Keeping Faith (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 18 months after Evan's return.
- Can't we have the chocolate ones? - You'll lose all your teeth.
My grandad didn't have any teeth and he looked like a tortoise.
Not a good look, I'm telling you.
Is that what you want? Who wants an egg? There you are.
And Rhods.
Alys! It's twenty past eight, love.
- She'll have headphones on.
- She'll hear me soon enough.
Don't forget my glitter and felt from the art shop.
Blue card.
This isn't funny, Alys.
Morning, morning! It was a choppy night.
I need to find digs on dry land.
There's an empty room above the pub.
I miss Terry and his quiz team.
I was his pop man.
Start your own team.
- Fill his shoes.
- I'm not worthy.
Alys! Down now, please, or go hungry.
- See to yourself.
There you go.
- That girl! She's turning me into my mother.
- Your mother's a MILF.
- Don't.
Get a move on, Alys.
I'm going.
Love you.
I like your hair.
Right! - Can we make pizzas tonight? - Pizzas? Tonight - you bet.
Don't tell Arthur.
Hi, Mam.
It's a phase, don't worry.
Get off to work.
For a year and a half? Behave! You lot make me sick.
Corran Energy owe us 32,000.
You need to talk to them.
I know they're your friends, but this is business.
Who's the judge? - Merrick, sorry.
- Faith, we need to talk about that.
- This? - Yes.
This family stuff.
Didn't we agree to take a more commercial direction? We're barely staying afloat.
We can't survive off waifs and strays.
Has Corran Energy paid up yet? Right.
I'll stick with my waifs, thanks.
I'm going to court.
Am I the only one trying to run this business? Cerys Jones.
No, Marion, I'm happy to talk.
Maybe at the weekend? I'm not looking to sell the house.
Let's speak soon.
I have to go.
What's going on? What happened? Stay behind the line, please.
Have you made an arrest? I represent this family.
Madlen? Susan? What's going on? A man's body.
Oh, it's not Will Vaughan, is it? Drowned? - Tell me, Susan.
- We're not sure.
Susan I represent the family as a solicitor.
Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down because I want it all It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss Mammy's over there, quick! Quick! - Where have you been, Dad? - I had to go away on business.
I'm sorry.
- You don't have to go again, do you? - No.
I'm not going anywhere.
Go to sleep - it's late.
Love you.
Bastard, lying bastard! Lying bastard! Bastard! I had a gun a fucking gun pulled on me all because of you! Alys saw everything.
Was it worth it? They abducted her, Evan and they had a gun! How will you explain that to her? Eh? How do you think she'll ever get over that? How? Get out of my house.
Go! I love those kids more than life itself.
Go! I know what you did.
I know everything.
DCI Parry Morgan, the Glynns.
Your dirty little affair.
You can't hurt me anymore, Evan.
Faith I fucking hate you.
- Did you get Megan's letter? - The picture.
She has a good eye.
- She doesn't get that from me.
- No.
- And Rhodri? - Growing.
It's half term the week after next.
- I'll bring them in.
- No, Faith.
They want to.
You're welcome.
I miss you all so much.
Although I don't miss all the calls from my mother.
- Do you still go to the gym? - When I can.
- Work? - So-so.
- But you're managing? - Most of the time, more or less.
- What's wrong, Faith? - Nothing.
What's wrong with you? - We don't have to do this.
- Shut up, please.
Shut up.
How's Alys? Turning into a Goth.
You know that thing your mother does looks away so she can't hear you? Your genes.
Your genes, Evan Howells.
Your job is sorting her out.
Something to look forward to.
Yes, I've got the package.
No need to shout.
I'll drop it off tonight.
I'm at work.
How are things, Cerys? I won't make my millions working for Howells of Abercorran so let's talk about this.
A client owns a hotel along the coast.
They want to treble it in size, turn it into a spa resort.
- Am I talking with you or the firm? - This is between you and me.
- How much are they looking for? - Three point two.
