Kidnap and Ransom (2011) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

1 Your father and I had a deal.
You have the money.
I want my hostage.
One of the kidnappers, the woman, is from England.
Leela Nishad, 24 from Aylesbury.
Shaun's been taken with another hostage.
Who is this Florence Holland? Her father is Robert Holland.
He's the British Foreign Secretary.
I won't get Flo without getting Shaun.
I promise.
What if my father could help you? Tell that woman if she gets my daughter out of this, I will get her out of India.
I thought I saw Dominic.
He's gone to pick them up.
Leela and Flo? How do you know that Leela's giving herself up? Anwar got there before me.
Carrie? Do you remembered anything different from yesterday? Anything at all? You know a guest was attacked and robbed at the same hotel last year.
And they have stepped up their security, but you had a lot of expensive equipment in the room.
To be honest, I think someone may have seen it, while walking past.
Yeah? Look, I want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to find out who did this.
On a personal note, I am so truly sorry for what happened to your friend.
You are quite sure? The initial examination suggests that one of her carotid arteries was snapped, almost certainly by the perpetrator stamping on her neck.
There are abrasions at the back of the head also indicate that she was violently pushed, probably against a floor or wall before this occurred.
She put up a real fight, you know.
They've taken samples.
But the DNA will take time to come.
Thank you.
I went to see Carrie's parents.
They ended up comforting me.
You had faith in her.
I But you were right.
She was I spoke to Robert, he's arranging with all the paper work to get Carrie home.
I told him we would both be coming back with her.
I'm a politician yes, but I'm also a father, and that comes first.
What I'm hoping is that the people who have her can see that I'm not some faceless symbol of imperialist power, but I'm a father and Flo is just my child.
I can't I can't leave.
Not yet Robert has made it clear he doesn't want us to deal with this anymore.
He said that? Why? With everything that's happened, he thinks it's best to bring in someone else.
What? That can't be right, with all that's We We need to stay.
He can't bring somebody else in What are you going to do? What are you going to do? The police are investigating Carrie's death.
The hostage negotiations will be in the hands of someone else.
We're not needed here.
What are you talking about? I'm not going to I'll go and get some food.
What made you change your mind? You were going to give yourself up.
It's better this way.
Is Anwar going to have me killed? I promise you, Flo, no-one is going to hurt you.
We want you to talk to your father.
What? Just talk to your father.
Tell him you're OK.
I am not OK! Do it.
Hello? Hello? Dad? Flo.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
Where are you? You warned me not to come here.
Yes, but I knew you would.
Flo? I don't know what to say? Do they want to talk to me? But your job? They're never going to let you Flo, I love you more than all of that.
That's not going to be the last thing you ever say to me.
Put them on.
We are no longer responsible.
We are.
I am.
If they call, we pass it on.
Carrie was killed because of this kidnapping.
The police believe it was a robbery.
Does that make it easier for you? You think it was a robbery? It wasn't a robbery.
Was it, Anwar? Maybe.
I don't know.
Maybe Leela.
Maybe Leela came round and stamped on Carrie's throat.
Come home with me.
Even if we were still involved with this, you can't carry out a negotiation in your present state of mind.
It's not fair.
So, why did you bring me here? I know you don't want to kill me.
You could have done that with a turn of the wheel when you were driving the bus.
Anyway you need me, Anwar.
Only ticket to freedom.
You didn't kill Carrie, because she made sure she left her mark.
Carrie? My assistant.
So what are we doing here? I don't have Flo.
I made a deal to sell her but Leela took her.
You don't have Flo? You didn't take her? And Shaun? I've still got him.
Was Leela responsible for the whole kidnapping of the Mehta family? Yeah.
She called my father.
She sent the photos of the family to his phone.
Who else was involved? No.
No, no we only dealt with her.
Somebody else must be involved.
She couldn't have done this alone.
She didn't kill Carrie.
Listen, I don't care.
