Keeping Faith (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

1 Mrs Howells, will you ensure that your children have no contact with Mr Baldini? Yes.
- Love you.
- Say ta-ta, Mam! Ta-ta! Ta-ta, Mam! Madlen Vaughan, I am charging you with the murder of your husband, William Andras Vaughan.
What's your endgame here? I understand that your firm acts for Corran Energy.
Get me the right deal and we'll call it quits.
My dad's over there.
Do not defend Madlen Vaughan.
- Are you being serious? - You've never done a murder case.
She's the easiest person to charge.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Why aren't you helping me? Faith, please! Someone likes you.
You're being transferred tomorrow.
Come on, Rhods.
It's not that bad.
- I think he's got that rash again.
- What? Where? On his tummy.
Let's have a look at you.
Get your stuff, love.
Don't forget your new trainers.
Alys! It's not bad.
You'll live.
Go on, then.
They're so different, aren't they? Arthur can deal with that.
Two minutes, everybody! Alys Howells! Why isn't Arthur taking us? Because his boat was sinking.
He'll be there to pick you up.
Detention at lunchtime.
That's what Mrs Cottrell said.
- Your point being? - Alys, stop it! - I think she looks stupid.
- Hey! I saw that, Alys.
Get a move on.
- Keys! - On the table.
Come on, let's go! Are we all happy? Seatbelt, please.
'I love you, Faith.
' Funny way of showing it.
Oh! Right! Will you pick me up tonight? You'll have to walk.
Sorry, love.
I can't knock off early every day.
Can I go to Alys's house? Arthur doesn't mind me chilling with them.
Text me.
- Let me know what's happening.
- Thanks, Dad.
Sorry, Mrs Vaughan.
There's nothing we can do.
Maybe you should go and see - Madlen, it's Faith.
What's going on? - They want me to plead guilty, Faith.
- Who? Your lawyers? - I got rid of them.
The trial starts on Monday.
Faith, you're the only one I trust.
My credit's running out, Faith.
- We'll take your case, Mrs Vaughan.
- We had an agreement.
Six weeks ago.
She's been let down twice now.
Faith and I will step in.
- You can't.
You're too busy.
- I can rearrange the diary.
Call Thompson & Green.
We need the file.
- Let's get those papers.
- Thanks, Delyth.
This is a murder case.
They don't know what they're doing.
Evan would never let this happen.
Thank you, but why? I've been drafting lease agreements for three weeks.
My mind was starting to wander to some scary places.
OK, go and grab them.
Thank you.
Fingerprints ballistics.
Madog Jones, he's the farmhand.
They're so impetuous.
They're high street solicitor advocates, not QCs.
- I would never take on such a case.
- But Evan did.
And he won.
Where's her statement? Got it.
Are you OK? Sit down.
I worry I'll never see Dyfan again.
He's still with his aunt? They refused to believe me, Faith.
They just stared at me like I was a barefaced liar.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
Shall we get started? So, the case against you isn't strong.
Your story tallies with the evidence and it seems the police have made no effort to look for anyone else.
This is where we need your help.
We need a name.
Who would do this? Hmm? Will wanted to build houses on the fields.
If he'd got planning, it would've solved your problems.
If he'd got planning.
According to this, the farm accounts were frozen for months.
Whoa! Ninety grand in the red.
Where was the money coming from? You weren't starving, Madlen.
Will must've been borrowing from somewhere.
Madlen? - You never discussed it? - I stopped trying.
I wasn't feeling well.
They think I've got MS.
Oh, no.
- They've put me on some tablets.
- How are things? They don't know.
They want to carry out more tests.
I should have left him years ago.
People stay, don't they? When they shouldn't.
Especially when there's kids Do you think I was wrong? No.
Not at all.
Don't worry.
- I'd have looked at the books.
- What if he didn't let her? Helpless innocent? - Ninety grand? Come on.
- Oh, no! An email from the prosecution.
They want to name a new witness.
Guess who? - He's after a woman half his age - Every man over 40.
- Who happens to be my best friend.
- Tom? Mm-hmm.
Mind games.
Smart move, fair play.
- A witness for the prosecution? - I had no choice.
When did they approach you? Oh, no.
You went to them? Will Vaughan was my client.
I'd known him since he was a boy.
Low blow, Tom.
Your transfer here cost me a good deal of capital.
And I'm very grateful.
Your wife is still meeting with Gael Reardon.
The Reardons want to buy a company called Corran Energy.
Old clients of the firm going back to the '80s.
It's all perfectly legitimate.
I can't shake the feeling that you're playing with me.
I'm not going back to London until I've got the Reardons.
- You owe me Gayle.
