Kidnapped (2006) s01e01 Episode Script


Morning, Virgil.
Morning, Virgil.
You know they get these flowers delivered every week? New crystal vase and all that.
I asked the delivery man.
I said, "What's the bill with the roses?" Know what he said? They're hydrangeas.
Yep, that's what he said.
You're 38 seconds late.
They wanna see consistent double-digit growth before they're convinced that Knapp is, in fact There you are.
You're smiling.
The woman from the Times is here.
The woman from the Times, huh? Breakfast with the Cains.
Did you tell her we don't actually eat breakfast? I laid your clothes out on the bed.
Missed a spot.
Let's use the window as the backdrop for the cover photo.
- Good morning, Alice.
- Good morning, mommy.
Alice is my youngest.
What'd I tell you about making a mess in my kitchen? That is Maria.
She's been with us since Leopold was born.
And this is Virgil.
He's my brother Leopold's- Alice? Merci.
Leopold! Why do people need bodyguards? Sometimes the world doesn't make sense.
Mom says you have to come now.
This is my husband Conrad.
- Conrad, this is- - The girl from the Times.
So how did you two meet? Well, a pretty girl across a crowded room.
The moment I saw her I knew what I wanted.
The rest is history.
- Morning, Leo.
- Don't call me Leo.
It makes me sound like an old man.
Whatcha reading? The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.
Behind all of this wet hair is our son Leopold.
Five minutes.
Ready to take a picture? How long today? Three minutes, 12 seconds.
The world record for static apnea is eight minutes, six seconds, held by Martin Stepanek of Czechoslovakia.
What's the longest you ever held your breath for, Virgil? Long as I had to.
My dad says it's stupid.
That I should give it up.
- What do you say? - I tell him not to hold his breath.
Let's go.
It's only Alfred.
His driver broke down.
We're giving him a lift.
- Mr.
- Mr.
Why don't you tell me something about yourself? What do you wanna know? Oh, I don't know.
What do you want me to know? I'm a Pisces.
This is my natural hair color.
I prefer the country to the city.
Oh, yeah? Why is that? Why do you prefer the country to the city? I like to go on hikes.
Oh, really? Why don't you tell me about one of youhiking experiences? I could tell about the time I went on a hike and saw three rattlesnakes and a dead dog.
Well, this one time I went on a hike and saw three rattlesnakes and a dead dog.
To brass tacks, then.
How does this work? The way that it works, Mr.
Greene, is that no one knows the way that it works.
Everyone is given a task.
You do your job, you get paid a flat fee.
It's an early bird snatch.
High society.
Very public.
You work in contingency.
Get down.
Don't move.
Come here.
Leopold's school just called.
He hasn't shown up.
- Well, did you try his cell phone? - I did try his cell.
He's not answering.
Ellie, look, relax.
I'm sure he's okay.
- What is it, Maria? - Ellie, what? Ellie? Alfred.
Where's Leopold? Ellie? Aubrey, it's dad calling again.
Something has happened, and it's very important that you call me so I know that you're okay.
Daddy? Yeah, sweetie.
Just keep reading.
I've called a couple of times, and you're not answering.
- Daddy? - Sweetie, just keep reading, okay? I don't like when you disappear, Aubrey- - Dad! - What? You're using mayonnaise instead of peanut butter.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
Cain? Could you, um- Peanut butter and jelly.
I spoke to russ alderman over at securtrust,virgil's employer.
He says they'll keep it quiet on their end.
All right.
Connie,is there anything I need to know that I don't know? What the hell do you mean by that? What are we doing,conrad? Roger and I were just discussing it.
We could call the police.
We're not gonna call the police.
The note said not to do that.
I would think the note always says that.
I'm calling my father.
He knows what to do.
No,you're not calling your father.
He's my son.
I'll deal with it.
Then deal with it now! Look,I know a guy.
Well,I know of a guy.
He's a specialist.
You know those things'll kill ya? I'm here for the girl.
My parents have paid you.
Why am I still here? Shut up and eat! hard or easy? My name is knapp.
I was hired by your father.
I'm here to bring you home.
Your dad told me that when you were a little girl,he called you sammy.
But now he calls you samson.
'Cause you're the strongest person he's ever known.
I could use some of that strength right now.
Okay? Okay.
There's just one more thing I need you to do.
Let's get you home.
Let's go home.
Thanks for bringing her back to us.
