Kill It (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Common Denominator

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
Please don't kill me! I can help you.
I can give you his name, where he lives, everything.
Please don't shoot me. Please don't shoot.
I have to cut this. I have to.
(Episode 4)
(Kill It)
(Moneylender Kim Pil Ho Killed in a Country House)
(As nothing is missing, the police thinks it's a grudge murder.)
(They are drawing up a sketch based on statements from other guests.)
The target is not dead?
We've got a witness.
The target is not the kid?
(Moneylender Kim Pil Ho Killed in a Country House)
She is too young.
Rule number two.
I said, she is too young!
Why does she have to die?
Wrong place, wrong time.
Same for you.
You're in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
I will take care of her.
I'm sorry, grandpa.
But if I admit it,
I think I'll be lonely again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, grandpa.
I'm sorry.
Please don't shoot!
I guess I misunderstood.
Although the targets were different, I thought we shared the same vision,
you and I.
Live like the people in that photo. Not like me.
Will you ever be able to forgive me?
I guess there are times when she has to slink around.
I wonder if they had an argument.
Did something happen between you and Seul Gi?
Something seemed a bit odd.
Oh, and what happened to her arm?
It's my master's work of art.
She's so hard to please.
She keeps climbing everywhere, including the fridge and closets,
I can't keep anything up in high places.
She's already broken tons of frames and plates.
That's just the way they are.
They're very wary creatures.
Wary, you say
Reminds me of someone.
Always Mom's Food's lady is leaving today.
Do you want to come and say goodbye with me?
(Always Mom's Food)
(Store for rent)
Are you leaving now?
Oh, Inspector Do.
Hello, doctor.
Kim Jong Sik was cleared of the murder charges,
but he couldn't clear charges for drug use.
He will still have a shorter sentence.
He should pay for his crimes.
Why did you delete the black box recordings?
I don't know how those things work.
Was it because of Ha Young?
Did you catch the culprit?
We're working on it.
We'll find out when we catch the culprit.
The reason why you deleted the footage.
I hope you catch him.
Take care of yourself, doctor.
Thank you for being our regular customer.
Yes, Detective Lee?
Where are you, Hyeon Jin?
Why? Is the chief looking for me?
We found Karimov's body in a boat
by the closed dock at Incheon Harbor.
What? Karimov?
I'll head for Incheon Harbor right away.
Text me the exact address.
Something's come up. See you later.
I've already contacted them myself.
Call me anytime, just straight away. Alright.
Three bodies were found,
but I think you should first come in and take a look.
You're here?
Just a moment, please. Thank you.
Just a minute.
- How about the cartridge case? - The cartridge case
Did you guys find any kind of cartridge case or anything?
I'll go tell them.
Wait, wait! Stop! Move over!
Oh, good job. Okay.
How did you come here?
I wanted to take a look at the body before they get taken away.
We don't get to see a lot of gunshot wounds here.
It's all knives or axes.
A headshot! I've never seen a headshot before!
- Are you excited? - No, I'm thrilled.
So this is how the blood splashes? All splattered!
Doesn't it look like art?
Watch your mouth. This is a crime scene.
This is why people are calling you the butcher.
What did I do wrong?
Why should I be polite to these people?
They're bad guys, anyways. Get out. Move over.
Come on over. Let's get to work.
I guess this is what I've been working up to.
(Fourth-floor woman)
What are you doing here?
- Hello? - I felt dizzy, so I'm resting.
How's your hand?
It's fine.
Was the lunch menu bad?
You're playing hooky early.
I'm on a diet.
Do you have something to tell me?
I'm thinking about
getting a plastic surgery.
- Where? - The scar on my forehead.
I want to get rid of it.
As if nothing had happened,
I want to erase it and start afresh.
All right.
Then do it.
The scar on her forehead?
As if nothing had happened?
What does she mean?
Perhaps, out of entertainment or curiosity.
Don't mind her.
And don't get involved in anything dangerous.
Ignore everything.
I really hate picking up your calls,
but I'm only doing it because I'm a professional.
Any news on the witness?
Not at all. I don't know how she disguised her identity,
but I can't seem to find her. This is a first.
