Kidnapped (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

1 Dad? Are you late for work? I - What happened? - You tell me.
Let's see here.
- You know I'm late for work.
- I know.
All right, show me exactly what you did.
- Pantomime or real? - Just-- What did you do? How'd you--? How'd you do that? Wait.
No, first, we have to roll a piece of paper.
Stop the bleeding.
Take it off before you go to school.
Just leave it on there for a while.
- I didn't wanna ruin the bloody effect.
- No, because I'm late for work.
Okay, now, you wanna be able to get it like this.
You know, you just wanna, like-- The cameras, Roger.
In my house.
In the walls.
In the vents.
In the bedrooms.
They're watching us like rats.
Listen to me, Connie.
It's about Jimmy Sullivan.
I want their eyes.
I want back everything they've seen.
On the subject of things that were in the house that weren't supposed-- Hold on.
Yeah? - Conrad.
- Ellie.
- You find any more cameras? - Yeah, every room except the bathroom.
- What a relief.
- Hey, do me a favour.
Stop acting like you're the only one this is happening to.
- Excuse me? - I'm just trying to clear my Leo.
Who are you talking to? Twenty bucks, I'll help you find your friend Leo.
Cain? - Hey, come on, give me 5.
- Thanks, man.
Thank you.
Conrad? Conrad, are you okay? No, I'm-- I'm - What was that? - Oh, my God! - There's one in my room! - Gotta go.
When Uncle Artie died, I started getting undressed under the covers because I didn't want his ghost to see me naked.
Do you know what this is doing for my body dysmorphia? - Honey.
- I'm-- Oh, my God! I am going to kill whoever did this.
- All right.
- They've been watching me.
I know.
I know.
It sucks.
- We have to leave.
- No.
This is Leo's home.
It's where he's gonna come back.
We have to be here for him.
- Okay? - Mrs.
- Where is he? - In the study, ma'am.
" My brother liked to pretend that one thing was another.
" - Grandpa? - Aubrey.
- Elliot.
- Grandpa said this book was yours.
I would like to talk to your grandfather, girls.
- Bye, Grandpa.
- Bye-bye, sweetheart.
I was at a dinner party in Washington.
We were in between courses when the director of the FBI put a hand on my knee, said, " Don't worry, it'll be okay.
" I assumed he was talking about the bisque.
- I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you.
- He's my grandson.
- Can't trust your own father? - I said, sorry.
Yes, but the dog still needs to be walked.
Please do not start with the fortune-cookie routine.
- We have all the help we need.
- They've done a bang-up job.
- I've been briefed.
- You've been briefed? Stay out of this.
We hired a professional.
Knapp? Yeah, I know all about this man you've hired to find my grandson.
Question is, do you? English, please.
Did you ever think to do a background on him? I am all that stands between you and darkest night, my dear.
They're ready for you downtown, sir.
It'll be okay.
- I should've found this camera.
- I can't believe this old guard freak.
- I should've swept the house.
- Uses words I've never heard.
- " Fecoventilatory"? Use it in a sentence.
- I don't know why-- Who? Benjamin Rand.
Oh, and then he tells me to send a bill to his office.
As if we did that.
- What are you talking about? - Oh, we were fired.
- By her father.
- Fired? Because of the cam--? Not because of the cameras.
Something to do with I don't know.
Find out what fecoventilatory means.
- Where are we on cameras? - We're fired.
By that guy? Yeah, right.
They're three generations ahead.
The guys who'll be using these haven't even been born yet.
Why the hell didn't you find them? That's what I've been asking myself all morning.
You've been kicking your ass.
Why didn't you find them? - Can't find what you're not looking for.
- So you weren't looking.
You weren't looking for them, because they don't belong.
So why were they there? - I don't know.
- Well, what is a kidnapping at its core? - Transactional.
- That's right.
If you're a kidnapper, you care about money.
- It's a business.
- But cameras? Cameras are personal.
- Hey, morning, Marco.
- Sorry, sir.
Does this mean I hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning? - Are you blocking me? - Sorry, sir, no one enters.
- Those are the orders.
- Says who? It's no use.
It's like talking to a blender.
What's going on? Off-limits.
