Kill It (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Secrets Getting Revealed

(Episode 11)
I had no need for you.
Now that I think about it
I was the one who made the biggest mistake.
You are my only mistake.
Number 88.
Number 88.
Father also knew about Number 88.
(Saehan FT Group and Hansol Orphanage)
(Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, Yoo Dae Heon, Seo Won Seok)
(Prime suspect, Ko Hyeon Woo)
The suspect that you saw
could be Ko Hyeon Woo's accomplice.
For example, he could be one of the victims of the orphanage.
Detective Lee, are there any other videos?
I'm looking.
But several days are missing, so I have to restore them.
Concentrate on the days that Yoon Ji Hye didn't go to work.
I'll be right there.
Why did you go to Hong Jung Hee's house?
Is something wrong?
It's nothing.
My mother says she's going.
I should see her out.
Hello? What is it?
Where are you?
Are you sure you want Phillip to go?
What did he say? Does he want me to stay?
No. He told me not to mind you.
What did you do to make him this mad?
I didn't do anything.
Just say you're sorry.
He may be cold-hearted,
but there are times when he gets soft.
That's because it's you.
Are you really going to leave?
What else can I do, then?
I'll go and find a public sauna to stay at.
Give me back my drawing.
What are you talking about? What drawing?
That's odd. I'm sure you know about it too.
You tore it out of my sketchpad.
I don't even know what you're talking about.
You shouldn't take it like that.
It's meant for someone else. Give it back.
Whatever. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm leaving.
Give it back already!
Come on! Give it back, you thief!
You know, you sure have a way with words.
And you have a way with making Su Hyeon angry.
That, I agree with.
I guess you know your place, at least.
Give her back the drawing and follow me.
I need a word with you.
Hey, buddy. Does that mean you're forgiving me?
What about my drawing?
- My drawing! - Stop following us.
- Hey, you! - Stop it.
(Animal Hospital)
- It's me. - Sir.
I found Number 88.
It turns out that
he lives in the same building as Hyeon Jin.
That's interesting.
The Hansol Orphanage alumni are living in the same building?
Tae Soo.
Attacking first is an option.
So, should I spare you?
People always ask me to spare them.
I'm pretty sure I've given Ko Hyeon Woo and Number 88
enough time to come and save you.
Seeing how neither one here,
you must really feel betrayed.
Is this where you harvested the organs
of the children?
Why didn't you just obey me?
Then, you would have lived longer.
You jerk.
You're going to
pay for your sins someday.
I just regret not being able to see it for myself.
Ji Hye.
The word "sin" doesn't suit me.
have the power to change sins to virtue.
I don't need you anymore.
(Kill It)
(Seoul Police Station)
You are my only mistake.
Number 88.
The suspect has great reflexes
and knows who Kim Jong Sik of Always Mom's Food is.
Her daughter called. Although she hung up quickly.
- Yes? - The name of the restaurant
where Chairman Do and Ms. Yoon met was recorded in the dashcam,
so I'm headed there. I'll send you the address.
Ms. Yoon's bioscopy shows that she died on April 14.
So we're assuming she was kidnapped on that day.
(Saehan Mirae Hospital)
(Number 15, Male)
(Number 32, Male)
(Number 77, Male)
- What's this? - Check on these sponsors.
What exactly am I supposed to check?
If they're alive.
Or their medical records.
What for?
To see if they had any illnesses.
Or if they had any kind of surgery, what it was for
and when.
The hospital is probably going to be Saehan Mirae Hospital.
You can hack that, right?
Of course.
Your friend here is a part of a world-famous hacker group.
(Restricted Area)
What's the purpose of this?
I need to know the purpose to hack it accurately.
The numbered children at Hansol Orphanage.
I think I found the reason
why they had to die.
He said something about moving the Numbers.
It's the children in the video.
We need to find them.
You need to stay put.
And please complete this task.
It was our promise.
I can never forgive these people.
I'm here so let's talk face-to-face.
(Unlimited Preferred Account)
This is everything I have.
Let's end it here.
What I need is the lives of the targets.
Su Hyeon doesn't need you anymore.
He knows the identity of the father who tried to kill him.
He knows the reason why the numbered children had to die.
He doesn't have to listen to what you have to say anymore.
Do you really think so?
If he doesn't kill the targets,
I warned him I'll kill the people around him one by one.
Do you think he will just standby and watch them get killed?
You'll end by dying.
He's a killer who kills people.