- And I'll deliver Gayle.
These things take time.
Steve Baldini and your wife.
Just how close are they? I'll be in touch.
Can't sleep? Dad did a murder case once.
Have the kids at school been saying stuff to upset you? Talk to me.
Alys? Do you still love Dad? Yes.
- Just because of us? - No.
Come on.
We don't have secrets any more, do we? Come on.
If you win this case Mm? can I have my belly button pierced? Only if I can have a full-back tattoo of Rick Astley.
- Who? - An absolute legend, Alys.
And he's still going strong.
Do what you like.
You can't stop me.
Faith, we have 24 hours.
Where are you? I'm on my way.
You're visiting Evan.
No, I'm not.
See you in a minute.
OK? What are you doing, Faith? Thank you.
What do you reckon? A bit different.
How, Evan? I've been a good boy.
A few weeks and I'll be allowed into town on a temporary licence.
And then maybe some home leave.
I've taken over Madlen Vaughan's defence.
The trial starts tomorrow.
She has no idea who killed him.
You knew Will.
Any idea who might have killed him? I need your help.
He was in debt to someone.
Had he fallen out with anyone? Think, Evan, please.
This is more your field than mine.
Where would someone who needed to borrow money go? Reasonable doubt.
That's all that matters.
If you want to win this case.
You've got to be cold.
You can do it.
Just think of the way you handle my mother.
- That smile.
It kills me.
- I've got to go.
Thank you for the text.
But if you get caught with a phone in here, Evan you'll be straight back to Cat B.
What text? A loyal, trusting, dutiful woman.
The only thing Madlen is guilty of is being too good a wife and mother.
That's our narrative.
We hammer it every chance we get.
Is there something you're not telling me? We can't afford to miss a thing tomorrow.
Do me a favour.
Stay away from Evan until this is over.
Just a minute.
Corran Energy.
It's been six weeks, now Dublin are climbing the walls.
I promised them the deal would be done by now.
- There's interest from another party.
- What interest? - I don't know.
- Find out! Here.
You'll get a message with instructions.
I'm about to start a murder trial.
Oh! Maybe I should send your friend, Stevie.
He's sick for you, Faith.
I've never seen a man get it so bad.
Now, a debt's a debt.
Clear it.
Keeping yourself busy, constable? Continuity, sir.
I always like to photograph every piece of evidence.
You know what defence lawyers are like.
No harm in bells and whistles.
- Is there something troubling you? - No, sir.
I suppose I'm concerned about a lack of compelling motive.
It's our job to compile the evidence dispassionately.
Where that leads is down to the jury.
I like to think we believed in our case.
I appreciate that this is difficult for you, constable, on many levels.
I won't have my authority questioned or my case undermined.
Understood? - Perfectly, sir.
- Good.
If I could hold you If only for a second I could hold you Let the fear rage on Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm If I could reach you If only for a second I could reach you And let it all go to hell Hold on together till we go there as well Cos I know I could never be what you need Never see what you see Can never be Anything more than Just somewhere to run to when you're scared to come to I'll be there someone who knows I won't be anything more The prison van's arrived.
Mrs Howells? Hayden Swancott.
Nice to meet you.
- Your junior? - Colleague.
Cerys Jones.
Listen, we're prepared to consider realistic offers.
On grounds of provocation? No, thank you.
Four or five years' imprisonment versus life, Faith? Mrs Howells.
This was not a domestic argument that got out of hand.
The evidence will show that William Vaughan's murder bore all the hallmarks of a most deliberate execution.
Committed by an unlikely but ruthless and wholly unrepentant executioner.
They argued day and night.
It had gone on for months.
Mr Jones, as their sole employee, someone close to both of them how would you describe the state of their marriage at the time of Mr Vaughan's death? Not happy.
Not at all.
Will Vaughan spent five years failing to get permission to build houses on that ten-acre field.
- He was flat broke.
- Not my business to know.
He didn't mention any problems to you? No, never.
And you didn't guess? Not even when he cut your hours? He never told you anything of a personal nature during the 15 years you worked for him? No.
What about Madlen Vaughan? Was she a quiet, cold person? No.
Madlen's always been kind to me.
She's a great mother too.
Mr Swancott described her as a 'ruthless executioner'.
No no.
You inherited 25% of the farm and your brother 75%, is that correct? Yes, but he ran the business.
You must have been aware of the debts.
Did you advise him to sell the farm? He'd put in for planning again, for the third time.
He was looking at over 1 million when the debts were cleared.
- Was Madlen Vaughan aware of this? - Oh, yes.
She was fuming the last time it was refused.
She'd set her sights on a villa in Portugal.
