Kill la Kill (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

I Will Wipe My Own Tears

1 Today, I am giving the Honnouji Academy Student Council system a fresh start! All students have the right to attack all other students! Secret meetings, scheming, backstabbing, anything goes! Seven days from now, reach the schoolyard alive! FIRST HONNOUJI ACADEMY NATURALS ELECTION And then, use your strength to lay claim to your social standing once again! This shall be Honnouji Academy's first naturals election! FIRST HONNOUJI ACADEMY NATURALS ELECTION "Naturals election"? In this election, you will not be choosing some candidate! You will be choosing yourself! Your standing! Your strength! Your way of life! At 8:30am, seven days from now, a sudden death runoff election will be held with the survivors who arrive in this schoolyard! SUDDEN DEATH RUNOFF ELECTION Fight one another! Emerge victorious! And I will grant you your Goku Uniforms anew! And now, fellow comrades of Honnouji Academy! FIGHT! EPISODE 8 I WILL WIPE MY OWN TEARS Iori, begin.
Yes, Milady.
Beginning High Velocity Life Fiber Jammer Emission.
They're circulating finely chopped Life Fibers at a speed of 100 m/s.
HIGH VELOCITY LIFE FIBER JAMMER Any and all attacks are neutralized by that barrier.
It would probably be difficult to breach even with Senketsu's power.
Damn, I was thinking this was my chance to challenge her directly.
She whips everybody into a frenzy, and then sits behind an impenetrable shield? It's probably the other way around.
She's ruled absolutely here, and by sequestering herself, she's causing a state of anarchy within the academy.
See? I swear, I'm so sick of her This is crazy.
Is she trying to tear down the order she herself created? As always, she's taking things to extremes.
That's Satsuki Kiryuin in a nutshell.
If something is to be done, she doesn't hold back.
Still, this will give us a chance to kick back and relax for a while.
Ah, I follow you.
Personal time.
In that case, gentlemen, I will see you in seven days.
That sound just now Was that a car key? I hear he got his license recently.
It sounds like he intends to see to Lady Satsuki's chauffeur needs himself.
His loyalty is impressive.
Okay, I guess we'll meet up in seven days, too.
I don't think any of us is a moron who won't make it to the Sudden Death Runoff Election.
The loincloth is mine! MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY CLINIC Gosh, things sure are crazy in town, huh? What's with you guys looking all philosophical? Well, due to that recent incident, we learned that obsessing over short-term wants isn't any good.
Yes indeed, there is luck in the last helping.
If I wait until everyone's exhausted from fighting, I'll be able to lift one or two wallets easy! Mataro, you never learn! In that case, sir, I'm gonna borrow your scooter.
I swindled it from the owner of a scooter shop especially for you.
Use it all you like.
Where are you going, Ryuko? Nowhere special.
Oh, just tooling around, huh? I'll go with you! Okay, let's go! Hey! I'm not letting go! Oh, what the hell.
Senketsu, grin and bear it for a while.
C-Can't breathe Aren't you gonna fight in the election? Nah, I'm a No-Star.
I don't have anything to lose.
Rather, I'm happy 'cause it's like a one week vacation! You have a point.
We'll be outside cheering you on in the Sudden Death Runoff, so fight hard, okay? Will do! ISSHIN & RYUKO MATOI Is this— My family's house.
A wreck like this? Wow, so you were poor, too! I wasn't living in these burnt-out ruins.
It was a regular mansion, but it burned down.
Oh, it was? Wait, does that mean you're a rich girl?! No, of course not.
My mom died right after I was born, and my dad was a scientist who only had time for his research.
We never got along, so I started living in the dorms in grade school.
OX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL I started to turn bad and fight all the time.
By my first year of high school, I was a full-blown juvenile delinquent.
And then, six months ago, I got a message from Dad saying that he wanted to talk, so I went home for the first time in ages.
But Dad! Dad! Dad! Don't make a scene, Ryuko.
If you want to live a peaceful life, just get up and walk away.
But if you're going to fight in my place take this Scissor! What do you mean, fight? If you take that Scissor, you're sure to find the person who killed me.
But a cruel fate lies in store for you Hold it! Let them go, Ryuko! There's still much that I have to tell you! Dad DAD! When we lived apart, there were times when I hated him.
