Keeping Faith (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 If I can close the Corran Energy deal, I'll be free of Gael.
The body in the dunes.
Am I safe? Some things from Evan's case are still niggling me.
Things not quite resolved.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I've been given early parole.
- I'll tell the children tomorrow.
I don't think I want to see him any more.
I'm not ready.
I love you, Faith.
My lord I'm asking for the minimum term.
Madlen Vaughan's life is already destroyed.
A prison term will have a devastating impact on her life especially with her physical condition.
Having been found guilty of killing her husband she will never see her child again without supervision.
Madlen Madlen loves Dyfan, her son more than life itself.
Please stand, Mrs Vaughan.
I sentence you to life imprisonment.
The term would normally be 30 years for murder with a firearm.
However, in light of you having no previous convictions and your medical condition I shall reduce the custodial part of your sentence to 15 years.
Thank you, my lord.
Come on now.
It's alright.
We'll do our very best for you, OK? I promise.
Please, please, please take your meds.
Madlen, do you promise? Do you promise? OK.
The woman in the photos.
Remind me what she looked like.
Pink coat.
Blonde hair.
How old was she? Mid-twenties.
And you've never met her? She may have done it.
Cerys, don't.
If you appeal, they'll investigate some of our oldest clients.
You're such a coward, Tom.
Give me a minute.
Take time out.
Evan's coming home.
Do you think I don't know that, Cerys? How fucking confusing do you think that feels? You may be crap on the empathy front but even you might be able to get a tiny inkling that this is hard for me, Cerys.
I do, Faith, because I'm stuck in this morass with you.
It's not just about you.
Imagine how Tom feels.
What did you say? Morass? Yes - morass, Faith.
In the dirt.
It's a mess, Faith.
I'm trying to find out why Corran Energy has crashed for you.
She's outside.
I'm so sorry, OK? Sorry.
- Faith.
- So sorry.
Come here.
It's alright.
- It's alright, OK? - Thank you.
Sorry to hear about the case.
So she shot her husband.
- What was his name? - Will Vaughan.
In cold blood.
I hear he was having an affair.
- I can't discuss the case with you.
- Very honourable.
Did you screw my husband? He's coming out the day after tomorrow, but you know that.
Yes, I did.
In this cab, in the boardroom - How do I know that's true? - You don't.
Your problem is you've got a weak husband.
This Corran deal.
We've agreed it's the end of it.
No, now Breeze is onto you, you've run out of currency, lady.
So careless to get followed like that.
- I could bring you down.
- Then we'll both go down together.
I could bring you down.
So, will you be taking Evan back? Do you mean am I allowing him across the threshold? To hold my children? Allow him to hurt me again? Or share the same bed as him? I wasn't breaking it down into chapters but all of the above.
Have you ever wanted children, Gale? I did get pregnant once.
I lost him.
Seven months I carried him and then, he died.
That's hard.
Sometimes, I find myself almost liking you, Faith.
I just don't trust you.
You get this deal, Faith.
I'll do my very best.
The main factor is undercutting by China.
They can't compete with the two other Welsh firms and the bank has zero confidence.
They need a quick sale.
Keep it cool.
No soft-soaping.
We're in negotiations with a local company.
A Welsh company.
Mrs Reardon is prepared to sign on the dotted line, cash on the nail.
No survey or awkward audits.
And she undertakes to protect the whole of the current workforce.
That's powerful press coverage, isn't it? Save your breath, Faith.
Unless Mrs Reardon doubles her offer the board won't be in a position to consider it.
How do you feel, after the case? Terrible.
Like the system is working against us.
Poor Madlen.
Send her my best wishes.
You're the first person to say that, Geraint.
Thank you.
I will.
I'm not finding this easy either, by the way.
Won't they be stale by Friday? Yes, that's why we're making them now.
Evan can stay with me if there's a problem.
I've got plenty of room.
- Doesn't Dadi want to come home? - Of course he does.
He can't wait.
