Keeping Faith (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 Last night was great but it meant nothing.
I sentence you to life imprisonment.
The woman in the photos.
Remind me what she looked like.
Pink coat.
Blonde hair.
A body has been found in a car - Medwyn Croudace.
- I have no idea who he is.
- He gassed himself.
Croudace rejected Will Vaughan's application days before the murder.
- He's dead! - Shut up, Faith! Just get me Corran.
You know the deal.
- What did you see? - A white car.
It drove at us.
It didn't stop.
If she tried to punish me by hurting my little girl The body in the dunes.
Am I safe? Get me Gael, Evan.
Put a foot wrong and I'll arrest your gorgeous wife for money laundering.
Surprise! Come here.
Oh, you've grown! Faith, we'll be alright.
I'm so sorry.
We've had some forensics back on our body in the dunes.
Wood fibres and paint flakes under the fingernails.
Also, large doses of asthma drugs detected in the hair samples.
If your theory is correct it's an Eastern European or Russian man, no injuries who potentially was trying to scratch his way out of somewhere.
We've had a few stowaways through Fishguard.
Why bury him? - Let me talk to some local contacts.
- No, you crack on with Croudace.
I spoke to Mrs Howells.
She had no idea why he phoned her.
There's a surprise.
Hey, Steve.
I'm phoning to check on Angie.
She's still unconscious, but she'll be OK.
Thank goodness.
- Bye.
- Bye.
We need to meet.
South car park, 12.
- Good morning.
- Hi, Mam.
Look at you! - Alys? - Um she's OK.
I said I'd take her to visit Angie later.
Angie is Steve Baldini's daughter.
She lives with him now.
I don't think she's well enough, sweetheart.
She is.
Her mother texted me.
I'll ring the hospital later, OK? I'll go.
Arthur! Good to see you.
Come in.
You alright? I hear you're almost part of the family.
- I'd like you to stay on.
- I'd love to.
I'll pick up Alys from ballet today.
We're going to visit Angie.
- Hello! - Perfect timing, as usual! Right.
Excuse me.
Time's up, Jernigan.
Accept the offer before you sink any deeper.
This is private property.
Sort it out today or be constantly worried about the whereabouts of your wife and kids.
Hello, goodbye! - Cerys, I need to talk about Madlen.
- Can't stop.
Cerys! It's out of order and I expect you to do something about it.
Good morning, Geraint.
Your client sent two thugs to our offices yesterday to invite us to accept her generous offer.
- It has nothing to do with me.
- I'm sick of this bullshit.
- Honestly.
- We all know what's going on here.
Either Mrs Reardon ups her offer to over 5 million or Corran Energy goes into administration next week.
And then, I'll go to the police and I won't give a toss if you go down with them.
Madlen? Did Will ever mention a planning officer called Medwyn Croudace? I don't know.
It's important.
I don't bloody know.
I just want you to get me out of here, Faith.
I can't bear any more.
I'll go off my head.
- I'll go off my head.
- Calm down.
Please, please.
Croudace was taking bribes.
Who was trying to block Will, Madlen? What if Hannah had heard about Will and the woman in the pink coat? What if she was worried Will might sell in a hurry? I'm scared, Faith.
I should be with Dyfan, not in here.
I need your help, Madlen, please.
Where should I start looking? Please.
Hi, this is Cerys.
Please leave a message.
Cerys, I can't do this without you.
Phone me, please.
- Steve? - She's coming round.
Still not speaking a lot but she'll get there.
- Can I see her? - Only if you have time.
Yes, that's great.
I'm on my way.
I'm sure the children are happy you're home.
So far, so good.
Even if Faith isn't.
I suppose she got used to things, with a lot of help from Arthur.
He wouldn't be my first choice of helper, him and his long hair.
Do you need money? - Could I borrow your car? - My pleasure.
I don't expect you to forgive me for the past, Evan.
But I need you to know you've always been the most precious thing to me.
Things will get better.
The car swerved across the road.
Came straight at her.
