Kill It (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The List

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
Thank you for caring.
I'm just happy that I could be of help.
As you may know, my grandson is the fifth-generation only son.
I couldn't give up on him easily.
We've been to every country including the US, the UK, and Japan.
Honestly, we even went to China secretly.
If you went there secretly, it means the operation was illegal.
That's dangerous.
More than anything, it's difficult to find the perfect article.
Also, the risk of complications is much higher.
Just the thought that he will be able to see with his own eyes
fills me with so much emotion.
Chairman Do, I am 65 this year.
I want to see for a long time with him.
I want to see the world my grandson will now be able to see.
A man's greed knows no limits.
How is that being greedy?
It's only greed when you can't have it.
Will it be possible?
Let's have him examined first.
There's a rumor that
Chairman Ma is in Saehan Hospital.
That they are just keeping him alive even though he's really dead.
Because of inheritance problems.
He is in the VIP room.
His progress is very good.
I had to step down from my post as
the Public Prosecutor General before my term was over.
But there are many of my people in the judiciary branch still.
We need to prepare an umbrella before it rains.
After we get wet,
that umbrella will be useless.
I will be your umbrella.
As for my rain, I ask you to stop it.
Let us go.
Young Eun!
Young Eun!
Who is it?
Is Young Eun home?
I'm Young Eun. Who are you?
Young Eun, I'm Number 88.
Are you all right? Are you really Young Eun?
Number 88?
Are you really Number 88?
How did you come here?
I have to meet him.
That's my closest friend from the orphanage.
My Hyeon Jin doesn't have any friends from an orphanage.
Young Eun!
Young Eun!
Little boy, what are you doing here?
I was worried about Young Eun.
She said being adopted was like dying.
I don't think that's for you to worry.
Everyone is waiting for you at the orphanage.
Let's go back.
Young Eun.
Doing something without permission is breaking the rules.
Because you broke the rules, you must be punished.
It's me. Why?
The prosecution?
Run away.
Sir, the prosecutors have begun the investigation.
I'm eliminating the numbers of Hansol Orphanage, but
I'm sorry.
I lost Number 88.
It's been 19 years.
(Kill It)
(Episode 8)
Are the witness interviews finished?
For today, at least.
Did you find anything unusual?
Did something happen?
No. Aren't you going home?
I was planning on working overtime today.
I'm sorry for asking you to work overtime today.
If this is what working overtime is, it's fine by me any day.
Let's all take a shot first.
Good job, today.
- Well done. - Well done.
That's good.
He's all excited since his wife and kids live away.
Do they?
Yes. It's my third year alone.
Oh, no.
do you know how lonely it gets when you walk into an empty house?
Do you?
I live alone, too.
I'm always alone by myself, too.
That's what I'm trying to say. We should move in together.
I can do the laundry and cook for you.
I'd like to resign, ma'am.
Come on, you.
Once you complete the witness interviews, end the investigation
and didn't you say you were through with only half of the CCTV footage?
After that, you can analyze the video clips on social media
and catch the suspect. Then I'll let you resign.
Don't you think moving in would be much easier?
She's talking about work, even with all this meat in front.
But the weird thing is,
You know the suspects he handed over,
except for Lee Sang Pil's case?
It was a well-known gangster with Kim Jong Koo's case
and a drug addict with Yoo Dae Heon.
What are you trying to say?
To be honest, both the suspect and the victim
are worthy of being imprisoned, aren't they?
Then what about Lee Sang Pil or Seo Won Seok?
Well, they're not exactly the most innocent, either.
Lee Sang Pil, who was the head of the fire department,
was already a target to the police for illegal foreign gambling
and Seo Won Seok has done plenty more.
What if the murderer is some kind of antihero,
like Batman or Hong Gil Dong?
Antihero, my foot.
Does being Hong Gil Dong justify murder?
Well, I don't mean that.
Once you commit murder, you're a criminal, just as well.
