Kill It (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Hansol Orphanage

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
Previously on 'Kill It'.
(Previously on 'Kill It')
They told me, my father tried to have me killed.
I lost my memory, and I was abandoned.
Pavel found me.
You'll find the answer in the photograph.
Who sent the photograph?
Every time you kill one of them, one additional photo will be sent.
You might be able to find your past.
The killer was hanging somewhere under the cliff.
He waited for Yoo Dae Heon to come there.
Do you think Kim Jong Sik is the killer?
The people in the notebook are being killed
in the same way. It's already the third.
I just have to find that child.
She is the only witness.
Why did you help her?
If my guess is right,
you are looking after her knowing everything.
Think about why we brought you to this house and raised you.
Don't stand out too much, but don't disappear completely.
We have a very special relationship since the time of Hansol Orphanage.
He knew about it.
Where kids like Number 88 go to.
He's not a member of the mafia.
And he's not a Tunnel Gang member.
Who is he?
We found a dead body in a boat by the closed dock at Incheon Harbor.
How evil.
He shot him in the limbs first and then the head.
The results say the suspect of Yoo Dae Heon's murder
and Karimov's murder have the same physique.
Can't you remember what Number 88 means?
The name Kim Su Hyeon was
probably written on the grubby stuff you brought with you.
Seo Won Seok.
I think the name that disappeared is Seo Won Seok.
You probably suspected that as well.
How did the search on Hansol Orphanage go?
I ran it through the program.
Someone designated the name Seo Won Seok and
Hansol Orphanage as banned terms.
I sent the address to your phone.
(Hansol Orphanage)
(Episode 5)
(Restricted Area)
(Hansol Orphanage)
(Prosecutor Yoon)
- Yes, Prosecutor. - Did you get the meat price?
(Meat price)
(Hansol Orphanage in Danger of Being Closed Down)
(Ko Hyeon Woo, Specialist of Artificial Insemination Missing)
(The Head of Fire Department Dies in a Car Explosion)
(Rooftop Gang Boss Killed During Power Struggle)
I got it.
Then you must at that place I presume?
There might be nothing there now.
The place closed down a long time ago.
I know, but I'm going to look anyway.
(Hansol Orphanage)
The person who ordered to kill you
was your father.
(Lee Young Eun)
(Lee Young Eun)
Lee Young Eun!
(Lee Young Eun)
(Lee Young Eun)
(Lee Young Eun)
Hey, Number 88!
- Begone, Number 88! - Die!
- You monster, Number 88! - Die, Number 88!
- Begone! - Go away, already!
- Go away! - Die!
- Go away! - Go away, you monster!
Die, you monster!
Go away!
- I said, "Go away!" - Go away!
- Go away! - Go away, Number 88!
- Begone! - Go away!
- I said, "Die!" - Go away!
(Hansol Orphanage President, Seo Won Seok)
(Kill It)
(Meat price)
(Record of Statement, Name: Kim Jong Koo)
(Record of Statement, Name: Yoo Dae Heon)
(Record of Statement, Name: Lee Sang Pil)
(Lee Sang Pil, Head of Fire Department)
Those who were involved in the arson case of Ko Hyeon Woo, 19 years ago.
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon.
They are currently all dead.
And the fourth name on the notebook might be
Seo Won Seok.
I was just about to call you.
You should have thought of that earlier.
Before I brought you this delicious chicken
and looked at my phone trillions of times while waiting.
Jung Woo, do you not have any pride?
Gosh, my pride hurts.
I mean, didn't you think I would be worried
if I gave you such quality data, and you still don't call me?
Exactly when did you start tracking these people?
Since Kim Jong Koo's case.
I already told you.
I don't start another game until I've finished the first one.
People have been murdered, but there's no murderer.
And the suspect cannot be prosecuted for lack of evidence.
That means the case went cold,
but that feels like a bone stuck in my throat for me.
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon were all
witnesses to the arson case of Ko Hyeon Woo.