She just vanished into thin air.
If you find any leads, do tell me.
I have one more favor.
Don't. What is it?
I'll only explain once, so listen carefully.
She's my niece, and she's very cheeky.
And she ran away with that guy.
I'm her uncle. What am I to do? I can't just stand by.
I have to help her come back to her family.
It's about a man. I want to look into his family tree.
Please find every single relative of his.
(Hansol Orphanage)
(Hansol Orphanage)
Who are you?
Su Hyeon, it's me, Phillip.
What are you doing here?
Su Hyeon.
I was so terrified.
Karimov's men threatened to chop off my hand.
They beat me up too.
Do you see this?
And here. And here too. I need you to treat me.
The mafia
came to you?
What? Yes.
They thought I was the one who introduced the repairman
and came to me.
I was seriously terrified.
You escaped and came here?
Is that important right now?
I truly thought that I'd die.
I haven't been able to eat or sleep.
I couldn't even wash up.
I never expected something like this to happen to me.
This is nice.
This is amazing.
No, no.
He's still the same. He's ruthless.
He grew up well.
Pavel was a great mentor.
He's not suspecting me, is he?
No way.
It's great. I love Seoul.
I should've come sooner.
Go away!
- Go away! - Go away!
- Go away! - Go away!
What are you doing? We're late.
Sir, they're blocking the road.
So what? Should I be late because of them?
- Go away! - Go away!
Have a glass and forget it.
Once I become reappointed,
you won't need to go through this.
I'm sure you will be.
Goodness, I guess I was worried for no reason.
When do you think you'll solve the issue
regarding the factory site?
Once I send some money to the relevant authorities,
I'm sure they'll fight and get it over with.
We're not rookies, you know?
It seems like you know the solution.
But there's still garbage around the factory site.
Chairman Do, you've never touched garbage, have you?
Just get to the point.
I'm not fond of people who beat around the bush.
Our relationship goes way back, don't you think?
Since Hansol Orphanage.
I believe I played a part
in the development of Saehan FT Group.
But it turns out, I was excluded from the directorate.
When Hansol Orphanage closed,
the relevant authorities,
regional police, prosecutors, judges, and even congressmen
were all taken care of by Saehan FT Group.
And our group's lawyers
took charge of your trial as well.
Exactly, my point. Tha's what I was so curious about.
"Why are they so kind to a director of an orphanage?"
I pondered for a while.
It seemed like he knew something.
For example,
about what happened to kids like Number 88.
What are you trying to say?
Nothing much.
I just want us to divide the profit.
Sure. I'll give it some thought.
You are truly the best.
Let's clink our glasses.
By the way,
is Ko Hyeon Woo really alive?
You are quite the talkative and worrying type.
So this is where you work.
It hasn't changed much.
I was curious about how you decorated the place.
When will you leave?
How could you say that to a friend whom you haven't met in a while?
Are you my friend or a part of the mafia?
I'll leave once those guys stop looking for me.
Isn't that Hansol Orphanage?
Right? Why did you look for this place?
Karimov came.
Why would he?
Are you suspecting me?
You think I was the one who told him about your hideout?
Hey, can't you see these?
These purple bruises just won't go away.
You're an expert. You should know how badly I was beaten up.
I kept it a secret with all my might,
so how could you do this to me?
I shouldn't have come.
Ever since we were 11 years old,
I was always on your side.
I pitied you for being abandoned by your parents
and tried my best to help you regain your memory.
I protected you from all the glass shards
when Pavel hit the fluorescent lights.
And that childhood photo of you that Pavel hid?
I was the one who told you about it.
I was always on your side.
Got it?
Are you crazy?
I was the only one hit by the glass from the broken fluorescent light.
I'll introduce you to Seul Gi. Have dinner with us.
Seul Gi?
The noble person who had a building built at such a young age?
Don't say anything stupid to her.
I want that.
I'm glad I lived this long.
I never imagined you had this side to you.
What has happened to you?
I wish I had hurt my arm.
Why can't you eat when you hurt your left arm?
I'm left-handed.
Don't left-handed people use both hands?