We don't know how many more will be his victim.
Well, we'll catch him before that happens.
Gosh, Prosecutor!
Let's catch him. Drink up, grill up.
- Let's go! Drink up! - Let's go!
- Let's go! - Cheers!
- Go on. - Thank you.
Darn it, that hurt!
Whatever, it's cold. Get in, already.
I'll take him to his place and go home.
Good job today!
Good job.
Let's get one more drink!
I'm heading home.
It is not in my manners to let a woman
I mean, a colleague, I drank with go home alone.
Hello? Just one more drink. Hey!
You make me worried, Do Hyeon Jin.
Well, I'm not sure when he got there,
but he ended the operation with me
at around 5:40pm,
so he must've gotten there before 5pm, at least.
I guess there was a misunderstanding.
Did you get everything you needed?
Why are you there?
It's my hospital.
Oh, that's right.
Thank you.
Do you want to talk?
We're orphanage alumni, anyways.
I had a really long day today.
How about you?
It was
the same average day.
What is it? It looks like you have something you want to tell me.
How was your childhood?
How about you?
I asked you first.
I cried a lot, laughed once in a while.
Wondered how Number 88 was doing.
Hoped he was doing well, had that kind of thoughts.
I didn't want to be sent back to Hansol Orphanage no matter what,
so in order to win over my adoptive parents,
I acted like a puppy, sometimes like a cat.
Pretended to be happy sometimes, was unhappy at times.
Now, your turn.
It wasn't special.
I just left it up to time.
When you had nothing special going on, did you ever think of Young Eun?
Do you remember that day it rained?
When you came to see me at my new house.
I wanted to go out.
Did you wait a long time that day?
I left
the orphanage that day, too.
I was worried that you'd be in the rain for too long.
I also worried that you'd get in trouble when you went back in.
It's a relief that you're a vet.
One time, my colleague at work
spent three months following and doing stakeouts
in order to arrest suspects for an illegal gambling casino
in the country.
He finally caught him in the Gangwon Province,
but it turned out
to be his best friend during elementary school.
He had a hard time taking it in.
But that won't happen between us.
That's why it's a relief.
I'm glad the Number 88
that I knew is still the same.
I'm glad you didn't change.
You could be
I bet I'm right.
Why did you kill the numbered children?
Run away.
What number are you?
It can't be. I killed them all.
Drink this. It's a breakfast substitute.
Is something bothering you?
You left home early in the morning.
You did as well.
- Were you gambling? - Come on.
I cut cold turkey.
Even I'm surprised at myself
for being this determined, okay?
- Phillip. - What?
You said I was abandoned
in your grandfather's smuggler ship, right?
You and your words
You weren't abandoned.
Someone asked us to take care of you.
Someone asked us to place you neatly inside a luggage bag
and drop you in the ocean.
But Pavel took you in and raised you.
What matters is that you weren't meant to die.
The one who wanted me dead
was Do Jae Hwan.
Do Jae Hwan? Have you regained your memory?
If he's indeed your father
Then the deceased Do Hyeon Jin was your older sister.
Then that woman would be your mother, right?
- Phillip. - Yes?
On your way here from Vladivostok,
how did you get here?
On a plane.
You know,
I scraped up all the money I had.
You know how dire my situation was.
I don't even want to think about it.
I was Where are you going? Hey.
Why did he even bother to ask?
(You have received a video file.)
What is this?
Did Number 88 get this?
I'm the one who wants to ask you.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Number 88, the one you hired.
Tell me everything you know
about Do Jae Hwan and me.
Tell me why the numbered children
had to die as well.
Calling me is a breach of our contract.
Think wisely.
Don't forget what I'm good at.
The last two targets
can always change.
We'll be in touch.
Number 88 sent you this?
He remembered Do Jae Hwan.
He wanted to know his relation to Do Jae Hwan.
He even threatened me, saying that he might target us next.
He may actually try to kill us.