- Says who? - The director.
- He's in there.
- With Devere? Yeah.
He looked very serious, like he didn't have teeth.
Came in with this older guy with lots of teeth, still no smile.
Excuse me.
- What the hell are you doing here? - It's what we call a crap job, sir.
- Because of what I did yesterday? - Because of what I did yesterday.
Because of what you did yesterday.
What would you have done in my position? - It's none of my business.
- Just two guys talking.
- What would you have done? - That's him.
The exact same thing.
Are you Conrad Cain? - Hold a second.
We're cops.
- Why the hell didn't you say anything? Shut your mouth.
- We need to speak with you downtown.
- About what? The murder of Jimmy Sullivan.
Let's go.
Did you think to tell us you were in a sanatorium? No.
- Or that you were fired by the FBI? - Nope.
What about the girl? The one you lost? My father says you've become obsessed.
- You wanna tell me about that? - No.
Then you leave me no choice but to fire you.
- Give me one reason why I shouldn't.
- Your husband's been arrested.
- Why? - That's where it gets murky.
Two officers approached him to question him about the murder of Sullivan.
He assaulted one.
- Is he in jail for questioning or assault? - I don't understand.
Well, the officers were plainclothes detectives.
Your husband had no way to identify them.
- Why would they send plainclothes--? - To arrest a man? That's the question.
Unless, of course the provocation was intended by your father.
Is that what you think happened? Yeah.
All right.
Poor man's time machine.
You're already at the bottom of a black bag, son.
Your parents have forgotten you were ever born.
Yeah, yeah.
It is difficult to negotiate with a man who has nothing to lose.
- Your wife.
- You son of a bitch.
She'll be put on a plane.
The pilot has been given two flight plans.
One to a beach town in Costa Rica.
The other to a country with a thriving sex trade where her English cries will be misconstrued as sounds of ecstasy.
You may be dead, but she'll go on living.
Exactly how she does is entirely up to you.
What will it be, Mr.
Devere? The DA will offer immunity from prosecution.
We created a trust fund in his wife's name.
Rand? - Agent King? - Could I have a minute? You can have as many as you like as soon as this is over.
I'd settle for one or two right now, sir.
Excuse us.
One minute.
- I know you think you're helping.
- I know I'm helping my grandson.
You're a civilian taking over a federal investigation.
With all due respect, you're out of your depth, sir.
Don't assume you know where I begin and end, Agent King.
You think this is business? These criminals are not like criminals you're used to dealing with.
In these waters, there's an undertow that you can't know from where you sit perched.
This is not business.
This is war.
You don't think business is a kind of war? Of course, but if you lose this negotiation these people will set fire to you and everything you care about in this world.
They don't think of you as rich and powerful, Mr.
They just think of you as rich.
Let me do my job, please.
Minute's up.
What's going on? They won't let me talk to anybody.
Am I under arrest? - You're in limbo.
- What does that mean? You stay in here while they figure it out.
- Why? - Why? The intelligence community is like a blind man picking watermelons in a pumpkin patch in July.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Neither does the community.
What's this have to do with the intelligence community? Your father-in-law once held a policy post at the CIA? Oh, boy.
Cain, they can hold you for 48 hours.
- I need to talk to the mayor.
- He won't be taking your calls.
No, see, I play racquetball-- You'll be playing squash with your father-in-law.
- Did you come here just to tell me this? - No.
I came down here to tell you it's raining.
Where's your umbrella? All right, now, don't write any of this down.
How dare you have him arrested.
What are you, insane? No, do not even start.
Whatever it is you did, just undo it.
I am not going to argue with you about this.
Do not even mention my mother's name.
And by the way, I don't think she's dead.
I think she's hiding.
Maria, I have to go to the police station.
Yes, Mrs.
Leo! It's Leo! Mom, come quick! Mom, look, it's Leo.
Oh, my God.
I wish I could see you.
It's not live, Mrs.
It's from the cameras we found.
Excuse me, Alice.
We never do anything we want in this family.
We do what we're programmed to.
It's like we're robots.
You're a hypocrite.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
Shut it off.
Come on, Alice.
What am I looking at? Immunity from prosecution, a sizeable trust in your wife's name and a land grant.
