Kidnapped (2006) s01e10 Episode Script


Lab's working on the DNA samples from the chair.
-You been here all night? -Oh, yeah.
l worked the graveyard shift in Anchorage.
l'm not much of a sleeper.
-Land of the midnight sun.
Yeah, you get used to it after a while.
Not when l was there.
l did everything, l mean, everything l could to convince myself the sun wasn't up.
Mind can't always trick the body into thinking what it wants it to think.
You know, you never did tell me why you left Alaska.
Change of scenery.
Thought l'd try a town with a few more horses.
-My daughter-- You remember Ella? -Yeah.
--says to me: ''He seems like a really nice guy, Agent Atkins.
But that right there is a man in conflict.
'' What do you think she meant by that? l don't know.
-l have to go take the Cains their mail.
-You get anything on T.
? We're still waiting on DNA samples from the chair.
l wonder what it means.
Well, Gibson's place was a holding area and they kept Leopold there until they moved him.
Maybe he overheard something, saw something.
He's leaving us a trail of bread crumbs.
Probably the one variable the kidnappers didn't factor in him being smart.
-Who's that? -Too many people.
Now l'm iust trying to narrow it down.
This is real personal to him.
-l wonder what they did.
-Who? The Cains.
Maybe it's a place.
Like the Grand Tetons.
l don't have time for sexual innuendo.
-Yeah, l was talking about Wyoming.
-Sure you were.
There's Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.
-Maybe they're keeping him in Hanoi.
-We could go there.
You could find a pickup game of Russian roulette.
-And what's that supposed to mean? -l was referring to your death wish.
-l think it's getting worse.
-Are you my therapist? -You won't get a real one.
-l had a real one.
lt was required where you were.
lt was also suggested that you continue on the outside.
l'm a little busy keeping the world safe for democracy.
When the drugs wear off, you're gonna be in a lot of pain.
l'm already in a lot of pain.
Keep going.
In the Roman Empire it was a governor of one of four divisions of a country or province.
Maybe they're keeping Leopold Cain in ancient Rome.
lt's a private conversation between two people.
lt's a French word.
Leopold speaks French.
-Tetra: having four.
-Four what? Tetra is also a small tropical freshwater fish native to Africa.
That reminds me, the code for Matunda Airport in Mozambique is TET.
How do you know all this crap? European school system.
-You really should see a doctor.
-No, l'll be fine.
What is it with you guys and your machismo? What is it? Somebody's picking up our package.
The book is in motion.
-Knapp, you're not ready.
-You're on drugs.
-Let's go.
It's the building on the left.
Knapp, are you sure you're all right? -Turner, he got by me.
She got by you.
-You again.
-lt's me again.
-l like your lady.
We like her too.
Sorry about the mess.
l'm in between offices.
Care for an apple? l'm not gonna fall for that one again.
-So, what do you want? -You came to me.
Right, sorry.
l was just stalling.
Stalling for what? Actually, l was hoping Turner would incapacitate you.
With what, her laptop? Are you a little badass? What was that about my laptop? Morning.
What happened to Claire? l don't know what happened to Claire, or what you think l did.
All l did was go to her and ask her to leave you alone.
You went to see her? Yeah, l wanted to see what she was like.
What you're still in love with after all these years.
You paid her not to see me.
-lt's in the past.
-Hey, Ellie, how much? -l don't know.
-How much? A lot.
For her it was a lot.
-What'd she do? -She asked me to double it.
So l did.
Then she told me to keep it.
You should've married her.
-Yeah? -Agent Atkins is here.
lt's mail.
It was sent to your family, care of the FBl.
lt's been coming in the past few days.
It's safe.
-Safe? -No bombs, anthrax, et cetera.
There was a grenade, but it was a dud.
We're investigating that.
-We're at 2700 pieces here.
-What do these people want? They're reaching out to your family.
Wishing Leopold a speedy return home.
-Well, that's nice.
-Some of it's not as well-intentioned.
-What? l think he's referring to people who think we deserve what we got.
The general consensus is very positive.
Roughly 3 to 1 .
l also need you to sign this receipt for the money that was in some of the letters.
-People sent money? -Yeah, 473.
-Who sent 50 cents? -l don't know, ma'am.
Maybe they think all our money got blown up.
