Kill It (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Killer Kim Su Hyeon

(2001, Vladivostok)
Rule number one.
Never reveal a client's identity to anyone.
Rule number two.
Never keep a witness alive.
Rule number three.
Stay alive.
They say that it was my father
who tried to kill me.
I lost my memories and was abandoned out.
Pavel took me in,
much like an abandoned dog.
Rule number two.
Never keep a witness alive.
Kill it.
It's up to you.
Take me with you.
(Kill It)
(2017, Busan)
(Episode 1)
(Villa of Red Mafia)
Good job.
How long have you been in Korea?
Are you mute?
You better keep our secrets.
It's over there.
You know, right?
Go on.
Hey, Pavel. It's me. You forgot me again?
Pavel, stop it. Please!
Who sent you?
You have got to be kidding me.
Tell me who sent you, and I'll let you live.
But you will still lose your arms and legs
Rule number one.
Never reveal a client's identity to someone.
Guess who taught me that?
Just pass out, if you can't handle it.
Give it to me. Give it back, Pavel.
Rule number two. Never keep a witness alive.
No matter where you are or who you are with,
they will find you.
Act wisely.
(Wild animals)
- Are you okay? - Yes, what about the favor I asked?
I'm on it.
I heard you closed things down in Seattle and Busan too.
Are you sure you want to do the same in Vladivostok?
Just introduce me to a weapons broker.
Are you really going to sell all of these?
I told you I can recommend some senior homes.
Choose one in Korea or Russia.
If you don't like those, you could go to the US or Australia.
I could even look in Northern Europe if you want, as well.
I'll look for a place for Pavel.
Why? Do you want people there to be killed as well?
- I'm hanging up. - Wait.
Listen carefully to me.
I actually have a really good job for you.
- You're going to waste your skills? - I'm not going to work for a while.
Hear me out, would you?
It's a long-term project. Surprisingly, it's a Korean woman.
She has a voice to die for. It's so sexy.
Anyway, the job proposal is great.
It's the best.
Gosh, a killer with Alzheimer's. It should be in the news.
Phillip, you're dead if you do anything stupid.
Have you ever seen me do anything stupid?
Think it over just once. The payment is
Karimov, he's from Moscow's Red Mafia.
Specializes in sex trafficking and drugs.
Target is Kor
Kor Korchev
You forgot the target?
Just admit your condition.
I've got enough time to take care of the target.
No, let me do it.
And when we're done
It's time.
Time for you to become independent.
Move on.
If I were still 11, I'd be a little scared.
it's been 17 years.
17 years.
After I lose my memory,
I couldn't be sure to show this to you.
It could be your family.
You're my family.
Not those people.
I'm not sure if you
got your memory back or not.
The person who ordered to kill you
was your father.
Why didn't you kill me back then?
Just go.
Never should have brought you up in the first place.
it's too late to regret.
Pick the ones you like.
I like Vladivostok.
Fishing is awesome there.
The person who ordered to kill you
was your father.
That's how things are going.
Someone will go to Vladivostok.
We've got an intruder.
There is one more.
I want him alive.
Who sent you?
Just kill me.
Tell everyone to gather together now.
Everyone, gather together.
Wake up, Pavel. We're going back home.
Rule number two.
Never leave a witness.
You shut up.
We're going back home now.
You go.
I've got a job to do first.
No, you listen to me.
Both of us are getting out of here, alive.
They are coming.
We have gathered.
What are you doing?
What do you think of the fate of an old killer with dementia?
You can still live not as a killer,
but a normal human being.
I'm sorry to have raised you like this.
It's not a big deal.
I will cure you.
Su Hyeon.
I'm sorry that I've raised you like this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Live like the people in that photo.
Not like me.
Promise me.
I get it.
Just stay alive, okay? Just breathe.
Those guys lost again. Is he playing baseball with his feet? Seriously.
How long will this take?
Are you a woman I know?
What happened to my request?
It was a very long request.
