Kidnapped (2006) s01e02 Episode Script

Special Delivery

Knapp, is that you? Can we talk? Or is it a bad time? How'd you get this number? I let my fingers do the walking.
- Are you still there? - What do you want? Huh, I reallyscrewed you up, huh? Yeah, I heard you went to the desert, let some men in white coats poke around in thatskull of yours.
You ever wonder about her? You ever wonderif she's still alive? Maybe having her braces off first thing in the morning? Or did I put her in a box? Called to read me my horoscope? It's happening again,isn't it? Tell me about them.
Are they the toast of the town, lousy with friends and money, buy low, sell high, East Egg, West Egg, Turks and Caicos and all that? Everything was peachy,wasn't it? But how quickly the peaches turn to pits when you lose your prized possession.
What happened in Brooklyn? Brooklyn? Oh, don't play dumb, or I won't play at all.
- Tell me about Zurich.
- Zurich - What about Zurich? - It's cold there.
My parents used to take us to Switzerland when we were children- verbier.
So, uh, any leads on the boy? Where are you getting your information? From the back of a baby's ear.
Be in touch.
We're nearly set up here.
The owner's in Paris for a year, place is being renovated.
We got a great view.
So how's your friend doing? You asking how he's doing or you asking me if I had a chance to question him yet? I was just asking how he's doing.
Still got a bullet lodged in him.
You know, uh, Kerns didn't make it.
He died in the night.
Yeah, I heard.
He died in the night.
What a thing to say, huh? Takes this ugly thing and turns it into damn poetry.
And yesterday, I thought I was doing the right thing, sending him in.
I thought we're gonna get that kid back.
I was wrong, and it cost two men their lives.
And now their families have to live with what I did.
I just wanted you to know that in case you thought I'd overlooked it.
- All right.
- I'll see you when you get in.
- Conrad? - Yeah.
- Why is the door locked? - Uh, I- I'm in the shower, uh, be out in a minute.
We still haven't heard from Aubrey.
I'll be out in a minute, okay? All right.
Uh, yeah, is Sully there? Who's asking? Conrad.
Don't know any Conrad.
It's Connie.
Hell of a breakfast.
Sure you don't want one? - Yeah.
- Here ya go.
- Keeps pretty clean.
- How clean? Well, couple of things here and there.
Nothing the paper would print.
You wanna nail a guy like Conrad Cain, you better remember to bring Pontius Pilate.
Otherwise you'll wind up writing obits in Omaha.
What do you mean by a couple things here and there? Well, two years ago, a guy calls me, says he's got Cain by the short hairs.
Says he wants 50 Gs for the story.
- What's the angle? - He won't say Says he'll only do it C.
Says I won't be sorry.
And? Well, I picked up the check myself.
Waited for himat the arranged meeting spot- very cloak and dagger- he doesn't show.
He doesn't show? What, somebody get him? Guys like Cain can write checks with lots of zeroes.
Got a name on this freelance? I would have to consult my files.
In the meantime, there's the kitchen sink.
Modern technology.
In the old days, I would have had to pass you a briefcase or something.
Who are you loing for? Anyone I know? Is he handsome? - Who are you? - I'm Jimbo.
Who is that? That's Jimbo.
Need more pancakes? - Yeah, sure.
- What is he doing here? He's gonna look after Alice for a little while.
- Did you think to run this by me first? - No.
It is still my home, Mr.
Today's Show and Tell, and I'm gonna show the class for safari pictures.
And Ginny Akron's gonna be so miffed, 'cause she thought her Russian dolls were such hot stuff- Alice, you have to stay home today.
But who's that? Jimbo-he's going to look after you for a while.
I'm Alice.
My brother, Leo, has a bodyguard.
- His name's Virgil.
- Alice.
You're way bigger than he is.
Leo's at static apnea camp.
It's where they teach you how to hold your breath for a really long time.
Can I bring you to Show and Tell next week? Ginny Akron wouldn't believe her eyes.