Sorry about the laptop comment.
l had you pegged for a theorist.
l was all broken up about it.
Say, '' Cheese.
'' -Now, let's find out who you are.
-Oh, goody.
Oh, we're gonna talk? No syringe? No dental tools? -A blowtorch? -Where's Leopold Cain? First thing they taught us in Tunisia was how to be raped.
-Where's Leopold? -Look at you.
Zipping right past the big picture, going for the kid.
l can help you.
-l can help you.
-Let's make a deal.
-You wanna make a deal? -Just call me Monty Hall.
They already blew up 40 million killed four of their own, by my count.
Why would they deal for you? Money's not what makes this thing tick.
And the people who were expended were expendable.
You see, downstairs, upstairs.
You for Leo.
Even swap.
Leo? Sounds like a personal attachment.
-The deal? -No deal.
l'm not gonna trade a Mickey Mantle rookie for a Derek Jeter.
-You have a low opinion of yourself.
-A good soldier does.
ls that what you are? -A soldier? -You betcha.
l said l would make a deal, but l won't deal for the kid.
Then for who? Say, '' Cheese.
'' Let's take it down.
lf you do, the girl dies.
What girl? No, the caller didn't identify.
All right.
-Ella? -You're not smiling.
-l can tell.
-ls everything all right? I'm just eating Iunch.
-l iust got your text message.
-Text message? To call you.
Hold on a second.
She Ieaves the park, she's dead.
-Sweetie, did you iust start lunch? -Yeah.
l need you to stay right where you are.
Why? l'm gonna come see you.
l want you to promise no matter what, you won't move.
-Dad, is everything all right? -Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you.
l'm on my way.
Don't move, sweetie.
-Don't move.
-All right.
Hey, Andy, switch cell phones with me, would you? There's a live video feed on my phone.
l need you to trace it.
Now, also, forward all my calls to your phone.
-What's wrong? -Everything.
-Where's the fire? -What? -'' Promise me you're not gonna move''? l just wanted to see you.
ls everything all right? l saw you on TV.
You looked good.
Thank you.
l remember, when l was little really little, and you'd be on a case and Mom would let me stay up late to watch the news so l could see you.
How's Trish? -You're distracted.
-l'm sorry.
ls everything okay? lt's work.
l've been following the case.
Everybody has.
There's something you're not telling me.
How you doing? -l'm good.
-You seeing anybody? No one worth mentioning.
-How's class? -Crazy.
You can't believe the things they say.
l pretend l don't know what they're saying.
Sometimes, l really don't know what they're talking about.
Excuse me.
We tried to trace the feed, but it's scrambled.
Do they really have a sniper or is this whole thing a bluff? -l don't know.
-What's the layout? -Ten thousand possibilities, really.
-We're moving people in.
-We'll play it by ear.
-Not-- Not too close.
Have you told her? I wouldn't.
She might panic.
Yeah, all right.
Was that about the case? -You know l can't talk about the case.
-Something's going on.
Something's always going on.
Tell me more about the class.
-l should really get back.
-No, no.
Just sit with your old man for a few minutes.
l don't get to see enough of you these days.
-What'd you set in motion? -l choose whether she lives or dies.
So it's best l'm in a magnanimous mood.
Who are we talking about here? Well, there are a lot of contingencies for this sort of thing.
Could be Ellie Cain.
Could be Miss Turner's Aunt Sadie in Blackburn.
Could be your mother.
Have you tried calling her lately? She still in that cult? It's disconcerting how some mothers will put religion before their offspring.
-But that wasn't religion.
-What else did Kellogg tell you? A lot of very helpful things about you.
He tell you that l don't like to be jerked around? Try calling your buddy King, see what he's up to.
Remember the dragon lady from Devere's? -That would explain it.
-Explain it to me.
-You remember how they got Virgil.
-Who? Hey, l can't talk about that right now.
l'm in Washington Square Park with my daughter.
''Dear Mr.
and Mrs.
We watched the news, and my 1 2-year-old said: 'Leo looks smart and brave# You are in our prayers and in our hearts.
Oh, and Kelly would like to meet Leo when he gets back.
'' ls there a picture of Kelly? -That's terrible.
-Hey, Leo's a good catch.
Well, she wants to trade herself for EIIa.
