Kidnap and Ransom (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You were found with a dead body.
I could hold you here for a very long time.
I think Samuel and his friend knew these people.
Here's the deal.
She has kidnap insurance.
Anything less than the demand and she's dead.
I think he's going to settle.
I've agreed a price.
We're sending you home.
You remember what that means.
How is she? They fixed her up in Capetown.
Was she raped? She's not saying much.
But she'll need to talk to someone.
It kept me safe.
I don't think we've got the full story.
What about? Why they released her.
Why have you been talking to Dominic King? No police.
(RINGING) It's all my fault.
You don't understand.
It's all my fault.
It's not your fault.
Just eliminate that.
They've taken Sally.
My little girl.
The same men who kidnapped you.
Naomi? Naomi, look at me.
Did you promise them something? When you were in Africa.
Is that why they let you go? I was scared.
She wouldn't let me call the police.
She wanted to wait till you were here.
We have to call them.
If you want to get Sally back, you You have to tell me.
Your freedom had a price.
I didn't think they'd come here.
I thought I'd be safe at home.
It's to do with your work in Africa, is it? Not my work.
What do you mean? You're talking about my work? I didn't know this would happen.
I didn't know what .
they were going to do.
Why would anyone even be talking about my work? Hey! Don't go! What is it that you do at Mellor Biotek? I work as part of a team.
We've been developing a We've developed an anti-obesity drug.
And is it something that you could sell on the black market? Yes.
And it's worth Potentially Billions per year.
What form does it take? It's a diagram molecular structure.
I have it in my head.
And it belongs to you? No, of course not.
It belongs to Mellor Biotek.
It cost ã380 million to develop.
I can't just hand it over.
Philip, please.
I can't.
If it was your daughter, you wouldn't think twice.
What did you say? It's just not that simple.
Yes, it is.
Just do it.
If there's no other way, of course.
But we should call the police and let them handle it.
You do know that they won't negotiate in any way with criminals.
(PANTING) They want your work.
So I say nothing? Is that it? Just carry on as usual when a copy of my drug hits the market? Yes, yes, that's exactly what you do.
It's Sally's life.
Let me go! I can negotiate for her if I have something to trade.
If I don't have anything to trade Philip, please.
(CRYING) That's up to you.
Let me go! Let me go! No.
I don't know who you are.
I literally .
have no fucking idea who you are.
We can't keep the police out.
They'll kill her.
We have seen this before in Colombia and Mexico.
The same family targeted multiple times.
Just to let you know, we've informed the police.
(SIREN) The Serious Organised Crime Agency.
Detective Inspector Gallagher is .
leading the investigation.
Couldn't you just negotiate a figure and let the insurance pay? Sally isn't covered on your policy.
Anyway, they don't want money.
They want something that Philip Shaffer's working on.
(KNOCKING) Naomi? What have I done? Naomi.
How did the subject of Philip's work come up? I don't know.
Just came up.
Did you tell them about it? Or did they ask you about it? I can't remember telling them.
And I don't want to think about that place! I don't want to think about it! Promise me you'll get her back.
She's gone, Dominic.
What are you talking about? Tess.
Wh What do you mean? Where? The Caratas Centre.
That religious group.
She's moved out? She took her things.
She wants to live there.
Says we're suffocating her.
That's That's ridiculous.
Why didn't you stop her? What, lock her in her bedroom?! I understand.
I'll come home.
Yes, I think you should come home.
I'll be there.
Don't worry.
Sorry, Dom.
You'd better check your email.
Soph, just hold on, darling, please.
Dom? Dom? Dom! I think you should come home, Dominic.
Any negotiation must have a real objective.
I have to have something to offer, something concrete.
Make him think he's getting what he wants.
The real research.
If this man believes Mr Shaffer's co-operating - Mr Shaffer isn't.
Is not co-operating.
Then you'd be buying us valuable time.
To do what? What if he actually wants to make an exchange? He's not stupid.
He'll have somebody vet this material.
He's not just going to hand Sally over.
If he discovers that I'm cheating him - It isn't going to come to that.
It's an unacceptable risk.
You're not playing a game.
You cannot cheat.
This isn't Colombia.
We're on British soil.
We do not capitulate.
Neither do I.
Capitulate! Government policy states - You can't reward kidnappers.
I know that.
Don't you think it's possible that the kidnappers know that too? My hands are tied.
Mine weren't.
Till now.
I'm just asking you to use your relationship with the kidnappers - You don't have a relationship with kidnappers.
You have a deal.
And this isn't a deal, Mr Gallagher.
It's a stitch-up.
Naomi? Yep.
They want to do this.
An exchange with fake material.
So we have a decision to make.
There's got to be a chance it's going to work.
There's a chance.
What am I going to do? Can't you pressure Mellor Biotek to tell the media they're prepared to put their profits before .
a child's life? That could take weeks.
