Kidnapped (2006) s01e07 Episode Script

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Hey, Mr.
-What did he say? -What did who say? The guy on the phone.
He said, ''We don't want your money.
'' Do you think he was referring to your money or iust money? He didn't clarify.
They blew up 40 million like it was-- l mean, that's still a lot of money, right? Excuse me.
You think l hurt the boy's chances in any way? l don't know, Mr.
When? l'm on my way.
All right.
-Something wrong with your car? -l can't think in my car.
-How's Devere doing? -Oh, he's dead.
-Yeah, but other than that.
-Nothing but fireworks.
-They were spotted over-- Pick a city.
l remember Cleveland.
Rita McCabe.
What was her name? Rita McCabe.
She was shacked up with her boyfriend.
She sat next to him while he made ransom demands to her husband.
-Said she did it because she wanted-- -Liposuction.
-Everybody wants to be skinny.
-And rich.
Not our guys.
They don't wanna be rich.
Well, maybe they wanna be skinny.
Hey, Knapp.
The guy on the phone said, ''We don't want your money.
'' So that's what they meant when they blew it up.
And then there's this whole issue with breakfast.
Breakfast? Leopold Cain is not in New York, so where in the hell is he? Hey.
Leo, come on.
Get off her.
Hey, guys, turn around.
Hello? What channel? Turn it on.
And now I wanna talk a little bit about the reporter that broke this huge story.
Maureen Campbell is a reporter for the New York Courier.
She works in the ''Life and StyIe'' pages.
I think we would have to go back to the case of the Lindbergh baby to find a kidnapping case that has drawn such drama and national interest.
We can only hope that the kidnapping case with Leopold Cain does not end in such a tragic way.
What? Sir, hold on.
-No, no, he's okay.
Let him through.
-All right.
-l'll call you back.
-Stay away from the window.
-This is ridiculous.
-Hello? -How can they do this? Katie.
No, l'm sorry.
We weren't allowed to tell anyone.
Well, I've always been a little lucky.
-l have to call you back.
-l hope she dies.
-Alice, don't say that.
-But l do.
l do too, but l don't want you to say that.
-Turn that off.
-Five more minutes? It's almost over.
-lt's done.
Turn it off.
-Aubrey, you're on TV.
What? Yes, we have some footage taken at the Cain residence just a short whiIe ago.
What's wrong with these people? -Are you okay? -l'm not okay.
-When am l going back to school? -l don't know.
l don't know.
No, they're all-- They're all vultures, is what they are.
Carl's saying there's probably gonna be a four-point drop or something.
The point is, iust-- Right, exactly that.
-All my other friends-- -My son is kidnapped.
Now the American investor doesn't have faith in my business acumen.
After what happened, l don't give a damn.
-What happened? -Let them cash in.
All the money l've made them, they can go play golf on the moon-- Golf on the moon.
That's exactly it.
-Mom? Mom? -What happened last night? Nothing.
-What is Dad talking about? -All my friends-- -The point is-- Exactly that.
-Mom, are you listening? -You're an investor.
-Mom-- Alice, shut up.
-What happened? -No, listen-- Hello? Answers.
Hello? -l'm asking a question.
-Hold on.
-Mom-- -All right, guys, please! -Just take it in the other room.
-But l'm just-- -Please, iust.
Are you all right? Yeah? l keep hearing his voice.
-l talk to him.
-l know.
-Who was that on the phone? -Roger.
What does Roger want? Well, the company's taken a hit because the news broke.
Agent King wants to know whether we're gonna give a press conference.
-Really? Well, that's tricky.
-What's tricky? Well, if l go out there and l address them about Leo then, you know, what's the--? What? Say it.
You're worried about what your stockholders are gonna--? No, l-- l can't, you know, pretend that the world's stopped turning and-- Who's pretending? All right.
It's iust-- l mean, it-- The whole-- l gotta iust-- Just let me sort this out.
-Oh, did they--? They find out yet? -What? How this Maureen woman got the story? No.
Hi, Aubrey.
-Leave me alone.
-l'm well, thank you.
