Kill la Kill (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

A Loser I Can't Hate

1 Let's eat! Yum! Your croquettes are as awesome as ever, Mom! Yeah! When it comes to deep-frying mystery ingredients, you're the best in Japan, dear! The trick is to chop everything finely and mix them in with potatoes.
Your croquettes really are great, ma'am! I'm glad you think so.
Please, eat all you like.
Oh, I'm already full.
Thanks for the meal.
If you're done eating, Ryuko, the bath is drawn and ready.
The bath?! What is it? What is so funny? Lively dinners are a great thing.
Mom died when I was young, and Dad sent me off to a boarding school.
So I don't have any experience with family dinners.
I always thought that was pretty ordinary.
Now I think meals taste better when eating with whole family.
However I don't need the damn peeping toms! We're sorry! EPISODE 7 A LOSER I CAN'T HATE That looks good! Let's eat! Shing! Ryuko Matoi! Jack Naito, president of the Knife Throwing Club, will take you down! KNIFE THROWING CLUB PRESIDENT JACK NAITO You've got some nerve, ruining the lunch that Mako's mom made for me! You'll pay for that! KAMUI SENKETSU Shing! Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) Impressive! The one who will defeat you is me, NANJING LILY CLUB PRESIDEN KAGESABURO KAGERO Nanjing Lily Club President Kagesaburo Kagero! Sen-i-Soshitsu.
SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) TIGHTROPE WALKING CLUB PRESIDENT MASUYO WATARI I am president of the Tightrope Walking Club! Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) A Knife Throwing Club, a Nanjing Lily Club, and a Tightrope Walking club? What's the deal with all these ultra-specific clubs? Oh, those guys used to be the Acrobatics Club.
They split up because of you.
Because of me? Yep.
If someone beats you, they'll jump up to Three-Star status.
But since you can't get a Two-Star Goku Uniform unless you're a club president, they all founded new clubs and are gunning for you.
Say what? More stars means a better life.
They're all desperate.
Man, this academy's system is seriously messed up.
Hey, hang on! If that's how it works, then FIGHT CLUB What are you playing at, Matoi? You have eyes, don't you? I'm starting a Fight Club.
Quit trying to screw with us.
You're the ones who are screwing with me! You're forcing students to start stupid clubs to go after me.
So I'm gonna do the same.
FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT RYUKO MATOI Say hello to Fight Club President Ryuko Matoi! Do you seriously think that a club like that will be approved? I'll approve this Fight Club! There she goes again, looking down at us peasants from on high Are you trying to integrate into my system, Matoi? Moron! I'm gonna bring your precious system down around your ears! How amusing.
Try your best not to let it get the better of you.
Just you watch I'm gonna make you spill the beans in no time! Very well, let's begin the paperwork! FIGHT CLUB You switch gears real fast, don'tcha? Lady Satsuki has spoken.
I must abide by her decision.
Matoi! I assume you will be president of Fight Club, then? Yeah.
And I don't need no Goku Uniform.
I already got my Kamui.
DOCUMENTATION Club presidents are to submit a club activity log every Friday.
At the end of each month, expenses are settled and expense applications for the next month are filed.
You must also file a club room use request form, club member organization chart, and family member lists.
You are also required to attend Club President Council meetings, which are held every morning at 7am! Tardiness will not be tolerated! Um, my friend here, Mako Mankanshoku, says she'll be club president! That was so, so mean! How could you make me president like that, Ryuko? Everything's set up.
The focus of Fight Club is fighting.
When I beat the other club presidents, the club's achievements will be recognized, and your reputation will skyrocket! It'll also improve our living situation, right? But I can't! Can't! Can't! Can't! I can't be a club president! Prepare yourself! I'm Ryuko Matoi with the Fight Club! Folk Dance Club President Maimu Okurahama! FOLK DANCE CLUB PRESIDEN MAIMU OKURAHAMA I'm here to take your Goku Uniform! Suits me fine! Prepare to have the tables turned, sister! High Speed Mayim Mayim! Let's dance! It'll take more than this lame dance to defeat the mighty Ryuko.
Be-sasson! Be-sasson! Be-sasson! Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) Oh, yeah! Let's get down to business! 'Kay MORNING ASSEMBLY Pottery, Arts, and Crafts Club Presidents, the Three Touki Brothers! POTTERY, ARTS, AND CRAFTS CLUB PRESIDENTS THE THREE TOUKI BROTHERS Taste our clay psychokinesis! Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) What a lovely view.
We finally have a condo, honey.
It's a fine place.