I pushed the board meeting a week, cleared my schedule- Did you try Aubrey again? Can I speak to you both in the other room, please? Did you tell Alice that Leo is away at camp? - What? - She just said- Mr.
Cain, Mrs.
When your son's picture is on the front page of The New York Times, that phone is gonna start ringing.
And every crackpot in America is gonna be on the other endof the line, which is gonna make my job a lot tougher.
Sooner or later, it's gonna get out that Leopold's been abducted.
The longer we can push that off, the better.
This means you don't breath a word about Leopold to anyone.
Okay, I've talked to Alfred Masters and his parents.
Cain, you need to call school.
Tell them Leopold's sick.
You don't know when he'll be able to go back- - Ok.
- I need you both to keep up appearances.
Don't deviate from your routines.
Cain, go to your office, go to your board meetings, play squash- do whateverit is you do.
Cain, go to luncheons, keep hair appointments, tea with the girls.
I need you both to give the impression that everything is okay.
- How can we possibly- - It's what's best for Leopold.
- Morning.
- Good.
Stick to the facts with morning.
How was your night in the chair? - You get any sleep? - A little.
- Liar.
- Do me a favor.
Cross-reference the Cainswith Zurich.
- What am I looking for? - I have no idea.
I'm missing a DAT file.
A call came in at midnight.
Someone erased it.
- Yeah, that was me.
- Why? Who called? Should I be concerned? - Yeah.
- You tell Malcolm I said hi? You should tell Atkins to try camouflage.
How 'bout that, huh? How's your coffee? It's better than the mud you're drinking.
We need to talk.
In person.
You know what I'm gonna say? Yeah, you lost two agents.
Director told you to get these bastards at any cost.
He says if this Knapp fella can't play well with others, kick him out of the damn sand box, right? Good morning, Alice.
These are the seeds I ordered.
I'm planting a garden on the roof.
- Oh, hey.
- Oh, that's my friend, Jimbo.
Jimbo, this is my friend, Sam.
Thanks, Sam.
The package has been delivered.
G ood.
Let me know when it's done.
How many times have I told you not to touch the knives? I will open your package for you.
- You go make your bed.
- But- Now.
They send the ear to get everyone's attention, right? To let everybody know who's in control.
Let's get that DNA sample from the boy's room ASAP.
Why isn't that phone ringing? What are their demands? Uh, courier service.
What? I'm on hold.
Package gets delivered.
That phone's ringing ten minutes later.
- That's how it works.
- Not this time, friend.
You ever had one of these before? Courier service has no record of the package ever being delivered.
Where are we with the description from the deskman? Guy's an idiot, doesn't remember anything.
Why are they doing this to us? I want my seeds.
What? What seeds? The package- It was addressed to me.
I'm planting a garden.
Cain did a deal with Zurich International in '97.
He was approved for a bridge loan by Credit Suisse in 2003, but never exercised the loan.
According to his passport, he's been to Zurich 12 times in 10 years.
Always stay sat the Four Seasons, apart from one time he stayed at a Swiss hotel.
- How's that? - Keep looking.
- Where are you going? - Lunch.
Who do we got? The guy Knapp found in the SRO with his throat slit.
Ex-wife ID'd the body, says he called her out of the blue last week, wanting to make good on back child support.
The boys from the labs wept the room, said it was clean enough to perform surgery on.
Get the ex-wife's phone records? No, we're still waiting on Justice.
Call Terry Patrick down at DOJ.
Tell him that Kingis calling in that chit on that thing with that guy.
He'll understand.
What about the other young man in the car? Alfred Masters? Went through the mugs, couldn't make anybody.
Says he was crouched down too low in the back.
Working on the shooter who took out the bodyguard.
Anything new on the bodyguard? He's in and out.
I'm getting what I can.
The lab results came back on the ear.
Thank you.
Agents from the Rhode Island field office- They're gonna meet us on the ground at the Bay Barn Heliport.
Now, Aubrey's roommate's name is Diane Weaver.
We called her parents, but they're unable to get in touch with her.
- Mrs.
- Yes.
It's not Leopold's.
- It wasn't his ear.
- Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Why didn't you tell her? - To say what? The good news is it's not your son's ear.
The bad news is we think it may be your daughter's? My name's Leopold.
People call me Leo.
I heard the other guy call you Otto.
Is that your name? So where you from, man? Listen, ese, just do your job.
Don't worry about where I'm from, what my favorite color is, and what's my sign.
I'm not in this to make new friends.
Comprende? Yeah, I got you.
I need a list of anyone who has access to the dorm.
- Can you do that? - Oh, I already gave it to the other guy.
- What other guy? - Your partner.
He beat you here by, like, 15 minutes.
Oh, of course.
The ear was pierced.
I was playing worst-case scenario.
What'd you do, Knapp? You flash your old ID? I might have mentioned I just got in from Quantico, but that's open to interpretation.
I got Aubrey's emails here.
Anything? I don't know, maybe.
Take a look.
What is this email? Is this some kind of code? What? BRT is Be Right There.
OTOH, On The Other Hand.
Here's a good one, SMITF.
- Shoot Me In The Face.
- Shoot me in the face.
Why is she signing the e-mail 1337? It means "leet.
" Slang for "elite.
" Huh.
Yeah, it's a cipher.
Ones are Ls, threes are Es, sevens are Ts.
31337 is the UDP port used by Dead Cow Cult to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice.
- What? - Atkins.
- Yeah.
- 1337.
- Thanks, dude.
It's a compliment.
Go to the last email.
All right, night before last, Aubrey writes, "LZ SCNR?" Yeah, I don't know what LZ means, but SCNR means Sorry, Could Not Resist.
Sorry, could not resist.
Hey, guys.
I'm thinking about joining up with the Bureau.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So if you need any help, I'm your guy.
'Cause I know Diane and Aubrey.
You know, just in passing, like,"Hey guys, what's up?" You know, that kind of thing? They always call me by the wrong name.
My name is Wes.
They call me Les, you know.
In their defense, I mean, when I see them, the two of them are usually pretty wasted.
I mean, they party hard, those girls.
- Oh, really.
- Yeah, yeah.
I run into them over at Zurich like two or three times a week.
- Zurich? - Yeah, it's this bar over on Thayer.
LZ? Leaving Zurich? Ellie.
Where are you going? We're not just gonna sit around, waiting for something to happen.
I want to know where our daughter is, okay? I'll call her friends again.
I tend to remember the ones with the platinum cards.
Sweet girls-even though, uh, Diane forgot to payher bill the other night.
- Skipped out on me.
- Were they alone? They came in that way, but wound up hooking up with some guy.
At least Aubrey did.
They do that a lot? Once in a while.
As long as we're here, we might as well have a look around.
That's blood.
That's not Aubrey.
Incomplete occlusion and compression of the carotid arteries cause da cerebral ischemia.
- No ligature marks.
- She was strangled.
Usual stuff you expect to find on a college girl- purse, keys, lip gloss, cell phone.
Eight ball of cocaine.
Check the loon this cell phone.
Let's get the names and addressof anybody she called in the last 48 hours, anybody who called her.
Check the voice mail, text messages, and also, let's examine the phone's video and picture clips.
Somebody needs to call the Cains.
I'll deal with it.
Hey, Knapp? What made you think to, um, look in the freezer? It was cold.
Hey, when you coming back? Mrs.
Cain, um, I just got a call from Knapp, and Terry.
Terry, do I need to break something to get your attention? Nothing personal, Connie, but Jack said you were dead.
- I look like ghost? - Afraid I gotta take Jack's word over yours in this one.
Just tell Jack, when you see him, that I'm looking for him.
Mind if I have a seat? It's a free country.
So they keep telling me.
Nice shoes.
You don't see a lotof shoes like those in this neck of the woods.
What brings you around here? My son.
Is he all right? I don't know, he-no.
Anything I can do to help? What do you know about being a father, Dad? Well.
If he can handle himself half as good as you could, I don't imagine he needs you any more than you needed me.
We got some video from the roommate's picture phone.
He's cute.
Can't get a makeon the guy.