Seo Won Seok doesn't have a direct relation to Ko Hyeon Woo,
but Ko Hyeon Woo
focused on Hansol Orphanage, for some reason.
How much do you know about me?
You're a detective for Local Police Special Investigation Team.
Also the daughter of a conglomerate owner.
You studied ballet in Russia until high school.
But sadly, you weren't very talented.
Fortunately, you entered Police University top of your class.
You're the world record holder for darts. And
you are from Hansol Orphanage.
That's a secret.
My mother makes a special effort to keep it a secret.
By using any means possible.
I want to ask you a question.
Was there anything special about Hansol Orphanage
that you remember?
You seem to close the hospital to go on business trips too often.
Be honest with me,
there's something between you and the fourth-floor woman. right?
- I'm asking you. - Did you find anything?
You startled me!
What is Su Hyeon looking for?
Children don't need to know.
I'm not a child, and I'm 20 years old.
Why are you talking down to an adult?
So what? You talked down to me first.
What am I doing with a kid?
- Go back to your place. - Stop calling me a kid.
Su Hyeon, where are you?
Did you find anything?
Oh, you were here.
Why do you look as if you've been bombed?
What is that dirty thing?
Lee Young Eun?
Lee Young Eun of the paper plane?
- Where did you find this? - Hansol Orphanage.
Finally, the Lee Young Eun puzzle is solved this way.
I couldn't find her no matter how much I searched for her name.
Lee Young Eun
If we find her, she can be a lead for us to find your past.
But if she changed her name after being adopted,
it would be difficult to find her.
Isn't there anything else besides this?
Didn't you find anything else?
This is frustrating. Please talk to me.
This is so hard that I think I'll go crazy.
401 stares at 402 and 402 stares at 401.
I wonder why you two are staring each other like that?
Did you guys fight without me knowing?
There's no reason.
- When did he stare? - Why is more important than when.
You don't know anything. You're just tall.
You two are acting suspiciously, and it really bothers me.
Seul Gi.
Forget it. It's late, you should go to your place.
I hate it when someone doesn't finish what they were saying.
You shouldn't have started at all.
Hey Seul Gi.
Why are you calling me back?
The motorbike outside, who does it belong to?
The motorbike?
I wonder if Su Hyeon used it.
He just came back from his business trip.
- Why are you interested in that? - Sorry?
Do you know where he went for his business trip?
See? You're acting suspiciously.
There is one way to find out.
Do you know how long it's been since you fed me?
Why do you only think about Gray and forget about me?
Am I less important than Gray?
Forget it. You don't have to feed me.
Instead, grant me a wish.
I want the whole family to have a meal together.
Tell me when you have a family.
I don't have one, so that's why I'm talking to my second family.
I really envy them.
I never did anything like that.
Maybe that's why I prefer eating school meals alone.
But sometimes
I envy people enjoying meals together.
Hyeon Jin's family sent her some food.
She invited us because it's too much for her to eat alone.
Let's go and eat with her.
Didn't you hear me?
- Hyeon Jin - You said she invited us.
Take me with you.
Come on in.
You are here.
You came?
What is this?
You really have a weakness for little Seul Gi.
What weakness?
Do you know what he says to me the most?
"Go upstairs."
I'll really ascend into the sky one day, just to show him.
It's nearly ready, so just wait a little bit more.
- Is there something on the stove? - It's stew.
What kind of stew?
What is this?
It's fusion stew.
- Come in. - I never make just one kind.
It has all the taste of kimchi stew and soybean paste stew.
Su Hyeon doesn't eat things like this.
Just taste it.
It's delicious so taste it.
Just think it's Bom's first time here.
Give him time to adjust to his environment.
Am I the only one waiting?
Where are the spoons?
(Number 88, Happy Birthday.)
Why did you just do that? Stop it.
- Just a little bit. - Gosh.
It will be too salty.
You're supposed to take a taste, not eat the whole thing.
Just a bit.
You're using the spoon you put in your mouth. That's dirty.
If you keep quiet, no one will know.