Still a little sore from the rubber bullets and the explosions.
-Other than that-- -They can't do this.
-What? -lt's stupid and it's redundant.
-And it's iust completely stupid.
-What's so stupid? l'm not sharing outlets or phone jacks with some 1 C right out of Quantico.
You can't be expected to share your outlets with just anyone.
They're getting in my way.
l'll handle it.
Be careful with that.
Probably costs more than you make in a year.
Wait, wait, wait.
If everyone's in here, who's looking for bin Laden? Funny guy.
One little explosion, and the bureau wants to go to the mattresses.
-Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
-Orders from on high.
Get used to it.
l like your strategy.
TV cameras are rolling, time to look busy.
Like Jesus showed up at the Vatican.
Mind if l address the troops? Can l have everyone's attention, please? Nobody gets in Turner's way.
lf she comes to me with a complaint about any of you-- Be it professional interference to carnal impropriety to just plain old bad breath.
--l'm going to be disappointed.
And for those of you that don't know, ''disappointed'' is crazy for: ''l'm going to punch you.
'' That's it.
Thanks for listening.
See? Getting used to it already.
About yesterday with my father.
Oh, yeah.
Apology accepted.
Okay? All right.
My name is Special Agent Latimer King.
Sorry for keeping you all waiting.
On the morning of March 1 5th Leopold Cain was abducted by armed assailants on the corner of 59th and 1 st.
Now, we've established a hot line.
That number: 21 2-555-01 78.
Now, in the meantime, we ask that you please treat the Cains with professional restraint and please respect their privacy.
There'll be no questions at this time.
Thank you.
Now, as soon as we have more information we will give it to you.
All right, let's talk to everyone we kept in the dark.
Teachers, friends, doctors, dentists.
Let's brief N.
And remember, you guys these guys know stuff we don't, all right? Remember, pretty please.
Okay? Thank you.
Also, we have reason to believe that Leopold Cain may have been taken out of state.
Let's find out how the bad guys did that, all right? Good.
-Got it? -Hey, Latimer, saw you on TV.
You looked good.
-What's up, Andy? -Vance.
Vance is in New York.
Why? -Why else? -Guy's like a dog with a bone, huh? lnternal Affairs comes right before the cockroach on the evolutionary scale.
l'm iust giving you the heads up.
l gotta run.
-There's someone-- -l want you manning the phone banks.
The phone banks? They have phones in Alaska, don't they? All right, so find my needle in a haystack.
Go, go, go.
You're not going.
This guy keeps calling for you.
He's driving me crazy.
-Yeah, Vance.
-Who is he? lnternal Affairs.
Vance is a giant pain in my-- l was iust calling you.
Been watching you on TV.
Nice suit.
Armani? l don't have time for you today.
Well, then make time, Agent King.
All right, Mr.
Cain, tell me again why Leopold had a bodyguard.
-There were threats.
-What kind of threats? You've read my hate mail-- None of those threats were directed at your son.
You gotta understand-- This is getting to be-- All right.
You have to understand about Leopold.
He has a very active, you know, imagination.
-A year ago-- -No-- A year ago, Leo came home from school, and he was upset.
-Upset about what? -A man he met in Central Park.
-Who? -He was probably just a homeless guy.
He called him Joseph.
l think it was after a book, maybe.
-What happened? -Nothing happened.
lt's Central Park.
They let anyone in.
-What if he was real? -lt's crazy.
He wasn't real.
-Then why'd you get him a bodyguard? -He didn't.
l did.
Why? Because he said he was coming for him.
--public's knowledge.
The kidnappers wiII make a ransom demand we'll make contact, an exchange is made.
n fortunate cases, the kidnapping victim is returned without any physical harm.
So we will keep you posted on that throughout the day.
, We do not know, as well why this case with Leopold Cain does not seem-- Hey.
What are you looking at, Rich? Anything? Come on.
What the hell is taking them so long? Beats me.
-Did we get the money? -There were complications.
-What complications? -Everything is under control.
-The timetable's been pushed.
-Pushed? l'll be in touch.
What are you doing? -l'm searching.
