Kenan (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Hair Show

All right, great show, everyone.
All right, now I know everyone's excited
for the Atlanta Hair Show this weekend.
- Ooh, yeah!
- Okay, but I'm asking people
not to party too hard.
I have to say this every year,
the Monday after the Hair Show
is not a holiday.
- Come on.
- Aw, man.
Come on, Mika, with all
the wild wigs and hairdos,
it's like watching the
Super Bowl at a Black church.
But if people are looking for
alternative community events,
I'm starring in a musical adaptation
of the movie "Cats."
Tami, ain't nobody trying to see that.
Put me down for a comp, girl.
Guys, we are "Wake Up
with Kenan" ambassadors, okay?
We represent the show.
So it's our responsibility
to act with dignity at all times.
You want people to keep level-headed
for the world's largest ponytail,
a champagne curling iron challenge
The perm-zilla, monster of hot oil?
That doesn't change anything.
And the Black Hair Model Vanguard Award.
"Recognizing pioneers
of Black hair modeling
from relaxer boxes
to salon styling posters."
Mika, do people even know that
you used to be a hair model?
No, look, Kenan,
that was a long time ago, okay?
I just did it to pay for college.
It was a stupid part of my past.
Okay, so you don't care
that they just put out
- the nominees list
- No.
And, uh, you're one of them?
Y'all, Mika just got nominated for
a Black Hair Model
Vanguard Award, y'all!
Yay, Mika.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay.
Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo!
- Yes, yes. Now
- Wow, okay.
Let's always remember
to act with dignity at all times.
What's up, nominee?
Stop, it's not that big of a deal.
Yes, it is.
And I had a great idea
for a remote segment.
Maybe we follow you
around the Hair Show.
Yeah, it could be like
a female empowerment "whatchacallit."
And you can come with me and my girls
and we could shoot you
teaching them, like, girl junk
and just making sure
they're having a good time
- and never leaving their side.
- So do you want me to do
a remote female empowerment
"whatchacallit" thing,
or do you just want me
to come to the Hair Show
to be a buffer
'cause your mother-in-law's in town?
Look, Tasha's great on her own.
But her and Rick together?
Their arguments have only gotten worse.
You know they fought about
global warming?
They both think it's a hoax
but two very different kinds.
After 30 years, it's like either
submit a tape to Bravo
or be done with it already.
So, please?
I mean, the Hair Show
is the girls' favorite,
and I don't want their
grandparents ruining it.
Of course I'll be there.
But just to be clear,
the segment idea was
- Totally fake.
- Okay, figured as much.
It's totally fine.
Happy to be there for my babies.
Just to be clear, I meant
the girls are my babies,
not you and the girls.
Yeah, no, totally.
I mean, I would never presume
to be one of said babies.
Oh, my gosh.
Get a room, you two.
- What?
- What?
- No.
- What? No!
What, no.
Although, she probably meant
the conference room.
Oh, well, yeah.
Well, what she doesn't know is that
"Morning Bubbles" already
has the conference room,
- so we couldn't get a room.
- Exactly.
- We showed her.
- Yeah.
Your mom sure had
a lot of stuff for y'all.
Look, straighteners, curlers,
I mean, what even is
a long beachy waves crimper?
Wasn't Snoop Dog a Long Beach Crimp?
You don't have to do our hair, Daddy.
We can just go and have fun.
What? No, having your hair all crazy
is, like, the whole thing.
I've been watching
YouTube videos all morning.
I got this.
I don't know, even I don't understand
the "nuancé"
of this child's curl pattern.
Why don't I just pay
a professional to come do it?
Ooh, is that on the table?
Uh, no, it's not.
Yeah, Tasha. You can't always just throw
your new husband's money at everything.
- Gold digger.
- What's a gold digger?
It's what your Papa Rick wants to think
is the reason why I left him.
When in fact, it's because Papa Rick
likes to have flight attendants
- sit on his lap.
- It was turbulence.
Let's not have a little
fight in front of the girls.
- At the airport Chili's?
- Yes, yes.
You know what, why don't
y'all go play in your room?
But it's just getting good.