Did you see who was driving, darling? No.
Everything happened too fast.
Take your time, alright? Two minutes.
Sorry about your girl.
- Accident? - You tell me.
You tell me this, Steve.
Who killed my brother? A woman called Erin Glynn.
On her own? I doubt it.
Gael has held you close for a long time now.
What does she think you know? Do you think Gael paid the Glynns to kill Paddy? Do you? You see, between you and me, I think she's a psychopath.
Capable of just about anything.
My brother and cousins need proof before they'll give the nod.
I can help with that.
We'll look after you, Steve.
And your little girl.
- Who was he? - Shane Reardon.
My boss.
Passing on his best wishes.
Leave it to me, OK? OK.
Right then.
Take your time.
OK, precious? Thank you for calling.
OK, Daddy's got to go and speak to this man.
I won't be long, OK? Have you got your raisins? You happy leaving him alone like that? What do you want? When you were inside, there was a man named James Fletcher.
He's big time.
Wants to set up a supply line to the USA via Ireland.
He thinks it's the new weak spot.
Money to me made.
I don't recall any Fletcher.
Of course not, but it's what you're gonna tell Gael.
You'll be wearing a listening device.
- Breeze, I'm not a - There's no fucking no! The only reason you're sitting here is because of me.
We'll entice her into a conspiracy to import.
You and your lovely wife will disappear into the sunset.
Take the fucking device.
Set up a meeting as soon as possible.
That body that turned up at Pembrey sand dunes.
Do you know anything about that? No, sorry.
Can't help you.
We're done.
OK? Let's see if Mummy's free.
- Can we meet for lunch? - Evan, no I can't.
- I'm in a meeting.
- Until when? I'm not sure.
I'll call you back.
You pushed too hard.
They'll go into administration.
It's five million.
- Two million.
Final offer.
- They won't accept two million.
They'll accept five.
Why would they accept two? Their net assets are worth twice that.
It's your job to explain.
What's the alternative? Can't be with your kids every moment of the day.
Don't say it, Faith.
No need to make a bad situation worse.
I know who you are.
Who needs lawyers? They're a waste of space.
Bitch! Bitch! You go in, Alys.
I'll wait here.
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Hi, Angie.
Did your mum bring you? - Dad.
I'd better say hello.
Good to see you.
How is she? She's young.
She'll mend.
Gael? Can I help? I'd say we're quits.
I feel for you, Steve.
I really do.
But if you touch my wife again I'll kill you.
You love these! Don't eat them all.
There's a really high body count around here.
Mr Croudace.
What were you doing meeting him at the garden centre? - No idea what you're talking about.
- Giving him a huge wodge of cash? We've traced his movements, Mrs Howells.
Six weeks ago, you met with him at 9am at the garden centre.
An hour later, he went into charity shops giving away bundles of notes.
I thought the William Vaughan murder was a straightforward domestic but now, it seems Mr Croudace had denied his planning application.
And there was a third on the way.
This could help Madlen's case.
Do you have nothing to tell me? Nothing at all? Let's start with the connection between you and Gael Reardon.
Why are you mixed up with her? What hold has she got over you? Are you protecting Evan? You're pathetic.
Neither of you have told the truth about Gael Reardon from the start.
And I know.
Don't waste my time.
Thank you, Delyth.
- Where's Dad? - Showing Lisa the shed.
Hello, you.
How was Angie? Did she talk to you? - What's wrong, sweetheart? - Everything's different.
I don't want him here.
Hiya, babes.
Evan was showing me the punchbag.
Feels great, doesn't it? There's a few blokes I'd like to smack, I tell you.
I wouldn't last one round with her.
Awful about Angie, isn't it? Hit and run, Evan said.
Hey I've bought you two a bottle of Champagne.
- Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
- No problem.
You don't have to drink it now.
Have it when you feel like it.
Right! I'd better go.
I have a date.
He's 32.
An engineer.
See you.
- Ta-ta, Megs! - See you, Lisa.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Alys will be fine.
