Kidnapped (2006) s01e11 Episode Script


-Did l wake you? -No.
-They found Gutman.
-Yeah? Dead.
Coffee? Yeah, thanks.
-You talk in your sleep.
-Yeah? What'd l say? Something about giving me a raise, and something about James Sullivan.
-What about James Sullivan? -Where is he in all of this? -Last l heard he was dead.
-No, why is he dead? -Bullets.
We haven't linked the Cains and any of our suspects.
Everyone's disconnected-- Scratch that.
--except one person.
-The subconscious mind is able to detect patterns and process information faster than a rational mind.
More often than not, our instincts are right.
Not me.
Not when it comes to men.
A guy like Conrad Cain if his gut's not mostly right, it's rarely wrong.
His gut was telling him that Sullivan was involved.
-He's probably right.
Right? -Right.
How are the contents of Gutman's case? lt's a code.
It's a good one.
It might take a while.
-How long? -Two to 3 billion years.
Let's take another run at Sullivan.
Sometimes dead men tell tales.
-l don't wanna leave you.
-l know.
But this is best right now.
Simple as that.
-Where are we going? -You know better.
-Can l call you? -No.
Not until this is over.
l'm not taking any chances.
l'm not gonna lie.
This is not how l envisioned retirement.
Me either.
Come on.
-l'm sorry.
-Oh, no.
Don't be sorry.
-Just get them.
Get the bastards.
-You know l will.
-l love you.
-l love you.
Come on.
Come on.
You okay? -You know it's for a little while, right? -Yeah.
-Aren't you coming with us? Daddy can't come right now.
But you know what l need you to do? l need you to take care of your mommy and your sister until daddy comes to get you.
Can you do that? -Okay.
Now give me a hug.
You okay? -Ask me later over a beer.
-You don't drink.
You had a theory about a missing pilot.
lf he's not in the country, he got on a plane.
lf he got on a plane, there was a pilot.
The kidnapper's m.
would suggest that pilot may be dead.
-Ergo, we're looking for a dead pilot.
-Or a missing one.
-A good runner-up.
-New Haven P.
D had a missing person report on a Greg Wright.
The report was filed three days after the kidnapping.
A pilot.
-How'd we miss that? -The next morning they got a call that he was found.
Never got logged into the FBl system.
-Thought l'd drop by, pay him a visit.
-Well, what are you still doing here? Manny at the bank said there's a hold on my accounts.
-l should talk to you about it.
-Manny mentioned a man came in opened a safe-deposit box, walked out with a couple bags.
Looked heavy.
lt's my money.
Black man, bad shoulder.
Sound familiar? -l was trying to-- -You were aiding and abetting a suspect in the kidnapping of your own kid, Ell.
Don't give me this kind, caring routine.
l'm done with it.
He pulled a gun on Roger in our own elevator.
There was nothing kind nor caring about it.
Did you ever wonder why he pulled it? -Why? -Yeah, why.
Because that's what guys like Virgil do.
l gotta go.
Walk away.
-Did you get it? -You know what l had to go through? -Kissing some ex-boyfriend? -The worst of them.
Sullivan's credit card report, 2005.
l did a quick perusal.
-Bought three plane tickets to Zurich.
-He strike you as a skier? -He was so awful in bed.
-Sullivan? No.
My ex.
Sullivan was actually quite wonderful in bed.
Any of the trips coincide with Cain's? No.
But when l was looking into Cain's ties to Zurich l noticed that one of the subsidiaries had made three wire transfers to two Swiss bank accounts.
Transfers were made April 1 3th June 27th, November 3rd.
-What dates did Sullivan travel? -March 7th, June 26th -November 2nd.
-Sullivan flies over in March opens the account.
Goes back in June to pick up proceeds from the first two.
Goes in November to close the third? How much were the transfers? l only got dates and confirmations, not how much was sent.
Pull up all the data on Devere's accounts.
Grand Cayman Bank.
All wires outgoing.
