Kidnap and Ransom (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 1

It's time.
Chalo! Chalo! Yeah.
Well played.
Yes? Do you have the money? Yes.
'Do you have the family?' 'Yes.
' OK.
The Goddess Durga.
Preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation.
The tiger represents power, I think.
The embodiment of creative feminine force.
Now THAT'S a chat-up line.
You shouldn't have drunk so much last night.
Janet, I'm on my holiday.
What's it matter? Can't even make a cup of tea at my hotel.
You're going straight back there? You on this trip? The what's-its-name caves? Amarnath.
Yeah, I'm going.
You want to come? I'm mean to be in Delhi.
And miss discovering immorality? What? It's where Bhole Shankar narrated the secret of IMMORTALITY.
Well, paradise on earth is how my guidebook has it.
See? Paradise.
He's a walking Wikipedia.
Ah, Shaun.
There you are.
Did you get through? How's Liam? I'm starving.
Was it the chicken pox? Yeah, yeah.
Is he gonna be like this all day? I told you we should nae have come without Beth.
Yeah, well, you didn't even want to bloody come at all, did you? Ah! Morning, everybody! Welcome! We're gonna have a great day today.
Let's go.
He's not hungover.
He just doesn't want you to worry about him.
You know what he's like.
Let's move.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
What's matey doing? Our drivers should be doing that.
I'll put it to the union in the name of the Father, the Son, and the RMT.
Ah, Mr and Mrs Fraser! One night, and we're married? I didn't know your surname.
Anyway, according to Kashmiri law we're man and wife now.
Please go, my friend.
Please go.
It's fine.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Thank you for doing this.
Don't thank me, thank the insurance company.
I have the family.
It's been hell.
Not the kidnappers, my father.
Ruko! Police! Golee Marta Hoo! Get down! Get down! DOWN! Down! Hey! Get back! Argh! Come! Welcome, everyone.
Today we are going to be visiting one of the great attractions of the Kashmir.
The world-famous Amarnath Caves.
A magic bloody mystery tour by the way it's decked out.
Don't encourage him.
It all kicked off in 1947, during Partition.
Uh, the Indians and the Pakistanis both wanted Kashmir.
The UN got involved, and a line was drawn.
North and south.
This part is autonomous and free.
What are you doing? Updating my status.
There you go, my friend.
Are you OK? I'll tell you when I'm dead, all right? OK, fine.
Don't you think we should've talked to our parents, though? It's old-fashioned.
I love it.
This was only partly free, I mean, what kind of autonomous government stops its citizens from sending text messages? A government who wants to stop riots and revolution.
Your boyfriend? My dad.
He thinks I'm in Delhi.
Do you HAVE a boyfriend? Why would I need a boyfriend? I'm a happily married woman.
Oh, shit.
Ooh! Exciting, guys! This is going to be a great ride.
Believe you me.
It's going to be loads of fun, and also, if any of you need some water Hello, everybody! Whoa, whoa! Yes, everybody, hello.
Hey! Just get back! Just get back! Shut up and sit down, or you will be shot! Drive! Drive, drive! Close that! He's going out! Watch the front.
The next person that tries to get out will have his brains blown out! Stay where you are! I said, stay where you are! Peech-che hatto.
Sab ko peech-che hatto.
Bill-kul ab-hee.
Peech-che hatto.
Sab ko peech-che hatto, Jal-dee.
Get back.
Please move.
Keep them back.
Peech-che hatto! Inspector, can I just Please? You have three minutes.
I know you want to shoot them because that's how it's done in Kashmir, but these people are not terrorists or separatists, they're kidnappers who took the wrong - Leave.
Kachoor! OK, get a sniper and take the woman out first.
Did you not hear me? Kill the woman first, the man will give himself up.
I said, leave! Dominic! The tour guide will have a list of passengers.
He was left at the Gulamry Hotel.
It's fine if you want to get shot.
Kidnappers are most vulnerable in the first and last three minutes of a kidnapping.
Are you police? Hostage negotiator.
They held a British Hindu family captive.
The two kidnappers and son the son is on board.
I'm in charge.
I'm trying to help you.
Listen to me - Get off my square! Kachoor.
I'm just What the hell did you bring us on here for? She's English! He's cut his head open.
