Kill It (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Sniping the Target

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Seo Won Seok)
(Candidate Seo Won Seok Will Work for the Region!)
(10:10 Deokgong Market, 12:30 Sugeok Market)
(16:30 Jeonseon Traditional Market, 18:00 to 19:00 City Hall Square)
You are sure this time, right?
For sniping, a bolt-action rifle is better than a semi-automatic.
What about bullets?
Russian or Australian? Both are fine.
Using the campaign site is good.
The campaign site?
Hey. Are you planning to take him down among the crowd?
Are you insane?
What about the escape route?
That's not your concern.
Just find the client.
She needs to call me first.
That's not important right now. Su Hyeon.
You're not in your right mind.
Do everything you can
- to find her. - What's wrong with you?
This is not the time to be stubborn.
You wanted the easy way out.
So bring her
before I kill them all.
Please help me, Seo Won Seok,
join the National Assembly!
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
I won't become
a father of orphans.
I'll become a father
to the people of Hasan District!
(Seo Won Seok)
I promise that
What time does the campaign end?
You have his schedule, right?
Yes. The last day of his campaign is a bit tight.
He'll be going to 3 areas every 30 minutes.
His last campaign will be at the city hall square.
I promise to make this neighborhood
a great place to live!
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
- I love you all. - Seo Won Seok!
- I love you all. - Seo Won Seok!
Please shout out my name!
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
I love you all.
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
(Seo Won Seok)
Do you know who is capable of doing all this?
It's me.
Hasan will become happier.
Hasan will become cleaner.
Hasan will improve.
Hasan will experience a great change.
It's your choice.
Will you kill your target?
Or will you kill the people around you?
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
- Seo Won Seok! - Seo Won Seok!
(Kill It)
- Assemblyman Seo! - Assemblyman Seo!
- Assemblyman Seo! - What's going on?
- Assemblyman Seo! - Go!
What just happened?
- My goodness! - Oh, no!
- Assemblyman Seo! - Assemblyman Seo!
- Run! - Go!
- Assemblyman Seo! - I'm Detective Do Hyeon Jin.
What happened?
Det. Lee, report to our team leader and ask for backup.
Listen to me. An assemblyman has been shot.
Okay. I'll call him.
Please calm down! Please!
Who shot him?
Who did it?
I can't believe this.
Assemblyman Seo!
- My goodness. - He was shot!
- Hyeon Jin! - Calm down.
You can't take any photos!
Hurry, and take a photo!
Take it!
Hurry! Take a photo!
Over here!
Hurry up!
Slowly raise your hands above your head.
According to the Criminal Procedure Act, Article 212,
I will arrest you without a warrant.
But of course, you'll have to answer for the murders of
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon.
Turn around.
What happened?
Who did this to you?
Are you hurt?
Are you all right?
- Detective Do! - Collect the handgun.
Do you know who is capable of doing all this?
It's me.
- Seo Won Seok. - Seo Won Seok.
Assemblyman Seo!
Breaking news.
A shooting incident happened for the first time.
Around 4:58pm,
Assemblyman Seo Won Seok
was murdered during his campaign.
At 4:58pm
while campaigning near
a marketplace in Hasan,
he was shot and murdered.
The police are currently investigating this incident.
Have you gone insane?
How could you do that in the middle of a crowd?
It wasn't me, sir. I was going to kill him by
Suddenly, a bullet came out of nowhere.
Before the investigation starts,
don't leave any traces and get rid of everything.
(Director Joo Young Hoon)
- It's me. - Did you watch the news?
Ko Hyeon Woo did this, right?
A shooting in the middle of the street?
I think we underestimated him.
In addition to the sudden death
of Assemblyman Seo Won Seok of the Shinmi Party,
the civilians are shocked that an act of terrorism occurred
in the middle of the
This is Prosecutor Yoon Jung Woo
Yes. Okay, sir.
The target was eliminated.
Chairman Do seems to be nervous this time around.
