Kill It (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Failing the Mission

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please leave if you're here to talk about things like this.
Nine years ago, you were staying in a country house in Busan.
There was another victim besides your grandfather.
Just tell me about him.
I beg you.
What's going on?
I don't know. I don't remember.
Think carefully. We met there.
Why did you lie about the scar on your forehead?
I didn't want to think about it, but you kept asking.
Seul Gi.
I waited nine years to meet you.
It's that important to me.
Can't you tell me
what happened that day?
Seul Gi.
Talk to her later.
I have to talk to her now.
Give her time.
(Kill It)
(Episode 6)
(Min Hyuk)
(Press Pass, Min Hyuk)
(Born April 3, 1981, Died March 4, 2010)
(Certification of Graduation)
(Min Hyuk)
You got here early.
How are you doing nowadays?
I found Kim Il Ho's granddaughter.
the witness has appeared on Min Hyuk's birthday.
So did you find out something about what happened that day?
She said she doesn't remember.
She's young, so she is not good at lying.
But she might not be lying.
The shock would have been too much for a young child to handle.
She saw both her grandfather and Min Hyuk being killed.
It's too cruel for a child.
I know you waited nine years.
But let's not push her too hard.
It must have been hard for her, just as it was for us.
Did I talk too reasonably, unlike myself?
We are not the only ones hurt by that case.
(Min Hyuk)
(Press Pass, Min Hyuk)
Who was that?
I was scared because it made me remember.
That's good.
Darn it.
What are you inspecting? Just give me five.
You're back? Do you know how much borrowed since last month?
I know. I'll pay it back in full within three days.
Don't you know me?
Your interest is too high.
Those idiots. I wish they would stop.
Stop calling, Webfoot Octopus.
Seo Won Seok?
I'm in the middle of planning it.
I'll finish it in three days.
If you don't keep the deadline,
you'll pay for not keeping your promise.
I put my life on the line so money will not be enough.
You'll have to pay with one's life.
I don't know whose life it will be though.
One's life?
Whose life?
Let's get going.
I waited nine years to meet you.
It's that important to me.
Can't you tell me what happened that day?
What do you want from me?
I remember the first day I met you.
That was the first seolleongtang I had.
I begged you back then
to take me with you.
That you just had to give me food.
You should go to school tomorrow.
Why did you stop her?
Why did you stop the fourth-floor woman?
You don't have to answer me.
Forget it.
What's wrong with me?
Is this late puberty?
I want to know.
But at the same time, I don't.
I can't explain this feeling.
You should go.
I'm going to eat all of this.
Where's Seul Gi?
She's upstairs.
Have a drink with me.
I loved seeing those pretty lights below the mountain
from the orphanage.
But while watching them,
I cried.
I wished any one of them
would look at us just once.
I was curious as to why you took care of Seul Gi,
but I know now.
You couldn't let her be alone.
Because you were abandoned as well.
I'm glad I moved here.
I got to meet someone I've always wanted to meet.
Give me your hand.
It's your snack.
(Fourth-floor woman)
Are you going to stay home and not go to school?
Why do you care?
You can lie in bed all day and act gloomy,
or you can take a walk with me.
The choice is yours.
They'll both return safe and sound, right?
Su Hyeon.
I've chosen a date.
Gray, sit.
Give it a try.
Gray, get ready.
Good boy!
Do you want this?
Good job, Gray!
Did this cheer you up?
Yes, about 60 percent.
That's not bad.
When did you meet him?
When I was your age.
I met him for the first time when I was 20.
My friends teased and bullied me
because I was an orphan who was adopted.
I always hid my true identity, afraid that
my adoptive parents would send me away.
But he saw me for who I was.
He saved me.
In retrospect,
I always hid my scars
but tried so hard to look for other people's.
What were you like at my age?
I was exactly like you.
I wanted to look pretty and be loved by others,
but I never knew how to.
Is there anywhere else you would like to go?
Did you pick one?
What do you think?
All that I can see are your lips. Isn't the color too bold?
You don't know what point makeup is, do you?
Try this.
- No, thanks. - Come on.
But why do you want to know?
He passed away a long time ago.
Because I feel sorry.
I can only let him go
once I know the truth.
Why are you here again?
I finally got a day off.
Do you want some?
It may not look so, but it's really tasty.
It's good.
Mister, can we stay in touch even when we go to Seoul?
I'll add you as my friend.
Okay. I'll send a friend request.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes. She's very smart,
very beautiful,
and very brave.
She's a detective. Isn't that cool?
The pretty, smart,
and brave detective
was you.
Have a safe trip.
Okay? And be careful.
(A True Politician is Favored by the People: Seo Won Seok Interview)
- Sir. - Yes?
