Kidnapped (2006) s01e09 Episode Script

Do unto others

You get yourself killed that's not gonna bring Leopold Cain back.
You may not be afraid of anything in this world, but l am.
Your wife and my wife.
What they'll do to me if something happens to you.
What's Jackie gonna do if you end up in the ground? You thought about that? You don't get it, man.
No, l don't get it.
Why don't you explain it to me? -Virgil is dead.
-l'm not buying that.
-That is nonsense.
-He died that morning.
-Who'd you have in the shed, Virg? -What shed? The shed.
Now, l know you had somebody in there.
Who was it, where'd he go, who got him out? Or better yet where did Knapp take him? Shut up! lt's the last time l'm telling you, shut up! This is Knapp.
Are you feeling flexible this evening? -What's that? -l said, are you feeling flexible? lf you do not bring that man to me, you'll be kissing your ass goodbye.
''That man''? You wanna narrow that down? l'm trying to be nice, Knapp.
Please work with me.
Yeah, this is a really bad connection.
l don't know.
Don't make me come find you.
Good luck with that.
l'm sorry about this, Latimer.
Yeah, me too.
l'm talking about this.
Come on, Virgil.
Pick up.
Pick up.
-What do you want? -Who's that man in the storage unit? -l'm not sure.
-He was there when Leo was taken.
What's he know? Whatever he knows, Knapp will get it out of him.
-Look, I mean no disrespect Mrs.
Cain, but l don't have time for this.
Carter Bank, 47th and Lexington.
Manning has the key.
-Oh, hey.
-l thought you went to work.
Some bad contract thing.
No, no.
l decided whatever l need to do l can do from here.
-You okay? -Yeah.
You know what today is, right? Yeah.
lt's good that you'll be staying home.
For the girls.
Mom? -So, what happened to you? -Shaving accident.
-You should try an electric.
l thought you were bringing in your brother-in-law? -Things change.
-Like bringing him in to protect him looking the other way as he obstructs an investigation he's materially involved in? Look, IA is all over this case.
-l gotta protect my ass.
-Do what you gotta do, man.
lf you're going after Virgil, l'd suggest you be careful.
Don't worry.
l'll make sure nothing happens to him.
No, l was actually talking about you, man.
You be careful for you.
Hey, Atkins.
What happened to your face? -Get me the NSA on the phone.
-ls that a joke? You know, this whole thing is one big joke.
My real name's Tom.
l'll-- l'll get the NSA on the phone.
Where are we with this whole time zone issue? Are they feeding you? -l had breakfast.
-lt was afternoon in New York which places Cain somewhere between Western Canada and Australia.
Can l play devil's advocate? Yeah, be quick.
Maybe the kid's in a room without any windows.
His internal clock's screwed up.
Just got out of bed, had his first meal -calls it breakfast.
-Duly noted.
We're revisiting private airfields.
Get on the phone with Russian snitches, would you? -Our Russian snitches? -Yeah.
l wanna go in some backyards here.
This thing iust feels international to me.
Do that.
l'd like you to explain the terms of the deal again.
The spirit of the contract clearly allows the sale of SE30 provided the airport is used primarily in the local interceptor role.
Payment is predicated on both sides.
Hey, well.
Do you know whatever happened to Claire? l don't know.
-Did you kill her? -No, l didn't kill anybody.
--radar and Vitatac Avionics will be promptly provided.
l'd like to say something about the spirit of the contract.
Are you implying that Ganshu has not been forthcoming? Mr.
''ln My Life,'' as in a Beatles song? Are you kidding me? Did whoever pick the music for Diane's memorial even know her? No.
She hated the Beatles.
She would've wanted the Clash or the Ramones or something like that.
l mean, she was my best friend.
l just miss her so much though.
What do you mean, ''don't feel guilty?'' Well, l mean, my God, think about it.
My best friend is dead because she associated with me and with my family.
l mean, l know, but l'm just saying.
The least l can do is make sure that nobody is playing the Beatles at her memorial.
Think he'll be okay when he comes home? I hope so.
My dad was in Japan for a Iong time.
-It was weird when he got back.
-How come? Our dog didn't recognise him.
Bit his hand.
You have a mean dog.
l should've killed you when l had the chance.
l should've bought Microsoft at 22.
What did you give me? -Scopolamine.
-Scopola--what? Scopolamine.
lt's a depressant that causes delirium in the presence of pain.
Combined with morphine it creates a tranquillised state known as twilight sleep.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
l can't close my eyes.
Paralysis of the eye muscles.
Another side effect of the drug.
Don't fight it.
Just relax.
This could take a while.
l'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
You all right? Yeah.
-You gonna be sick? -No.
l'm gonna be okay.
Does it help to tell you he doesn't have a soul? l've been going through his personal belongings.
He has two phones.
One standard.