Yeah, they haven't even
started cursing yet.
Oh, I'm sorry,
are you asking for tickles?
I can't hear you.
I can't understand what you're saying.
- Kenan, we're not fighting.
- Yeah, we're just talking
loudly and violently.
Hey, hey, hey, fam-lay!
I got good news and I got bad news.
Which one y'all want first?
I like to start with bad news.
That's why CNN's my homepage.
Okay, well, you know
my Etsy store where I sell
bootleg Gucci shirts for dogs?
- Oh, yeah, Gucci for Poochies.
- Right.
Well, it is taking off
all the hair on all them damn dogs.
Apparently the fabric I got a deal on
is considered an invasive species?
But the good news is, Kenan,
your old sitcom is coming back, baby!
What? They're rebooting
"Grown Ass Little Boy"?
- Wow.
- That is so exciting.
Yeah, I been going back and
forth with the producers, man.
We got a major network interested.
And they won't do it
unless you agree to star.
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
- That's what's up, man!
- Thank you! Wow.
It'll be nice to get back
to some real acting around here
besides what I'm always
doing with the girls.
"Uh, Chloe said what in Biology?
And it's only, like,
three months away in LA.
Man, I can't wait to get out
there and just tell everybody
how I miss seasons and how a scarf
don't go with shorts. That's weird.
Wait, you said three months?
- Away?
- Mm-hmm.
That's like a whole lobsterfest.
I thought this was kind of
a no-brainer, bro.
AW, leave him alone, G-man.
Some men can't handle change.
But the world needs
safe, virgin-types too.
Just because Kenan didn't
manhandle half the panhandle
doesn't make him a virgin.
Thank you, Tasha.
I think.
Okay, I got this.
- You got it. Come on. Right.
- Let's do this.
Hair Show hair ♪
Yeah, hey, hey ♪
Hold your breath.
Now's the time ♪
And I'm coming in hot ♪
Hey, I can't wait ♪
To show you what I got - Ow. ♪
I got a little bit of this ♪
And a whole lot of that ♪
Hey, you better watch me now ♪
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Hey, hey ♪
Are you ready? ♪
Are you ready for this?
Are you ready? ♪
Now can we call a pro?
I already did. Da-da-dun!
Presenting Miss Mika.
- Whoa, Mika.
- I had an event
for the Hair Show
so I had to go all out.
- Yes.
- First time I can remember
not doing my makeup at a stoplight.
Look at you, Mika.
Who knew under all that bossiness
was all this foxiness?
- Wow.
- Oh, you've never seen me
all done did before, have you?
Well, I guess not like this.
And like that. And like this and uh
What's going on over here?
Is he undressing her with his eyes?
Oh, come on, Rick. Not everyone is you.
All right, so Miss Vanguard
Award Nominated Hair Model,
are you ready to help my girls?
Okay, level with me. How bad is it?
Hold up, you say "how bald is it?"
- No.
- Well, you should have
- 'cause it is in a few spots.
- Okay.
Come on, I'll get your bag.
Thank you.
- Good lord, girl.
- It is not that bad.
What you got in here? All of Texas?
I'm gonna go get a drink.
None for you.
Ay, yo, yo! Atlanta Hair Show, turn up!
I do my hair toss, check my nails ♪
Baby, how you feeling?
Feeling good as hell ♪
Hair toss, check my nails ♪
Baby, how you feeling? ♪
Ooh, all right.
Hair Show day!
All right, come on, babies.
Where y'all want to start? Lead the way.
Um, let's go to the wig section first.
Ooh, yes and away!
All right, long as y'all
don't start wiggin' out.
You hear what I said? 'Cause
Was that wiggity whack?
So you know you don't have to say
all the dad jokes you know, right?
- Ooh!
- Ooh, Mika got you!
Okay, Mika, taking shots.
- Uh-huh.
- I see you.
- Pow, pow.
- Um,
I-I got an idea.
What about Tasha and Mika take the girls
and go look at all the girly stuff
and us guys will hit the dawg booths.
Check out the clippers, the beard oil.