She told you this? She had brochures on the kitchen table.
She wanted to live the high life.
Did your brother want a villa? All Will cared about was the farm.
It's not in her blood, is it? She wanted out.
She wanted the money.
Spending money.
Something I'm failing to understand, Mrs Lewis is how your brother was getting by after the bank froze his account.
Loan sharks? Mrs Lewis? Is there something you should have told the police? Something you should tell the jury? My Lord We lent him 20,000.
Me and my husband.
This loan.
Was it secured against anything? - No.
- No? What was it then? A gamble, on a failing business? Must be nice to have that sort of money to waste.
He's my brother.
He was my brother.
If Madlen Vaughan is convicted of murder she stands to inherit nothing.
The whole estate will go to her son, Dyfan.
You're Dyfan's legal guardian.
Is that right, Mrs Lewis? - What are you insinuating? - Nothing.
I'm establishing the facts.
The jury can make of it what they will.
Fucking brilliant.
Two sets of fingerprints.
Hers and her husband's? That's all I found.
So if a third person fired the gun? Then, they must have been wearing gloves.
Pretty logical, really, if you're going to shoot someone.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Two shots fired at a range of what, 40 feet? Two wounds neatly grouped five inches apart.
That requires some skill.
A good eye.
Steady hands.
It requires a level of expertise, yes.
- Professional skill.
- Competence, certainly.
And the bloodstain on her coat cuff.
There could have been traces of blood on the grass where she stooped to pick up the gun.
I suppose so.
Thank you, Dr Collins.
All rise.
All they've got is a circumstantial case.
- No compelling motive.
- This business about the villa.
I was only dreaming.
I can't believe she thought that.
My point is could Hannah have? Does she know where the gun is kept? Reasonable doubt.
But it isn't enough.
What about Madog Jones? I bet he can shoot.
Why would he protect Madlen? Shit.
Rhodri's prescription.
- I've got to collect it.
- Faith! Hold on.
- She'll run out of luck soon enough.
- And if she doesn't? Excuse me.
Thank you.
Yes, sir? Detective Inspector Breeze, Swansea CID.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Sampson's had stowaways coming in from Rosslare.
Warn the others.
I'm not paying any more fines.
I need you to do a Dublin run tomorrow.
- Can't do it.
We agreed shifts.
- Holyhead.
9 o'clock.
You can have my notice.
I've got a little girl at home.
Just a regular family guy.
And how's Faith buying that? Doesn't seem to be working.
I should be careful or you'll put out another contract on me.
Why don't you leave her alone? Let me clear what she owes.
I want to set things right.
She's standing by her man.
I think you might be wasting your time.
I'll be the judge of that.
Sort me another driver for Dublin.
And clean the crap off the truck.
You're showing us up.
Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Bloody chemists.
I had to try several.
- Faith, if you're having a crisis - No, I'm fine.
I'm here.
And I have an idea.
My Lord, the defence would like leave to recall Mr Madog Jones on a point of clarification.
Unless you have a specific objection, Mr Swancott? No, my Lord.
Very well.
Please recall Mr Jones.
- Mr Jones, how good a shot are you? - Not bad.
You've been firing a gun for years, I expect.
- Madlen Vaughan, what about her? - No idea.
- I've never seen her with a gun.
- You've never seen her with a gun? That's a significant detail, Mr Jones.
Why didn't you mention it sooner? Like in your statement to the police? Mr Jones? Is there a reason for it? Yes.
I was trying to protect her.
Before I went to market, I heard her shouting, "Who is she?" at him.
- Mrs Vaughan shouting, "Who is she?" - My Lord? Mr Jones's testimony is that he witnessed Mrs Vaughan saying those words not what she may have meant by saying, "Who is she?" It was in March.
William Vaughan came to me for advice on how his assets might be divided in the event of a divorce.
Was it his intention to leave his wife? He didn't specify that.
Then what specific advice did he want? If things worked out with the field, he'd make a lot of money.
He wanted advice on how to protect his assets.
- He sought ways to conceal assets? - He wouldn't be the first.
Nice guy.
Was there any suggestion from Mr Vaughan as to why his was an unhappy marriage? Another woman, perhaps? - Leading the witness.
- Answer the question, Mr Howells.
But please ignore counsel's suggested answer.
He did confide in me that there was a dark side to her character which she kept hidden.
- Unpredictable rages - Hearsay and innuendo.
Mrs Howells, do you have any questions for this witness? Yes, I most certainly do.
Mr Howells, as Will Vaughan's solicitor I'm sure you feel very loyal towards him.
Of course.
A dishonest man who attempted to hide money from his wife and child.
I merely advised him on the law.
