Kidnap and Ransom (2011) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

Do you have the money? Yes.
Hey! Shut up and sit down or you will be shot! Your father and I had a deal.
You have the money.
I want my hostage.
One of the kidnappers, the woman, is from England.
Leela Nishad, 24, from Aylesbury.
Hey! Hey! Carrie? What is he doing? Don't ask me.
Why are you doing it? What's the point? What are you doing? It's about your daughter.
I will kill one hostage for every hour my family is held.
Do you understand? You have until five.
Chaaro taraf se cover karna cheyyeh.
Come on.
Where is he? Dominic? Dominic? It's just gone four.
What time is it? Nearly quarter past 11.
Quarter past four in Srinagar.
The Governor of Kashmir said he'd call by now.
Anwar's family need to be released.
What's the problem? The PM has made it quite clear I can't resign.
Well, he's right.
You can't.
I believe negotiating with kidnappers is wrong.
So do I.
And so does Dominic.
But how is that going to get your daughter released? Perhaps if I should tell the Indian authorities what's at stake.
No-one must know that Flo is on that bus.
It will put her life at risk and make negotiations all but impossible.
Let's go to the morgue, please.
What if he can't get your family out, huh? They don't think I'll do it.
He's calling my bluff.
And er how are you going to do it, Anwar? How are you going to choose between who dies and lives? What's it going to be, a bullet There is no sign of him here.
Why is he not answering his phone? I don't know.
I'll head back to the square.
I'll find him.
How's it going? Robert's making some calls.
There's a rumour that someone very important is on that bus.
Something must have happened for you to be here.
For Robert to be One of the kidnappers is about to start shooting the hostages.
We want to make sure that doesn't happen.
It's terrifying.
He knows what he's doing.
You must be worried.
I'll let Robert know you are here.
Mr King.
Oh, come on, please.
I'm really sorry, but I need to get there really fast.
Angela? Anwar's family.
No way are they going to be released.
Not until the judge hears the case against them.
When? Next Thursday.
Tell me you've spoken to Dominic.
I don't have a choice.
I must I must protect my family.
And this it's what people listen to, here in Kashmir.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't have any Get off.
Just leave me alone, please.
You can show me the bus? Yes.
Show bus.
Shaun Cooper.
No, no, no, no, no.
Give us money, we show you the bus.
This way, this way.
No, no, no, no.
It's not fair.
No, come on.
Look, my family will be killed.
I've got a family.
You don't even have all the passports.
Florence Nightingale down there didn't even have hers.
What did you go and say that for? Why does it have to be me? You leave her alone, you Paki bastard.
Leave her.
Leave her alone.
Come here! There's someone more valuable than her.
Do something! I can't! You're the only one who can.
Anwar! Anwar! Let her go.
You're going to shoot me? Please, Anwar.
Shoot me.
Do it! Do it now! Oh, God! Do you think we would give a woman a gun full of bullets? No, Anwar, please no.
Please, Anwar.
Anwar! Your father's ring.
The coroner released your father's body for burial at 4:15 this morning.
You did this for me? Allahoo Akbar.
Allahoo Akbar.
Your family were allowed to attend the funeral but their case won't be heard for another four days.
The police acted illegally.
The judge is certain to let them go.
Your mother asked me to give you that ring.
She has faith in you, Anwar.
So do I.
Thank you.
Yeah, I will uh get you your seven hostages.
I choose them.
I'll come back and choose them.
Mahavir comes with me now.
No, no.
He stays with us.
He needs treatment.
Get him.
And watch the snipers.
Use someone else.
Untie him.
Hey, sit forward.
You saved my life.
Don't know about that.
You did.
Come on.
You did.
Hey, here you are.
Are you all right? Take it easy.
If they knew who you were, they'd let the rest of us go.
If you don't tell them, I will.
Who will you choose? Let this be the last time.
We need to get him to hospital.
His family just called.
Get them to meet us there.
Sorry I didn't call.
Why didn't you? How's Angela? Spent most of the night with Robert.
Beth Cooper.
Shaun's wife.
Welcome to Srinagar.
What's happening now, then? The kidnappers have agreed to let some of the hostages off the bus.
Will that include Mum and Dad? I don't know.