You will change your mind when you see this.
Go and get Number 88 to work.
If you do something to her, I'll kill you myself.
This way.
We clear the CCTV recordings every three months.
If it's April 14,
it hasn't been three months yet. So the recordings will be available.
But it seems there are many people looking for recordings of that day.
Did someone else come too?
Yes, someone from Saehan FT Group came too.
One moment, I have his business card.
Here it is.
(Executive Director, Jeon Yong Ki)
Do you know him?
He and Yoon Ji Hye didn't get along.
Does Chairman Do come here often?
He does come from time to time.
But he always came with the same lady.
- See for yourself. - Okay.
It's Yoon Ji Hye.
Wait a minute.
That's the same guy who was driving into Chairman Do's car, right?
He knew.
We have to find Yoon Ji Hye.
Chairman Do is appearing.
Copy this
and continue checking until the end.
I will get back to you.
Where are you going?
I was going to call you, Hyeon Jin.
Remember the veterinarian license from Cell College that you sent me?
Among the graduates, there is no one whose name is Kim Su Hyeon.
But for the year 2005 veterinarian license you sent me,
someone called Kim Su Hyeon did take the test.
But the numbers don't fit.
This Kim Su Hyeon born in 1986, not in 1990.
I don't know who forged it but did an impressive job.
I was nearly fooled.
Are you listening to me? Hyeon
This Kim Su Hyeon born in 1986, not in 1990.
Sorry for being late.
Here. Ta-da.
What is this?
You look really cool.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
- What is that? - Ta-da.
Police University.
What are you doing? You didn't even hear me coming.
- How did you get in? - I know a way.
- I bet you didn't eat. - I'm hungry.
Let's not eat here, but go somewhere else.
Jin Young.
(Prosecutor Yoon)
(Prosecutor Yoon)
Where are you coming from, Su Hyeon?
I had some business to attend.
Did you save another abandoned dog?
There were no abandoned dogs that day.
You came to meet Yoon Ji Hye just like me.
You didn't ask who Yoon Ji Hye was.
You asked me why I was looking for Yoon Ji Hye.
By the way, did you find Yoon Ji Hye?
Why do you have to find her?
How do you know Yoon Ji Hye?
It's the same as how I knew Hong Jung Hee.
Finding your lost memories?
Were you also at the country home murder nine years ago?
Was Min Hyuk's death
also your doing?
What are you doing in front of someone else's car?
At least you know your place.
(Inavi Connected)
(Inavi Connected)
(Inavi Connected)
Stay here for a moment.
Hyeon Jin.
Hyeon Jin.
Take Seul Gi to the hospital.
Stay here for a moment.
Go and get Number 88 to work.
Su Hyeon will try to kill me when he finds out.
Why? You should stay in bed longer.
I'm not hurt. Why would I stay in the hospital?
It's because we're worried about you.
You probably won't be able to eat because of the shock.
You should drink this instead.
What are you worried about?
It's better to stay here until the case gets closed.
Where's Su Hyeon?
Are you worried about him too?
It was your first time to see him fight, right?
Su Hyeon might fight here and there like that,
but he always protected me.
You also
know that he isn't a bad person, right?
He even takes it easy on Phillip whenever he causes trouble.
Someone who will take care of you will come soon.
You're busy, right?
You have to go, right?
I would rather just go home.
Listen to that person.
I'll come back as fast as I can.
[VIU Ver] OCN E11 'Kill it'
"Secrets Getting Revealed"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
The composite sketch of the culprit.
(Kang Seul Gi)
I wanted to show you this earlier, but I had my reasons.
The other person is someone you know.
That person didn't kill anyone.
And he saved me.
I'm sorry that I'm late in telling you this.
(The composite sketch of the culprit.)
Yes, Detective Lee?
Yes, Hyeon Jin. We found Yoon Ji Hye's car.
But we also found her body.
The culprit is Jeon Yong Ki.
On what grounds?
After you left earlier,
I checked the camera recordings of the parking lot that day.
The camera was cut off,
so we couldn't see Yoon Ji Hye getting abducted.
But fortunately, a dashcam from another car in the parking lot
caught Jeon Yong Ki abducting Yoon Ji Hye.
Sung Ho left to apprehend him this evening.
Where did you find her?
What happened? Who reported?
Someone who lives on the second floor of this building.
And Jeon Yong Ki?
Sung Ho is interrogating him, but he refuses to speak.
He won't tell us who ordered him.
- Take her to the NFS. - Okay.