I mean, the main reason
we came here today was
to spend time with the girls,
so I'm gonna do that.
- Wait
- Oh.
Look at that wig over there. Come on.
What are you doing?
I'm trying to keep Kenan away from Mika.
Of course you wouldn't notice
'cause you're too busy
scouting for your next husband.
There's surely someone around
here with a full head of hair
and a couple of Kia dealerships.
I know you hear this a lot
in your one good ear,
but shut the hell up.
- Pardonne?
- Listen,
- how many times do I
- I got it.
How 'bout Tasha, Kenan,
and I take the girls.
And Rick and Gary,
you guys stay and do guy stuff
and we'll all meet up later.
Great, 'cause the energy and the cologne
are toxic over here.
Come on, Meeks.
Y'all have fun.
All right, let's go find me a wig.
You know, G-man, I've been thinking.
You were right.
Kenan needs to do
"Grown Ass Little Boy."
Man, he'll get there.
It takes Kenan a long time
to process big changes.
Even little ones.
I mean he had a hell of a meltdown
when "Fresh Prince" replaced Aunt Viv.
- Well, we all did.
- Yeah, that's true.
But look, a good manager
doesn't let his client sit around
thinking about things.
They push them.
Hard to Los Angeles.
Well, you are my business guru
and my Insta bio does say
"big time manager."
Maybe I should start
making deals like one.
You're already nailing the lingo.
That's half the job.
Well, thank you so very much
for helping me separate Rick and Tash.
I mean, she keeps telling him
she knows where he lives,
like we don't all live there.
Look, I'm a child of divorce,
so this is every Thanksgiving.
Yeah, well, I just want
the girls to be happy today.
Yeah, they look it.
Birdie, to the right. To the right!
You're giving her a beard.
The Hair Show was always such
a big family day, you know?
And I was worried that it
would be hard on them but
Mika, is that you?
Hey, girl, hey.
Hey, girl, hey.
Hi, Candi, how are you?
Booked and blessed, okay?
Gosh, it's been so long since
modeling didn't work out for you.
Oh, well, actually, I left
modeling to pursue journalism,
which is what I'm doing now.
Oh, so precious.
I use newspapers to clean my windows.
Good luck!
You know, it would be so funny
if you won, right?
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
Thank you. So good to see you.
God! "Thank you, so good to see you."
Mika, what?
I can't stand Candi.
She always makes me feel like
she's wearing Jordans
and I'm rocking Keds.
Come on, now. No, we're not doing that.
No pity parties today.
We got a trophy to win.
So come on,
nobody's better than you, Cori.
I mean, nobody's better
at excoriating people.
"You tell that woman off!"
Is what I was going to say
if you would let me friggin' finish.
Yeah, my bad. Sorry.
Uh question: Anybody got a extra
Spotify login I can use?
We about to run out of music.
Bro, you gotta check this out.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Mm-hmm, just sitting here
quietly thriving
with my arms crossed and my head down.
Well, this'll put some pep
in your step. Gary?
Bro, the network couldn't wait
and they sent me an offer out of nowhere
and it is crazy.
How crazy?
Like we about to go to
Magic City and go Akon crazy?
Or we about to build a city
and go Akon crazy?
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- That's a lot of money.
- So what do you think?
You want to have Gary
call them right now?
- Uh, yeah.
- Oh.
Why don't you go ahead
and give them a call, Gary,
and tell them thank you,
but i-it's a pass.
But that's a huge mistake.
All right, well, truth be truth,
I'm dealing with a lot
of stress today, all right?
And I'm not about to be pushed
into some huge life change
by two people who think that Cinnabon
deserves a Michelin star.
So I need you to just
get out
of my
So many bags.
Call the network,
have them up the money,
and throw in a butler.
No, make them throw in Gerard Butler.
We'll make the show a two-hander.
Rick, why are you so pressed on this?
Because of Mika.
Yeah, he's feeling Mika. Good on him.
No, not good on him.
That's why he needs to go to LA.
Because these feelings are not
"wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" feelings,
these are more like,
"wham, bam, can we start
a fam, ma'am?" feelings.
I cannot believe you landed that.