I guess public execution really is effective.
Send the next target to Number 88 right away.
You will have to take caution.
Number 88 will avert his attention to us.
(Assemblyman Seo Won Seok killed during his election campaign.)
It seems like he's got more to protect, now.
Thanks to that, he may be easier to deal with.
(Assemblyman Seo Won Seok killed during his election campaign.)
Was it you guys that killed him?
Say something!
Tell me what you did with that gun you took
behind my back.
I'm sorry.
Do you think a policeman would have shot it to scare the citizens?
If we're out to get a serial killer, we should at least be able to shoot.
Fine. The serial killer.
If you shut down the Special Investigation Team
and followed Assemblyman Seo,
he should at least be alive!
If you took the shot, that must have meant he was a sure suspect.
- Why did you lose him? - I'm sorry.
A detective speaks with results.
Only then do they get acknowledged no matter what procedures they took.
Do you understand?
Gosh, you
Darn it.
I'm on my way to the animal shelter.
(Animal shelter)
(Animal shelter)
(Wildlife Conservation)
(Wildlife Conservation)
(Wildlife Conservation)
(Wildlife sanctuary)
(Seoyeon-gu wildlife sanctuary runs 24-hours, all year round.)
Where are you going?
(Seoyeon-gu Wildlife Sanctuary)
Is Doctor Kim Su Hyeon in today?
I heard that he has an operation today.
Doctor Kim didn't come in.
Please wait a moment.
Doctor Kim isn't scheduled to come in for a few days.
Let's go.
Doctor Kim!
Good job today, Doctor Kim.
You wouldn't have made it today if it weren't for Doctor Kim.
Oh, I see you have a visitor.
I'll head home, now.
Let's go!
Why aren't you asking me why I'm here?
I thought you would have a hard time answering.
There's something I want to ask you, even if you'd have a hard time.
Have you already concluded that I'd have a hard time?
Since what time were you here?
Could you please answer a question for me?
(Wildlife sanctuary manager)
Since what time was Doctor Kim here?
I'm not sure what time he got there,
but he ended the operation with me at around 5:40pm,
so he must've gotten there before 5pm, at least.
All right. Sorry for the bother.
(Wildlife sanctuary manager)
Did you get everything you needed?
I guess there was a misunderstanding.
I'm sorry.
I will go now.
Doctor Kim, did I say the right answer?
I'll pay you back, later.
Don't worry about it. Your volunteer work is more than enough.
Thank you so much.
Since what time were you here?
This here is Prosecutor Yoon, who will take charge of
the Joint Investigation Unit.
And this is our Local Police Special Investigation Team's leader
Senior Policeman Yoon.
I heard you already know Detective Do?
Yes, I know her well.
The prosecution has assembled the Joint Investigation Unit
for the murder case of Assemblyman Seo.
Go on and solve the case with them, Detective Do.
(Joint Investigation Unit)
The case of Assemblyman Seo is not just a murder case,
but a serial murder case.
That's why I'm saying, if you solve Assemblyman Seo's case,
we will be able to find out
if this is the notebook murder case you keep talking about, or not.
The whole country is in a state of uproar on its own.
What do you think will happen if we announce that
he was a victim of a serial murder case
that's been going on since last year?
Are you going to handle the aftermath?
The whole nation is watching out for this case.
Try your best.
I think our stuff is all mixed up!
Just look again, will you?
You're driving me crazy.
- You already put this up? - Yes.
Is this supposed to be in chronological order?
Or is it the site
- Hello. - Nice to meet you.
I put your stuff here.
Let me know if anything's missing.
I'm Yoon Jung Woo, the prosecutor for the Joint Investigation Unit.
I'm Assistant Inspector Park Sung Ho.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. - Hello.
It may look shabby, but let's make it work.
Don't worry about it.
I look forward to it.
- I look forward to it, too. - Yes.
- Shall we begin straight away? - Already?
First of all,
our goal is to find the true culprit to the Seo Won Seok murder case.
