Keeping Faith (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 Dyfan! Should Madlen Vaughan be convicted of murder the whole estate will pass to her son.
- You're Dyfan's legal guardian.
- What are you insinuating? I won't go back to London until I've got the Reardons.
You owe me Gayle.
- Do you still love Dad? - Yes.
Do you still love Dad? You'll get a message with instructions.
- I'm about to start a murder trial.
- A debt's a debt.
Clear it.
It's not a question of regret.
I was doing my job.
Yes, hiding the truth.
There were photographs in the post.
Nobody is to find out about those photos.
- Have you been seeing Steve Baldini? - No.
Is there anything you want to tell me? Hi, Faith.
Get some coffee down you before the briefing.
I haven't changed my mind.
Madlen can't testify.
Anya! I've got to go.
See you at nine.
Mam! Rhodri's crying.
- It's that rash again.
- Alright.
Cerys, I need you to ask for an adjournment.
I have to take Rhodri to A&E.
Keep Madlen cool, OK? - Hang on! What? - Come on, Cerys! You can do this.
I don't believe this.
Faith is adamant you shouldn't testify.
They'll think I've got something to hide.
I won't mention the photographs.
I wish I hadn't mentioned them.
Faith's been there, 18 months ago.
- They tried to take her kids.
- I need to prove my innocence.
They tried to take her kids.
Innocent people get charged.
This is about proving reasonable doubt.
Faith made this decision for a reason.
To protect you.
I won't mention the photographs.
You must not mention the photographs.
The prosecution don't know they exist, so we're safe.
Listen, Madlen.
This is very important.
Because we know about the photos we cannot ask you anything which may lead to you lie under oath.
We must find suspicion elsewhere.
Do you understand? Be strong, Madlen.
We must get you home, to the farm, or Dyfan will get taken into care.
- No Mrs Howells? - She's got a domestic issue.
- Nothing serious, I hope.
- You wish.
Nothing serious, I hope.
What did he say when he took the watch? Did he caution you? What exactly did he say? We're waiting on the bloods.
Sorry for the wait.
No problem.
Thank you.
Hello? DI Breeze what other lines of enquiry have you followed in this investigation? It's obvious that no further lines of enquiry were needed.
And you consider that a thorough approach to police work? Strikes me as a complete failure.
- It's a matter of experience.
- Did you pursue any other suspect? I did not.
In a murder investigation? Unbelievable.
Thank you.
He's fine.
- I could've taken him.
- I had to make sure.
Hey, what range was he shot from? Vaughan - the post mortem.
What distance? Forty feet.
- How many shots? - Two.
Five inches apart.
OK? - I'm nervous.
- You'll be fine.
Thank you.
Dyfan will be fine and Madlen is innocent.
Do you have any children, Mrs Vaughan? Yes.
One son - Dyfan.
He's just had his tenth birthday.
I wish I could have been there.
We'd planned to go out dolphin watching.
- You do things together, as a family? - It's mainly Dyfan and me.
We're very close.
He's been a huge help to me since I became ill.
Sorry, my lord.
I requested an adjournment until I returned.
Your client wished to proceed with her testimony.
I'll take it from here.
Mrs Vaughan, what are Dyfan's interests? Maths.
He left me behind years ago.
That's the way his mind works.
Gosh! The farm, his quad bike and flowers.
We plant rare flowers together.
Recently, we planted a beautiful, purple cyclamen.
Trying to hide evidence before I arrive? Could've been a cheaper way.
Steve, come over.
This is Paddy's brother, Shane Reardon.
Welsh born and bred, like you.
This is Steve Baldini, driver and chief warehouseman.
You've made quite an impression.
Steve, you're good with electrics.
Check the office system over, OK? What happened? A clumsy attempt by my sister-in-law to destroy evidence.
Steve, get on with it! Nice to meet you.
I kept shouting, calling his name.
There was no answer.
The gun was on the ground, which didn't make sense.
So I picked it up and put it in the Ranger.
We need to understand what happened.
Dyfan said it was strange.
His father never left things lying around.
He was meticulous.
Dyfan told me to go back in the house while he went out to look for him on his quad.
May I sit for a second? Of course.
Members of the jury, let's adjourn.
Back at 2 o'clock, please.
Thank you, my lord.
All rise.
How dare you! She's in no fit state.
They'll make mincemeat of her.
- Can I speak now? - Come on then.
I strongly advised against it.
She insisted to the court.
- You weren't there.
What could I do? - Look at the state of you! I'm surprised you can see straight.
I'm getting drunk on your fumes.
You're a bloody shambles.
You can't pick on me every time you have a domestic.
Remind me not to work for another family firm.
You're all fucked up.
