Kill It (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Buried Body

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
Dig over here. Quickly.
Come here. Be careful, and do it slowly.
What is this?
- Yoon Seung. - Yes?
Who is this?
Can we get a post-seizure search warrant?
We must also make the witness interview of
Hansol Orphanage possible too.
Contact the Forensic Service.
I don't think you have the time.
Quicker you give me the answer, the better.
Tell me everything you know about Do Jae Hwan and me.
Accurately speaking, he is your biological father.
He made you, but he never raised you.
Why did he kill the numbered children?
The answer is in the video you sent.
If you want to know, look there.
That's not the answer I wanted.
If you want to know about the death of the numbered children
find out why they were born.
(Director Joo Young Hoon)
- He's the fifth target. - Target?
The choice is yours.
Choose between the target and the people you need to protect.
You might end up dead first.
If that was true, you would have killed Do Jae Hwan and me already.
You want to know, not kill.
The reason why the numbered children were killed.
You should go
unless you want to meet your father.
Why would Mr. Ko, who went missing 19 years ago,
send that picture?
If you were your usual self,
you would have asked quite a lot of questions.
I waited
for you to tell me about it first.
Ji Hye.
Has it been 19 years since you came to work for me?
It's been a long time.
Do you know what your best virtue is?
Please tell me, sir.
You don't show your emotions.
You don't show any emotion,
and you were consistent with the same expressions.
Even though you may have had tough days as well.
It was nothing.
You were considerate enough, sir.
Let's have a drink.
By the way,
you said you lost your parents at an early age, right?
Did you grow up alone?
I had an older sister.
Had? That's past tense.
It was an accident.
A car accident.
A car accident?
Hyeon Jin died in a car accident as well.
Your wife must have been devastated.
You must have been devastated too
when your sister died.
I must say I was quite indifferent
about you.
- Yes, hello? - I have arrived, sir.
All right, Tae Soo.
Make sure the Numbers are all there
and let me know when you're ready to move them.
Now, let's eat.
I think Do Jae Hwan and Park Tae Soo are up to something.
What do you mean? Explain.
He said something about moving the Numbers.
It's the children in the video. We need to find them.
We can't leave them to die again.
It's dangerous so don't make a move yet.
I think it's time I came forward.
No. If you make a move now,
our plan might get ruined.
You need to stay put.
And please
complete this task.
It was our promise.
Please call for Number 88.
I'll call you back, sir.
Ji Hye, it's been a while.
(Kill It)
You should go
unless you want to meet your father.
Children are still getting killed.
Find them if you want to know.
What are you doing?
Look at this.
Where did you get this?
When I went to the hospital last time,
I stole it while the teacher wasn't looking.
There's really a place like this?
Do you think we'll go to places like this when we get adopted?
Lucky Number 137.
Because he got adopted?
He'll be going to places like this with his new parents.
Where do you want to go to the most?
For me,
the sea.
Me too.
I hope I get adopted soon.
doesn't matter if I get adopted or not.
I just want to go outside.
The Joint Investigation Unit, that is investigating
the shooting incident of Assemblyman Seo Won Seok,
found the body of a 60-year-old woman,
while searching around the orphanage
where Assemblyman Seo used to be the director
and filed for a post-seizure search warrant.
The orphanage, which closed 19 years ago,
is undergoing a search led by the Joint Investigation Unit,
leaving the shooting incident of Assemblyman Seo
with even more questions.
Run away.
Children are still getting killed.
Find them if you want to know.
You want to know, not kill.
The reason why the numbered children were killed.
How about the Numbers?
You don't have to worry.
What should I do with Ji Hye?
Hold on with that.
Did the intruder leave anything behind?
We've searched the summer house and cars.
He didn't leave anything behind.
I couldn't find any tracking devices or hidden cameras.
He came in here and looked at the laptop.
Chairman Do.
The intruder was recorded on the dashcam of a nearby car.
Can you compare him to the guy who came to your house?
I'm not certain, but his height and build seem similar.
I'm having some problems because of Hansol Orphanage.
I'm sorry.
It's been closed off for so long.
I didn't think it through.
Any other mistakes?
Could someone have seen you at Hong Jung Hee's house?
I destroyed the car I used.
I already prepared an alibi.
Be careful when you enter here.
Contact me with this.
As for Ji Hye,
keep an eye on her until I leave.
(Restricted Number)
(Restricted Number)
It has been 19 years,
Why did you try to kill me?
I'm your son.
