Kill It (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

The Last Target

(Final Episode)
(Detective Lee)
- Talk to me. - It was Kim Su Hyeon.
The time the phone was turned on, phone and map location all coincide.
The phone is now turned off.
(Detective Lee)
This is crazy.
This is some kind of a movie.
When I heard he was a killer,
I thought you were joking.
I put out an APB for Kim Su Hyeon.
Were you thinking of advising him to turn himself in?
I thought the reason you came rushing here from the unit
without saying anything could have been that.
If I could do that,
I want to give him that chance.
Do you think Kim Su Hyeon, Ko Hyeon Woo, and Yoon Ji Hye
worked together to plan these murders?
Lee Sang Pil, Kim Jong Koo, and Yoo Dae Heon were
Ko Hyeon Woo's personal grudge.
Ko Hyeon Woo and Yoon Ji Hye must have been Su Hyeon's clients.
What about Jeon Yong Ki?
He has only admitted to the kidnapping.
- He won't speak of the rest. - Who's the lawyer?
It's Haesoo Law Firm,
but they have no direct connection with Saehan or Chairman Do.
They might be getting help through a corporate lawyer.
We need to issue an arrest warrant.
That won't be a problem, but we need to secure evidence.
Otherwise, we may not be granted an arrest investigation.
Let's catch him ourselves, first.
Kim Su Hyeon's last target might be Father
I mean, Do Jae Hwan.
Were you close to Kim Su Hyeon?
Excuse me.
(Restricted Number)
- What is it? - It's a map.
It's from a restricted number.
Kim Su Hyeon has been located!
I'll head over first. See you there.
All right.
(Restricted Number)
Is that you, Su Hyeon?
You're here, aren't you?
The children in the car
are the numbered children.
Are you sure you can protect them?
Don't worry about the children.
We need to have a talk.
Are you watching me?
Please take care of
- Seul Gi, as well. - Just wait, Su Hyeon.
I know what my father has done in the past.
I'll make him pay for his sins myself.
So please stop what you're trying to do.
Do Jae Hwan doesn't deserve to be forgiven.
I'm not telling you to forgive him. I'm trying to make you stop.
Do Jae Hwan's misdeeds
haven't stopped yet.
Killing won't solve anything.
Your revenge is just murder.
I'll help you.
My duty
is to make sure that there aren't any more children
that are born to die.
Su Hyeon.
I'll stop it.
Su Hyeon?
Hyeon Jin!
Are you all right?
Where's Kim Su Hyeon?
There are children in the car.
Children? Get the children first.
Yes, sir.
Where's Kim Su Hyeon?
Let's go.
(Kill It)
(Animal Hospital)
The person you have reached is not available.
Hey. Don't ever come home.
The police barged in the hospital and found everything.
Do Hyeon Jin brought them all over.
Su Hyeon. Let's return to Vladivostok.
I managed to get in contact with Victor.
I've got the smuggler boat ready.
So come straight to Incheon, okay?
Su Hyeon! Are you all right?
You're on the wanted list. And me, as well.
Don't you know how worried I got?
What about Seul Gi?
She's fine.
Do Hyeon Jin hospitalized her with some caregiver bodyguard.
I'm keeping a close eye in case Ko Hyeon Woo harms Seul Gi.
- Ko Hyeon Woo? - Yes.
He threatened me.
He said he'll hurt Seul Gi if I don't make you work.
First, get me a car and a phone.
Okay. Use this.
They can't track this.
I'll find a car as soon as possible and get back to you.
Where's Ko Hyeon Woo?
Where are you going?
Are you going to Do Jae Hwan?
Number 88 has to be the one to eliminate Do Jae Hwan.
Won't it be fair only if he dies at the hands
of a child he created to kill?
I don't know what it is,
but he had this bloodthirsty look in his eyes.
Also, I can't find Gray.
Do you think the police took him?
I had him sent to an animal sanctuary.
Take care of yourself.
Su Hyeon.
Can't we just forget about it all?
Hansol Orphanage and all.
You lived fine even when you didn't know about your father.
Do Hyeon Jin knows everything, and she'll come after you.
It's only a matter of time that you get caught.
Let's just go back. Okay?
It's already too late.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
It's all my fault, okay?
You're not yourself right now.
I mean, it's not like you.
- I always wanted to try this. - It's so good!
It's all so good!
- It's so good. - Try this.
It's so good.
Hyeon Jin.
I restored all the recent content from Do Do Jae Hwan's dashcam
and picked out the scenes that have relevance to the crime.