One with a scrambler chip l've never seen before.
-Very advanced technology.
-That would be the work phone.
l've been going through his personal phone.
There are actual numbers in here.
Real names, regular people.
ls it possible? What, that there's someone he loves, or that someone loves him? Guy does a good impersonation of a human being.
He doesn't look like much.
Yeah, but he'd iust as soon kill you as say ''excuse me.
'' Remember that.
Where's Leopold Cain? -l don't know.
-You one of them, or the help? -Gun for hire.
-Who hired you? -Schroeder.
-Schroeder's dead.
-Who do you answer to now? -Gutman.
Who's he? -She.
-What's your call sign? -The Accountant.
-Where's Leopold Cain? -l told you l don't know.
We'll see.
How are you contacted? They call me with the location of a car.
l have a key.
-They tell me where the car is, l trade.
-What's in the car? lnstructions, equipment, money.
-When's the next iob? -Today.
-What time? -l don't know.
lt's not work.
-How we doing? -Fifty-nine percent.
-Charlotte? -Leave her out of it.
ls that your lady? Woman in the picture? Leave her out of it! Yeah.
l'm sending over an agent.
His name is Atkins.
That was really the NSA? -They said hi.
-Why are you looking--? -For Knapp? -How is the NSA--? Knapp changes his phone all the time.
Turner sweeps his car every day for trackers.
Can't LoJack him.
-So? -So l low-teched him.
It's what you're looking for.
-Soon as you get something, call me.
My mother's maiden name is Chandler and my pass-code is Leo.
lt's all right.
You have to check when it's a large amount.
-Mommy? -Thank you.
-What did you eat for breakfast? l didn't eat breakfast.
What colour are you wearing? -What are you doing? -l'm writing a journal for Leo so when he comes home he'll be able to catch up.
That's very nice.
l'm wearing fuchsia.
Oh, Mommy? Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you something to eat? No, thanks, honey, l'm fine.
Go in close on it.
Virgil is dead.
Wait, what's that? Punch up grid five.
Found him.
-lt's the work phone.
-Are we there? Ready.
This is the Accountant.
-Are you busy? -l was just about to break for lunch.
-Write this down.
-Let me grab a pen and paper.
-Your lease is up.
Hey, Autumn.
Got it.
All right.
Let's go.
Come on.
-What? ls this a good idea, coming here? That thing with you and that woman.
It wasn't adultery.
Not technically.
You and mom were separated.
You had that apartment across the park.
We used to stay there on weekends.
We'd get pizza, rent movies.
You'd try to convince me those old black-and-white films weren't boring.
l remember that one The Lady Vanishes.
Did something happen to her? To Claire? You don't even know what you're walking into.
All we have is a licence plate.
-And a key.
-What if it's a set-up? You watch too many movies.
We don't have enough information to go off of here.
At least wear a wire.
-l hate wires.
-You get in trouble-- -lf l get into-- -When you get in trouble -we'll have no way to reel you in.
-Great metaphor.
For a kite.
Or a fish.
Where's my shoulder holster? l hate shoulder holsters.
Always made me feel like Melvin Purvis.
You know? Clear.
Purvis did capture more enemies than any other -FBl agent at the time.
-He didn't deal with you.
-You could've called.
-Would you have answered? -Misplaced my phone.
-That's why l didn't call.
How'd you find me? Tell you about it on visiting day.
Get him untied.
Get him out of here.
Most kids play with train sets.
Parents give you Guantánamo Bay set? They also got me Baby's First Meeting With the Next Guy Up the Food Chain.
-That true? -Drop's in a half an hour.
-We got a location, a key.
-lt'd be hard to make it from a jail cell though, huh? Listen to me, Latimer.
You know who we have here, right? -Yeah.
-You take him in and our window of opportunity to get in front of this goes bye-bye.
You're harbouring a fugitive.
Now, you're gonna tell me how to get out of this thing? Come on.
lt's your call.
lt's your call.
-Atkins, what do you see here? -Sir? -What do you see here? -Whatever you want me to see.
Let's search him.
Make sure he understands his rights.
He's obviously under the influence of something, huh? So it may take a while.
All right, Knapp, you got one hour.
Oh, and you're not going alone, Knapp.
And you will wear a wire.
You were a sweet kid.
Turned into a real bastard, you know that? lt's good to see you too, Annie.
No, thanks.
What do you want? Claire.
-What happened to Claire? -Oh, you tell me.
You're the one who turned my little girl into your hobby on the side.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, Annie.
-My wife and l were separated.
-Your wife-- l had feelings for Claire.
You had me fooled for a while.
l'll give you that.
When you stopped seeing her it broke her heart.
She's pretty.
l didn't stop seeing her.
She stopped seeing me.
Don't pretend you don't know what happened.
Your fire-breathing wife came around, is what happened.