Think of the circus it would create.
Angela, this is not going to work.
Unless I have the real thing.
They haven't got a patent yet.
They'll never let it go.
Just business.
(RINGING) Hello.
Colonel King.
I was beginning to think you didn't care.
I care.
That didn't sound very convincing.
Are the police there? Yes, they are.
How is Sally? Sally's fine.
What do you want? You know what I want.
You deliver, she lives.
You don't, I will kill her.
I can get you what you want.
You will? Yes, Philip Shaffer agrees.
How will you get it to me? I'll hand it over to you.
Why not just email it? Because it's a physical exchange.
Sally for the research.
The data will be on a memory stick.
You choose place, time.
You'll be there? I will.
If you're playing games, you know who will get hurt.
Never promise, never lie.
That's what you said.
Yes, that's what I said.
Make sure the police understand the rules of engagement.
If they show up, you die, she dies.
We can see if they agree.
Mr Gallagher? Yes.
Dawn tomorrow.
I'll call.
I've been trying to get hold of you.
Why did you hang up on me? I'm sorry.
I really am sorry.
How's Tess? Is she at home? No, she's not home.
That's why I want to talk to you.
I know.
I know.
I'm I just couldn't leave this.
I've got a handover.
I'm waiting for the call.
A little girl.
Why don't you communicate with me? I can't keep doing this.
Are the police involved? Mm.
What are you handing over? It's police policy not to negotiate.
You ask all the right questions.
Shut up, Dom.
What are they asking you to do? Nothing I haven't done before.
Say no.
It's Naomi Shaffer's daughter.
Oh, Jesus! Just be careful.
I will, I will.
It's not true, actually.
What? I am doing something I haven't done before.
I'm lying.
(PHONE) Yes.
Confirm material.
Two o'clock.
Rubbish bin.
Chuck it in.
It is rubbish, isn't it? Where's the girl? Look in the bin.
I thought we had a deal.
I'd have kept my side of the bargain, Dominic.
The girl would have been here.
You know what happens now.
She's dead.
(SIRENS) What happened? The girl's finger.
You don't cheat.
Jesus Christ! Angela.
What happened? He knew.
What?! Someone else is involved.
Check all the call logs.
See what you can find.
She could be dead already.
I checked the call logs.
I think there's a discrepancy.
The first person to speak to the kidnapper was - Jane Wickham.
We heard the recording.
Who are you? A businessman.
Do you have Naomi? Which logged out at 3:18.
We didn't get the call till 3:43.
Why the 25-minute wait? Was she in shock? People call immediately, always.
So she stopped the recording after she gave him the crash number.
I don't want to talk to any bloody response specialists.
It's a London number.
Could she have carried on talking to him? Jane.
She's a good friend of Naomi's.
She knows how lucrative Philip's research is.
Then why did she record the conversation? If she hadn't, we would never have known they were talking.
Maybe she saw an opportunity when he called.
Company's going under? And she'd be prepared to do this to Sally! Dom, I think it's Jane.
I know.
I'm here now.
We have to involve the police.
Just keep them out.
Dominic I'm going to use Jane to get a message to the kidnapper.
They didn't even turn up.
The only thing that did was Sally's finger.
She's going to die, if she isn't dead already.
What are you going to do? I need a favour.
A big favour.
After what happened today, Philip has changed his mind.
He's He's going to give me his research.
He says it's the real thing.
I believe him.
But if I'm going to risk a child's life, I need to know for sure.
You need someone to verify it.
A recommendation, yeah.
Knowledge and discretion being the major qualifications.
The police don't know - If the police even get a scent of this, Sally's as good as dead.
You're sure that Philip will - Do you know someone or not? I'm sorry, it's just that I don't have much time.
It's fine.
I can make some calls.
Thank you.
Probably going to be all for nothing anyway.
Why? Because if the kidnappers don't call back .
they're not going to know I've got the goods.
No, of course.
(WHEEZING) Hey, boss.
Almost ready.
What do you want to do about the girl? Don't worry about the girl.
I'll deal with it.
Give me the tarp.
Come on.
(PHONE) (RINGING) No, please! Please! Boss! Please! I'm sorry.
There was nothing I could do.
You said there was a chance! You promised me! You said it might work! You said there was a chance! Naomi.
Get off me! You promised me! You said it would work! You said there was a chance.
You didn't tell them about Philip's work.
They knew already.
You did nothing wrong.
It wasn't me? No.
What they did to you was a technique.
It wasn't about you.
They wanted to break you, control you.
Make you feel guilty and ashamed for what happened.
The deal that you made for your freedom, to make you feel bad about that decision.
A deal that compromised your husband, hurt your family.
Make you feel ashamed that you were raped.
You haven't told Philip, have you? I can't.
You've got to, Naomi.