I can only use chopsticks with my left hand.
What about when you go to poop?
Give me bulgogi.
I want cockles too.
Go upstairs.
You idiot!
Just die!
I took care of you for 20 years,
is this how you take care of things?
This is how you repay me? Die you jerk!
Die, you jerk!
Sir, please give another chance.
Please spare me this once.
Sir, please give another chance.
- Calm down. I'll take care of it. - Please spare me.
Sir, please spare me.
Please spare me this once.
Jae A. Please help me.
Please help me just once.
Please help me just once.
Jae A!
Sir, please spare me!
You need to take a break.
My eyes are so tired.
There is nothing.
Send it to the lab.
What about the photos from the Yoo Dae Heon case?
It doesn't seem easy because of so much noise.
I'm really sick of this.
Are you still harping on about Yoo Dae Heon?
There's nothing left except for the indictment of the killer.
Do you really think Kim Jong Sik is the killer?
Evidence all point to him, so of course.
On the day we arrested him
you were there also.
Are you trying to sabotage our team?
Do you want to bungle up our performance?
You always act as if you're the only righteous one.
Don't you want to be a righteous cop once before you retire?
Inspector Do Hyeon Jin.
Please keep talking so spitefully like that.
You are the righteous cop, and what am I, dog poop?
Why are you getting all worked up?
Calm down.
You are just the same.
You shouldn't be like that either.
We've been together for so long, and now you're always stuck to her.
Also, is she the only with a mouth?
Can't you count how many mouths are here?
- This is yours. - Forget it.
What's with him?
I think he's going through mid-life crisis.
Heon JIn, did you hear the news?
Our prosecutor has changed.
It's my first time hearing about it.
I heard he discovered game fixing
while watching a game broadcast at home.
Of all the weird things
Go on. He's asking for you.
Be careful.
Everyone says he is really crazy.
Madam, do you have the item? Mr. Ku, you don't have even one?
Okay, thank you.
(Prosecutor Yoon Jung Woo)
That’s okay. I have it.
The red is not there.
Thank you. Number 1 to the right. Direction 135, behind the building.
Prosecutor Yoon?
I'll go left with number two.
There's one in front. Okay, I got one.
Okay, to the left. There are two people.
Okay, that way.
Okay, that's good.
To the left.
To the left, direction 70.
Yes, I'm fine, Inspector Do Hyeon Jin.
Do you know me?
Let's meet again like it's fate.
Okay, that's fine.
They're behind that building. Okay.
- Be careful. - I'll come back another time.
Wait a minute. If we beat them, we'll win.
Just a moment.
Right now.
Okay, nice! Winner winner chicken dinner.
Good job.
Nice to meet you. I'm Yoon Jung Woo.
- You know my name, right? - Yes, Inspector Do Hyeon Jin.
- Please sit down. - I'm fine.
How's Mrs. Cho Hyun Sook doing?
I hope her daughter is getting better.
They’re such bad guys.
Anyway, I heard the victims were saved thanks to you.
Nice work.
By the way, I can't indict Kim Jong Sik for murder.
Regardless of what my predecessor thought,
there's not enough evidence.
I agree with you.
whenever he talks, I think he needs some jail time.
I'm aware.
Will you have dinner with me?
I have an appointment.
- What about lunch tomorrow? - I'm busy.
The day after tomorrow is the weekend.
I guess you'd have time for a movie.
I've seen it.
I didn't even tell you the title.
Whatever you ask to watch, I've probably seen it.
You'll regret this.
I could become a great opportunity for you.
Do you have anything more to say?
Well, it looks like you'll leave anyway.
Do you know when the mafia members are repatriated
She knows.
Spare me.
Please spare me.
Please let me call the chairman.
- I'm begging you. - "Mistakes aren't forgiven."
"Don't ever get in my sight again."
That's what the chairman said.
(Do you really think that a killer killed Karimov?)
(Karimov killed the killer's assistant.)
(He was wearing a mask.)
[VIU Ver] OCN E04 'Kill it'
"The Common Denominator"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
(Seoul Police Station)
(Tunnel Gang, Karimov, Killer, Revenge)
Did I wake you up?