It even has a clinic.
MANKANSHOKU FRONT-ALLEY CLINIC But what the heck is a front-alley doctor? In this town, if Kiryuin okays it, it's all good! Oh, wow! Oh, wow! It even has a bathtub that's inside the house! It's a fully-automatic washing machine! There's even a dishwasher! An air-conditioner! And there's one in every room! This is incredible! It's a flush toilet, guys! Ryuko! This one's our room! Yay! Let's hear it for being a One-Star! I know she said your lifestyle is tied to how well your club does, but I can't believe they're this in-your-face about it.
Let's eat! These aren't Mystery Croquettes! These are genuine mincemeat cutlets! 100% mincemeat cutlets, made from a ground blend of meat that came from actual cows and pigs! It's delicious It's so delicious To think that we'd be able to live like this Thank you, Mako and Ryuko! We owe it all to you two! Oh, you don't need to thank us! Just knowing that you guys are happy is thanks enough for me! Yeah! You're still gonna pull this Peeping Tom crap here?! This is completely unrelated! What he said! They all have a twinkle in their eye.
This life is almost too good to be true.
Ryuko, I'm gonna work real hard to be the best Fight Club president I can be.
I know you will.
I'll leave all that to you.
I'm so glad you have come, Ryuko Matoi! You face Ping Pong Club President Aizenbo Fuguhara! PING PONG CLUB PRESIDEN AIZENBO FUGUHARA Let's see how you handle my Flaming Serve! Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) REPORT: Folk Dance Club - OK Swimming Club- OK Pottery, Arts, and Crafts Club - OK Ping Pong Club - - OK Origami Club - Tightrope Walking Club - OK Knife Throwing Club- OK Nanjing Lily Club - OK Let's fight! You will face Origami Club President Tatamu Otte! ORIGAMI CLUB PRESIDENT TATAMU OTTE Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) Given the circumstances, I hereby move that the Fight Club's standard of living be raised! I'm gonna protect the lifestyle that puts a twinkle in everyone's eye! Ugh, French cuisine again? Oh, you're going out, dear? Yes, I have a Medical Association meeting.
Oh, I see.
Would it be all right if I bought that diamond necklace I showed you the other day? Sure.
I like that necklace.
It looks wonderful on you.
What kind of Medical Association do back-alley doctors have? Mataro.
Damn, I almost forgot! I was invited to a buddy's birthday party.
I'm heading out, too.
Enjoy your dinner, Ryuko.
Oh, sure.
I'm sorry, the Club Presidents' Council meeting ran late! Huh? Where is everyone? I guess they're all busy doing their own thing.
Oh, I see.
Okay then, Ryuko, once you're done, head to weight training in the training room.
You have a packed schedule both tomorrow and the day after that.
Huh? I really must say, though, being able to live in a huge mansion like this, finally living in the lap of luxury, it's enough to put a twinkle in anyone's eye, isn't it? Let's do everything we can to protect this life, okay? Um Sure.
I'm gonna go to bed, okay? Sure.
All right, Ryuko! You're going to fight every single person in this gym! What? Seriously? I am Fight Club President Mako Mankanshoku! Club member Ryuko Matoi hereby challenges all of you to a fight! Let's have a good, clean fight! Bring me every drop of sake you have! I'd like all the Dom Perignon you have, please! Good fight, Ryuko.
Let's head out to the field for your next ones.
All the chocolates in the store! I just bought them! Thank you, sir.
What right do you have to be here, underclassman? Our club activities results give me the right.
It's the best part of Honnouji Academy.
Personal ability is everything, remember? Are you going to let these people have their way, Lady Satsuki? Unless something is done, Matoi and Mankanshoku will become part of the Student Council's inner circle.
Anyone who is defeated doesn't have the right stuff.
Let me fight her again.
I'll put her down for certain this time.
Be patient.
You must have some plan in mind, authorizing the Fight Club as you did.
Wait and watch a while longer.
Will they destroy this academy or be assimilated into it? We will find out soon enough.
I see you're back to eating all alone, Ryuko.
No, they wouldn't be out here Tell me, Ryuko.
Is this really victory? The day when we face off against the Elite Four is here at last! If we win this battle, the Fight Club will stand supreme on the Student Council! We'll have both honor and all the luxury we can stand! You're late, Ryuko! The final showdown is here at last! What's this? My letter of resignation from the club.
Huh? What are you saying?! I'm quitting Fight Club.
You can't! If you quit now, we'll be sent back to the slums! I'm okay with that.