Look, man, Mika's good for Kenan.
We just got to let him
do his thing, bro.
He is not ready
for something this serious.
Or are you not ready
for something serious?
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
No! No, no, no.
This has nothing to do with me.
This is this is wrong for Kenan.
Oh, all right.
- Me? No.
- Yes.
- That's
- Where you going?
- No, no, no.
- There's somebody.
That's, uh, sorry. Excuse me.
That's just, nah.
Oh, so you're thinking about
the Kenan thing.
- You're thinking about that?
- No.
- Okay.
- So, no.
Yo, yo, Kenan. Hold up.
Gary, man, please.
Give it a rest, all right? I said no.
Okay, you don't want to do
"Grown Ass Little Boy."
I got it, it's all good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right, well, thank you, man.
- So no more pushing.
- Agreed, no more pushing.
I know it's a lot, man,
but these feelings
you got for Mika, it's good for you.
So technically, you're still pushing.
You just switched subjects.
Come on, man.
You know what's right for you.
You turning down this gig means
you have a chance to be with Mika.
What, it does?
She's practically family now, anyway.
- No, she is?
- Yes.
Practically family.
Like, like our family?
Kenan, Mika is so good with the girls.
- Oh, God.
- Yeah, she's the best.
Hey, how about a shot
of the happy family?
- Come on, Mika.
- Okay.
Oh, I'm sorry.
She's not part of our family.
- Uh
- Yeah, I mean,
you're family like, you know,
Olive Garden's family.
But she's not blood family, right?
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, I mean, I don't make the rules.
You know, the photographer man
makes the rules.
- Oh, I really don't care.
- Yes, you do.
I mean, it's your camera,
you came over here
and asked us a question,
- so you makes the rules.
- Forget I asked.
What the hell was that?
Have you been sniffing hair relaxer?
- What?
- Yeah, Daddy.
Now you're wigging out.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Okay, you know what?
I saw a Rapunzel wall climbing
little thing over there
where the ropes
are braided hair extensions.
Why don't y'all go have a good time?
- But
- We're taking it.
That's right.
Kenan, what's up?
It's a great song. 4 Non Blondes?
Okay, look. A lot has happened today.
- Are you okay?
- He's fine.
He just
thinks you fine. There, I said it.
- Gary!
- Life's too short, man.
He likes you. Now that's in the world.
Deal with it. You're welcome.
- That's, what?
- What?
Oh, my God, she likes him back.
You can tell how they're
beatboxing with each other.
Would you two stop?
Nothing has changed between Mika and I.
We are friends.
Yeah, and like
the lightest kind of friends.
- Like, work friends.
- Yeah, that's like
me and my mailperson.
Yeah, or the cashier at my pet store.
Or, yeah, or even a pet!
You know, like, imagine
little Mika running around as
a little Labrador or something.
Yeah, she could be your best friend,
but ain't nothing gonna happen
'cause she a dog.
- Oh.
- So now I'm a dog.
Time to change for the
awards ceremony, Miss Caldwell.
- Wow.
- I'm glad we got that all settled.
Yeah, this is good.
Yo, yo, it's your boy, DJ Tristan.
Hey, the Vanguard Award is coming up.
Don't miss it.
Hey, Rick.
- You okay?
- What do you care?
I don't.
I like seeing you miserable.
But my guess is, we're feeling
some similar feelings here.
Rick, if Kenan cares for Mika,
you can't stand in their way.
Oh, well, I could try.
She's good for him.
She's good for the girls.
And we knew this day would come,
so we should be happy.
Cori would want us to be.
What if they forget about her?
Come on, that'll never happen.
Our baby is unforgettable.
How many churros have you had?
So many.
Doesn't Mika look pretty, Daddy?
Uh, I don't know.
- How the hell do you not know?
- I don't know.
Hello, my beautiful
brothers and sisters.
I'm Kurt Franklin.
That's K-U-R-T.
I know some of you are
disappointed that I'm not
the famed gospel singer, Kirk Franklin.
I am, yes.
But let's move past that
because I am your host
for the evening
Before we get this thing crackin',
I have a heavenly announcement to make.