What are you doing? Let's eat.
I really worked hard to cook this.
Su Hyeon, where did you go last night?
I told you not to ride the motorbike at night.
It's dangerous.
There are so many things you want to know and worry about.
- Maybe it's because you're growing. - I'm all grown up.
Eat all these and grow up some more.
Please have some.
Stop talking down to me.
Su Hyeon, I didn't know you rode motorbikes.
Why did I never see you ride before?
He rides it once in a while to refresh himself.
How long have you two been friends?
It's been so long I don't even remember.
I'm really sick of him.
How many years has it been?
Then you must know about Su Hyeon's friend who folds paper planes.
Su Hyeon, do you have other friends besides this crook?
I never heard that before.
They say like attracts like.
But you two are so different.
- How did you become friends? - Look at our faces.
Sometimes I feel like I'm looking in the mirror when I see him.
I don't think that's right.
Where did you go on your business trip?
I didn't know you had so much interest in Su Hyeon.
He's so tactless.
Did you go to Hansol Orphanage?
You should cover your mouth.
You need to eat slowly.
I'll get you some water.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(Local Police Special Investigation Team, Do Hyeon Jin)
(Police officer, Do Hyeon Jin)
(Yoo Dae Heon, Do Hyeon Jin)
(Do Hyeon Jin, Jeju, Seoul)
(Different Opinion on Yoo Dae Heon's Death. Accident or Murder?)
(Karimov’s Body Found At a Closed Incheon Harbor)
She is a detective?
Do Hyeon Jin.
She is the only daughter of Saehan FT Group
and a detective of theSpecial Investigation Team.
Is there anything else that I should be aware of?
Su Hyeon?
- Lee Young Eun. - What are you talking about?
(Number 88, Happy Birthday.)
This is a trap.
She knew everything when she approached you.
Then she would've arrested me already.
Do you think I wouldn't have noticed it
if everything was a trap?
There's no way you wouldn't notice. You're Kim Su Hyeon.
Don't tell me
You don't have any different thoughts, right?
You aren't approaching Lee Young Eun or feeling fond of her
because of some strange emotion
just because she's related to a part of your past.
It's nothing like that, right?
Are you serious? Really?
How could you
That Do Hyeon Jin No, Lee Young Eun.
No, what should I call her? Well, room 402 is a detective.
Do you know what case she is working on?
Do you know who she's chasing?
You know.
You knew it.
You still stayed here after knowing that?
Su Hyeon, Think about it carefully.
I know what paper planes mean to you,
but Lee Young Eun isn't important here.
The fact that she's a detective chasing after you is important.
Forget it.
It doesn't matter if this is a coincidence or a trap. Let's run.
I feel uncomfortable about here. It feels really unlucky, okay?
Why aren't you answering me?
Then will you stay here?
If she's an enemy just like you said,
I should keep her by my side.
Right by my side.
I know that you're very capable,
but this isn't a game. Keeping an enemy by your side
is a fantasy only from novels or such.
It's something like that.
Let's think about this realistically.
Do you know how strange you've become lately?
Who tried to kill me?
How would they look like if they see me alive?
I must find them and see for myself.
Wake up, Su Hyeon.
No, I must find out.
Su Hyeon.
Find anyone related to Hansol Orphanage first.
It could be someone from there or anyone related.
I'm your doctor, Director Joo Young Hoon.
Your vitals are good.
You're in a very good condition to go through surgery.
How good would it be?
I'm just an old man
who is getting surgery because he fears death.
Don't worry.
The donor is also maintained
to have the perfect vitals and best health status.
I'm curious.
That was 14 years ago.
He must've grown a lot.
I at least want to see his face.
My goodness. He looks quite like me.
Seo Won Seok has a list of the numbered children?
He must be fooling around,
unaware that it will cost his life.
I pondered for a while.
It seemed like he knew something.
For example,
about what happened to kids like Number 88.
That stupid jerk.
That's why those who came up from the bottom aren't good enough.
He's digging his own grave.