I'm not! I'm never going back there! What the—? Fight Club President Mako Mankanshoku! Your Two-Star Goku Uniform is inside that wardrobe! My uniform? If you want to keep your current social standing and lifestyle, fight and defeat Ryuko Matoi! Say what? Defeat Matoi, and I will grant you a Three-Star Goku Uniform.
Lady Satsuki That's playing dirty, Kiryuin! The choice of whether to accept lies with Mankanshoku.
You bitch! KAMUI SENKETSU Don't be so hasty.
I'm not the one you face today.
Fight Club-spec Two-Star Goku Uniform! Fight Club President Mako Mankanshoku! FIGHT CLUB-SPEC TWO-STAR GOKU UNIFORM FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT MAKO MANKANSHOKU They're having a falling out? That's our Lady Satsuki.
She plays dirty.
Does she, though? Ryuko! Say your prayers! Mako, cut it out! I can't, not when we finally have a life of luxury! I can't go back to being poor! Idiot, snap out of it! Mr.
and Mrs.
Mankanshoku! Damn it! Mako, what are you Stop! Mako's not in her right mind right now! If you try to stop her, you'll put yourselves in danger, too! Huh? What are you standing around for?! Hurry up and beat the tar out of Ryuko! Yes, rush her! Send her straight to Hell! You're not gonna try to stop her?! Sorry, Ryuko m'dear.
But we can't give up the lifestyle to which we've become accustomed.
Don't worry! We'll make sure to enjoy life for you, too! Observe, Matoi! This is human nature in its purest form! Prosperity will lead to greed, and greed will lead to their eventual downfall! Once they have a taste of worldly pleasures, they're enslaved by them forever! They've become slaves to this academy I have created! Truly, they are pigs in human clothing! Pigs! Which must be tamed by force! What's the matter, Ryuko? I'll be fine like this What's she thinking? She's choosing friendship over her own life? - Attagirl, Mako! - Now, finish her! Kill! It's all over! Get her! Get her! Get her! Get her! W-Why? Why aren't you stopping me?! If I keep this up, Ryuko's gonna die! Dad, Mom, why aren't you trying to stop me?! And you call yourselves parents?! Y-You're mad at us? When I became club president and our lives improved, I thought we we had a sparkle in our eyes.
I thought our whole family was glowing.
But we weren't? It was just a nasty glint? We were just being blinded by greed? It wasn't a twinkle, it was a dazzling glimmer of a glint?! We're the worst! Dad and all you guys, too! And so am I! I guess this is the real power of your Goku Uniform, Mako.
You never attacked me all-out.
You knew that, and that's why you stood there and took the beating? Mako was fighting hard, too.
Against her own desires.
I'm sorry I'm so sorry, Ryuko! Take that silly thing off.
Yeah! As of today, Fight Club is disbanded! FIGHT CLUB Mako Mankanshoku will go back to being a No-Star! Kiryuin! Humans aren't as weak as you say they are! People can suppress their desires through sheer willpower! Ryuko, do it! With pleasure! Finishing Move: Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) That was nicely done.
We're really sorry! I, Barazo Mankanshoku, will never live this down! I'll never act so disgracefully ever again! I'm so ashamed, letting my desires get the better of me! We're so very, very sorry! We're so sorry! Pull a stunt like that again, and I won't be so nice next time, got it? Yes, ma'am! And without further ado Let's eat! Nothing beats your Mystery Croquettes, Mom! You said it! They're the best in Japan! Eat all you like, boys! Yeah, these are so good! Your lively dinners have returned.
Yeah, this is how this family should be! MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY CLINIC What did you just say? The fact that the lowly Fight Club defeated all those other clubs meant that they were not worthy.
You're serious, then? Enough with your impertinent questioning, Jakuzure! Lady Satsuki has never done anything that she did not mean! He is correct.
I will rebuild Honnouji Academy's order from the ground up once more.
Honnouji Academy will hold a Reprisal General Election! NEXT TIME! HONNOUJI ACADEMY REPRISAL GENERAL ELECTION Wait, surely you didn't exploit Matoi to purge this academy of its undesirables? NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Disciplinary Committee Chair Ira Gamagoori! IRA GAMAGOORI A man so loyal that he vows to enroll in driver's school and get his license SATSUKI KIRYUIN in order to drop off and pick up Satsuki Kiryuin! LOYALTY SWEAR Will his skill behind the wheel be up to the task? HIS DRIVING SKILL Next time on Kill La Kill, "I'll Wipe My Own Tears"! EPISODE 8 I'LL WIPE MY OWN TEARS