What choice did Claire have? -What are you talking about? -A good girl.
l raised her right.
Now, you know that she always had her heart set on you.
Are you saying that Ellie came around here? Yeah.
She came around here.
And she didn't give Claire a choice.
She wanted you to be happy.
She didn't want to break up your picture perfect-- -Where is she? -l don't know.
-Don't lie to me.
-Annie, l don't-- -l don't know.
-Don't you lie to me! Where's my daughter? Where is she? Where's my daughter? Tell me, you bastard where she is.
Ask that wife of yours.
Nothing ever sticks to you.
Dad? What did Mom do? --bite you on the ass.
People have a way of disappearing on you.
Why is that? Did your mother ever tell you it's impolite to stare? What did you guys give him, anyway? A martini.
You don't like to talk very much, do you? My dog gets an earful when l'm home.
Home New York or home London.
-Home London.
-Let me guess.
Accents are a hobby of mine.
Northwest London.
Haverstock Hill? That's very good.
l read your file.
-l have a file? -Yeah.
Well, you know Big Brother's always watching.
How is your dog, anyway? She's got coprophagia.
That's where they eat their own.
That's when they eat their own, yeah.
Do you enjoy doing what you do? Yeah.
Some of it.
Knapp isn't what you would call stable but he's dedicated beyond all reason.
And that's why l stick around.
We don't sleep together.
-No, l wa-- l wasn't-- -No, l might.
But he'd never.
Or maybe it's the other way around.
Anyway, workplace? Not a good idea.
Don't eat where you.
Then we're back to the dog.
But l guess all of that's in my file, isn't it? -Anything else? -No, l-- -And why are you here? -Agent King asked me to-- No, no, no.
l mean here, in New York.
How does a 1 C in Anchorage swing a transfer to the big city? To the dance? Have you got pull, or is there somebody up high doing something low-down? Yeah.
Yeah, l know.
It's empty.
You're not the Accountant.
What was the purpose of the drop? Was it money? -Money, vitals-- -Vitals for what? For a takedown? Your iunior partner has been over my rights.
Your rights? lf you don't cooperate with me, l will put you in a black bag that will make Abu Ghraib seem like an amusement park.
-Let me know you heard me.
-Stop it, you're frightening me.
-What happened? -Got off my radar.
Wire got shorted.
This is all l got.
You're not the Accountant.
-You know that voice? -Gibson.
-Who's Gibson? -A former colleague.
Here? -Yeah.
They were gonna give you the axe? Where do we find this Gibson? -My wife.
l need to see my wife.
-Oh, yeah? Why? They don't leave loose ends.
Do you know how to find this man? You take me to my wife, l'll take you to Gibson.
Did l do that? Looks like-- Looks like somebody's got a cavity, huh? This-- This is ironic.
This morning l was doing the same thing to your friend-- lt's okay.
This is Virgil Hayes, wanted for questioning in connection with the kidnapping of Leopold Cain.
Now, many of you know Virgil is Latimer King's brother-in-law.
Do not let this fact cloud your judgement.
This man is a warrior.
And l'm not speaking in euphemisms.
He was an operator in the Navy Special Warfare Development Group.
Before that he was with SEAL Team Six.
And before that he was in high school.
ln other words, if you find yourself alone in a dark alley with this guy don't hurt his feelings.
Don, let's get his picture out on the DCJS database.
Betty, l want a tail on his wife, surveillance on his house.
Now, Iet's bring him in.
Did you get it? Yes.
Whatever you need, okay? Yeah.
l don't know what they want.
They have to want something.
Why don't they tell us? ln my opinion, Mrs.
Cain, they're getting what they want.
Who could ever want this? Takes all kinds.
Alice! -Al ice! -This has got to end.
It will when l bring him home.
So many secrets.
Oh, no.
No! She didn't go without a fight anyway.
Let's call N.
Where's the Accountant? -Yeah? -Is it done? -We have an understudy.
-Who? This is an interesting turn of events.
-Well, who is he? -His name is Knapp.
find out where the Accountant is.
Yeah, well, l'm working on that.
Then what? Then kiII him.
ls that it? Stay five feet ahead of me at all times.
No sudden movements.
If l even daydream about you making a move l will wake up and l will shoot you.
-Let me know you heard me.
-l heard you.
Afternoon, Harvard.
You don't look injured.
Wha--? Who--? Who's this? That's Agent King.
Agent what? Agent King, Dr.
Have you lost your mind? -You have no idea what l've lost.
-Look-- Harvard would be one of the city's top physicians if he had his licence, but that happens when you use more drugs than prescribe.
l don't know what he's talking about.
You got nothing on me.
-So get out of my house.
-l'm looking for Gibson.
-l haven't seen him.
-He was stabbed.
He would've come to you.
-l said-- -You know me.
You know my reputation.