Gosh, that voice. How did you find this place?
I'm sorry about that, but you should find someone else.
20 percent of the commission fee.
Make the phone call.
- With whom? - You should know that.
This lady You're so charming.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
The person you have reached is not available.
What should I do? He's not picking up.
He'll answer if you send him that photo.
Open the door, you jerk.
Quickly open the door.
That jerked locked the door.
Just get the door open.
I'll break it down.
- Hello? - What is this?
I'll explain that later.
You should hide first. Red Mafia is looking for you.
(Animal Hospital)
We should hold for now.
What situation is this?
Well, I'm trying to find where the information was leaked.
I'm talking about the photo. Who sent it?
It was our client.
There are six targets.
Another photo will be given for every target eliminated.
She says that it might help you find out about your past.
Find somewhere for me to stay first.
[VIU Ver] OCN E01 'Kill it'
"Killer Kim Su Hyeon"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
(Seoul, 2019)
CEO Yoo Dae Heon of Myeongsung Global Logistics,
who has been suspected for drug trafficking,
has been found dead at Mount Bukin around 10am.
The police have announced that he died from slipping,
but they are still open to the possibility of suicide
due to the recent issues related to drugs.
So are you saying that people don't go through that path?
Of course.
It's a wildlife sanctuary.
He didn't have safety gear either.
- Okay. I'll call you later. - Sure.
What brings you here?
I'm Inspector Do Hyeon Jin from Special Investigation Team.
I see. I'm Senior Policeman Lee Yoon Seung. Speak comfortably.
What was found on the site?
There was nothing special.
Yoo Dae Heon is known
to use drugs before hunting to maximize the thrill.
But we'll find out about that after the autopsy.
- Could it be murder? - Murder?
No clear situation or evidence was found yet,
so we're focusing on the possibility of slipping or suicide.
Doesn't he look like he was betrayed?
Excuse me? What do you mean?
His eyes.
His facial expression.
I'm not sure.
He does seem like that since you've brought that up.
But how could he show such facial expressions
when he was in so much pain?
What if some substance made his face stay like that?
Are you saying that this was a murder?
Betrayal? A murderer that the victim knew?
Is it the dreamer?
Assistant Inspector Park Sung Ho from Special Investigation Team.
- I'm Do Hyeon Jin. - I see.
He's like that because your rank is higher while you're younger.
Gosh, I thought someone special was coming from Headquarters.
My goodness.
You can slowly treat me as a special person.
For now, we should investigate this case as a special one.
I was ordered that this case is in my hands anyway.
Mr. Park, find out what Yoo Dae Heon has been doing and who he met
during the last six months first.
Detective Lee, you search nearby cameras
and gather evidence from hikers.
She's abusing her power.
And about the autopsy,
I'd like to have Medical Examiner Jang Kwang Joon to do it.
I'll ask him.
What? Jang Kwang Joon the butcher?
Yes. Please.
She's the one that volunteered for Yoo Dae Heon's drug case.
How long has it been since Team One has started investigating?
She went to Russia to learn ballet,
but she somehow ended up joining the police.
Oddly, she has a global record with darts.
But she claims that Yoo Dae Heon is a victim of a serial killing.
What? He's not a victim of a drug case,
but a victim of a serial killing?
That part is strange.
But wouldn't there be a reason if Headquarters sent her?
(Protecting wildlife)
Just a moment. I'll help you.
(Wild and abandoned animal rescue)
You have to cover the eyes to make it calm down.
It's okay.
Shouldn't you thank others if they helped you?
You could at least apologize.
Thank you.
What is this?
You can charge me for that here.
I'll call you later if I need it.
(Specialized in wild and abandoned animals)
(Veterinarian Kim Su Hyeon)
(Seoul Police Station)
Please pay attention here.
I'll begin the briefing on Yoo Dae Heon's case.
These are Yoo Dae Heon's last footprints at the cliff's edge.
The dragging marks were found on the inner side of the cliff.