- I'll go and pick up Alys.
- I'll go.
The business is in a mess.
Investing in it makes no sense.
She wants a business on the cheap so she can save jobs and look like a respectable local hero.
Money laundering for the Reardons.
- I've got to go.
- Faith I've got to go.
You make me happy.
Thank you.
Oh, no! My god! Alys! Alys, are you OK? She's fine, Faith.
It was a hit and run.
Alys, are you OK? Look at Mami.
Are you OK? Angie! We can't get hold of Steve Baldini.
What happened? - Why didn't it stop, Mam? - Mami's here.
The car just kept going.
- Where is she? - Gone for an X-ray.
- Why didn't you go with her? - I tried, but Alys.
- Steve, stop it.
- What did you see? Tell me.
- A white car.
- Yes, and what happened? It just drove at us.
- What else? - It didn't stop.
A white car? OK.
A white car, OK? Yeah.
Everything's alright, sweetheart.
We'll get you home soon.
We can have a beach party.
Maybe give them some time, you know, as a family.
But we are family, Tom.
And we must show him, despite everything That's not what I meant.
Poor Evan.
It's wrong that he took the blame for everything.
He's too nice.
Marion, you know that's not true.
He's done some seriously illegal things.
Why deny it? It won't help anyone.
Damn you, Tom! The next few days are going to be fun, Pero.
Good boy.
Alys was across the road.
She's had a real fright, as you can imagine.
And there were no witnesses? They're waiting for Angie to regain consciousness.
Who is Angie? Alys's new friend.
- I'll phone.
- No, please.
Wait until you're home.
Tomorrow's a big day, isn't it? Have you seen Gael since the transfer? Don't lie to me, please.
I've been trying to persuade her to leave you alone.
- Cerys phoned.
- When? She was concerned about your increasing involvement with Gael.
Why didn't you ask me? In case you reacted like this.
Your visits are the only things that keep me going.
Cerys mentioned the Corran Energy deal.
Did she mention the printer running out of ink too? Faith, listen! Gael has promised that once the Corran deal is completed she'll leave us alone.
- Both of us? You and me? - Yes.
We've got to get our lives back on track.
You know that's impossible.
Well, one step at a time.
See you tomorrow.
At home.
Tom's coming to pick me up.
You're right.
I need to take a step back.
I'm glad stern words in the stationary cupboard did the trick.
The case is too big for us.
We don't have the resources.
Neither does Madlen, with her debts.
Oh, Delyth! I was in the stationary cupboard.
Private joke.
- Sit down, Delyth.
Tuck in.
- Help yourself.
Come on.
A couple of messages for you.
One from Corran Energy and from a man who phoned twice.
He didn't leave a name but it's important.
Hiya, this is Faith Howells returning your call.
I don't know who you are.
Who's speaking? Why? Alright.
Ten minutes? Everything OK? A body has been found in a car.
A white saloon.
The driver was Medwyn Croudace.
I called you from his phone.
He gassed himself.
Some boys found the car down by the docks.
- His phone was in his pocket.
- He needs a solicitor? This isn't urgent, is it? I went through his recent calls.
The thing is, Mrs Howells, his last call was to your mobile.
At 12.
45 today.
- May I? - One minute, please.
Thank you.
I have no idea who Mr Croudace is.
There were two messages left at the office for me to ring that number.
According to Delyth, he refused to leave a name.
Calls to the office and to your mobile but you don't know him? Will you accompany me to the morgue, Mrs Howells? Right now? Of course.
No problem.
How's Alys? I let her stay home from school today.
I've said for a while we need CCTV cameras in the square.
No witnesses have come forward as yet.
We're waiting for Angie to regain consciousness.
She's Mr Baldini's daughter - Angie Baldini.
Take your time.
I have no idea who he is.
- Are you certain? - Can we? He worked in the planning department for 20 years.
Come on, Delyth! Where is it? Someone may have put it in the wrong file.
Come on! - It must be here somewhere.
