Kill la Kill (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Don't Toy With Me on a Whim

1 N-Now, now, let's calm down, Ryuko.
Bite me! What the hell is going on? Were you in cahoots with that Mohawk Man, too? I-I have no idea what you mean.
Keep playing dumb after seeing this, I dare you! See? Here's you and Mohawk Man in the corner of this picture! T-That's not— After I got attacked by Mohawk Man, I asked Mataro to track him down! That kid has connections all over this town.
And he found pictures of a guy who looked like him drinking.
It also explains why he brought me to your place.
I was at death's door, dammit, so tell me what your deal is! But because of him, the bond between you and Senketsu has grown stronger.
His name is Tsumugu Kinagase.
I admit, he's a member of my organization.
As a result of your battle with him, you and Senketsu have become true partners! Now that Satsuki Kiryuin has her hands on a Kamui, it was necessary to put you through a trial by fire so that you could defeat her.
All that crap was you trying real hard to use the evidence to justify what you did, wasn't it?! I knew it! That bastard tried to kill Senketsu! Who are you people?! I thought you were fighting against the Kiryuins! Didn't you say that you'd need Senketsu to do that? What are those "Life Fiber" things, anyway? What was my dad researching?! Don't get so angry.
Once I'm convinced that you're someone I can trust, I'll tell you everything.
I'm tired of hearing that excuse from you! Nudist Beach.
Huh? We're Nudist Beach.
Are you nuts? It's the name of our organization.
Nudist Beach! Forget it.
It was stupid of me to try to get a straight answer out of you.
Ryuko? Fine, I get it! I'll keep fighting and keep growing stronger.
That's what you want, right? But that really is our name.
Oh well, it worked out in the end.
Load the Life Fibers into the vault.
SEWING CLUB PRESIDENT SHIRO IORI I wonder what Lady Satsuki is going to do with so many Life Fibers? Mass production of Goku Uniforms.
What else could they be for? LIFE FIBER But every time we've proposed increasing the number of Two-Star Goku Uniforms to bolster our ranks, she was the one who shot it down.
Because prioritizing the quantity of club presidents has a very real risk of lowering the overall quality.
Lady Satsuki was worried about that.
But even so, she decided that we needed to increase the number of club presidents.
I guess this means that Ryuko Matoi's arrival set things into motion in a big way.
Yeah, even the Anti-Uniform Guerilla showed up the other day.
And the clincher is the fact that Lady Satsuki has donned a Kamui herself.
There are two people who can wear a uniform that's 100% Life Fibers and make it work Personally, I can't believe it.
Wow! There's something that not even Information Chair Inumuta can believe? It's one unbelievable thing after another here.
That's what makes this academy so fascinating.
Ah, I see.
Personally, I came here because I heard that I'd be able to cut loose.
That Matoi is worthy of my full attention.
Hold on, Sanageyama.
Have you forgotten Lady Satsuki's order that the Elite Four were to do nothing but watch? Oh? Did she really say that? It is rather draining, isn't it? Do try not to overexert yourself, Milady.
Don't worry.
This is the path I chose.
Your tea warms me through and through, Soroi.
Thank you, Milady.
Do you think you've snuck up behind me, Sanageyama? Not at all.
If I had the slightest intent of attacking, you could easily kill me with just that teacup.
What do you want, then? Let me fight Matoi.
Why? Need you even ask? I believe you know perfectly well what happens when I see someone powerful.
Just like three years ago, then? THREE YEARS AGO NORTHERN KANTO, SUSUKIGAHARA One against 500, eh? This will make it clear whether or not Satsuki Kiryuin is worthy to lead us.
I suggest you start practicing your bowing, then.
I'm Uzu Sanageyama, Northern Kanto Gang Leader Alliance Representative! NORTHERN KANTO GANG LEADER ALLIANCE REPRESENTATIVE UZU SANAGEYAMA (THIRD YEAR MIDDLE SCHOOL) You've got guts, Kiryuin, picking a fight with me! I have no intention of fighting.