-And what are you searching for? -l won't know till l find it.
-Save the New Age crap.
There was a man in Central Park who told Leo he was coming for him.
Leo called him Joseph.
Well, we checked his room.
He didn't keep a journal.
No, no, no.
He kept a iournal.
The question is, where did he keep it? So you think whoever took Leopold Cain told him in advance? Well, at least the kidnappers are talking to somebody.
-Where are you going? -l know someone they're talking to.
-Who? Just find the journal.
-l wanna see the man on the TV.
-Who? -FBl King.
l need to talk to him.
-Agent King's busy right now.
lf you like, you can leave a message with me.
l'll wait.
And so after exchanging fire with Mr.
Ramone Mr.
Hurrende and Mr.
Cusack, killing two, wounding one you, Agent Archer and your team left the ground floor and proceeded to the basement? -That's right.
-Please answer yes or no.
-And what did you find there? Drugs, guns and money.
-You found a lot of money, didn't you? -Yes.
And what l mean by a lot is 43 million.
That's right.
You and your team Iogged in 25.
9 million.
-Agent King? -Was that a question? -lt was.
-That's right, 25.
That is almost a 20 million difference in accounting.
How do you account for that? l've already accounted for it, Agent Vance.
The money that was there was the money that was turned in.
So, what, then? Sammy Ramone is a liar? He's a criminal so there is that possibility.
Let's take a break.
Do you want some water? Soda? -You sure? -Positive.
No? Hey.
Hey, l saw the news this morning.
Caught a real barnburner, didn't you? Sounds like a real unusual modus too.
No, wait.
Someone was saying that your brother-in-law, Virgil Hayes is involved.
Now, that's really interesting.
Tell me about your brother-in-law, Agent King.
Leo? This is Virgil.
l'll excuse myself.
What are you drawing? Someone l met.
l call him Joseph.
That's a lot of pictures of the same dude.
lf l keep him here he doesn't get stuck up here.
He told me he was coming for me.
So you'll be ready.
-You look like hell.
-Yeah? Well, must be all the freedom.
l don't know what to do with it.
Oh, but you of all people must know what captivity feels like.
What did they call that place you grew up? The commune? You know, l think l'll have a steak tonight.
-And then sex.
-Sex? What, are you seeing someone? -What, are you late for something? -No.
Why'd you come see me today? The news broke, your hands are full, and yet.
Are they searching my cell? Now, that's not very nice.
But, see, they're not gonna find anything because all my secrets are up here, Iocked away.
Whereas yours are in here.
-His cell was clean.
-Who searched it? Look, l oversaw the search myself.
It was empty.
And we've been watching him like you asked.
And nothing.
No calls.
No visitors.
No friends on the outside.
No friends on the inside.
Just you.
And his books.
-Where are his books? -ln the prison library.
l wanna see them.
Anyone know where Agent King is? He's busy.
What's up? This lady out here is asking for him.
Says she has to speak with him.
She's driving me up a tree.
Right-- Okay.
Yeah, l'll talk to her.
So it was you who got Virgil a iob with the Cains? l recommended Virgil for a job with Secure Trust.
Secure Trust hired him, and they placed him with the Cains.
He ever talk about that? No.
-Never? -No.
You're sitting in the dining room Christmas ham on the table, family's there.
Virgil says: ''Let me tell you about these people with gold toothbrushes and diamond-studded toilets.
'' That never happened? -We don't eat ham.
-Answer the question.
-Ask one.
-Did Virgil ever talk about the Cains? l already told you, no.
He got shot in the.
What was it, shoulder? -Yeah.
-That's pretty lucky, wouldn't you say? And how do you figure getting shot is lucky? Well, we got a morgue full of bodies on this one.
Slit throats, guys shot in the head, drowned in the Hudson.
And then we have your brother-in-law, got a little scratch on the arm.
l'd call that lucky, if l believed in luck.
What are we doing here, man? l thought we were talking about Ramone.
We were.
Now we're talking about this.
And you don't think that this is a little bit out of your purview? What is or isn't in my purview is certainly out of your purview.
-Hello? -HeIIo, BiII.