And furthermore, to find the true culprit
of the serial murder case that started with Lee Sang Pil.
That is the goal of our Joint Investigation Unit.
Detective Lee, you go analyze
all the CCTV footage within 50 meters.
Sung Ho, please find out the total number
of all the electors and assistants
that worked with Assemblyman Seo and get witness interviews.
I'll head to the National Forensic Service and get the autopsy results.
I'll go with you to the National Forensic Service.
I like to be part of the action.
- All right. Let's go. - Sure.
- Good luck. - See you later.
He looks like such a troublemaker.
(Assemblyman Seo Won Seok killed during his election campaign.)
- What is this? - There 's a coffee shop
across Saehan FT building.
It's the computer IP address.
Someone sent you the photo from there.
And also this.
An accomplice?
Ko Hyeon Woo couldn't have
appeared after going through training to kill us.
I guess not.
There is someone looking for the number.
The numbers we have now?
No, the Hansol Orphanage.
Move cautiously.
Has the operation date been set?
Shall I change the date?
It's Ko Hyeon Woo again.
19 years ago
we went through all that just to get here.
If the patient's condition is fine,
continue on the set date.
Trust comes first in our work.
Trust is absolute.
What about the numbers?
They are still safe.
If he knew the numbers were there
something would have happened already.
It's still quite.
There is no need to make a fuss.
1, 2, 3.
There's not much left.
I'd better go buy some.
Jae Hwan.
Let's hit them first.
Isn't there another way?
Joint Investigation Unit has been formed.
Local police, including Hyeon Jin, is supporting the investigation.
Hyeon Jin?
What if we have your daughter stand on our side?
It's no use having such a low rank on our side.
Lower the rank
they just get hung up on things like justice.
What is the importance of the justice they give?
This world is
ruled by the superior one percent.
The rest are just slaves.
The slaves just need to live out their lives as slaves.
You know the former Public Prosecutor General, right?
His grandson is 12 years old.
He was born blind.
It will take 7 to 8 years to make the cartilage.
He will be able to see by the time he is 20.
But that's not the problem.
What are you going to do about Ko Hyeon Woo?
I don't think
he is coming at us just to kill us.
We have to set up a defense wall in advance.
So that he won't even dare to try.
Come and sit down.
Thank you.
I feel like I'm on a picnic here.
Can I stay and do some sketches after I eat this?
I think I need to warm up my hand.
Did you sell a lot?
People come in to look.
But after they see me, they just leave.
I haven't sold anything yet.
I'll buy one.
I'll be your first customer.
You don't have to do that.
I really need it.
There is an animal hospital in our building.
Their signboard only has words on it.
It looks so dreary.
He keeps all the lights on at night when there's nobody there.
It's such a waste.
Young people waste things so easily.
Darn it.
I shouldn't waste things.
I shouldn't waste things.
How much is this pot of hyacinth outside?
Wait a moment, please.
You go ahead and eat.
You have to smile if you want to sell that.
Or say "let's do this" to yourself.
Say that, okay?
Hurry up. She's waiting.
He has a daughter.
She has a pretty smile.
Open the door.
Go back.
- What are you doing? - I have something important.
Please give me one more chance.
Do you know what is happening
because of the mistake you made 19 years ago?
This is the coffee shop across from the company building.
This is my phone.
Please check the date and time the photo was sent.
(March 22, 2019, 20:44)
What does this mean?
On March 20, 8:44pm
someone sent me a photo of Ko Hyeon Woo anonymously.
I traced the IP address to the coffee shop across the company.
And Yoon Ji Hye
was using the coffee shops computer at that same time.
She was caught on CCTV.
Ji Hye sent the photo.
Ko Hyeon Woo is not alone.
This could be fake.
I will find out the truth. Please
Please give me one more chance.
Mr. Jeon.
There's one thing I learned in my life.
People don't change.
The one who made a mistake continues to make more mistakes.
