Kill It (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

New Tenant

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Episode 2)
(Kang Seul Gi)
Please save its life. I'll do what I can to help.
Put these on.
I put them on.
How do I do it?
Slowly Do it slowly.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you for saving the cat.
I saw the sign outside and knew you were the person from before.
This is mine so I'll take it.
That is
It's okay.
- Oh, how much for the treatment? - It's fine.
Let's call it even since you lent me your scarf.
All right.
Were all those dogs abandoned?
Some had owners and some don't.
Do you think they remember that they were abandoned?
Dogs don't have memories. Things are imprinted on them.
Once something is imprinted, it doesn't disappear.
A person may forget, but dogs cannot forget
the people who abandoned them.
That doesn't seem fair,
being imprinted with abandonment.
By the way,
what kind of drug is cadocolin?
It's used for administering euthanasia.
Is it painful?
If it's administered excessively like an anesthetic,
the person will be conscious,
but all of their muscles will be paralyzed and unable to breathe.
The person will die in a painful state.
Sorry to butt into your conversation.
But is it so hard to think of a young girl
who lost her grandfather, Dr. Kim?
"Some woman"?
Gosh, Inspector.
Why do we have to do this ourselves and suffer?
We can only know if we do it ourselves.
We'll know what Yoo Dae Heon's killer was thinking if we do it.
Did you find out what he was thinking?
He was bold and focused on intent to kill him.
Suppose Yoo Dae Heon's hunting course was this cliff.
The killer would have waited below the cliff, not above.
How did he know Yoo Dae Heon would go to the cliff's edge?
You can't see the cliff if you're right below it, right?
But what if he started over there?
You can see where Yoo Dae Heon is,
and you can run across.
He could capture him in one go
and pull him over the cliff.
What a crazy punk. He risked his life to kill a man.
Let's look in the database of criminals related to drugs
that used to be expert hikers or athletes.
Also, crosscheck their ties to Yoo Dae Heon.
Kim Jong Sik was an athlete back in college.
He majored in judo.
He quit after graduation due to an accident.
That's when he started drugs.
You took me to Always Mom's Food to test me, right?
You moved here because of this killer, didn't you?
Do you really believe that notebook predicted these serial killings?
What do you think?
I don't know.
How could Reporter Min Hyuk know about cases nine years later?
He wouldn't have known either
that serial killings would start.
Every time one is eliminated, you get one more picture.
She says you may be able to recover your past.
(Kill It)
Dr. Kim, it's really urgent. Come to Room 401 immediately.
There's some humidity issue here.
All of a sudden?
What are you talking about? It looks fine.
Why are you talking ill about my house?
The pressure is weaker than I imagined.
No, it's not. It's not weak.
They say you get wrinkles if the water pressure is high, lady.
Is that good enough for you?
Why did it splash that way?
See you on the first floor.
She's arrogant, rude, and cute,
but I can only overlook so much.
You will put up new wallpaper, right?
I don't know your tastes.
The tenant should do it.
I noticed paint coming off and water damage.
Isn't it because of a water leak?
It isn't.
If it's that humid in this dry weather, it must be a leak.
I told you it's not. Why do you keep saying so?
I just don't understand it.
If it's that uncomfortable, you don't have to move in.
I already stamped my seal on the contract.
I've already wired the deposit.
If the building owner is pulling rank and canceling the contract,
I need to be repaid double the deposit.
I will claim money for my time and mental damages.
If you want that, we could go to court.
I'm a bit busy.
She's unbelievably rude!
Dr. Kim, this concerns you as well. Could you please help me out?
She'll be your neighbor. Work it out.
Have you forgotten how I get along with my neighbors?
I'm so upset.
I'm opening up. Go on up.
(Animal Hospital)
(Lee Sang Pil, 50's, Fire Chief. Kim Jong Gu, 40's, gangster boss)
(Died on January 1, 2018, during a fight with rival gangs.)
(Woo Dae Hyun, 50's, CEO)
(Mr. A and Rooftop Gang Leader was in a fight)
(Rooftop Gang Leader dies after getting injured in lower abdomen)
(Fire Chief Lee Sang Pil Dies from a Car Explosion)
(On the 21st, Lee Sang Pil was driving in the suburbs)
(The car had smoke coming from the engine.)
(Yoo Dae Heon of Myeongsung Global Logistics Dies)
(Yoo Dae Heon fell off the cliff of Mount Bukin.)