Thank you. Wait by the car.
It's me.
How much money did Chairman Do send to Han Jung Woo?
I did all the blood-stained work
to set him up a feast,
and he's kicking me out
to let another fool join the table?
I told them to leave the lights on.
Don’t move.
- Who are you? - I ask the questions.
You answer them.
Shall we begin?
Who sent you?
I thought we agreed that I ask the questions.
No, no.
What do you want?
The incident at Hansol Orphanage 19 years ago.
The death of the numbered children.
I want the answers to the bloodstains on your hands.
I have no idea what you're talking about
Remember that day?
The day the numbered children
at Hansol Orphanage were killed.
Don’t you remember how it was for the past 19 years,
ever since we got our hands dirty from their bloodstains?
- Does it ring a bell now? - That voice!
It's not mine.
Numbered children?
It's all been manipulated
in order to destroy me!
Tell me the reason
- why you killed the children. - Wait.
Just a minute. I was the director of the orphanage.
I bet my life on it.
Killing the children? I can't even imagine it!
Please spare me.
I didn't see your face, and I won't call the police.
I won't ever
utter a word about what happened today.
Not even after I die. Please. Please!
is not the answer I need.
Please spare me!
is not the answer I need.
Please spare me!
This is for you, grandpa. I made it myself!
Okay, good.
Father. What are you doing in the dark?
Hurry on out with the child.
No! I want to stay next to you, grandpa!
Grandpa, let's go out together!
We are not the only ones hurt by that case.
There was another victim besides your grandfather.
Just tell me about him.
I don't know.
It's that important to me.
I want to know. But at the same time, I don't.
Let's go, now.
Over here!
Live with the Character of the Day!
Let's sleep a bit more.
Seo Won Seok of Shinmi Party and Han Jung Woo of Saebit Party.
We will now ask Candidate Seo a question.
You were a role model for years, as the father of many orphans.
Su Hyeon!
Hey! Su Hyeon!
How could you have dedicated your life to them?
That's right.
It was out of love.
Just like a father loves his children
Su Hyeon
Please leave a message after the beep.
Call me back straight away. Right now!
I took care of those children
as if they were my own.
And now, with that heart,
I would like to start politics.
I will look to matters as if they were my children
and devote myself as a father would.
How is Mr. Jeon doing these days?
He caused a commotion by the entrance a few times
in order to meet you.
Did he?
How about Mr. Ko?
We haven't heard from him, yet.
Ji Hye, aren't you curious?
Why would Mr. Ko, who went missing 19 years ago,
send that picture?
If you were your usual self,
you would have asked quite a lot of questions.
I waited
for you to tell me about it first.
No need to come.
I'll see you at the dinner meeting with Mr. Han.
Seo Won Seok is alive.
I won't forgive whether it was a mistake or a failure.
What should I do?
Someone needs to die.
What happened?
Why is someone who should be in the headlines as dead,
smiling in a show on television?
- I failed. - Why?
Should there be a reason for failure?
Of course! This failure needs a reason.
This is obviously intentional.
I bet you didn't kill him, not couldn't.
You're right.
I got tired of it.
Why? You said you wanted to find your past.
You said you needed to see the person who tried to kill you.
I'll find another way.
This isn't something you can break away from on your own.
Do you think the other side will just stand there watching?
Call them. I'll explain to them myself.
You're driving me crazy.
How about the money? What do we do about that?
Give it back to them.
That's easy for you to say.
I don't think it'd be too complicated.
Su Hyeon.
This may sound harsh,
but I think you're misunderstanding something.
Even if you try to leave this and move on to living as a normal vet,
the fact that you're a killer won't change.
The bloodstains on your hands
won't wash off.
Just accept it.
Even if you started this in order to survive,
you chose that path, and it's your fate.
So call them.
So I can get to know my fate.
Are you acting this way
because of Lee Young Eun?
If you like that excuse, then so be it.
I can't call her.
No, I won't.
We don't need to include our client in this.
Hey, you and I were in this together all along.
As your partner, I can't accept this.
Where were you?
I went out for some air. Is that so important?
Don't do anything stupid.
Speak for yourself. I'm not the one being stupid.
It's you.
[VIU Ver] OCN E06 'Kill it'
"Failing the Mission"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
(Seo Won Seok)
There aren't any tapping device in your office.
- It's safe. - Is it?
Tae Soo, do you think it's Ko Hyeon Woo
or Do Jae Hwan that is threatening me?
Hide this somewhere safe.
It'll become useful soon.
I can't even call the cops. Gosh.
Whatever the case may be, I must win this election
if I want to get the upper hand.
My life depends on this election.
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo)
I tried to reach you through your aide.
It's been a while, since your last visit.
Can you spare me some time?