He lies to cover up that mistake.
Those mistakes snowball out of control.
Ultimately he is crushed underneath
struggling and crying out for his life.
It's true. I'm in that situation.
Please spare me.
This time
you'd better not make any mistake.
Thank you.
It's me.
Send me documents on Yoon Ji Hye
when she joined the company.
[VIU Ver] OCN E07 'Kill it'
"Sniping the Target"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
- Hello? - Who did you bring?
What do you mean?
Who are you? Wait.
I'm getting paid soon.
At least let me eat. Please?
Get over here, you jerk.
You should've talked while we were being nice.
We won't be nice now.
Please, not there!
Pay up you jerk.
3 days. Just give me 3 days.
What is this?
You little
How dare you?
Who was that?
Su Hyeon, let me explain.
I invested in something really good.
The money will start circulating soon.
Forget about that. Find the client right now.
Su Hyeon, I know that you don't believe me.
But I can't trace the IP.
I can't find it
because it's connected to India, China, and Australia.
Trace the IP in front of me while you chat.
The target has been eliminated.
What about the photo?
(The other user has logged out.)
(Chat record can't be found.)
The application has been created for security,
so it's automatically deleted every time we log out.
What would that mean?
Are we supposed to visit Hyeon Jin and ask her ourselves?
Send that to my cellphone.
Okay, this is the entrance,
and this is the exit of the bullet.
According to the ballistics analysis team,
the gun used for the crime can be traced
by the rifling marks of the bullet.
But there's nothing like it in Korea yet.
So I asked for a favor from my friend in America.
What about the bullet?
I saw you somewhere. You look familiar.
We met each other on Kim Jong Koo's case.
That case brought me to him.
You're the new prosecutor that joined the TF team this time.
Aren't you Prosecutor Dung?
It's nice to meet you.
Wait. Let's say we already did that. Just a moment.
The weight of the bullet was 4.02g.
Instead of lead, it was a copper alloy.
Considering the number of riflings and spinning direction,
I think it was a product of a Russian firearms company,
Was the shell casing found yet?
The site is being searched, but there isn't any news yet.
It won't be found. We didn't find it during Karimov's case either.
Are you thinking that it was the same killer?
You said that you met the killer.
Did you see anything else that day?
He was killed clean.
I'm sure that the cause of death was a bullet to the head
just like Karimov.
There are suddenly two headshots within a month.
While I was performing the autopsy,
I couldn't forget about the killer that you mentioned last time.
A killer?
A mafia member that was arrested during the human trafficking case
said that a killer killed Karimov.
But do you know what's funny?
This man would've died in a month even without the headshot.
Look at this.
Can you see this?
There's something yellow that looks like spots.
What do those mean?
Quantity can make poison.
It means that someone constantly put in some poison in his eye.
It could be himself.
But he wouldn't have known that it contained a small amount of poison.
Even a speck of dust would hurt.
How could he not know if it was poison?
This can become poison or medicine depending on the quantity.
It's a toxic substance called lysine.
This is used in oriental medicine too.
Unlike any other body parts,
eyes are difficult to approach without the victim realizing it.
But it would be possible if it was someone
that was very close to Seo Won Seok.
Or it could be a trap to frame someone else
just like the killer's behavior until now.
If he's someone that's needed for a well-made scenario,
we'll need him too, right?
What is that?
Listen carefully, Doctor Kim.
I didn't bring this for you.
I brought this to remodel my building.
If you say, "I don't like it" or "Take it back",
I'll really
I'll take revenge on you, Doctor Kim.
No, I won't take revenge on you.
I'll make you see real fury.
You know what fury is, right?
You'll have to scorn first.
That's easy. I've scorned for half of my life.
What happened to your face?
Did Doctor Kim beat you up?
Hey, it's not like I'll just get hit by him.
I had to fight with some brute.
That looks really serious.
Where should I leave this?
Over there, sir.
The next stop is my house, sir.
How much is this?