Part of her just enjoys the drama.
Hiya, guys.
OK? Mummy's alright.
Just a bit tired.
Oh, Dyfan.
What have you done? Please no Please.
Watching you.
There's beauty between the lines Caught me on my blind side I'll recover, I'll recover Deep beneath the water Beautiful disorder From another, from another There was a heart here breaking Breaking - Mrs Howells.
- Anya.
- Is there a problem? - No.
- It's about Cerys - Mm-hmm.
and William Vaughan.
We Come in.
We became involved.
I think the world of her but there's something you should know.
Right Six months ago, she asked me, on the quiet for details of William Vaughan's finances.
How much he owed.
And I told her.
She can be remarkably persuasive.
Remarkably beguiling.
Can I help with something? Six months ago you persuaded a bank manager to break a client's confidentiality.
- Will Vaughan's.
Why? - Evan asked me.
He made a deal with Gael to take the heat off you.
He asked for one bit of information.
- So it was all for my benefit.
- Absolutely.
Will Vaughan couldn't raise the cash to build those houses.
Gael had the money.
There was 1 million to be made.
Shit! Gael gave me a package to hand to Medwyn Croudace the day after William Vaughan was killed.
If Gael was blocking Will Vaughan's planning application so she could buy the farm on the cheap why would she kill him? I don't know.
But it was Gael.
I'm an accessory to corruption and so are you.
We're up shit creek.
Shit! OK, Faith.
What if Evan's in deeper than we think? What did you tell him? You talked to him during the trial.
What did you tell him? Gael again.
Bloody Gael, Gael, Gael.
She must have told the prosecution.
You told Evan about the photos? About the woman in the pink coat? Faith? No.
No, I can't handle this.
I'm going to the police.
Nice for the kids.
Two parents in prison.
You're not going to the bloody police, Faith.
We'll all go to prison and Madlen will stay there.
We've got to find the woman in the photos.
You went behind my back, Cerys.
Fuck off.
Broken wing mirror.
I'll see to it right away, officer.
The paint from your truck matches the paint under our body's nails.
My truck and 10,000 others.
This is an e-fit of the man who died roughly 18 months ago.
It's funny.
That's about the time you and Evan Howells were involved.
I'll leave it there just in case it jogs your memory.
- Evan.
- Gael.
Hey there, little man! Hello.
Haven't you grown.
You're looking well.
So are you.
So, here we are again.
What's next? Well, I could do with a job.
Well, I'd have to see the back of Shane first.
- He was very fond of Paddy.
- What's his interest here? He wants to seal the deal with Corran Energy.
Somewhere to hide our money for years.
But your wife keeps screwing it up.
Maybe I could sweeten the deal.
I know someone who's looking for an Irish angle.
Listen, we need to talk about the body in the dunes.
You know, I trusted you with a simple task.
No! Evan, no! You shit, Evan! You shit! Fuck it! OK, Evan.
Back to business.
I need you to find Diana before anyone else does.
Mrs Howells.
I need to find the woman Will Vaughan was seeing.
What has this to do with me? Eighteen months ago you planted one of my earrings at the scene of Alpay's death.
Susan, I haven't mentioned this to a living soul.
I think you owe me a favour.
- What do you want? - Will Vaughan's phone.
Now, please.
DI Breeze is assuming the worst about your links with Croudace.
It was me who uncovered your meeting at the garden centre.
I didn't even know his name.
Let's go through Will Vaughan's messages.
What's this? It looks like a pocket text.
Hang on.
Detect language.
It means 4 o'clock.
Dial the number.
The number you have called is not recognised.
Please check the number.
Miss Pink Jacket comes from Ukraine.
Do you know anyone who speaks Ukrainian? Thanks, Pavel.
We're arriving in the Ukrainian market now.
I can see it.
Odessa Foods.
How come you speak Ukrainian? Show-off! Since tobacco went over 5 a bag.
You'd better get going.
- I'm going in, am I? - Yes.