I've got to talk to people and get lists.
I suppose my family will be at the bottom of all of them.
Do you know that was my mum there with a gun to her head, and what, he's the that gets off? Yeah, there's always people that are more important, eh? I mean, did you see her? Do you have somewhere to stay? Where Shaun and my parents are staying, I guess.
I'll take you there.
No, you go to the hospital and do what you are supposed to do.
I'll find it.
I've got this far.
Well, here's here's my number.
You can call me any time.
What's it like, playing God? Choosing who lives and who dies.
Seven hostages.
Any suggestions? Flo, obviously.
But I've got make sure Anwar doesn't suspect anything.
It's obvious.
Women and children.
What about the guy whose wife is six months pregnant? Won't she need her husband? Earlier this evening I decided never to speak to you again.
I didn't call you because I know what you were doing - arranging Iqbal's funeral, which was a stroke of genius, but I Genius? You did an amazing job.
Thank you.
I was proud of you.
When are you due back? How long does it take a fuse to burn? He's out of his depth.
What about Leela? Her parents say she's a good girl.
Never been in trouble.
She said she needed the money.
Well, they usually do.
There's something about those two - I thought she and Anwar were together.
They are, aren't they? We've had our differences, but I never wanted to shoot you.
Well, I wish I could say the same.
If people are willing to stay No-one is willing to stay.
I am.
Well, aren't you the hero? Anyone else? If it means that my family can go, I will stay.
That's two of us.
I'll stay.
That's three.
We need three more.
How can you decide who is more - I'll stay.
You're a father, your children need you.
I've got kids.
Then you go too.
We are still covering the ongoing hostage crisis in Srinagar, Kashmir.
The hostages have been on we understand there is a negotiator talking to the hijackers about releasing the hostages.
What are you doing here? You need to get my parents off that bus.
Please, I need to speak to my husband.
It must seem like I don't care - You don't need to explain.
My dad was only given three months to live.
He's dying.
The hotel, please.
Take her off the square.
They've been ordered to step down.
Your government is speaking to mine.
Those men don't just end a situation.
They annihilate it.
Go back, please.
Are you ready? Why has Robert persuaded them to remove the National Security Guard? It's good, isn't it? It means the handover will be safer.
Is it temporary? What do you mean? I mean, when Flo is out of danger, is that when the carnage really begins? Are you all right? Yes.
I am good.
We have reports that the release of hostages is imminent.
It is unclear whether the British Government sanctioned the use of a negotiator The man who approached the bus yesterday, presumed to be the negotiator, is now walking toward the bus.
And a young British man released earlier.
Are you going on board? Where are the snipers? It's the women and children.
They made their own list.
Tell them.
Six of us volunteered.
That's not how it works.
I told you he'd decide.
It's the women and children.
Like the bloody Titanic.
People have volunteered.
Who goes and who stays is my decision.
The negotiator has stepped aboard the bus and we believe some Rhianne.
No, I can't do it.
I can't do it.
You can.
Go on.
I can't leave you.
Your daughter told me about him.
Stop that.
Beth? Please! She's waiting for you.
It's all right.
Please don't make me go! Janet, just get off the bus.
It'll be fine.
Please, Janet.
Get off the bus! Go! Get off the bus.
You are only making things worse.
Get off the bus! You are not going to be shot.
No-one is going to shoot you.
Get off the bus.
Go and see Beth.
Dad will be fine.
I'll stay here with him.
Get off the bus! Get off the bus.
You'll be fine.
Get off the bus! I'll die beside him.
Don't make me! Please! Hey! Florence! Hey! Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Just go.
Florence, get off the bus! No.
No! No! No! No more.
You said seven hostages.
Well, she is my insurance policy.
Get in, man! No! Anwar! You can't do this! Anwar, listen to me! Sit down! Jaldee, merey saat! Police! The bastard clutch has gone.
Did they shoot him? What are you talking about? Shaun.
They told me to drive otherwise he'd get it in the head.
I'm doing my best, you can see that.
Oh, you bastard! Oh! Where are they? They've gone.
They've gone.
They jumped off.
Oh, mein Gott.
Was ist mit Dir los? Ja, komm.
Ich helfe Dir.
Hey, it's all right.