This is the yard of that abandoned building yesterday.
We've secured proof that he has something to do with the children.
This voice record is from after he met Ms. Yoon on April 14.
Mr. Jeon. Bring Ms. Yoon to the warehouse in Yeongpo-dong.
You said the arrest warrant on Do Jae Hwan is ready, right?
Yes. Let's proceed before the press gets here.
I've also collected the children's DNA.
He looks so nice.
I guess they really are just children.
They were so terrified yesterday, but they're having fun now.
What about the evidence from the site?
It was shredded documents.
The Evidence Analysis Team is restoring them.
My duty
is to make sure that there aren't any more children
that are born to die.
Inspector Park. The Child Welfare Center will come to take the kids.
- Please take care of them. - Yes, ma'am.
Here. His name is Nam Seung Yeon.
He worked as a plastic surgeon for Saehan Hospital seven years ago
and quit due to a medical accident.
He was suspected of throwing away the bodies of those who died
of propofol overdose into the sea.
But he was released due to the lack of evidence.
Also, this.
He had recorded all of his calls.
This is one of them.
Sir, Number 137's heart will be sent
to the hospital right now.
Okay. I'll get Chairman Ma ready for his surgery.
Good work.
I called the hospital to check.
They refused to spill any details due to privacy issues.
But it's confirmed that he was admitted there.
This is enough proof to request an arrest warrant for Director Joo.
Since we have the video file that Kim Su Hyeon left behind,
we have additional evidence as well.
Give me 10 minutes.
We'll arrest those slaughterers then.
Detective Lee,
request a prohibition of Do Jae Hwan and Joo Young Hoon's departure.
You're still tracking Kim Su Hyeon's phone, right?
It's been off since yesterday.
- This is so delicious. - I know.
Hey, hey.
- What is it? - Watch me.
You look ugly.
This one is tasty.
Ma'am, how long do I have to be here?
I was going to get adopted today.
Will I not be adopted?
This is a police station.
Your adoption won't happen.
Why not?
You're going to go somewhere nicer.
Where? The ocean?
- Is that where you want to go? - Yes.
By the way, is that man from yesterday not coming?
Where will you go? To Do Jae Hwan?
I need to stop by somewhere before that.
Su Hyeon. Just be careful.
Just come back, okay?
I'll take you out of this disgusting country.
I was never disgusted by it.
Go. I'll call you.
Killing won't solve anything.
Your revenge is just murder.
I'll help you.
Will you be okay?
I think you should go to Director Joo.
He treated the children's organs as if they were goods
and even killed them.
I can't forgive him even more since he is my father.
(Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office)
Prosecutor Yoon, Det. Park, and I will go to Do Jae Hwan's residence.
The rest of you, go to the hospital and apprehend Joo Young Hoon.
- Yes, sir. - All right.
We need to hold a general shareholders' meeting soon
and expel him.
How about we ask Hyeon Jin for help?
Exactly why is he interrogated by the prosecution?
There's no solid evidence yet,
but rumor has it that
Chairman Do is involved in Seo Won Seok's death.
Jeon Yong Ki, the one who murdered Ms. Yoon,
is apprehended by the Joint Investigation Unit.
He is involved in that matter as well.
The company will take a hit for this.
This will greatly affect the company.
Among some of the executives,
talks about his imprisonment are mentioned.
The bank seems to be making their move as well.
All right.
Please let me know if anything new comes up.
Yes, ma'am.
An arrest warrant was issued to the Joint Investigation Unit.
Your dashcam was what sealed the deal.
I'm sure you weren't the one who handed it over to them.
What happened?
We can claim that the footage was fabricated.
An arrest warrant has been issued
so it'd be difficult for you to run away.
Chairman Do, hang in there.
During the actual inspection,
you'll be set free due to the lack of evidence.
As for Yoon Ji Hye, Jeon Yong Ki can take the blame.
The problem is the numbered children.
Where's Doctor Nam Seung Yeon?
He's at the NFS' autopsy room.
It's solved then.
Dr. Nam can take the blame
since he's dead.
You're quite lucky.
I am, sir. Now that the storm is here, I've finally realized
that your umbrella is the widest and strongest.
I should leave now.
If not,
people might suspect me of helping you.
Did you look into the dashcam?
I think it was Hyeon Jin.
The driver told me that she crashed into your car,
and the car was taken to a car repair.
I think that's when she took it.
- Where are the numbered children? - At the Joint Investigation Unit.
All the remaining documents have been destroyed.