SATSUKI KIRYUIN (THIRD YEAR MIDDLE SCHOOL) I'm telling you to surrender.
Who do you think you're messing with?! You used the "Chi" technique, huh? Impressive.
But that won't work on me! I've seen through your moves! You're mine! You think you've snuck up behind me? Come.
I'll provide you with the ultimate stage where you can unleash your strength the stage called Honnouji Academy.
My bamboo sword is itching to test out the skills of this girl who's infiltrated the stage you've provided for me.
You know the price of failure, I assume? Not to worry.
I have these eyes.
I can't possibly lose.
Nicely blocked.
I would manage to win in a fight against your middle-school self now.
That was the way you moved three years ago.
I assume you were holding back.
As you wish.
See what you can do.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
If I win, treat me to tea or something.
That was rude of me, Soroi.
No Milady, though I do find it a shame.
This was your favorite cup.
Make a fresh pot for me.
Very good, Milady.
Hello, you have reached the Honnouji Academy Student Council President's Office.
Y-Yes, ma'am.
One moment, ma'am.
It is Mistress Ragyo.
This is Satsuki.
What's this I hear about you putting on your wedding dress? Attention, Ryuko Matoi of Second Year, Class K.
I will be waiting in the Kendo Club dojo after school.
—Sanageyama CHALLENGE TO A DUEL SPORTS GYM #1 That wild monkey beat us to the punch.
If I'd gotten permission to make a move on her, I would've taken her out first.
Where is Lady Satsuki? She has stepped out.
She said this battle was not worth watching.
What's that mean? So you've come, Matoi.
I was called out by name by one of the Elite Four.
I couldn't run away from that, could I? I like your spirit! Let's get right to it! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM: BLADE REGALIA It's not just the Kamui that can transform! Hey, I'm impressed, Elite! Then I'll do the same! KAMUI SENKETSU Why, you! I can see all your moves! Senketsu! I'm going full-speed! Understood.
What the— Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! No matter how quickly you move, you can't escape my blade! Behold! Secret Weapon: Higi Tengantsu! SECRET WEAPON: HIGI TENGANTSU As long as I have these eyes, I can anticipate any move my opponent makes! Say what?! For every motion a human makes, there is a preparatory motion.
Of the muscles.
DORSAL INTEROSSEOUS / ADDUCTOR POLLICIS Sanageyama instantly reads all of those preparatory motions PECTORALIS MAJOR GLUTEUS MAXIMUS and preempts any move his opponent makes.
That is what the Tengantsu does.
And his Goku Uniform succeeds magnificently in amplifying that ability.
Gosh, Mr.
Wild Monkey has learned some new tricks, hasn't he? Is that what Lady Satsuki meant when she said this fight was not worth watching? But— I didn't hear it that way at all.
Keep it together, Ryuko! I'd love to, but it's all I can do to deflect all these strikes! I'm impressed! But let's see how you handle this! Shinsoku-Senbonzuki! I've read all your blocking moves now, too! Even your Scissor Blade that can slice a Goku Uniform to pieces is worthless if it can't hit its target! Come on, is it over already? That's a little disappointing, don't you think? That's more like it! Senketsu.
I need you to do me a favor.
I understand.
Bet it all on a single roll of the dice, eh? Ryuko! You're mine! T-They won't come off! M-My eyes! Now! Finishing Move: Sen-I-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) Oh, dear.
He went and lost.
It would appear that this is what Lady Satsuki meant.
You did it, Ryuko! You beat one of the Elite Four already! You're amazing! And so fast! And so awesome! Yeah! This isn't over yet! I can still fight! Come on, Matoi! Don't be pathetic, Sanageyama! You have disgraced the Elite Four! One who relies overly on a single skill will be brought low by that very same skill, huh? MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY CLINIC Ah, that hits the spot.