Someone told them who she is.
Robert's terrified they'll make political demands he won't be able to meet.
It's the nightmare scenario.
Anwar's not an idiot.
Now he knows, he'll want as much as he can get for her.
At least this is a scenario we're used to.
You make it sound so simple.
It's straightforward kidnap and ransom.
This is what we do.
It's what we're good at.
Here they come.
This way.
Josh! Come here! Karl! Oh mein Gott! I was so bloody frightened.
I know.
But we're OK now, aren't we? We're OK.
I thought he was with Flo.
Have you forgotten Flo already? I bloody nearly killed myself with that bus.
He's upset.
He didn't mean it.
I bloody do.
Was the sniper your idea? The first and last few minutes, you said I don't know how you handle these people.
My first instinct is to shoot the bastards.
It is an ongoing battle.
We'll find them.
They contact you, let me know.
Yes? Mum! Oh, God! Oh, God! Dad! I can't believe you're safe.
You know what? I even prayed.
What? They've taken Shaun, love.
Who have taken him? What do you mean, they've taken Shaun? What are they gonna do? They don't want me, do they? It's you who's worth something.
Why didn't you get off the bus? Was I blocking your way? I thought you said no-one was more important than anyone else.
Well, you are.
Is that why you told them? I didn't tell them shit.
Sure you didn't.
If you'd said at the beginning who you were, they might have let us all off.
But oh, no.
You, you think you're something special.
Well, you're not! Sorry.
Ignore me.
I'm a twat.
All I was trying to do was get my mother-in-law off.
My wife would have cut my bollocks off if I'd left her on there.
Come on! Come on! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! We're in here! We're in here! Oi! Oi! I can see you! I can fucking see you down there! I cannot believe this.
We divide the money as agreed.
You have no idea how much she is worth.
OK, you have her, I'll take the money.
No, no.
You and me, we are a team now, you see.
You told me who Flo was, yes? You said we have to keep her.
I don't want this anymore! Everyone is going to want her.
For the first time, I have the possibility - the British foreign secretary's daughter! You won't phone Dominic? No, of course not.
We will be offered millions.
Enough for me and my family to escape India.
So what? You just can't take her e sell her.
Won't someone recognise you? Have you not seen the news cameras? You and me, we're wanted criminals.
Listen, she is going to stay here with you.
Keep the phone.
I'm going to take this.
And also take the man.
What the hell for? You're going to get caught.
If anything happens to her, I'll kill the man and take all the money.
Please! Argh! Arh! Please! No.
Where are you going with me? What are you doing? Excuse us.
It's a process that we have to go through.
They will call me to make a deal.
What, money, you mean? It's usually money.
I don't I mean, if I did, of course I would give it to them.
But I couldn't even afford the flight to India.
And Mum and Dad paid for this holiday by selling their stupid caravan.
Shaun was taken with another hostage.
And this hostage, do they have money? Her name is Florence Holland.
We've tried to keep her name out of the media, but it's a matter of time.
Who's Florence Holland? Her father is Robert Holland.
The British Foreign Secretary.
What? And his daughter is with Shaun? But well, he's nothing compared to her.
Why would they even bother with him? I won't get Flo without getting Shaun.
I promise you that.
Thank you for being honest with me.
I have an annoying habit of not telling lies.
Especially when it comes to hostage negotiations.
Are you all right? Yeah.
You know, you're not what I expected.
Neither are you.
What the hell do you think you are doing? What the hell do you think YOU'RE doing? That is for you.
It'll be over soon.
He's going to sell me on, isn't he? You're worth a lot of money.
What do you think is going happen to me once I've been sold on? It's not up to me.
I'll tell you.
They will make some impossible demands that the British Government can't possibly meet, and then I will have my head chopped off live on fucking Al Jazeera! You don't know that.
What else are they going to do with me? Is this what you wanted to do with your life? What you wanted to do with mine? I didn't have the chances you had.
Oh, God Your father is a very powerful man, who helps you do whatever you want.
My father works 14 hours a day, as does my mother.
They must be really proud of you.
And they have less now than they did 20 years ago.
And I have even less than that.
What were you thinking? Kidnapping? I didn't come here as a tourist, you know.
I had no choice.