I'm here for business.
OK, yeah, so these people you've been dealing with, to trade up Flo, how much have they offered you? $2 million, and if I don't give them what I've promised, me and my family are dead.
So we are in the same position.
Neither of us have what we want.
I have Shaun.
You will get me $2 million or I'll kill him.
I don't I don't have $2 million.
I promise you, if you don't get me that money I will kill Shaun.
How do I know he's alive? It's done, you'll see.
Are you his wife? I'm Angela Beddoes, Dominic's business partner.
You're You were sent this.
Look what they have done to him! I need to speak to Robert.
Angela told him you wanted to come home, that you have dropped the case.
Dominic? Didn't you know? You've got to tell me what's happening there.
I don't need to tell you anything.
Has Robert spoken directly to the kidnappers? That means yes.
What has he agreed to? You people just don't understand anything, do you? Get him to call me! Stop talking to me like this.
Sophie, I have lost Carrie.
I know and I'm sorry.
Just listen to me, will you? You need to help me.
Get Robert to call me.
There is somebody else involved here.
It's too late, Dom, Robert's already made the deal.
The hand over is arranged.
It's a bit temperamental but Does this mean I'm going home? What are you going to do with all that money? You and Anwar? There's a story about northern Kashmir, there's this huge beautiful lake.
Hundreds of years a ago, a sultan wanted to build an island for his wife and his kids, and Stupid, I know.
I will talk to Dominic when he gets back.
He has to stay.
We can't I trust him.
Do you see? Beth has been contacted by Anwar.
I've just seen him.
Where? What did he say? What does he want? He's only got Shaun.
She says you're going home.
Is that true? She might be, I'm staying here.
Did you see her? Beth, my wife.
I told you Just drink the water.
What have you done with Flo? Why are you talking to me? What else can I do? What are you going to do now then? Oh, Come on! Argh! Come on! All I'm doing is talk Come on! Shut up! I understand that you spoke directly with their leader.
How much did you agree to pay? Ј750,000.
Is $1.
2 million.
You have a daughter, I understand.
What price would you pay? No, you did the right thing.
Don't worry about it.
I just want you promise me that you will not speak to them again.
What if Flo calls? Under any circumstances.
What if it's all going wrong? Most kidnappers call again to double the price.
I don't have double.
How much is your daughter worth, Mr Holland? How much is mine? We pay whatever they ask.
They know that.
Any calls from numbers you don't recognise, blocked numbers please do not answer the phone.
OK, and thank you for staying.
When I spoke to Angela about you leaving, I got upset.
I hope she It's fine.
I'll talk to her.
Deal was done.
The money was agreed.
What time do you get her? In half an hour.
Florence Holland is a lucky girl.
I know I said I wouldn't get Flo without Shaun.
But you are.
I see that.
Anwar will call me.
I will negotiate.
What with? Is Shaun going to be OK? Yes or no? Hey, I'm going to stay here.
What? No.
Dominic doesn't know I'm involved.
If he sees me Hey, I just don't want anything to go wrong.
Look, you've got the map.
The directions.
Give us a kiss.
Go on.
Good luck.
The man who's got Flo, was he the one that killed Carrie? And now you're just going to go off to meet him and give him the money, shake his hand, and I know that's how it works, how things go, but he just walks off into the sunset? What's my Shaun gonna get? A bullet in the head? It feels strange.
It's like It's like I know you, like a friend.
Yeah, great mates! Next time we meet up I'll make sure I've got a gun to YOUR head.
And I screw your parents out of every penny they've ever earned, and hand it over to some shit of a boyfriend.
Why are you saying this? Because you are living in a fantasy world if you think none of this matters.
People died because of what you and Mahavir have done.
It wasn't our fault, OK? The police 0h, no, none of this is your fault, is it Leela? Dominic left the hotel half an hour ago.
He's late.
You know why Mahavir's stayed at home, don't you? In case the police showed up.