What is this killer?
Did you watch a movie or something instead of going home?
What do you think about killers?
The movie, "Leon", comes first when it's about killers.
Two milk cartons in one hand. In his other hand,
he holds a flower pot. And Matilda.
Who was that in the last scene?
Leon goes to the subway station where Matilda is.
That guy slides in when he goes through the entrance.
Who was that actor? Gary Oldman.
Matilda is at a distance that he can reach out for,
- Detective Lee. - but Leon doesn't make it
and becomes a cold corpse.
That's a true movie.
They say it's a killer.
Karimov's killer was the man that was seen there.
Yes, that man's a killer
- Who's a killer? - What do you think?
Your views on movies suddenly got cold, right?
It's this guy?
Why does this sketch show only his eyes?
The animals of this neighborhood are lucky to have you.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Did you sell a lot? - No.
The tomatoes look delicious.
They're delicious.
- Give me a basket of these. - Okay.
And give me a basket of these too.
Are these chilies spicy?
No. They're very delicious. They aren't too spicy either.
- Give me a basket of these too. - Okay.
Don't stay out too late today. Go in early, okay?
Thank you for worrying about me so much like this.
- Wait just a moment. - Okay.
Wait here.
Come here, will you?
Try these.
They're very delicious.
Try these. They're delicious.
Drink this sweet coffee.
My goodness.
Do you know the most delicious coffee in the world?
Coffee after a meal.
This is very sweet.
It's so delicious.
I'm sorry to keep getting free drinks from you.
Then you can just give me some extra next time.
This is a sort of bribery.
- Let me help you. - Okay.
Put it in here.
Young man, you shouldn't just stare at your girlfriend.
- Take this. Carry it for her, okay? - What?
You should carry this for her.
- It's 15 dollars, right? - Yes.
- Thank you. - I hope you sell a lot.
I stay healthy.
I'll carry one.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Thank you.
- Well - Well
- You go first. - You go first.
You go first.
Is your cat okay?
It's been some time since we met. Are you more curious about my cat?
Yes, both are doing fine.
But there are still some dishes that get smashed.
When will I get close with that cat?
I can't find it.
You'll have to reach out to see if it's there or not.
Why would I reach out? I told you not to let it out.
That thing is really fast.
- Is your arm that short? Reach out. - What?
You didn't see it running earlier, right?
It's a cheetah.
It isn't a hedgehog.
Dochi disappeared.
It's because this fraud was saying ridiculous things.
Fraud? Look at this kid.
- Hey, kid. - What? Kid?
Yes, kid. I only gave you a realistic suggestion
regarding efficient financial management.
You had a guest.
I'm not a guest. I live on the fourth floor here.
I see. You're gorgeous.
Dr. Kim, did you hear about treasure buried in the east sea?
He wants me to invest 50,000 dollars.
Su Hyeon, it's not like that. I'm sure about this.
There are crates too.
- It's incredible. - Do you know what that's about?
The business owner of that was arrested for fraud.
It was big on the news.
- On the news? Really? - I found it!
Is it there? Where?
Are you okay? Move aside.
You brat. Sit down. Put them down.
- What are you doing? - I'm telling it to not be spiky.
- Excuse me. - Okay.
I knew it. She's not like you.
I should've thought of using tools.
You're wise.
There you go.
It's running away because you keep letting it go.
I almost lost it because of you.
It's because you let it free. It's not like a goat.
Touch it. It doesn't bite pretty people.
I meant that you should smile like that.
What's wrong with your arm?
- I fell down. - When?
It's been some time. I think it was 3 or 4
No, was it 4 or 5 days?
You just couldn't see it because you were busy lately.
Do you want to see my cat?
We're not that close.
I'm telling you this in advance, but I won't talk about my wound.
Going up.
The door is closing.
What are these?
You said your cat broke more frames and dishes.
These will help you.
I see.
Thank you.
Why are you smiling? Who are you thinking about?
I was smiling at the cat.
Anyone can tell that you weren't looking at the cat.
Will you answer my question if I tell you?
Why am I so sleepy? I can't move at all.