As for the ones at the hospital, you should check with Director Joo.
What happened?
Was it Number 88 or Ko Hyeon Woo?
Did you move the documents?
The Joint Investigation Unit will visit you with an arrest warrant.
- Go with them for now. - Are you
Why would I be arrested?
You'll never go to jail.
The former public prosecutor general gave me his word.
Just do as I say.
I won't go no matter what.
I'm heading to the airport right now.
The reporters will humiliate me by taking photos.
I'll go abroad until things settle down.
That'll only make you seem more suspicious.
Chairman Do, we need to overcome this crisis.
Or else, we'll suffer like we did 19 years ago.
No. Times have changed now.
We may never get away with this.
Then you can take care of yourself.
Of all days, why today?
Young Hoon.
It's been a while.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
Police. Where is Director Joo?
He left on a business trip.
- What? When? - It hasn't been long.
Please spare me, Hyeon Woo.
This is all Jae Hwan's doing.
Why did you do it?
Even if money means honor and power,
you still shouldn't have done that as a human being.
Jae Hwan's the one who ordered the killing of your family.
I really had no idea.
My daughter, Joo Hyeon, was only seven.
I never grabbed her hands too tightly,
afraid that I might break them.
But you guys choked her to death and burned her.
Just because she was my daughter.
Jae Hwan did it
without my knowing.
Had I known, I would've stopped him.
I really didn't know.
So please spare me.
I'll do whatever you say.
You will do whatever I say?
Then just die!
Wait a minute, please.
- Hey you. - Just a moment.
Just a moment. Stop!
This is Lee Yoon Seung.
The plate number is 52M 6930.
Please check where it's headed to and report back to me.
Mr. Joo Young Hoon.
Yoon Seung,
Joo Young Hoon is dead.
I've come to see Father.
Can't you tell me
what this is about to me first?
Is this
the conclusion you have chosen?
I'm sorry.
There is no need to come inside.
Let's go.
I arrest you, Do Jae Hwan, on suspicion of
organ trade, child abuse, and murder.
You have the right to a lawyer and to provide an excuse.
You can request a review of the legality of arrest to the court.
What are you doing?
Chairman Do said he will go of his free will.
I'll proceed by the rules.
How dare you?
Take the suspect to the station.
You just have to hold out and say you know nothing.
Only 1 of you can stay. The other 2 must leave.
I shall start.
What about the foster mother?
You don't have to worry about that. I took care of her.
I'll trust you to take care of Seo Won Seok too.
Do you admit to ordering Park Tae Soo
to murder Hong Jung Hee and Seo Won Seok?
I never ordered such a thing.
Mr. Jeon
bring Yoon Ji Hye to Yeongpo-dong warehouse.
Do you admit to ordering Jeon Hyung Ki to kidnap,
torture, and kill Yoon Ji Hye?
I have no memory like that.
Results of the voice analysis confirmed the voice to be yours.
It could have been fabricated.
I don't know.
It has been 19 years,
Why did you try to kill me?
I was your son.
Because Do Hyeon Jin died? It's so simple.
Did you kill the numbered children by mistake too?
In order to save your biological daughter,
you used and tried to kill the boy Number 88,
the son you attained through artificial insemination.
Is that correct?
I think that was fabricated too.
19 years ago
when Ko Hyeon Woo exposed your crimes,
you were investigated by the prosecution.
In order to destroy evidence, didn't you kill the numbered children?
Still, you committed the very same crimes without any remorse.
How many children have you killed all this time?
I want to drink some water.
You burned your wife
and your daughter to death.
Shut your mouth.
You can't take it off.
Especially your first murder.
I didn't think you would come to me.
Do Jae Hwan has been arrested.
He'll be released soon.
Like he did 19 years ago.
Prosecutor's investigation will just be a formality.
He will ultimately be released and kill the children.
Your tragic story will never end unless Do Jae Hwan dies.
The only reason you chose me was
that I'm his son, right?
Just like the reason your wife and daughter had to die.
You are not a son.
You are more like a cartridge.
if your job wasn't to kill people,
I would never have chosen you.
Look at yourself.
Look at how you have lived.
I did it to survive.
While using other children,
did you ever
think of your own child?
The destination is 600m in front. We are nearly there.
Wait. Isn't this the area where Hyeon Jin lives?
You're right. Speed up.
The police still don't know who the sponsors of numbered children are.
If the children disappear,
the sponsors can get away with this completely.
If Do Jae Hwan isn't killed,
he will never stop his evil deeds to achieve his goals.