Who is the other interested party in Corran Energy? - How long does it take to find out? - I'm still at court.
- How close to the verdict are you? - I can't discuss that.
I've had a call from that jeweller.
The gold watch was taken as evidence.
More to the point, how stupid are you to let yourself get followed? - I will sort it out.
- You do that.
Fucking idiot.
You weren't in A&E.
You were with Gael.
You've been sneaking around as her lackey.
You're ashamed, you used your kids as an excuse and you hate yourself.
OK First of all, I'm sorry I spoke to you like that.
Thank you.
Secondly, Rhodri was in the hospital with suspected meningitis.
I will always put my children first.
OK, well it's my turn to apologise.
Thirdly? Gael is still leaning on me.
I knew it.
And I can't wait I can't wait to be free of her shit.
Look! If I can close this Corran Energy deal I'll be free of her.
I did lie to you yesterday.
I ran an errand for Gael.
But I was in hospital with Rhodri today, Cerys, I promise.
I promise.
I promise you.
I need some air.
- And some mouthwash.
- Yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Contact the fostering and adoption people to get the ball rolling for Dyfan.
We may as well get started.
We all know what the verdict will be.
Yeah I'll speak to you later.
- Hannah.
- Faith.
When was the last time you saw your husband that day, Mrs Vaughan? - Please be as accurate as possible.
- Half past twelve.
The time of the aforementioned argument? You say you argued about the farm, as usual.
"Who is she?" are the words Mr Madog Jones heard you say.
Does that sound like your usual argument about the farm? Or had you received evidence that your husband was in a relationship with another woman? - My lord! Leading the witness.
- No.
Continue, Mr Swancott.
"Who is she?" Is that a question you asked on any other occasion? Why did you ask it on that particular day? What happened in the minutes before you asked the question? You need to answer the question, Mrs Vaughan.
Had you received a phone call or something in the post? It was about that time of morning, wasn't it? Did something arrive in the post which upset you? Angered you even? I heard him, on the phone.
He was having an intimate conversation in the barn.
I challenged him.
Challenged him on what exactly? What sort of intimate conversation did he have in the barn? Was your husband having an affair? How can anyone be sure? Are you sure your wife isn't having an affair? Answer the question.
You live with someone and you trust them, then one day Mrs Vaughan! I must caution you.
Was your husband having an affair? It's a simple enough question, Mrs Vaughan.
Was your husband having an affair? Very well.
I'll make it easier for you.
Did you suspect that your husband was having an affair? Yes.
That would explain you shouting, "Who is she?" on the morning of the murder.
What sort of man was your husband? A disappointed man.
Disappointed in life.
In me.
He felt that I'd let him down.
That my illness had let him down.
But that's the way he was.
Always had been.
So why would I kill him now? And if I was going to kill him, I'd never use a gun.
Lots of marriages are unfulfilled but people don't go around killing each other.
So what would you have used to kill your husband? My lord! Leading the witness again.
Mr Swancott, we must stick to the facts.
No further questions, my lord.
- Mrs Howells? - Don't make it worse.
How can it be bloody worse? Mrs Howells? Any re-examination? Your husband wasn't very fond of Hannah, his sister.
Mrs Howells? A question of legal accuracy, my lord.
Madlen, what did you know of the family finances? I knew we were heavily in debt.
That's why he was in such a dark place.
The farm's been in his family for six generations.
He felt the weight of responsibility.
And so Dyfan, your son, is the sole heir to the farm? No.
Hannah, my sister-in-law, is also an heir.
Who's Dyfan's legal guardian? Hannah.
Hannah? So, she and her husband would have legal control of the whole farm.
Thank you.
How can there be a reasonable doubt about the guilt of this defendant for this violent, brutal murder borne of jealousy and revenge.
The prosecution have failed to produce a single piece of incriminating forensic evidence.
No witness to the alleged crime.
They've attempted a risible character assassination but look at her.
Do you see a murderer? I see a wronged woman.
I see a loving mother.
A loving wife.
There's no single piece of evidence that proves guilt.
The fingerprints are circumstantial because she lived in that house.
You may, nevertheless, conclude that the cumulative effect of all the evidence is enough to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
All rise.
Who have you been talking to? Why are you making such a fuss, Mrs Howells? There was no evidence.
Ergo, no need to disclose.
You should never have put Madlen Vaughan on the stand.
And you should have accepted my offer of manslaughter.
She'd have been out in two and a half years.
Quite a performance you put on.
I can see what Evan was attracted to.
I spoke to Evan.
We had a chat.
An update, 'state of play' kind of chat.
- When? - A few days ago.
Some things from Evan's case are still niggling me.
Things that aren't quite resolved.