What about the money that was deposited? All cashier's checks from overseas banks.
Untraceable to who, not to where.
Suisse Bank.
You wanna bet this came from Sullivan's account? Look.
So if this is right, that would mean that Cain has financed his own son's kidnapping.
Get me everything.
E-mails, bank transactions every call Cain made in the last 30 days.
-Do you think he's in on it? -lf he is, l'm gonna kill him.
l was told this would not be a problem.
-Thank you for meeting me.
-ln my world ''urgent's'' not a word treated lightly.
Discovered a link to the kidnappers.
Someone inside.
-Who? -l can't say.
Most of the evidence is circumstantial.
l need proof.
Where do l come in? Two accounts at Bank Suisse.
l need you to find out who they belong to.
Swiss economy is based on a banking system that operates in secrecy.
Their neutrality in matters has conveniently allowed them to turn a blind eye to the corruption behind millions of dollars that flow in and out of their bank vaults each year.
There is no way that they will release this information to me.
Unless there are ties to, l don't know, terrorism? -Come on.
-Listen to me.
The U.
-Swiss Economic Commission Iegislated the Swiss government would cooperate with terrorist investigations.
Which this is not.
-Are you sure? Terrorists take hostages and make demands in exchange for release.
We got four dead federal agents, two buildings bombed 40 million up in smoke.
Seems to fit the profile.
And l'm sure Mrs.
Cain would attest to her being terrorized.
-Knapp, what you're asking-- -ln my world, senator saying you will do anything to help is not a phrase treated lightly which is why l never say it.
l'll see what l can do.
-You're not gonna like this.
-Spit it out.
After you left, Conrad Cain made a collect call.
Why would a billionaire call collect? So l made a collect call from a Conrad Cain.
-And? -And this is what l got.
-Sound familiar? -Son of a bitch.
''l'm working on it'' means just that.
King's a very observant guy.
l'm trying to be careful.
l'll tell him l'm Internal Affairs, ask him if he has anything he'd like to confess.
No, sir, l apologize.
Yes, sir, l'll be there.
-You found my pilot? -For a guy who's not missing.
-Try his house? -l went by, knocked on the door.
No answer.
So l walked around back.
Peeked in the window.
The place had been tossed.
No sign of forced entry.
Either the guy's a slob -or somebody came looking.
-Who filed the report? His ex-wife.
-And who called it off? -His ex-wife.
-So we need to talk to his-- -She's downstairs.
Her name's Lily.
Good afternoon, Mrs.
l'm Special Agent King.
Good afternoon, Special Agent King.
l go by Calhoun nowadays.
My mistake.
l'm sorry l had to bring you all this way, Ms.
-You can call me Lily.
So tell me, Lily, do you know why you're here? Kid said to ask me some questions -about my ex-husband? -Agent Atkins? He's an agent? l thought he was a Boy Scout earning college credits.
-Thank you.
-ls Greg in some kind of trouble? -You tell me.
How would l know? You seem awfully calm for a woman in federal custody, Ms.
l haven't done anything wrong.
Yeah, in my experience, that usually makes people less calm.
Had him pegged for more of a Cartier kind of guy.
Let us not be too particular.
''lt is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none of all.
'' Mark Twain.
This does not apply in your instance because these are diamonds that no one has ever had.
l remember the first time Papa took me to Antwerp.
A man gave Papa what looked to me like rocks.
That point, the only diamonds l knew were the ones worn by my mother.
So the man gives Papa these rocks.
Papa gives the man money, Iots of money.
l thought Papa was a fool until he showed me how to cut a diamond.
The hardest known natural substance in the world.
There's only one thing that can cut a diamond.
-Do you know what that is? -A diamond.
''Whether we fall by ambition, blood or lust like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust.
'' John Webster.
Your wire transfer cleared, Mr.
This transaction is complete.
You're in a bind, eh? Remember what they say: ''Pressure makes diamonds.
'' When was the last time you've seen or spoken with your husband? We've been divorced for three years, so we don't speak much.