You chose me to kill Do Jae Hwan.
But I will be the one to decide,
what I will do with him.
Is anyone inside?
Is there nobody inside?
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
I'll distract them. You should run away.
There will be a hidden door behind a tree at the back.
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
Don't be mistaken.
- I'm not doing this for you. - Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
- Go and save the children. - Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
Mr. Ko Hyeon Woo.
Sung Ho.
The car was rented under Lee Kyung Ho's name,
and his address is this greenhouse too.
This won't do. Let's just break in.
Stand back.
Ko Hyeon Woo. You are under arrest for the murder of Joo Young Hoon.
Turn around.
You have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.
(Animal Hospital)
[VIU Ver] OCN E12 'Kill it'
"The Last Target"
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-
Don't stay there. Go upstairs.
Is it Doctor Kim?
Are you watching me?
Where are you?
I'll go to you if you can't come to me.
Eat the ox bone soup before it gets cold.
Why is there only one portion?
You know that I hate eating alone.
You should practice now.
I have you. Why would I?
I'll eat when you get here.
I have to go now.
Can't you just stay?
finally felt like this place was my home after I met you.
It became more than just a house. It became home.
Come back.
I won't interfere with what you do outside.
Please. Just come back home.
This is your home.
Make sure you come back even if you get back late.
I'll wait for you without eating that ox bone soup until you return.
Do you understand?
How does this make any sense?
How does this make any sense?
The only reason you chose me was
that I'm his son, right?
Just like the reason your wife and daughter had to die.
While using other children,
did you ever
think of your own child?
Did Yoon Ji Hye have her funeral?
Her funeral was held well after her autopsy.
Since when did you start planning the revenge with Yoon Ji Hye?
I did it alone.
You didn't do it alone. The sword that you wielded
Don't you think that Kim Su Hyeon became the biggest victim to that?
Why did you keep this photo?
Did you kill Joo Young Hoon yourself
because Kim Su Hyeon didn't budge?
I'll return this photo to you.
Only this proves that you were once
a normal husband and father.
I heard that Do Jae Hwan is locked in here too.
May I meet him?
Five minutes No, even a single minute would be enough.
Joo Young Hoon is in the autopsy room,
but the cause of his death is already clear.
We're protecting Do Jae Hwan.
So we only need to find Kim Su Hyeon now.
Did you hear any news?
He completely went off the grid after that day.
We can't find his car number
or locate his cellphone.
Even his accomplice, Phillip Ahn?
Hello, Seul Gi.
Hyeon Jin, I'm home.
Why do I shed tears whenever I see ox bone soup?
I feel the same whenever I see paper planes.
Quickly pack your things.
This place is too uncomfortable and dangerous.
I found a place for you to stay.
There's also someone who will take care of you.
No. I just want to stay here.
Is it because of Su Hyeon?
Are you waiting for him just in case he returns?
Did you meet Su Hyeon?
Hyeon Jin.
I know that you shouldn't do this,
but can you let this slide just this once?
Please. Just once.
Can't you?
Then at least just let him live.
I won't wish for anything more.
Please let Doctor Kim live just this once.
(Seoul Police Station)
(Prosecution Service)
What is it this time?
What's wrong?
(Warrant request denied)
Doesn't that mean
that the warrant for Chairman Do's arrest is denied?
But all evidence was clear.
How does that make any sense?
Hyeon Jin, Ko Hyeon Woo is waiting at the front entrance.
I'll bring him here.
I'll go.
Great job.
Former Public Prosecutor General did a great job.
I don't like to see people who work for this country's economy
stay locked in here.
Anyway, the arrest warrant may have been denied,
but it still will be exhausting to be investigated
even if you're not arrested.
I'll have to bear with it.
It's my fault for not being able to manage the people around me.
Prosecutor Yoon, this isn't the path to Joint Investigation Unit.
Do you think anyone can come and go whenever they please here?
Isn't that true? It's a path where someone
who abducted people and sold children's organs.
I thought this path was for everyone.
Prosecutor Yoon. Did you finish what you had to say?
No, I haven't finished yet.
If you would allow me, I'd like to start
giving you a brief summary of Chairman Do's crimes
according to the dates.
Hey, Yoon Jung Woo! How dare you?
Public Prosecutor General, please calm down.
It's possible for him to act hastily without realizing his situation
because of his young spirit.
How would a prosecutor with no background or skills
become famous under the spotlight
with petty criminals?
He'll have to at least bother someone influential
in the country's politics and economy
to make his name appear at least once in the newspapers.