Can I sleep here tonight?
Su Hyeon.
Can't you dim the lights a bit?
- Yes, I can't. - Why?
Because it's my house.
I like to keep things bright.
You're cheap. I'm the owner.
Here's your target.
I'm Seo Won Seok.
Let's do our best.
My ID card.
Seo Won Seok has been buying Saehan FT Group's shares?
- Hello, Chairman Do. - Congressman Seo.
It's nice to meet you.
You must be busy, running the election campaign.
Thanks to you, it's been going well.
You're being too nice.
Ms. Yoon, you look nice.
Sir, I'll start your car.
I almost forgot it.
You can't live without me.
Thanks. I'll go now.
Excuse me, sir.
Can you take a look at Kong too?
It's my cat.
I brought him here because of you.
- Sure. - Come in.
It's quiet, isn't it?
Everyone went to the campaign.
Could you wait a minute?
I think Kong is hiding somewhere.
- I'll bring him. - I'm sorry.
Could I use your bathroom?
Of course. It's over there.
(Hansol Orphanage)
(Student List)
(Student List, Number 77, male)
(Number 88, male)
(Number 88, male)
Sir, you shouldn't be in here.
Oh, he was here.
Kong, you were here?
(National Forensic Service)
I'm here.
Both your hands are full. I like it!
First, wear these.
Where are those Russians?
They're investigating as we speak.
Not many of them came, and they seem indifferent.
I bet they came here grudgingly due to this international matter.
I bet they're annoyed.
All right. Whatever the case is.
Before they come for his body, let's start with his wounds.
Here we go.
Detective, please take a look at his side.
Judging by the wound's dryness,
it's at least 4 to 5 days old. Take a good look at this.
I'll tell you later why this is so important.
The murder weapon seems to be a .48 caliber.
We're still looking for the bullet.
- Were there any declarations? - No.
Then how did they bring the gun in?
Did they dig underground or something?
A gun in Korea?
- The killer is quite amazing. - That's not important right now.
You're totally correct. Come here.
All right. He was first shot in the hand.
It means that he was holding a gun.
The killer could easily kill him.
But he wanted to threaten Karimov while showing off his skills.
He's indeed a competent killer.
Here's the next gunshot wound.
Do you see the sheath mark next to the wound?
You're right.
He carried a sheath around?
For human skin to discolor like this,
one needs to carry the sheath all year round.
The killer knew about this.
Therefore, the killer is as smart as I am.
Can you just get to the point?
I'm disappointed in you. I can't chat with bodies, you know?
Can't you just be a good friend to a lonely man like me?
The cause of death must be headshot.
Exactly. Bingo.
It was amazing.
The killer shot him right in the center.
Isn't that amazing?
How evil.
He shot him in the limbs first and then the head.
Resentment must be involved.
But he's a killer.
They're human as well, you know?
In movies, killers also fall in love.
What's a killer? It's someone who uses a gun.
And someone who uses a knife is a stabber.
Why did you tell me to take a good look?
Do you remember the second victim, Kim Jong Koo,
in Min Hyuk's notebook?
(Personel Information, Kim Jong Koo)
Was Yeongdeungpo Precinct in charge of Kim Jong Koo's case?
We couldn't find what weapon was used for Kim Jong Koo's case.
And our team tried to find
all sharp objects including knives, but nothing matched.
But isn't it funny? Why did the killer of the Russian mafia
become a suspect of Kim Jong Koo's murder?
Try to hide as much as you can.
I've found you already.
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon.
What are you doing? Since when were you here?
Since you were playing hide-and-seek with the darts.
Do you want to grab a meal with me?
I'm sure that I told you that I didn't want to.
Well aren't you looking for the common denominator for those people?
That Mr. Seo who disappeared
I think I know who it is.
Let's eat together before the cafeteria closes.
You're not going to rip off my face and eat it. Eat some of this meat.
So what do they have in common?
Knowing that might make you get in danger.
Since the moment I entered Police University,
I already prepared myself for anything dangerous.
Why did you enter Police University?
Your father is very rich, and you studied dancing in Russia.
What if my father is rich, and I studied dancing in Russa?