Really? You seem surprised.
Do you have an ex-wife? -Yeah.
-Do you speak often? She passed away, so, no.
But when she was living she never filed a police report saying l was missing.
And if you don't speak with your ex-husband, how'd you know? He was late on my alimony.
l went looking, couldn't find him.
-You went to the police? -Yes.
And then you told them, ''Call off the dogs.
-l found him.
'' -Yes.
And did you? -Did l what? -Find him.
-Then where is he? -Don't know.
-Get the money? -What money? -The alimony.
-l think you did get the money.
-Excuse me? No, not the alimony, Ms.
l'm talking about whatever was underneath the mattress.
l think your husband did some illegal flying, Ms.
l think he got paid a lot of money to do it.
l don't think he's missing.
l think he's dead.
l think you stumbled across his money, and you are covering.
-Agent King, l-- -No.
l'm gonna send a team of agents to your house, and they're gonna rip your house inside out.
Shake it like a piggy bank see what falls out.
Then l'm gonna charge you with criminal conspiracy and send you away for the rest of your life.
Look at my face, and tell if l'm serious because l'm serious as a heart attack.
l wanna make sure l got the right face on.
You tell me what l want l will come down with a case of amnesia.
You don't and l will come down with a case of my foot in your ass.
l found 1 OO,OOO.
Let's walk.
This whole thing is meticulous from day one.
-They handpicked me.
-Why? l think it's because of my brother-in-law.
-King? -Yeah, see, they make me look dirty.
Now, if l'm dirty, he's dirty by association.
lt makes the whole investigation Iook dirty.
Someone is covering their tracks six ways from Sunday.
ls that why you went after Roger Prince? l had a feeling they had someone on the inside and only so many people have that access.
-Prince was at the top of my list.
-But Roger has been Conrad's lawyer forever.
l mean, before l knew Conrad.
He's like a member of the family.
He's Leo's godfather.
You know the first time he helped your husband out? -No.
-1 975.
Conrad was 1 5.
The owner of a liquor store had been shot during a hold-up and no one knew if your husband or the kid he was with was the shooter.
An attorney with ties to the neighbourhood came in pro bono -got your husband off.
Now, the kid he was arrested with, James Sullivan Sullivan spent four years in iuvie.
Your husband left the neighbourhood.
The rest is history.
l don't know what this means but l know that it does mean something.
Why are you telling me all this? Because l want you to bug Roger Prince's office for me.
Thank you.
-What is that? -lt's an FBl radio l borrowed.
We're en route now.
And make sure that New Jersey state troopers are there to meet us.
We're good to go.
What do we know about the missing pilot's employer? Worked for the same guy for five years.
Guy's old, doesn't travel a lot.
Good pay, easy job.
Pays so good, why is he Iate on his alimony? Wife says the guy gambles, you know.
Keeps a lot of cash at the house when he gets lucky at the track.
-She was looking for his winnings.
-Found something else.
Wife also says when he really gets into the bookies he'll take a no-questions-asked charter.
l asked: Where does he keep his plane? She says: -Teterboro.
According to your date book, you're supposed to be at the dentist.
What are you doing in my office? The question is, what are you doing in your office? -lt's my office.
-What's in the briefcase? Are you forgetting who works for who? There's two ways we can do this.
Listen to me very closely, Mr.
l don't work for you.
l work for your son.
What? You don't understand.
-Tell me.
-l can't.
-l grew up a prisoner, Mr.
-Listen, l have to go.
My mother was in a cult.
We weren't allowed to wear shoes.
-l think you're confu-- -Who could climb down a mountain -.
with no shoes? -Knapp, you gotta trust me.
lt was all in the name of God.
God was a man named Bill.
And Bill could talk.
He convinced us that we were in paradise but we were prisoners.
l would never do anything to hurt my son.
You got it? l prayed every night for someone to come and rescue me, but no one came.
Who could climb down a mountain with no shoes? lt was months before l could walk again.
l can't shake that mountain from my feet.