Pause right there.
Hit play.
He's cute.
Hold right there.
Pause right there.
Blow it up a couple fields.
- I saw him first.
- I'll play you for him.
- You guys go to Brown? - Yeah, you? Yeah, I'm a freshman.
- You wanna help me out with this one? - Yeah.
I'm gonna go powder my nose.
Don't get him all wrinkled while I'm gone.
Can I get another one? Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you want another beer? - Let's split.
- What about Diane? You're more my type.
You don't have to choose, you know.
I choose you, though.
Trust me, the guy's been inside.
So let's find a mugshot that matches him.
Let's get a hold of the Providence field office.
Tell them to dust every single pool cue in that bar.
Knapp? Where's Knapp? What's that all about? It's a game I play with my brother.
You hungry? I know this spot.
They have, uh, great chocolate chip pancakes.
- With a smiley face? - Is there any other kind? Hey, have you seen my cell phone? No.
Why, did you lose it? I probably left it at the bar.
What's a pariah mean? It means an outcast.
What's "precipitously?" Sudden.
For a guy that knows so many words, you don't say a lot.
- What are you reading? - Slake's Limbo.
It's about a boy who goes to live in the subway tunnels of New York-it's Leo's.
He gave it to me.
Leo knows a lot of words too.
But he's quiet, just like you are.
Got a match.
Name's Kenneth Cantrell.
Five arrests, two stints at federal pens.
Last saw 32 months at Rikerson a B&E charge.
No known address.
Says here, "Ex-wife"? Yeah, she lives in Brooklyn.
Prospect Park.
- Let's bring her in.
- Good.
You can never be too careful with a chocolate chip pancake.
So where are you from? Queens.
What part of Queens? Sunnyside.
No kidding.
My dad is from Sunnyside.
Really? What's his name? Conrad.
Conrad Cain.
Doesn't ring a bell.
Well, he's a little bit older than you.
Just a little bit, huh? Actually, his dad still lives there, but, um, they don't talk.
Why not? That's the thing.
My dad won't talk to me about why his dad won't talk to him.
Maybe it's the other way around.
I don't know.
I like your tattoo.
What does it mean? It means I had too much to drink when I was 16.
Let's get outta here.
Come on.
- It's me.
- Where are you? Twenty miles outside of the city.
- How's she behaving? - Like a kitten.
Well, just make sure she doesn't scratch.
Get away from me! Who the hell are you? I'm gonna scream, "Help!" No, I know.
Wait, I'm gonna scream.
Help! Help! King.
You get a name on Fast Eddie? I am open for business.
He has a tattoo from a gang out of Sunnyside.
Last name, Cantrell.
First name, Kenneth.
Can I have everyone's attention for a moment, please? How many Sunnysiders does it take to screw in a light bulb? - What the hell'd you say? - What are you saying? You heard this? Afternoon.
I'm looking for a friend of yours, Kenneth Cantrell.
Yeah, I never heard of him.
Maybe I'm not asking right.
Ah, man! You're breaking my arm, man! Tell me what I want to know, and I'll see what I can do about that.
Okay, okay! I-I know him, but I haven't seen him.
God's honest truth! On my mother's eyes, I swear! I swear! I find out your lying, I'm gonna come back, finish telling my joke.
I got rights, you know.
She's got a little kick to her.
She's was watching Ultimate Fight Championship on the pay-per-view when we picked her up.
She still our only link to Cantrell? Look, I ain't seen him, okay? - You ain't seen who? - Kenny.
Will you just do me a favor? Just wait for me to ask a question, and then answer? Whatever you say.
All right, Mrs.
- Have you seen your ex-husband? - No.
Okay, it's good.
Says here you had him arrested once on a battery charge? Yeah, Kenny liked to hit.
When's the last time he hit you? It's been a couple years.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
Tennis injury, huh? Does he still like to come around? At the end, the fellas tied one on, he put his hands on you? Does he have trouble telling the difference between a good touch and a bad touch? Okay.
Let me tell you, Lisa I can make it so he never comes around anymore.
- Feds came to see me.