What are you doing calling me on this phone? -Just checking in.
-How'd you get this number? We have Iong arms, skinny fingers and lots of numbers.
How's morale? Everyone happy? Everybody's pretty much the same, impatient but clueless.
-Are you happy? -Are we still on plan here? There are better minds than yours at work here.
Do what you're told, and I'll make all your dreams come true.
-Okay? -Okay.
Now, mind your IittIe girI on the monkey bars.
We don't want her to fall, do we? Let's go, peaches.
Come on.
Let's go back inside.
Baby, what are you--? Baby, what are you doing? l came to say goodbye.
Goodbye? What do you mean, goodbye? What do you--? Do you think those people give a damn about you? Do you think they care that you almost got killed protecting their son? l'm not doing this for them.
Baby, you-- You did your job.
You did your job.
Nobody questions that.
Nobody but you.
l told him l would be ready.
You took my guns.
Where's Otto? You miss your boyfriend? He'll be back.
There you go, Richie.
Why do you keep calling me that? Because you're a spoiled little rich kid, just like in the comics.
You don't like comics? -Yeah.
-Me too.
What's your favourite? X-Men.
-Me too.
Who's your favourite--? -Save it.
Save it for Otto, will you? He's the weak one.
ln the movies, l never understood the bad guys.
l grew up thinking of myself as one of the good guys.
But things change.
l thought maybe l could do one bad thing then go back to being good.
But one bad thing always seemed to lead to another.
Excuse me.
l'm sorry to intrude on your moment with God.
l wonder if l might ask you a few questions.
Who are you? l'm Sheriff Espinoza.
He was born here.
And then he left for medical school in New York.
But he came back.
So many others, once they find a way out they leave and they never look back.
-So how long has he been missing for? -Three days.
-Does he have a wife? -And two children.
Married his high school sweetheart.
We were both in love with her.
She chose him.
You were both in love with the same girl? -lt's a very small town.
-l don't mean to rush this along.
Just out of curiosity, why are you asking me about the doctor? -Because you're not from here.
-And? And you are not from here.
Well l won't take up any more of your time.
-l hope you find your friend.
Me too.
Sounds like he was a great man.
l should hope he still is.
-l was iust about to call you.
-Hold that thought.
l need you to tell me if this is a code.
-Yep, it's a code.
-That was fast.
Not a very advanced code.
Substitution cipher.
SimpIe stuff, reaIIy.
Type of thing they gave us first year at Fort Meade.
Cryptology, Cryptoanalysis and Authentication.
-Colonel Rilling.
What an ass.
-What does it say? ''Dear sir, thank you for your past kindness.
Let this be a small step towards repayment.
21 2-555-01 33.
l remain et cetera.
Emerson Jaynes.
'' -That's the Cain's phone number.
-What is this? -They're communicating with Kellogg.
-l looked in Leo's room, and l-- l'll call you back.
Who's the librarian? Prisoners organise the books themselves.
-These books never leave this room? -Not unless Mr.
Jenkins approves it.
Who's Mr.
Jenkins? He's the floor guard.
There's two sides to an argument.
Two sides to a war.
Two sides to a tennis match.
Two sides to an opinion about a book.
And there's definitely two sides to this whole Cain situation.
And what's the other side? The other side is that Conrad Cain is a cruel, calculating dragon who doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself.
Dragon? That's a serious accusation.
l may be a little crazy, but l'm not stupid.
-Had an affair with my daughter.
-Conrad Cain? You don't believe me? -Conrad Cain knew your daughter? -Not knew.
-l understand.
And? What are you people gonna do about it? Now, l'm assuming this affair ended unhappily for your daughter? l guess you could say that, Agent Atkins.
She's dead.
Your wife's a trader, is that right? T-R-A-D-E-R.
Not the reprehensible kind.
Hey, let me tell you something-- l need to talk to you.
We can finish this up some other time.
Just remember everything l said.
What are you doing here, Virgil? You took my guns.
You're not supposed to be on your feet.
Come on, have a seat.
-Now, sit down, Virg.
-You took my guns.