I don't know where the kid is.
The kid is my grandson.
His name is Leopold Rand Cain you know how to contact people who do.
I call someone who calls someone who calls someone.
Then that's where we'll start.
I'd like to talk to my wife.
I promise everything's gonna be all right, sweetheart.
Who are these men? They're They're friends of mine and they're They're gonna make sure that you arrive all right.
What about you? I need to go, babe, okay? I love you.
One thing I could never understand wrap my head around, was that Hitler had a dog.
You of all people should understand the world is not black and white.
Just make the call.
- How's that? - Hitler's dog.
- Hello.
- You have 20 seconds.
- Do you know my situation? - Yes.
Well, it's been altered by Benjamin Rand.
He'll pay $40 million and guarantee safe passage for the safe return of his grandson.
- What happened? - Hung up.
- What does that mean? - It means they're considering it.
Yeah? Atkins.
What is going on, boss? Something I need you to do.
- Walk with me.
- How's he doing this? Taking over a federal investigation.
Well, technically, he's not.
He says he's working in an advisory capacity.
- Why'd he get you thrown off the case? - Why? Because he says he doesn't wanna work with agents who might resent his advice.
Who does he have in his pocket? Easier to list who he doesn't have in his pocket.
- What's this? - Our file on Benjamin Rand.
It's empty.
Hey, Latimer.
How you like working for your new boss? I'd tell him to piss off, except I'm 20 years from pension and I don't have a rich wife.
I'm sorry, I didn't-- Look, I didn't have a choice.
This guy's got the director's backing and I don't care much for Boise, Idaho.
These decisions, they're being made at the highest level right now.
Down here on the lower level my brother-in-law is laying half-dead in a hospital bed.
Four agents have been killed during the course of this investigation.
You know, Rand's making a deal with the kidnappers through Devere.
- They set the terms? - Yeah.
Made an offer.
Doubled the ransom.
We're waiting to hear back.
Think this could work? Not if we're going by the conventional definition.
Just make sure he gets proof of life.
This is my friend, Devlin Whitehead.
- Friend, huh? - Yeah.
Do you know your friend is one of the top criminal attorneys -in the state of New York? - Yeah.
I heard he once pled a murder down to a parking violation.
He's here to make sure I don't put my foot in my mouth or your mouth, like this morning.
So am I under arrest or what? Assaulted a police officer.
- Didn't tell me.
- Didn't get the chance.
- You were reaching in your coat.
- For my badge.
- Thought it was a gun.
- Look nothing alike.
Anyway, as long as I got you here Jimmy Sullivan, he was at your party on the 18th of March, right? Yeah.
Sullivan left your home at what time? - It was around midnight.
- Did he say goodbye? - Yeah.
- Did you and he talk at length? Yeah, yeah.
We-- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah? Nothing? Mr.
Cain how would you define your relationship with Mr.
Sullivan? We were old friends.
Fell out of touch.
- He was at your party.
- Showed up.
- Uninvited? - Yeah.
How'd that make you feel? Well, you know, it pissed me off.
That's why I killed him.
That's fantastic.
I'll tell you what.
You wanna write that down for me and sign it? I'll be out of your hair.
What are you doing? I'm helping your father blackmail your grandfather to get him out of jail.
What is it? - I promised I wouldn't look.
- Well, what's the fun in that? I saw your medical file.
You have leukaemia.
Secret's out.
So, what is this, then? Life insurance? You did all this for her? Your wife? - Leave something after you're gone? - Yeah.
My own wife died seven years ago.
I came home from the Gulf, found my old lady with a woman.
Finding your lady with another lady, man, that is some demoralizing.
I mean, at least if it's a man, you know you have some course of action you can take.
Anyway, I met Kelly, started over.
We were on our honeymoon.
We were getting those side-by-side massages out on the veranda.
And I was thinking to myself: "Wow, everything is back on track" when this little Mexican number massaging me says: "You need to go to the doctor, Mr.
" Some kind of knot in my neck.
So we get home.
I see the doc.
He says, "One year.
" And there you have it, sports fans.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- That's okay.
I brought my invitation.
Hello, Lucien.