She gonna be okay? Someday.
Thank you for coming,mr.
Roger,I'd like a moment alone with the cains.
So you're knapp'S associate? Yeah.
Do you have a name? Yeah.
the first thing I gotta tell you to do is call the fbi.
You should know that option is available to you.
The second thing I'll tell you is whatever you do,don't call the fbi.
You see,the fbi's objectives during a kidnapping investigation are to effect the safe return of the subject along with the identification, apprehension,and prosecution of the kidnappers, as well as the recovery of the ransom payments.
All I care about is retrieval.
Everything else is a distraction.
My fee is non-negotiable,payable upon the safe return of the kidnapped victim,intact.
What does that mean,"intact"? That means we don't pay him if leopold's dead.
From nothing comes nothing.
You're not very good with people,are you,mr.
Knapp? No,but I'm good at finding them.
Latimer king is the last of the bloodhounds,a man who follows his gut.
Hell,can't even turn on a computer,can he? This man taught me everything I know.
Come on.
Let's give it up for latimer king.
I know I'm pretty,friend, but I'm not that pretty.
You probably don't remember me.
I was stationed up in anchorage when you were working the hollister case.
That's a nice,quiet beat up there in alaska.
Why you transferring here? I thought I could do some good.
Are you the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed north american go-getter? I was looking forward to working for you.
I'm retiring.
You're a good agent.
Why would you retire? You know what percentage of pattern is? The number of pellet marks in a 30-inch circle over a 40-yard range divided by the number of pellets in a load.
That is why I'm retiring.
Jackie! What's wrong? Uh,would you excuse me for a second? sure Thank you.
What? Virgil didn't come home last night.
You call his office? They said he was on vacation,which would've been true if we hadn't already missed the flight.
Virgil told me if anything ever happened to him that I should go to you.
He said you'D handle it.
Alice,our youngest,she has no idea what's going on.
Our other daughter aubrey is away at school-brown.
We've been trying to get ahold of her for the last 12 hours.
I want you to make me a list of enemies.
Enemies? Anyone you have a history with who might wanna see something bad happen to you or your family.
No,I don't- mr.
A man in your position is bound to have a few enemies.
What are you suggesting? I'm suggesting your husband make a list.
buddhist epistemology What kind of 15 year-old reads buddhist epistemology? A lonely one.
Don't tell me you've read it.
Not in this translation.
You set up on the phones? Yeah.
Get me outbound Get on the horn with jim elwood in rhode island.
Tell him to find aubrey cain, brown undergrad.
Bring her in.
Where are you going? Gotta talk to the masters kid.
Are you alfred? Hello.
Cain,it's joe from the lobby.
Can I help you? Mr.
Cain,I'm special agent latimer king,fbi.
Can I speak with you just for a few minutes? So how can I help you,agent king? Uh,this is about,um,your son's bodyguard,virgil hayes.
Is he in some kind of trouble? He's missing.
So yeah,that is a possibility.
Missing? Yeah.
Thank you.
That's strange.
I just saw him yesterday morning.
What time was that? It was the same time as every day.
7 am.
You can set your watch by him.
Is your son here now,mr.
Cain? Could I speak with him? No,leopold went to visit his sister aubrey up at college.
Alone? How do you mean? Did virgil go with him? Uh,no.
And I was against it,but leopold,he,uh well,you know,as a parent,you have to pick and choose your battles.
He get there okay? Yes,yes.
My wife spoke with him.
Everything's fine.
Brown,huh? What's that? Uh,the- I'd hate to be getting that tuition bill in the mail.
That's right.
Is there anything else? Uh,no.
No,not right now.
Thank you for your time.
One thing.
Why does your son have a bodyguard,mr.
Cain? Well,that has to do with my work.
A couple of years ago,there was a hostile takeover and we had death threats.
Oh,you should've called us.
It's latimer.
Do me a favor.
Will you drop by brown and look up a student for me.
Aubrey cain.
C- a-I-N.
Take your time.
We knew it was just a matter of time before somebody started knocking on your door,mr.
Let me call you back.
Which one is it,alfred? Good job.
I need a current on ray canton.
Case number 3-3-5-4-0-1-0-3-2-1-0-1.
I'm looking for my brother.
I don't see the family resemblance.
There it is.
Yeah? The accounts for canton and mckinley have been closed.
I noticed something out of place.
Someone actually.
Leave it for now.