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon)
(Was not revealed)
(Killed during a power struggle.)
(Suspect Kim Jong Sik.)
My pet is having babies,
I think she's dying.
Darn it.
Dr. Kim, I have these limited edition
What? He's gone again so early in the morning?
Why is he always off somewhere?
Hello there.
Why doesn't the elevator come to the fourth floor?
It's always been private use for the building owner.
Want a ride to school?
Why are you speaking casually to me?
Let's say it's a warning to a rude girl.
- You're really not getting in? - I don't ride with strangers.
Fine then.
Koreans are supposed to ask three times.
Pick up your phone, Dr. Kim!
Oh, my new shoes. Be careful.
Gosh, they're brand new.
(Always Mom's Food)
(Always Mom's Food)
Yes, Inspector.
Check a plate number for me.
40R 6532.
What car is this?
The delivery car for Always Mom's Food.
Do you think I can get a warrant to get the black box footage?
That's a resounding no.
The case is over. They wouldn't be happy about it.
I guess I have to face it head-on.
Did you get anything from the database?
I didn't. No one fits the profile perfectly,
- but one is similar. - Who?
I searched with "athlete" and "drugs".
The database says Kim Jong Sik.
This is my favorite food. Only you should eat it, okay?
Darn it. Hey, Mister!
Min Ji.
- Hey. - Hey now.
Come on, now.
Hey, hey.
How did you know that your grandpa would die?
You changed your family registry and made us suffer like this.
Changing your family registry won't change your bloodline.
You punk.
Min Ji. Help your uncle run his business.
Hey, it's that crazy guy we met the other time.
Get lost before I report you to the police
for child abduction.
Go back to your place.
Kang Seul Gi.
Just a moment.
What's in the bag?
Let me borrow two of them.
It's dangerous so stay behind me.
And don't do anything hasty.
If it's okay with you, please call the police.
If you just send the girl back here,
I'll say nice things about you to the police.
This is a misunderstanding. How can I explain?
Why didn't you just pass by instead of butting your nose in?
I'll only explain once, so listen carefully.
She's my niece, and she's very cheeky.
And she ran away with that guy.
I'm her uncle. What am I to do? I can't just stand by.
I have to help her come back to her family.
The police will be here in three minutes.
Can I give you some advice?
If you want to remain silent, you can.
Find the best lawyer you can hire.
No matter what you do
the fact that you'll see me in court will never change.
You're pretty, but you really don't seem to get it.
That wasn't my mistake.
Hey. Hit me.
Are you crazy?
You come here. You're dead.
I don't think you can go to the hospital.
You have a prior appointment with the police.
What's happening with Yoo Dae Heon's case?
They're closing the case with Kim Jong Sik as the killer.
I think they understood us.
- Anything else? - It's quiet.
Sir, your wife
Get rid of it now.
My child is not coming back home because of that.
I don't want anything.
I don't want anything my daughter doesn't like.
I don't want anything.
I don't want anything.
- Honey. - It's your fault.
I was going to make our Hyeon Jin the greatest ballerina in the world.
You ruined everything.
How could you send her to the Police University!
How dare you send my daughter!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hyeon Jin is coming.
She will come. She is on her way.
She's not taking my calls lately.
Can you find out?
Alright. Don't worry.
I'll find out.
Take a rest, and when you wake up, Hyeon Jin will be here.
Don't worry.
I'm tired.
Should I give you my report?
I'll listen like this.
Due to biochemical experiments,
the local residents' opposition is getting serious.
Does Seo Won Seok know as well?
In order to prevent the residents' hostility,
he is meeting with the major players in the region.
Should I report to you later?
Let's do that.
I saved the report on the tablet.
As you asked, I looked for the common factor in Lee Sang Pil,
Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon’s murders.
So is that the factor?
Yes. Other then that, they have never met nor knew each other.
Ko Hyeon Woo
The ghost of Ko Hyeon Woo, who died 19 years ago, is back?
I think this is the part where I need your explanation.
I'm sorry.
and get me a piece of dried up bone at least.
I want to check it with my own eyes.
I will.
- This black box memory - Did you finish seeing it already?
You got it directly from Always Mom’s Food, right?
- Yes, why? - There's nothing.
What are you talking about?
Someone formatted it a week ago.
Someone erased it on purpose for sure.
Ask for forensic service as soon as possible.
Where are you going?
(Always Mom's Food)
Good to see you.
I see you more often now that you've moved.