I'm on my way to an important appointment.
You have one minute.
You're in danger.
If your team offers me your protection,
I won't refuse.
The police are not required to protect assemblymen.
Then let's change that to "a moral citizen".
"Moral"? I'm afraid I can't agree with you on that.
You see, I'm from Hansol Orphanage.
You were abandoned by your parents,
but we fed you, gave you clothes, and put a roof over your head.
On top of that,
we sent you to a wealthy family.
How ungrateful.
This is why we shouldn't go out of our ways to help others.
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon
were witnesses to the Ko Hyeon Woo arson case.
What is your relation to him?
Ko Hyeon Woo?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
You should ask your adoptive father.
- Would That be enough? - Yes.
- I look forward to this. - Likewise.
- I'll see you again. - Okay.
Sir, I'm greatly disappointed.
Are you?
But what can you do? You should just bear with it.
Sir, I'm the torso.
A torso
cannot exist without a head.
If they find me,
they'll immediately know whom I'm working for.
I won't be going down alone.
People tend to go for the torso.
It's tastier.
Your boss already knows that very well.
Hyeon Jin
has grown up well.
She's so competent that she might catch you.
Director Seo.
If you wish to keep this petty, golden badge on you,
you should remember who gave it to you.
You see, dogs wag their tails in front of their owners.
Because if they don't, they won't get fed.
Tae Soo.
Search all the orphanages in this country
and find which one is sponsored by Saehan Hospital.
This instant!
He wanted me to look for the orphanage
that was sponsored by your hospital.
I believe he's looking for the next Hansol Orphanage.
And the foster mother?
There's no need for you to worry, sir.
I took care of her.
I trust that you'll take care of Seo Won Seok as well.
Absolutely, sir.
By the way, sir.
Someone tried to attack Seo Won Seok.
That man asked him why he killed the numbered children.
I believe he's the same man from last time.
Seo Won Seok believes that man received orders
from either Ko Hyeon Woo or you.
Did you see his face?
He was young.
They started to make their move.
He's not alone.
A young man
(Assemblyman Seo Won Seok)
Give me my eye drops.
This election needs to end soon.
My eyes ache so much.
Tae Soo, you're looking, right?
Those scumbags have reopened their business.
It makes no sense that they don't have
another orphanage, right?
Find it.
Do Jae Hwan, you dirtbag.
Whoever bites first will win.
Next. Number 137.
Next. Number 138.
I told you already.
If you break our contract, you'll have to pay with one's life.
I'm doing my best to persuade him.
Don't persuade him. Warn him.
(You have received a photo.)
(Do Hyeon Jin)
Delivery it.
Number 88 will know what it means.
Where are you going?
The place you told me.
- Shall I go with you? - It's my last warning.
Find the client.
He's driving me crazy.
What on earth is he thinking?
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(Do Hyeon Jin)
Choose one of them.
I'll give you your name.
Number 88 is not a name. It's a number.
My name is Do Hyeon Jin.
Choose one.
(1. Ha Neul 2. Ba Da 3. Ma Ru 4. Su Hyeon)
(4. Su Hyeon)
We both have "Hyeon" in our names.
Hyeon Jin and Su Hyeon.
I'm older than you.
Say my name.
Say it, quickly.
Come and sit here.
Hyeon Jin.
You must be cold.
It's cold, right? Your hands are so cold.
Stay here. I'll be back in a moment.
Su Hyeon, I'm doing this because you're my younger brother.
Mom, take a picture of us.
I'll take the picture now.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
I found you.
Hyeon Jin.
(Born May 6, 1988, Died December 1, 2000)
My baby, Mommy is here.
Have you been well?
What in the world.
You startled me.
Wouldn't you be startled?
What are you doing in my room with the lights turned off?
I was waiting for you.
Me? Why?
Show me the last photo the client sent.
(Do Hyeon JIn)
Show me the other one.
(Do Hyeon JIn)
She said the mother and daughter will die.
The daughter is already dead.
The photo I got for killing Kim Jong Koo.
Time has passed, but mother and daughter are still alive.
If she was adopted,
a new mother and daughter relation was formed.
Lee Young Eun was adopted and became Do Hyeon Jin.
She is just threatening you.
She is trying to stop you because you're going after her.
Do you think she'll stop just with threats?
I think I told you.
If you break our contract, you'll have to pay with one's life.
I'm doing my best to persuade him.
The client knew from the start.
That the daughter was dead.
And that she was adopted.
First, if you try to find the mother and daughter,
they will die.
Second, if you try to find the client,
the mother and daughter will die.
And you too.
How much does she really know?
That doesn't matter.
We just take care of the target and get the money and photos.
Don't overthink it.
There are just three left.
Everything is going faster than the first target.