What's the status on greene? Handling the matter as we speak.
You the accountant? I balance the books,yeah.
So how does this work? All three accounts have been closed.
Hello? We have your son.
He is alive.
If you would like to keep it that way, wait by the phone for further instructions.
And do not call the police.
Please let me speak to him.
Hello? Hello? I just got off the phone with roger prince.
You know who that is? Conrad cain's lawyer.
The next time I go to the bathroom I'm gonna have options.
What the hell were you doing? That is none of your business,andy.
And I would watch my tone if I were you.
I'm still your boss till the end of this week.
You can't just go knocking on conrad cain's front door.
Anyway,the lawyer says the kid's in rhode island.
He said what? The kid's in rhode island.
I didn't go over there talking about the kid.
Why is his lawyer bringing up the kid again? I don't care,and neither should you.
After I hung up with prince, the deputy director called.
That's right.
You're in the tall weeds,my man.
You need to zip up your fly.
I found your friend.
Excuse me? Virgil.
Someone left him for dead in staten island.
Man,you look deader than the last time I saw you.
What about the boy? What about the boy? Did the kid get on the line? Caller did all the talking.
Did you get the trace? No.
He's bouncing the call.
He's really good at it too.
You get anything on his twang? Nope.
Too much distortion.
Call seem prepped? He says,"if you would like to" instead of "if you'd like to.
" No elisions or dangling participles,no deliberate pauses.
If I had to take a guess, I'd say the call was rehearsed.
What about canton? Canton is clay.
So much for ask questions first.
It wasn't me who decided to move his smile to his neck.
Get anything on the phones? Maria.
The maid.
Her husband called twice.
And they spoke spanish.
I don't know.
I took french.
You can go through the tapes yourself.
All right.
What else? Mr.
Cain's made three calls to lloyd's of london.
It turns out he has a kidnap and ransom insurance policy on leopold.
Something he might have mentioned this morning.
What about mrs.
Cain? First,she called daddy.
But daddy wasn't available.
Who's daddy? Well,normally,daddy's anybody but daddy.
But in this case,it's actually daddy.
It's her father.
She really does call him daddy.
Who is he? Benjamin rand.
Benjamin rand.
Who's that? Read a magazine.
So when she couldn't get through to him,she tried another number.
Who'd she call? I don't know.
But they're still on the line.
You wanna listen? I need to see you.
I'll fly in as soon as I can.
Find out who that is.
I'm running a trace.
I'm going out.
Take care of it.
He's not going anywhere.
Hasn't he had enough? He's just a kid.
do what you're told You know I almost bought this place? Yeah,me too.
But the view sucks.
Nice jump,though.
I ran a callback on that number.
Cain? Yeah,I got a secret service switchboard.
And? And I hung up.
Elwood called for graham.
Did you find aubrey? No,she was no-show at class today.
They went by her place.
Her flatmates said- housemates.
Flatmates said she went away.
She went away.
Yeah,with some guy that she met at a bar.
Did we get a name on the guy? Negatory.
Oh,elmwood wanted me to let you know that he bumped into calvin vance at aubrey cain's experimental psych class.
He said you'd remember him from camp pendleton.
He also wanted me to remind you who his sometime employer is and that you ain't the only game in town.
Cain- how long does it take to bring them back? That depends.
Cain- Excuse me.
Hello? Knapp,it's been a while.
That you,latimer? How's barbara? Oh,I'm looking right at her.
She's,uh,pregnant again.
Big as a house,man.
Are you in town? I was thinking maybe we can get together and have some dinner or something.
Actually,I'm in kentucky.
Maybe when I g How do you pronounce the capital city of kentucky? Is it lou-ie-ville or lou-iss-ville? I'm pretty sure it's lou-ie-ville.
Actually,it's pronounced frankfurt.
Really amazing how many people follow the part of the note about not calling the cops.
Yeah,your wife looks great.
I wouldn't be surprised if she was carrying twins.
You're a funny guy.
Great,now I gotta come up with something nice to say about him.
This is a federal investigation.
You get in my way,I'll throw you in jail.
I'm sorry,mrs.
I tried to stop them.
I thought I made myself clear to your people.
We're here to help,mr.
I want you out of my house now.
I'm special agent andy archer.
We have reason to believe that your son's been kidnapped.
We're here to help you get him back.
Cain? Has your son been abducted? you're under no lawful obligation to answer that question.
Cain,we're the fbi.