They can't be making phonecalls.
Stop phoning! Take me your phones out! Give me your phones! Who's got any medical experience? He said don't use them! So bloody what? Who's got any medical experience? I do! Get the hell down here, then.
Give me your phone, eh? I asked you for your phone.
Take it out.
Dominic? 'Hi.
Sorry to wake you.
' What's happened? Are you OK? Does anyone have any wipes? Any, any plasters? Anything? We've got antibacterial hand gel.
Give me your phone.
I'm sorry.
I said, where's your phone?! This needs to be stitched! Just give me your phone.
He needs an x-ray! Just give me your fucking phone! It's a man and a woman.
Hang on, hang on! Dominic? Hey, hey, hey! Iqbal Razdan You want this? From the dead guy.
That's his phone? Yeah.
All right.
Just back off.
Keep your distance, all right? Just give me a bit of space.
Will you give me a bit of? Come on! OK, give me the phone.
Angela? Yeah, I need all you can get on a Iqbal Razdan.
I-Q-B-A-L Razdan.
His son's name is Anwar, I think.
I don't think the police will be too helpful on this.
Maybe we should leave it to them.
This shouldn't have happened.
No-one's gonna blame you for walking away from this one.
There's still a member of the Mehta family on board.
The job's not finished.
'I have never known a hijacking like this end well.
' Everybody feels trapped, nowhere to go Yeah.
'What am I meant to do?' Well, you take care.
Aba Jaan? Your father is dead.
I'm sorry.
It's Anwar, isn't it? You.
You are to blame for this! No, no.
Your father and I had a deal and I kept my side of the bargain.
You called the police.
No, I would never do that.
I warned him not to trust you.
You get the money, I get the hostages.
That was the deal.
It's business, pure and simple, Anwar.
What are the police doing now? Pointing their guns at us.
Lie down on the floor of the bus, you and your girlfriend.
I don't want to talk to you.
You're responsible for my father's death! You don't have to talk.
Just listen, if you want to stay alive.
Are you listening, Anwar? 'This is what you do.
' 'We have the latest news on the unfolding crisis in Srinagar, Kashmir, where tourists have been taken hostage.
' Twitter's gone mad.
What's this? Passengers on board the bus.
They're saying on the radio they don't know who's on board.
Carrie bribed a look into the tour guide's list.
She's learning.
Information on Iqbal and Anwar Razdan.
How many Brits? Six, we think, including Mahavir Mehta.
Also, there's a German family, four Yanks and a couple from South Africa.
I'll call the Foreign Office.
You deal with the various embassies.
We need to make sure that Dominic is the sole negotiator on this.
'Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
' Angela Beddoes for Robert Holland.
'The line is busy.
' I'll wait.
It's already gone seven! I am not taking you in.
What about Liam? He's got chicken pox! I got no shirt.
In the drawer! 'Our reporter on the ground' It's not there! Ugh.
You're just like your bloody father.
If I find it! 'To recap, we are reporting on the hostage crisis in Srinigar, Kashmir, where 16 tourists have been taken hostage on a bus.
' Come in to the left, then all - No, no! It's too late! You can't! Can you keep an eye He'll go crazy in there.
One of your officers shot and killed this man's father.
He'll want to take his anger out on them.
I didn't get your name? Inspector Jyoti Kholi, Srinagar Police Force.
If you start shooting now, he'll take out possibly five, ten hostages Mer-rey gin-hey par! Up against the windows! Faster! Come on! Go, go, go! What are they doing? Human shields.
Was this your idea? Angela's on her way to the Foreign Office.
Any more information the kidnappers? Iqbal Razdan, a Muslim Kashmiri.
Three sons.
Anwar's the oldest.
They both have criminal records.
It's Sophie.
Sophie? Are you OK? I saw it on the news.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
You've been busy.
So have I, which is why I'm phoning.
I've been called into the Foreign Office.
You've only just won your seat.
It's because of you, because of this hijacking.
They're worried you'll be compromised.
Say you don't give a damn.
Are you negotiation with them? One of my hostages is on board the bus.
The government won't sanction any I'm not asking them to do anything.
Wouldn't it be easier to let the local authorities I've been employed to do a job, Sophie.