Do you now regret giving him that advice? It's not a question of regret.
I was doing my job.
Yes - hiding the truth.
Thank you, Mr Howells.
You've been most helpful.
If you won't trust me, Madlen, I can't help you.
What was the "Who is she?" business? Life imprisonment.
Call it 15 years.
How old will Dyfan be? Twenty four or twenty five? Alright.
We're leaving, Cerys.
There were pictures in the post.
A young, blonde woman.
They were in a car.
All over each other.
Any idea who sent them or took them? Madlen? I told him to choose - me or her.
Then I left.
I didn't shoot him.
- What did you do with them? - I threw them on the fire.
Are there any more? Nobody can find out about the photographs.
Which means, Madlen, you can't go into the witness box.
They'll think I've got something to hide.
You do.
See you in the morning.
Bollocks! I knew it.
I bloody knew she was hiding something.
OK, we need to talk.
I'll buy us a drink.
No, thank you.
Bollocks! Evan.
Have a seat.
Your wife's doing well.
Quite a performer.
There's a chance she might win, which would be a shame because Madlen Vaughan is definitely guilty.
Do you ever try to win an argument at home or do you just sit back and wait for it all to blow over? I bet it's worth it though.
I'm sorry.
Did you come here to talk about my marriage? She skipped lunch today and went to run a little errand.
20,000 in used notes.
The shop owner issues a backdated receipt for a Rolex which she then buys back, minus a cut.
I think that's how it works.
He wasn't desperate to help.
I'll wait until the verdict and see what she's got to say for herself.
Unless you've got something for me? Never mind.
At least if she's in jail Steve Baldini won't be able to get his hands on her.
See you later, Angie.
Thank you.
See you.
Is Alys OK? She doesn't want her dad to come home.
It's tough when someone's been away.
She'll be OK.
Why don't you talk to her mum? It's complicated.
Do you love her? Kids! Are you hungry? Burger? I'm starving.
It's a court case.
Anything can happen.
- That's your advice? - Come on, Faith.
I understand the risk but, if I were you, I'd let her take the stand.
The jury may sense something isn't right.
Great idea! Force her to admit receiving photos of her husband with another woman minutes before he was shot! - Why would she admit to it? - The truth, Evan! The whole truth.
- A little thing called ethics? - It's a street fight, Faith.
If you want to defend a murder and win, there is no easy way.
You've got to learn to fight dirty.
You have to kick and bite and gouge your way to a not guilty verdict.
Nice little lawyers lose and their clients go to prison.
Sorry, but that's the reality.
You'd better go.
- Have you been seeing Steve Baldini? - No.
Let me go.
Oops! - Whoops-a-daisy! - It's alright.
In just under 12 hours there will be 25,000 in your bank account.
Well, cheers.
Here's to next time.
Ah! Sorry.
- Hi.
- Madlen's not giving evidence.
We can't take the risk.
He'd shred her.
I've made my decision, Cerys, and I'm sticking with it.
- Your other half? - God, no work.
I'm single more or less.
Sorry I'm late.
I came home via Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Hut! Hiya, babes! Are you OK? Arthur's upstairs, putting Rhodri to bed.
- He's grizzly.
I think he's teething.
- I'll be up now.
Try his new book.
- Carrot juice, babes? - You are hilarious.
Yeah, as if.
Where have you been? I haven't seen you in days.
- Is your sugar daddy busy tonight? - It was just a drink.
He's getting on my wick at the moment.
- He made things awkward for me today.
- Hello, Marion.
Another long day? How's my Evan? I'd visit more often if I could.
I've offered many times, Marion.
Your Evan is just fine.
- Takeaway, is it? - Yeah.
You're welcome to join us.
Thank you.
We can spare some pork balls.
Shall I fetch some plates? We've learned to use knives and forks now, Marion.
Who'd have thought? Huh? Who? Sorry.
Excuse me.
Help yourself.
Wine, Marion? Such a shame she has no time to cook.
Very nice.
Thank you, Faith.
There are no hairs in mine tonight.
- They must've had an inspection.
- Your mother's a real character.
The first thing your dad said about her was, "I've met a funny girl.
" Goodnight.
Love you.
Shh! Goodnight, Alys.
You've got an hour.
Car's waiting.
How long? How long Before the rain stops pouring And the sun comes out again? How long? How long Before the storm stops raging And silences the pain? I've lived And I've learned Will I feel again? I know not How long? How long Before my love just stops? Is there anything you want to tell me? How long? How long Must I keep on running Before it gets too far? How long? How long Must I keep rebuilding Something torn apart? I've lived And I've learned Will I learn to feel again? I know not How long? How long?