I had no need for you.
Because Do Hyeon Jin died?
Now that I think about it
I was the one who made the biggest mistake that day.
It's so simple.
Did you kill the numbered children by mistake too?
You are my only mistake.
Number 88.
You remember my number.
What do you want?
Remember this.
Unlike you, I don't make mistakes.
(Park Tae Soo)
Tae Soo, where are you?
(National Forensic Service)
Don't you think we're seeing each other too often?
You said you secured the DNA.
There was a trace of blood under the nail.
I conducted genetic testing.
I tried to make some identification using the result.
There was no match.
As you can tell by the purple spot, the cause of death is strangulation.
What was the murder weapon?
It was an ordinary rope.
This little old lady's neck was strangled so hard that
thyroid cartilage and tongue bone were all broken.
It must have been painful.
Was it also the social worker who reported her missing?
She had no children or family.
Hyeon Jin, you have to get the guy.
When you do, bring him to me first.
I will beat him to a pulp.
She couldn't even cry out for help.
She couldn't even scream out in pain.
She must have been so scared.
She was found at Hansol Orphanage?
According to the background check,
Hong Jung Hee had nothing to do with Hansol Orphanage.
What about that article regarding the skeleton found at the orphanage?
It was delivered to us at the station.
The CCTV didn't catch anything?
Courier service guy brought it.
We have to investigate.
You went to solve a problem, but you came back with more.
The murder took place in Seoul, and the body moved to Gangwon.
I think
He must be very familiar with the orphanage.
It's not a place that you go by accident.
I'll be going. Contact me if you find anything.
Where are you going?
Since you're here, let's get something to eat.
As you can tell by the purple spot, the cause of death is strangulation.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
(Kim Su Hyeon)
(Kim Su Hyeon)
Did you find anything?
Are you coming from Hansol Orphanage?
Yes. I'm working hard digging the ground.
Regarding witness interview of the orphanage owner,
I sent the request to his secretary's office.
Let's talk later. I have somewhere to go now.
Wait a minute.
Since you are in such a hurry, it must be a case.
What is it?
I will tell you later.
Come on, tell me. We are on the same side.
Detective Do.
Where is Hong Jung Hee's phone?
It's in my room.
Did you meet someone in the morning?
I have to go to the bathroom first.
(Check who Number 88 is meeting and report to me.)
(To proceed with the next request, Number 88 needs motivation.)
(Check Do Hyeon Jin’s activity and report back.)
(Why aren’t you answering? Did you pay your gambling debts?)
What are you looking at?
- It's not what you think. - What is this?
Why is the profile different?
I don't know this person.
Honestly, I only talked to him online.
You didn't take a plane or a boat.
How did you come to Korea from Vladivostok?
What I'm trying to say is
You shouldn't be doing this to me.
You were on the same boat as Karimov, weren't you?
No, I wasn't.
When Karimov came here
Seul Gi nearly died.
When I said I won't kill anymore
He threatened me with Young Eun's life.
Is that the guy?
It's not that.
Why didn't you tell me?
Was it because of money?
If you found out about him, I was afraid of what you might do.
Get out of this house.
If you don't have me, it will be more difficult to find your past.
- I need to be in the middle. - I told you to get out.
Su Hyeon.
Do you think
we are still friends?
Su Hyeon.
Why did you go to Hong Jung Hee's house?
(Kim Su Hyeon)
Why is this
Hong Jung Hee was found killed and buried in secret.
Do you want to talk?
Hong Jung Hee's body was found
in Hansol Orphanage, that is shut down now.
According to the background check,
Hong Jung Hee had nothing to do with Hansol Orphanage.
Hong Jung Hee was a foster mother there.
A foster mother?
But I don't remember her.
She took care of the children that were numbered.
She was a foster mother there.
Is that why you went to her house?
Did you find out what you wanted to know?
The memories of Hansol Orphanage must've been difficult for her too.
She avoided me as well.
That's why I left my number.
What's wrong, Hong Jung Hee?
Are you in danger now?
Did you
come to see me because you thought
that I killed Hong Jung Hee?
To be honest, yes.
The victim's house was destroyed, and there was a note on the floor.
And your name was on that note. How could I not suspect you?
Then how did you find Hong Jung Hee?
I recently found an article.
Children disappeared from Hansol Orphanage,
a child's skeleton was found in that place 14 years ago,
and that article can't be found on any search portal now.
I found Hong Jung Hee's body while investigating that case.