Look, l don't have the time, and l'm pretty sure you can see where this is going, right? So why don't you iust tell me? Where is your son, Mr.
Cain? -l don't know.
-Tell me about the diamonds.
-l can't.
-You can't? -l can't.
-Why? lf l tell you, they're gonna kill him.
Tell me.
They contacted me yesterday.
There was a mutiny.
-Your money's been wired.
-Brighter minds than mine, huh? -Excuse me? -Who's this? Where's Gutman? -She's on an errand.
What do l tell our men in Mexico? I'm sending someone to pay them and to relieve them.
fBI's getting too close.
Tell them to stay put.
I'll have someone to them shortly.
-Yeah? -lt's me.
l know it's you.
l don't exactly give out this number.
What the hell is going on? Where's the money? -l iust spoke with the head office.
-And? Said the money's on its way.
Sending a new babysitter with a sack of chickens.
-Give you some reIief.
-You really think that's gonna happen? -Excuse me? Guys on the bottom of this chain are coming up with a case of the ice picks.
l mean, l think it's time we take matters into our own hands.
-l'm listening.
-We got the merchandise.
What's to stop us from opening our own store? -And the head office? -We make a fast play.
We go to ground before they know what hit them.
World's a big place to hide.
-l'm still listening.
-I get Cain to come to you.
Do the exchange, we split 40 million even.
Listen, l have the kid.
Why do l need you? Arrange the drop on your own? The G would be all over you like a small-town girl on an Air Force pilot.
All right.
What's the plan? -Yeah.
-Are you alone? -Yeah.
-There are eyes and ears everywhere.
Your house has been compromised.
The people l work for don't seem to want your money.
Good news for you is l do.
And I'm the one who can bring your son back.
You interested? -Yes.
l will do anything you want.
-Forty million dollars.
Twenty miIIion in uncut diamonds and a $20 million wire transfer to an account to be determined.
When you're ready, call this number: 21 2-555-01 90.
If it is accepted, you'll hear a tone.
Dial 1 97-7413.
They have people on the inside.
Hello? -Yeah? -Are you en route? -Yeah.
-All right.
Lay low for 24 hours.
Then go buy a shirt with palm trees on it.
-Nice story.
-l'm telling the truth.
-James Sullivan? -What? -Where does he fit into all this? -Sullivan? l don't know.
l mean, he's-- A Cain subsidiary wired money into a bank in Zurich.
Cashier's checks from that same bank were deposited in Devere's accounts.
l'm waiting on the names.
My guess? Yours and Sullivan's.
lf that's the case, l'll know that you financed your own son's kidnapping.
This can't be.
-l got the information.
-The names on the accounts.
-One of the names is James Sullivan.
That's right.
-Tell me the other name.
-You didn't get this from me.
-Are we clear? -We're clear.
The other name.
Roger Prince.
Ellie Cain's here to see you.
Send her in.
Data's been erased from the avionics.
GPS, autopilot communication channels.
Even the lightning detectors have been reset.
-Where does that leave us? -Try to recover the data magnetically.
-lt's a long shot.
-Agent King.
-There's a 1 2-hour discrepancy between the flight log and the engine time.
Say, six hours, both ways? Assuming only two flights were left on the log.
Went through records in the FBO.
No flight plan or take-offs recorded for this plane in three weeks.
They wouldn't file a flight plan if they flew VFR.
-What's VFR? -Visual flight rules.
You can fly anywhere you want under 1 8,OOO feet.
Jets almost never fly VFR.
It's too dangerous.
Planes flying VFR, they're going 1 OO, 200 miles an hour.
Jet's flying five, 600.
The FAA, they keep all radar records on file.
Let's check there.
lf this plane flew VFR it was flying way faster than anything else at that altitude.
It's radar-- lt's radar signature would stick out like a sore thumb.
-Can l get you a drink? -Sure.
How about something with a little kick? l've got just the thing.
-What can l do for you? -Well, l just really came to apologize for the other day, with Virgil, the way l reacted.