This doesn't mean that he just fell down.
This can be seen that someone dragged him down.
As you see, the autopsy
found rope marks from Yoo Dae Heon's body.
The culprit
must've hung beneath the cliff
and waited for Yoo Dae Heon to come.
- What? - What?
This is Yoo Dae Heon's face.
His face has become stiff as if it was taxidermied.
This isn't a simple rigor mortis.
His face might have been suddenly paralyzed before death.
Of course,
traces of cadocolin injection were found in both of his ears
by the forensics.
Isn't that used for euthanasia?
Do you have anyone in mind as a suspect?
(Min Hyuk's notebook 9 years ago)
This is the notebook of Min Hyuk, who was a reporter nine years ago.
I'm not sure if you remember,
but everyone who had their names written here has died.
Lee Sang Pil, Fire Chief, passed away 16 months ago.
Kim Jong Koo, a gang leader, died 13 months ago.
All suspects
have been freed due to lack of evidence.
All of those cases have victims,
but none have any murderers.
Okay, let's quiet down.
Do you have evidence?
After seeing a long message in this notebook,
I predicted that Yoo Dae Heon would die similarly.
And it actually happened.
I'm sorry. Gosh, that really made me laugh.
Inspector Do, you must really like movies.
You've watched too many movies.
But you should be more realistic.
How can every unsolved case be a serial killing?
If what you said is true
Gosh, this is a death note.
Then isn't the culprit Reporter Min Hyuk?
Case closed.
- Bring it this instant. - No.
That's Ha Young's tuition fee.
What's the use if she's run away from home?
You made her run away.
It's your fault!
How dare you look straight into my eyes?
Darn it.
Who are you?
A customer.
We're not open today. Leave.
One special lunchbox to go, please.
Sorry? Oh, okay.
Darn it.
You dirtbag. Did you not hear me?
It's just my luck.
Hey! I'll see you at home!
Darn it!
I'm going to eat here.
That's for women.
It used to be popular back then.
You wouldn't know since you're always around animals.
- Whose is it? - Some woman's.
Gosh, "some woman"?
How about me? Who am I?
You're just a girl.
I'm not going to school today.
It's my grandpa's anniversary soon.
I don't think I can study.
The sadness of losing one's family member
You understand, right?
I have no recollection of that.
Hey, did you find anything?
When did you come? I did.
I found Yoo's skin tissue on the tip of the syringe.
- There's a fascinating thing. - Which is?
On the tip of the syringe were his skin tissue and cadocolin.
But I found a different substance inside.
- What does that mean? - The syringe was reused.
Something is suspicious.
What was the other substance?
Cocaine. The culprit is related to narcotics.
Let's go.
We found out whom the receipt found in the bag belongs to.
The suspect lives near Mount Bukin.
He also has a record of buying narcotics from abroad
and selling them here.
Everything falls into place.
That jerk provided the narcotics for Yoo Dae Heon.
Hey, why are you still here?
What are you doing? Run! Go!
- Bye. - Good luck.
Hey, hey!
- Catch him! - Hey!
It's you. Mr. Kim Jong Sik, listen up.
You're under arrest for the murder of Yoo Dae Heon.
- Murder? He killed someone? - What? Hey!
It's not me. I didn't do it!
- You have the right to be silent. - I didn't kill anyone!
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You can hire a lawyer when you go to the station.
- I didn't kill anyone! - Just get in!
- Save me! - Sir,
I think you've made a mistake.
He may seem reckless, but he'd never murder anyone.
We have evidence.
You can hire a lawyer and talk with us later.
- Goodness. - Honey.
Oh, no.
Oh, no! Honey!
- Oh, come on. - Wait!
Let me get just one hit.
Do you want to end your life here?
Where is it?
Where is it? Where is it?
Good job. I'll forward the next photo when she sends it.
(456-7, Yeonjin-dong, Gangin-gu, Seoul)
(456-7, Yeonjin-dong, Gangin-gu, Seoul)
First, if you try to look for the mother and daughter,
they will die.