Before our next target is removed,
Number 88 might reveal his identity to Chairman Do.
- We won't be able to control him. - No, we will.
Do Hyeon Jin getting threatened
caused Seo Won Seok to die.
Shouldn't we use Hyeon Jin soon as well?
Be careful.
You too.
Make sure you find a place to flee to afterward.
What about you?
I'm going to go to Joo Hyeon's favorite place.
You're going to the ocean?
Where could that place be?
I can never forgive them.
(Chairman Do)
What is it? Do you have something to say?
I have one thing I'm dying to know.
Would you like to hear it?
What is it?
This is my first time telling you this.
My grandfather
didn't just pass away.
He was murdered by someone.
Are you not surprised?
So what is it that you want to ask?
Back then, someone saved my life.
If it weren't for him, I could've died as well.
He sewed up my wound too.
Why do you think
he did that?
That's your question?
I just can't understand why.
What do you think?
Why do you think that man
saved me?
It would have been less uncomfortable
for him to have you alive.
I should buy him something tasty when I see him.
You know, right?
The girl Hyeon Jin was looking for was me.
I'm going to tell her everything.
Should not I tell her?
Do as you please.
Now that I think about it, so many people saved me.
Including Hyeon Jin's old boyfriend.
Su Hyeon.
I'm grateful to you too.
You saved me.
Do you want a lift to school?
You didn't even get in the car before because you didn't know me.
I didn't know you before.
Now I know you a little.
Did you have breakfast?
I'm on a diet.
I'm serious.
I thought you were on a diet.
It's only a real diet if you start the next day.
Didn't you eat because you didn't want to eat alone?
I'm not ready to talk yet.
I'm still getting ready.
I trying hard in my own way.
Okay. Tell me when you are ready.
Radish kimchi has nothing to do with that.
What's wrong now?
I always feel like crying when I eat seolleongtang?
Isn't it strange?
That could happen.
I feel like that whenever I see paper planes.
Gosh. Seolleongtang (Ox Bone Soup) is tasty at least.
Paper plane is really strange.
But why?
It reminds me of my childhood.
Did you have a hard time?
It was hard times 8, happy times 2.
If it was 8 to 2,
it must have been quite hard.
But at times, the 2 won over the 8,
It's why I can enjoy this tasty soup with you.
I am grateful to the paper planes.
This is good.
Come here.
Lie down. Play dead.
(Seo Won Seok)
It's really clean.
It's 70m from the building rooftop to the campaign site.
The killer made a headshot with one try.
Do you think he knew there was no CCTV around the building?
He could have gotten lucky.
It was a completely different pattern from the past.
It was a public execution that was neither hidden nor quiet.
He killed for everyone to see.
Do you think
Ko Hyeon Woo is alive?
He is our prime suspect.
Since he is missing rather than being dead.
But I don't think it's him.
The age difference with the killer I saw is too great.
I wonder what was in this safe?
- You came? - Yes.
We met when we were interviewing witnesses, didn't we?
I was told I could get rid of unnecessary items.
Was this safe Assemblyman Seo's personal safe?
Yes. He didn't let anyone go near it.
But Park Tae Soo was an exception.
Seo Won Seok must have trusted him a lot.
I don't think it was trust.
Seo probably thought Park Tae Soo couldn't disobey him.
It was a relationship of master and servant.
Talking about the safe reminds me of an incident.
The safe was open one time.
Assemblyman Seo got really angry at Park Tae Soo.
I think he even slapped him. It was really noisy.
I didn't dare go into the room.
This is the leash we have seized.
The list of children who disappeared without a trace
from Hansol Orphanage.
The list of children that disappeared?
The suspect that you saw
could be Ko Hyeon Woo's accomplice.
For example, he could be one of the victims of the orphanage.
(Detective Lee)
[VIU Ver] OCN E08 'Kill it'
"The List"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
(Detective Lee)
Explain what you sent me.
There's an ally near a shop building 30m from the shooting site.