I'd need a cast iron business case to sell a loan that size to Head Office.
- Trust me.
I wrote it.
- Profit projections? Blue tab.
Explained to the last penny.
Our fees come out of the architect and project management lines.
25K each.
Lunch is on you.
Please, please tell me we've got a different judge.
Please! Madlen? Madlen Ty Melin? What? Will Vaughan? In Abercorran? No way.
- Susan.
- Mrs Howells.
I'm here to see Madlen.
Come through.
Is she OK? William Vaughan shot in the chest.
When did it happen? - That's all we have for now.
- Shot? There has to be a mistake.
I know Madlen.
Our kids are in the same year.
- She's the last person - It's always the case.
Mrs Howells, Detective Inspector Breeze, Swansea CID though technically on secondment from Scotland Yard.
We've met.
Still here? - London too peaceful for you? - You can have ten minutes.
Madlen, what's going on? I need to tell Dyfan.
He'll be home from school soon.
- What about his auntie? Hannah? - Can you phone her? - Dyfan has swimming this afternoon.
- I'll phone her.
Come here.
Hey! I need you to tell me what happened, alright? They can't charge you without evidence, alright? There has to be something concrete linking you to what happened to Will.
Understand, Madlen? Is there anything I should know? You have to tell me.
I'll make sure Dyfan's OK, and I'll be back first thing.
What's going on? Who would do this? We'll find out.
Do you think Dyfan's safe? I understand he had financial difficulties.
Maybe he owed people money.
I hope that what happened between us in the past is all forgotten now? We've both paid the price.
It's OK, I'm here.
I'll stay with him.
Bye, Hannah.
I'm Meg's mother.
Megan? Do you know me? Your auntie's on her way.
I need you to stay with me.
Where's Mam? Mam's in town helping the police, and I'm helping her.
Let's go to the car.
Don't, Dyfan! Shit! Dyfan! Faith? One of my clients, Ann Evans, says she's being threatened.
She says you're representing Gael Reardon.
Sorry, Tom - the line's awful.
I'll phone you back, OK? Faith.
Faith! Gael.
The package is on your desk.
I'm done, I'm out.
Not 'til I say.
When Evan and the others went to trial it was me who made sure the police stayed away from you.
That's nearly 18 months ago.
I think we're pretty square now.
A hundred and twenty grand is a big debt.
Running a few errands doesn't begin to cover it.
What is it you want? What's your end game here? I understand that your firm acts for Corran Energy.
- Yes.
- They're in trouble.
You get me the right deal and we'll call it quits.
They employ a lot of people around here with families.
So help me save them.
I wasn't thinking straight that morning.
DCI Parry phoned before you got up.
He told me.
He was going to arrest you.
You've no idea.
The woman you left is not the woman in front of you now.
I've dealt with Parry.
Go on.
- Dealt with him? - I'm asking the bloody questions! Me! I jumped off the wall in Port Talbot harbour.
I swam out.
I wanted to drown.
The tide pulled me back in.
You really did leave us.
I remember getting on a train then I've no idea.
I remember being in a hospital waiting room.
I love you, Faith - and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You were in Steve Baldini's arms.
Steve has been looking out for us.
He was the only one who cared.
- Are you and he - What do you take me for? God.
You wanted to drown? Why did you take money from the Glynns? We needed it.
We were going under.
Why didn't you tell me? - I tried.
You didn't want to know.
- You're too bloody proud.
- That's what's - I stood up for That's what's behind it all.
Why aren't you at home, Alys? Alys! Does Arthur know where you are? You haven't told him.
Why not? - I don't think we've met.
- Angie.
She's new.
Hi, Angie.
Do your parents know where you are? Dad's here.
- Excuse me? - Dad's here.
Oh, right.
It's been a long time.
Are you OK? Look after yourself.
- Angie.
- See you tomorrow.