That feels good? Yes, irons are wonderful.
It feels like all the wrinkles in my body melt away, and my Life Fibers line up one by one.
I'm glad my plan for you to blind Sanageyama worked.
Being cut up was rather painful, I'll have you know.
Sorry about that.
Don't worry about it.
If we hadn't won, I wouldn't be enjoying this pleasant ironing.
And make sure to get behind my lapels, too.
Be thorough about it.
Man, you're one demanding article of clothing, you know that? Ryuko's mumbling to her uniform again.
I think it's fine.
Who's there?! Iori, I have a favor to ask you.
How was your mother's mood? I explained to her why I took out Junketsu.
You needn't worry, Soroi.
I've no time for losers, Sanageyama.
I was overconfident in my eyesight.
Give me another chance! I'll defeat Matoi for certain next time! Pathetic.
I don't need subordinates who lack resolve.
Resolve I have! Here is the proof! CHALLENGE HONNOUJIGAHARA Giving someone who was beaten a second chance You're a soft touch, Satsuki Kiryuin! Tell me again after the fight just how soft I am, Ryuko Matoi.
Watch closely what happens when you force a man to change.
Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM: BLADE REGALIA MKII Be careful, Ryuko.
I'm getting a totally different vibe than last time.
Let's work fast, then.
KAMUI SENKETSU Sorry about this, Senketsu.
I've covered up every last eye you've got! Now you can't use your Tengantsu! Look, Ryuko! His eyes are shut! Iori, I want you to sew my eyes shut.
But if I did that, you'd lose your Tengantsu! That's all right.
It was my overconfidence that made me lose.
Unless my eyes are sewn shut, I won't be able to beat Matoi! This is the resolve of a man who has realized the error of his ways and sacrificed everything! Know that as you face him, Matoi! Here I come.
What's this intimidating aura? Men (Head)! Dou (Body)! Kote (Wrist)! Oh, crap! These aren't the moves of someone with no eyes! You're terrified, aren't you, Matoi? Say what?! Your breathing.
The smell of your sweat.
I can see the inner workings of your mind as clear as day.
I can see it far, far more clearly than I could with my eyes! Everything about this world! Shingantsu.
The eyes of the mind.
Sealing his eyes shut boosted his affinity with the Goku Uniform.
Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! The Goku Uniform is now Sanageyama's eyes! His nose! His ears! Men! Dou! Kote! He has acquired the Shingantsu, which surpasses even the Tengantsu.
SHINGANTSU No one can evade his attacks! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Without your weapon, you have no means of turning the tables this time.
So you'd think, right? What the—? I thought I told you that I could see the entire world.
Did you think your pathetic little trick would work? Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! MEN! It's all over.
It's— What?! What? What happened? The Goku Uniform overheated! This was no disgrace, Sanageyama.
It was the result of your power outstripping that of the Goku Uniform's.
Yes, ma'am.
Matoi, you got lucky this time.
That was a close call.
Yeah, I guess the Honnouji Elite Four aren't all show.
That dude was seriously tough.
But I can't run away from this.
I have to learn the secret behind Dad's death! I swapped out the Life Fibers in your Goku Uniform and restitched it.
It should be able to keep up with even your movements now.
You think that you've snuck up behind me, Sanageyama? Front and behind mean nothing to me now.
Thanks to my eyes being sewn shut, I can now sense the world in its entirety.
I only came to thank you for giving me a fresh start.
We had an agreement.
Let's have tea.
Thank you, but I'll pass.
My other senses have become so heightened that my tongue is sensitive to heat now.
The Mankanshoku family had a dream.
Four people in a one-room house, along with a dog and a freeloader.
FAMILY DOG A FREELOADER POOR LIFESTYLE This poor family suddenly find themselves living in the lap of luxury! LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE TOP Walk on air as you aim for the top! WALK ON AIR Next time on Kill La Kill, "A Loser I Can't Hate.