But when he died, I realized for the first time that I didn't know anything about my father.
So I wanted to at least find out who killed him, and why.
And what he was trying to tell me.
And what this Scissor is.
I want to find those answers.
And to know why my dad created you, Senketsu.
There's nothing here I thought that there might be some kind of clue where I found you, but I guess it was a waste of time.
Mikisugi's doing, no doubt.
I'm sorry, Dad brought home a messed up scooter.
I can't believe the gas gauge was busted.
Say, Ryuko.
You have us now.
You're not alone.
It's not just Senketsu.
Me, my family, we all love you, Ryuko.
Sure, I know that.
Then let's hitchhike! - Say what? - Hey! Heyhey! Heyheyheyhey! Hey! Heyheyhey! Hey! Heyhe— Jackass! Watch where you're driving! What's the matter? Did you break down? I reeled in Gamagoori! Gamagoori! You followed me all the way out here? Calm down.
I have no intention of fighting you here.
Come again? My fight with you will be on Sudden Death Runoff day.
What do you want, then? Get in.
I am Ira Gamagoori, Honnouji Academy Disciplinary Committee Chair.
If we come across a Honnouji Academy student in trouble off of campus, it is the duty of committee members to assist them.
That holds true even for you.
Get in.
But we can't— This seat is so soft! It must must be brand-new! It's all sparkly! And your license is all sparkly and new, too! Ryuko, let's go for a drive! Get in, get in, let's go! On a drive, on a drive! On a drive to Hell! Goin' totally upside-down to the bottom of the pit! Hey! We've left the track and are gonna crash! Matoi, make her stop that god-awful singing.
Hit someone from behind and you get a pileup! Do you honestly think anyone can make her stop? We'll all go to hell together! True, Mankanshoku has never had a red light.
On a drive, on a drive, on a drive to Hell! That's right! My life's traffic lights are always yellow! "In life, proceed with caution," eh? There is truth in that.
What nerve! This is a no-passing zone! Doesn't he know the rules of the road?! Mako, get down! Who the hell are they?! The Automotive Club and Airsoft Club merged to form the Automotive Airsoft Club.
I'm the one that they're gunning for.
It's because Maiko Ogure proved that no one but you can wear your Kamui.
So what they're after is your Three-Star Goku Uniform, huh? Ryuko, look at that! What's the matter, Gamagoori? AUTOMOTIVE AIRSOFT CLUB PRESIDEN RYOSUKE TODOROKI Do you think you can escape Automotive Airsoft Club President Ryosuke Todoroki in that clunker, Mr.
Disciplinary Committee Chair?! Looks like we picked the wrong car to get into.
Whoa! Interesting! But can you keep up with my driving skills? H-How can this be?! Don't give me that! When you spin the steering wheel like a maniac, you're obviously gonna spin out!! Is your brain as rookie as your license? Ow You okay, Mako? Oh, you guys think you're hot stuff, huh? Matoi, stay out of this.
What? It was my mistake, so I'll fix it.
We have you cornered, Gamagoori! Cry or shout all you want, you'll get no mercy from us! It'll take more than the likes of you to make me cry! And even if I did shed a tear, I would wipe it away myself! I would ask no one else to! You're still gonna talk big, huh? Let him have it! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Shackle Regalia! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SHACKLE REGALIA H-He transformed! Don't let that faze you! Get him! Man, that thing is hard It's not just hard.
That's it! More! Punish me more! I've been a bad boy! Punish me! Every time you punish me, my heart is whipped! Yes! The more it's whipped, the stronger I become! Just like I was that day THREE YEARS AGO RINNE-DO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Go on! Hurry up and jump! You got milk on my uniform.
That was an accident That's why we're saying we'll forgive you if you jump off.
You there! What are you doing?! IRA GAMAGOORI THIRD YEAR JUNIOR HIGH Well, well, if it isn't the Student Council President.
But you're going to stand there and do nothing.
Gamagoori, it's okay! If I don't do as he says, my dad will be fired! Yeah, his dad works at my old man's company.
And my daddy is this town's chief of police.
He covers up little things like this for me.