- Did you look at this? - No.
Get the mayor.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Could you pass the phone to my father-in-law? - It's for you.
- Hello.
- Hi, Dad.
- Don't crack wise with me.
Just because you move pieces, doesn't make you a chess player.
You listen to me, old man or I'll knock you down more than a few pegs.
Indicate that I have your attention.
- You have it.
- Good.
What's going on with my son? I'm waiting for them to call.
I put an offer on the table.
I want Knapp and King reinstated on the case.
Can you indicate to me that you've heard me? - Yeah.
- Good.
You still move okay.
- What do you mean? - For a jungle cat.
What are you doing here, middle of the day? Ellie Cain's father showed up.
Started playing God.
- That'd be a demotion to him.
- You know the man? We met him a couple times.
He has a thing for Leo.
Wants to mould him in his own image, stuff like that.
What about her? You know her? - Who is she, Virg? - I can't place her.
Is she involved? - I'll add her to my list.
- You take it easy, yeah? We already have more cooks than we do skillets, you know what I mean.
These people do not speak the same language as you.
That's okay.
I'll use small words.
And I won't say more than I have to.
- Hello.
- Straight exchange.
One location.
- Leopold for the money.
- How do you guarantee safety? - I have executive authority.
- We need a private jet.
I've guaranteed you safety of passage.
I'll be damned if I provide you with a jet which you can get on your own.
- Ask for proof of life.
- Knapp, stay out of this.
I want a proof of life.
A phone call with Leopold or no deal.
Now, if you turn this offer down, I'll know my grandson's dead.
- Who was that? - They're scheduling a phone call.
Get ready, kid.
Looks like you're going home.
What are you doing? Getting ready to send the kid home.
What'd we get on Rand? Born Benjamin Ezekiel Rand, 1933, Tulsa.
Grandpa bought a ranch.
Turned out to be the largest domestic oil reserve in Oklahoma.
How much the family's worth is hidden in a labyrinth of trusts foundations, all controlled by Mr.
But here's the thing that is most interesting.
- Have they called? - Not yet.
- Get-- Get him out of here.
- No.
I want him here.
- Mr.
Can I talk to you in private? - No.
Is there a reason you're such a supporter for the Fund For Missing Children? Pardon me? Leo is not the first child in your family to go missing, is he? I had a brother.
He was taken when he was 4, a man was arrested.
But my brother was not found.
- Is there more to this? - What does that mean? Is there a serial kidnapper hidden in the attic? Not in this century.
In what century, then? Put it on speaker.
- Hello? - Mom? - Leo! - Leo.
- Oh, God.
- Mom.
Oh, God, Leo.
- Are you all right? - I'm okay.
Are you taking your pills? - Yeah.
- Are they feeding you? - I just had breakfast.
- Oh, God.
Leo, we're gonna bring you home, okay? Let's go.
- I gotta go, Mom.
- No, Leo, wait.
Leo, Leo! Why aren't they calling? They're letting us know they hold the cards.
- I was speaking to my husband.
- They'll call.
Whether you like it or not, my methods have proven effective.
Do you ever get tired of listening to yourself speak? As an objective third party, I can say he does not.
- Shut up.
- What organism is lower than you? I don't know.
I give up.
- What? - What could my son mean to you? What do you have to cash him in for? A car? Boat? Maybe a house? A car, a boat and a house.
Maybe even a houseboat.
- I don't expect you to understand.
- Try me.
You don't know what it's like down here with us.
What is it like? You never wanted for anything in your entire life.
But imagine, just imagine for a second that you didn't hit the genetic lotto with Daddy Warbucks over here.
Imagine that you actually had to work for what you want.
And imagine that, despite all of your hard work that your dreams evaded you.
No two-car garage in your future not to mention the useless crap you've got.
And then one day, a man says to you you can trade in your life for the one you worked so hard for.
There's a catch, you see.
The catch is that that life belongs to somebody else and so you gotta take it.
Now why should I have nothing when you have everything? Oh, jeez.
Now, him, I can't argue with.
It's not even like he had to marry a dog.
Why didn't I think of that? Calm down, calm down.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
- On speaker, on speaker.
- Hello? - Benjamin Rand.