Don't be fooled by my current situation.
l'm making a list checking it twice.
Do you understand? Now, where is Gibson? These tools are very effective.
Also very messy.
So where's the Accountant? H&R Block.
You have a sense of humour.
l have something that can remove that.
Why don't you iust tell me what you know, and we can spare all this.
Wouldn't it be easier for you to just give yourself up and tell me what you know? You're a closed-off individual.
l'll tell you what l know.
North Dakota is the Flickertail State.
But don't ask me what a flicker-- A flickertail is a North American gr-- Ground squirrel.
It's often mistaken for a gopher.
ln 1 954-- Anabelle.
Why'd you give up on me? l never gave up on you.
lt was easier to give up on me than keep looking.
That's it, isn't it? -No.
-That must be why you don't take the easy way.
You don't want to deal with losing anyone else.
-l'm probably not even alive.
Or maybe l am.
You know how my brother Ioves a good joke.
Or did l put her in a box? l'm sorry.
l know.
-We-- -Pay attention.
lt's right in front of you.
Well, Anabelle, l don't-- l don't-- Tell me about it.
Why aren't you telling them what you know? -l can't.
-Come on.
Give yourself a break.
For once.
Then you can sleep like me.
Tell them about that time zone thing.
You think Leo might not even be in the country.
-Give him something.
-Won't bring me back.
You failed.
Get over it.
-l can't.
-But it's right in front of you.
What's right in front of me? -Leo.
-Everything happens for a reason.
You get it? You were here.
-What's TET mean? -You have to figure that out yourself.
Wake up.
Reminding you we have unfinished business when this is over.
We can meet at the bike racks after school.
You're a funny guy.
Damn it.
-Where were you? -Well, l went home.
Why? Claire Phillips disappeared.
-Sorry, l didn't know.
-No, it's okay.
How would you? -How would l what? -How would you know? l don't know.
It's something you say.
ls it? It's what people say? ls there something you want to ask me? Did you pay her off? Did you pay her to walk away from me? Yes.
l did it to save my family.
ls there anything else you did? -What are you--? You think that--? -What are you talking about? Oh, nothing, honey.
Please? It's for Leo's iournal.
Do you guys know what day it is today? Yeah, March 24th.
March 24th.
lt's been eight years.
-Eight years? -What's eight years? You were so young when Leo had his surgery.
-l remember waiting in the hospital.
-Yeah, it took 1 1 hours.
And l was starving.
And Mom was like, ''How can you--?'' -''Eat at a time like this?'' -We finally went to a diner, right? That was across the street.
-And we had pancakes.
-What kind? -Every kind.
-And when we got back-- The doctor came out of the operating room-- And said that Leo was gonna be okay.
And Aubrey-- Aubrey said: ''See? You still gotta eat.
'' -What do l bring? -You? You wait here.
What's going on? Where's Alfred? Who are you? What do you want? Hello? Hello? What do you want? You did this to me.
What do you want? l just want to go home, please.
Yeah, l'll have the kid ready.
Flight's at 1 :OO.
-What about Leo? He was here.
-What makes you think that? -Where did they take him? Where you're going, you don't need to know.
When you get there -say ''what's up'' to God for me.
-Drop that weapon! -Hands where l can see them.
-Shoot me, l shoot him.
Get back.
-Shoot him.
-Guns down.
Don't worry about hitting me.
l won't feel a thing.
Shoot him.
-Put your gun down.
-Shoot him.
-Put them down.
-Shoot him! -Two of us.
We got all night.
-Am l double-parked? Latimer.
In case l don't get out, l want you to know -l know what you did.
-What are you talking about? -What are you talking about? -Medical leave.
That was his recommendation.
He got me kicked out of the Bureau.
-l wanted you to know that l knew.
-Don't play me.
-This guy remind you of anyone? -No.
-Remember the guy from my first day? -What about him? Shut up, put the guns on the floor.
All right, all right.
l'm going down.
-What about him? -Put your gun down.
-What? -lt's going down.
-Latimer, shoot him! -Put it down.
lt's going down.
Don't be talking about putting them down.
Put them down.
Now! Secure him! Secure him! He's dead.
What do you know about me, Knapp? What do you know about me? For the record, l did it.
l recommended medical leave.
You know why? l saw what was happening to you.
Another good agent going down a bad path.
That damn Kellogg case was destroying you.
For the record, l was destroyed long before that.
The Bureau is what saved me.
Oh, before l forget Leopold Cain was here.
The whole thing.
The kidnappers putting a mark on their own guy.
lt's strange.
They're-- They're replacing members within their organization.
That means they plan to keep this thing up and running.
-Long-range plans.
They're getting big.
So Virgil gives the Accountant the slip.
Devere does too.
They needed somebody more reliable.
Reliable? For what? -Something tells me we'll find out.
-Where is the Accountant?