Be careful.
How could this happen?
Was it suicide or a murder?
What happened?
Why here?
Usually, they dump bodies in the water
or at a remote place.
They would've thrown away the body only.
This looks like a warning or a threat.
It's not targeted at you, right?
Does Chairman Do come here often?
He does come from time to time.
But he always came with the same woman.
Yes, Prosecutor Yoon.
I'll head over to the NFS after wrapping everything up.
I'll see you there.
The cause of death is an overdose of propofol.
- Propofol? - Yes.
I found high concentrations of it
in the peripheral nerves and the heart.
How long since the injection?
Not too long. Look.
Judging by the needle mark, she wasn't a frequent user.
If she was,
the new and old ones would overlap.
But if you look closely, there are no encrustations.
Also, about Yoon Ji Hye's brush that Detective Park brought.
After obtaining her hair strands, I was going to give it back.
But something felt so odd.
The brush kept rattling.
So I opened it up.
My goodness. There was a USB.
Detective Park hit the jackpot.
Then where's that USB?
You're as impatient as she is.
Hold on.
Brush. USB.
I think she knew she'd die.
Isn't that sad?
Anyway, we should find out what's on this USB.
Follow me.
(Park Tae Soo)
He wanted me to look for the orphanage
that was sponsored by Saehan Mirae Hospital.
I believe he's looking for the next Hansol Orphanage.
And the foster mother?
There's no need for you to worry, sir.
- I took care of her. - They're
talking about Hong Jung Hee, right?
I trust that you'll take care of Seo Won Seok as well.
Absolutely, sir.
Are you all right?
I did have an idea of what kind of man he was,
but I'm at a loss for words
after hearing this.
Detective Lee.
I'll send you an audio file.
Please analyze it.
We'll start from the beginning.
Lee Sang Pil.
Kim Jong Koo.
Yoo Dae Heon.
And the fourth victim,
Seo Won Seok.
The skeleton of a kid from Hansol Orphanage is found.
19 years ago, someone reported that the organs of the children,
who were born through artificial insemination at Saehan FT Bio,
were sold to high-ranking officials.
(Testifier's Record of Statement)
Ko Hyeon Woo, who had exposed the secret,
has disappeared with charges of parricide.
If Chairman Do framed him for exposing the secret
by using Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon.
Then there's a chance that Mr. Ko joined hands with someone else
to punish them.
These serial murders
are closely-knitted to Hansol Orphanage from 19 years ago.
Seeing how he asked about why the numbered children had to die,
I think it's the same man who came to me.
Seo Won Seok thinks he was sent by Ko Hyeon Woo or you.
Did you see his face?
He was young.
They started to make their move.
He's not alone.
The people who knew the secret about the reason why
those children were born started these serial murders.
Did you analyze the audio file?
I checked with the analysis team, and it was confirmed as Do Jae Hwan.
Even if our assumptions are correct,
we need solid evidence to back them up.
It's impossible to use these inferences
to apprehend someone as powerful as him.
He'll be acquitted like he was 19 years ago.
Let me know once the dashcam is restored.
Who could it be?
Who went to Park Tae Soo and asked about those numbered children?
Who is this accomplice of Mr. Ko who knows both
Do Jae Hwan and Park Tae Soo?
I'm going to go out for some fresh air.
Detective Do.
You're hiding something, aren't you?
I'll call you.
It was your doing, right?
You were the one who tried to kidnap Seul Gi.
You psycho. How could you do that to a kid?
I told you.
If he doesn't do as I say,
the people around him will be put in danger.
How could you say that?
She's innocent.
If you do that again,
it won't be Su Hyeon but me who will kill you.
Got it?
If I was scared of dying, I wouldn't have even started this.
I warned you.
Don't ever come near the animal hospital.
I looked into the list of sponsors.
I found something strange.
On the days when the kids got adopted,
all the sponsors received an organ transplant
at Saehan Mirae Hospital.
What could this be? Isn't it odd?
That's a restricted area.
Who are you?
Chairman Do Jae Hwan of Saehan FT Group sent me.
I see.
Is this where you extract
the fertilized eggs for the VIPs?
We don't simply cultivate here.
We also get rid of any genetic defects
by selecting the chromosomes.
It's a great world, isn't it?
In the beginning, they went through many tests
and even created infants with blue eyes.
And where do those kids
grow up?
I'm sure they're being raised well.
Aren't you curious?
They aren't even my kids.