As have you.
'You're not making it any easier.
' No.
I never did though, did I? I'm sorry.
Me too.
I got your solicitor's letter.
You can have it all.
I've moved out.
'I'll put your stuff in storage.
' I couldn't wait any longer, sorry.
Speak later.
' OK.
The Mehta family, where are they? They're at the hospital.
We need to find out as much as we can about the girl with Anwar.
Who she is, how she got involved.
We need a name.
Yes? They are calling me a terrorist.
They are saying I'm a terrorist on Al Jazeera.
I'm not I'm not a terrorist.
You know I'm not a terrorist.
Stop wasting my time.
Kidnapping is the worst kind of terrorism I know.
When are they going to attack? I know she's not your sister, Anwar, so who is she? Is this some kind of strange local tradition? Your father sets you up.
An arranged kidnapper.
Hey, do not talk about my father.
What will you do about the funeral? As the eldest son you must be there.
How can you say this to me? You have less than 22 hours before they bury him.
Who will say the Salat al-Janazah? Or are you happy for the police just to dump the body into the sea? What do you want from me? Your father and I had a deal.
'You have the money.
I want my hostage.
' If the Mehta family are worth 600,000, I'd think Accept dollars in the afterlife, do they? What's to stop me just killing all these people, then?! What about that?! Anwar, I'm going to persuade the Inspector to give us some more time.
To talk.
The moment that anyone is shot or killed, it's all over.
Do you understand what I'm telling you? 'What service do you require?' Erm, I don't really know.
My parents have been kidnapped.
'Can you tell me your name?' Yeah, it's Beth Cooper.
'And where are your parents now?' Well, the thing is, they're in India.
Er Kashmir.
They're on holiday and my husband's there as well, and Well, it's on the news.
I, I don't know who to talk to.
'This is the emergency services' Well, yes, I know that, but who do I have to phone? 'I'm going to put you on hold.
' Look, they're on the bus.
They're saying people have been shot.
'I'm gonna put you on hold.
' Well Can you just help me? Please? As soon as we got out of the airport We got into a car, thinking it was a taxi.
But my SON thought it was a taxi.
I knew it was a mistake coming here.
It's not Mahavir's fault.
He doesn't take enough care.
Mahavir has a business in Mumbai.
Oh, right.
Is it doing well? Yes, it is.
But he invited us over.
Mm? But he knew my mother wanted to see Srinagar.
The woman that you were dealing with, that held you, what nationality was she? She was English.
So she Did she speak to you? Yes.
In an English accent? She asked if I was OK when she tied my wrists together.
Was she nice to you? She was nice.
What does it matter? You should be getting my son off that bus.
Ah, excuse me.
I'm just trying to you know, get some information about the kidnappers.
Well, then talk less, man, and DO more! Everybody get their passports out! What do you want them for? To see how much you're worth.
Bollock all, mate.
Chris, I'll just give it to him.
Argh! It's time we stood up to them.
Get your passport out.
You'll get us killed! I'm dying, woman! What's it matter?! Do it! Where are you going? You're an American.
People hate Americans.
Hey! Please.
My wife is pregnant.
Give me your passport! I dunno why you're doing it, anyway.
What's the point? What are you doing? Get your passport out.
Did you not hear?! I dunno why you want it.
Waste of time.
We're not moving or worth anything.
What are you doing with him? You're British.
Hey! Didn't you hear? Get your passport out.
I can't find it.
I must've left it at the hotel.
She says she hasn't got it.
Get up.
She doesn't.
Up against the windows, everybody.
Now! Faster! Come on, move it! Go, go, go, go, go! Angela! Good morning, Robert.
Coffee? Thank you, no.
Good to see you.
The six UK citizens on board.
All in the hands of the Indian government.
Pressure needs to be put on them not to attack the bus, to let Dominic continue negotiation.
That's a matter for you and Dominic to decide.
Other countries with hostages on board are getting involved.
I'm sure they are.
The Americans will want to send in the Navy SEALs, the Germans will want to pay, the South Africans - And we just stand by and do what? Look, we can't involved in every crisis.
The Indians can deal with this.
As I understand it, the bus was hijacked after a handover went wrong.