"If I could hold you "If only for a second I could hold you" Can we go now? "Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm "If I could reach you "Only for a second I could reach you "And let it all go to hell "Hold on together 'til we go there as well "'Cos I know I could never be what you need "Never see what you see "Never be "Anything more" - Where does Angie come from? - Tenby.
Oh, very nice.
Her mum had a baby.
She hated it so came to live with her dad.
Oh, dear.
- She knows about us.
- What? How Dad was a drug dealer.
He wasn't a drug dealer, Alys.
He made a mistake - I told you.
People let him down, that's all.
Your father never hurt anyone, OK? It was business.
Yeah, and Steve's just a friend.
Sorry I'm late.
- Hello, hello, hello.
- You're too late to make pizzas.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, love.
Tomorrow, OK? I promise.
Is it true that Dyfan's dad's dead? Who told you? It's sad very sad, OK? We'll look after Dyfan, OK? I just popped in to see the children.
Has Rhodri had chocolate? How many times, Tom? It didn't spoil his appetite.
- Did you forget Alys? - She was at the swings.
I tracked her on my phone.
It's all under control, babes.
Team effort! Did you get my stuff from the art shop? I had a better idea! And that is seashells.
You have a bag full of them.
We'll cut up an old box, paint it, make a collage.
Eco-friendly and won't cost a penny! - OK.
- OK! Right! Meg, Alys - food's ready.
Food's ready.
Can I have a quick word? I've got a table booked.
Somewhere nice? Gael Reardon.
She asked me to convey an offer.
That's all I did.
- For a fee? - For a fee.
You know everything.
Blame Evan, not me.
- You kept this to yourself.
- Something of a firm tradition.
- I'll get rid of her.
- You have to.
She wants to buy Corran Energy.
If I negotiate the right price she'll forget everything unless someone takes them over.
We won't see the 32 grand, will we? It might be in our interests.
I'll make enquiries for you.
But you're not to defend Madlen Vaughan.
What? Are you being serious? Yes.
- Seriously? - I am being serious.
- You are being serious! - Don't do that.
It's a murder brief for one of our oldest clients.
You're not serious! William Vaughan was a loyal client from a well known family.
- If we defend his killer - Alleged killer.
- We lose half the business.
- Alleged killer.
Half the business gone.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Remember that? No-one can know what that poor woman is going through more than me.
You've never done a murder trial.
They've picked on the easiest suspect.
Listen listen to yourself.
What? You're already too involved.
You'll be a danger to her.
We all wish life were just.
Sorry about the chocolate.
Right, then.
Ta-ta, you three.
Ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta.
I have to go, babes.
Tom's giving me a lift.
Love you.
He asked before you came home.
Smooth operator, if you ask me.
Old fox! Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
Your fingerprints were found on the gun, the cabinet and the key.
- I locked it in there.
- When? When I fetched the Ranger from the field.
It was on the grass next to the trailer.
- You didn't mention this yesterday.
- Did you pick it up, Madlen? I took it back to the house in the Ranger.
And you left the trailer in the field? The ground was wet.
The wheels were spinning.
Let's talk about the arguments.
Were they about money? I tried to keep things nice for Dyfan.
But Will, he'd snap a bit and go into himself.
We'll get Dyfan in - get him to verify it.
- It's got nothing to do with him.
- I'll go with them.
The potential defence witness has every right to be there.
Faith, I contacted a Cardiff firm.
They're sending someone to see Madlen Vaughan this afternoon.
Have you told her you're dropping the case? To be clear I'm allowing you to observe, Mrs Howells, not to intervene.
A potential buyer for Corran Energy contacted us asking you to name your price.
What happened when you couldn't find your dad? Mam kept calling him, but he didn't answer.
Did you see your mum pick up a gun? - What did she do with it? - Put it in the Ranger.
In the Ranger? Was it this one? - I think he's had enough for one day.
- We've nearly finished.
How far away from the river was the Ranger when you found it? Was it near or was it far? - Dyfan - 85 steps.
