Kill la Kill (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

So Sexy She Might Pass Out

1 This Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who killed my father! You're going to tell me! Who's the owner of this scissor, Satsuki Kiryuin?! You said your name is Ryuko Matoi? You're Isshin Matoi's daughter? You know who my father is?! You're bleeding too much, Ryuko.
I thought you wanted blood.
At this rate of blood loss, you will lose consciousness in five minutes.
Don't sound so calm about it! We'll have a leisurely chat another day, Satsuki Kiryuin! Don't let her escape! After her! After her! Don't bother.
B-But milady! She'll be back.
Leave her be until then.
Lady Satsuki You're as dazzling as always.
Your tea, Miss.
A girl in a Kamui, eh? EPISODE 2 SO SEXY SHE MIGHT PASS OU Oh, wow! It's a nearly naked chick! You pervert! You dare make a move on me knowing that I'm the Kanto Vagabond, the Guitar Case Drifter!? My scissor! My scissor's gone! Ryuko! Thanks! Be careful, Mako! This perv tried to— Dad, what do you think you're doing? "Dad"? Dad?! I'm so sorry! Wow, I really felt that one! You've got a great punch, Miss! Of course she does! I owe her for saving my life! BARAZO MANKANSHOKU You were totally bad-ass, swinging that scissor around half-naked! MATARO MANKANSHOKU Nobody in their right mind could fight dressed like that! Bite me! It's complicated, all right? That hurt, damn it! I was the one who carried you here! If belting my husband or Mataro makes you feel better, feel free to belt away! SUKUYO MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY DOCTOR MANKANSHOKU How did I— Daddy treated you! You'd never guess it, but he's a back-alley doctor.
If you compare the number of people he's killed versus those he's saved, he's killed more! That's a bad thing.
Don't worry about it.
The dead ones don't sue you.
Oh, right! I know it's nothing fancy, but eat all you like! Go ahead, Ryuko! Don't be shy! It's unidentifiable stuff made into croquettes and unidentifiable stuff in miso soup! Oh, you! I use only non-poisonous ingredients.
Better dig in before I eat it all! Down, Guts! Your food is out there! GUTS We call him Guts 'cause he eats with "gusto.
" You were anemic, little lady, so eat up! Don't just sit there, eat! The masses Fools, all.
They're swine in human clothing, domesticated by the establishment.
They must be governed.
By Satsuki Kiryuin and Honnouji Academy.
It is we who shall pave the way to humanity's future.
The Goku Uniforms are weapons meant for that end.
The uniforms that this country makes its students wear are based on military uniforms.
The raised collars on boys' uniforms comes from the army.
Girls' sailor uniforms are just that – naval uniforms.
This country is a state that chose to make its youths wear military uniforms during their education.
In which case, we at Honnouji Academy shall treat them as combat uniforms.
They shall be symbols of our control over the pigs in human clothing.
You of the Sewing Club are the chosen elite of our Human Conquest and Liberation Project.
Take care as you work.
Thank you for your kind words.
Tennis Club Captain Omiko Hakodate, Third Year Class T, reporting as ordered.
How are preparations for the Hokkaido interleague match coming? Milady.
All club members are devoting themselves entirely to training.
Those northern bumpkin bears will learn down to the marrow of their bones the might of Honnouji Academy and Lady Satsuki Kiryuin.
This is armed suppression in the guise of an interleague match.
If the Tennis Club is successful, our control of northern Japan will be complete.
Don't fail us.
I understand.
This is a Tennis-spec, Athleticism-augmenting Two-Star Goku Uniform.
A gift from Lady Satsuki.
At last, a Two-Star Goku Uniform of my very own! Thank you, Milady! Carry out your mission.
Without fail, Milady! The entire Tennis Club shall pull together and redouble its efforts and train even harder for the interleague match! Why do you not wear a Goku Uniform, Miss? This sword is more than sufficient for me.
Perhaps no uniform is worthy of you.
Hey, are you awake? What the hell are you, Senketsu? Quit your quibbling! All right, I'll make you wear me by force! W-What kind of perverted outfit is this?! This is me.
Don't be so matter-of-fact about it! Get off me! Come off, damn it! Anyway, just get away from me, you perverted sailor uniform! Where'd that power come from? This power is yours and mine.
I drank your blood and awakened.
Whenever you put me on, whenever I am worn by you, that power will be manifested.