Come on. You're different.
Not everyone who climbs up here is the same.
will you do nothing about it?
I should get rid of him early if he's dangerous
before we get another Ko Hyeon Woo.
Are you saying that you'll abandon Seo Won Seok?
Abandoning people at the right time
is also something we must do.
Let's say that we'll do that with Seo Won Seok.
Then what about Ko Hyeon Woo?
What will you do about Ko Hyeon Woo?
Let's wait.
If we're the next target, he'll show up on his own.
Do you remember, Tae Soo?
I'm talking about that day.
The day when those numbered children
died at Hansol Orphanage.
Ever since their blood got on our hands,
how were our past 19 years?
We were tied by an invisible leash.
We were busy getting dragged around.
But Tae Soo,
I realized
that the leash was in our hands.
We should take control of that leash now.
I'm a congressman of Korea.
Tae Soo.
Why is the safe open?
Park Tae Soo! Why is the safe open, you jerk?
Was there a thief?
What were you doing?
You were guarding here while I was out on my campaign.
Answer me!
Is anything lost?
(Personnel Information)
Was the safe
Call the company for the safe.
Yes, sir.
This is the leash we must grasp.
This is the list of children
who disappeared without a trace
from Hansol Orphanage.
[VIU Ver] OCN E05 'Kill it'
"Hansol Orphanage"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Yes, Phillip.
A man named Park Tae Soo who works for Seo Won Seok.
Get some information about him.
His cellphone number, address, or anything.
It's been a while.
I would've gone to you if you called me.
Why did you come this far?
It's a nice place.
It reminds me of my young days too.
Give me a glass too.
Excuse me, please give us another glass.
You have a glass there.
Your face has become rough.
What about Seo Won Seok?
He talked about Hansol Orphanage just like you expected.
He said that he had a leash in his hands
and that we should tie them around the chairman's neck.
I'm sorry.
Should I destroy the list?
Would only destroying the list be enough?
He might have a copy of it.
The leash was never in the hands of the dog.
It was always in the owner's hands.
But the dog keeps barking without knowing that.
Just let him be. He'll only hurt his own throat.
But more importantly,
there's something that must be taken care of first.
Do you remember
the foster mother who escaped with a child
from Hansol Orphanage?
I found out her recent whereabouts.
You should get rid of her.
Yes, sir.
(9 Nayeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Why did you ignore me even when you saw me?
You seemed to have noticed that I peeked at you.
What brings you here?
There are two people that I must meet while I'm alive.
One person went away too far, so I can't meet that person again.
And the other person
is a friend that I want to meet one day.
That friend
was good at folding paper planes too.
Su Hyeon, it's time for our appointment. Let's go quickly.
Would you spare me some time later?
What are you waiting for? I told you we should quickly go.
(9 Nayeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Why did you kill the children at Hansol Orphanage?
Why did you kill them?
There must've been a reason for you to kill them.
Please let me live.
What number are you?
It's impossible.
I killed everyone.
Park Tae Soo.
Tae Soo, are you in there?
Tae Soo, what happened? Are you okay?
They don't have a scent. They only look pretty.
Kim Il Ho thoroughly made her a new identity before he died,
so it was difficult to find her.
Her current name is Kang Seul Gi.
Just like Number 88,
she's living evidence that will prove
the incident from 19 years ago.
She's lucky to have survived.
Do Jae Hwan and Joo Young Hoon's ambitions were about to be revealed,
and Hansol Orphanage had no choice but to shut down.
They must've had to kill all of the numbered children.
If the foster mother didn't help,
that child would've been killed too.
Who's the sponsor of this lovely child?
Kim Il Ho.
Do Jae Hwan wouldn't have just let Kim Il Ho just go
after he hid away that child.
Do Jae Hwan needed money to rebuild Saehan
after it was ruined by his ambitions.
Kim Il Ho used that fact well.
What about the whereabouts of the foster mother who hid the child?
We found her. I'll deliver that to Number 88.
If you look closely,
leaves in the same spot keep rotting.