That's okay.
It wasn't fair to you because you've always been like a member of the family.
-And l'm sorry.
-lt's okay.
We iust want Leo to come back and for all this to be over.
Prince, Conrad Cain's on the line for you.
Put him through.
-You'll never guess who's here.
-l've notified building security, okay? -What? Don't bother trying to leave.
What are you talking about? -Why'd you do it, Roger? -Why did l do what? Listen, Roger, I know about everything: SuIIivan, the Swiss bank accounts.
How could you do this to me, huh? To my son? -What? -El l ie! What are you doing there? -Listen to me.
-Virgil was right? Somebody's on the inside, and l think it's you.
No! -Ellie, l want you to leave now.
-You son of a bitch.
-l swear, l-- -Where is he? -Get out of the way! -Ellie! -Where is he? -l had no idea they'd take him.
Oh, my God.
Where is my son? -Come on! -Move! -Keep him talking.
Keep him talking.
-Tell me why, Roger! Sullivan came to me for a favour.
He needed some money for a business deal overseas.
He said it'd only be for a couple of days -and we'd make a killing.
-My God.
He offered me a big piece.
The deal came through, like he said.
l made real money, like he said.
-Why, Roger? -That's when the phone calls started.
-What calls? -He said if l didn't do what he wanted he'd turn me in, they'd take me away.
So l did what he asked.
lt was nothing big at first.
Just some talk about information on the business moving some money around.
Then he wanted to get into your house.
You got something up there? -Cameras.
-You were in the Vineyard.
He sent a guy to meet me at the house.
-Oh, my God.
-And how did you not know? l thought it was insider trading.
When Leo needed a bodyguard, he said to make sure and hire Virgil.
So you killed Sullivan to cover your tracks? l didn't know what else to do.
How could you, after all these years? After everything l've done for you? You always treated me like downstairs people.
You never cut me in.
You never made me a partner.
l helped get you rich.
-What did you care about that? -l did plenty, Rog! -You son of a bitch.
-You'd be in the sewer if not for me.
Where's Leopold, Roger? -Ellie, are you there? -Connie, he's got a gun! Ellie! Ellie! We have to go.
The FAA says the plane landed here in Brownsville, Texas.
-Around the border.
-Makes sense.
-Get him to Texas, drive him across.
-Extradition's tough.
-No death penalty.
-No jurisdiction.
We'll see about that.
Let's coordinate with Brownsville, get them up to speed.
Let's contact the Mexican authorities and Border Patrol.
l wanna distribute Leo's photograph with reward information in English and Spanish.
Distribute that to ever city in a 300-mile radius, all right? You got it.
-What are you thinking? -l'm thinking we're close.
We don't have a lot of time for red tape.
Yeah, but you know we have no authority in Mexico.
You risked your job for me and my daughter, man.
-You'd have done the same.
-l don't know what l would've done.
l want you to hang back on this one, all right? lf something goes down, l don't want you left holding the bag.
-All right? -All right.
-Hey, are you okay? -Yeah.
Yeah? l'm sorry l didn't believe you.
-Yes? -You have the money? -Yes, l do.
-All right.
Go to your plane.
l'll give you the coordinates in the air.
-What'd he say? -We gotta go to the plane.
-Why? What's going on? -We're bringing Leopold home.
ls the kid asleep? Yeah, l gave him enough to put him out for a couple hours.
-Where are we going? -This place l went to on vacation once.
ls it nice? Ain't any worse than where we been staying.
So what'd he say about the money? Million dollars apiece.
-That's a lot of money.
Do me a favour.
Let's not talk about what we're gonna do with our share, okay? l don't care what you do.
And me? Thing l'm gonna do is nothing.
Because doing nothing's always been a dream of mine.
You're gonna build a church with your money, right? What, you're like a atheist? Yeah, l'm like a atheist.
l believe in me and no one else.
You have much to be thankful for that has nothing to do with you.
That's the problem with you people, you know? Thank God for this.