Park Tae Soo was acting strangely that day.
I called him back again as a witness.
That must be it.
Regardless of whether Park Tae Soo tried to kill Seo Won Seok
the important thing is
he is from Hansol Orphanage.
I agree.
If this serial killing is related to Hansol Orphanage,
that means Park Tae Soo knows something.
Shall we look around?
Where are you?
Could it be here?
- Prosecutor Yoon, - Yes?
Let's go to the Forensic Service.
Mr. Park Tae Soo? Please come this way.
I thought I was done.
This is such a huge case.
There's so much to investigate.
Please sit down.
Please start your questions.
You knew Assemblyman Seo from your time at
- Hansol Orphanage? - Yes.
Where were you at the time of his murder?
I was nearby.
The driver called at dawn to say he had acute pneumonia.
So I drove him to the campaign site instead.
Of all the days, right?
You drove him to the site where he was killed.
- Do you have some chronic illness? - I don't.
You are healthy. That's good.
The target screen results are here.
(Target screening - It tests whether a certain chemical is present.)
The poison found in the eye dropper bottle
matches the poison found in Seo Won Seok's eyes.
Why would Park Tae Soo try to kill him?
I really want to know too.
Park was his right-hand-man from their time at the orphanage.
The ones who betray you are the closest to you.
Let's hurry and go.
- Okay. Good job. - Okay.
- Good work. - Have a good day.
Did you
Did you have
any personal grievances against Assemblyman Seo?
You know, superiors tend to boss people around a lot.
I didn't have any.
Can I go now?
Wait a minute.
This case is getting so much interest from everyone.
I have to investigate this thoroughly.
I have given you all the answers I can give you.
I'll be going.
You have to sit and stay a bit longer.
I'm a bit busy.
You've had a hard time. Have some tea or something.
Where are you going?
Mr. Park Tae Soo.
You attempted to murder Seo Won Seok.
You're under arrest.
Attempted to murder?
Do you have a warrant?
The prosecutor specially brought it himself.
Do you want me to go in with you?
I have something to ask.
- Young Eun - I'm the team leader
in charge of Seo Won Seok's murder case,
Do Hyeon Jin.
Please uncuff me.
Assemblyman Seo died from a gunshot.
Why am I arrested?
He died from the gunshot,
but you, Park Tae Soo, have attempted murder.
Do you have any evidence?
A poison, lysine, was found
from an eye dropper bottle you have discarded.
And it matches with the poison found from Assemblyman Seo's body.
Didn't you discard the bottle because you saw Assemblyman Seo
die from a gunshot?
Why did you try to poison Assemblyman Seo?
The list of the children that disappeared from Hansol Orphanage.
Would you explain what that means?
It's already included in the list of evidence.
- Call my lawyer. - Did you see Ko Hyeon Woo
when you were at Hansol Orphanage?
Ko Hyeon Woo?
Who is that?
Let me call Chairman Do.
(Seo Won Seok, Yoo Dae Heon, Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo)
(The List of Hansol Orphanage's children)
Ko Hyeon Woo?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
You should ask your adoptive father.
Let me call Chairman Do.
(The List of Hansol Orphanage's children)
I'll go out for a moment.
See you soon.
(The List of Hansol Orphanage's children)
(Job Application)
(Yoon Ji Hye, March 14, 1977, 24 years old)
These were found at Yoon Ji Hye's house.
These are photos of a baby and its ankle band.
If my memory is correct,
this is the ankle band used in Saehan Mirae Hospital.
The data regarding surrogate mothers of Hansol Orphanage
couldn't be found because they were all incinerated after the incident.
I think it would be better if you checked it yourself.
Let's talk about this again later.
Yes, sir.
I heard that you joined the Joint Investigation Unit.
Okay. What bring you here?
I want to know about Ko Hyeon Woo,
who was Saehan FT Bio's chief researcher.
You'll be able to find information about him on the Internet.
I thought you were closest to him.