I was making some packed lunches for Seul Gi.
I heard she was a bit sick.
Someone damaged the black box memory.
Did you know that by any chance?
How would I know that?
Maybe it was broken.
It's been a year or two since we last used the delivery car.
It's been 15 months.
Fortunately, the NFS can restore the footage.
So we already asked them.
At dawn, when Yoo Dae Heon was murdered,
your husband was at home.
Why did you testify that you didn't know?
I was asleep so I don't know.
He comes and goes whenever he likes, night and day.
Whenever he sees me, he demands money and beats me up.
It's better not to see him.
It's my phone.
Why aren't they talking?
- Mom. - Ha Young, is that you?
Where are you now?
(Closed due to personal reasons)
She got an urgent call from her daughter.
But the call did end abruptly.
I hope she finds her this time around.
The fact that she called means that she's willing to come back.
So I'm sure it will work out.
She made this for Seul Gi.
Thank you.
(Closed due to personal reasons)
Wait up. It's snowing, you know?
That was just an excuse.
I feel uncomfortable walking behind you when we're going the same way.
It feels like I'm tailing you.
Then you can go first.
He's like a 10-year-old.
Now, it feels like you're tailing me.
You were scared back there, right?
For me, I'm used to such situations.
No, I'm all right.
Right, I'm sorry about throwing all those cans.
Have this.
Thank you.
Can I visit my cat?
Hi, there. Come here.
You actually came.
I'll visit again.
You're so cute.
Aren't you going to give the food to Seul Gi?
She picks it up on her own.
The cat seems to be in good health.
It'll be allowed to go out next week or so.
That's good news.
Is Seul Gi doing all right?
By the way, why did you help her?
You even got hurt.
What do you mean? I'm a cop.
Even if that wasn't the case,
would you have just ignored it?
She's a stranger.
Those animals in there are strangers too.
Seeing how you take care of them, I bet you're warmhearted.
May I ask you something personal?
What's your relationship
with the owner of this building?
While I was giving my statement, the cops told me about her.
They said because of her wealth,
she was abused by her relatives.
If I'm correct,
you knew all of this, and that's why you're taking care of her.
How much do you know?
Everything. I read all the documents on her at the station.
I know how she moved countless times to avoid her relatives
and her suicide attempts.
I also know that she wrote statements regarding the abuse
and the scars from them.
How dare you look into my personal life?
What gives you the right?
[VIU Ver] OCN E02 'Kill it'
"New Tenant"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
It doesn't stop on the fourth floor.
I know that it's only for the owner.
I'll walk down.
The door is closing.
The door is closing.
What is it?
Do you pity me, now that you know that I'm an orphan?
Do you want to sympathize with me?
Other orphans move out with merely 5,000 dollars.
I don't pity an orphan who owns a five-story building.
Don't be rebellious.
That's exactly why people don't like orphans
and pity them.
What do you know?
Do you even know how it feels to be an orphan?
Do you know how it feels to live in hiding
due to fear of meeting your money-hungry relatives?
You have no idea.
That's not true.
Look at you, being all pompous.
You're so full of yourself.
Watch what you say.
You're not only hurting the person you say those things to.
You're also hurting yourself.
What do you know?
What gives you the right to interfere in my life?
As someone who saved you
and as an adult who understands you, I believe I have the right.
I'm not a kid.
And I don't want your understanding.
Do you think a rude brat would grow on me eventually?
Why do I feel like I've made a mistake?
Because everyone has a secret.
As a cop who was present at the crime scene,
I thought I had to know.
It sounded like foolish advice
given out of entertainment or curiosity.
It didn't sound like you were comforting her,
but rather, attacking her.
It sounds like
I said something I shouldn't have.
Stop caring about Seul Gi.
And don't get involved in dangerous situations.
Just ignore everything.
Sure. But you know what?
I'm not entertained by other people's pain.
Nor am I curious.
I misunderstood something.
I thought our intentions were alike
although our subjects were different.
Just like how you wanted to take care of abandoned animals,
I wanted to do the same for other people.
I'm sorry for inconveniencing you.
You're always on my side, right?
Why aren't you answering me?
Was I too harsh on her?
You were worse, you know?
She risked her life to save me,
and all we did was mock her.
She must be furious.
Shouldn't you solve the misunderstanding?
It's better off this way.
Go upstairs.
Hey, Su Hyeon. Are you all right?
Should I not be?
