Detective Inspector .
took an order from a detective sergeant, who told you to forget that you'd ever been there? While a woman was burning to death in a car.
And why are you trying to frame an innocent woman for a murder that only exists in your imagination? Faith Howells' earring was found at the scene.
Wasn't it, Constable? Yeah.
Having been informed that Mrs Howells was a live suspect in a potential murder inquiry, social services were, in my judgement, fully justified in removing the children.
But the situation has changed.
Mrs Howells is no longer a suspect.
However, I do remain concerned.
Mrs Howells, are you prepared to ensure that your three children will have no contact with Mr Baldini for the foreseeable future? Yes.
Very well, I order they be returned home immediately, but strictly on that condition.
I owe you an apology, Faith.
Delyth called, told me about Evan's letter.
I'm sorry, Tom, I'm so sorry, I had no idea Cerys was going to Shush-shush.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
Everything makes sense now.
I knew you were unhappy, but Right.
We are calling in the big guns.
I'm going to try the Met.
We know Evan was laundering cash and putting it through the Pedersen file, but he doesn't say why.
Why would he get involved? In his letter, he says that he was betrayed by the people he trusted.
And Alpay came to you and said she was being hounded by a corrupt detective.
Cerys, I can't She went to Evan for help and he didn't deliver.
Please, I can't Faith, we are close.
Everything's starting to make sense.
Cerys, I can't There is still £200,000 sat in a bank account.
No! All right.
Thank you for getting my kids back.
I just need to be with them now.
And Evan - I've got to let him go.
I've got to get on with my life.
Evan was just weak, wasn't he? All right.
I got you.
But I am all over this.
Thank you, Cerys.
Go on, get in.
Aren't you going to stay for a glass, then? God, I'd love to.
Well, bloody brilliant! I've got wine, I've got peanuts and, oh, yeah, that guy Steve, he's been ringing non-stop all day.
Bloody hell, what a day, babes.
I consulted with the CPS lawyer and I'm afraid it's not good news.
Why would I lie to you? I swear Morgan was there.
This is all about protecting Faith bloody Howells.
Calm down, Susan.
There could be a way out of this.
You never guessed? No.
Does it make any difference? He's my son, always will be.
What will you do? Muddle along.
Life's too short .
to live it all out of a sense of duty.
Be yourself, Tom.
Be brave.
For once.
Babes, you've already wiped that twice.
Well, the parole woman's like the bloody Gestapo, she doesn't miss a thing.
Well, won't they miss them? I don't know.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
I'm not ready.
I haven't done the hoovering or anything.
Sod the hoovering! Go! Hey! Mrs Howells.
Yours, I believe.
There is, er, one other matter.
Come in.
Why aren't you in custody? Released without charge.
I don't believe this.
Why would Parry .
unless DCI Parry asked me to return it.
What did he want with it? I'd like to put all this behind us.
I propose .
you transfer Evan's proceeds of crime into a police account .
and we say no more about it.
The last thing Alpay said to me before she died was that she was being extorted by a corrupt detective.
She was a perjurer.
And what are you, Inspector? Aren't you ashamed of yourself for planting that earring? What did you do? Take it when you were doing the house search, just in case? I mean, that's stupid.
And actually .
actually, how did you get to read Evan's letter? How else would you know about the money? DCI Parry brought me up to speed.
He and Evan were working on something together in Swansea.
His disappearance has become an embarrassment.
Evan was apparently sitting on money for a police operation and Parry would like it back .
to tie it up quietly.
Evan should be grateful.
Well, I think you and Parry should know that I've instructed my colleague to take Evan's letter to an outside police force.
You're the dodgy detective Evan refers to in his letter.
Wait here.
I've got the video placing your car at the scene of Alpay's death.
It's on this phone.
The original - the only one that can convict you.
It was DS Morgan who told me to leave Alpay in the car.
Swansea CID.
The one that turned up when you found Evan's car.
She was there in her car when I made it back up to the road.
What was she doing there? She must have been tailing Alpay.
I was tailing you.
Yeah, I'd gathered that much.
Alpay was running her own pill factory out of her dentist's.
Swansea CID were on to her.
Did you send the anonymous e-mail to Constable Price? What e-mail? She's refusing to pay.
She's stubborn, like all lawyers.
No, no, no, that's up to you.
I've done my part.
Where have you been all day? Gael Reardon's taken delivery of a consignment on Monday.
You've got enough to arrest her now.
You promised me that it'd be over once you'd got Gael.
That's all I want.
I'm quitting.
It's not an option, Evan.