You're sure it's not a bIuff? There's a big difference between a camera and a sniper.
-You get a visual? -l can't get a visual.
Well, what does your gut tell you? Look, Dad, l'm sorry, l really gotta go.
-You okay? -Yeah.
Knapp, it is not a bluff.
-l'll take care of it.
Stay with me, okay? -Why didn't you tell me? l didn't know it was real.
We're gonna be all right, sweetie.
We're gonna be okay.
Okay? -King.
-We have a problem.
You have something I want.
I have something you want.
I'd propose a transaction but I know the fBI doesn't negotiate with hostage-takers.
Well, we can work this out.
Just let me bring my people in here, all right? You can have a marching band for aII I care.
Make sure they don't get within 50 yards of you or I will turn your daughter into a case study at Quantico.
Fifty yards.
You got it.
lt's okay.
All right, listen up, everyone.
We have a 50-yard deadzone.
Anyone crosses that threshold, you're a shoe salesman.
Where's my visual? Okay, got it.
Delta team's broadcasting on 3.
No precipitous moves.
Get a visual on the sniper.
Lieutenant, over here.
Andy Archer.
-Son of a bitch.
-Yeah, that just about sums it up.
Aviation reports rooftops are clear.
Observation teams are taking up positions.
l need you to make sure no N.
personnel enter the park.
-Hey, Knapp? -Yeah? Tell her, in order to negotiate for her release I need authorization from a higher IeveI which I'm getting.
He can't do anything on his own.
He's speaking to the higher-ups.
He's working as fast as he possibly can.
Knapp, don't even think about releasing her.
This is an FBl negotiation.
Are we clear? -Next, he'll wanna offer me a pizza.
Understand this: In one hour, her pretty head is gone.
-You catch that, Archer? -Rules of engagement.
lf the shooter's threatened, he takes the shot.
The sniper fires.
Where does that leave you? Sacrificed.
Play for time.
You know the drill.
Everything goes through my command.
l'll get back to you.
-The FBl won't release you.
-They will for one of their own.
-You killed two agents.
-Then they know l'm not bluffing.
l'll release you.
l gotta be sure that King and his daughter are safe.
-They'll be safe when l'm in the wind.
He kept me talking till he got them in place.
Well, looks like we're all sacrificed now.
l'll take a pine box and a nondenominational preacher.
Yeah, we see them, Andy.
Good work.
-Well, tell her we mean business.
-Who do you think means it more? We're using the video feed for scanning the grid.
Bravo team? The guy's laser-range finder crapped out on him.
l have four assault teams ready to sweep-- No.
Not until we get a visual.
We don't wanna trip over this guy.
Have them ready to move as soon as we get the visual.
-And if we don't? -We'll have options for a breach in-- -Five minutes.
-lt's an open field.
Find a way.
What choice do we have? Okay, now, look, if they can't find the sniper they'll use what's called an extraction rescue.
How do they get to us before the sniper shoots? -They have a contingency for that.
-Then why don't they do that? Because it's a Hail Mary.
Like Waco? -Like Ruby Rich? -Listen.
Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me.
Ella, Ella, Ella.
You remember when that dog had you in its sights when you were 1 6? Remember that? Yeah.
Do you remember what l told you? What did l tell you? You told me to turn to one side.
Don't look at the dog, look down.
-Take a step back-- -And blink.
-Keep blinking.
-Keep blinking.
-There you go.
-l thought you were crazy.
But you did it.
And that dog went away, right? Now, when the time comes, we're gonna be doing the same thing.
l'm gonna tell you exactly what to do.
And l'll sound crazy, but you will do it.
Ella? We will be okay.
You understand? -We will be okay.
Thank you.
For what? For getting me that hideous pink tutu l wanted.
That must've been a tough call for a single dad.
You loved that tutu.
l was not about to teach you to be ashamed.
l know l've made a lot of mistakes.
The truth is, after your mother passed, l probably should have quit this job.
Well, don't quit now, okay? As much as l've always hated your job l was proud of you.
My dad's with the FBl.
-Hello? -Mrs.
Cain, it's Knapp.
I need you to get in touch with VirgiI for me.
-How would l--? -lt's an emergency.
l don't have time.
All right, l can do that.
Tell him Latimer and Ella are in Washington Square Park.