So what? What is it that you want to ask?
I want to know how he went missing.
The stories that only you know
besides the stories that were told in the newspapers.
Even I don't know anything else besides that.
Are you done?
I have a busy schedule.
I can't listen to you anymore.
Do you know about the list of Hansol Orphanage's missing children?
I'm not sure.
If it's about Hansol Orphanage,
the dead Assemblyman Seo would know very well.
I checked that Hansol Orphanage was under your name.
Hyeon Jin has grown up so well.
She's so competent that she might catch you.
If owning Hansol Orphanage
is against the law,
officially request a warrant.
If not, leave.
Park Tae Soo wants to call you.
As you know, he's being investigated by the Joint Investigation Unit
for attempting to murder Assemblyman Seo.
If you just left,
I would've really scolded you.
Don't go against your father.
You can't win against him.
I won't go against him.
It's just a procedure I must take as a detective.
I really don't like you doing such things for your job.
I want you to have only good and pretty things.
Nothing feels like a waste to me.
I received enough while I lived here.
You frowned too much.
Did you think that I wouldn't notice?
You're my daughter.
Nobody can stop that.
Saehan is yours.
You can keep Saehan.
I only
want to be your daughter.
Bom, I'm home.
Bom, I'm home.
Where did she go?
I'm glad the Number 88
that I knew is still the same.
I'm glad you didn't change.
You could be
I bet I'm right.
Su Hyeon, there's something wrong with her.
There's nothing wrong with her body.
Then what's wrong with her?
She's usually very active,
but she was lethargic today. It startled me.
She didn't eat either.
She's depressed.
- What? - There are many reasons for that.
It's usually because they're in a foreign environment,
or they're affected by their owners' emotions.
My emotions?
Many of the cats who are depressed
have owners who are also depressed.
They're very sensitive animals.
Come to think of it,
I couldn't play with her much because of work
and only showed her the serious side of me.
Take care of yourself. At least, do it for her.
Hearing that
makes me feel more responsible for my own happiness.
I should be happier.
So that was why?
I'm so relieved.
Do you like that?
You're so adorable.
How about you? Are you happy?
For now, yes.
Bring her here when you're busy.
It'll be better for her than staying home alone.
Okay. Thank you.
(Saehan Mirae Hospital)
It's all right.
Go to my office first.
(Saehan Mirae Hospital)
This elevator is restricted to only VIPs, sir.
Sorry to have you wait.
Did you talk with the former director of prosecution?
Other than his grandson's,
he'd like cartilage for himself as well.
Is that so?
By the way, how is the plan coming along?
(Saehan Mirae Hospital, Ms. Yoon Sung Hye's baby)
It's from our hospital.
Search Yoon Sung Hye.
"Yoon Sung Hye"?
She died in 2000.
That was when the orphanage closed down.
Who is she?
Why are you looking for her?
She's Yoon Ji Hye's older sister.
Ms. Yoon?
(Medical Report)
Yes, sir.
Let's have dinner together this weekend.
Yes, sir.
Darn it!
My apologies.
Run away.
What number are you?
It can't be. I killed them all.
How is that being greedy?
It's only greed when you can't have it.
(Number 15, Male)
(Number 32, Male)
(Number 61, Male, Number 6, Female)
(Number 36, Male)
Due to the lack of evidence of carrying the substance,
his alibi, and Seo Won Seok administered it himself,
the arrest warrant was denied.
We don't have additional evidence.
We could've charged him
for the preparatory murder attempt and conspiracy.
By the way,
what is this list of the disappeared children?
Do you know anything about it?
Anyway, I'm disappointed that we couldn't apprehend him.
He was the closest to Seo Won Seok,
and it seemed like he knew a lot about Hansol Orphanage.
I can't believe we're letting him go.
We need to keep monitoring him.
- That won't work. - Isn't there more?
The parcels are here.
- Hello. - The parcels!
- Thank you. - Don't mention it.