I don't know what you're talking about.
When Evan pleaded guilty to the charges why didn't he implicate Gale Reardon? Strikes me, as an outsider, that you're running around doing quite a bit of mopping up.
Were they having an affair? Is that it? Why would you think that? Because you betrayed yourself.
I was watching you.
Madlen said she'd burned the photos so that nobody could find them.
Something's not right.
And I don't trust Breeze.
I still think I did the right thing.
I had a chance to defend myself.
- Has anyone got any food? - I'll try my luck with the guard.
- Are you OK? - Where were you this morning? Sorry, Madlen.
I had to take Rhodri to the hospital.
Listen, listen to me.
You didn't have to put yourself through that.
I'm innocent, Faith.
- I didn't kill Will.
- I believe you.
We have a chance.
I wish I smoked! I felt it was time to confront things.
I know I'm not your genetic, sorry biological father, but I love you like a son and I always will.
I've missed you so much, Evan.
I'm outnumbered by women at the office.
I do struggle knowing what you've done but I appreciate the strain you were under.
I blame myself.
I retired too early.
You weren't ready and Faith was on maternity leave.
The last thing I want to see is this family split up so I'm working to unite everyone in harmony.
Shane! Get back here.
I'm here at Pembrey where police are trying to identify a body found on the dunes.
A spokesperson said the body was found wearing a red bomber jacket and was discovered by a member of the public on Friday morning.
Forensic teams have been examining the area where the body was found and police are checking lists of missing persons.
It's not been disclosed how the person is believed to have died.
Are you OK? Madam Chairman have you come to a decision that reflects the opinion of you all? We have.
Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? Guilty.
We will rise, we will fall we will bend, we will break We will stand on the edge I'll be sentencing tomorrow morning.
I'll hear submissions from the defence on the tariff then.
On and on it goes water as it flows We don't even know when the tide is turning We don't even know High above the surface we will float no purpose We don't even know when the waves will crash in Will crash in higher Let's pick up where we left off.
Why did you come to my house last night? Obviously, you know that money laundering is a criminal offence with a minimum penalty of two years.
I'm not convinced that a former soldier with mental health issues is the best replacement for two parents.
You work for Gael Reardon, as a lawyer.
Looking after her properties, I believe.
Occasionally, yes.
You could help me with my investigation into the criminal workings of the Reardon family.
I don't respond well to intimidation.
She's good - the blonde one.
You should trust her more.
Can I see Dyfan, please? I'll find out.
Don't let him believe I'm a bad person, Faith.
I don't want him to go to Hannah.
If I can't raise him, it can't be her.
I don't care about the farm.
- Don't let them take him from me.
- I know, I know.
Faith, where are you going? Are you OK? I just need a couple of minutes.
Want to hear something that'll cheer you up? I've just spoken to a contact who has info on Corran Energy's finances.
She's shit hot and she says they've maxed their borrowing and they're in desperate need of bailing out.
Cerys, you shouldn't have done that.
It's illegal.
I'm sorry.
Delyth, will you get a box of cakes from Mildred's please? Do you mind if I stay for the meeting? I'll go to the shop afterwards, if that's OK.
Of course.
Did you try to make it as difficult and embarrassing as possible, Tom? You knew the damage you'd cause this firm by taking a case against my counsel.
- We've already lost three clients.
- You approached Breeze.
You approached Breeze.
Was it because you wanted to uphold justice or simply to save face? Faith, I think The thing is, Tom, I don't care what you think any more.
What's just happened to Madlen is wrong and I need time to try to start to accept it.
- William Vaughan is in a mortuary.
- My client didn't put him there.
- The court ruled - Stop.
This isn't a press conference.
Please, Tom.
Excuse me.
This has been a difficult chapter for us all.
There's no going back.
I'll talk to the three clients who've clearly lost trust in us.
The important thing now is we work together for harmony.
Stick your harmony up you fucking arse.
The system is corrupt.
Maybe we should concentrate on helping Dyfan.
Speak to social services.
Maybe fostering's the better option.
Sorry, Cerys.
I'm sorry.
I feel totally worthless.
Go home and see how Meg did in her parents' evening thing.
Check on Rhodri then drink ten bottles of wine.
Evan has requested an urgent meeting.
It's not visiting hours.
- He's asked to see his solicitor.
- OK.
Thank you, Delyth.
The body in the dunes.
The red coat.
Am I safe? I never got involved in that part of the business.
But you were there, Evan.
For the first time, you have to trust me like I had to trust you.
For now, yeah, you're safe.
I need you to leave.
Listen, I meant what I said last night.
I'm not letting Faith off the hook till she's got me that Corran deal.
Go easy on her.