- I'm here.
- 40 million in U.
- Where? Have Mr.
Devere released.
You will act as courier.
You'll be the driver.
- Devere, no.
- Those are the terms.
- Hello? - Wow, these cuffs are killing me.
I don't think you should kill the kid.
- I agree.
- You agree? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Not that I'm opposed to killing the kid.
Six billion people on the planet.
We can stand to lose one more.
Not to mention I'm not particularly fond of that kid.
That said, I think we should settle the matter democratically.
- What's that mean? - It means, you know flip a coin, or the equivalent, see who's gonna do it.
Are you crazy? Does it matter? Heads or tails? - No.
- No's not an answer.
Heads or tails? - I'm not doing it.
- This is a job.
This is part of the job.
I can dig two graves as easily as I can dig one.
- Heads or tails? - Heads.
Don't sweat it, amigo.
Nothing that a couple of tropical drinks can't erase.
You know what? I'm gonna go lay down.
Devere's in the main car with the money.
Rand, as instructed, will be driving.
Rand, do you have a driver's license? - Excuse me? - Liability.
It's expired.
- Mike, take care of that.
- Great.
We're using three tail cars.
You will use the ABC method on the tail.
When we get to the drop, park the cars, turn off the lights and wait.
Nobody makes a move until I call it out.
I will not call it out until I have absolute confirmation that Leopold Cain is present.
- If he's going, we're going.
- We've been through this-- No, no.
No discussion.
We're going.
Agent King? Cains are in a fourth car.
The final car.
Atkins, you're at the wheel.
Last but not least, be ready for anything.
All right, that's it.
- Really gonna let Devere out of custody? - Oh, yeah.
Man, I gotta learn to play racquetball.
- Those cases, man.
- Yeah.
- Heavy.
- Forty million dollars.
Four thousand pounds.
Is that right? I can tell the weight of any load of currency by denomination.
You missed your calling.
What are you getting at? All right.
We're using a steel-reinforced SUV to transport the money.
My question is, what are the bad guys using? We need an insurance policy on Devere.
Help me out.
He can't be in here.
Do me a favour, fellas.
Just give me a minute.
So how do I look? Clumsy.
I'm gonna write my congressman.
Tell him I did that.
Okay, I'm all softened up now.
- So, what's the play? - The play? I run down to the end of the block, cut left and you throw me the ball? Yeah? How you gonna catch when all your fingers are broken? You know these people.
How are they gonna move the money? I don't know.
Is Leopold Cain gonna be at the drop? What do you think? What--? What are you putting in me? A radiate compound.
Are you gonna let him do that to me? Do what? Oh, I'm sorry man, I-- I spaced.
Sorry about that.
What are you smiling at? I was just thinking, if the folks back home could see me now.
- What now? - Drive to the end.
- Where's Leo? - You are not calling the shot.
Unload the suitcases.
- Now what? - Send Mr.
Devere from the car - to wait with the cases.
- Hold on.
This is the last time I will tell you to shut up, Mr.
After that, if you want your grandson back, I will mail him to you.
In pieces.
Get out of the car.
It's been real, old man.
Back up 50 yards.
- What's he doing? - Why is he backing up? What? I was thinking about the kid.
- How'd he sound? - Okay, I guess.
- Prepared statement? - No.
- What'd he say? - Nothing really.
We got something.
Black SUV, no license plate.
Everybody, be ready.
What's going on? Hello? Hello? I don't know.
It's locked.
Knapp, I got a bad feeling about this.
Yeah, me too.
Ever since the boy got on the phone, you know? Something he said or the way he said it? I'm not sure.
I've done what you've asked.
Now, where is my grandson? - Breakfast.
- What? He said, " I just had breakfast.
" Leopold Cain's not in New York.
What are you doing? Where is my grandson? - Leo! Leo! - No, no, no! - No! No! - No, no! He's not in the car! - No! - He's wasn't in the car.
- Ellie.
- No! You did this! Get away from me! Elliot, please.
Elliot! Yeah? Okay.
- What did they say? - He said to stand down.
- Relax.
- Give him his pill.
- When are we--? - Shut up and take your pill.
We don't want your money.