This is from the Local Police Special Investigation Team.
Thank you.
I can't believe it took this long for me to get this.
Half of those parcels are for you.
What? Really?
Thank you.
I ordered this a long time ago.
It doesn't have a sender.
What? That's Detective Do's.
Detective Do, this is for you, but it doesn't say who sent this.
- Let's see. - What is it?
Who sent that? It's an internet article.
Why would someone send this by mail?
Probably because they didn't want their IP address to be traced.
(Remains Found at a Mountain Nearby Hansol Orphanage)
(Unidentified remains were found at a mountain.)
The list of the children that disappeared
and remains at a mountain near the orphanage
This could be
what got Seo Won Seok killed.
Please request for a search and seizure warrant.
Detective Lee, find out who wrote this article.
Yes, ma'am.
Detective Do Hyeon Jin?
Yes, that's me. Are you Reporter Jeong Jin Young?
(Remains Found at a Mountain Nearby Hansol Orphanage)
Do you remember writing this article?
How did you get this?
I thought it'd be an exclusive.
Remains were found at a mountain near Hansol Orphanage.
In addition, the remains were of a little child.
I believed it was fishy.
I can't search the web for this anymore.
Of course.
It didn't take one day for my article to be taken down.
Could you tell me the details?
I was called in right after I published the article.
I tried to keep writing articles and push on with the case,
but I ended up getting kicked out of the newspaper company
and got fined for distributing false information.
But after leaving the newspaper company,
I felt like someone was watching me and my family.
After that, everything I tried got ruined.
That's when I realized it.
I put my hands on something I shouldn't have.
Is there anything else you know about Hansol Orphanage?
The head of Hansol Orphanage was a jerk named Seo Won Seok.
He took those poor, abandoned children
and abused them to work
after feeding them merely a bowl of gruel.
And he buried their bodies if they died.
I heard that he sold it as a hospital too,
but it seemed like he did that for someone else.
Of course, I couldn't check that.
It may have happened a long time ago,
but do you remember where the skeletons were found?
I wonder if it's still there.
Herbalists and hikers tie ribbons on trees
to mark their tracks.
I heard about them from a villager that used to gather herbs
and found the site when I was following those ribbons.
I might have some photos left with me.
I'll send them to you if you need them.
Okay. Thank you for your time.
You should be careful too.
Prosecutor Yoon, is the warrant out yet?
What's wrong?
They gathered us here to investigate this.
What are we supposed to investigate if they block everything like this?
Gosh, this is frustrating. Seriously.
have you always lived by the law?
Hey, Su Hyeon. You should take a bite.
It's amazing. But you're out of kimchi.
Come here, will you?
- Are you on a diet? - I saw your passport.
I found out that you didn't take a plane on your way to Korea.
I'll be back soon. Think carefully until I come back.
Think about what you should tell me.
I'm here to hear your answer.
Seeing how surprised you are, I must've come to the right place.
Sit down.
I'm fine with meeting Chairman Do too.
Is that man I'm meeting after 19 years
my father?
Is it even here?
If you compare the markings nearby and the photos from Reporter Jeong,
it should be around here.
But do you think there's still something left?
We should look for anything
if we want to properly request a warrant.
Keep digging.
- Detective Park. - Yes?
Over here.
Why? Did you find something?
Dig over here.
What's this?
- Everyone, get over here. - Yes, sir.
Did you find something?
Dig over here. Quickly.
Dig over there too. Take it slow.
Keep digging.
What is this?
- Hey, Yoon Seung. - Yes?
Who is this?
(Kill It)
The murdered Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon,
and Seo Won Seok have Hansol Orphanage in common.
The only person left now is Ko Hyeon Woo and you, Father.
Since you're a detective, I think you should comfort me
by arresting the culprit.
Why did you try to kill me? I'm your son.
When I think about it,
I was the one who made the biggest mistake that day.
Keep this in mind.
Unlike you, I never make mistakes.
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