Thank God for that.
Then you lose it, it's like: ''God took it away from me.
He must be pissed.
'' You win the Super Bowl, it's ''Thank God.
'' The World Series, it's ''Thank God.
'' -You know what that is? -Faith.
-lt's narcissism.
-How you figure? Let's say l play for the Steelers, you play for the Dolphins.
l win, you lose, and l come out and say, ''Hey, listen, l'd like to thank God.
'' -You know what l iust did? -Shown gratitude.
l iust said God wanted me to win, which means he wanted you to lose which means he likes me more.
You thank God for your food? What does that say about people who have no food? These schmucks with suits, convincing you poverty's the road to salvation from a Rolls-Royce.
Maybe being rich isn't what God wants for people.
Oh, really? Well, then why are you doing this, huh? lf you're not doing this iob for money, then you're one sick cookie.
Reason l'm doing this is none of your business.
That's right.
Amen, amigo.
Maybe l can find you a nice gospel station.
ls the kid covered up? l have to write you a ticket.
ls this something we could take care of here? Help! Help me! Help! Come here.
You see that? You can give him all the pills you like.
lt doesn't matter unless he chews them.
Come on.
-You iust shot a cop.
-You should be happy.
Now he can be with God.
Vacation, huh? Vacation, prison sentence, same thing.
-l don't like it.
-We're only gonna be here for a night.
What were you in for? Killing a Mexican guy who asked me too many questions.
Get the kid.
How may I direct your caII? l'd like to talk to someone about the Cain kidnapping.
Please hold whiIe I transfer your caII.
-fBI SpeciaI Agent Harris.
l'm calling to inquire about the reward in the Cain kidnapping.
The reward's currentIy at $1 O miIIion.
Do you have information, sir? Sir? HeIIo? -Take my car.
-What? You're crazy if you think l'm not coming with you.
There's no way to anticipate how this will play out.
You are a factor l do not have time for.
Your husband and l are about to go beyond the pale.
People are going to get hurt.
People are going to get killed.
You need to be here for your other children.
Now, you can either stay of your own accord, or.
Or we could break her leg.
-Be careful.
-You follow him? -All the way to some bar in Harlem.
-That's a long way to go for lunch.
-Well, the sign does say: ''Best burger in New York.
'' -Take his picture? -Yeah.
Him and the guy he was with.
-Let's keep this between you and me.
-Absolutely, sir.
Just got a call from one of our forensics agents over at Teterboro.
He iust saw Conrad Cain and Knapp boarding a plane.
-This is Knapp.
-Wanna tell me where you're headed? Like l said, Latimer, all l care about is the kid.
l don't play by the rules, you do.
This is out of your jurisdiction.
Sorry, man, l'll get you on the next bounce.
-l need you to fly VFR.
-Will do.
-Keep it around 200 mph, all right? -You're the boss.
-Can't you put him someplace more--? -More what? More comfortable? You two ought to grow old together.
l can't get a signal.
l'm gonna go outside.
Leave the kid where he is.
lt's almost over, kid.
You think he's gonna let me live? l know what he looks like.
He knows l know what he looks like.
Just take your medicine.
No sense making beds in a burning house, right? Hello? -Conrad? -Ellie, we got our instructions.
l don't care what you have to do.
Find the plane, and that's priority one, hear me? Thank you.
You know what? Somebody calls saying they found Osama bin Laden you tell them to call back.
That was Agent Harris.
He's working the phones.
Says he got a call from a guy inquiring about the reward money for Leopold Cain.
-Yeah? What'd the guy say? -Not much.
But they traced the call to a small town somewhere on the coast.
-We'll probably get a lot of calls now that news of the reward money's circulating around Mexico.
You don't understand.
-What? -The call came an hour before we circulated anything.
-Do me a favour? -Sure.
Hand that in for me, would you? And thanks for everything.
You have one new message.
first new message: VirgiI, it's me.
Conrad caIIed.
They're headed to Madeira, Mexico.