It was you who did the original kidnapping.
It was you who ran on that bus, waving a gun about, it was you who did all the talking, you're here and he's not.
Call him.
Call him! Ask your dad what's happened.
Blocked number.
It might be Flo.
Dominic said not to answer it.
And he's right.
The handover was meant to have happened half an hour ago.
He's not picking up.
Try him again.
It's answer phone.
What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Let me go and everything will be fine.
Just stop it, OK? Help! Help! Stop it! Just stop it! Just stop it! I have just got off the phone with Robert.
Why didn't you turn up at the handover? I did turn up.
Flo left a message, shouting and screaming.
I decided not to do it.
Flo was in the car waiting, you had the money Why did you tell Robert I wanted out of this? Jesus Christ, Dominic.
What the hell have you done? Have you any idea You lied to me, you said Robert didn't want me to do this anymore.
Why do you think I did that? You tell me.
We've already lost Carrie, I am not gonna lose you.
I promised Beth that we would get Shaun out of there.
You also told the British Foreign Secretary that you would get his daughter but you just left her there! Is that it? You couldn't hand over the money? Or did you go out there to kill him? You see, this is why we need to go home! Any news on United? My youngest boy is a City fan.
Now they've got all the cash, you know.
You should've heard him when they knocked us out the FA Cup.
I think Rooney's overhead kick against City, that was worth much more.
Are you there? I want to speak to Mahavir.
Dominic King.
Have you spoken to my father? What did he say? Tell him I'll explain all one day.
You weren't at the handover.
Frightened of being caught, of being found out? Why didn't you just give Leela the money? I have a new offer.
We made a deal.
Not with me you didn't.
You are just the negotiator, the little go between, you can't decide I have decided and this is what's happening.
What will you do now, Mahavir? That came as a bit of a shock.
Are you gonna kill Flo? No, we have no intention Mahavir, how are you going to put pressure on me? You've got to have something to negotiate with.
We agreed a price.
2 million dollars.
Iqbal agreed $600,000 for you and the kidnapped family.
Now, I understand that Anwar's got it all, how did that happen? That is a schoolboy error.
What's the point of giving you any money? You throw it all away.
How much did your father give you? And what did you do with that money? I have the hostage, I make the demands.
I've been doing this job too long.
Do you know how many times I have heard that threat? I will kill Flo if you do not give me every Wait, Mahavir, let's just get your story straight here, shall we? You just said you had no intention of killing Flo.
You're doing this on purpose.
Yeah, your father's right.
You're a just coward, Mahavir.
You were in Mumbai throwing your father's money away on everything that took your fancy, instead of telling him that everything you tried had failed, that you had failed.
What did you do? You arranged to kidnap him or rather, you get your girlfriend to arrange it.
I'm assuming that you would have got half of the original ransom money, that's $300,000.
That's more than you're worth, Mahavir.
No! Call me when Leela tells you to accept it.
What if you've pushed him too far? That's the risk, but I've got two hostages, two kidnappers and not enough money.
Why can't you split the money between them? Anwar is not going to take anything less than $2 million.
I need to get Flo and Shaun together.
How? Anwar has got $600,000, he can make a better offer than me.
Mahavir's desperate enough to accept it, so if Anwar buys Flo, I make a deal for her and Shaun together.
But you still haven't got the $2 million.
I'll do that in the end game.
Well, let's hope Anwar plays chess.
Let's hope he doesn't.
It's Anwar.
You want $2 million, I can get you $2 million.
When? As soon as I have both Flo and Shaun together.
If I had Flo, I would not be talking to you.
I have offered Leela and Mahavir $300,000.
Mahavir? Yeah, the man you originally kidnapped, is the person that set all this up.
He kidnapped his own father? And he is ready to accept just 300,000 for Flo? Play him.
You have the original 600,000, Anwar.