This punk and his mouth
I was worried that
you'd go looking for the client while I was gone.
Mind your own business.
How could I do that to my friend?
Let's take the easy road.
You'll find out about your past once this is all over anyway.
Was there ever an easy road for me?
Fine. Forget it if you're all right.
- Hey, Phillip. - Yes?
Can you fight for someone you don't know?
Why would I?
I can just ask you to do it.
Why do people fight for people they don't know?
Money. It's all about money. What else could it be?
What will you do without me?
Let's hang up.
Su Hyeon, it isn't about money alone.
You just can't see it.
Is he going to do it for free for someone?
What should I do with this jerk?
Where did it go?
It won't fall and crash, right?
You'll be late. You should hurry.
The fourth-floor woman is late today.
What? Why?
She was an old lady for you until yesterday.
To be honest, she's too pretty to be an old lady.
Calling her that would make me look like I'm envious. I'm prettier.
She arrived.
Would it make me look crazy if I brought her sandwiches?
This is 3:21pm,
when the suspect has been spotted purchasing the bag.
And this is four hours before Yoo Dae Heon's death.
It has been recovered from his black box.
This person, who is thought to be Kim Jong Sik,
has been seen going in but hasn't been seen coming out.
If this person is Kim Jong Sik indeed,
we can say that his alibi can be confirmed.
Do you think those two are the same person?
Not at all.
The only thing in common is the color of their clothes.
Then the real murderer used Kim Jong Sik's card
to purchase hiking equipment,
stole a syringe that Kim Jong Sik used,
and used that to murder Yoo Dae Heon.
Can we find more evidence to confirm Kim Jong Sik's alibi?
I'm not sure.
To be honest, this is all we have.
But the picture has too much noise.
I'm sorry for making you do this with a closed case.
You can leave this if it's too much trouble. I'll manage alone.
I can't let you do that. I have my loyalty.
It's me.
He touched his nose and sniffed.
Kim Jong Sik also shivered like he was cold.
It's obvious that he's showing the routine of a drug addict.
But we couldn't see any of that in the camera footage.
Evidence submitted to prosecutors were forged.
And Kim Jong Sik's alibi on the day of the murder is strange.
Kim Jong Sik seems like he won't be able to go hiking.
How would he be able to climb down a cliff without equipment?
What do you think? Would you be convinced if you were a prosecutor?
Yes, if you were a prosecutor with logic and free from your superiors.
There's nobody like that.
What are you looking at?
Seriously. I have no idea.
They're causing a ruckus to find Yoo Dae Heon's murderer.
Shut it. Come out with them.
- Why? - The Mole called.
Why did he call?
He says that Tunnel Gang is on something.
This video was sent from Mole.
And this is Tunnel Gang's boss, Lee Choong Heon.
They're doing international business with the Russian mafia lately.
Detective Do. Do you know how you do international human trafficking?
Yes. Just like the video we've seen,
the targets are mainly young girls who ran away from home.
After the abduction, they do regular drug injections and sexual assaults.
Then they are dragged around the country for months.
When they become drug addicts,
they lose the will and strength to escape.
Then they are sold away to brothels in Russia or Southeast Asia.
That's correct. Wouldn't it be great
if we work internationally and get praised by the chief?
- Okay, we'll get ready. - Good.
No. This isn't it either.
Mom, this is the 12th time already.
Did you gain weight?
Trainer Han.
Your menstruation period is correct.
My goodness.
Your total weight is the same, but you gained 1.5kg more fat.
Are you eating something else behind my back?
I should send diet meals to your new address.
Did you think I wouldn't know?
I didn't tell you beforehand because I thought you would know.
Do Hyeon Jin.
I'm sorry.
Get her ready.
You're a perfect daughter.
You should always mind that.
Anna Ilyarova.
She's your and your mother's favorite ballerina.
Remember that. You and your mother
liked her performance of "Swan's Winter".
Do you know that ballerina
in that photo?
Anna Ilyarova.
She's my favorite ballerina.
Do you know
which performance she is doing now?
"Swan's Winter".
My daughter
You did it wrong.
You must stay by my side at all times.
You can't leave me, okay?
Your mother's hysteria cannot be subdued without tranquilizers.
Make sure you pick up her calls.
Remember why we brought you here.
Don't stand out too much, but don't disappear completely.
Just take care of her.
Hi, Bom.
That's going to be your name.
Since we met during springtime, I've named you so.
Bom, how was your day today?