I'll make good on all my promises when I get out.
I need you to go.
Faith's on her way.
Tom, I'm sorry.
I was too late.
They didn't have any raspberry left.
No raspberry? No raspberry?! You're fired, Delyth! No, it's fine.
I'll take them to the kids now.
Before I go, choose one.
- No, I couldn't.
- Take this one.
It's a lemon one.
I'll have it after I've prepped Faith's file.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry for my rudeness of late.
Things have been a little overwhelming.
You are wonderful, you know.
Really wonderful.
You were right.
They closed ranks.
And we lost.
No thanks to your father.
Small town.
Small minds.
I hate it.
I just want out.
I'm sorry.
Breeze is back.
I heard.
- What? - Nothing.
I was told this was urgent.
- I've got good news.
- Terrific.
No, seriously.
I've been given early parole.
"That's fantastic! I'm so pleased.
" How? Luck, I suppose.
Overcrowding, apparently.
I'll tell the children over breakfast.
- It'll be a lovely surprise for them.
- Come on, Faith.
Now that this case is out of your hair you can concentrate on family time.
On us.
On the girls and Rhodri.
A big case like that could have destroyed you.
What? What did you say? It could have been too much for the family.
I'm coming home.
I'm going.
You visiting someone? - Can we talk? - No.
Twenty minutes together, just to talk.
Not here.
I've reworked the business plan, as discussed.
That makes twenty grand each, once the loan's approved.
We're on a roll.
Hey, thanks for the figures on Corran Energy.
My pleasure.
- Oh! - Open it.
I can't.
Last night was amazing.
OK, listen.
Last night was great but it meant nothing.
Let's just focus on this deal.
OK? I'll get some drinks.
It won't go away, Faith.
I've tried.
Were you following me? No, I was following someone else and you turned up.
There's something going on, Faith.
Gael's been visiting the prison.
Two days ago, she visited the main prison then she switched to the open prison.
- For how long? - Months.
I don't want to know this.
I don't.
She's also been receiving letters.
On prison notepaper.
I'm sorry I sent the text.
I should have had the guts to tell you face to face.
I love you, Faith.
Evan isn't the only one who's imprisoned.
I can't breathe, Steve.
If he had died If he really had died at least I'd be able to grieve properly.
I can't breathe, Steve.
Thank you.
Thank you for telling me the truth about him.
Thank you.
Should we call it quits? No hard feelings? Forget about it? Never mention it again.
Will you tell Faith? Oh, Tom! Tom, you make me laugh.
Stick around, kid.
Who has a baby with someone after a couple of months? Do you miss her? My dad's changed.
It's weird.
Good weird? I'm not scared of him any more.
Have you done your physics? Can I copy it? Sweet.
My mam's here.
Angie, do you need a lift? - No, it's alright.
- Nice to see you again.
Her dad used to be a huge criminal.
He stole cars and he was a drug dealer.
She feels like she can't trust him.
I feel the same about Dad.
I don't think I want to see him any more.
Come here.
Are you OK? How was your day? Could've been better.
Are you OK? Let's go home.
- You OK? - Good.
He's fine and she's top of the class.
Oh, wow! You're a star.
Thank you.
Guess what, Mami.
- What? - Dadi's coming home.
- There's some pasta here for you.
- Oh, delish! There's some pasta here for you.
- How come you all know? - Evan phoned.
Three days he says.
Right, do you want white or red? I found out a couple of hours ago.
I'm sorry, darling.
I'm sorry.
What with everything, there was no right time to tell you.
They're releasing Dad a bit early.
In a few days.
It's too much.
I'm not ready.
- We'll make everything alright.
- I'm not ready.
- I'm not ready.
- I'll make everything alright.
I promise.
Come to Mami.
Come here.
My precious girl.
Precious girl.
I'll make everything alright.
I promise.
And we will go to the end of it all On and on it goes Water as it flows We don't even know when the tide is turning We don't even know High above the surface We will float no purpose We don't even know when the waves will crash in Crash in higher Still the wind blows Drowning in the shallows Holding our breath, holding our breath God knows we've got nothing left All the shame colliding All the pain comes sliding Holding our breath, holding our breath God knows we've got nothing left We will crawl through rubble and dust To find pieces of the past that we left behind Pray for the rain, for the rain Heaven knows it'll fall again On and on it goes Water as it flows We don't even know when the tide is turning We don't even know Higher still the wind blows Drowning in the shallows Holding our breath, holding our breath God knows we got nothing left All the shame colliding All the pain comes sliding Holding our breath, holding our breath God knows we've got nothing left Higher still the wind blows Drowning in the shallows Holding our breath, holding our breath God knows we've got nothing left