I mean like you, he just wants cash, so I thought it might be You're asking me to make a deal with Mahavir.
He's a spoilt rich kid who's used to getting what he wants, so I though it's time he got played.
But what's to stop me from buying Flo and just trading her up as I planned? Nothing.
These Jihadists you're dealing with, I presume they're good, honest, decent people.
Well, they are ready to give me $2 million.
Oh, come on, Anwar, who do you think you are, exactly? You are just Anwar Razdan.
Yeah, as soon as you give them the prize, what do you think they are going to do? Just let you walk away with $2 million? Well, they'd have what they want.
And when you've given them what they want you're nothing, just another spent bullet.
Anwar, please, try and stay something, Anwar.
But father! After all that we've been through! What sort of man does he think I am?! Answer it.
Please, please, Mahavir, I don't want this anymore.
What's happened to you? It's Anwar? Anwar? Oh, God.
Dominic King.
You have made Mahavir so mad he is going to sell Flo to Anwar.
How could you have done that? Carrie, the woman who works with me, was murdered yesterday.
I went to look at her body.
Someone had stamped on her neck.
I don't know why you're telling me this.
She put up a real fight.
Does Mahavir have any scratches on his face, arms, neck? Carrie broke four of her nails making sure she would leave her mark on the person who killed her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do the deal with Anwar.
It's your only escape.
Leela? The deal has been made.
Tomorrow we can begin the dream.
Baramulla Forest.
" Without Carrie, I'm gonna need your help.
Mahavir, I don't think you should come.
Are you joking? Anwar is a dangerous man.
He could easily take Flo and not give you the money.
I will make sure I have the money before I let him near Flo.
You let me set up the kidnapping of your family, it was me on the bus, I can do this Mahavir.
Just trust me.
I will come back here and then Come on.
Give me the money.
Go! Go! Is it all there? Where's Mahavir? I told him to wait at the house.
You got my money? My 2 million? I need to know that Shaun is alive.
He's alive.
Are you OK? Run.
Give me my money.
There's one $1.
2 million.
$2 million was the deal! It's all right.
It's all right.
I can get you another six! That's what you told me! I can sell Flo for as much as I want! I can get you another 600,000 I can give you $1.
8 million in cash, here and now.
It's just me.
No risks, no bullet in the head, just freedom for you, Anwar, and freedom for your family.
I need this money! I need this money! I need this money! If the police don't get you, Mahavir will.
Use this money to save Flo and Shaun.
Use the money to save yourself.
Yes? $1.
8 million dollars.
I know what you're thinking.
What's stopping me from taking all the money and keeping Flo.
Because you've got the gun.
You read minds, eh? How very clever.
But you're gonna to have to kill me first to do that.
And I don't think you're a killer, Anwar.
You're wearing your father's ring.
What would he have wanted you to do? Get everyone into the car.
I thought he was going to shoot you.
It's not Anwar I'm worried about.
Nice to see you again, Shaun.
Bloody liar! All right? Heads down! Heads down! Thank you.
This way, inside.
Leela, give me your phone.
He's going to call me.
Give me your phone.
What is going to happen to me now? You will be taken to hospital.
Leela? Leela? She's on her way to hospital.
I was aiming at you.
No, Mahavir, you closed your eyes and pulled the trigger.
What did you say to her? The truth.
You murdered Carrie.
I I didn't mean to.
All I wanted was some money, and you could have given it me but Kidnappers I can deal with, but murderers I cannot.
You will never find me.
We're going in together? Robert thought it would be beneficial to clarify what went on.
Do you have any objections? So this isn't about future policy, it's about Beddoes King.
Unnecessary risks were taken which could've been catastrophic.
We got Florence Holland back, we achieved our aims.
The Foreign Secretary did not lose his job.
Dominic should be here.
Does he not want to be? He's not back yet.
Why not? Let's just see what Robert has to say, shall we? You don't know what he's doing, do you? Angela, I'm coming home.