Were you all right?
Hang in there a bit more, okay?
She's doing well.
I can see that. It's all thanks to you.
Aren't you getting off work?
I will now.
As a cop who was present at the crime scene,
I thought I had to know.
It sounded like foolish advice
given out of entertainment or curiosity.
Stop caring about Seul Gi.
And don't get involved in dangerous situations.
Just ignore everything.
That's great, then.
Let's have an official battle.
Attacking each other with biting words isn't my style.
Must we do this?
Yes, we do. You see, I feel victimized.
This is what I do for entertainment and curiosity.
Pick your gun. I've picked mine already.
How about the loser grants the winner a wish?
Let's get this over with.
- Let's start. - Sure.
(54 points)
(98 points)
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
You remember our bet, right?
I never agreed to it.
Let's go now.
He makes me want to tease him even more.
You have to grant me a wish, okay?
You were quite a shooter. You had good posture as well.
You must've played it often.
Thank you for accompanying me today.
I was having a depressing day.
Just like every other day,
I felt like I didn't belong.
How is Seul Gi?
She's doing fine.
- Don't - Don't worry about her?
Oh, right. Thanks for taking care of the boxes outside my place.
That wasn't me.
(Animal Hospital)
You're quite an interesting individual.
But still, thanks for your company.
You don't need it, right? I'll keep it.
- I'll go in first. - All right.
(Animal Hospital)
(Phillip: Springtime in Korea is warm.)
What is this?
Yes, I'm doing fine too.
I'm so glad to have such an affable friend.
I'm not joking around.
Someone sent me texts with your account. Check your messages.
(Aren't you curious to find out who tried to kill you 19 years ago?)
- No one else knows we text - Except for me, I know.
It's Karimov. You know the mafia always holds grudges until the end.
I think he's been looking into you.
They got to my computers once. That's how they hacked
into our messenger and our accounts.
Can you locate him?
- Why? - I think he's in Korea.
You know his location, right?
Of course, I even know a killer's hideout.
Send me his address.
Give me 10
This punk is so uptight.
I need to go back to work, babe.
(Danger, Safety first)
(Water leakage detection)
Good work. How is it?
This will be difficult. They're very cautious.
They won't let anyone in and picked up the food from outside.
This is frustrating.
There's no way for us to see what's going on inside.
We can't do anything since they know our faces.
What should we do? Should we ask Team Two for help?
They don't know my face yet.
- Jong Seok. - Yes, sir?
There's no signal in here.
- Go and check it out. - Yes, sir.
Can you hear me?
Loud and clear. I'm going to mute myself until it's necessary.
Okay. Be careful.
You know they're not afraid
to kill a cop, right?
I'm here to inspect the communications network.
- What is it? - I heard that there was
a communication failure.
You can fix it outside.
Sorry, but I have to check the indoor system first.
Darn it. Make it quick.
Who is she?
Since when were you experiencing a communication failure?
Where is the repeater?
How would I know?
Fix it and leave.
Why bother checking? That's Lee Choong Heon.
Please don't make a mistake.
It's him.
(Suspect Profile)
That's strange. The repeater is normal.
How old are you?
Save me.
Hey, look here.
Without that beard, isn't it that Russian mafia?
You're right. He came with a tourist visa.
Why else would he be in a collapsing church?
She seems quite drunk.
How can I get to the rooftop?
Just leave.
Save me.
Is it that way?
- Is it that way? - Hey.
That girl is asking you to save her.
- Can't you hear her? - Please.
Jakov? Jakov.
Didn't you hear her?
She's asking you to save her.
I heard her.
But I can't do anything now either.
- Did Detective Do take her gun? - No, she didn't.
- Call for backup immediately. - Start getting on your way.
I knew this would happen.
An officer?
Come out, everyone.
Make some room in the van.
Another girl is going in.
Let's finish this before the police get here, okay?
How dare you?
Get up.
- Get up. - You jerk.
Are you okay?
Take care of this place.
Are you okay?
We need help on the third floor.
- Search further. - Get her warm.
I know that you have a pistol behind your back.
Throw it this way and raise your hands.
(Kill It)
It rained on the last day I saw that friend too.
Su Hyeon, don't you have any friends you remember?
I don't remember any.
I did my part.
You should do your part.
I checked the cameras, but we couldn't find anything.
He isn't a member of the Tunnel Gang or the mafia.
Who is he?
Rule number two. Never keep a witness alive.
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