What are you? I don't know.
You don't know? You just finished calmly explaining how you worked! I am able to explain phenomena that are occurring right now.
However, there is much that I do not know.
My memory Yes, in your language, you would say that there are gaps in my memory.
Don't you remember anything? I do know that the man who constructed me had a beard, an eye patch, and wore a white lab coat.
He was stooped, wore sandals, had a cane in one hand, and had a mouse.
That could be only one man — my father! Father? Yeah, Isshin Matoi.
He's my father.
I'm Ryuko.
My father made you? But if I have you, I might be able to beat them! You're coming with me for a while, Senketsu.
"Senketsu"? It's a hassle if I don't have anything to call you.
If it was drinking my blood that woke you up, your name is going to be Senketsu — "fresh blood.
" SENKETSU "FRESH BLOOD" Just you wait, Satsuki Kiryuin! Ryuko! Wake up! We have to hurry up and eat breakfast! If I'm late for school again, I'll be expelled! There's a pretty distinct gap between rich and poor.
Well, it's a city ruled by Lady Satsuki.
THREE-STAR TWO-STAR ONE-STAR NO-STAR Top-tier students get put into the exclusive residential area.
Lower-tier students like us get the slum.
STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDEN Your position at school also determines where you live? HONNOUJI ACADEMY Yep! Pretty straightforward, huh? Oh, that reminds me.
Ryuko, Mom said that if you need a place to— Mom said that! If you don't have a place to stay! You can stay! With us! She's already filed the paperwork! Is this any time to be talking about that?! What's the big idea?! Ah, you're the transfer student who was rude to Lady Satsuki, as I recall.
Stay out of this.
I'm Girls' Tennis Club Captain Omiko Hakodate.
GIRLS' TENNIS CLUB CAPTAIN OMIKO HAKODATE Club member Mako Mankanshoku has failed to fulfill her club obligations.
She is being purged as a result.
What did Mako do wrong? She skipped yesterday's club practice.
Our rule is that anyone who fails to come to practice will suffer the 110 Million Cannonball Serves.
An outsider has no right to complain about internal club policies.
Yesterday? Mako was being held hostage yesterday! Of course she didn't come to your stupid practice! The issue is that she was taken hostage without permission.
Cut that out, damn it! Go on ahead, Mako! You'll be expelled if you're late, right? Yeah! Thanks a bunch! I'll see you later, 'kay? Yup! So, you're saying that you will take us on? I owe her for a meal and a night's lodging.
How amusing.
Don't get too full of yourself just because you defeated the Boxing Club's Fukuroda.
I'm gonna make quick work of those Goku Uniforms of yours! Let's do it, Senketsu! Hey! Hey, let's get to it, Senketsu! Hey, what's wrong with you?! Are you kidding me?! She's talking to her clothes How thoroughly disappointing.
Wake up, damn it! Hey! What's your problem?! Die! Screw you! There's a reason— What, a love game? No challenge whatsoever Oh, dear You awake, Ryuko? Wait, aren't you a teacher? That's right.
I'm your homeroom teacher, Aikuro Mikisugi.
AIKURO MIKISUGI Talk about your crazy extracurricular lessons Hang on, you didn't undress me, did you?! Yes, I thought I would teach you a few things about your body.
You perverted son of a bitch! Wait, what?! My body won't move! Calm yourself.
What did you do?! Anesthetic acupuncture.
You seem a little hot-blooded at the moment, so I'm going to draw a little.
No, don't! I hate needles! Allow me to tell you why your Kamui didn't activate earlier.
More! Feed me more! Feed me more blood! You awake, Senketsu? Ryuko? Dumbass, why didn't you wake up when I needed you?! Now, now, calm down.
You understand now, right? Understand what? This Kamui is awakened by your blood.
What's this "Kamui" thing you keep talking about? You mean this sailor uniform? That's right.
It's a uniform constructed by your father, Isshin Matoi, whose power surpasses that of the Goku Uniforms.
Only someone who can master wearing this can fight against Satsuki Kiryuin.
Who the hell are you? Prove to me that you are someone who deserves an answer.
Come again? The first order of business is Tennis Club Captain Omiko Hakodate.
If you can't master this Kamui and defeat her, you don't stand a chance against Satsuki Kiryuin.
Better get a move on, afternoon classes are starting.
Use this Seki Tekko from now on.