Then did you find out anything
about Hansol Orphanage during your investigation?
No. Not yet.
The numbered children and you,
why were you numbered?
I'm also searching
for that answer.
Why didn't you ask me about Hansol Orphanage?
I thought it wasn't a good memory for you too.
Did any of your memories come back?
A bit.
That's a relief.
It might not be a relief.
I sometimes wish I could forget about Hansol Orphanage.
Ask me anything you want to know.
I'll also help you get your memories back.
Okay. Thank you.
Just a moment.
(Animal Hospital)
Did you get kicked out?
I'm sure you did. Seeing your bag tells me that you got kicked out.
I knew you would get kicked out one day.
I said no. Why do you keep saying that, you little girl?
What? Do you want to get beat up by a little girl?
Why are you doing this to me too?
Just stay in the hospital.
Su Hyeon may look scary, but he has a soft heart.
Why is he doing this to me too?
Can't I stay at your place?
What did you do to him?
I don't know. It's complicated.
Let me stay for just a moment.
Follow me for now.
Yes, Mom.
It's just a case I'm investigating. Nothing happened to me.
It's something that always happens when we're investigating.
drink warm tea instead of taking your medicine.
And don't worry.
Yes, Mom.
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Lee Sang Pil, Firefighter Department Director)
(Kim Jong Koo, Gangster)
(Yoo Dae Heon, CEO of Myeongsung Global Logistics)
(Seo Won Seok)
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Ko Hyeon Woo, Witness, Forging evidence, Fake testimony)
Shall we go now?
Stay here.
Don't you dare come out.
I'm taking you in because I pity you.
I'll try to explain to him somehow.
What is this? Am I a dog or something?
Okay, I can see that I'll eat somehow.
- But what about the bathroom? - Gosh, you're noisy.
You should be grateful.
How will I live this nervously?
Don't be so thorough. I can get out if I wanted to anyway.
Right. Su Hyeon.
Give me your cell phone.
[VIU Ver] OCN E09 'Kill it'
"The Buried Body"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Gosh, I knew it.
Do you like Lee Young Eun or Do Hyeon Jin?
The name that I'll save on your cell phone.
I'll just save my number as Do Hyeon Jin.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
Su Hyeon, I know that you're confused and in pain now.
Call me whenever you feel like that.
I know that you're confused and in pain now.
Call me whenever you feel like that.
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Ko Hyeon Woo, Witness, Forging evidence, Fake testimony)
(Ko Hyeon Woo)
(Seoul Police Station)
Prosecutor Yoon.
Why are you so nervous?
Right. It's not a blind date, but I'm getting really nervous.
Gosh, Chairman Do sure is something.
He's making a prosecutor of Korea get nervous.
Hyeon Jin, I'll go to Hansol Orphanage
with Sung Ho.
- Keep up the good work. - Sung Ho.
(Ko Hyeon Woo, Hansol Orphanage, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
Did you say that Hong Jung Hee was a foster mother
at Hansol Orphanage?
People related to Ko Hyeon Woo's case died.
Now, people related to Hansol Orphanage are dying.
What did Seo Won Seok try to get
by threatening someone with the list of missing children?
There's no way for us to find the list of missing children.
The skeletons were our only hope.
But that's a lost cause too now.
Seo Won Seok was just a director of a common orphanage,
but Chairman Do made him start doing politics.
It was different for the election this time.
He sponsored Han Jung Woo too.
If Seo Won Seok knew that, he would've felt betrayed.
Well, businessmen always
support the major and minor party at the same time.
They never know who will help them.
That didn't happen in Seo Won Seok's area.
This was the first time during his three campaigns.
That means the relationship between Seo Won Seok and my father
has become distant.
But will you be okay with your father?
This could get awkward.
I'll just go by myself.
I'm not meeting him as his daughter anyway.
- Let's go. - Okay.
(Ko Hyeon Woo, Hansol Orphanage, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
It's my daughter's room.
I think we'll need to clean this room now.
You must know well
that even when my husband became the chairman
and other positions were all replaced,
I never let him replace you. You know that, right?
I'm always grateful for that, Ma'am.
And I think you know well about why I did that.
Tell me to do anything.
I think I can repay the favor I owe your father now.
If I wanted to make Hyeon Jin the heir,
what should I do?
Becoming the largest shareholder
would be the fastest way.
I already started discussing with the company lawyer
on the day you gave me your orders.
Legal problems and tax problems related to that
are currently under examination.
You're the first-generation shareholder.
You can open a shareholders' meeting for management,
but your shares aren't over 50 percent.
Yooho Corporation and SPT Group.
These are the groups that have most of our shares.
I already contacted them, so you'll only need to meet them.
Buy all of their shares regardless of the price they sell them.
Okay. I'll work on it immediately.
Mr. Jeon. Work on this in secret.
Tell me when you get it done.
This young man is so ambitious.
Don't worry too much.
The head of this man's department is my direct junior at school.
Since a body was found,
the warrant has to be issued.
But extending the warrant will be denied.
And even if the investigation turns to a new page
because they find some new evidence
The crucial witness, Seo Won Seok, is dead.
I think
people shouldn't commit sins as they live.
I'll leave now since there's nothing to worry about.
Thank you.
I'll drive you to the hospital on your operation date.
You know that you can't eat before that day, right?
Escort him out.
Yes, sir. This way, please.
Can you check this?
It's similar.
We were completely fooled by Ms. Yoon for 19 years.
Let's say that Yoon Ji Hye did that because of her sister.
But what is this guy?
What relationship does he have with Ko Hyeon Woo?
He's Number 88.
What? 88?
That's impossible.
How could that happen?
He's dead. He was definitely taken care of.
The foreign killer smuggled him out and threw him overboard.
We left him on the smuggling ship.
But we never checked if he was thrown overboard.
Wait. Is Ko Hyeon Woo on the same side with Number 88?
Then what happens now?
They already approached us and killed Seo Won Seok.
Should we just wait for them to take our lives too?
Don't you have a plan, Chairman Do?
An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
We also
got some new bait.
Over there, sir.
Come over here.
What are you doing?
Did something make you get angry?
No matter how angry you get, you should solve it with words.
Don't kill a speechless life.
did you fight with Philip?
Why do you ask?
I'm not sure what it's about, but you should forgive him.
He was sitting there with nowhere to go.
He was a sad sight.
You should get along with your friends.
The only friends you have are the three of us.
Aren't you going to your academy today?
Is there something you're looking for?
You're the vet.
How may I help you?
I came to buy some nutrients
for my plant.
Oh, I see.
Is Seul Gi with you?
She's probably nearby.
One moment, please.
(Business License)
Excuse me.
Since you live in the same building as her,
this is on the house.
Thank you.
Su Hyeon.
I'm going to buy this Happy Tree.
Thank you.
Does that really bring you happiness?
I really need some happiness in my life this year.
Will it really do that?
(Business License)
Is this some kind of a joke?
It's the same building, but it looks so different.
There's a second floor? My gosh.
Oh, it's a lady's room. I shouldn't enter.
Is that a terrace?
This place is incomparable to Su Hyeon's.
She's so lucky to be rich.
What is this?
Is she planning to go to art school? She carried a poster tube.
My gosh. Look at this.
She's not good at all.
Who is this?
This is exactly why you shouldn't take in people.
Hyeon Jin. You should've taken care of this on your own
if you're thankful for your father.
He's only a reference witness.
Go inside.
Your father is waiting for you.
How dare you talk about taking people in
right in front of my daughter?
I hope you'll never come back here again, Director Joo.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Prosecutor Yoon Jung Woo of Joint Investigation Unit.
Let's just get on with it.
I don't have much time.
I heard that your relationship with
the late Assemblyman Seo Won Seok was strained.
It's true that he didn't like my support for his rival,
Han Jung Woo.
You had been supporting Seo Won Seok during the past two elections,
but why did you change your mind?
You need to pick the right person.
After all, they'll be working for the country.
At the place where we found the body of Hong Jung Hee,
the foster mother of Hansol Orphanage,
a young child's skeleton
was found 14 years ago.
Do you remember?
I'm not sure.
I think I vaguely remember
someone writing a false article on that.
Are you saying that such a skeleton wasn't found?
Not that I remember.
Do you really not remember anything about that incident?
Let me see.
Hansol Orphanage is the only thing Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo,
Yoo Dae Heon, and Seo Won Seok have in common.
The only remaining individual
is Ko Hyeon Woo and you, Father.
So? Are you saying I'm next?
Is there anyone you suspect?
You shouldn't ask me such questions.
As a detective, you should apprehend the culprit
and give me reassurance.
(Chairman Do Jae Hwan of Saehan FT Group)
In 2000, Saehan FT Bio was suspected
of performing artificial insemination
and going against bioethics.
Could you elaborate on that?
As I have mentioned in an interview,
that was merely a rumor.
I believe the research closed down in 2000,
and Saehan FT Group was questioned by the prosecution.
If one rumor was powerful enough to sway an entire company,
perhaps, it wasn't a just rumor.
I'd like to wrap this up.
I don't want to be late for my appointment.
I think I can find information on what happened in 2000.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you beforehand. I just remembered it.
Let's go.
Try some.
It's quite fragrant.
Seeing how you even brought tea for me,
you must have something to say.
I decided to transfer my 20-percent share
of the holding company to Hyeon Jin.
You do know what that means, right?
This is unexpected.
I'll give it some thought.
I'm not here to ask for your permission.
I'm just telling you.
Hyeon Jin isn't a company material.
Let her do what she wants.
No way.
My daughter befits Saehan more than anyone else.
Is there
a reason why she shouldn't enter the company?
I'm not sure.
I guess I've been home for too long.
I suddenly became curious.
Let's listen to what she has to say.
Other than
you sending her to the police academy,
everything else went the way I wanted.
You just need to listen to me.
(Chairman Do Jae Hwan of Saehan FT Bio)
By the way, did you look into the courier service?
Yes, I tracked down the number,
and it was from a phone booth.
There was one CCTV camera nearby, but it was broken.
But I did get the courier's number.
I think it's one of your close associates.
It's odd how they picked you.
Could there be anyone who's related to the Hansol Orphanage?
I'm not sure.
In any case, they don't want to be caught.
They're either guilty of something
or is a whistleblower.
Hello, I'm Senior Policeman Lee Yoon Seung.
- The one who called you. - Hello.
I was wondering if you remembered who gave you this.
I do.
Usually, the senders hand me the parcels themselves.
But this person told me the passcode to the locker
where the parcel was at.
Do you remember their voice?
It was a woman.
It's different from what he said.
It looks like a teenage boy.
- Zoom into her. - Okay.
Ms. Yoon?
It's someone you know.
Who's this Ms. Yoon?
Screenshot that, and send it to this number.
- Put me down as the sender. - Okay.
- I'll be back. - Okay.
(Detective Do Hyeon Jin)
(Detective Do Hyeon Jin)
I'm in a meeting.
What is it?
Did you receive the photo?
I want to know about the skeleton on the mountain.
It seems like Yoon Ji Hye sent the article
about the skeleton to Hyeon Jin.
Did anyone else try to contact her?
No, sir. Her call log is clean.
Keep it on.
I'm sure Ko Hyeon Woo won't neglect her like this.
If Number 88 is also on their side,
one of them will come.
The number you have called
We can't leave them to die again.
Please call for Number 88.
(A Skeleton Found at a Mountain Nearby Hansol Orphanage)
Children disappeared from Hansol Orphanage,
a child's skeleton was found in that place 14 years ago,
and that article can't be found on any search portal now.
(A Skeleton Found at a Mountain Nearby Hansol Orphanage)
(You have received a message.)
(Gyeonggi Province, Pajoong-si, Nanam-gu, Youngpo-dong 83)
(This is the children's surgery room.)
(Show this to Number 88.)
(You can talk to him yourself.)
Children are still getting killed.
Find them if you want to know.
Can I speak with Ms. Yoon Ji Hye?
She's currently on a business trip.
I see.
Detective Lee, can you track the number I gave you?
I can't reach her.
Had I known sooner that Yoon Sung Hye was your sister,
I would've sent you to her.
You will never succeed.
The world won't forgive you.
The world won't know about this.
even if this gets exposed,
there are many greedy individuals in this world.
They will make sure this gets covered up.
Will Ko Hyeon Woo come for you?
Or will it be Number 88?
We did see each other
although we couldn't share the happiness of being reunited.
This looks like Su Hyeon's car.
- What is it? - Sir.
Your daughter is here.
- Where's Ko Hyeon Woo or Number 88? - She's here alone.
What should we do?
It'll only cause trouble if she finds out about this place.
- Tell her to go back. - Yes, sir.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(Do Hyeon Jin)
Are you in Yeongpo-dong? I think I saw your car.
(Kill It)
Quit hiding and show yourself.
I'll bury you alongside Yoon Ji Hye.
What if someone wanted to expose Saehan FT Bio?
What if he didn't kill his family but was wrongly accused?
He probably wanted revenge.
Tell me everything you know about me.
Once you follow through with my requests,
you'll naturally find out.
Why me?
Why did you drag me into this?
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