Second, if you attempt to look for the client,
the mother and daughter will die.
You will die as well.
- Come over here. - What?
What is that?
- Is something wrong? - Gather around.
Good work on Yoo Dae Heon's case.
To thank you guys for handling the case swiftly,
the captain gave us money for dinner later.
- No way. - Let's get off early today
and drink ourselves to death.
- That's great! - Awesome!
Does that mean we're having beef tonight?
Let's see. Where should I make a reservation?
Why are you back? Is the get-together not fun?
I didn't want to upset my stomach.
Do you also think
that Kim Jong Sik did it?
Right? It's odd, right?
But why did you
What kind of an idiot would leave his bag behind at the crime scene?
And what's up with that receipt?
But most of all, he doesn't have a motive for murder.
We need to believe that he's the killer.
What do you mean?
Once he's arrested as the murderer,
the true killer will believe that he has wriggled his way out.
So you're planning to lower the killer's guard
and attack at the right moment?
Who in the world is the killer?
Excuse me.
Ma'am. What happened to my husband?
He's being interrogated as we speak.
If we find him guilty,
he'll be taken by the prosecutors and will be put on trial.
I know he's been in trouble often due to his drug addiction,
but he would never kill anyone.
Would you like me to look for a shelter
for victims of domestic violence?
Think about how sad your daughter must be.
She's not here.
She ran away a long time ago.
I can't go anywhere because of her.
Who knows when she will return?
I can abandon my husband, but not my child.
All right, then. We'll call you once it's all settled.
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me.
If you haven't eaten, let me prepare a meal for you.
(Customers in groups are welcome. Homemade meals)
Is anyone in?
What is this? Goodness. Hey, is anyone home?
Where does he go every day while leaving his dog behind?
It's the fourth floor.
This was the best room so far.
I wanted to save the best for last, but no one's here.
Hold on.
The owner of this building must still be at school.
The owner must be a teacher.
No, the owner is a high school senior.
Goodness. I doubt she'd pick up.
I don't know her situation that well.
But I guess she's like
a well-off orphan.
(Hospital specialized for wild and abandoned animals)
What took you so long?
- Ma'am, please give us more soup. - Coming.
This is unbelievably delectable. Do you want some?
You rude punk.
- I drove here. - You don't need to drink it.
Just let me pour it.
It's too boring on my own.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
It tastes so much better now.
Oh, right.
It's nothing interesting,
but on that day when we brought in Yoo's body,
- the higher-ups called. - What did they say?
It's always the same.
"Please think about the deceased's rank and the effect on the society,"
"and handle this as an accidental death."
I recorded the call
I did well, right?
Will you be all right?
Isn't it too dangerous since the higher-ups are involved?
That's why I should take the bull by the horns.
It's because of Hyuk, isn't it?
That's why you're so obsessed with this case.
The cadocolin took me by surprise as well.
It's the first time we've encountered it since.
It's already the third time the people who were listed
in his notebook were murdered in the same way.
And every single time, they're kind enough to point out the suspects.
Exactly. You should just accept their hospitality.
Be nice to them just like how I'm being nice to you.
Hey, I'm also dying to reveal the truth behind Hyuk's death.
But the living matter more.
I'm more worried about you now.
We just need to find that girl.
The sole witness.
(9 years ago)
Are you all right? Can you stand up?
(Animal Hospital)
Come upstairs by 8pm sharp.
My grandpa is starving.
(Specialized in wild and abandoned animals)
(Veterinarian Kim Su Hyeon)
It jumped in front of my car.
(Kill It)
Do you truly believe that
the notebook predicted the serial murders?
He probably had no idea that it'd spark the murders.
You know it won't end unless the mafias are dead.
They must've been chasing you.
Why are you helping me
even when you're getting hurt like that?
When I see how you treat animals, I think you're a kind person.
Don't interfere with dangerous things and forget them.
Everyone has a secret that they want to keep hidden.
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