We cannot and we will not get involved in negotiating with kidnappers, hijackers, terrorists.
Under any circumstances.
Our staff will be on hand to talk to any of the relatives of the people caught up in this.
One of the kidnappers, the woman is from England.
I'll take advice on this.
But my instinct is we need to cooperate fully with the Indian Robert, please.
You sound like a press release.
These are real people.
I know who and what are involved.
But if a bus full of tourists were hijacked in the middle of London, of course we would talk to the various countries involved.
But we wouldn't appreciate any interference.
Dominic is confident he can get our hostage off the bus.
Are you saying he should then leave the rest of them to their fate? The Indians have been dealing with hijackings and kidnappings in Jammu and Kashmir for the last 50 years.
My advice is to get Dominic out of there as soon as you can.
Thank you, Sophie.
- Hi.
- I've got our female kidnapper.
Leela Nishad.
24, from Aylesbury.
That was quick.
Photo recognition.
Single, currently in India.
"Looking for a future.
" Erm, the Americans are saying that Karl Fraser ISN'T married, one of the American hostages, but they're on the tour guide list as husband and wife.
MAYBE Karl and Florence married and didn't tell anyone.
It happens.
You meet someone, fall in love.
Not to me it doesn't.
My mother's - Wrong job, Carrie, I've told you that, if you want to start a family.
Go to the hotel where this bus tour started and see what you can find out about the Frasers.
I know he'll ignore what Robert's said, but it would be so much easier for me if Dominic wasn't involved.
I was sorry to hear about you and Dominic.
We used to joke that work was the third person in our marriage.
Does that make me Camilla and you Diana? Is he OK? Who knows.
Ow! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Are you training to be a doctor? A vet.
You're not going to shove your hand up my arse? A vet! Ha! Well, he needs to be in hospital, so what does it matter if I'm a vet or a plumber? What? Argh! Leave her! Get back to your seat.
We have had no-one of that name staying here with us.
And Karl Fraser? Booked in four nights ago.
With his wife? No.
No wife.
Thank you.
He needs water.
There is no water.
I need to use the toilet.
Use the driver's bucket.
Hey Baby Brendan, Brendan, look at me.
Brendan, look at me.
Brendan, look at me! Brendan, look at me! Mer-rey gin-hey par.
Baby? Baby? Baby? Baby! Baby! Hey! Hey! BRENDAN! Hey! Stand at the windows! Now! Or I shoot her! Fucking What the hell have you done?! He was already on the ground.
You shot him! I was shooting in the air! Shit! Shut up! Shut up! Hello? Hello.
Leela? How do you know my name? Sab ko peech-che hatto.
Born in Aylesbury, did well at school.
2:1 in economics and here you are, kidnapping, hijacking, and now murder.
Is he dead? He's dead.
He's dead! Shut up! Shut up! What are you doing?! If you killed him, we're as good as dead! I swear on my mother's life.
What are you doing here, Leela? An intelligent girl like you thought this was a good idea? Anwar didn't kill him, all right? Please, you must tell them this.
Why must I? Please, OK? Please, please, please, please! I'm begging you, please! I don't want to die.
I don't want to die! Keep my number.
You're going to need it.
Mr King? The National Security Guard We don't need them.
They started shooting and killing If that's how you want to see it! It's too late now.
They have orders to end this.
Follow them to the morgue.
We'll need the bullet.
They all send their love from work, you know.
We got a bit of cash together.
No, Katy! I can't take - It can't be cheap, flying to India.
Save it for the party, when we all come home.
How have you paid for it? Your rings? Yeah, and they weren't enough.
I had to borrow the rest.
What did the Foreign Office people say? Can't they help? They said they'd send someone round.
Shouldn't you wait? What, for them to just tell me to stay put? No, I should have gone in the first place.
My dad is dying of fucking cancer.
I know.
My poor mother, what must she be going through? Your mum's an amazingly strong woman, Beth.
You know, Shaun called me earlier.
And I could see who it was, and I didn't want to talk to him.
Moaning about the heat, and the food, and, and, ME and He must've been calling from the bus.
I'm still waiting.
We're running out of time.
I don't want you to die.
Don't think I've got a lot of choice looking at that lot.
If they attack this bus they won't care who they shoot.