- What am I meant to say? - Think of something! Blonde hair.
She had a pink coat on.
I'll give you my number.
There you go.
Arthur Davies.
Hey! What are you doing here? Hi.
Look who's here! Hello, you! - What are you two doing here? - Meeting a client.
You? An interview.
Letting agent.
Friend of Bethan's.
- Better than nothing.
- Oh, right.
With Rhodri? I thought it might help.
Just a minute.
OK? - Take Rhodri back to the car, please.
- Yes, of course.
Cerys told me you were snooping around in Will Vaughan's finances.
I was just trying to pass on some work to her.
- Protecting you.
- Protecting me? There's an innocent woman in prison and Will Vaughan is dead, Evan.
- Whatever Gael did with the info - Fuck Gael! - Whatever she did - Fuck Gael! with the information has nothing to do with me.
You promised me, after you went missing.
You promised me you'd never lie again, Evan.
But you're a liar.
Faith, I'd do anything to get that woman out of our lives for good.
All I want is you, me and the kids.
That's all I want.
You make me sick.
I don't know exactly what's going on, Faith but I can see it's tearing the firm apart.
Maybe you should have taken Tom's advice in the first place.
We had no choice.
Madlen had nobody else.
But you do have a choice now.
There are other lawyers.
Some would even take her case pro bono.
You've enough to deal with.
Cerys thinks you're too involved.
Sometimes, Faith sometimes, there is no good decision.
Sometimes you just have to survive.
Hold on to what you have.
How's Evan? If you want Gael you can get her yourself.
Did you know your wife was paying off the council planning officer who went and topped himself? The closer I look, the worse it seems to get.
Especially for her.
She sold her soul for you, Evan.
And you? What have you done? - I hope I've made enough.
- We could do some pasta.
I cook proper food, though some people can't tell the difference.
- Don't worry.
It'll be fine.
- You sound like your mum.
Should we warn Faith we have company? No, let's not add to her stress.
Who's that? The engineer? Megs told me.
- Sorry! - It's OK, sweetheart.
Me and men are done.
Stop looking and wait for them to come to you.
Wise words.
You might be right.
Come here Come here.
We love you, Lisa.
Someone else will too.
Oh, thanks love.
That looks really nice.
Lipstick on your head.
Diana's gone to ground.
She packed in her job at the club and left no forwarding address.
I'm going to need some more time.
Give me a little bit more time.
Check your texts.
Evan! You don't want me to send this to Faith, do you? - Goodbye, Gael.
- Just find Diana.
Is that you? I'll be there now, Mam.
- Happy with red, Marion? - Happy, thank you.
A bit for her too.
Just a bit.
Ah! Here she is.
Faith, come and sit over here.
Evan was about to say a few words.
- Was I? - Unless you want me to do it.
Corran Energy has agreed to accept three.
Take it.
I don't want to make a speech.
Words can't express how I feel surrounded as I am by people who mean so much to me.
The only reason I'm still here is because each one of you has shown me more love than I deserve.
And I will spend the rest of my life in your debt.
Thank you.
- To Evan.
- Yes.
To Evan.
There's beauty between the lines Caught me on my blind side I'll recover, I'll recover Deep beneath the water Beautiful disorder From another, from another There was a heart here breaking Faith, I know something you don't want to hear but I've got to tell you.
Evan is far more dangerous than either of us thought.
Whatever you decide I'll always love you.
No prayer No prayer Washed up on the land lies Everybody's goodbyes Undiscovered, undiscovered Floating on the high tide Truth gets lost and denied Between lovers, between lovers There was a heart here breaking Breaking There was a breath here taking Taking No prayer No prayer No prayer No prayer Faith, I know something you don't want to hear but I've got to tell you.
Evan is far more dangerous than either of us thought.
Whatever you decide I'll always love you.
No prayer No prayer Washed up on the land lies Everybody's goodbyes Undiscovered, undiscovered Floating on the high tide Truth gets lost and denied Between lovers, between lovers There was a heart here breaking