- So you went down to the river.
- Mam, she called me back.
Did your mum go down to the river? Why didn't you go down to the river, Mrs Vaughan? - Why didn't you go down to the river? - Take your time, Madlen.
It's OK.
I was scared.
What were you scared of, Madlen? That I'd find him hanging from a tree.
I'm charging you with the murder of your husband.
You can't charge her.
This interview is terminated at 16.
We will see you in court tomorrow morning.
This isn't police work, is it? This is a bloody witch hunt - again! Piss off! There, there.
It's OK.
It's OK.
The bastard.
I'm not the police, I'm a defence lawyer defending a murder case.
I require access to your network's location data.
Yes, please.
Can you give me the number, please? OK, hang on.
I'll just write that down.
OK, that's great, thank you.
That's a great help.
You promised.
We had an agreement.
- She's innocent.
- I kept my side of the bargain.
- Corran Energy gave me a figure.
- Are you going to tell me? - You have to step away, Faith.
- She trusts me.
You have three children, a mortgage and a husband in prison.
- She's innocent.
- For pity's sake! Wake up.
We were meant to be a team, partners building a business, make decent money.
What's wrong, Faith? I feel like I lost you somewhere.
75, 76, 77, 78, 79 81, 82, 83, 84, 85.
Gael, I've got a figure from Corran.
It's six, six million.
Tell them it's not even in the right ball park.
They'll be lucky to get two.
No Tom tonight? It was a meal.
A little bit of footsie and back to the boat? Please! He's old enough to be my father.
Yes? - Yes.
- And - Edwin.
"It's Edwin here.
" Edwin with the teeth.
I was desperate.
Talking of desperate you're not really going to wait for him, are you? You're in your prime, love.
You'd have a queue round the block.
Get out.
Thanks, love.
I should never have come home.
I should have gone straight to the police.
Then we'd both have been arrested.
Steve Baldini shifted the drugs you ordered from Gael Reardon to pay off the Glynns and clear the firm's debt.
I struck a deal with Parry.
Only Gael Reardon was out of pocket.
Those are just details.
I'll sort it.
I'll sort it out.
What do you expect me to do, Evan? Sit back? See us lose everything? I got you out of a hole.
You have three children upstairs Alys, Megan and Rhodri.
I want to look after you.
I want to start again.
I want to show you who I am.
Who are you? You're not much cop as a lawyer.
I know that.
I just want us to be happy.
I've decided to go to the police.
What's stopping you? Look at me.
I'm still here.
I'm here for the children because they are what matter most to us.
Will you forgive me, Faith? It's morning.
I have lunch boxes to make and to stop crying like a little girl.
Ma'am, Mrs Vaughan is charged with murdering her husband William Vaughan.
We ask for the case to be transferred to the Crown Court.
We don't envisage any application for bail.
Ma'am, I represent Mrs Vaughan.
While we make no application for bail we will certainly do so if the Crown proceed in anything less than a timely fashion.
Mrs Vaughan is a single mother.
She owns a farm.
Faith! Why aren't you helping me? Faith, please! The evidence against her is circumstantial at best.
Justice would not be served by a long period awaiting trial.
If I could hold you If only for a second I could hold you Let the fear rage on Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm If I could reach you Only for a second I could reach you And let it all go to hell Hold on together 'til we go there as well" You abused your position of trust as a solicitor.
For the offence of converting criminal property worth 250,000 on behalf of Mr Dewi Glynn I sentence you to four years' imprisonment.
Never be anything more Than just somewhere to run to When you're scared to come to I'll be there Someone who knows I won't be anything more My love couldn't be strong enough My love couldn't be strong enough If I could know you Only for one second really know you I'd turn your scars into stars Light up the sky let them see who you are 'Cos I know I could never be What you need Never see what you see Never be Anything more Than just someone to run to When you're scared to come to I'll be there Someone who knows I won't be anything more My love couldn't be strong enough My love couldn't be strong enough