The client was watching us from somewhere closer than we thought.
What are you talking about?
The client said that people close to me will die
if I don't take out the targets.
And Do Hyeon Jin was found right away.
Don't you think it's funny?
It's not like someone is informing them.
Be careful.
You could be next.
Excuse me, Seul Gi left this in my car.
Would you give this to her?
So you're saying that you don't know what happened, right?
Right. Even if I was his aide,
- You can sit there and wait. - I don't know for sure.
Thank you.
- I don't know everything about him. - But still
Mr. Park Tae Soo?
Are you Mr. Park Tae Soo? Sorry.
I'm not sure.
Mr. Park Tae Soo?
Hello. You're Park Tae Soo, right?
All right. This way, please.
Please sit over there and wait.
- Oh, my gosh. - Wait a minute.
It was around 7pm.
Let's see.
Ms. Lee Yoon Joo?
I'm sorry for making you wait.
I still need to get used to it.
Mr. Park.
You weren't on the staff list.
As you may know,
we knew each other from way back,
so I helped him out a bit.
How was your relationship?
We didn't really have one.
He's in a much higher position than me.
He's an assemblyman.
Detective Lee, could you take over for me?
Please wait.
(Joint Investigation Unit)
You're not Lee Young Eun.
You're Do Hyeon Jin.
You're Do Hyeon Jin.
(Seoul Police Station)
I dropped by on my way to see your father.
My goodness. Why do you look so wan?
Are you sick?
- No. - Don't lie.
I'm your mother.
I'll call Director Joo of Saehan Hospital.
You should receive an IV.
I'm busy right now. I have no time to go there.
Just quit, already.
It's not hard to quit.
I'm going to give you a position in Saehan Group.
On the day of my first ballet performance,
I saw my friend crying because she lost the lead role to me
and realized something.
"I shouldn't do this."
"I will make more of my friends cry."
I don't want to go there through nepotism.
My daughter can't have a job like this.
Then I guess I'm not your daughter.
Do Hyeon Jin.
How could you
I beg you.
Can you please accept me
just the way I am and not as someone you want me to be?
We should stop by the hospital and then meet your father.
Get in.
I'm the mother of the tenant on the fourth floor.
You must be cold.
It's cold, right? Your hands are so cold.
She said the mother and daughter will die.
The daughter is already dead.
The photo I got for killing Kim Jong Koo.
Time has passed, but mother and daughter are still alive.
Young Eun.
Young Eun.
Let's go already.
Well, I knew what happened
Yes, it's me. How are the preparations?
We're waiting.
He should start first. What about the dinner meeting?
I still have some time left.
Please let me live.
Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?
Please let me live.
Okay. Then try to calm down, and tell me.
How should I let you live?
They're over here!
Please let me live!
Please let me live!
Please let me live!
You look healthy. Just look at you.
I'm sorry. I had an urgent call.
- Do you like the food? - They're nice.
Gosh, I really enjoyed your TV debate.
- Did you see it? - Of course.
Your opponent seemed to be really flustered.
The price of Chairman Park's shares also seemed to have increased.
It's thanks to you.
It was a great hit this time.
Sure. We should drink.
- Okay. - Here.
Check everything.
Hello. It was nice to meet you.
Okay, let's get ready.
- Do you go out on the fields? - Sometimes.
I see.
I see that it just arrived.
We'll open it.
This is a very good one.
You gave me such a great gift after your big gain.
Let's drink together.
- Sure. - Sure.
- Here. Cheers. - Here.
Yes, it's me.
I think Number 137 is over.
Yes, I got the message.
I'll call you after it's done.
(Kill It)
The list of the missing children.
Skeletons found in the nearby mountains.
Was the killer you saw
one of the victims at Hansol Orphanage?
Number 88 that I knew grew up just as I remembered him.
It's a relief.
It could be different.
Tell me everything you know about Do Jae Hwan and me.
It might not end with a threat.
Think carefully about what I do best.
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