Let's go.
Watch out!
Do Jae Hwan.
How far do think you'll be able to take your evil deeds?
Don't think this is over!
I'll chase you even after my death!
Was this everything
you had in mind?
I saw something priceless. It's not everything.
Be careful on your way back, Chairman Do.
And don't go too far.
The preparations are finished.
Check the location of the Child Welfare Center.
There must be no mistake.
Hello, Chairman Ma.
Don't worry.
There won't be any trouble for the sponsors.
If there aren't any numbered children,
how would those insects submit any evidence?
I already took care of that.
Saehan FT Group's chairman, Do Jae Hwan,
who was arrested as a suspect for illegal organ trafficking,
was released after over 12 hours of intense investigation
by Joint Investigation Unit.
The court has denied the arrest warrant request
because he can't escape due to his prohibition of departure
and has no possibility of destroying evidence
while his health has worsened
to the point that he can't move alone.
He will ultimately be released and kill the children.
The police still don't know who the sponsors of numbered children are.
If the children disappear,
the sponsors can get away with this completely.
If Do Jae Hwan isn't killed,
he will never stop his evil acts to achieve his goals.
Hey, how can this happen?
Someone who killed people more than killers is getting released.
Anyone can ignore the law if they have money and power.
The facility for the numbered children
Find out where that is.
Again? Why?
What are you trying to do?
He must have lost his mind.
Yes, the children are safe.
Gosh, this one looks like my eldest child.
They must have learned how to play soccer.
They're kicking the ball so hard.
It's relaxing to see them so healthy.
Turn the screen a bit to the left.
What? This way?
A bit more left.
There. Zoom in.
That's Kim Su Hyeon, right?
Don't lose him.
- Keep an eye on the video. - Okay.
- Yes? - He disappeared.
Look for him. We're almost there.
Their conditions aren't that great.
They'll need to be admitted for one night
before getting their checkups.
All right.
Number 188, get in.
Wait a minute.
How do you know their numbers?
They're written here.
I knew it. Get in.
I'm sorry. Step on it!
Over there.
Kids, do you know where the driver is?
- He went that way. - No.
- He went that way. - Do Jae Hwan's misdeeds
- You're wrong. - haven't stopped yet.
He went that way, not this way.
Detective Lee.
Hand the kids over to the district police station,
and come to Do Jae Hwan's house.
I'll call the Joint Investigation Unit.
- Where are you going? - Somewhere.
Su Hyeon, think again.
Let's just go abroad.
Su Hyeon, please.
You'll be in serious danger.
Take care of yourself.
We're ready, sir. You should go now.
Do you have the list of sponsors with you?
I do, sir.
I'll check it out.
Su Hyeon!
Su Hyeon
Phillip. Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Su Hyeon.
We're even now.
I'm sorry.
We're still
friends, right?
I'll give you anything.
Just spare me.
Okay. You can live as my son from now on.
I'll give you everything that I have.
How much of what?
I'll give you anything you want.
Everyone will be kissing your feet.
From presidents and assemblymen
to all the wealthy individuals in this country!
If you tell them to die, they'll even pretend to.
So please calm down.
Hear me out.
Do you want to live that badly?
Then why didn't you ever think about the kids who were sacrificed?
Those kids
were born into this world to be sacrificed.
I told you that I don't make mistakes.
Please spare me.
Stop, Su Hyeon.
Stop now for yourself.
Killing him won't solve anything.
He will evade the law once again.
And those poor children
will be put in danger once more.
I need to end this.
Please drop the gun.
I know why you had to do this.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
But please drop the gun.
Please spare me. Please?
The shocking rumors of organ trafficking
by Saehan FT Bio have been revealed to be true.
- Okay. - The higher-ups related to this
- Then shall we begin? - are being summoned.
There were famous politicians and law-related workers
- among the sponsors. - It started
- This is causing great chaos. - on April 26, 2010.
And skeletons thought to be those of the children that went missing
from Hansol Orphanage 19 years ago have been found.
It seems like the investigation will grow to a larger scale.
Seul Gi
Among the children of Hansol Orphanage 19 years ago,
she's a survivor like Kim Su Hyeon.
As you know,
many people were sacrificed to keep that child alive.
Please protect that child
so that those lives weren't killed in vain.
(Happy birthday, Number 88, by Lee Young Eun)
(Happy birthday, Number 88, by Lee Young Eun)
(Kill It)
(All animal-related scenes were directed with professional help.)
(Thank you for watching "Kill It".)
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