You can't change that no matter how much you hate it.
That's heredity.
Look at Number 88.
He's just like his father.
He always lives with blood.
He's the perfect sword to wield against Do Jae Hwan.
But why isn't there any news about this request?
There's still some time left. Don't worry.
Number 88 never made a mistake.
Does Number 88
still not know that he's living with his own daughter?
It will be fun
only if such things are revealed when we want them to.
That's not bad.
I'm sorry.
You're bleeding.
What should we do?
Put this on.
The pot was broken because of me.
I'll buy it.
Forget it.
There are so many other walls. Why are you doing that here?
I'm talking about that day.
The day when those numbered children
died at Hansol Orphanage.
What number are you?
It's impossible. I killed everyone.
Hey, Park Tae Soo is deeply involved with Hansol Orphanage.
There's even a photo of him as a guidance counselor there.
What happened to your meeting with Park Tae Soo yesterday?
What is it? Is it because of Lee Young Eun?
When I was at the Hansol Orphanage as Number 88,
Park Tae Soo was there as well.
Right, he was the guidance counselor.
You talk as if you remember.
I do.
You jerk. Why didn't you tell me sooner?
- Should I have? - Of course, you should've.
All right. Tell me in detail about how much you remember,
and how you remembered them.
I only remember bit by bit.
This is great.
Your memory is coming back.
We won't need Lee Young Eun then.
In any way possible, we don't need her.
Just forget about her. It makes me jittery.
I can't digest well, knowing that a cop is living next door.
Do you want to die?
Since he's my only friend, I'm going to forgive him.
Let's see.
(You have a new message.)
(You can now begin chatting.)
(Hong Jung Hee, foster mother of Hansol Orphanage,)
(9 Nayeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
(Animal Hospital)
I'll wait at the cafe near the intersection.
(Animal Hospital)
(Phillip: 9 Nayeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
It was near impossible to find anyone related to the orphanage.
Gray, come here.
But it's me, you know?
I found one person.
She used to work there as a foster mother.
Her name is Hong Jung Hee.
You should go there.
Who knows? Maybe she knows about Number 88.
And try to be more friendly.
Elderly women act generously towards those
who act like their grandchildren.
So fix things around her house.
And buy her some stuff that she needs.
Don't act all stern and boring.
Be more hospitable, will you?
Be friendly and talkative like me, okay?
You do have a knack for deceiving people with that tongue of yours.
I wasn't deceiving anyone. That certificate was
Where did he go?
He left in a hurry.
Where is he going?
Is he meeting Hyeon Jin?
There's something going on between them, right?
A kid like you doesn't need to know.
- Gray, come here. - Are you keeping me in the dark?
Although I'm a high school senior, I'm 20 years old.
Would you like to bite that high school senior?
Gray, bite him. Bite him.
He's not human, so bite him.
I have a question.
It's about Hansol Orphanage.
Did all the numbered kids at Hansol Orphanage
Do you know why they had to die?
So fix things around her house.
And buy her some stuff that she needs.
This is my number.
If there's anything you remember,
please call me.
I've lost my childhood memories,
so I'm not completely certain.
But I'm sure that
I'm one of those kids.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
I thought you might not come.
You were still waiting with that thought?
I could wait for you,
thinking that Hansol Orphanage was the reason why you couldn't come.
What would you say something like that?
The paper plane.
That evening when you came over,
that paper plane caught your eye.
And those from that orphanage can't easily talk about that place.
What kind
of an orphanage was it?
It was the abyss.
No one cared about what those kids were going through in there
after being abandoned by their parents.
They were completely shunned
from society.
Those who were as young as 10 were required to do labor.
They didn't cry even if they fell.
Because they knew they had been abandoned.
They knew crying would just make them hungrier.
(I hope that tomorrow)
They knew no one would bother to listen to them.
(I hope that tomorrow, I'll die. Lee Young Eun)
(Please don't let Young Eun die. Number 88)
Do you remember
your friend's face?