Can I not become a police officer?
There's no reason not to do that, but it seemed unique.
It's not as much as a prosecutor who's addicted to games.
- Aren't you eating? - So what is in common?
Come on.
Will you date me if you drink this?
I'll tell you if you drink this.
But I didn't promise you to drink here.
Your father.
What kind of man is he?
If you finished investigating my background,
shouldn't you have finished finding out about my father too?
I meant to ask what kind of man he was to you.
I respect him. And I feel thankful.
He's your father, but you don't love him?
I think I was fooled today.
They have nothing in common, right?
I'll pay for the meat today.
Seo Won Seok.
The missing guy's name must've been Seo Won Seok.
But I'm sure you've been seeing that too.
What do you think? Do you have a reason to drink now?
Do you drink much?
- Here are your keys. - Thank you.
Thank you.
He's a gaming addict indeed.
Go sleep comfortably at your place if you're going to be like this.
Did we arrive?
I couldn't let a woman go back home alone
after drinking together.
Let's use "colleague" instead of "woman".
And get rid of those rules about keeping manners.
Why are you sticking to that?
Detective Do.
Would you like to sober up
and go get ice cream from a convenience store?
You don't fall for it.
Anyway, since we're a team, let's try to get along.
Why are you interested in this case?
I move on to my next game only when I finish the one.
But Kim Jong Koo's case has been left unfinished.
And I didn't get to the end yet.
If that became an answer to you, I hope we work this out together.
Is that you, Su Hyeon? It is you.
I made delicious buchimgae.
Quickly wash your hands, okay?
This should be eaten
while it's still warm on the frying pan like this.
I'm going to use this, okay?
Okay. You should try it.
Su Hyeon, that room
Can I use that room as my office?
I think I'll need some furniture.
You have some money, right?
Don't you?
Su Hyeon, do you have trouble hearing what I'm saying?
Should I give this to the neighbor too?
Was her name Hyeon Jin?
She's my style.
She's such a beautiful woman. I should get closer to her.
Try this.
Think of my efforts, and at least try a bite.
That's right. The smell makes you reach out for it, right?
The smell
That heartless jerk.
No. I'll have to look into that.
- Hello. - Hello.
Thank you. I'll give you a call.
Yes. Goodbye.
Detective Do.
What's wrong with this jerk?
Why? What is it? I'll badmouth him with you.
The photo we requested for analysis last time.
- Yes? - The results say that
the suspect of Yoo Dae Heon's case and the suspect of Karimov's case
have the same physique.
Height, weight, foot size, leg length, and arm length.
It's like the suspects are twins.
But why did these two come from here?
Why did the killer of the Russian mafia
become a suspect of Kim Jong Koo's murder?
What's is that "Meat cost"?
(Meat cost)
It's been a long time since I've seen a paper plane.
Well, your name, Kim Su Hyeon,
was labeled on the things for you.
But do you still not remember what this Number 88 means?
Anyway, did you decide the D-day?
I'll do it on my own.
How did the search on Hansol Orphanage go?
Hey, that Hansol Orphanage was interesting.
I ran some programs since it wasn't easy to search,
and I found out that searching Seo Won Seok and Hansol Orphanage
was forbidden.
But I only get satisfied when I solve such mysteries.
So I used my skills for once.
Then something like this came up.
(A Skeleton Found near Hansol Orphanage)
Have you found where this is?
Of course. I sent the address to your phone.
Take care of yourself. I'm always so worried about you.
(Private property, Off limits)
(Hansol Orphanage)
(Restricted area, Authorized personnel only)
(Private property, Off limits)
(Kill It)
Lee Young Eun? The Lee Young Eun that folded paper planes?
It's difficult to find her if she got adopted and changed her name.
A friend that I always wanted to meet, at least once, someday.
That friend was also good at folding paper planes.
Who tried to kill me?
How will they react if they see me alive?
I must find out about that.
I know what paper planes mean to you.
But Lee Young Eun is a detective that's after you.
If she's an enemy just like you said,
I should keep her by my side.
Right next to me.
(All animal-related scenes were directed with professional help.)
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