Unless you'd prefer the alternative, what, seven, eight years, maybe, and miss the little ones growing up? Someone might be interested to know that you've got 120K sitting in your bank account for this little job.
Go home, Evan, have a drink, shag your wife.
You'll feel better in the morning.
120 grand.
It's all there.
The 80 Evan owed you and We'll take care of Gael Reardon.
And make sure it's permanent.
Try lying low for a couple of days, I would.
A word of advice, Steve.
Faith Howells and a bloke like you.
You're wasting your time.
Nice to have you back, Steve.
Ten years ago today .
I thought Faith had made me the happiest .
I could ever be.
But here I am .
ten years later .
even happier.
Two beautiful children.
Another one on the way.
And even more in love.
Ugh! Surrounded by my family .
living in my home-town .
and, at the risk of being horribly soppy, Mother, I love you guys.
Here's to the next ten years.
Ten years.
Come here.
Babe! Your phone's ringing.
Hello? Who's this? Hello? "Hello? Hello?" Hello? Hello? You all right in the back there, Arthur? They're late.
Relax, babes, they'll be here.
Oh, do you want a cheese string? Where are the kids? Alys went missing from her ballet class.
The foster parents dropped her off.
What? But she wasn't there at pick-up.
Now, we've got two cars out looking for her.
She hasn't been in touch, has she? No.
Terry Don't worry, we'll find her.
Can you just sit tight for now.
Terry Lisa, take her in.
We'll find her, OK.
My little girl, please.
Wait here for Megan and Rhodri.
Steve, please, please, please, please, please! Someone has Alys.
I don't know what the fuck is going on but I'm coming to yours now.
It's you.
Where is he? Where's Baldini, where's my money? I have no idea what you are talking about.
My daughter's gone missing, have you taken her? What would I want with a kid? 120,000, mine.
Oh, Jesus.
You put on a great show.
By the way, he claimed he was doing it all for you.
Doing what for me? Shifting the product Evan ordered.
Hmm! Like a fool, I fell for it.
We're smart women, Faith, but that doesn't make us immune from being cheated on.
Your rat of a husband wormed his way between my sheets, all kinds of promises he wasn't man enough to keep.
And here we are again, round two.
You didn't know? So sorry.
He betrayed me, sweetheart.
And if you ever find that rotten carcass of his, make sure you bury it deep cos I would gladly dig it up and kill him again.
I need to phone my daughter.
Lost a case? Something like that.
Your order is on its way.
I can't do this, Gael.
I thought I could.
I'm just a small-town lawyer.
I made a mistake.
Evan And I love my family.
Bastard, Evan Howells! Bastard! There's space on that plate.
Mmm! Oh! Hello, darling! Mummy.
Hello! Oh, I've missed you! I've missed you, so, so, so much.
Why did we have to go away? I'll explain everything later, all right? Oh.
Um, the police are Been reading your stories? If there's anything I can do.
Yes, you have, and you've grown.
Got more kisses? Paint your kisses on me.
Ah! Alys said to meet Daddy at the train station.
I didn't tell the lady, though, because Alys said it was a secret.
And when did she tell you this? After school, Daddy messaged her.
Well, I think it's bath and bedtime, I think.
Who would like Mummy to read them a story? Not you! Me! You don't like stories, do you? No, you don't like stories, do you! I love stories.
Oh, you do, do you? Ah, right! Go on.
Up you go.
Have a nice bath, go on, up you go.
Give Mummy a cuddle.
Phone Terry now.
Alys, it's Uncle Terry! "See you next spring.
" "Goodnight, Newt," said Turtle.
And he slipped deeper into a swamp mud where he was snug and cosy and warm.
Alys! When will Alys be home? You'll see her in the morning now.
Yeah? Yeah.
I love you.
Hi, Mummy.
Alys! Alys, where are you? Where are you, darling? Are you all right? I'm all right.
I'm with Arthur.
You're with Arthur.
Where are you, my darling? You've got to tell Mam where you are please.
Alys Listen carefully.
You will shortly receive a text containing account details and a postcode.
Proceed to the location within 30 minutes where you will be required to make a bank transfer.
You will come alone.
You will not inform the police.
Who else is there with you? Who else is there with you?! Arthur! Sh I love you.
I love you.
You sleep tight, precious girl.
Faith I'm going to fetch Alys.
But she's She's been found? Not quite.
Faith, what's going on here? Lisa, just go inside.
You're just not telling me anything! Faith, it's me.
You've got your phone back, then.
What is it? Listen, I know who Evan was meeting at the lap dancing club, and you're not going to bloody believe this.
DCI Parry and DS Morgan.
How long have you known? Not long.