They're pinned down by a sniper.
He'll-- He'll know what to do.
We light this place up.
Everything we got.
The sniper's eye, ruin his shot.
Six guys fire smoke grenades from gas guns at these locations.
You get a wall of smoke.
We got tactical mirrors reflecting light towards.
We'll find our most-likely shooter locations.
By that time, we'll have been able to rule out a lot.
Soon as the wall of smoke goes up, armoured truck shoots in to the bench.
Doors open, our team jumps out with shields recovers King and the girl.
If the sniper returns fire we have three positions returning fire.
Every one of these distractions there's a lag between setting it off and it affecting the sniper.
-Smoke and mirrors.
-lt's good.
It's not good enough.
Fifty-yard deadzone means all this is happening outside the perimeter.
We need something closer.
Where's Leopold Cain? You could set me on fire, and l still wouldn't tell you.
Because l don't know.
l could tell you a story.
Yeah? -Tell me a story.
-You thought this was about a ransom.
But then the pieces didn't fit.
Now you think it isn't about money, but you're wrong.
lt is very much about money.
Our civilisation is headed for destruction.
We're at the beginning of the biggest extinction-level event since the dinosaurs.
We're about to go up in a cloud of bioengineered corporate techno-crud greed.
Cains, the Rands all the rich, corrupt illusionists think that they can convince us that the world will never be different.
But you know what? Well, you're not so powerful after all because we have your kid.
Can you put something in a bottle? Something l can give to Agent King? -A smoke screen? -Yeah.
-Just make sure he doesn't drink it.
-How long? -Ten minutes.
We should let her go.
The FBl doesn't give in to the demands of hostage-takers.
That's policy.
-Policy's cold when it's one of our own.
-Policy's cold no matter who it is.
-Hey, Knapp.
-How's that promotion coming? Tell her, or whoever's watching, l'm bringing them a bottle of water.
-Archer's bringing him water.
-Tell her.
-All right, hold on.
l'm gonna put you on speaker.
We are at an impasse, Iady.
Which means l am not in charge and you sure as hell are not in charge.
Which means I'm gonna go out there and bring these people some water.
Tell him to open his shirt.
No body armour, no weapons.
Remind him he's in the line of fire.
What is he doing, Dad? -He's bringing us some water.
-l'm not thirsty.
Do you trust him? Dad? Aviation's cleared the rooftop.
Sniper teams are in position.
-HRT has an extraction plan.
-lf l'm old enough to get shot at-- We have a good plan, diversions a truck to take you out, and protective gear.
-What's in the bottle? -When it happens, shake and spill.
-lt'll give you immediate cover.
-Smoke? Just let her go.
Are you gonna sacrifice us? My dad? After what he's done for the FBl? -l'd be doing the same thing.
-No, l know you.
-You would find a way.
-The plan, it'll work.
So, what are they like? The Cains.
l mean, if l'm gonna die for somebody, l at least wanna know who they are.
Ella, when the breach happens l'm gonna throw my body in front of you.
Ella, listen.
Fall around the corner of the bench, behind the concrete.
Understand me? ln back of the bench, behind the concrete.
That's crazy.
Didn't l tell you it would be? You know what l think, Vivian? -You read my file.
-l think you just like killing people.
l think you're a garden-variety sociopath dressing up your impulse for the cause because you can't stand to see who you really are.
l knew girls like you.
Bored daughters of industrialists.
You sleep with the wrong boy at Yale.
From there, it's New Haven to Nigeria a Ph.
in Cultural Studies and a full working knowledge of an AK-47.
But the question, really, is why? My guess is that Daddy never gave you enough attention and that you being a lesbian wasn't enough to get him to look up from the financial section.
How many causes have you taken on in an effort to avoid therapy? The problem is you, Vivian.
No one else.
We're running out of time.
Getting me out of here and keeping Miss King alive are the same thing.
All right, we need more time.
lf l could slow this down or even stop it, who knows what l might do? That's what's so beautiful.
Once this thing is set in motion, there is no stopping it.
There is no room for human error.
lf l'm not at my safe location in 1 8 minutes, the bullets fly.
You think you're a soldier? You're a kidnapper's housewife cleaning up after him.