You've got to tell him.
You made a deal and the deal has to be honoured.
I have nothing left.
But I know she's alive.
And I can negotiate for her life.
But I need Philip's work.
What do you want me to do? I want you to tell him.
Tell him what happened to you, what these people are capable of.
Can you do that? So this is it? Just this? That's all a good chemist would need.
Thank you.
Just bring our daughter home.
What do we do now? Wait for the call.
She's breathing better.
But I've had to give her more than double the dose.
Just keep her alive.
Your daughter's happy here.
She's doing good.
Don't worry.
I'm not here to talk her out of it.
This way, please.
Hello, darling.
Dad! I'd like to talk to my daughter alone.
If I may, please.
Thank you.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Do you want to sit down? Come home, Tess, please.
You don't belong here.
You can't make that decision for me.
I accept you're trying to tell us something.
But whatever it is, it has got nothing to do with god.
Yes, Dad.
You're right.
You've got me.
It's all a phase.
Two years ago, you were an atheist.
You didn't like that either.
Mm? God has changed my life.
I believe in something that's bigger than me now.
God has made me happy.
Please understand that.
I I do, I do.
But Do you mind? Tess, only you can do that from - Happiness from within? No.
You don't understand.
I do.
I I do understand.
I know what's right for you.
You're my daughter.
I'm sorry, it's too late.
I've made my decision.
I'm not coming home and I'm not going back to school.
I'm sorry.
You know that I'm not going to accept that, don't you, hm? Yeah, I know.
(PHONE) Dominic King.
Hello, again.
You don't sound very surprised to hear from me.
I have what you want.
We've been here before.
Not like this.
Why do I feel like I'm walking into a trap? Maybe I should cut my losses, dump the girl, go home.
So why did you call me? You came halfway round the world for this.
And I want to get back there.
So you're going to give up.
You can trust me this time.
You think I should give you a second chance? It's up to you.
I have no choice.
I have to carry on.
Repair the damage.
What damage? I lost my last hostage.
I never want to be in that position again.
His family don't want a dead man.
Just business.
What was the name of this hostage? Mark Turner.
43 years old.
Wife, two girls.
Why didn't you blow their heads off at the handover? Is that what you'd have done? I'm not a negotiator.
I just .
got back in the car.
And drove away.
Just business.
Let's do this.
You sound emotional.
Makes me think I'm going to come face to face with the Dominic King that wasted all those retreating Iraqis back in '91.
Huh? Did you fall off the peace wagon, soldier? Revert back to what we all know works? This isn't a war.
That's what you tell yourself.
But nothing's real afterwards, is it? Nothing compares.
I've moved on from that.
That's what you tell your wife.
Your daughter.
Do you believe that? I want something.
You want something.
We trade.
I believe in that.
I trust in that.
Maybe you just want to blow me away.
No, I don't.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
I'll take your call.
I'll shake your hand.
Even have a drink with you if there's a deal to be made and no-one gets hurt.
67 out of 68 times, my faith has been rewarded.
Are you trying to save as many as you killed? Do we have a deal or not? Do we have a deal? Do we? Yeah.
We have a deal.
Thanks for keeping me abreast.
Don't take it personally.
We're partners, Dom.
I care for this business, but I care for you more.
That's why I didn't tell you.
We can't shut out the police.
Not if we want to come to work on Monday.
If I don't get a result, I won't be coming to work on Monday.
I told Inspector Gallagher about Jane Wickham.
He wants to see us.
You do this, we're finished.
The business.
You, me.
And here is seven years of research.
The guy responsible weighed it against a child's life and made a decision.
Who are we to question that? (BEEP) CCTV is neutralised, Dom.
You're invisible.
(PHONE) Hello.
Do you have the material? Yes.
Do you have the girl? On my way.
Don't be offended, but I have a man with a gun pointing right at you.
Same here.
So Don't you want to verify it? No need.
You're a man of your word.
In a world of liars.
Do you remember me, Sally? Look at me.
Do you remember me? You're going to be all right.
You're going home.
It's all right.
You're going to be safe now.
She needs a hospital.
Take her to the hospital.
Where are you going? Dom! A deal's a deal! Don't! You're bigger than this.
Don't let yourself down.
Honour the deal.
Bonita! The deal was Sally back safe and sound.
Aaagh! Aagh! (SIRENS) (PHONE) Thank you.
Yes, ex-military.
Be missing a finger or two.
That should narrow it down a little bit.
I think you'll get your moment in the sun.
Much obliged.
I'll let you know how we get on.
I don't want to know.
Goodbye, Mr King.
Bye, Kerry.
I'll see you on Monday.
Give me a call if you need me.
Thanks, Frank.
All right? I'm fine.
Should I pick up some food or I've done it.
Is Tess there? Just for dinner.
It's a start.
I'm on my way.