- Here we are! There you go.
Croudace turned down Will Vaughan's planning application a week before the murder.
Gael this has gone beyond a joke now.
I don't know what you made me deliver to that planning officer but he's dead.
He's dead and I've just been dragged in to ID his body.
He's dead.
I can't do this.
I haven't felt like this in 18 months.
I feel sick.
What did you do to drag that poor guy in? What did you do? Shut up, Faith! Jesus, sounds like you're losing your cool.
Just get me Corran.
You know the deal.
Croudace left two messages for me to contact him.
- He wanted to tell me something.
- He'd never contacted you before? I didn't know his name.
We met twice to exchange packages.
Turns out he was the man who refused Will Vaughan's planning application.
The one he made a week before he was murdered.
He tried to pass information to me, I let him down and now he's dead.
Hey, this isn't your fault.
I can feel them circling.
Williams and Breeze.
That would be just great.
I'm put inside, just as Evan comes out.
I want to make you feel safe.
Oh, Steve.
I messed up 18 months ago.
I should have let the Glynns destroy Gael.
Don't, Steve.
If she tried to punish me by hurting my little girl Stop! Stop it! Stop it, right? We have no proof she was behind it.
I can't do this, Faith.
See you crushed by her.
Humiliated by her.
No, no, no, no! It could be the hospital.
- Shane.
- Yes.
Yeah? I'll be there.
Shane is the only one who can destroy Gael.
Your mother's out with Lisa.
She won't be late.
Daddy shouldn't have gone to prison.
None of it was his fault.
I need you to understand that.
OK? Sleep now.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Come on.
I'm coming.
Watch yourself now.
Keys, please.
You're alright, flower.
- You're alright, aren't you? - Yes, we're all alright.
I was supposed to be the drunk one tonight, not you.
- What's this? - You're rubbish at this! - Thank you.
- Go to sleep now.
Shh! Shh! I'm sorry.
My lovely friend.
What the fuck am I going to do? What the fuck am I going to do, Lis? He's coming home.
I should be happy but I'm not.
He crossed the line.
I stood by him because of the children.
I didn't want them to stop loving him and I didn't want them to stop trusting him.
But I lost me somewhere along the way, Lis.
Every morning when I wake up I feel completely empty.
But then there's Steve.
He makes me feel whole again.
It's amazing.
It's exciting.
It's scary.
And it's impossible.
Babe? It's fine.
Go to sleep.
- Arthur? What's the matter? - Nothing.
Are you alright? Yes, I'm fine.
I was about to phone a taxi.
I had to make sure Lisa was OK.
I'll give you a lift if you like.
Are you sure? Yes.
I need a word anyway.
- Are you sober enough for this? - Yes.
This Madlen Vaughan thing.
If someone's angry and points a gun at you you run away.
You don't stand there and wait to get shot.
I've been around guns for years and it just doesn't add up.
Can you tell me this again first thing tomorrow? Please? I love you, Faith.
You don't give up, do you? Don't love me, Arthur.
It would it would not end well.
No? No.
It's OK.
You don't have to be the strong one all the time.
Oh, I'm fine.
I just I just don't know what's right and what's wrong any more.
You are the best.
Everyone thinks you're ace.
And I'm so proud that you're my mam.
And so are Megs and Rhodri.
OK? Yes, darling.
Goodnight, precious.
Delyth, I'm late for Will Vaughan's funeral.
Pie Jesu Domine Dona eis requiem Dona eis requiem Lucky they're not tagging you.
Sign here.
Your personal effects and 46.
Your visitor will be here in around half an hour.
In the faith of Christ and believing that our brother is in the hands of God, we commit his body to the ground earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.
The Lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body according to the working whereby He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.
Hear what the spirit is saying to the church.
Blessed are those who die in the Lord.
Blessed are they.
Now they can rest for ever after their work.
Lord have mercy upon us.
- Should've guessed.
- We'll work together.
Understand? You'll not make a move until I contact you.