-Who says it's a him? -You don't wanna die.
l don't think l'm going to paradise, if that's what you mean.
l wanna save the planet, l don't wanna leave it.
But l'm willing to die for what l believe in if l have to.
-Smoke team, what is your status? -Ready to go on your command, sir.
-Rescue team, what is your status? -Ready, sir.
-Assault team? -Ten seconds to ready.
-Countersniper Team 1 ? -Ready to go on command.
-Team 2? -Ready to go on your command.
Rescue team, what's our window? We've got a tactical advantage right now.
Every minute that passes, the situation changes.
This is Sniper Team 1.
Nothing yet.
This is Sniper Team 2.
We haven't gotten anything either, sir.
Copy that.
-What are they doing? -What's going on? Come on, Andy.
You okay? -l'm scared.
That's good.
Don't you lose that.
All right? Me and you, all right? Archer, listen to me.
Gutman cannot turn the sniper off.
He shoots at the deadline if she's not in the wind, do you copy? Andy? All teams.
All teams, stand by.
Stand by.
One minute, 30 seconds.
Give me the toy, slow.
You call yourself a sniper? -How many others? -One.
-You tell them to stand down.
-l do, and they'll fire.
-He thinks l'm compromised, he'll fire.
-Where is he? l don't know.
Smoke team, on my command, stand by.
I've got one sniper, but there's another one.
-Who is this? -You know exactly who this is.
-Where? -I don't know.
Could be anywhere.
-Maybe behind them.
-One minute.
Stay on this frequency.
-Hey, Campo, give me odds here.
-What? Forty-five seconds, sir.
Lay down smoke on all sides, adjust on the fly.
-l'm looking for odds of success.
-You want the odds? Not good, those are the odds.
We're waiting on you, sir.
All units, stand down.
-Rescue team, stand down.
-l'm releasing Gutman.
Delta team, stay back.
She'll be escorted out.
l repeat, l'm allowing Gutman to leave.
We are making this trade.
-She killed two of our men.
-lt's my command.
l made the call.
We'll get her another day.
This is in direct violation of every protocol.
This is the protocol for today.
-Andy? -Just let the bitch go, Knapp.
You're in charge over there.
We're gonna do the exchange.
Lower your weapon.
Let's go.
Lower your weapon.
Put your weapon down.
This isn't over.
All right, she's in the van.
They're headed northbound.
-Gutman is on the move.
-All right, we're clear.
-Take it slow.
-All right, boys, you heard him.
SWAT team, go.
Go, go.
Come on, move it! Medical team, take care of Agent King's daughter for me.
You're all right, miss.
You're gonna be okay.
Van's not moving.
lt's stopped at the intersection.
We're moving in.
Stand by.
-All right, van is clear.
-Cover, cover.
Move, move.
-Van's clear.
-Stand down.
Let's move this van.
She's in the sewer.
Yeah, go, go.
-What about Gutman? You get her? -No.
Second sniper? -Not yet.
That was a super-dumb career move you made.
Could've cost you your job.
Well, l'm not just the job.
You're welcome.
So, what happened? Didn't like my chances.
No sign of Hayes.
We searched.
Left the sniper for us to question.
-Said he was hired over the Internet.
-Lab just called.
DNA from the chair, definitely Leopold's.
Was she toying with us? You think this kidnapping has anything to do with saving the planet? -Maybe that's her message.
-What do you mean? Maybe everyone involved has their own axe to grind.
Their own message to deliver.
-That's a lot of axes.
-Yeah, but only one wheel.
-l've never burned money before.
-Me neither.
No, you just buy shoes.
-My weakness.
-Now, how'd you spot her? -l didn't.
She spotted me.
-But you made her? She got behind me.
-l'll ignore the impulse.
-Please do.
So if she got by me and she got by you, why'd she come back? Why did she leave in the first place? She found the tracker in the book and ran.
She knew we were coming.
A woman rushes out in an emergency.
What makes her come back? -Wel l? -What? -You're kind of like a woman.
-Thank you.
-So why'd she come back? -Maybe she left on the iron.
No, the space was compromised.
It was expendable.
-lt wasn't the dryer.
-Or the oven.
-Maybe she forgot her purse.
-There it is.
So you're a sociopathic mercenary.
What do you call your purse? Whatever it is, it's still there.
From my wife.