-You think that's gonna stop me? -No.
l was hoping it might slow you down a little.
Virgil, that old PR sucker right there, Vance he's been asking about you.
That's right.
Now Archer thinks you're involved.
Now, Virgil, if you do this, l cannot help you.
l don't want your help.
l came to tell you that there's a line and l'm going to cross it.
And when l get to the other side, you do not wanna be there.
Virgil l got a bad feeling about this.
Me too.
Well, how about that? l was watching a sports show and the sportscasters were predicting whether or not Leo would come home.
Thumbs up, thumbs down.
And one guy, actually, he predicted that he would.
And-- Thumbs up.
All my life, l have been able to picture the things l wanted.
l would see something in my mind's eye and l would keep it there frozen, you know, like a snapshot.
And then l would do whatever it took to make that picture real.
And then l'd, you know, move on to the next thing.
But with Leo l can see him coming home like he's 1 O minutes late for dinner or something.
And, l mean, l can see it so clearly and l want it so bad, you know? But l-- l mean, l can't think of a damn thing that-- That l could possibly do to make that picture real.
Can we get a word from you? Have you had any contact with the kidnappers? Could l please just? l-- We have concluded l-- l'd like to make a statement.
My name is Conrad Cain.
This is my wife, Ellie.
Bill! Bill, get in here! Bill? -This is to the man who has my son.
-What is it? I've spoken to you on the phone.
You hold all the cards.
We wanna have our son back and for that, we will give you anything you want.
You hold the cards.
Sir, do you believe it's someone that you know? Poor bastard.
Cain, is there anything you'd Iike to add? We miss you, Leo.
-Ma'am? -Mr.
Cain? l'm going out for a beer.
Cain? Ellie, please let me explain.
Look, in my line of business, one of the pitfalls is that signals can get crossed and people can get hurt.
And for that, l'm so sorry.
That was assault.
You're a witness.
You know, as far as l saw you fell.
Did you see this? -Did you see this? -ln the store.
This is their complications? Blowing up money? -That's not complicated, it's idiotic.
-Listen, we may have a problem.
Oh, you think so, huh? You hold all the cards.
We wanna have our son back.
for that, we will give you anything you want.
LeopoId Cain is now officiaIIy.
On me, Billy.
The month you've had.
Thanks, John.
l can understand a guy like my cousin Kelly getting the axe.
He's a dropout with a gambling problem.
A guy like you? With your technological education? -Boggles the mind.
lt's the Conrad Cains of this world who are killing this great nation.
You know the type.
They have a lawyer who has a lawyer who has a lawyer he pushes a buttonbottom line goes up, 2000 guys out of work.
What are you gonna do? These guys who run these companies, these Conrad Cains biggest crooks on the planet.
The whole shooting match is their little sandbox and screw you if you can't afford to take your little girl to the dentist.
Didn't mean to butt in.
-lt's iust, this stuff gets me worked up.
-Me too.
Sorry about your job.
-Hey, the next one's on me.
What's your name, man? -Bill.
Nice to meet you.
Call Lou Watkins down at SCC.
Check on any short selling against the Cain company in the past few weeks.
See if anyone looks like they knew this was gonna happen, all right? -Hey.
So Conrad Cain's mistress.
-Conrad Cain has a mistress? -Had.
She disappeared a year ago.
Girl's mother came to see you today.
She's convinced her daughter is dead.
We're looking into it.
-One of those days, huh? -Yeah.
-Well, l'll see you tomorrow.
-Yeah, all right.
-Hey, Atkins.
-Yes, sir? -Doing good work.
-Yeah? -l may have something.
Yeah? Me too.
You first.
Mine's better.
-Cain's got a dead ex-girlfriend.
-Actually, that's pretty good.
All right, what do you got? I'm waiting for a man caIIed Emerson Jaynes.
Who's Emerson Jaynes? That's the first thing l'm gonna ask him.
-Hey, Knapp.
-Yeah? Nothing.
l'll talk to you later.
l'll have what he's having.
This place was impossible to find.
l didn't wanna run into anyone l'd know.
That's good thinking.
Do you think they suspect anything?