I will be in charge.
Oh, and no double-crossing.
Not like the last time.
Are you ready for this? Faith and I need a fresh start without Gael Reardon in our lives.
I know that Faith is working for Gael on some property deals.
But that visit to the jewellers? Yeah, I know.
She's playing a very dangerous game.
God, I love this.
I'm going to be back in London in a month.
The Vaughan verdict.
It's devastated Faith.
I understand that.
She's a shit-hot lawyer.
If she was in London, she'd be at the top of her game.
What the fuck is she doing in a backside place like this? She married me.
Get me Gael, Evan.
And if you put one foot wrong I'll arrest your gorgeous wife for money laundering.
I've got the evidence.
Clock's on.
Evan! Tom sends his condolences.
I can't see Dyfan.
Keep an eye out.
Hey, sweetheart.
Get off! Hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
Never good enough.
Come here.
Never good enough.
It's OK.
Listen to me, alright? Listen.
Your mammy loves you so much.
She asked me to tell you that.
Look at me.
They're selling the farm.
She loves you, alright? They're selling the farm.
Who is? My aunty.
Where am I supposed to go? We'll sort something out.
Come on.
I want Mam.
I know.
I want Mam.
Oh, I know.
And she wants to be with you.
Well, there's posh! It suits me.
- She got the house.
I got my freedom.
- It's a real bachelor pad.
Change can be good.
There you go.
It's fully charged now.
I'm nervous.
Of course.
Before I take you home What's this? The Will Vaughan documentation and the planning applications you made before you were arrested.
I removed them from the office.
I know Madlen was found guilty but if it goes to court again I don't want your name anywhere near the applications.
This is your fresh start.
You've been punished.
Dad, stop protecting me.
Those planning applications were all above board but what you've done is completely illegal.
- Please, don't go there.
- I tried to do the right thing.
Coming out is harder than going in.
I'm looking forward to seeing Faith and the children but I'm worried.
It's been hard on Faith.
I have no idea where she found the strength to cope.
Alright? I'll request a meeting with Madlen tomorrow.
I'll find the woman in the pink coat.
I'll do everything in my power to get Madlen and her son back together.
Come on.
I'll take you back.
Still waiting for the Croudace case to go to the coroner.
They must suspect foul play.
- Williams is watching me like a hawk.
- You've got nothing to hide.
How do cops like Williams and Breeze sleep at night? 'Stay strong.
Lots of love.
' 'I'll keep away.
Love Steve.
' Mama! Shh, Rhodri! Stay there.
Alys? Come down, darling.
Look at the candles.
Are you OK, babes? Gave you all that you needed You cut but I'm bleeding And all of my strength that I gave to you I loved you completely You lose then you leave me And all of my hope left with you too But I gave my heart whole, I did I gave my heart - And although I'm broken - Surprise! - I am still breathing - Dadi! - You've grown! - And I gave my whole soul, I did I gave my soul And although I'm broken I am still breathing I will sleep through the moments All the moments you've stolen All for my love I'll learn the truth - That I gave my heart whole, I did - You look thin.
What kept you? - Bubbles for everyone.
- Yes, please! Look what the children made for you.
- Where's Alys? - Upstairs.
In our room.
And I gave my whole soul, I did I gave my soul And although I'm broken I am still breathing Hello, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
I've made up the drunk bunk for you.
I'm not ready.
There's no rush.
Since when has madam had our room? Since you left.
I'll sleep in the study.
My snoring isn't that, surely? We'll talk in the morning.
Welcome home.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Faith? Yeah? We'll be alright.
- Night night.
- Night night.
If I could hold you If only for a second I could hold you Let the fear rage on Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm If I could reach you If only for a second I could reach you And let it all go to hell Hold on together till we go there as well Cos I know I could never be what you need Never see what you see Can never be Anything more than Just somewhere to run to When you're scared to come to I'll be there someone who knows I won't be anything more I won't be anything more I won't be anything more I won't be anything more