If you are the owner
of a silver Mazda3,
you're being towed.
That sounds like Keisha's car.
You're being towed, Keisha.
I tried to told you.
Now let's stop wasting the Lord's time
and get on and meet the nominees
of the Black Hair Model Vanguard Award.
You know it's not a crime
to be happy, right?
Yeah, I guess.
Man, you gonna figure it out.
Mm, mm, mm. All of it.
But there can only be one winner.
And the winner is
Candi Bowers.
Oh, hell no.
- Yes, it is. Excuse me.
- Oh.
Thank you. I can't believe
I won another award.
- Congratulations.
- I'd like to say that I'm surprised
Sorry, real quick.
Candi, I'ma let you finish,
you know what I'm saying?
But I just got to say, yo.
Like, yo, Mika got
the best hair of all time.
Like, how y'all gon' front on
the girl that brought y'all
the OG blonde box hair look?
And then she went back to
school and got her master's
and now she's running
the number two morning show
- in Atlanta.
- Yeah, yeah!
Okay, she didn't win y'all's
Black Hair Model Award,
but to me,
she's the best role model for my girls.
And for women everywhere,
for that matter.
So thank y'all for listening
and Candi, I'm gonna
give you back the mic
with due respect.
I said "with all due respect," man!
Where you trying to take me, bruh?
Sorry I almost had to whoop that ass.
Didn't recognize you till after.
- It's all good, man.
- Hey, big fan.
Appreciate it. All right.
Yo, Kenan.
It's real, isn't it?
You like Mika.
Yeah, Rick. I, uh,
- I think I do.
- I have been saying this for weeks.
I gotta tell you,
this has been a toughie
- for the old Rickster.
- Me, too.
But I thought moving on
was supposed to feel good.
Don't worry, guys. No one is gonna
forget Cori, man, she's incredible.
I mean, the woman used to
sneak ramen bowls
- into the movie theater.
- Yeah, she did. Yeah, she did.
It's like "Fresh Prince"
and the two Aunt Vivs, right?
It's like, we all love
the first Aunt Viv,
then the second Aunt Viv
came in and finished strong.
But we all will never forget
that first Aunt Viv, though.
But that second Aunt Viv's there.
We hate her a little bit, on the sly,
but that's only because
the first Aunt Viv gone.
You know what I'm saying?
But the second Aunt Viv
is great and she's there
in our home. Cool.
Wait, I'm super confused now,
Gary, Start that over.
"Fresh Prince," two Aunt Vivs
- Lordy, please, don't.
- Okay, but it's a good story.
Kenan, go get her.
Oh, not that we're pushing.
Pushing is over. We are done with that.
Now I need everybody to remember
- this afterparty is VIP only.
- Wow.
So get out, Keisha!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Listen
- Listen
- Mm. Kay.
- You go first.
I don't know what happened today.
It started off great
but then things got weird.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry about all that.
what you did at
the awards show was insane.
But also really sweet. Yeah.
No one's ever done anything
that nice for me before,
so I'm grateful to have you
in my life, Kanye.
I mean, Kenan.
Well, you know I was
talking to Gary and Rick
tonight about moving on.
Me moving on.
And I was offered a chance
to reboot my old sitcom.
Out in LA for, like, a few months.
And I'm gonna take it.
It's just such a big change.
I know.
Thank you.
My life was torn
like windblown sand ♪
Then a rock was formed
when you held my hand ♪
Sonny one so true ♪
I love you ♪
I'm a little turned around.
- I forgot where the exit is.
- Oh, yeah, so it's where it says "exit."
- Oh, I see it now.
- Sign.
Right, thanks for your time.
It's straight ahead.
Hey, um,
thank you for earlier.
Well, it reminded me of a time
when we didn't hate each other.
Back when "apps" only meant
jalapeño poppers.
We had fun.
Remember that time we stole the boat
and watched the sunrise?
- That was you, right?
- Oh, stop.
Hey, you okay, man?
Yeah, for sure.
Good, 'cause my back hurts, man.
These girls are heavy.
- These girls are small but dense.
- God, my knees.
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