Hojo! Imagawa! Do you two call yourselves human beings?! That's right, we're humans.
We're humans, so we understand the fear of status and authority.
And sacrificing himself for the good of his family is the mark of a true human being, right? Go on, jump! Wait! How about that, Gamagoori? You can pull that righteous act all you want, but here at Rinne-do Junior High, no one can oppose us.
Damn it! The Kiryuin Deluxe Trampoline bounces well, doesn't it? Come here! Let go! If I live, my dad will get fired! You needn't worry about that.
I have bought out that despicable company.
What the hell? What are you, a new student? What's this crap you're spouting? Yeah! If you keep talking rubbish, I'll have my daddy arrest you! Your father has just been relieved of his duties.
If you don't believe me, look at this.
- KIRYUIN PRODUCTS ABSORBS HOJO PRODUCTS IN MERGER - CHIEF OF POLICE IMAGAWA ACCUSED OF BRIBERY W-What the hell?! Who do you think you are?! Everyone! Make her suffer! First Year Class A, Satsuki Kiryuin! SATSUKI KIRYUIN FIRST YEAR MIDDLE SCHOOL As of this moment, I rule over every student in this junior high school.
Crooks like you, who can't see beyond their own self interest, will no longer be tolerated by me.
But you are using your parent's influence, too! How are you any different from these two? These petty thugs are merely leeching off of their parent's power.
I am different! The power of my parent, of others, I will exploit everything to my ends! But I am the one who uses it! I absorb all their power and make it my own! It is a difference of resolve.
Resolve? Gamagoori.
Those who lack resolve are incapable of even wiping away their own tears.
That was how I first met Lady Satsuki! And for two years, I waited.
I awaited her graduation, enrolled in Honnouji Academy at her side, and acquired this Goku Uniform.
Hang on, how old are you?! I turn 20 this year.
That explains your old man face! How much longer are you gonna keep yapping?! Yes! That's more like it! The more I'm punished, the more my hardness towers mighty and strong! He's a pervert with an old man face Not pervert, convert.
The instant I reach my climax, the power that has been building up inside of me will burst out all at once! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Scourge Regalia! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SCOURGE REGALIA Oh, wow A secondary transformation, eh? BACK-ALLEY GAS STATION SELF-SERVE Be careful.
They say "a picnic is not done until you reach home safely.
" Jeez, it's not a picnic I'll be waiting for you at the Sudden Death Runoff Election.
I'll arrange a fitting spot for our battle.
Come again? HONNOUJI ACADEMY 8:30AM It is time, Lady Satsuki.
Fellow comrades of Honnouji Academy! You have done well to struggle through seven days of mortal combat to gather here to take part in the Sudden Death Runoff Election! However, your battle has only just begun! Every battle over the last seven days has been recorded! With that in mind, I will begin by designating new Three-Star students based on the results of the battle here! What the—? There are five towers in the schoolyard! Those standing atop them will be considered front-runner candidates, and the election will be conducted! There she goes, being devious again! Fine by me! Well, well.
I see you aren't called the Elite Four for nothing.
Did you expect anything else? Lady Satsuki! We, the Elite Four, hereby propose a new rule for the Sudden Death Runoff Election! We each wish to be allowed to face Ryuko Matoi in single combat.
If we're going to fight her anyway, this grand stage is the place for it.
I believe it to be a fitting way to cap off the climax of the Naturals Election.
This should prove just as amusing, huh? NATURALS ELECTION POLLING PLACE KING OF THE HILL FINAL BATTLE This is a king of the hill final battle! Matoi! Battle the Elite Four and emerge victorious! Do so, and I shall tell you the details of your father's death.
Say what?! Matoi! This is where I will face you in battle! I am Lady Satsuki's impenetrable shield! And this is where I am going to crush you! I accept! Kamui Senketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW A king of the hill-style final battle! Her first opponent is Ira Gamagoori! IRA GAMAGOORI From Shackle Regalia to Scourge Regalia, feast your eyes on his fearsome, two-stage transformation! TRANSFORMATION HARDASS This straightlaced hardass stands mighty and erect on the battlefield! STANDS Next time on Kill la Kill, "A Once in a Lifetime Chance"! EPISODE 9 A ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE