Kill It (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Confronting the Client

(All characters, organizations, places, cases, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(Episode 10)
This looks like Su Hyeon's car.
- What is it? - Sir.
Your daughter is here.
Where's Ko Hyeon Woo or Number 88?
She's alone. What should we do?
It'll only cause trouble if she finds out about this place.
- Tell her to go back. - Yes, sir.
Hyeon Jin is here.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(Do Hyeon Jin)
- Yes. - Are you in Youngpo-dong?
I think I saw your car.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
Who are you guys?
Are you all right?
Call the police.
We need to find Yoon Ji Hye.
Please escape.
The police are headed this way.
(Kill It)
(Kim Su Hyeon)
May I help you?
(Detective Lee)
How did it go, Detective Lee?
We have to find the guys who dared to stab you, of course!
We're trying our best to find them.
How about the search warrant for the warehouse?
About that
Are you okay, Hyeon Jin?
Prosecutor Yoon is here. I'll ask him myself.
Keep searching for Ms. Yoon.
How are you feeling, Detective Do?
We're searching around the area where you were stabbed,
but the warrant for the warehouse was rejected for lack of proof.
Mother, could you call the nurse?
No. Get back in bed.
I would have taken you home,
but we're only here because it's easier for your treatment.
Mother, I really have to go.
Prosecutor Yoon even came all the way here.
Sure. The team and I will do all the hard work.
So she can just give us orders.
I'm going to stay put and just give out orders.
You can give out orders while staying here too.
I won't allow it today, even if the chancellor came.
I really have to go, mother.
You were stabbed.
And the culprit is still out there.
Do you think I'd allow you to go in this situation?
What do you mean stabbed? It was just a scratch.
- It really doesn't hurt. - I'm hurt!
What about Ms. Yoon? Why are you searching for her?
I'll go home, then. It's too stuffy here.
Do I take you home?
No. Let's go to the site.
I'll get that.
It won't open.
I don't think there are any clues here.
It's a bloodstain.
I heard you got hurt! Are you all right?
I got flashbacks of Min Hyuk and my heart dropped!
I'm going to send you some evidence. Could you analyze the bloodstain?
This is urgent, so you have to give this top priority.
Yes, thank you.
You're here.
What? Is that you, Su Hyeon?
Come on!
You're so soft-hearted for this kid.
What is this? Is it fusion?
Come on in.
Why? Why is that?
(Number 88, Happy birthday.)
(Sehan FT Group and Hansol Orphanage)
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Key suspect, Ko Hyeon Woo)
(Ko Hyeon Woo)
(Professor Ko, the Godfather of Artificial Insemination, Missing.)
(Business License: Seokdong Greenhouse, Lee Kyung Ho)
Excuse me.
Since you live in the same building as Seul Gi,
this is on the house.
No. If you make a move now,
our plan might get ruined.
You need to stay put.
And please complete this task.
I wasn't sure which of these pots was wiretapped.
I've finally found you.
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo, my client.
How exciting was it to toy with me
all this time?
I merely hired you.
You made the decision.
I think you're violating the clause in our contract
about looking for the client.
Is that why Do Hyeon Jin was targeted?
You used Yoon Ji Hye as bait to drag Hyeon Jin in and kill her.
I'm not the one who ordered to kill Hyeon Jin.
Then who was it?
Yoon Ji Hye disappeared after meeting Do Jae Hwan.
I bet he used her as bait to lure you and me in.
If only Hyeon Jin didn't barge in, I would've found Ji Hye.
Jae Hwan tried to kill his own daughter?
He's the one who abandoned you on that smuggling ship.
Do you think he'd suddenly care
about his adopted daughter?
Tell me everything you know about me.
About why I was called Number 88,
and why the numbered children
had to die.
The answers
will be given to you,
once you do what I ask of you.
Why me?
Why did you drag me into this?
Do Jae Hwan believes with enough money, he can get rid of anyone.
And you are willing to kill anyone for money.
That's when I realized something.
Like father, like son.
You are exactly like him.
Is that why you chose me?
You could've refused my offer.
You're no different from him.
You burned
your wife and daughter to death.
Shut it.
What do you know to say that?
Just do what I have asked of you.
Did you forget? If the target is still alive,
the people around you will die one by one.
Why are you here?
Follow me.
He needs to help me change my pot.
Su Hyeon!
Let me go.
I said, let go!
Let go! It hurts!
Stop going to that place.
Why? Are you jealous that I've become friends
with someone else other than you?
Do you not have any wariness?
Yes. I don't.
We should stop pretending
not to recognize each other.
Your friend, Phillip,
tore the picture that I drew of the person
who murdered Min Hyuk.
Why do you think that was the only page he tore off?
I've forgiven you for everything.
So you should stop tormenting yourself.
Just promise me one thing.
There are times when I see a different side to you,
and it scares me.
Promise me that you won't ever show that side again.
If I see that side of you again,
then I don't think
I'll be able to forgive you.
Just remain
as the vet who works in my building
with Gray.
When you stay silent, it means you agree.
I'll trust you.
Don't make the wrong decisions.
Don't get into any fights even if they provoke you.
Come back home safely.
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(Do Hyeon Jin)
(You have 1 missed call.)
The number you have dialed cannot be reached.
Your mother seems to be very worried.
Shouldn't you just stay at the hospital?
Have you found Yoon Ji Hye yet?
Saehan said they can't say anything about it
except for the fact that she took some time off.
We're currently looking for
any immigration records regarding her.
I see.
You should rest for the day.
We can take care of it.
We need to find Yoon Ji Hye.
- I'll escort you. - It's all right.
Let me.
It's really all right. Thank you, though.
Is your hand okay?
Are you really not going to say anything?
I almost died.
Are you okay?
I thought you'd visit me at the hospital.
I waited for you. You could've at least called.
I'll take you to your house.
Here you go.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
(Date of Birth, Graduated in February of 2015)
"Kim Su Hyeon"?
- "Su Hyeon"? - Choose one.
Hyeon Jin.
You must be cold.
It's cold, right?
Your hands are so cold.
(Kim Su Hyeon)
(Animal Hospital)
- Let's go. - Yes, ma'am.
Home sweet home.
It feels great.
Oh, right.
Is Bom still at the hospital?
I'll bring her home.
Stay a little longer.
Is it because you feel bad about me?
I keep seeing you in unusual places.
You make me tremble every time I see you.
I went to save an abandoned dog.
An abandoned dog?
Someone posted on SNS that a dog was wandering around there.
Please find that dog.
He saved my life.
Shouldn't you stay in the hospital longer?
It's more comfortable to be home if I'm to start work tomorrow.
I can see you too.
Can't you smile for me?
If something like that happens again,
never get involved.
By the way, did you find Yoon Ji Hye?
How do you know her?
You told me
she was in danger.
I must have been in a lot of pain.
Why do you have to find her?
I told you about
an article regarding the skeleton found at Hansol Orphanage.
She sent that to me.
She is an important informant so I have to find her.
If there are children who disappeared, I want to find them.
Even though they were born without parents to protect them,
they need to be protected.
They were abused carelessly and killed without knowing why.
We must not turn away from those deaths.
The lights looked so pretty from the orphanage.
While looking at the pretty lights, I always cried.
Of all the happy people living down there,
won't it be nice if any one of them came to look in on us?
There could be children
who are crying, just like me at the time.
I will look in on them.
Call me if you need me.
I think it was worth getting hurt
to have something nice like this happen to me.
You will come any time, right?
You promised.
I thought Hyeon Jin was busy.
She must be home early today.
You should forgive Phillip.
He's the type to be a nuisance wherever he goes.
Let him be a nuisance here.
I sent someone to tell you Hyeon Jin was hurt.
Why didn't you come to the hospital?
I had numerous meetings the next day.
You were in meetings when your daughter was stabbed?
She left the hospital the next day.
We could have talked at home. Why did you have to come here?
Since you are so busy, we have no time to talk.
Where is Ji Hye?
She's on leave.
She said she's going to use
all the vacation days she hasn't used.
You must be feeling hurt.
You never explained things like this before.
Let's talk about Hyeon Jin later.
Do you remember?
Our baby Hyeon Jin
when she was sick with leukemia?
There was a boy who was giving his bone marrow to her.
She met him by accident at the hospital,
and we had him at our house for a few days.
Do you remember?
What is it that you want to say?
At the time, I was so fixated on saving Hyeon Jin.
So I didn't think much about it.
Time has passed, and while raising my present Hyeon Jin
I suddenly thought about him.
It's hard for family members to have matching bone marrow.
That small boy won't have given his bone marrow of his own will.
Director Joo brought him.
It's such a strange relationship.
Our baby Hyeon Jin
gave him his name.
It was Su Hyeon.
There is an animal hospital in the building where Hyeon Jin lives.
The veterinarian's name is also Su Hyeon.
Isn't it funny?
Why are you telling me all this?
Hansol Orphanage.
The boy said he was from Hansol Orphanage.
His name was Number 88.
I think about him at times.
Let's talk later.
How was it like to meet your son?
It's been a long time, Hyeon Woo.
Jae Hwan.
Why did you do that?
You just needed to kill me only.
Joo Hyeon.
Joo Hyeon. Honey.
Joo Hyeon. Honey!
Why did you do that
to my wife and my child?
What are you talking about?
It's you who burned your wife and child to death.
Did you forget?
Give yourself in and pay for your crimes.
This is the last advice I give you as your friend.
Do Jae Hwan!
What do you gain by doing something so terrible?
Are you sacrificing those poor children
just to get money?
Do you think I'm doing this just for money?
At the top of this world, the people with money and power
all bow and plead before me.
They beg me to save them.
You are next.
Any time.
Quit hiding and show yourself.
I'll bury you alongside Yoon Ji Hye.
Okay. You just wait.
The Saehan you have built
I will crush it with one blow.
Then you will beg.
Hyeon Jin, I'll be leaving first since it's time for school.
Okay. Thank you for helping me.
[VIU Ver] OCN E10 'Kill it'
"Confronting the Client"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Call me if you need me.
I need you.
(I need you.)
- Gosh, you startled me. - What do you need?
Would you drive for me?
- If you're busy - I'm not busy.
Was it the local police station?
Are they asking you to come for a testimony?
You became bothered because of me. What should I do?
You should get to work first.
Prosecutor Yoon.
I came to pick you up for work.
I thought you couldn't drive.
This is Prosecutor Yoon Jung Woo. He works with me.
This is Doctor Kim Su Hyeon who runs the animal hospital here.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Yoon Jung Woo.
I'm Kim Su Hyeon.
You're the person who first reported when Detective Do was injured.
May I meet you another time when I need you?
Of course.
But I was trying to discuss our investigation on our way.
It seems like I was a bit too late.
Then you two should go together. Your destination is the same too.
- May I do that? - Yes.
Then hop in.
I'll see you later.
The prosecution report on Saehan FT Bio in 2000
I went to the archives to look at it,
but I couldn't get access.
Why can't you see it if it's necessary for our investigation?
So I found the prosecutor that interrogated Chairman Do.
- Did you find him? - Yes.
But he was at a small law firm in the countryside.
He said he wanted to talk to me in person when I called him,
so I'm planning to visit him immediately.
Would you like to go with me?
Hong Jung Hee's case is still unsolved,
and Yoon Ji Hye is still missing
I think I'll have more to do in Seoul.
And as you can see, my arm is like this.
You should take care of that by yourself.
Okay then. I'll contact you when I get back.
In 2000, Saehan FT Bio was suspected
of performing artificial insemination
and going against bioethics.
Could you elaborate on that?
As I have mentioned in an interview,
that was merely a rumor.
The numbered children and you,
why were you numbered?
I'm also searching
for that answer.
Hyeon Jin. Can you come to work like this?
Yes, I can.
Did you investigate people close to Yoon Ji Hye?
Yes, I investigated them,
and they received a text that she was going on a trip.
She said she'll take a sabbatical by using her unused vacation days.
She's not someone who would tell that to everyone.
What? Why are you here instead of a hospital?
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Sung Ho, you're coming from Yoon Ji Hye's office, right?
Did you get anything?
Don't even mention it. They won't let me even touch it.
- Couldn't you get anything? - What do you take me for?
I secretly stole a hairbrush.
I gave it to the NFS.
I asked for a DNA comparison to the bloodstain
on the earring you submitted.
Good job.
Did you find the car yet?
Well, we checked the camera in Yoon Ji Hye's studio
and confirmed the time that vehicle left.
So I even searched through the departure and arrival records,
but Yoon Ji Hye's name wasn't found on the list.
If she didn't go on a trip abroad,
she would've used trains, buses, or her own car.
But her car disappeared.
If she used her own car,
it would've been caught on a tollgate camera.
But it can't be found.
Someone must've changed the license plates.
What about Yoon Ji Hye's phone log?
I have it here.
I checked every number on here,
But they were all work-related, including Chairman Do.
She had a really boring life.
Could she be using a burner phone?
I traced back her surroundings
to find calls from other numbers,
but there was nothing.
Right. The person who first reported when you got injured
- Yes? - Why was he there?
He was there to rescue an abandoned pet.
- What? - What?
Here are the pet food and nutritional supplements.
You didn't have to do this too. Thank you so much.
You should thank the doctor.
Thank you. I'll take good care of the cat.
We'll take good care of the cat. Thank you.
Let's go.
He runs an animal hospital on the first floor of my apartment.
Did he submit his testimony to the local police station?
I heard him getting a call for that when I was with him.
The local police station will take his dashcam.
Your assailants might be involved with Yoon Ji Hye's disappearance.
Those two jerks aren't saying anything.
I think we should take over that case
before the local police station closes it.
I'll talk to the local police station.
Can you write a report to give them?
Prosecutor Yoon is coming late.
Meet me in my office. Prosecutor Yoon Jung Woo.
More than anything, it's difficult to find the perfect article.
Also, the risk of complications is much higher.
There's a rumor that Chairman Ma is in Saehan Hospital.
He's in the VIP ward.
Children are still getting killed.
Find them if you want to know.
- Hello. - How was the sea?
Not enjoying myself there almost killed me.
Who says that the sea is best in winter?
The sea is best in spring.
- Did you meet the prosecutor? - Yes.
Hyeon Jin.
I know that you're a detective in any situation.
But even if you say that you'll pass on this situation
I don't know what you're worried about.
But if Saehan FT Bio did something illegal,
I'll take responsibility and make it become public.
That's what I'm worried about.
You always jump into things head first.
And I think
this is true.
Patient Kim Yeol Chang from Room 151,
please return to your ward immediately.
(Restricted Area)
(Restricted Area)
(Ma Jin Cheol)
(Ma Jin Cheol)
(Prosecution Report on Saehan FT Bio)
(Is it true that a foster mother has given birth to children?)
(That is a rumor. Those children do not exist.)
(Ma Jin Cheol, heart transplant)
Is it already time for my injection?
The heart transplant
was a success.
How does it feel
to purchase someone else's life?
I didn't believe it, but my suspicion was true.
You might get a heart attack.
Hurry up!
This is your fifth target.
This interrogation by the prosecution was done in 2000.
And the interviewee was Chairman Do Jae Hwan.
If this is true,
then the list of the disappeared children
and the child's skeleton
And the Hansol Orphanage as well.
It can't be.
The man who reported this
was him.
He was an expert of the artificial insemination,
the head researcher of Saehan FT Bio,
and a parricide who has gone missing.
Doctor Ko Hyeon Woo.
If someone wanted to expose Saehan FT Bio,
how would Chairman Do have reacted?
What if Ko Hyeon Woo
didn't murder his family but was wrongly accused?
If I were him 19 years later,
I would've wanted revenge.
Lee Sang Pil became a firefighter department director.
Kim Jong Koo committed murder but was acquitted.
Yoo Dae Heon became the chairman of Myeongsung Global Logistics.
These were all possible because of Chairman Do's support.
And the person who donated the most to Seo Won Seok
was Chairman Do as well.
Hey, did you get anything?
The DNA from the earring
and that from the brush are a 99.99-percent match.
It's the same person.
It's Yoon Ji Hye whom you've been looking for.
- Okay. - All right. Good luck.
Ko Hyeon Woo went missing after trying to expose Saehan's secret.
And Yoon Ji Hye disappeared
after sending us that article regarding the skeleton.
I'm sure you've guessed as well,
but Chairman Do is behind all this.
If we want to find her,
we need to trace his whereabouts.
Should we go now?
All right. Here we go.
We did it, right? Okay.
Gosh, this is the chairman's car.
I'm sorry, sir.
It was a mistake on his part. What should we do?
It doesn't seem like that big of an accident.
But since it's my mistake, I'll take care of it. I'm sorry.
If my father finds out, both you and I will be in trouble.
Do you know any car repair centers around here?
Oh, right. Fortunately, there's one right around the corner.
It won't take long.
The chairman might need the car all of a sudden.
Don't worry about that. I'll take care of him.
If you give him the car key, he'll go right now.
I'll come with you.
Right, that'd be better. Yes.
Come in.
I thought the interrogation was over.
Did you bring a warrant?
I came as your daughter, not as a detective.
Sit down.
What is it?
At the Hansol Orphanage,
I thought only the numbered children got adopted.
I was so lucky,.
(That is a rumor. Those children do not exist.)
Don't beat around the bush and get to it.
I was worried you'd give up my adoption
and that I'd end up back at the orphanage again.
That's why I wanted to be a good daughter.
I also wanted to be loved.
The other kids all had parents,
but I never did.
But I gave up quickly.
I realized that I was merely
a substitute for your real daughter.
The life that you had
is something others can't even imagine having.
I know, and I'm grateful.
Not because I lived an unimaginable life,
but because I have a mother now.
I know that your mom is trying to do something for you,
but you won't get
I'm not interested in the company. I only want to know
if you have ever thought of me
as your real daughter.
No, I haven't.
Were you in Youngpo-dong two days ago?
- No. - Father.
Thank you for allowing me to attend the police academy.
Leave now.
I heard Ms. Yoon is on a trip.
If you get in touch with her, please tell her to call me.
Tell her I want to know the answers to some questions.
(Dashcam Records)
We should submit this to Forensics, right?
Even the files of the last two days have been deleted.
Are you curious about the look on the face of a daughter
who is investigating her father's crimes?
No, Hyeon Jin. That's not it.
Yes, Seul Gi?
You should hurry here.
Su Hyeon is facing your mother
with a face I've never seen.
No, it doesn't seem like he's facing her.
It looks like she's looking into him.
I see that
you got your veterinarian license in America.
Is your family in another country?
I don't have a family.
I'm sorry.
Your hands are so cold.
Stay here. I'll be back in a moment.
Su Hyeon, I'm doing this since you're my brother.
Mom, please take a photo of us.
May I ask
who gave you your name?
I'm asking this because it's a name I like.
My sister gave me my name.
But didn't you say that you didn't have a family earlier?
I don't have a family now.
Thank you for opening the door.
You said that your name was Seul Gi, right?
I already know that you're Hyeon Jin's mother.
Thank you.
It will be hard if you continue to hiccup.
I think you should drink some water.
Lukewarm water would be better than cold water.
Bom. Come here.
You're so pretty.
This is Hyeon Jin's cat. Isn't she pretty?
She always wanted a cat since she was a child.
She finally got one.
Why couldn't she have a cat?
Do you hate cats?
No. The cat may not know anything,
but I couldn't let Hyeon Jin get hurt.
It must be Hyeon Jin. I called her to come quickly.
Please lead those people here.
I heard that you met my mother.
Are you okay? Did nothing happen?
Yes, nothing happened.
That's a relief.
I thought that my mom asked for a difficult favor from you.
If you would be okay,
would you like to come upstairs and eat with me?
It looks delicious.
Be careful with those.
- Mother. - Hello.
I picked up Philip.
He looked so pitiful like a lost dog.
I'll leave right after I eat.
- How's your shoulder? - I'm okay.
Wash your hands. Do you need my help?
- It's okay. I'll leave my things. - Okay.
Ma'am, I've been through difficult times
these days.
I'm living in the kitchen now,
but it was so cold last night.
Why would it be that cold?
So when I turned on the stove,
it became so warm.
And it's too hot during the day.
That's when I open the refrigerator.
You ate something, didn't you?
I found two melons,
so I ate a quarter of one of those.
- I ate so much. - My goodness. Stop talking.
I'll get going first.
By any chance,
was this an uncomfortable meeting for you?
I enjoyed the food.
Su Hyeon, your sister
Can you tell me about your sister next time?
It's nice to live in the kitchen.
But if we go into war next time, go to the kitchen instead of your room.
Was it that uncomfortable?
I'm okay.
Is your sister from your adoptive parents?
I'd like to know how your family was.
I can't imagine you being with a sister.
Just a moment.
Hyeon Jin, look at this.
A really strange video was found from Chairman Do's dashcam.
(Detective Lee)
(Hyeon Jin, look at this.)
(A really strange video was found from Chairman Do's dashcam.)
(Kill It)
How do you know Yoon Ji Hye?
It's the same as how I knew Hong Jung Hee.
Finding your lost memories?
I warned you
that I'll kill the people around you one by one.
He's a killer.
You might get killed if you do that.
I wouldn't have even started this if I feared death.
I won't kill you if you bring her now.
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