I can understand your position- next, he'll say he'd like to conduct interviews.
And would it be okay if you and mrs.
Cain sat for a polygraph? What? Just so we can eliminate you as suspects.
Let's go.
Let him go,knapp.
Let him go.
You two know each other? Yes.
Yeah,we used to work together.
Hello? Mr.
Listen to me.
I will give anything you want.
Just let me talk to my son.
He needs his medicine.
Your son's medications have been provided.
If you want it to stay that way, be at church street station,coney island.
Two hours-$20 million.
Hello? You get it? We got a trace.
It's in brooklyn.
Ent building's here.
Brooklyn heights.
Mobilize swat.
Sixties on white and red.
Set up a command post on henry.
All swat movement is coordinated through toc.
Sierra units will have the outer perimeter.
I'll give the authority to move to yellow and green.
That's a bad idea.
What's the problem? Kid's not at the apartment.
He's at the drop.
The kid's not at the drop.
He's at the apartment.
He's in hoboken.
He's on the moon.
What are you saying? I'm saying we don't know what we don't know.
I'm saying we make the drop on the level.
If we don't get the kid, then we take the apartment.
I'm not letting these guys slip through our fingers.
these guys are nowhere near our fingers.
Gentlemen,first we deal with the drop, and then we'll deal with the apartment.
You call swat.
You get 'em in position.
Nobody should move a muscle until we have mr.
Cain's son.
I've got eyes all over the package.
I'll call it out.
alright,fine The drop is here.
Church street station.
Blend in with the crowd.
We're on alpha one.
No chatter.
We have four train platforms.
Let's keep on the move.
Hold it!Just please.
I wanna know what he thinks.
I think if you ever wanna see your kid again, there shouldn't be an agent within 100 miles of the drop.
that's not realistic,mr.
Your son is 15 years old.
He's what we call a child of tender years.
That makes this a federal case,mr.
I understand you're scared.
Your wife is scared.
We're gonna do everything we can to get your son back.
20 million in untraceable, negotiable bearer bonds.
I know.
Knapp,are you there? Yeah,I'm here.
what now? Wait.
Who's got eyes in brooklyn? All quiet here.
Hello? Enter the local tunnel heading toward coney island.
What? Coney island.
Enter the tunnel?How am I- rich man,you figure it out.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Don't come any closer.
I have your money.
Now where should I- where do you want me to put it? Just leave it right there.
Where's my son? I said where's my son?! What the hell are you talking about?Who's your son? Look,man,I don't know nothing about your son.
Not seeing the boy.
I'm seeing a man down in the tunnel.
We're taking the house.
no,not yet.
Not yet.
do we have the bag man? I'm not sure what we've got.
Just hold up,andy.
he's not the guy.
What do you mean he's not the guy? What's going on?Where's leopold? We're moving in.
Not right now.
Not now! He didn't say nothing about no leopold.
I'm the primary relief supervisor.
It's my call.
This guy,he slips me a c-note,says they'll be five more like it if I come down here and- and what? Deliver a letter.
It's a set-up.
It's a set-up! nice seeing you in brooklyn Hello? Conrad? You just killed your son.
Nice work.
You did exactly what they wanted you to do.
He had a trace on the- the trace was a come-on.
To get you to stick your head out and sign their guest book.
They saw you and sent the bag man home.
Knapp! What? It was his call and he made it.
And it was the right call.
Ah,come on,latimer! Come on,nothing.
It just didn't work out the right way.
I followed p Yeah,that's the problem with you people and your rulebook.
What you can't seem to understand is you're the only ones playing by the rules.
You okay? Yeah.
'Cause if you ever pull a stunt like that again,I will end you.
Let's put a detail on the residence,taps on the phones,and surveillance on knapp.
What happened to retirement? Yeah,what happened to retirement? Business as usual out there.
People going to bed in one place.
People waking up in another.
The ebb and flow of the tides,mr.
Breakfast,lunch,and dinner.
Traffic jams,baseball games,teenager's first kiss.
I don't understand how it all hasn't come to a halt.
How the world can keep spinning on its axis and not miss one silly revolution for my boy.
You wake up in the morning worrying about the color of a napkin,and by the end of the day you feel so small,you're not sure you'll be able to breathe.
The men who took leopold.
They're motivated by greed.
Your son's only worth something to them alive,mrs.
Business as usual out there,mr.
Bring him home.