When it's finished, you'll find out about your past.
Let's take the easy way.
If we find the client, we'll know everything at once.
- But - If I go after the client,
will Do Hyeon and her mother die?
- If I refuse the client - Hey!
What are you thinking?
Tell her.
That our contract is broken.
But if the client hurts the mother and daughter,
the client will die too.
Su Hyeon.
Gosh. This is bad.
He won't listen. What should I do?
(The victim)
(The victim)
Isn't it boring to eat alone?
I know someone like you.
He doesn't talk much.
He only answers when I ask him 3 or 4 times.
His favorite words are "Go upstairs".
Su Hyeon likes animals rather than flowers and plants.
He's quite a good guy actually.
I think he'll get along well with you.
What is it that you want to say?
My picture is not coming along, and I'm hungry.
Do you have one more cup ramyeon?
I should've been more direct.
Do you like drawing?
I'm not doing it because I like it.
I'm trying to be of help to someone.
Come back here.
Stop right there.
Hey, you.
Darn it.
Hey, stop!
Stop right there.
Darn it.
Get back here.
Stop that.
You jerk.
That hurts, you jerk.
Are you okay? Hey, stop.
That jerk.
Did you just laugh at us?
Let's see if you still laugh when you're knocked over.
Just stay still. My gosh.
Thank you.
- We're number four. - Hello.
- We're number 4. - We're number 4.
- Please vote for us. - Please vote for number four.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Goodbye. Then let's go over there.
Let's go into the market.
Did you memorize the list of his followers?
Of course.
What happened with Sung Ho?
Things were solved well.
Sung Ho, let me explain what this is about.
What else could it be?
Was Seo Won Seok the next target on the reporter's notebook?
Did you think I wouldn't know?
I'm always chasing you around.
How wouldn't I know that?
There must be a reason for you to stake out like this.
You should go in.
You solved a case now.
You two are out here without any rest.
Gosh, you two will start to stink.
You should go home or stop by a public bath.
It's better to do something rather than nothing.
I'll stay here.
Yes, this is Lee Yoon Seung. The composite sketch?
Yes, I'll be there soon. Bye.
Stay here with Sung Ho. I'll go there alone.
His eyebrows weren't thicker, but they were neater.
He didn't have any wrinkles around his eyes.
How is it now?
I think his eyes looked sharper than this.
He looked like he was in his late 20s or early 30s.
(Prosecutor Yoon)
Let's have some coffee together.
Drink it. The savory taste will make you feel better.
Thank you.
Okay. Then let's begin.
Where are you coming from?
We got the composite sketch.
He looks like a rough guy.
Does it remind you of anyone?
Detective Do?
Let's talk about this again later.
But why
Detective Do?
Cadocolin and Yoo Dae Heon's skin tissue was found
from the tip of the syringe.
But another chemical was found from the inside of the syringe.
The syringe was already used before.
(Animal Hospital)
(Animal Hospital)
Can you tell me what cadocolin is used for?
It's used for euthanasia.
What is it?
Your door was open.
I thought I would have a cup of tea with you, Su Hyeon.
I was on my way to an animal shelter.
Then you should leave soon.
Su Hyeon.
Now, please tell me who you are.
Number 88 from Hansol Orphanage.
I was waiting for you to tell me first.
Were you adopted to America when you were at the orphanage?
It seemed like you got your veterinarian license there.
- Yes. - What about your adoptive parents?
Both of them passed away.
When I was in the orphanage,
there were many rumors about the numbered children.
There were rumors other than their special treatment.
They said only the numbered children were getting adopted.
Hyeon Jin.
Weren't you adopted too?
I think I was the only special case that got lucky.
I think I'll have to leave now.
Hey, Detective Do.
Did you meet the witness?
You should come and hear about artificial insemination.
It's very interesting.
I have a favor to ask first.
I'll send you a photo. Please look into it.
Do you have something to say?
Tell me everything you know about my past.
It will only get more painful the closer you get to the truth.
I'm not sure if you can handle that
when I see how Seo Won Seok is still alive.
I didn't let him live by mistake.
I chose to do that.
Then should I choose something new too?
Execute Seo Won Seok in public within three hours.
If you let your target live,
I'll kill the people around you one by one.
I don't care who you kill.
The only important thing here is my past.
Is that so?
It's your choice.
Will you kill your target?
Or will you kill the people around you?
(Kill It)
The client was watching us from somewhere closer than we thought.
That's how he found Do Hyeon Jin right away.
You could be next.
He has more to protect now.
Thanks to that, he could be easier to control.
You'll take out the target in a crowded campaign area?
This is too dangerous.
If I don't eliminate the target,
he said he would kill the people around me one by one.
Find the client at all cost
before I kill everyone.
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