It will make it easier for you to provide it with blood.
I'll pound that tennis club president into the dirt, and then you're gonna tell me everything I want to know.
Looking good, Hakodate.
Thank you.
It is all thanks to this Tennis-spec Goku Uniform I received from Lady Satsuki.
The Tennis Club shall subjugate Hokkaido without fail.
What's that about? We have an unmotivated club member, so we are purging her.
Not so fast, people! Ryuko! The transfer student You've come for another beating? As if! This time, I'm gonna knock you all on your asses! Let's do it, Senketsu! That looks both painful and embarrassing, you masochistic exhibitionist! Bite me! I'm not an exhibitionist! Quit splitting hairs.
Let's begin! 110 Million Serve! Fault! You're disqualified, transfer student! What?! True, you evaded Hakodate's attack.
But slicing balls in half is against the rules in a match.
In other words, you've won the fight but lost the match! Listen up! What you're standing on is a tennis court! Which means that you can't say you have won if you didn't win according to the rules of tennis! Hey! Why are you getting all picky now? What about yesterday? That was yesterday! This is crazy! When we were boxing, we— It doesn't matter, you're disqualified! No, she won! Ryuko won! She won! What? Ryuko rescued me! She may have lost the match, but she won with friendship! Winning with friendship means winning at life! Listen If you're going to be like that, you leave her no choice! Ryuko will win.
Even in tennis! Even in tennis! Even in tennis, she'll win! So, you're saying that you want to face me, Tennis Club Captain Omiko Hakodate, in a tennis match? Here! Do your best, Ryuko! All right, all right Let's do this! Special rules! The match is one game! Decide who serves first! I'm watching, Ryuko! She's a rookie.
I'll let her decide.
I'll take you up on that and go ahead and serve, then! I won't hold back! Weak! She's fast! Ryuko, that was awesome! Love-fifteen! Not bad.
I'm just getting warmed up.
You're only now beginning to learn the might of the Tennis-spec, Athleticism-augmenting Two-Star Goku Uniform I received from Lady Satsuki! Interesting! That won't work this time! Nice! Love-thirty! That happened because I anticipated that you would do that.
I put a special spin on it.
Ryuko, you naughty girl! Okay, I'll put my own special touch on this one! Here we go! Fault! Oh, come on! Double fault! Love-forty! Ryuko, this is your last shot! What's the matter, transfer student? Hurry up and serve! Ryuko, use the Scissor Blade! Only the Scissor Blade can withstand our strength! SCISSOR BLADE Got it! Mako! My scissor! Catch! Right, then This'll work! You can't be serious! Faul— It's all right.
Play along, Hakodate.
Show her the power of your Two-Star.
Yes, Milady! As you wish! Satsuki Kiryuin, you're watching from on high, issuing orders to your lackeys, same as always.
It's creepy.
You're going to show me just how much of that Kamui's power you can tap into.
You bitch You know that this thing is called a Kamui? Not so fast.
Your opponent is over there.
I'm going to use you as a live-fire exercise to loosen up for the Hokkaido away series! Show me what you got, then! On the court, you can only count on yourself! Nobody gets it! SENI-SOSHITSU Seni-Soshitsu! You did it, Ryuko! Oh, dear.
It looks like the match can't go on.
Don't get too full of yourself, bitch.
Wait, Sanageyama.
The victor of the match is that girl.
Lady Satsuki! So, are you going to tell me? Are you the Scissor Blade Woman? What?! If you wish to know the answer, ask the question with your skill! Ryuko, if you're going to fight, win within two minutes.
Otherwise, you're going to pass out again.
That's because you drank too much blood! SECRET SWORD BAKUZAN Secret Sword Bakuzan.
This blade can cut even a Kamui.
Its edge is even keener than that scissor's.
The pressure's incredible Her spirit is amazing Mark my words! Next time, I'll finish this once and for all! Let's go, Mako! 'Kay! Forgive me, Milady.
I underestimated the transfer student.
Hakodate is demoted to a No-Star.
As for Hokkaido, set up an interleague match with the Sumo Club.
As I expected, a Kamui is most formidable.
To think it could turn away my blade I shall remember this day, Ryuko Matoi.
NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Satsuki Kiryuin SATSUKI KIRYUIN ANOTHER Another owner of a Kamui.
KAMUI Before that overwhelming power, Ryuko and I are helpless.