I needed work.
What if my father could help you? You said yourself he's a very powerful man.
Dominic King.
Anwar's gone.
Sell Flo to the highest bidder? He's gonna Look, he'll be back soon.
We need to get out of here.
We? Me and Flo.
There are no political demands.
Thank God for that.
How much do they want? It's not about money.
Leela wants to get out of India.
After she's been sentenced, I could ask the Indian authorities to It has to happen now.
Let her escape, you mean? No, no.
Leela's a British citizen.
You could arrange for her to leave India through the diplomatic channel.
That woman has been involved in two kidnappings, the hijacking of a bus.
How can I justify You can't.
We all know what she is.
You'll have to bend every rule to get her out, and then I'm afraid you will be hung, drawn and quartered.
It's not possible.
Flo thinks that it is.
This was Flo's idea? It's a 19-hour drive to Delhi.
I'll take them to the embassy.
Does that give you enough time to make arrangements? This is going to be the hardest decision you'll ever make in your life, and will have huge implications for you and the government, but all I need for now is your word that you will sanction it.
I need time.
An hour.
I have to get back to Leela before Anwar returns.
He left about 40 minutes ago.
I would imagine that he's making some calls, sending e-mails.
He took Flo's photo to show the buyers what's on offer.
You've got about ten minutes.
Why don't we just go? Leave before Anwar gets back? I need to know it's going to happen.
It will.
I promise you.
I need to hear it from your father.
Is that Dominic? Wait.
Who keeps calling you? Just wait, OK? Look at it from Robert's angle.
If the Indian government got a known criminal out of this country for family reasons, there'd be an uproar.
What if it was our daughter? It's not, and neither am I the foreign secretary.
In seconds he'll be telling me to do whatever it takes.
He can't just make up British foreign policy.
Yes he can, that is exactly what he can do.
And if he doesn't, his daughter will die.
Is that Dominic? Yes.
Dominic? Yes, sir.
Tell that woman if she gets my daughter out of this, I will get her out of India.
I'll call you when it's over.
As soon as you hand Flo over, I will take you both to the British Embassy.
And what will happen to me when I get to England? You'll be arrested and put on trial.
You didn't think you were going to be set free, did you? You did your best to protect the lives of some of the hostages.
Now you're giving yourself up.
You'll get six years, maybe eight, serve three at the most.
You're making the right decision, you know that, don't you, Leela? Tell me where you are.
Can I have a word? Yeah.
I thought you'd gone back to England with your parents.
They're leaving tomorrow.
I can't wait, actually.
Do you get on with your parents? I'm not the solicitor they wanted me to be and I'm still not married.
I'm really sorry, Mahavir.
I'm busy.
Oh, God, sorry.
I just look.
I found that in my jacket pocket.
I guess Flo was trying to hide it on the bus.
She must have thought it would be safer with me, but I probably should have Is there any news? I saw Dominic He's gone to pick them up.
What, Leela and Flo? How did you know that Leela was giving herself up? Excuse me There wasn't enough time.
I should have said yes.
It wouldn't have helped.
It's my fault.
I waited too long.
But you have to believe me If I was an ordinary father with an ordinary job If you were an ordinary father, you couldn't have offered Leela what you did.
But she's gone, Dominic.
Flo's gone.
I've got to warn you, Mr Holland, that the press will soon be revealing the identity of your daughter.
Robert? Robert? Anwar's a poor kid, he just wants the highest price.
Trust me.
I dealt with the father.
These people - they are criminals, they are not terrorists.
Both you and I know that there are people, organisations, that will want Flo because of who I am, what I represent.
They will get to Anwar and then they will I'm sorry.
I You have to trust me.
Your key, sir.
Thank you.
Anwar got there before me.
Carrie? Carrie was killed because of the kidnap.
The police say it was a robbery.
Is that easier? I don't have Flo.
Leela took her.
Do the deal with Anwar.
It's your only escape.
Is Shaun going to be OK? Hello? Hello? Dad? Do they want to talk to me? Robert made it clear he doesn't want us to deal with it anymore.
Get me that money or I kill Shaun.
You must help me.
Robert has made the deal.
She said you're going home.
Is it true? Handover was meant to have happened half an hour ago.