What exactly did Chairman Do
ask you to do?
He wants to know how the checkup
for the former Public Prosecutor General Lee Myung Soo went.
Right, Public Prosecutor General Lee Myung Soo.
Number 190 is being cultivated right now.
The director will explain the rest in detail.
And as for the checkup,
you can ask the nurses.
Then go and ask them.
- Sorry? - Ask and bring it to me.
He didn't care to cover his face
while doing his deeds.
Perhaps, he wanted to boast.
That he is still alive.
I beg to differ.
Don't you think he's threatening to kill us?
How's Chairman Ma?
I calmed him down.
His condition is improving so we need to discharge him soon.
How about President Lee Sang Il of Daehan Bank?
He has a severe case of diabetes.
We're going to give him both kidney
and pancreas surgeries at once.
I looked
at the health records of the numbered children.
And Number 188 is doing very well.
We will conduct an extensive medical checkup
and schedule the surgery date.
do you think it'll be all right?
What do you mean?
Is it safe to do the surgery with Number 88 on the loose?
We need to be more aggressive.
If we flinch, we'll only be showing our weakness.
It seems like your wife is trying
to appoint Hyeon Jin as the successor.
If she cannot do what we do,
she shouldn't even start.
How will she succeed
in her unstable state?
After failing a couple of times,
she'll soon rely on her pills once again.
(Restricted Number)
(Restricted Number)
Unlike you, I'll give you a chance.
I'll give you three minutes.
Where are the numbered children?
I never asked you for a chance.
How disappointing.
It wouldn't turn out great for you
if I revealed this video
to the entire world.
Is that so?
Then do it.
I have the power to make them believe
that the video was fabricated.
You'll regret this.
You're running out of time.
Dr. Kim Won Gook of Internal, please come to the emergency center.
This would be better
than killing the children.
Dr. Kim Won Gook of Internal, please come to the emergency center.
Dr. Kim Won Gook of Internal, please come to the emergency center.
He's at the hospital. He's here!
Chairman Ma. Chairman Ma.
Number 88, you Darn it.
No. It's not Chairman Ma!
Open that!
Are you okay?
What's going on?
Come with me!
Sir, you need to get out of here!
Let me go!
- The reporters will be here. - What?
Darn it!
Don't let this get out.
Make sure you tell the others what to say!
Transfer all the calls you get to me!
I'll handle them!
- We need to go, sir. - Darn it!
Hey, there's an accident at the hospital.
I can't reach the chairman.
I'll be there soon, so keep an eye on the numbered children.
On the 15th floor of Saehan Mirae Hospital,
an explosion broke out.
Thankfully, no one was injured.
However, a staff member was worried that all the research information
for the past nine years that was made through the joint operation
of Saehan Mirae Hospital and Saehan FT Bio may be lost.
Since the hospital was known for its tight security,
it is perceived as a mistake made by one of the staff members,
and the police are investigating the situation.
Answer that.
(Public Prosecutor General Lee Myung Soo)
Hello, sir. This is Park Tae Soo speaking.
The chairman is not here
as he's doing damage control.
Yes, sir. I'll let him know that you've called.
Goodbye, sir.
Open it.
Can you use it?
No problem.
go to the numbered children
and protect them first.
I checked the numbered children and sent bodyguards.
I'll move with you, sir.
Mr. Jeon has been arrested too.
I'll protect you by your side.
You're the only man who treated me like a person.
Please give me a chance
to make up for my mistake of losing Number 88.
(Number 15, Male)
(Number 32, Male)
(Number 77, Male)
(Number 88, Male)
(Number 88, Male)
(Number 88, Male)
Okay, it's an emergency.
You heard about the explosion at the hospital, right?
- Move the kids. - Yes, sir.
Number 188.
You've been adopted.
Get her ready.
Hide the kids and gather in front of my room.
We have a visitor.
Are you that famous Number 88?
Where is everybody?
You're late, but you came to the right place.
This is the last stop for the numbered children.
If you bring them now,
I won't kill you.
Please save us.
- Please save us. - Please save us.
(Kill It)
The tragedy will never end if Do Jae Hwan doesn't die.
How many children have you killed until now?
I have no memory like that.
How far do think you'll be able to take your evil deeds?
Don't think this is over!
My duty is to make sure
that there aren't any more children that are born to die.
Your revenge is just murder.
So please stop what you're about to do now.
Can't you just forget everything?
You lived fine even when you didn't know about your father.
It's already too late.
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