- What'd they want? - They were looking for you.
- What'd you tell 'em? What do you think I told 'em? I told 'em to screw.
Feds are looking for me.
They went to see my ex-wife.
Does your ex-wife know where you are? - No.
- So what's the problem? The problem is they made me.
I'm screwed.
But we have a contingency plan.
I'll make all the arrangements as soon as we hang up.
Just hang tight.
Go ahead.
- You want a slice? - Screw you.
Screw me? Screw you.
You ruined the easiest job of my life.
Getting paid to nail some little rich girl, okay? Keep her under wraps for a few days, then let her go.
you keep your nose out of other people's personal articles.
You know that? Huh? Why is someone paying you to do this? Why? You find money on the street, you don't concern yourself with where it came from.
You pick it up.
And for your information, the reason why your father and your grandfath don't talk no more is Connie forgot where he came from.
And your grandfather, he's still from there.
You know my father? Whoa, man! It's just me.
Is that her? Danny, what are you doing here? Guy came looking for you, came down to the bar.
- Is he a cop? - I don't know.
He didn't look like a cop.
He almost broke my arm.
Just go-I'm gonna catch up with you later, okay? Kenny-Just go! All right?! - Nice and easy.
- What are you gonna do, shoot me? - Get in the car.
- Cantrell.
You want a way out of this? Listen to me, I'm not a cop.
I just want the girl.
Okay, just give me the girl, and you can take a walk.
You gotta trust me.
Son of a bitch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! All right! All right! - Get them guns down! - Hold your fire.
Relax, everybody! Just relax.
Relax, hold your fire.
Relax! Kenny, just you and me.
All right, now listen.
You come near me, I'm shootin' her! Don't shoot he Kenny, all right? I need you to make a real smart play right here, and listen to me.
I'm not coming near you.
I'm not coming near you.
All right? Come one, we can work this out.
We ain't working nothing out! - Oh, my God! - Aubrey, come here.
Move, move, move! That's not an easy shot.
A shot like that takes life from one person, but gives lifeto somebody else.
And it can go south on you.
Inch to the left or right, you just shota 19-year-old girl.
But while everybody else was wondering, which way is the damn wind blowing? You saved a life.
It's good.
I've been there, you know? On the other side of it.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
I had a gun to my head.
Some tweaker.
This guy- My head's bleeding because he's pushing the barrel of the gun so hard on my head, and his hand's shaking.
And all of a sudden-bam! This tweaker just falls like a raindrop.
So I started searching the crowd of cops.
And there's this rookie.
First day on the job.
I mean, fresh out of the academy.
But that rookie understood that my guy flipped a switch.
Just like you with Cantrell today.
To our ships at sea.
- Ships at sea.
- Ships at sea.
Anything strike you as odd today? What, you mean the fact that they send this highly trained team after the boy, and then the hire some low-rentt hug to go after his sister? Yeah, that.
It never crossed my mind.
Me neither.
How's the wife dealing with you putting off retirement? You know.
Yeah, I know you're in the doghouse.
Oh please, man, I know how to handle my wife.
Well, I got a pullout couch just in case.
You know what? I should go see my wife, just in case she's forgotten what I look like.
On me.
No, no, no, I got it.
Don't forget what I said.
- See you, guys.
- All right.
Good work out there today.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey, Knapp.
Have you ever Yeah, first day on the job.
- Goodnight, sweet girl.
- Goodnight, Mommy.
I'm happy Aubrey's home.
Me, too.
When do you think Leo will come home? - Hey.
- Hey.
You smoke.
I'm really happy you're home.
Me, too.
Do you know that when you were three, I lost you in a department store for two hours? You were hiding and- you fell asleep in the clothing rack and- I don't know, I never told anyone about it, not even your mother.
Not because I thought she'd be mad, I just- I guess I wanted to pretend it didn't happen.
He's a really smart kid, Dad.
He'll think of something.
Time to take your medicine- Help! Help! My name is Leopold Cain.
I've been kidnap- Maybe it's better you stick with me.
Mexico can be very dangerous.