Is there anything you remember?
There's one thing I'll never forget.
He turned that abyss
into a paradise for me.
He turned that abyss
into a paradise for me.
Did you sleep well?
Do you remember anything else?
We have a deadline on Seo Won Seok.
It's because you're not doing your job.
Hurry and get it over with.
Once your client sends the photos,
you'll find out about your past.
Let's make this simple.
(I remember Number 88.)
(I remember Number 88.)
What is it?
Who is it?
Who is it? Where are you going?
Don't approach Lee Young Eun.
I've told you not to.
Come in.
Hold on. Let me finish this.
Sit down.
Let's exchange information.
The murder suspect for Yoo Dae Heon
and the murder suspect for Karimov.
Based on the result that their physiques are the same,
we're planning to draw a sketch.
This is indeed strange and entertaining.
The suspects' physiques for these two victims
who have never met are the same.
And this.
(Jeil Newspaper)
"Mirin-dong, Busan".
It's the lodging where Reporter Min Hyuk was murdered.
Kim Il Ho. Kim Il Ho's murder case.
He was a private moneylender who claimed that this country
could be bought with money.
That case happened when I was at the judicial institute
at the age of 22, after passing the bar exam.
It was the talk of the town.
There was a witness who was at the murder scene.
But that witness died as well.
People presumed them as revenge killings or suicides,
but in the end, they had become cold cases.
It wasn't in the news,
but cadocolin was found in Min Hyuk's body,
just like Yoo Dae Heon.
What relation do you think that nine-year-old case has
to this one?
Cadocolin was found in Yoo Dae Heon's body.
And it also became a cold case.
There was also a girl at the lodging who witnessed the murder.
We're looking for her.
Detective Lee, I have a favor to ask.
I need Kim Gyu Hyuk's family registration certificate.
I need an official document to give to the Community Service Center.
Listen to me.
She's a cheeky one.
She ran away with that punk.
I'm her uncle, so what should I do?
(Min Hyuk's birthday)
Kim Young Ho is Kim Gyu Hyuk's father.
(Kim Si Yub)
Kim Si Yub is Kim Young Ho's father.
Kim Il Ho is
(Kim Il Ho)
Kim Si Yub's son.
He changed his identity so many times that it was
difficult for me to find out.
But I looked into Kim Gyu Hyuk, the man you had requested last time.
And that's when I found
Kim Il Ho.
The most notorious private moneylender in this country.
She's his granddaughter.
But Il Ho doesn't have any kids.
So how is it possible
that she's his granddaughter?
Maybe he had a kid out of wedlock.
I've heard of elderly men getting remarried many times.
But getting artificial insemination?
That's a first.
Gosh, you're so impatient.
Be gentle, will you?
Let's talk again.
I'm more interested in talking about artificial insemination.
He received it at the age of 60?
It's Kim Su Hyeon.
If yes, tap twice.
If no,
tap three times.
Have you seen
Number 88 at Hansol Orphanage?
do you know why that kid was named so?
Ms. Hong, what's going on?
Are you in danger?
Ms. Hong?
It's been a while.
It would've been better
if you were blind and deaf.
Phillip, I'll send you a number.
Locate that phone, and tell me right away.
I sent you the address. It's where the signal was cut off.
What? What brings you here?
What was that?
Why? Did something happen?
You were 11 back then.
What happened at the lodging on that day?
That's out of the blue.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You saw what happened. You're the witness.
There was another witness that protected you there.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Please leave if you're here to talk about things like this.
Nine years ago,
you were at a lodging in Busan with your grandfather.
The other victim besides your grandfather.
I only need to hear about that person.
What brings you here?
(Kill It)
I know you've waited for nine years,
but don't push it too much.
It must've been difficult for her as much as it was for us.
If you miss the deadline,
you'll have to pay for the consequences.
Both mistakes and failures
can never be forgiven.
Even if you clean your hands and try to live as a normal vet
Do you think the blood on your hands can be washed away?
Now, tell me.
Who you really are.
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