Cheer us up, why don't you.
He's right.
It's happened before.
In Manila they stormed a coach and they were all killed.
Come here.
What are you doing?! Anwar! Well, what else can I do!? The bullet that came out of the hostage.
How did you get this? It has a boat-tail.
The type used by a sniper At least it was when I was in the army.
How did you get this? The police are already to blame for two deaths.
Do you want more? Do you? Mr King! Mr King! 'With a team of Indian National Security Guards taking position, it looks like their could be a sniper attack on the kidnappers inside the bus.
' I've got something for you.
'The guards are poised to attack, and yet we can see a man walking TOWARDS the bus.
' Mr King.
Get OUT of the square.
'Ne usse giriftaar karne ki koi bhi koshish ya dilchaspi' 'The identity of this man is not known, but he is white and not in uniform.
' 'If you've just joined us' Angela, what the hell's going on? 'I'll find out.
' 'An unidentified man has approached the bus and is writing something.
' 'The hijackers boarded the bus earlier this morning.
' Carrie? 'What is he doing?' Don't ask me.
'Bus ke iss taraf likha how yeh peghaam police par ilzaam lagane ki koshish hai, keh police ne bandhi bane howe South Africa ke shehri ko, apni gooli ka nishana' You need to start releasing hostages and you need to start releasing them now.
Keep walking.
Come on.
Come on.
What do I get in return? We need medical supplies.
He's cut his head open.
Just let him go.
Why him? Why not someone else? He's my hostage.
He's why I'm here.
He's why we're all here.
You think we're that stupid? He need a doctor.
If he dies, I can't help I need guns and I need bullets.
What about a tank? What do I get, then? What? Your life, Anwar.
Yours and theirs.
In an Indian jail.
No thanks.
Pakistan is my only escape.
If I walk away from this bus empty-handed you will be dead in minutes.
I never intended this to happen.
Well, it has, and now you have a very simple choice.
Life or death.
When's the baby due? Just over three months.
Three months? What medical supplies! Oi! Just walk over to that woman there.
Just take it very easy.
Very easy.
Don't worry.
You're Florence Fraser? Talk.
Not exactly.
Erm, we need antiseptic, anaesthetic, and a needle, of course, and some thread.
You're not American.
You done? No, one, one hostage is not enough.
How do you expect me to talk with those snipers pointing their guns at us all the time? I can get the snipers removed.
Then we can talk more hostages.
How many? Five.
That's more than half.
What's to stop them attacking us? I will stop them.
Every country will want one of their hostages released.
Every country will tell the Indian government to hold their fire.
All right.
I can get the hostages off.
Everything's been delivered as promised.
When's the handover? What's this? 'Anwar Razdan ke ghar walo ko aaj shaam giriftaar kiya gaya, aur kaha jata hai keh woh sare iss saazish main shamil hai.
Razdan khud un agwakaroo main shamil hai jinho ne aaj subah iss bus ko hijack kiya.
Aur abbi vossooq ke sath kuch nahi' 'Iqbal Razdan was killed in a police shoot-out prior to boarding the bus.
The motive of Razdan is unknown.
The police were unavailable to comment.
' 'the Razdan family could be held indefinitely.
' Anwar? I am going to kill one hostage for every hour my family is held.
Do you understand that?! 'Razdan is one of the kidnappers who boarded a tourist bus earlier' We have a deal, Anwar.
Seven hostages.
Well, why have you let them kidnap my ma and my brothers then, eh?! Twelve hours, I will come back, and if I haven't managed to get your family released you can kill me first.
No! 'But if I DO get them released' the deal to set the hostages free is still on, yes? You have until five.
No, that's not enough time.
At five the first person will die.
Thank you very much.
Angela! It's about your daughter.
In eight hours' time I will choose one of you.
And I will kill you.
And then another.
And another.
And another.
And I'll keep going.
Until my family are released.
Anwar! You can't do this! No-one must know that Flo's on that bus.
If they knew who you were they'd let the rest go.
If you don't tell them, I will.
When Flo is out of danger, is that when the carnage really begins? How are you gonna choose between who dies and who lives? Anwar's family No way will they be released.
Not until a judge hears the case against them.
You have to do something! Shoot me.
Do it now!