I feel so bloody stupid.
Took my eye off the ball.
Hold on, Alys, Mummy's coming.
Marion, I want you to know that I've taken what you said earlier on to heart.
I appreciate you've made many sacrifices to remain in this marriage.
Which is why I think it's .
it's only right to give you some time to .
consider your true feelings.
I only want what makes you happy.
If that means a life apart, then .
so be it.
I plan to stay in a hotel for a few days.
I'll just get some things.
Come forward.
That'll do.
Where's Alys? In a minute.
I want to see you transfer everything you took from Evan's account.
Mummy, Mummy.
Stay there.
Quiet! The money, Faith.
What will you tell the Met? You won't be talking to them.
Think about it.
Every sordid detail of Evan's behaviour aired in public.
The kids living in shame, court cases, inquiries.
Your career shot to pieces.
Maybe it's worth all that for the truth.
Evan came to me for help.
He was already up to his neck laundering money for the Glynns.
Said he wanted to turn grass for me, be my informer.
It was the only card he had.
But you betrayed him.
Oh, he betrayed himself, Faith.
He didn't have the spine, gave in to temptation, stealing .
whoring .
And all the time pretending to be your lovely husband.
I had to call him to tell him the game was up.
He knew he was going down.
That's the morning he left.
Why? Why? Why is it now you're telling me this? Well, I was hoping he'd turn up.
Oh, yeah.
I wanted to give him a chance.
Give you both a chance.
You wanted to keep his money for yourself.
You've destroyed a good man.
You've taken my children's father away.
Is he dead? I think we can safely assume so.
Make the transfer, Faith.
Mummy! Alys.
Stay here.
Stay here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Aren't you going to answer that? Put me on speaker.
DCI Parry, it's been brought to my attention that you have been using Evan Howells to set me up for a fall, despite our arrangement.
Full marks for effort but you've picked the wrong woman.
Gael Shut up and listen! Call off your little investigation and do whatever it is the lovely Mrs Howells tells you to do.
If you don't, the moment I call Dublin, your grave is already dug.
These are my terms, Chief Inspector.
Let Alys go, forget about the money, get the Glynns off my back, and we can all move on.
No Met, no prosecutions.
I'll keep your dirty secret.
Evan said you were the better lawyer.
I should have had you working for me.
Keep down, Alys.
What's going on? Let him go.
Have you got the money? I said, let him go.
The money.
The money, Mrs Howells.
Helen, put it down now.
Oh, put it down, Helen! I'm scared.
All of it now.
I'm going to get my daughter .
and we're all going to go home, OK? You're going nowhere until we've been paid.
Five seconds.
Three two Oh! Mummy! Come over here.
Get your cuffs out.
Get them out.
Clip yourself on, clip her on first.
Clip yourself.
Oh! Further.
Mummy, Mummy.
I was a coward, I know.
I should have let him put me in jail.
Where did you learn that? Army.
Better get in.
Are you looking for someone to have babies with, Lisa, or just a date? I thought you were sleeping, Missy! I think you should have babies, but not with someone random off the internet.
Faith, have you got her? She's fine.
All good.
Everything all right there, Megs, Rhods? Yeah, yeah, all good.
Babe, we love you.
How is she? Not good.
I keep trying Daddy but he's not answering his phone.
Well, they've found Alys.
Oh, thank God.
Where? She's on her way home with Faith, that's all I know.
I'm scared, Terry.
Mammy's going to die.
I know she is.
I'd, er .
I'd better go and check on Alys.
DS Superintendent Laxton, further to our phone call, I enclose a statement setting out all that we currently know about the disappearance of Mr Evan Howells.
I have no doubt that the evidence points to significant misconduct carried out by Swansea police officers DCI Huw Parry and DS Helen Morgan.
If you would like to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cerys Jones.
Faith, you OK? Don't contact the Met.
Huh? I've got Alys back.
I made a deal.
What do you mean? We've got 80 grand to clear the firm's debts, get back into business, and pay off Gael Reardon.
Faith, 80! Whatever it is you're doing, OK, just scrap it.
Call you tomorrow.
Goodnight, Cerys.
Faith! Shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
You're home.
You're home.
Mummy's beautiful girl.
All of my strength that I gave to you I loved completely In you go, little one.
You lose then you leave me And all of my hope I left with you too But I gave my heart whole I did I gave my heart And although it's lost It is still beating And I gave my whole soul I did Mummy's out there.
I gave my soul And although I'm broken I am still breathing I will sleep through the moments All the moments you've stolen All for my love I'll learn the truth That I gave my heart whole I did I gave my heart.